BJ & Migs Podcast9-25-17 8am Having sex alone is healthy, Facebook Drama

Monday, September 25th

New study shows that "self love" is actually healthy for you, FACEBOOK DRAMA: A woman doesn't want her baby daddy at the birth, roasting ensues


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I'm meteorologist Valerie smock this afternoon will be a warm when we're topping out at 87 degrees. And we do need to address a lot of sunshine is well it's very little in the way of wet weather it was to head into your extended forecast they do see a shot at that Wednesday night. Here's where the team let an extended forecast we can always in view other than those showers Wednesday night much of the week will be dry. And it is going to get much cooler toward the end of the week 72 back on Thursday were 68 on Friday. Few clouds rolling back in but we will stay dry through your weekend with high stake in the sixties you're watching eleven news now.