BJ & MIGS Podcast 09-26-17-9A: Listeners on the loose.

Tuesday, September 26th

Beat Migs. Listeners on the loose. Facebook Drama. Cross Talk with Jolene. 


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To etc. they feel the Mets center we're back again seems to be awesome and I knew that I learned last year when I need to find BJP go find ways that the more gaming area I know I do a much more games we've got a bigger better area from war gaming this year how are realizing they are not done outdoors we still we still stormed off 151000 square feet. In order to put the hottest drones are in the newly designed race course poll that is out lots of high speed action man last year's contestants and I spent a lot of time watching the drone racing it's incredible what they can do which goes. For those drones how fast they go again we've read by your face it's awesome and it's cool man because you don't just see the action you get down hands on experience you get to play the action. You want tickets and info about GE two simple. Just go to GE to Don live the letter G the letter even number two GE two dot lives. Game. Wow. Name dubbed. I guess you add those tacos body panels Thursday because Steve skirt reopened earlier he's already out some quotes in the sea dogs are blaming me for and I want you guys are blaming me for these are all true sayings all my fault yes it is all your fault blame migs blame maids on it are well listen to beat -- he's playmaker I well you want to be a deal we got our inventory to take you wanna try to do that. Allah used there sir. Yes I am an excellent what's to blame Hornaday Steve while he's playing for tickets GIG three that's feature that's a guitarist just showed our basically these answers that Giuliani you got out. John Richards chief from my dream theater and also Phil Collins from Def Leppard altogether us onstage at the more theater on Thursday January 11 courtesy of the US TG presents just some believe they'll be doing that -- yeah I'll go to KI SW dot com for all the details and if you want to get GM now at Ticketmaster dot com Paris. You can adding we had it. For those playing at home how will have sixty seconds to answer ten questions Al you can pass all you want but you'll all three guesses for questions are you ready. Yeah. What does the term for these signs of growing a fruit and vegetable garden. Which baseball team won the most recent World Series. You want to pass oh yeah and you know. Ask you Taylor knows. How to reconcile is it eastern diamond back. Well tonight yes how Tony players are there any standards beach volleyball team and now it it's great to know. Or know how would you animated Disney films first teachers to Saudi Arabian nights. Why can't you know. 2000. Look no. That's no. Twitch here is British slang for a person who watches what type of animal it's. A quick check you have to interact with two minutes. Yeah I. One crack. Once and everybody you are number one you are the lonely is number in my. And it had little yet at zero to that that would be Steve scoreless game. You know did I sure it's a little bit of music and a passed by and I cannot trivia that it's. Riviera sees non staff. We really are just amazing. Paul thank you yeah take that as a compliment Steve are you ready. What does the term police signs of growing a fruit and vegetable garden. Photo synthesis to enter knelt. Gardening now. Vegetable times. Now manage baseball team won the most recent World Series Chicago Cubs yet as to what reptiles and eastern diamond back. This makes you ask how many players are there on a standard beach volleyball team it's very choose yes she's beautiful players. Slough which animated Disney films for almost like an indoor volleyball time I first really yeah I like those why do you prefer though all missionary as a reassurance in my street for what you know Jeannie on the on the Isaiah three times and I understand why most people lean towards no Eli let's go back to the entire. Which innovators Disney film first teachers these songs Arabian nights odd I Latin gas washer is exempt British slang for a person who watches what type of animals that don't tax no dog no. Snakes know how many ounces or pounds sixteen yet as to what is the occupation of Mary Poppins. Positive job Bob Bob Bob babysit her her and managed yeah but I mean. Am I O and Y. There's a nanny babysitter I don't know any emea and me. Well nannies and of cleaning and cooking babysitters and asked him. Yeah early recently and I'm not they are you don't doesn't matter if you're right it does it matter earlier Canada once you blow my six. DV 162. One car after a while we domain as yeah exactly yeah. At all. You know how good you are my friend. I don't play again but I really don't know if that's a good idea and yes I get a shot please everybody has dreams. Maybe play at home first yeah I had dad. It's. And that is also why lists she loves babble about volleyball for so long why would you RD one you had the little battle within me wants so however I do that when he's singing I didn't expect he goes along about volley ball very passionate about it they know that I am I it's a polarizing subject. Yeah go for the booty shorts as opposed to the bikini I know most people would look first at six in the bikini beach volleyball. If I had to take dough I'd rather see him dressed and aired their. Indoor volleyball out of me getting accentuates the booty in our way out you lose either way no RA it's a win win. I loaded I was also I feel like the chick simply beach volleyball a little bit more shredded and night. Really just super thinned out nothing wrong with that but I allied. That a little meat on the bone Hollowell. All of our eyes I think that the the big indoor volumes and I'm joined now I'll keep your series passionate I guess it would perhaps something about this year you really thought this out senate today you'd have women's volleyball there you go ice sounds. You know on Twitter yeah US Intel Mac aren't you weird no nothing weird about appreciating beauty that is the feminine form dear university of Washington and do not look good bald man in the arena on not allowing yeah American restraining order. Two switcher is a British slang for a person who watches what type of animal herds Africa that's just said that imagery just dance is a snakes but I mean the other guesses were all right. Not a whole different thing to do if you are snakes but at the Pentagon perverts the path. What is his term for these sides of growing its fruit and vegetable garden. Is it bought many new. Ask horticulture Erica Al horror culture a good job thanks man look at it BG venal Smart to stay through its nuance throw a couple of orders America. Shape congratulations on your morning news and Sports Radio hosts are to horticulture. Why. Holy cow that was there you see your extraordinary gardeners yes I was extraordinary. I sewers and 66 reactor gradually Steve you want six correctly. And you get checked him out caller number 6206421. Rock. And that's how you do to get those tickets are cool they ought to protect CM agree with me how much Steve oddball booty shorts all the way blooper somewhere maybe nothing meets a girl but look better than my booty shorts. There is an indoor volleyball girls also I've meet pads already. Wow. I was is that well that's that is a thing. Member and pleasant seizure where returns good inside as opposed to Omaha Beach that's a good life I never thought about that this. All right well you know let's Ariza missed some credit for volleyball girls yeah I afternoon is fulfilled okay the that's not now later look at it later ice got a book market the Idaho is one of those eighteen plus to view all you've been an elegant density and you're not old enough. Oh OK enough bookmark that dancing volleyball girls website. They accuse. I'll wait they're not wearing what you like Steve I guess they have all different types of odd ball players you're a young guy I've just say yeah number ninety's wanna. The city of the university in North Carolina hello equities are nearly everywhere. Yeah I do they know that's what's happening when they take these pictures being put on his website 'cause I feel like they just wanna be like Kaye were athletes and the immune to go to his website. Okay all right I'll I'll close because generally you're being distracted that's because you're not paying attention you all inaugural legends of what's being sent to us on Obama and that's to be a conduit Miramax and that's going to. To condoms just you know economy which also right at The National Retail Federation just released its annual report on Halloween because it's common and this year Americans are gonna spend how much. Nine point one billion dollars on Halloween stuff which is up from eight point 3% last year. Now I know why the supermarkets will sit there and throw all the stuff in the aisles and make a hole while now I know why those Halloween stores and those first dorsal crop up and paid a small price. Because if people are spending cash. Wow that's a lot of dough man. I mean no wonder why you see other spirits stores popping up everywhere yeah I mean it's it's like now I know why they problem Philip PetSmart they have satisfactory marketplace mall there. Because the outskirts of command at least how main. I still understand. The spirits are huge opening at the same spot in Q while at the same period because nobody's renting out that dam building is Syrian mosey out right by my house. And the last I think three maybe four years or season since it's been a Halloween store and slight. Horses who I am bored. How is that helping. My guy can't be enough to make it worth every year to knowingly miss being in my brother's keeper set up. Nobody wants to go win. Coming out of a sudden there's like I said the PetSmart relocated in fact Soria and that's been and an easy and so the spirit guy goes in. So it's not like W square where Macy's does your holiday store and they just look for the people that last. And they always stable they're always in a different place because somebody always leaves a man that they go and they spent little time and the next is somebody else and takes a space usually yeah I have it but someone's always gone except last year. Macy's is that they didn't have their holiday store in the mall had to put it where what they're all star team tonight for some reason I don't know what happened they didn't have their own little joint like they used elsewhere so maybe W is like no way. How much usually spent on Halloween costume media and I spend it not thing you know unless it has to work events then I had to spend something but otherwise nothing. Yeah I'm very thirty bucks in the hole on though I visited the whole kogan skull that was what fifteen you don't yeah I'm 45 dollar violin and I had already returned the dominion constantly doesn't fit me right yes a year he had yet to pay that gap. Polio you're you're you're you're gonna honey at least alt. Yeah without a doubt here one moment and also done has been a hundred dollars and my tennis I can't even you know like as you know you're not trying to for the kids. All do we go we all vote I think I believe that just last weekend or maybe this upcoming weekend we start our our stockpiling of Halloween candy so did every you know every seminar exclusive grocery story also for the week for dinner and all that. And she'll make it appointed by a couple bad so we're not being completely. Going broke one visit only yeah during that night. I'm a music making a run to go get more canned because we're just too generous and our candy to children who are still a lot of kids still Yasser lonely yet you're not he has the fast every jagged none either we don't do anything on Halloween the actual night. Only because we wanna be home enjoy way so that's very cool you with the children nobody ever comes to my house well they know you live there. I'm Mike beat you know I'm my the scariest Halloween decorations myself. Could keep terrier nobody ever comes and I don't like candy every year and you know one I I would say we've had three visitors in the last five years we'll give our I've just on the air memos are all pray tell their kids that's that I need to do and we dress up and come buying a mandate to actually now become acute I think I might be -- there's always believed him to somebody. I'm the vice candy this year and just guarantee the light off a tie because I and I have to eat candy and I wanna do that all I had so that you really don't wanna be. I really don't. How about I'll put a note on that on my door saying we're not here please go to this address and silenced that's not a good idea and I've found the and to me that's in Mercer Island if you go to Mercer Island you go to a place called the lakes neighborhood because that's the quality kids you do the joy diesel tell you today gave the full sized candy bars those with a real Richie Rich people. Nobody ever comes where we are they know where they get to work basically the low rent part of Mercer Island where I live so nobody ever goes there they go right to the lakes. Don't diss what Neiman Condo or house and you live there. Not manually all the candy there's no point so you want to lakes get those big full size candy bars man. Those. It's like everyone has a meter of success my Lendale and be successful enough to live in an area that's populated with a bunch of kids and can't make up crap ton. A full size candy bars and be able to give multiples to. Yes Steve what did you do that much me when I went Mega Millions I would do that the because you write that does say something about. When you get a full sized candy bar you mean legal woes fueled a cash yeah yeah because nobody ever does that gap. I mean I don't just view based on the candy that they give yeah I got a full sized candy bar and we were in a fancy neighborhood I was like wow it's true these people have money because you've never ever got one like that when I saw was a little kids who have no idea my dad's not their homes they just they barrel and I got I got like no one of the dornin is walking employee my greatest action. Winning only generates a majority yes I take care of what's up everybody idea poor parents like what they're always more you know look out and you usually scope and other joints your parents Amerada later I would you do get out your kid. He did exactly what is yeah. It's I've listeners on those you pick a topic you guys to show 206421. Rock text does it 7799900. Calls you attacks of 917. On Iraq. And made this morning. Rock and 99.9 KI SW home. News 99.9 KI SW. This is on this crusty by GDP to all this this gaming exports hands on lots of fun going to be happen at GE to the letter G the letter is the number two. GP two dot alive and that's where you gotta go in. You know we just got a text message saying I hey you guys going I'm ready for some laser tag in dodge on some vintage arcade games so they were wondering what's going on I guess course GE to. You go on Sunday October 21 Saturday and Sunday October 21 twice second over a century link field events center get all information at GE two dot lives we're all gonna be there Douby more gaming there's also poured in section two which is kind of fun yeah it's an awesome I'll be at the bar. We've there's a beer garden Miata zone doesn't he Ted Smith and I did the last time we sat sun and hung out in the beer garden and watch people helped each other in the face to dodge balls neither all that there's a great decide that for everybody and it's hands on Mikey says Steve so you get to do I mean if DR based they've added double the base. And this time we did a first person shooter and I ended that's to me what I've been waiting for the ours we will have a legitimate. FPS game and I have to tell you some the game was awesome and accurate test yes I'm a first person shooter got the message that. I just said first person shooters I don't mapped out there are put to into the other states. Yeah it's a trip to skim. UN FTSE might get to pick up the VFG and that's a great aid for Kim Kaymer gone. It's not African. Look at I don't wanted to keep our license okay fine. Listeners on the loose you pick a topic you guide to show 206421. Rock text us at 77999. Do remember though Steve has one rule for listeners on elusive goal Vijay necessary some energy and bring it otherwise. Gonna get guns don't gonna have to say goodbye you can borrow from you pick a topic you guide to show modest Texas has taken you guys redo that FaceBook drama would Jim Norton that was our sums it was it's always great having Jimmy and man we get it he just cracks us up and he's got some great stories and it was in last Friday and may we he was he was he was out kind enough to actually do FaceBook drama with us. And these pajamas writing minorities is selling companies brown sugar vermin in Vijay when Jim is our opportunity to point out wide there's a lot of stupid people on FaceBook. An actual FaceBook post John unfolds and young were in acted out we changed names to protect the innocent and the stupid people. In this around Vijay you'll be playing the role of the original poster you'll be teeny can gradually be penny okay Jim Norton you'll play the role of Howard. I want to game. Jenna would you rather be any non B Howard county power fine it's a symbol of the power and I'll be lenders. I heard it once again any easier original poster so did you please take it away. You wouldn't Limbaugh and created just serious. Period and sweetie don't say bad up there and tsunami where wind today com then happen. Happened to me when I least expected that don't show. What do you Jimmie Denny is you'll prince charming bank is apparent. It's just there wow I was just your writing town and you wind math. Us. Why you done with men now I thought thank god you're dating was the manager names. You have bragging about an opening doors for you buying your flowers just because. What happened through. I shouldn't say didn't you know. It's yeah I'd write your bag and and I'll bet you. Know. I know. Dollars and won't hurt you even sharing this on FaceBook. Is via the shaped front and Lee. Essen and all yeah I'm wouldn't want it came in yeah. Do than any man wants to get naked with you. Plus that's probably the safest thing you can do it here. I mean how many athletes on the tie and then get tired I've heard rumors about you hash tag just say and. Yeah. Why don't talk about this on FaceBook. I mean I don't know why we're talking about their own FaceBook surprise I thought penny would be the one who would have their priest had I had good aim is I know I'm not a little sigh consistency now. Who who who would have marathon get. This Lewis is on the loose you picked that topic you guide to. Go 206421. Rock Texas 77999. Mortgage calls mortgage sex or 933. On Iraq. And made some morning. Rock and 99.9 KI DSW I I. And I've point nine KI SW the rock of CIO's listeners on the loose you pick that topic. You guys to show it to 06421. Rocket and also Texas 77999. Feet. And Steve which got over there from our fight techsters. We had some analysts saw little advice reject I'm here I'm the man you are the man. Mike my daughter is a freshman in college so my idol hello community and daughter who is not yet ready for or cultures you're living your colleagues dialogue and yes your daughter as punch incommunicado OK yes she's not her college how your daughter. She's Smart she's not Smart she's stupid animal bites her own manner without me. You are basing one enthusiast site was off say the dog bite its owner that's what I'm sick I based on. One hard fact and you said she bitter before until well those funny because she's been or not finalized yet on the couch Ndukwe yeah I don't dog mauling human being is always that really different from falling as seven pound beyond poor defenseless whys behind poured the parents would have thought that he. Haven't a deal would mom getting up aggressively so let's hope this person all right and then that one time was because you see us winning the Super Bowl I don't like that needs to be Cheryl yes that's exactly when you wanna buy people are our great invite everybody in my house are already. Finally see the team's polar ice whenever I that's right so what this text or DR Dodd is a freshman in college she's done to my husband and I over the weekend which he told us that she is dating a 34 year old man. He's an assistant professor at the university load and I in don't improve off her dating him. What a 34 year old Wong was an eighteen year old hello. I'm sure I know I not so sure what the connection is she refuses to listen to us and has no plans to break up with him she says were overreacting and being old fashioned. About her dating an older man and we think she should and the relationship before she gets hurt our rewrite or are we overreacting expression Maine new fashion because it used to be old fashioned for older men today women without anybody think anything of it. Yeah yeah I mean I he used a lot of yeah yeah you're right it's seen a sweet see this your sixteen your beautiful my main you know sweet sixteen Christine Christine asked sixteen yeah and also winning Arie son you're daddy says she's too young which is old enough for me yeah he's only said and people used to date the team wasn't I think it really you know waited lives it was a common thing in the sixties for you Alderman Tino getting it just basically getting younger woman (%expletive) off the wife and you know get divorced I mean that it's it's new fashioned to not want. A younger woman when an older man that's very new fashion. So what should she do it would to the parents still. All of the parents like man. Look you have a daughter does and no woman when you tell her not to do something that she actually will listen to you. Yeah you know I mean hey you know better and may still make an enemy out or you'll just make it is CEO you'll need to look. Moms and daughters fight all the time I know this I've seen it firsthand. I learned a long time ago as these women were telling me how to father my daughter that I wasn't going to get on her bad side. Because I know what it's like she's not goes to me because that's just her prerogative. Whereas you know Joey tees. He'd like wow my father's an idiot but you know what is the only guy provides electricity from my game's OK I guess ought to deal with Jason Richardson Vegas I should probably listen to them that's their right to me that's a good trade off has your daughter dated somebody knows a lot older than her no she did people in prison which I really like that yeah. I never liked any of her boyfriends except the current one. Nobody but I had to be cool. But I was like I'm I'm I look at him go what are you doing with these guys I mean she's I raised should be smarter than this but I knew if I told not to. She would then go FU data and do what I want. Especially if the daughters away and make monsters is being proposal keep her all over him. So and he. And she's eighteen scan of comical to a lot of religious tackling so I don't think he's gonna be the last relationship that she has if it is and more power to the both of them should say that at 34 year old dating an eighteen year old is not that much older. That's on AF yeah for a story that hey it's only it's only like I was sixteen years right. Seventeen as the big differences are juniors at the literal first of mental age for 3417. And 1835 picking Jesus pacing and it. Yeah 35 he's more than three years old and yeah I guess bottom line is how much older than you there are you of your life. Twelve year difference. Yeah which I think it's different I why should be on a decade pat but I think it did it's there's different stages in life where it makes more sense I think at eighteen. I'll think I could be twelve years older than my wife that would have been weird. I think when GIS 21 there's a little bit of a difference I asked Tony five is another difference I think that. We need stage there's something else at that that person to bring to table and make it almost seed they can come to a common ground more so than that someone who's eighteen fresh and I school dating a 34 year old. And she they're worried vision getting it are heartbroken she's kitty a twenty year old and get her heartbroken g.s in college he's going to. Singer around she's gonna have her heartbroken if you're around him OK I do college and pro. All we know I think she might be the one breaking that guy's heart he's 34 you're right bright gold mine you know I'm really eighteen euros Heidi eighteen year old Czech yet she I mean how yeah how committed is she going to be you know he's ready maybe for commitment is like maybe. But you're right she's young. Like Dickey like you said did you she's just going to be she's just this is one of the stops on her journey of having a great time. We put do we know he's a professor in could be professor at all these cuts sound odd you know that's really disturbing thing for me is that if you work at a school. And I assistant professor I don't know how much interaction he has with her like will he ever have to teacher or is he monsters this year the hunt. Does he know anybody that's one of her professors I kinda think that's unprofessional or probably on helpers there isn't enough and zero or Clinton went on I just say this man. If your daughter wants to do what they wanna do you hear yeah yeah it's it's tough to go against them unless she's breaking the law you just gonna make an enemy of her I just I don't think it's wise. I I think you got his okay honey DOI out and I hope he's OK you can. You say that China is on Texas says my mom was eighteen my dad thirty when they met they now been married for 38 years. This no. Which is fantastic by the way that's it but think of this. Now eighteen is too young like it for some people to date I find it so bizarre you're an adult and yet like you said the 151821. Our society says is a huge difference and I think it's kind of crazy that this that right now. Talk to an eighteen year old recently. Oh my god they're stupid. I tell I hung out like a nineteen year old recently because they had to do and they don't know anything they think they know the whole world in a got to tell you when you're you're you're yeah yeah so that's actually that's saying a lot because I only the ten year separation I think the hardest part dolby Kenny he's go to a bar all that's not the hardest on YouTube now we have saved the British world that question though billion viewers wanted to see a show to -- at a bar you can even do that and they think that that's where he gets kind of weird yeah personally for me I find that to be too much of a separation promise she's got a great fake ID then all bets are probably as good flight out of it and go I -- like how we helping no we never do yeah we're we're here we're really not helping you know. I here's a question what is the top character trait. Man needs to satisfy two women can free some bellboy called what you know I know I'll tell you before nine on Iraq. And aches mornings. On the rock 99.9 KI SW. I'm nine point nine KI SW the rock of Seattle Jolene is second billion for rank castle yeah. Oh wait here for my gun don't know how it's no joke you screwed up. Low. He can line general watered down yeah every bit as usual son. You have Johnson create so you she's glad I tell you rounds I cannot again. Our threat here you can't predict it. And I got five character traits that a man needs. To satisfy two women in the threesome I. Oh good lord let's hear these area should be get it taken as an app called threesome or so that the northern talking about who do the same at three similar. There's an athlete can get three sons I love America. I don't know the success rate is very high rise I think I think that outlets for people who would really like the three grand prize people who have a threesome probably not bragging about it is a busy getting Canada's amend a bunch of former boxer had taken advantage of those. Plus I didn't I know I'm not surprised because they list the top ten states. People in the threesome in Washington State's columns and what are you guys are naysayers. You get a guy and you're California I want my threesome they're number one makes sense isn't yet he's strong. Have good communication skills. He vigilant to see if one of the women's getting unhappy via feet. And don't be Steve and they're also ticket include Alan Fisher I know his trip here at. Be upbeat I love to have tie Jolene well she doesn't want just a threesome she's got a twelve. That's an issue he's got a young I'm too tired for anything else did he yell. Sure pigs. Please welcome to reserve Luke Wilson you're niceties. Toward that one time and Ted and I are convinced that you pulled a prank gone. Boo. Earlier this inventory OK you wanna check out the pool and hot tub area you open up the door and gave Jimmy Graham. Plus it's getting in the hot tub. First things and then there's Doug Baldwin and the other hot tub also manages and then maybe 810 guys. And makes more news on the rock nanny nine point nine KI SW. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney and he's here right now and has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. I know a lot of back taxes ten bankruptcy helped me. Bankruptcy can discharge back taxes under certain circumstances some types of factors are never discharge a bow like if you haven't. Taxes from an employee if you have a business and didn't pay employee taxes. For sales taxes especially taxes cannot be discharged in bankruptcy. Our most people don't have those kind of passes close people are just regular income taxes. If you owe income taxes and you found in actual terms we just weren't able to pay the taxes. If your taxes are more than three years old and you file the tax returns and those types of taxes can be discharged in bankruptcy. In most circumstances especially through chapter thirteen case. Thanks Travis if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can reach out to Travis any time at choose the right chapter dot com that's choose the right chapter dot com. Thanks for listening.