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Tuesday, September 26th

We spend some time catching up with Luke Wilson


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I can exploit IK ISW the rock of Seattle's exactly what happened. What's that Luke Wilson was trying to get in the building but there was this gigantic defensive line so he's just done anything. Always tell what happened it was he's busting through I think it's real making a beer and jump over that. That happened. I I I I know he's gonna get it right now he's doing with that defensive line that he's gonna. And hopefully help empower the villages apart guy's apartment just it's maybe you know that that's in the but it was really. It's a spark of people believe that there's a defensive line waiting outside of bill I only target Leo it's been an update those guys are Aston yeah exactly an excuse to show and the media Sunday people should urged. He stills that you that yeah Nazis John Snow Luke Wilson that's right. So I'm here's organ native. While waiting for Lou. My appearance spike the ball. Look at some of this Metallica. On Iraq. And makes it more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI guess double you. Got a nine point IK ISW. Araskog Seattle beat their love having our next guest on it was great seeing him cats and two touchdowns in last week's game. Stepped up for the. Yeah stage. It's Luke Walton. The season. Russell Wilson please welcome to the show Luke Wilson until it is it's that we tell you were going to be a UMB on the show that keeps the motivation needed I was little that's what it did exactly those that you know making returned to a the morning show I got to have performance that yeah let's talk about its vote won't sit right back here god bless them and number 82 you want between him. At a little actions they act L Wilson underscore 82 that's two Els and Wilson at L Wilson and his were 82. And yeah man you know. No upset would you go that's a cool thing about. You know no matter what happens when the Uga to walk out smiling now as it is about a Fred I didn't hear anybody say anything about unity the commentators any of the after shows. No it's all Wilson except yeah I had a good all the let's I guess that's a positive ethic that they walked out a lot I know I'm top of what the hell I did my job bill on the other side of that too goes out of bullets. NIC it's going in. Amid the cool thing but the team is everybody's on the other side of music doesn't have even if it's not their fault either guy out. You know I I really let us down because of Brussels says that every time the team loses you know even if in fact he threw 700 yards you've outscored forty touchdowns. Yeah I really I could have been better you know if if the team doesn't had decided I know he's always gonna say yeah it was on me. He had that that's kind of I think a good quality for illegally you like Russ is that. In result is we'll know look at himself worse and then go from there and go realize got sick that obviously war now playing great football right now but. Yes I would like you guys already given up on the tonight at the authority have moved on an hour later a little earlier poorly after a lot of good Vanilla a half and she's. I'm like you did I it and I want you to flip the script though I really want because our point fingers and even in a win yeah I don't care if you guys went by like forty points or go as seriously I got excited right now this guy though he's not getting picked on you don't want that might cause some problems you think you might. Epic meltdown we blame everyone all season long would make for the greatest thirty for thirty that ESPN that gets the mysterious meltdown are sarcastic one. Both I think it starts toss sarcastic did you start believing yourself and you really believe and you are. Are around a bunch of people who screw up all the time would have us are blaming like media guys acts are a prominent player below is that it's. If you are megs it's your fault that we're losing to tell me I don't want to blame any during one of your post game interview thing by Internet talk that and Davis and I exited blah blah guys yeah accidentally hit it and I scarcity it's just really process right now this plant parts said we need Steve makes it leave us alone have bet that. I can do so of course Luke Wilson man if you give you any questions form to a 642 rocky Gaza Texas 77999. Lot of things ass look it's been a long time since we talk conspiracy theories we'll have to go back into the act like that it's been a long time since the look is that a hole on me at the whole summer. They're really go on earth some things that we don't know about the aluminum Audi an audio on this world I gotta throw that one conspiracy theory a recently had I was talking or wrestler dude it's got pretty kings could be wrestling actually this Friday night with the fire wrestling at the Washington hall. I am he's a conspiracy pierce and maybe they give you and you like music as well so yeah. He's conspiracy could I gave him my conspiracy theories that Kanye West intelligent have been. Friends and in cahoots. Since day one and that this whole thing is just one giant all the way back to when he stormed on the stage what's so I'm I'm only a matter Lucas something occurred between the two are always they always had issues he says that it's on about saying I made this its name and oh yeah I had on the most recent songs you put out all about how she eats and again I think that they're just kind of feeding off each other purpose but he shared a conspiracy theory may be Europe. Since your conspiracy to earth person. That Jonbenet Ramsey is actually Katy Perry. Katy Perry actually Jonbenet Ramsey I I don't know if you got hurt you Peterson and her friend and that this is sure. I have not heard Alan and I heard though and but it could be you never go ever go because like I am an archive it but the governmental conspiracy theory thing yeah pop culture stuff I don't know if it's really someone else must be charged that the unions yet you don't I did think was I'm not really sure what about a place that the what was the other day the clips oh yeah I was disappointed on its own business I don't think that was real. She is at our home loans and we're all outside of me of these little glasses on and like every. I swear that if you just put the glasses on there's that little moon the pops up in the top left corner I'm like do this is. This absurd. I tricking all of us and I'm still not quite sure how the son works. OK we. We had just gotten today was that you'll be out of Australia I restart was aborted toggle that's not a guy from the NFL waiting outside to the drug testing and that's that's a very good point we had a tablets a day when you know whose child is mean to their Mac would okay. Now. Technically we understand but it's like kind of tricky it's an early this on quite worked so we'll think it does say Dallas got the sign was. Like this in the produce heat yeah. But that's not actually the case although I believe it's energy that's what I've been told by. It's going to be our business on doesn't produce heat producing it produces energy correct because. How come the closer we get to the sun. The colder it gets. When similar to go to outer space. It's freezing so I've been told I have not been out there as well you know something that might argue that maybe you have Padilla that. Also like atop a mound and gets colder we'll tech they are getting closer to the side. Technically you're getting closer to the signs are wired white older. Wiser ex white capped mountains that lives in stone companies now. Like Leo wise in the sun really making yeah and I tag. You'll open the plane looked out the window and there's that frosts in the window but it's 85 degrees. We're close service literally closer to the sun as far as you get so what's going on he was going on what is happened is his son really high gap an effect Mercury is not the hottest planet I've come to find out really I didn't know that what I think during his beat and I think friends ask that question some times I'm beat me if you remember what the hottest planet is the hottest planet would be Mercury because it's closest to the yes. Captain was Arnold Oppenheim knows that no princess now that debunking yours RO US got a debate without debate it's Venus right. Yes it is yeah to go with Chris yeah. I think it's yeah. That's why certain. That's not the answer for Richards answered now Kate sees it it's so appointees is that Chris is back and yet the second most planet from the sun is the hottest planet not the first one which is lucky you think that would be the hottest planet. Exactly so and I think again it's something about like the sun does it produce heat. Yeah I think you're it produces energy without directly no I wanna I get some work so now who came out who told you listed as can may be identified are they embarrassed Delgado Bob Dole dropping it. Doctor Bob Dotson he's got to look kept in touch that's at. So the original guy that we Bieber knows tanner but then I've brought that to a few people and I like world. It's something about like radiant heat that it does heat up air the only heat so. That makes it'd be a really doesn't because I don't know science very well yet neither do I mean it definitely I was so blown with the talents and I'm not a big earth is flat guys don't believe in that okay. I can kind of get down there's some things will decide the where are you sure about well I mean we haven't I mean we all science is doesn't really know until they actually get there you know that's my problem of sciences like. Dorado believe in like science Bellic a lot of people call it science from a manual its size ten years goes polar opposite. Via science only knows what it knows an -- discovers what it doesn't know and -- August were wrong about what we thought we -- meat science and that's the whole idea sites is they only can go with what they know right now yeah and try to make their best guess but you know they'd -- indeed became you know they've been discovered -- -- all the time sometimes you know contradicts what they -- -- science the problem I there at least from my -- high school got -- without without but I think this it was a -- is that I think that someone -- than -- -- -- well -- I just -- -- the problem right now is that you throw these -- -- I've gotta amend the -- -- -- -- get everybody explaining all this stuff and it's just too much in my -- a couple of yeah Venus has an atmosphere and it traps the heat from the sun Mercury has -- atmosphere it. I altitude air holds heat that's as dumb as I can explain if he thought our energy. Or is it Peter. After I was gonna ask him I don't want to as the I don't wanna do what you got bullied as a black holes that right now. If it's here and he has even know he's talking about seeing that movie presents because the air's thinner and higher up you go that's why it's colder tears from Mike he actually and just like appreciate them like yeah well I guess they must be something about the air that keeps the heat where it is inevitable that ground welcome there's it's an ill on. Up in the mountains. Policy 'cause the mounds are higher elevation attacks now I want what Luke is on. Ha ha ha look I don't feel well. I don't pretend to know what I'm talking about or even what I'm talking with the idea I don't know any of this next Ivan proposal for new vehicles insert a monster of a son works yeah. But I think that's a little petty to glacier a little I have something it's even dumber that I wanna talk about the why. How can you figure coming up in the NFL between plays what is that like the big day I understand that Molinari who knows I mean that. I get the arguing maybe that's what's argue but just taking your helmet off with the amount they said that was the issue you're not supposed to take public way. I didn't really notice to put it back on before you go in and play and I think that's all they care about right for the concussion brought on yeah. I mean I didn't really know I know if you if you're coming it's knocked off. I hate you I need couldn't go back in for a play I believe he only gets knocked off. Police in college I know it's in the pro post your helmet gets knocked off pianist you got to play you have to go in like I don't know if it's for concussion stuff or whatever. Man but. I'd never heard of like yeah that's why there's the play's over. There's clear penalty that you're not delaying the game but so you take your helmet off like I've never. Well you know it's interesting Tim because does this and Richard we choose like what we intercepted the ball so I'm I'm I'm off the feel like and how it off because I'm done playing the opposite is gonna come on. And memo that it took us a lot of big millions of big known I was like whoa why. I that the I've never ever have read I'm not an expert but I've watched football for all these as I never heard somebody cite you can't take your helmet off. As you can be developed or is also new to me the end. So this is situation how does the sun work and how does the helmet rule works is really the two big questions we discovered that they were the sun made Richard so hot headed yes. Julia an entity that urban centers around. I had to not act I got Sam I've got Sam on the line and he acts as a Seahawks quickly counted days can really stop talking about the silent. This is this is that this command now that's the least according to my screen now keep in San could be lying that sometimes happens because the law analyze sales and how Samar the son works let's go to Sam. Sammy Tacoma you are on the Iraq. You got Luke Wilson don't forget tweet look at L Wilson underscore 82 and it's two l.s going idea Luke Wilson on my body. Lived there a question or sells them. What it what is your favorite part about being a part of you talked organization. It's good question as good question yeah. Obama must be the son conversation you have with them happily I feel like that was a good conversation maybe getting crush on the on the net figure I got slightly balls getting Arafat and I thought I like Iraq or yeah I enjoy that. Just like crash there are can I guess I could only your favorite part about being Seahawks. Is your custom foot that they created so that you don't the breaking your own shoes who told you book that no I didn't get that immature and I got this thing slowly. Our group how bad foul him it's not that they're photos left hook on this I'm. Clinton diehards yeah it's every player on the team has a mold of their actual foot. So that way I don't have the break in their own shoes. It's the equipment guys just put the issue on the mobile the foot to Malaysia should use. But through thick and then and had idol like build my blue is holding his foot and leg wound every night like. In Denton everything's gonna countless war on and so that wave breaks and euphoria yeah and it really works yet. Hanging yeah that's the coolest thing about being in the past me out that. If I could use. Match and so they if they make a whole thing your foot like that. Yeah it's pretty it's pretty wild. And now there until like trying to scam if you have like slightly different sized feet. Aria which appear people do reality immunity by whatever half the size. Which who and we have a hole like system of OK this clearly better for you. So then. Kind of funny sort of movie adds company comment in part room or from Seattle. And they try to give me a ranking of like what what she knew would be best serving. It's a huge stand in the staying in and they spit out like oh your foot is in 9% match with the deed is your but the deed ISIS'. 80% match of the under our version of this one so I was like man this looks a load of bunk that's my new war and a bond OK so I really wasn't Simon's bomb tigers open Mike. Of the so I just got on Amazon these guys had a Mike how much his ideas flipping you guys into the tabled film where my shoes in the super fit and in Europe in other vendors like going their work with us. Those are claiming their machine was broken. Dialogue. Man put it and do you really still did you get any proof at all like that and she was good or do you think it's more like eight or just open your because I I I would side with the one. Personally I thought it was I thought the whole thing was little suspect. Until because he started when you got some of those you should Wear this brand yeah crime is angering Albania. You know this brand sister companies is putting billions in the ass. Yeah. I don't know what's your favorite part of being the off my fair park. Honestly is. Probably home games I'd say it's combination I really enjoyed playing home games are us and Dan and Jeanne there's really cool. Us home games and then. Are like facility. Is pretty sweet that will be out there are some daisy you know I mean it's. There Roger play football you love it but it's whatever week twelve week thirteen our high schools orbits that he sit there on the sign league Washington we've got music blaring and they could say our facilities pretty cool. Yeah I I've heard I've heard people just talk about how the Cadillac of the joint yet you know compared to some of the other places in the NFL which have never be Indies I'm gonna open it states that would speak at the facilities I have a question for that it is then from you hanging out on the mega cast repeat it means that he's quite a few times and you give you were nice that the it was a tour that what time. Ted and I are convinced that you and possibly other members of the team. Pulled a prank. While we were there move. To hear this it was a tour anyway if you wanna check out the the pool in the hot tub area of of the locker were OK Alex Hurst that we would have walked into the locker rooms we can't go there and it looks like OK guys ready like sure and you open up the door and as you open up the door. There is Jimmy Graham. Buck naked standing in the hot tub which is gone is it. First thing we think and it's looking at a smiling with some palace. I thought we don't know what to do at this point and that is Doug Baldwin and the other hot tub also like to sit and making a guy by the dollar and Ted Meyer convinced that you and so that you guys do to make people feel awkward ways it was east. And it was he standing up showing a great job. Yes I did I happened to me you know what because I've had evidently too loose. Desire to do the hot globetrotters thing and they put me in the visiting locker room because they don't get the media got his fastball with a New Jersey generals yeah they all isn't it Walken had the wrong Mickey and and there are already for actions not just like regular naked applies it to be was ready for action. I mean I know they played French and so I -- he would and it is just like it's a show like while these guys definitely are they have what I don't have and there's no doubt about it so I I wouldn't put it past them because you use the it was at a press. Always Wear that I don't know where they fully naked he was put it was baited breath. It was a prank goes all just happy coincidence. I mean that's and I love well we've got to let it go to like appearances but he couldn't like he was we felt like he was anticipating this data is there. Thank you go to the I don't autos that Philly so normal that I didn't think of good stuff and I are convinced that you are skirmish. Know uncle what I would have been a great game so it's not a problem so they are they're cool you just bring some Brando's back there and hot and that's what I would like we were elected thank you yeah it is all but over me I think it would have been better they were victims. I mean if it's like if you bring electorate to around and there's females involved mile usually lecture and book that two were. Around when known will be in the accidentally you don't see exam do you like to I got a special tour and I've figured out your you don't notice him naked guys a lot of relief. You guys can handle I hope that I you guys. You guys they're these two well I tell you how the son works we grant immigrants we got through the remote wipe is that weird or is that normal like what they'll listen all okay I don't know if this is. I'll tell us like I think the welcoming committees and what's even more awkward is post game stuff. Because it's like everybody's you know you got things do you shower aggregate changes like 80% locker room is full year like half naked in there's like. Probably 85. Media members yeah I cameras everywhere I've found that I yelling females awkward yet that's really awkward but it gets the point or like aegis. I don't know he's gonna go about your business. I like I don't know anything about it. Seattle and assure that it could be because the effect of what God's given. But at the end result is a massive headline. I don't know hockey locker where it is all talking and hanging out now and some don't think it open and tolerant and with the I'm one time I don't even walked into the locker room that you know it's coed hockey yeah Eckstein had a few on the team that just thought it's only you. Door opens understand what might that captain Morgan. And she walked cinema site. I'll hook. How are. I edition of the family at at at at a an am I what would look Wilson of your Seattle see us in studio you got a question form. Calling out 206421. Rocky and also Texas 77999. Your calls or text with Luke or 817 on Iraq. Today's podcast was brought to you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney. Here's another question from a lesser. If I file for bankruptcy do I have to appear in court that makes me nervous going to court is never something we something that's easy to do however when you file bankruptcy. He usually only have to attend one hearing at the courthouse. 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