BJ & MIGS Podcast 09-25-17-9A: Listeners on the loose.

Monday, September 25th

Beat Migs. Listeners on the loose. Ryan Castle question of the day. 


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Steve you've got to relax and know but I see we're here and don't always turn urologists are thought I was journalists you know the if you have an echo already died Amazon's style you know you can listen to gasoline yields in the rock on your belt on your docs might even ask stupid questions like Alexa. Tell me dirty joke who knows things. Nothing at all Alexa. Tellme had dirty joke please don't normally do when your season. Yeah well she can do possession fled Iraq all you have to do say well let's open 99.9 KI SW. And thanks for checking out and then you can really say the whole left side entered Vijay and mix and Vijay thanks Steve may still seems. Think you know about how much about my daily podcast. Not my own problems. Make them. God doesn't do those guys. God. And I'm. That's tonight's. It's it's tonight's amendment a firm hand and apparently her eyes well all you do is go to giant silly dot com you can learn how to download the KI SW skill. And check out one Alexa can do to help you stay connected. Went to Iraq. He may. Name them be in OK. Now well mom about her lunch today. I've Friday. When he. You know you really do mean it was a tough game. Sierra ally and is I had a time for a lot of hawks fans cited testing and Sunday playing magic the gathering all I don't end gamers talking about yeah exact early gap -- too into that my parents to the -- by dinosaurs that Tyson was there was ramp to a new use rather cordial I think you brought against I did yeah I he had the Oakland one of the guys who worked on my plumbing and had some major plumbing is already know doesn't always million dollars. If there on PI he was in the match. And so we ended discard one from Tacoma going up to the mock boarding house in Bellevue had a really good time but yeah I was being especially polite. Damned if anyone would have an intimate relationship with their plumber would be the rats yeah this has damaged Jeff in my right yeah it's Jeff says hi Steve. Oh definitely I think this is this show so he probably has right now that I death and how are you. I'm card this year. You Lear's Eric's doing in other jab just if you allow all of will be taking on my chest Jeffrey editor sir. Yeah I'm not a plumber. If I could put it that it's not clear that you aren't gonna. Let's just played for today's Steve opportunities here that G three show preaching genocide Johnny. John Richard Sheehan told Colin over at the more theater on Thursday January 11 courtesy of STG presents three great guitar yeah that's why it's 23 yeah all while you go to KI SW dot com for all the details and glad that you configured on our rep. And then you want to get their mail at Ticketmaster dot com Aristide. Back here. For those playing at home jab will have sixty seconds to answer ten questions Jeff he can't pass like you want but you'll only get three guess is her question are you ready. Clinton beat big ask Matt Dillon and kitty Russell were long running characters and what TV series. No entourage no. There are many impact what famous singer played Rachel in the nineties film the body aren't. So when you since you asked how many tournaments make a big Grand Slam in golf. Toll now don't. You ask what is UFC stand forest. Ultimate. Stories championship to yes in which decade was the bikini invented it. And at least at least gas authorities which country was at war with I ran from 1980 to 1988. In the United States can Russia knows it was Japan I don't know some nuts phobia is a fear of why. That would be just cuts on the phobia is a zero watch. Yeah actually yeah as I suspects are there any typical game of clue. He's nine no eight no. Yeah as I keep capital of Canada. No 123456. Contracts six correct not to matter and you bat Jeddah earlier contestant that might get you'll win. Maybe eight mile MB you may have heard. Depends on if Steve is going to be checking out this game. Or these pumps is now. We'll all know don't dog he needs a check out I need to clear losers on no way you can get a technical capability we have Steve's way it won't happen C aria are ready. Matt Dillon and kitty Russell or long running characters on what TV series. Russell Tom movement legitimate. Are out thousands of viking quest naral says I'm lucky I can tomorrow. Us cats I honestly I read what's famous singer played Rachel in the ninety's still on the body guard Whitney Houston yes how many tournaments they got big Grand Slam in all. Tom got eight. You know war he has grandson Andre what does USC stand for multi rich fighting championships if you ask you which decade was the big Kimi invented fifty's not forty's yet aspirations in which country which country was that our war wind I ran from 1980 to 1988. The United States notes I racket yes it's on the Colby is a zero Y times. Because. We've been do you ask deserves to how many suspects are there any typical game of clue whom to. Speaks no seven no six yes yeah what does he capitals can't adapt Alberta you know it's Calgary now. Both Canada from Edmonton now 01234567. New look at all. It's. Yeah. And I don't even I am sorry yes I'm the world's greatest news. No he's not. And right now he is the world's greatest teammates are you learn when it's nothing just route means everything. Are the capital of Canada anybody won new fashion I guess Montreal no welcome back no no of course is an Ottawa SS airline shop I call thought it was a cannon got a million studies DR EIU colleges that are jobless duke I agony to tears to tune briefings from college do you know it didn't. But now but yeah. No prisoners are now I think is gonna get this is BJ Matt Dillon in key Russell or long running characters on what TV Sarah you have ms. Kinney and that would be a gun smoke of the shots is just get this guys to show is a TV show live action TV show that was on for over thirty years. And then was hit show who do you imagine outside the Simpsons which is an animated show imagine me Matt Jones started as a young dude so Zealand's top sheriff. Thirty years later here I don't ever ST I really do you still out there may get an admin and you know you should be dead by now. That's because the old west if you think about it. I know elsewhere urge his legacy and ran into Derrick Todd congratulations Steve your Wallace seven correct caller seven years seen a three geez man that tried to get to G three featuring a great guitarists and caller seven. Here again it 206421. Rock also I. Big news throughout northern clue they add a new character I don't know what that means to some purple check whether it's doctor. Doctor or did this is I plan. Lately is just another book. He's a favourable global 2000 and become a porn star my last name would be eggplant got to be I'd find out yeah big woman or male or female. Oh really either way yeah you and they teach. President Obama we use our ally of the peach we used very on the budgets say hey look at that. I could be I dug a Russian chick Maria Becky now. Tech Tina egg plants yeah. Or I'll keep that in mind senators are reminds you and wherever we come over here now let's Russian and also the size be born all these things could that can be sort of time I turned it all you've got to man you've got you've got to do all that that's so ridiculous thing I glanced. Guess Don TI egg plants. Am I so of course I've got iPhone NBC's the new iPhone yes. It's also two. A lot of us break our phones while I got an idea what percentage of people earlier he had a 100% he has there ever so what percentage of Americans the bust their phones up. Homeland. On this he's 50%. Not that much. I guess at two intends a lot of enemies I missed a lot of people but yet only 21% as regular phone. Ha let's part of why also I break our phone in the bathrooms are ready Iraq. You're right out would tell you how hard you Klein joins an iPhone yes well I dropped it in the toilet in the toilet yeah you're right Steve almost 60% of the people actually have broken their phone and more than once seen almost 60% of people have broken their phone more than once. And what do reconstituting breaking a phone company and are you crack in the screen you are you shattered the screens got to be right out that's right the biggest one I think that's in my I am my wife's from it and say times they obligated new phone nicely as you know I had there was gonna lose rigmarole of the apple source US. People are having are you don't know if you had a tour and I dropped it important for us so it's a new phone that take. Just look at me like really did that just happened yet closely for months. As I think I was jinxed but I have asked to get you phones because I'm my own bank batteries can't go amuse iPhone six so I at this point the Barry leg are now. We're pretty was redone by 8 o'clock in the morning if I just use it every once a month to say you would watch the percentage drop like 5% within seconds. So are they I mean you phone eventually secure kind of concentrate my phone and my wife civil my phone's working great. And then two days after she said that all of us in the Bluetooth wasn't working properly. Hold any knife life but it sounds like there's like a chip for an antenna inside the phone if it drops even if it doesn't do you do any damage if only managed dropped it. It could have move that ship and it's good to see then they can I glass in the making Tesla can slippery isn't that's a plan. They know we're gonna break their songs one even gave me my news off today but he was saying how we download the latest Tom updates all I was eleven I was eleven on his phone and now he's batteries is dying like I heard a lot of people say that. That's I've always thought that when you that at some point they sent out an update to F with your phone so that you knew foam -- you know that's not right I mean I don't know if he's got a six or seven my seven should be cool shouldn't I always feel like you should be able to be okay with a bit the last generation when they release a new one I if you go beyond that you might be in trouble you know try to go to generations or more is is a hard thing. Looks like dominatrix Imus really haven't even broken a phone ever how is that possible the civil amazing. I ever really do anything serious damage to my phone sim has cracked a screened not never cracked the screen I've cracked the the protection. On all you got lucky. Yeah act had a hairline crack a woman nothing where like you see some people say they took a bullet today are screened the now all I know. I've never gotten to that went for the most part I'm I was I see people still use in March. Oh yeah you look kind of broke ass I mean as much as you humiliate you feel like you should you should still be able to you look broke ass with cease I caught a bus in a screen I know they're expensive. But you do look broken us. Yeah oriented Duval let's like get the insurance plan anyway because I know me I'm an idiot. And I wanna LaBroque gas. 62% of us use a broken phone those stops working C guests. The so a lot of us so they don't care you know because they are right around my car I mean they are expensive do I guess I can understand why Simms a screw that but you get screens repaired pretty cheaply a lot of play a hundred bucks which isn't super chief Annan not a value rent them I'm. OK I'm see if the server were very article places about like. Fixing whatever it is with a Bluetooth in them we as well we need to have for a few do's and started at least a 150 bucks and that points. Sudan highly a new dryer. And I was so so I was so stoke the washer and dryer we we we it's been in the house since we were renters which was almost twenty years ago she's she I think you might be the original with him at the house and they still worked and I was so still people coming analysis it's at harvest gold color you know from way back in the eighties or Erica and I got and a leg what do you do on why you still using illegal they work it's a washer and dryer I don't care what technology is. My clothes have been clean for how many years you never said anything right as I was at work who cares why should try iris of the last thing I wanna spend money on ever yeah and I put my clothes and three times and even dry and I realized the time Ozal screwed up so I called the guy and a guy comes over he's like. Buddy. He uses you know participate goes numbers is the cost for you ought to wait months to get these stupid parts yeah and it's gonna cause you go just go by anyone I want. Demand isn't met him I mean I was the cool guy good and I got this old thing. So now I got a new one you with the cool guy for having antique washer and because it was always come out agencies. Maybe it's coming it's here dry. Nowhere is I think your house for any kind of never see your little wire and only show to people unlike. And I ended up until Manila gang here's my washer dryer reject get out of it at all. That's what it is you gotta be in the clubs see my washer drier yeah I never invited an owner's home hasn't given a tour -- home I never say and oh by the way here's our laundry room yeah the suite washer and dryer that we have might show pieces of the house though they're they're they're the ones to get off the attention did you get a new washer and I didn't know why aren't new dryer and so why should you try and it looks so articulate so ridiculous. It's like deal broke pasteurized washing machine it's even shorter these new ones are taller and sleek Erica so I got the washing machine is intelligent detects. All these noises it makes and the new one goes to. Branded drug costs are routed to a drive in itself it's like so many days. How brown as the they would this is used to both while it's like why why Heisman guy kind 500 dollars on something if I didn't feel was still working you have to. There's there's a good point yeah I'm IQ I I was tempted. But I was telling us five Monday night in my couple more into that did not and every sweet deals I assume it's on repairs right yeah. They didn't like trying to sell you like who viewed the Turbo lost three singles guys and I guide to who comes in does stuff for me. He goes and he knows how to buy the thing he doesn't get taken in by those deals post is. Becomes your houses like has paid experts he got a huge rise. Every day waste comes in and buys things for you how he's come zinni's well you we sees a contractor. That's way any does repair work for me contract is always blown by the appliances it's usually part of when they redo a house or build up there they're the ones that long get the applied to think they know guys taking get a discount the contractors discount so you got your discount on the drive can be immunized dryer for decent price and it's why eat it so it's all right Don well it doesn't matching up people get the fancy things. This is a top loader a lot of people like to do the front motors company amid top loader which little cheaper than I uploading drier. Well yeah pro Bono wait. You right now I have assigned the driver from a drowned have a toppling drive you know I never see that young right elect has it doesn't exist kind of I've never seen anyone know you're high that'll give would be weird I don't know how that would work yeah yeah. That runs well I thought I had a special drive it's not. So you are so you do the washer and dryers on the facts again. Those are great logos are they worried about. And you get a credit denied they. To the united so I don't know how it's. Fear that Steve you Kamal Russia in the washer dryer Vicki your brand. Yeah that's your first thing I'm asked to see if I ever comes here how do I will be even easier washer dryer CEO Ed Stinson we have downstairs bathroom and that's where it is psychological to America. And the drive now one of the playmate to tell you get old crusty death. Does jobs yeah up kid things weapons because OK that's it. You know I think this is a good time to let people guy this year host you can condition okay. It's listeners on the loose pubic good topic you guys to show 206421. Run Texas in 77999. We'll take your calls dignitaries. Had 97 team. On Iraq. And they eggs mornings on the rock I mean nine point nine KI DS don't you. Nine point nine KI SW Iraq dossier at all our listeners on the list Rajiv I. G eat too tall man what a great hands on experience gaming expo where you don't just watch you play man. You're more info go to GE two Dalai the letter urging the letter even number two GE two dot live. This is a who's your pick a topic you guys showed 20642. Wonderful rock. Text does it 77999. Doesn't matter man you know you want them something new something old. You get to do it did you run and they show no Steve does have one rule threat. That's term in my own mind or some energy and I had otherwise. And then have to say get my team. 40206421. Rock Texas 77999. Very important questions of me wants to know what you all going to be following this year. If I'm lucky nothing you know if you Colleen thank he's no I mean you know unless I have to go do something. But I what might be met a stranger things kid. A young guy delaying a magnolia eleven. You wanted to be eleven I think you wanted to be one of the boys a half half for if you want I it's actually more simple costs and there's eleven had short hair YC I have short hair. Hi I have a little trash yeah you get to the dress I like have a haircut for eleven deal Leo's. Are you can get a goes I have to make my free app you can emulate man. Yeah I mean I screamed out I argument about a uses a lot of that a little blood had little like blood coming out of my nose look I just tiresome you know what your dear some punch in the nose thanks. It works there. Go get some vampire blood you know the costume I think they'll be easier for review won't be legit you it is do you see your face how much you. He only had to shave my face well. Maybe I count the thing I'll do like Cesar Romero the Joker I'll just put some makeup on over and I putt well have to get rid of my beard and mustache. When you couple custom I guess so well I can't be how many and yes that is that a that is definitely happening is that tiger I am planning on returning the million tar and all you should she do that because you know are redundant but my my hope my plan for detour embattled wrestling criminal part of of on. Friday. Over twentieth its core business that's their big Halloween show out of wrestler is all the people perform and are part of mutual mannequin dressed up. Some going to be a time wrestling with my costume and be a million but I really hope kogan million says only you mania running while so this means and muscles. Of course sequence because I can't provide those on my own. And it's gonna add the skull it then all that somebody a million political coaches I ever knew about cost Hulk a mania. Our hope comedians yeah how come and you knock. Wanted to talk to me I'm not familiar how communion the academics and welcoming and run wild on you that's pressing your prayers in Tehran and has. Now that's teeth. Not bad today I get her that's not the Hulk mania and try to find some of the could be much dominion. Do the same thing but as macho man Randy savage would you be the purple many are now joining a bad and one of the man movies did the macho man one could be yeah. Macho men you know like I'll tell me you move freak of street. Each unit and it's the first year I thought we talked about her battle we're gonna do it though we're all gonna be Fred Durst from the biscuit. How we did talk about that in my. Yeah. In. One. Now man I had I kind of like me in the eleven. From strangers are doing video from a B Fred Durst okay work umi Fred Durst yes and what does that entail. Just getting a red baseball cap put on backwards a white T shirt. And khaki pants kind a lot of facial hair gets a little patch on the little need. No stat man right that's a very low maintenance costs in my daylight to join him as Steve yeah that there would do for the McKee yeah and I can just make him out and get a fake patch yeah. In the soul patched us in there yeah I'm gonna face soul patch that way. No are you gonna do the right yankees cap created because it's tipping leaves are red yankees are wanna do round do read different camera and the about two and a red. Tacoma every year's cap all the nice nice not to lose. NASA coma W Dickey. Have like a buddy to go is by either do you haired chick or whoever but I am I always wanted to do meal lawless from a pulp fiction you know let them and character mode with a needle sticking out there are all great idea like I wanna have a Johns are also with me. I'm Jovi John Travolta we Asia big. I like that I had perfect diet not I was thinking Helena from Orange and black so it's just a shrugged outlook and she hailed similar to be blonde wig out for you get those on those needles that like you know that that I was gonna you know it it just snaps inside of itself so that we make nice yeah. Hopefully it'll lead the awesome just finally it's keep it's my chest. Or is that I was like you faulted ground and Joseph says the company to your chest ha ha ha. Ha ha oh yeah and I like that visual let go ahead and humanity and HR though a couple times now in the furor coming just make sure. Yeah I would go with I would go at that just because I you both of you could be an HR and your I'd be rid of both you be great I love this idea when our rev. I don't think Iowa is not planning since it's gonna be during the show we're gonna have Halloween on a Tuesday a senior about bringing back the drug clown. What a good time to do it now yeah. Not this time. A visit its own voice to. Hello how got a winner on why I don't really drunk clowns Sean Connery instead. She's just you broke my brain. Icons rich this is not very good thing that I do not always they gonna beat it with the red balloons are like that yeah yeah who. Why he's DA to speed on it. And damage it faced back. All we had a winner got me it phase where it's that's what it is you pick a topic you guys. To show. Listeners I'll lose 206421. Rock Texas 77999. Your calls your checks at 933. On the rock. And made some mornings. On the rock and 99.9 KI SW. Nine point nine KI SW the rock of Seattle exclusives on the loose you picked that topic you guide to show 206. Or 21 rocky can also text us. At 77999. Let's go to Richard Seattle rich are you I should say you are on the how are you I'm not. I. Mean not even certain rob the air for a second so we're not positive that's right. What are you aren't you gotta check check. Our high Diddy they recorded the first episode on CBS so and they they broadcast and I recorded it I didn't get a chance to watch the second episode but it hectic if you have the app that's we have to watch the rest the episodes they were letting us watch episodes to last night as well on the app I just to get around get to open. I did watch the first episode which is kind of I get to partner and is a good man I I have to say that. I was pleasantly surprised as I heard a lot of things about people not like it did before is even on how about you. Oh right cal LeBron they're combing are calling our back can. Code change you blush hundreds and we're sure the picture that big yeah but you like our number one. She's she's pretty cool. Well you know rich you know that this show it's an interesting thing this is an anthology like they do with American horror story this is the story lines only the last three years that you really a whole bunch new characters are. Next year. And the show is not about the captain the show is actually about number one she's the focal point. Eyes so it did the other characters are really not the stars which is really audited. That the captain of a starship isn't meant to be the star of the Star Trek show it's actually meant to be this number one person she's a star any truth to government and every here and have mark Kelly playing number one thought. Piracy does I don't know I'm always playing here here usefulness of it from Cleveland actually that's crazy here at the top trending thing on Seattle and Seattle right now a Star Trek discovery and data on one of the things is that number one metric right there yeah that's neat Lamar Greene who lost Walking Dead fans remember as well she has shed a good role on mad and she's she's got like the start check Hereford female I don't know what I don't produce knowing me I did that they just -- -- -- the starter doesn't go to our lives how bad sides to that type hairstyle her character is a is supporting this is the controversy her character's supposed to be. A human sort of step sister of Spock and people are like when you come on man Spock never had any kids sisters we talked a moment that's nice slips like she'd in this. Okay. Sees you he'll live long and prosper reversal. Yes it Lamar Greene was are really big star Milwaukee did she she had her share her final scenes in the Walking Dead were pretty epic what's better right now Star Trek the new version new discovery wherever it is or or go to Star Trek discovery. I'm are well this this this first episode I like horrible horrible is more of a comedy comedy. But if this second episodes as good as the first one of this new starter they put a lot of money into the budget to the settings and special effects look really good look at it looked like a movie. So I'm not but here's the thing. They take on the budget put into the first two episodes and then all the rest the episodes as they are negotiated in my area where I go to our apartment and that's where the rest the missiles were shot as an apartment. But I like it and it's only now enforcing on CBS all access is which is an act. It allowed that now don't you ideal yes listen I thought you got it for a yes treason and not a shock that Star Trek is turning in Seattle Steve it's always done on the stomp my what I heard from the folks that died due Star Trek Seattle's one of the biggest cities in the wood as far as they always had great success of all the Star Trek shows here. Project that's number that's beating a Monday motivation. Yeah that's. And Anthony Weiner. Tahoe who could that is my Monday motivations Anthony Weiner an accident listeners unless you pick that topic you guys to show it to 06421. Rocky can also Texas 77. 999 baht earlier before we somehow went off the error column or time about Halloween costumes are also are what we're gonna be the hallway but somebody brought up a question it would Sarin uncle Chris going to be I well yeah he's fine people and you're so. And Jodi we failure going to be only know it I know that get the cost written yet but I wanna be hamburger. Oh my god also that his own man now wanna be made every cheats all clearly she's yeah I know it journalists in salt and Hamburg dealer never to told him politically you can regress. I'll be nervous or each other brother got the prize houses to the right guy and I got the right guys with a box of Fries those front guys over the chicken nuggets Nikita we will chicken. While we all be different things of McDonald's he also owns okay Regina from McDonald's how bout with this right we've had to miss free stuff you would hold out or at least it would make a birthday is all stuff we Burger King weren't going as McDonald's character a little lesson right away and happy gas like West Side Story she'll just fired away when you Ronald McDonald. I guess this is the general brands drip drab hallway as being clowns I still have a clown costume making music for it and Ronald McDonald and drawn clown and whatever core I can hit up my buddy Josh who drama makes fondle Jack all very you know that's the guy who just got to keep twosome town it's near. When that she tossed kick or not. Familiar location to reach one out of Africa continue. Ronald bundle it was great. And the mayor got drunk while watching wrestling nothing better watching not air under the influence of alcohol course our tourist. Chanting holy S and something crazy happened during a match I'm night it was great that mayor was the best elements of governor eastern Washington mariners ran on how to party dale get he's got ahead Dan Don I guess he's just chanting and screaming and drinking and having fun with everybody and still. Not the most embarrassing public figure and our country's. They are yeah are. The mayor Mick fondled me every fondled. It all right so all right and under constant state ice greater right yes but about everybody it's. There. Okay. Yeah cloud. I ask so was found dead I don't Chris will be joining us and I actually have two readies this year it is going to be space cowboy or a gangster of love. Could host any certain laws most of this is Steve Miller song you know people Communist east cowboy bow wow. I just doesn't interest. I could put together okay the first of all taken dichotomy there anywhere but back and that's who's gonna pick up on now Juan nobody on the right people are right on the phone yeah. So their modern family episode two where what's his face the kid and I can't I camera's name. Oh and I MAM Manny goes is a desk and pretty and has a desk Iran gas goes has some obscure right every don't see you do your momma doing girl also goes amiss here as an obscure writer. Notice party did get into my wife has you know American this year reasons and match with satellite use your mrs. Aaron cadaver aside yeah. Jungle love and soldiers is where much of leaves honor I should be the Joker follow or maybe the talker. I've yet to be yet to be midnight for all and protesting joint that's yeah. Steve Miller has never been happier than we have been quoting the lyrics from his contact noise probably passed generally as you know your right to the matter what you do you still pissed on the he's always and then moved to attack I now see when your daughter I. The thing. Okay please never do that agenda that. I'm a cheap and cheap fast so Riley told in my closet and see what I have been just can make some things so much sense I have a boyfriend this year I think I'm gonna go as a hugger yeah. He gets more. Soc gen I and all of that clothing already now and he's gonna be my camp I wasn't compelling enough for Jack and my dad modeling language as the him brain on OK nor I trash a hooker boots. And probably nothing else. It's where we had that crimson hose holiday hangover ball we do many years your your imperfect and a map Opsound. There were imprisoned by UBS stick of gum and uncle Chris is going to be chewed up decent and I don't know why I got its. That's just somehow you got involved and again all right yeah growl for Prez just the thought of him being issued at peace and I'm so sad and I was like a full sticker I. So we all yeah. How we are everywhere these are not on Halloween here I know where you might come here and I I want until Halloween in the workplace and I can't learn from your work to me I'm sow doubt in Thailand and trouble for an who's gonna get you in trouble feats are you here she can't Wear revealing clothing your work like that would make you Wear underwear. Food that's now that I'm doing time on Boston Regis no you look that is just skirted the what I think that's a good thing I don't want my daughter just like a hole in the workplace are totally to ruin the fun sway of the dress the short dress and boxer's letters Viejo which reviews are mixed with the rest of society are seeing saddening let's hope we. For the radio I'll be a classy hunker. Power chair on election Iran's yes OK fine yes that's Robert yeah. I guess that sounds pretty woman I tonight only a couple of inches above in the I backed deal yeah I don't try to find any sort sticky maybe trying to find any so where's this where pennies how about that ideally I am underwear it's. Does that event okay discoveries they're bringing not Sarah thanks Dave. I am only reading texts that listeners right yeah I'll give you the listeners can do something with each other that supposed to make you happier just add to that and I phony you don't. The truth comes out you stop them. Waving at infamy you know on the bump I want and I really don't want to go fire here's a question for you is these socially active. Actually bad for you can't tell you at 949. On the rocks. And made some morning. Rock and 99.9 KI ESW. And I point nine KI SW Barack Seattle who walked in billions for the vacationing rank castle it's Joseph need. Hello hello hi gang welcome back. It'd be back made a week. I'm a week and and giving up that I haven't been lately and I really tried hard to check my resting bitch face. Yeah I do your job you're back in the day when we would have early meetings nobody would really make eye contact with me because I would just turn into Medusa or something went into. Now BJ stick so you can still left to know. I don't take North Korea totally totally things are you know. I'm wearing the crown and out of the office RBS India and when are you well to tell you know what you when you get resting this facing up to a talking anybody turns out you might be actually getting healthier. Because there's a study out of the university Helsinki Finland found on the being social is totally exhausting even. If you're an extrovert it's still totally exhausting. I agree. Yeah not a fact. Three hours later you might feel like I felt good I was had a bunch of people three hours later you crash cart and you feel more fatigued the usual. So maybe exercise. Made no bones don't know talk to you when remarked I'm sorry serve now once Super Bowl party out of my house call you an idea on when mr. Romo out of Salo was yeah. Yet you still fresh so drained. Thought about that and. Makes sense though they really really does their times and we pavlik. Big station event and you're just you're just half dollar happily days like I got no juicy yeah yeah but he still gonna try and act like did you did you sign Allen's hands. Have a copy number five essay format Jolie's also ready I don't let you know Smith morning twelve pack I don't know the twelfth fact she's got that for the next. Amazed. Blake on I don't know whether he plays I don't have any real dad and I didn't money so that's why exactly they are no plans yeah. Am here on. I remember what is oversold and you know that's a surprising since that's the ticket that if you do that you'll never find that perfect conditions there and wait for him and get on there they call you names. There it goes hello I don't know if they can get you unemployment present for your daughter I'm not here I don't I don't I'm. And made some more news on the rock 99.9 KI DS don't you. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorneys teachers and other question from a listener how long is a bankruptcy going to affect my credit rating. Of course most of the time by the time. We're we're talking about filing a bankruptcy there credits Mazar. Chapter seven stays on your credit report for ten years from the time you finally usually takes seven or eight years for your credit. Scores to get back into the normal ranges chapter seven case. Cover your criminal start to recover even in chapter seven after about a year. Com you'll be able to get credit again rendering usually before how are your case is even over. I'm chapter thirteen stays on your credit report for seven years and usually takes about 33 masters for your crews to get back in the normal range of chapters or she's. I'm looming your credit gets better. Much more rapidly thanks travesty if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can always just if I was any time as choose the right chapter dot com. That's choose the right chapter dot com thanks for listening.