BJ & Migs Podcast 9-26-17 6am The Velcro Song

Tuesday, September 26th

Velcro isn't a brand name anymore, and someone made a song about it, Pet costumes are totally a thing


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This is BJ specialist into our show's podcast if you're a fan of all things Kiki you should check out my other podcasts. BJ Shays geek nation we have new episodes every day and you can check it out at BJ deep nation dot com. Your home is going into foreclosure and you feel like a financial rack you don't know where to turn for accurate information from bankruptcy attorney Travis Daniels and there's talk about some legal options. If we were quickly we can propose a plan to save your home modified alone or in many cases even eliminate your second mortgage for consultation is free I felt hundreds of people just like you make informed decisions about whether to save their home or accident on a reasonable organized timeline. Jeff do you choose this atone for the next chapter of quiet please contact me it did choose the right chapter dot com. Just choose the right chapter dot com. Point nine KI NSW the rock out of Seattle. You may think you've got problems today. But you don't have as many problems as via velcro company. They got problems what kind of problems is the velcro. Ball well that'll be an awesome product and awesome product and that's the problem is that it's such an awesome product that. We've used their name as an identifier for that product but you're super it's it's actually a hook and loop product. That's the official term and other pro Scotch tape in his guts it's really just clear adhesive tape that's it OK I like mandates are really adhesive strips or Q tips yeah. It just happened swabs cotton swabs yeah. On a stick so what's the problem I would think if you got to the point where you are so popular that people refer to year company as the product that's like. You're your your sat. Yeah apparently if it becomes part of the lexicon you lose your trademark. It's no longer yours and anybody else just use the word velcro on their product on a man he and so they they're like they have that constantly defend the trademark battles and like we can lose this if you guys keep on this velcro. Caught a hook and loop and they even made a song. To remind us tonight tell velcro. So just ask. Everywhere you. Scratching hairy. But even though. I. Don't that some of my life but I guess they did Diego. How to I download that song that's on these be on the iPod that's that's the we are the world that this world needs now and really really is. It's so bizarre is the greatest song ever it is so bizarre I don't understand why we we have a law that says that if enough people say the name of a company is a product in the product and becomes anybody's name. And if you made it. As I understand that. I don't know how that gets to be a thing right we would then also my like Coca courses Coca-Cola always fight it. I'm good enough money I guess they don't care I I wonder or of people I think if motive and the people call soda and there are cola you know maybe that's why it does seem kind of laid that they're being punished yeah but in no way am happy they were punished because who wouldn't of gotten that song had not been for that there's always a silver lining Steve I'm with you one. Always a silver lining. Civil life orient Sosa somebody scratches your car OK okay see that happens aria would you be OK with that if they left it drugs. Well one person did just that Steve's got the news for you at 617 a. And makes it more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI ESW. Nine point nine KI SW Barack see at all. Its feet because I'm well he's no Pulitzer Prize winner no that he can't even turn. Bullets and you see his news with Steve mistakes. Thank god we welcome to Stevie time it. Glass and the teams like this it's like this. What time that they just didn't act. Very at all you're Steve needs GAAP. I think it's great idea anyway. TV time Brad you by about the few things go. Brigham young you think go to the school year and a big day today happy national better practice day national pancake day all yes if you had to pick what's your breakfast choice. Paula it's got to be in a fight every Tuesday if anything the Chinese pancakes from bullets that's my fair man that is great hall. I'm Vicky somebody used to work at a breakfast joy I got it. Hash browns with cheese on them and over medium aids crispy bacon and a lawful with a scoop of ice cream and strawberries. I wanna go get breakfast with you right now Beaulieu yeah I know I knew when it comes to wreck that that's food porn right there Steve. We tease and gently eases you in the room he's man stuffed French toast. Here today for instance the cut out the Saturday but it egg inside that. It's case. There's no accident that story goes in my Stoner days that'd make a while but I tried to do now that you know like that that we need to get the we can't hear him I would he's gonna go with the Belgian waffle but you'll still basic now you guys have their windows they all these crazy date based experience Belgian waffles are legit though if you get this loaded there. So it. As it. I'm kind of coordinate biscuits and gravy. Look at the wrong when dad yeah I'm going chicken fried steak and blow holes. Off Pat Brown I. Stuff packed. Well yes you know I'd go out there at the very user daddies get out of place then it's thought that well yes I don't hold myself into bags. I ovaries. I tell you that sourdough bread and jam and you've been thinking about this. Good glass of milk. I do Vicky like having yourself and basically my favorites here more fantasy right there that maybe if I'd of waffles with ice cream to put on song. I ran out of milk sickness here this morning and hungry man. We really thought it would still get it can Stevie times yes when he gets back I think it's a wonderful idea I think some portable microphones downstairs its Amy. Let's I think it was noted that talk about this woman was gee I came back to our car if you go to Colorado. And noted that there was a big scratch on her back bumper takes. A pitch that sent stocks did see any notes you left kind of upset that she noticed there wasn't no. It was attached it would rolled up in an envelope that note. Attached to her mirror and so if you pull up to the side opened up the note and that note said I am truly. Very sorry I'm such a dumb ass please forgive me. And then in the note also included are four dollars in cash. At a joint. Know any yes she's twenty dollar bills an apology note and half the story not a full joint. Okay happens right it's apparent that person with smoking and you have probably. Glad that we improve the mood of this man and a woman who had dispatched to the cars I was laughing so hard on the way home that somebody took the time to lenient though. Leave me money and half a joint. As clinical. It's very Colorado I don't be very watching some of these guys see this dude just don't out of my own man and against forty bucks. I gotta do zone to man right. A few you know we miss him and us aren't truly very sorry. That she doesn't smoke she says I'm not a smoker I'm a runner I don't know and manipulative and trichet different attitude note board acted that joint which sits in the use the forty bucks. The buff out the scratch on her offer. Oh and he's going to dazzle to the cause everybody wins as with the winner. Speaking of getting high applicants a group of guys they were in England they've said you know what let's four dudes. Let's go our climb a 3200 foot mountain at the top of the peak. They make their way back down only problem is this multiple until we even got. So they called the cops. Instead we are too high and incapable of walking. Could somebody rescue us. Police rescued of them put on FaceBook guys saying. All persons voting obsolete because they're stuck at a mountain after taking candidate now been deployed mountain rescue air support an ambulance to rescue them. Words Dallas I wonder if they've got to pay our heads and because you don't want the guys themselves don't need to get out there. The guy got so drunk at a Wal-Mart that he got arrested. This happened in Texas what is going out Wal-Mart now and how awesome this clearly okay 67 year old guys decide you know what. I'm drunken I'm and right now I can scooter inside Wal-Mart. That. People ought to call 911 because he was drinking beer yet. Eating sausage and cheese all well now while cruising around the store he must've heard Vicky talk about breakfast and I mean you know immediately got to get some food. It's great Saturday afternoon injured as. I out of Wal-Mart they wanted him removed unfortunate that he constituted trespass warning is inside the man for. Public intoxication today to call the cops. They should discuss the other dude from Omar who throws tires and people to write it down fouled knock them out yeah wake up movies over. Everybody's happy now are you sure you don't want Wal-Mart calorie food your home and you got to participate and shenanigans to go to the store I want to see those guys I don't I'm not letting somebody come into my house. Just drop off closer I think it's a better idea than season got thrown tires and a guy you know run around the scooter of them and I'm like it was a tire or scooter are okay with them do whatever they want BJ. Mariners fell. They want and what did everything. Zero. If they won't make the playoff here I went yet Yeltsin and that's actually picked a great game this CPAs seven no one knows too little too late now at that game taxable probably be awesome to all of your own. How about that Harry judge in the New York Yankees broker of record hitting more home runs in any rookie in history it's too dangerous yesterday to 49. Number fifty and that's enough to set a record for most on home runs by a rookie in history of the game what is going on because I guess Jon Karl stand in the national is gonna still in home runs to what is happening this year that the people didn't fit the game that the bats. Where the balls are alive. On the balls are always a lot of my house and entities. My this is meant yes Monday Night Football. But I don't know David I issued Thursday before I was at his bride I don't see that I calculate that it's already in my head as it happens. You get this to be. Whatever you call that Stevie talked in the meantime I just activate with two words Stevie did not mean you forgot one of them. Are you sure some did scratch your car Stephen you've got paid in dope. At least they're reverend more important of the two words you arguments BP yes yeah because I feel like your name. Yet that's going to probably have a hard time remembering so that the remember that all back press I have one of his best games. During games of his career ended with the cowboys beat the cardinals that's a good thing I've beaten in my 28 to seventeen last minute football speaking of football. Our bodies may get his triumphant return to our new studio this time around. Luke Wilson from your Seattle got to be joining us this morning at 747. As far as whether 69 degrees in some. And thank you mad industrial cracked the guy I can't wait for looked again as I was really really upset with his performance out that he gave it only to you know they don't really contribute much he needs to score more attached there's a problem with that guy you know area and he hasn't been on the show a whole lot this year that I actually it all this year and I think it's hurt his career but now it's time to turn around so what happened last Sunday you know ID because it wasn't our show lovely that he needs city needs a really Britney reevaluated the way. We already had the conversation took place that he was coming shows of he year low. Because he was coming on a show that he needed to perform. He pumped up to me and score a touchdown he did okay himself yes he did so maybe we need to make it a point that he needs to monitor more often so that way as a lot to prove every Sunday. I am a probable deckers you know look he's owes a great conspiracy theory wants to talk about. He probably is the guy who scratch that woman's car up throwing no I mean who knows what the hell looks been doing. But he's it's good to have made much you can and as Steve 747. Luke Wilson of your Seattle Seahawks of that. All right so I got a new survey. Reeling stuff. He. The first story I got a creates about stupid pet can bring cocky. I was asked to keep you do that I felt we give it what I hear when you make that night I was okay. Oh yeah. OK listen you guys are Osama you're trying to be Lago a little bruise when some doctors Bettman is that he does I don't know if you heard like I what's the first episode Thursday hit puberty you Batman film he's actually trying to be Batman he's put on a mass he's running around the city and any dose. It's just left my coaching yeah. Okay you Christian you don't wanna be what do you do and he's reasonably. Hey I want that let's. Use. That I don't. That's I sound like a little Bruce Wayne maybe a little background like that duh dividends on its funny that he is trying to make his voice on different. Any vehicles it's yet will they be Batman. All right well we have this survey sure. Am yeah according to a survey 60% of people. Are planning on putting their pets in Halloween costumes this year and Steve I. Yours oh yes my shopping already could kind of he could cost him just yet didn't have a very strong selection as of last week debts and start wars. Costumes are really but she's already been. And you walk yeah so I mean whatever we Kyle Iran or some of the like Dyer dog all right I'm not done. Darth Lulu would be pretty dark blue those cool. I was leaning towards it it's really it's big and elaborate she would be down with it but it's it's that she could be an alligator. OSHA would be down but that would see now as opposed to everything else you put a dog and I'm sure they're down at C school with. Costumes that don't involve it's always Alex he's cool and roots OK are you Hillis is not really cool costing between tolerance that this shirt yes that's that's really its. Well I actually speaking of bad man you know what they're a Batman characters memory this list of the popular pick Austin willow Wonder Woman won one little. She's not on this list. And rev are you. Are you gonna dress up endemic target house. Optical probably you were trying to figure out exactly because he does have the same aversion Lulu had as Lulu with the whole hat paying their new artists he gets real biting when that have. Happens all really act I don't know why can't we get by because it kind of puts on its body that it really is to me he's cool with jerseys and had a Seahawks Jersey until they get too big for it we've got to release we leisure I'd jacket but he really enjoys lots of boat dies he's pretty cool it but at least it's like a little bit about Karl Hafner. A little bit yet not a slug eject more along the lines of someone you would see maybe in like a seedy Vegas borrow have to I try to picture for that one today idealists out particle has allowed singer but never three pet costume. Is very bizarre. I don't think you would ever guess what the numbers because of his Walter Cronkite not Waltz who. I don't want. The first thing on them and the first thing you thought I saw him all TV guy that nobody knows but you or me I got Cronkite on the mind. You know actually. Is the alligator cost him okay. That Don looks miserable. See every dog this and it costs and just it's like why why a mind is for again thing yet the moments. It really is a little excessive force it. I wanted to be a turtle. But at the turtle shells just it was bigger than her which one Leonardo de fellow law of course Rafael a rough yet. Number three on this list now and had run well. Number three the retreat is a dog. That's a dog and a dog cost is like a hot dog hot dog one's funny. Maybe this is for cat do you think it's for addressing your cat is a dog maybe Google was allocating one year old was actually funny okay. This economic. Thanks Steve you know now I get it for a while I was like just Imus in white incidentally. A number one on the list not gonna surprise you upon give him down number too close to a dog ran. Super. Super hero cops Custer to huge man estimate PetSmart packed all the time. Give it a Superman's probably not like the most popular island in wonderful would be him that she had the movie and his movie sucked. I think of those matches. True our yeah sorry it's our government more iconic bat man's more iconic off. I don't now if you get into this more iconic Superman he's raised. Tough call him but that costume in the logo I I know you're there I think they're neck and neck. Now I think. Everyone loved the idea of them. That in general. And heard like Superman and actually was a super dog by the. You know life. Underdog underdog I they must have been underdogs to anybody no underdog besides I. Underdog is not a movie a couple of years ago right and I cut back after like ten years ago. Did he could have. I think I'm a dog costume but it dodge. That looks like it's two dogs carried a box. And that's the cost. You know I'll Wear this in the backside of the Dodd has another dog attached to their caring. The Christmas time yes that looks like they're walking on there. And. I'm. I'll lion is number four for some reason he knows that he's in love numbers I had no like who's not down without all right yeah number five Pirate Bay. Carried out. Our pirates at bumblebee a good for you ready zombie attack can be a bumblebee blew the minds. He knew it was a bumblebee Alexi please lose and everything is for him list about a devil was she ever a double blow through New Jersey Devils fan you know members a devil knows you're the New Jersey Devils Jersey yeah of course. Demi rounded up all looking cat so people are so there's a cat and a dog on this list. So you just your dog as a cat I should allocate yeah Ali yeah I guess I got hello kitty is staggering against it's that guys it's Saturday but I mean since it's just a regular attack. Like hello kitty is that it's an iconic character this is just like cat you know when he won. Brevard but you know I I did want to this story that's why I mean maybe we can ever be like he played for rob. Garfield made Garfield yeah I'd like you eat that there's more you know today is just like you are liking everything that nobody likes but I cannot the popular choice I know welcome to my life lucky Gillette is Jovan Steve to hang out who talked about Walter Cronkite Superman and he cliff. It's a costume and cook a Turkey take sector because one cooked Turkey from the new. Michigan rumbling mr. bean know without its beef things they've done that looks just like mr. dean except her head sticking out rather than the other way around. Yes that's bizarre at the good ones that we know god is great talking to Thanksgiving. An elderly who are constant on Thanksgiving but you know the Thanksgiving outfit. Easter outfit idol I asked these questions. You really that it has volunteered it yeah you're right violate on the road I don't know well yesterday mr. Easter off the governor got this one right but. Too many guesses what you're of the late sixties was the first Brady Bunch episode show that 67 no six. 66 now RO and I. You Addai and I think that way why did you do that funny yet now you have a shot at beating Steve 206421. Rock. Replace beat me at 647. On. 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