BJ & Migs Podcast 9-26-17 7am Beat Migs, Dumb ways to impress people

Tuesday, September 26th

Beat Migs, LUKEWARM TOPIC:  An 18-year-old impersonated a cop to impress his girlfriend.  Based on this, finish this sentence: "I can't believe I did BLANK to impress someone," or "I can't believe someone did BLANK to impress me!"


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No but I think we're here in the hole you turned are all right did so our oil eternal Exxon you know. If you have an echo or dot Amazon style you know Youkilis in the KI SW isn't the rock on your belt on your docs might even ask stupid questions like Alexa. Tell me a dirty joke. Who enough today. My nothing at all I let stuff. Tell me a dirty joke wins a door not a door. When it's its own. Dirty joke. You know she can do what she can play the rock all you have to do is say elect's open 99.9 KI SW. And thanks for checking out I think you can really say how excited to Vijay and mix face Vijay thanks Steve legs so it seems you forget about how much have you played daily podcast. Not playing didn't Paul just like. Nine too much and I'm I don't. That's an ice. It's it's tonight's amendment affirming and apparently right well all you have to do is go to KI SW dot com you can learn how to download the KI SW skill and check out what Alexa can do to help you stay connected with Iraq. Mean mean news. Dean day and it turned out. Our doctor rose. Steve those gummy thing it's Thursday and should return but Thursday no but Steve I know Lindsay said that I got excited about odd aren't that it yeah on Thursdays or even airs Thursday well it's not too far away from Thursday Thursday that third. Wait let Thursday the third most on Thursday junior Kazaa B went on she needs. While I'm playing along your stupid games. Man with old tactic used to became too far now it's not fun yeah yeah yeah that third do it makes it weird Ellie because we we don't know what day it is now. I don't know what day it is listed as out in Africa Thursday that third clearly out or Friday the fourth. It is. Now I'll have I Edwards getting to the game itself. It's on in Arlington John rated their sir. It excellent what's he play in fort dates do you think it's too got Kate sport anime over at the ever queen casino on Saturday October 14. Go to KI SW dot com for all the details if you wanted to got to eat whatever and making you tickets now Ticketmaster dot com. Our steam in about a year. For those playing you know John lives sixty seconds to answer ten questions shot you can pass they want but you'll only get three guesses her question are you ready. Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling starred in the 2011. Film crazy stupid why it. Yes who painted the Mona Lisa. Yeah ask what year that early two thousands to the first 80 video game come out. You know. No. Doubt it now or what is the capital city of Russia. Gas mustang she hiring collides dale or all types of flooding in a vault. As scallions are also known as green watts. And when you wish upon a star is a solid for what Disney movie. There are no. Slow. Now. That how many feet are in four yards. As march may in which other month only have one syllable in their names. You ads which Kaufman crab is named after a person living in seclusion. A 1234567. Correct answer bat now pretty solid score there may be a couple that Steve knows but on the other side there may be some of the ones that he got that he that I was the inspires you so that it's a recluse whose slogan go by those damn much. She I got any powers yet I think guys know that's the problem those spider powers that they got bit again last night and have I got a summits at the back my head to see if this is a spider bite or just the temple oh. Send over to receive. And over them and overtook the right. They're under the light guys everybody stay at your buddies you know I don't like that I think weirder dirty going on over there would that I'm honest I'm smiling man tells me to bend over IP block him I think he's good job of that opportunity but I wound. I. Do you are you ready. Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling started the 2011 film crazy stupid why I love the ads who painted the Mona Lisa. Eventually yes what year in the early two thousands did you first feel a little video game come out 2003 note 2002 now. 2000 why you ask what is the capital city of rush out. On Moscow as fast. Most states iron collides dale or size of yet at saint yeah yeah horses inked scallions are also known as green light. Marines. And onions yes when you wish upon a star is a song from what Disney movies. Pinocchio yes honey money are in four yards. And if things didn't. Twelfth yes march may in which other month only have one syllable in their name June yes which common crab is named after a person living in seclusion. Hermit yes and Steve why are you get a perfect and I am. Sorry guys John. Really good. He's racked up everything that I as a player nobody. And I. Steve you dances and then he flexes its rights and Joey he's also dance I. I would definitely gonna take over for Danny Danny would be dancing sojo is but right now he's doing the commander Dan hey I'd go to movies or Julie to enhance your your your father is there and Scott I do so therefore you dance only when I get the play my song. No salary cut Darth Vader and you're like young skywalker I can't be taken by editor sent thank you. It was the right side yes the primary to city address TV time to decide to end the I hate you if you train tomorrow. Congratulations. Steve your one got a perfect and that's right converts and guess what you got tickets CK sport emanate emerald queen column number 10206421. Rock. All right Steve I think we have found a way for you to be great jeopardy you're great this game's OK but it turns out that sports and football in general maybe the jeopardy its Achilles heel. Last night. The all the contestants completely bombed when McCain to the NFL category. And they left that category for last they could not answer any of the questions NFL teams to. Defensive tackle mean Joseph greens. Waited for the Pittsburgh Steelers Yvonne and it LT insects they're running back Marcus Allen. And Obama. What is clue had I not keep you know sorry Dennis Terry Vaughn. Who are of the Los Angeles. Greater. Long while now. You know the right sport yet when a caller Iraqis wow immigrated. Should practice what the demo and it. Now mattered in sports yeah. I mean that's so stereotypical. Super super smartly in warrior knows nothing about football that's just ridiculously stereotypical so that the new good that the new way of talking on jeopardy don't say I want sports to my geo sports too. I guess so I haven't watched them a long time I don't know what they do on jeopardy ever since he shaped up as mustache they've gone crazy and it's you know yeah. Sports too. Oh it's about this they're doing it for time they're trying to gain the system there trying to get a couple extra seconds of it around that time inning get all of the questions answered. I need to know sports yet they really worry about diesel tax rate Colorado Iraqis plays. Now a little bad she should just keep guessing and eventually to get it right. Am. Got to think about this team that was arrested all because of what he did to impress a girl. What do you do I'll tell you what 717. On Iraq. And made this morning. Rock 99.9 KI guess W. Nine point nine okay. SW the rock of Seattle. Over the weekend an eighteen year old guy. Florida. Broke into his uncle's house and stole his police uniform and his pulled his car. Any ticket offer arrived in. Picked up his body's. Pulled the car over home and even responded to a call to break up a fight outside of a convenience store. He did all this to impress his girlfriend. What I would do at a convenience store when it was able to actually. That you dug up that fight yet things went well to the arrest the person that yeah this guy. Now just. The things you do to community you know is really it is so traders did this all to impress is girlfriend's and I guess this tease him realize eventually his uncle would come home. Is uncle would notice that his house have been broken into. And this team eventually arrested on eight different charges including grand theft. Armed burglary and an impersonating a law enforcement officer yeah I guess all that stuff. Even a struggle sauce you to break him here's the most important part that it work. Was she impressed yeah he's cool I have no information on that story how did not put that in my story without Ira was like hey you're all right now I see a picture of the kid. Yep he doesn't look like he's mug shot. That he decides when to Bryce. The gig gather that in the fact that he still is a local police car. At least he's a resident police officer and your Tommy he's an upright and out. I agree yeah I think he's a genius yet again this is yeah that's right he looks like you the kind of guy ago OK he'll be the muscle I think is what it looks like. Has incredible yeah. As going Jimi yeah I wish it would they had yet by the way it worked yeah. He got some action yeah I mean if I'm the father Mike and now that now yeah I can make any action because my daughter would love a guy like that. Ceases to. Nine point nine KIS cellular rock gods Seattle. So again this eight year old duty thought hey you know and Newman. Reagan my uncle's place. He's a cops on minutes Steelers uniform I'm gonna steal his police car and anyone around picked up bodies pulled people over even responded to a call to break of a fight outside a convenience store. He did all this. Because he wanted to impress is girlfriend's. No news on whether or not get a reaction when she was impressed he didn't get a lot of charges and he got a lot of trouble got arrested. Yeah you can't. Get to talk to his uncle and say please take us on a ride along and that might have him Forester and I picked that warned it. Yeah that I think that you do the trick don't you at least in step one that you know before you go extreme and you break the law. Yet does that put your uncles it's like now can you earn idiots. So we wanna know man you've probably done some stupid things yourself finish the sentence I can't believe I did blanks to impress someone. Or I can't believe someone did blank to impress me let's go to Derek and Everett Derek you are on the Iraq. My Derek which got Ford's body. So all our poll. Which unit so it worked in Seattle and yeah. I don't like bats and get cheaper and the holy guys are sketchy people that. Do you. I have a great Paula thought yeah iPhone sucks. Maybe he's out of Harvard when you pick it up right sounded great way to three seconds you picked did not answer to Muster went to a weird area. Yeah that's it Steve a lot of weird area in western Washington Pryor and a the Mars lawsuit Leo yeah that's exactly. I'll call back in town normally you know like actors story and I think that it was a good story era of great great. Couples. Iiroc. Eyesight we'll go see we'll try somebody else I want. He sounded I mean I just talked with them are sure it did but he crystal clear I. 20642 on rock please. Texas 7799 and stop it Steve I'm despite his mommy don't sit there and what's fighter's body to monsters again under US fighters are attacking me. I was a junior spider bite ya let that go I had to do and I've gotten Tony it's a beating you know it's like I got the flu. Yeah enemy you know I'm here why I do for Luke Wilson the if he wasn't coming in today do I would have called him beef it postponed for another day. They offline I tell you these things. I Jerry and heck yeah and I. And decided. That they. Did. Try to impress me at me. All buy in New Orleans like dressed up like heard everything. Yeah that's funny did you slip or any information about certain things girlfriend did so that she wouldn't that statement. Well you were UA I junior senior. You didn't think about maybe transducer and I gave it right a little bit of an all love circle or something along those lines. Hold the low. Now in high school Steve you're gonna get out the threesome road you're better man many thought I would be able to get a girlfriend high school I'm not talking on behalf Jarrett now out. So we associate try to oppression by the by doing everything your girlfriend did and didn't work. Did you grow forever changed. Digit growth and ever more sides they had what do you do. And what would the girls say. You're mad at my own heart I probably would even ask the question tonight and I don't I guide you talked very yes okay cool though and I figured you more information. That's that is that is in the that is very weird. How would this Texas 779 and then a guy once Pierce's songs beacon that it would impress me. He did this after our first date on the same night and then texted me the picture. And I ghost. Him yeah now its message that's the first time. That you saw it like you know you can't be sent pictures of your action is somebody you just had a date unless they had the conversation about how you really date pierce penises yeah maybe. I don't know how that comes up on the first day but you never now. You know what what what did you think that I'm gonna go down that road and yeah it's a specific I like peers dawns. Right why don't ego or here's a good eye on it appears Dong in Q easiest. Why lol that and I can understand an illness like that yet it you know we should like yeah that's that's highly likable. And then. I mean think. We really weird. Taxing a picture. Sure he'd be after the first off to the half court date a date the first daughter date idols go to Chris and ever Chris you are on the Iraq. Ma and good morning Chris welcome to the show which yup Ford's body. Our guys well you hear is bad well Jen and graduate that was Bob Denver street solid it was both inside and oh yeah. But there. Okay yeah science guy has always been different ever ever he's just good pure he had like at that did that. Are ever admitted that aren't in much the average call is in my as a spider bite it was bad he's BJ's biter is affecting the reception. And everyone is breaking apart in my pocket when I'd like to I'd like to make an announcement yes we are our posts job opening for calls here and OW so that was clearly the cell phone you heard him start the talk if you hearing problems or speech impediment I'm sure he'll do a better job please include just this year or do if you're calling from Everett maybe drive quickly to like Edmonds or in the wood and then carrying. You get that average it out ever it is an issue with Everett got a Jammer in their first bikini Brees is now cell phone conversations Everett is turning into a police state I tell you thought this but the land mine please. Over the sect my girlfriend showed me a video of her having sex with her ex boyfriend to show me how good she was in bad. I dumped her then there crazy bitch. You know. How would you react and I think. I would be it would be bittersweet it's like okay she's she's not she's obviously it was a match. Yes and she takes pictures she's got references yeah I kind of feel like it's you know in it's like. Good references air. Major. Yeah they're really taking a shot in the dark it depends on how I compare to the dude. All in stature yeah if if if that dude I feel like I got it over on him at all this is great she was she once again action and I competitiveness guys. I don't think there's ever an instance where it unless she's like a porn star she show you one of her actually released films than I can be like all right. Right on that's pretty cool. Yeah I don't you know wanted to show references to resume is or no I don't think that would work not as I don't think I know it won't work. Yeah it's a great today we're a little at a date night at eight this is what Vicky you've got to go back to Kinko's and you know who can hit those shots and it nine. That's which human ago bureau. Actually attic I went for twenty years old. In one of the things he wanted to clarify that he wasn't a racist any proceeded then brag about all the different races of women idiots have sex way. A hundred no I'm I'm totally open you know everything tenacity now. You know you know Mexican grown as you know Japanese girls my girls in girlfriend's here on white girls. That that's right to video like out pictures of all these girls to prove a point. And our column on it got a much larger picture of body yeah Andy and I UNICEF pick you wouldn't it relationships of these girls and Vicki that that leno's return after you hit like that and Citibank Dolly banged on the world basically. Hi I was eternal but he thought but he was Smart enough to think this was a good idea like I would've cared if it like came up and adds that handle it with the police people clever. But the fact that he thought this'll the good idea how to than anybody else like you're so stupid. Atlantic and what. What brought up the fact that he needed to prove that he was race. That's the Monica Harvick dvd don't you were Mexican law that was part of the IOK. You don't worry I'm not I'm not racist and an idea that's not our way how angry I only friends of all different cultures I'd never once had a practice of I think look at where you become friends and yeah I I am not increase the odds Steve you be friends but now. People are demagogues that's X with that. Solid point. How many it started out with him saying I don't believe we should of an African American president. It feel like me going to China and abetting to be emperor. I'm like what. Always did he sit and that's you and me. That's where I'm I act you know what that might check please there just to hear somebody always finish the dinner until we're hardly hear more of his theory I don't think that would be like you're either going to yeah China and saying you know you couldn't. Go to China become a citizen and or actually before I begin I am I here you have to be born you can't come from another country and be president but. If you're born there and you happen to not be of and Asian ethnicity I would imagine you could be emperor anyway if they like to an hour really reading into the stock I mean. Yet it is saying do this statement as things that I totally dumb statement early because he drove us there. Pool via. Yeah stages over that have found there yet knows four over for sure there's an expert suggests accident snow. Via a little land the dude like you did not have permission to go there bro but he DS he did because he's out there on the Mexican TV he's already cross the border. And that. You know like you collect what you gonna at a Thai restaurant kitchen and although I believe that the audience is exactly outlets that if I go to the OG guess what I go Pizza Hut. Are we got a text message I'm sorry to divert the conversation to something you know I just want to let you know Steve when I go to China. I don't expect to be emperor I and I presume they can't believe my G your boyfriend of one month got my name and Angelica. Tattooed on his four trust me paid this was. One month one month. I. Junior year boyfriend at all junior in college hopefully Brian. That I schools yet do it sounds like it's high school guy how about a few apparent that genius. Well. We got another text message this person is an attempt from the top of the stairs to impress a girl I broke my arm and my leg. She never visited me in the hospital yeah. Sort of like OK any idiot can jump from one place down to another and hurt themselves and whose uncle criticism. Our can't wait for this comet and coming imagine the what did you do miss pocketbook somewhere I am I beautiful. And death grip. And I worked all right should say how much is wrong with that sentence let's Islam well that sentence is no such thing is a Vulcan death grip what is it called the Vulcan nerve pain. Monster Steve. Apparently all it mirror it now you know you you are now living long you know prospering and I gotta kill people went back. Lol he knocked him out of mind that the captain spots not a killer. Bolton is hugely on the island as a rule that's why he had the nerve pinched. My dad he capacity he actually did that it's a cool story that's. Lemony what was supposed to punch a guy and I debatable is that I love. It's a cool story about how actors can tell the writers who have themselves OK because he supposed Vietnam violent guy and there was a part we were supposed to punch somebody out. And anymore it's like I'm supposed to practice nonviolent guys their bat away from me to like incapacitate somebody. And they're like listener just do what we tell you to do it eventually heat so I got an idea. And he came up with a home there pitch thing which trying to remove the most popular things on Starker that was his idea that was his idea that it pretty interesting story. Education. No I ate a whole onion like an apple wants. Oh yeah and you might get apple to press who impress a girl. I was I was working at this it's change restaurant in in this in this gallery you know and the and The Who world. The prep area and keep it this way or everywhere this leaning in the food crown happen I. I nights and adults don't really get the skull. Like this Hillary can. I've been to Mexico and I've television women sort of like the scholar have been everywhere. But the other girl who did all the food prep was this really nice young Asian woman and I was washing dishes and that they were talking about food eaten something in that and I just grabbed up and onion just Ross street out of would have been there and it like an apple. In the Dow work. Now. And I were credited in mean and you thought they were a bit like while those guys what legit big at the I remember I think the other dude was like eating leaves like companies can throw at him like one at a time yeah I don't like that guy right. Or community and the involvement of U lady gastrointestinal. Illness that bad so bad and now I. I yeah so. Welcome. Steve he has to see us they have themselves a pretty big Sunday night demand well they're about Kevin Dixon and. We had bad about it right. Well you know very well one guy has its appetite. Sunday afternoon actually via well I mean that he had probably at a good time at night you know well yeah yeah have a nice dinner probably concede absolutely I notice talking about take you. Face it yes the see us have a big say and I thought a game this weekend and other. Now I did they do it's a prime time accidentally born and our buddy Luke Wilson who may have had a big Sunday night and a nice dinner. 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