BJ & MIGS Podcast 09-27-17-6A:A man lost his nachos when a cubs player dove into the stands to try and catch a ball.

Wednesday, September 27th

News and sports. Snohomish county has a huge increase in sexual diseases over the last year. There is a new list of the best cities to live in the country.


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Well baseball is winding down the regular season as people are attorney at the last plots or get into the post season. And now the cubs one of those teams of course. Look like they're going to post season and the cardinals are they played them on Monday night. In Saint Louis and a fan named Andrew lust is not shows when cubs shortstop Madison Russell dove into the stands to try to catch your fall ball. And we got some good play by play it out one. Russell didn't found ground. I. Sure. And a handful of not chooses what he has. Yeah. Yeah man that's a bummer dude from Washington right now they're your that's our whole yeah you have this all all the masters on the dirt yeah everywhere so oh my god given to the guys sign a baseball card we're dead well you don't run. That Zambia will deny leg once they hit the dirt but you know I gotta say cool thing don't know who's done this for cardinals fan. Noisier than not just sauce over an arm minds. Side arm and that's funny nods is to amass the well three innings later Russell delivered a fresh plate of nachos to Andrew and pose for a sultry. Paterson Russell I see uprising. It was so we do. Am not just get him in there. Maginnis is in Saint Louis so. How about the other there's there's it's an opposing fans say I if I think is it wasn't a cubs fan or cardinals cardinals and it was a cards for yeah okay. Yeah well I was cool thing. I guess that yeah you can do that when you're being held out of team that you play against. So they go oh cool moments and that's that's a great self human the picture of it he says hold the nod goes out to the guys in the background and you have. Course no good deed goes unpunished because Andrew well he decide to put a clip up himself. End says that you know like the original macho they were loaded. And now Russell only gave him the very you know plain replacements. Could possibly put on by energy cheese. Latinos are free insults the worst. I can destroy your kid. You look like maybe if you just maybe I'd just stick remember that play you know play a plane not just in that we are always had to say his Jersey the size medium high area based always stylish medium right there. Yeah no. It's I mean. The guys who live a decent since he Marie changes trinity it's not so man that's good yeah yankees though Tivo like get me in that video he doesn't load Digg like K adding get the nod to those that I originally had the time of and there are meeting is tweet me says they cardinals thanks for the loaded not Jose cubs thanks to the plane not shows. Unforgettable not so man yeah okay look did not take your originally had shot up yet awesome moment his fifteen minutes of fame sort of parlay that into hey this is going to be a crisis for me. Sometimes man just as people just. I have to make your audio hook somebody up when I compared take it used to be a nice guy they came and neo and then in the they'll match yet. Our solution thanks so much man on man if only they were closer mark yeah I thought I get me. Think that they'll take a backlog you the other ones I can promise still receiving end now. Yeah exactly it's like I'm sorry the free thing I gave you wasn't good enough you know high you get to see you want you all pay form. You want some load and not shows you know you buddy you'll back him pay form you ask your ball game. I mean you know like there's a little girl and a line drive to the face I think she would rather just had a are not just tipped over I don't know man has got a fully loaded noxious yeah. Two point I think I'd rather take a line drive to the face and has some fully reloaded not chose not to an idea I'm glad you right. The chiefs. Now he's cardinals fans so could be he's just trolling because he hates the cubs but sheriff you know yes there's an opportunity to point out the cardinals are awesome because they've got loaded not just in the color because they've got to play not says of course the cubs well they're probably go to the post season Yemen won the World Series last year and then the cardinals I think they're staying home but many odds that you're gonna have a Major League Baseball player hand deliver you'll played obnoxious that's pretty at all that's no team is doing well. Because I think that if that the cubs weren't doing well those are the are on the card is kicking their ass the cars and on the post season. Ressa goes after you've given enough on yeah oh yeah yeah. Demonstrate this guy anybody yes that is teams going to the playoffs have yesterday and it. So residents Islamist Connie they are truly putting the whole. In snow holes season to tell you all about it's got the news four is 617 on Iraq. And made this morning. Rock and 99.9 KI SW. Point nine KI SW the Iraq non CEO. Most fifth graders have a better grasp of the English language unfortunately there are there any available this early in the morning. This is news quiz teammates. Well thanks guys and yeah. Thanks to Michael she bingo for giving us news and sports and happy nationals chocolate milk day. How well today today oh yeah I'm not a big shots in those guys I think strawberry milk over chocolate milk any news. Strawberry milk yep Nestle's quick. How you're right yeah I don't know do you go for the strawberry milk. Well only greatness goes to start wearing all that everybody's is very. That's when it is okay or. Maybe only few people have Jason strawberry milk over chocolate milk there were mixed together as soon as that's all about not stupid. Stupidity. They sell me a small dice game nowadays you have to they'll mix it together and serve it here they know when they may you know all you put in the bowl what happens it mixes together the world's and harmony I don't mix nomad life I'm very meticulous remind me of calmness and ice cream anime series Duval whenever I want. All star with the chocolate. And maybe I'll go back and forth between the melon strawberries so you're the jerking open of the container and there's hardly anything in there except for them the flavor you don't like them saying all take all three flavors but I'm going to start we're chocolate first. It's this warehouse is the best for last. Feel Lisa makes a flavors that man she's really going there and you leave you put a bunch of different flavors in there now I just go. Straight for this either it's. On my guy you know butter and had sixteen about a flavor. The other reason why the world's of this hidden video we will all the ice can can live together man Carbondale harmony babies on ice cream managed verio. First get it right to free so it's going. Let's talk about us snohomish county has apparently maybe we should eat more ice cream and have less sex. Why according to the Centers for Disease Control prevention. Hi this big study from across the country to about twenty million new cases of chlamydia gonorrhea syphilis herpes HIV in the US and the cashier. Four record breaking amounts for chlamydia gonorrhea and syphilis. In snohomish county. But not always no because apparently there's a 40% increase in chlamydia Ole. All 112%. Increase in syphilis Luol. And now a whopping 243%. Increase in gonorrhea. To hammer in snohomish county so I mean maybe just. Our whole on rain suit when you walk in the snohomish. They are away from everybody almost there witness knows this might get back gonorrhea stand waiting in the big east. I given links even follow. That's close enough. But laser gun and I learned how do I Ferran yeah I met my daughter might be the reason why McClellan has jumped. Selloff not a father says that on the radio. Jab but you know I what do you say I mean you know nobody you said it yeah I can't lie about these things failure snohomish might be number one when it comes to sexually transmitted diseases. In western Washington. But I anyone ever wonder who's the best where's the best city eliminate your big coffee drinker. The best city to live in the city are we talking about all the states and Massa and then in the country yes poll. It is number one it's not Seattle. I never said it was or wasn't I say Seattle Kurt congratulations you are correct this is okay if I. I really made it sound you're one or the best city was that guy yeah it's obvious immediate it would be just a way to call month. I know all male omission no snow is stale like they copy I heard they loved by their copy of that he had done area volume hell yes do you think you go together though not surprising. Seattle's the number one city when it comes soon people who love coffee on number two Portland Oregon number three. San Francisco number four new York and number five Los Angeles. I only it's a big surprise in big cities that love to drink coffee you know it's interesting though because I think you know I remember draws in Boston and I love Dunkin' Donuts coffee but yeah I guess not as much as we love our coffee here Boston's number nine. Saw the top ten farther and it's not Timmy and I don't know Seattle. Well Todd. This kind of pierce county area who's that's a myself happens to a retreat to call in Puyallup. Please notice and around 1:10 in a morning news fan. Pulled behind the house met by the driveway and guys seemed a little weird dual dual license plate check on that and noticed on this guy wanted. For some stuff. Tonight so they try to go snack guy and he runs off. They chased him down with their police dogs at. He's the exact title is that you need that Led Zeppelin on cars is they find the guy on top from the shed. He wouldn't come down and he kept screaming I want my mommy's flow okay. So you're able to find this man from my he's holding hugging a tree branch at that moment I do my mom and pulled down the against team for his mother. And told deputies that they were ruining his life okay he got arrested because like I said he had a felony warrant for burglary and also assaults and this guy is wanted. Right police and no idea of whether or not his mommy's ever showed up too well she was probably busy well it was it install a stunning. I know that's both from the Paul okay what's criticism pierce county cop appears in the same like it appears from what. Todd so I've got a better way doing something pretty awesome and also something that would drive I think any of less not could easily forgive tossed seven and in the close to Sadr white. He's done this now for a couple years. He's off he's karaoke host and over at the stars bar and grill in federal way he already started singing. The guard Brady Brooks head friends in low places for 36 hours straight riots. He's doing it help raise money it's a fund raisers I breast cancer. He reasoned 2063000. Dollars on and off before 10 PM to stop saying I think or opinions about what's going number is open to raise 101000 dollars. Doesn't take any sleep breaks you'll take two to five minute break between songs that he needs some food water our bathroom break as well. Probably started singing at 12 AM. Yesterday morning or this morning yes he's gonna continue singing until 12 PM. On Wednesday. It's at over the bar so if you wanted to check it out I would be to guys and if I had that much money I'd go you know you can tegra right now if you don't do this. Would you now one very I fight if I was like Bill Gates still missing by stars farm grow and see how he's doing and I'm saying by puzzle game of golf for losing. Movers ten grand please don't sing songs or. I thought I got I will always love yourself and involve singing and high pitch that's true. Yeah and I made this actually liked that song sounds yeah video like you for 36 straight hours there's any song but I like the 36 straight hours do. Now seriously yeah I had they won I there I mean I'm a big collective soul fan but I were to decision and I haven't played them all the time and was like OK I'm getting tired of your head I really am. They mariners won again hey you know tour. That's right out of the war on our way to maybe a 500 record hit and I began adult earnings of 63. Theology and retired can ease these numbers Sunday night to Sunday Night Football against Indianapolis Colts over a century link field this Sunday that's cool that's very cool uses recently I inducted into the pro football hall came back in August. And now number 45. Cannot be worn by anybody else such an awesome awesome awesome. You can easily integrate clear that he had he is up 58 years old he says when you'll aging yourself and your life. You tend to give a lot more respect including some things that happens you made your life like this so he's pretty pumped about the whole idea of he says I always felt kind of weird seeing somebody else where his number ten matches they had a great career and now nobody's going to be rocking them 45 it's so weird that canyon higher close to the same. Yeah I hit my brain can't figure it out because history those guys are always only knew because your kid you start watching sports and they're always older than you. What makes your fuel is when you see guys do you remember getting drafted into wherever sport they love me hockey. And balancing those guys as head coaches in the NHL you have you guys what's weird that is very museum like wolf. How are you right to let you go I am ancient history get a football Carson once how about this guy did something pretty damn awesome varies. Got a lot of money in his pocket of course you just recently last year he signed a four year. 26 point 67 million dollar contract with the Eagles that's your money and I he's gonna that's always been very generous with his money but. He told his kicker pesos told sideline personnel that is their kicker Jake Kelly yes. Hit that 61 yard field goal that ended up he didn't hit against the giants win the game but if he nailed it he would give dad died. This entire game paycheck. And he stood by his word after that happened hook them up. Within 97000. Dollar check the low total and how he makes 97000. Dollars again games. Why. Nice guys pretty sweet 87000. Dollar attitude that is some beef here right dude that's top notch. I mean I think I'd give him I was the guy he said until I read your I won't say anything more yards and 5000 yeah. So I you know after taxes gets about sixty grand ads. Manager's words pay and he gets to go with the best sixty granny didn't mean that's real fun money did you not expect if that this year Christopher young kicker and at some answers for you. What anybody. Guys Faris of whether semi seven degrees and sunny and thank you. And industrial press me for giving us news and sports I do to file is that guy and I had sixty grand. First thing I'd do is sort of that tavern anti guy OK stop playing her current song hee yah. I'm pleased that he's got a text my husband I went into that bar a couple of years ago he was doing missed. We had no idea what was going on I kept thinking. What the hell. Yeah that would be weird if you don't know that the guys doing a fund raiser for breast cancer yeah I grab by these rescuers groundhog says that happens you just go okay what is going on man. Messy veto of the prisoners friends in low places on my favorite songs growing up when I was a bouncer go for six years really karaoke every weekend. And now I think hate to sound he had to do is anything you hear like that over and over again might get it is soft. Yeah that's a song that even if you don't know and I mean Greg Garth Brooks can saying and I'm not saying that he's bad singer but. That song writing range wise. Lends well to people who aren't very good singers who went that's very good point about immigrants yeah you can go out there are. Even if you have a good voice in your insecure about your singing abilities you can you can work your way to do that songs yes like come. The stupid love shacks on all EL AL AM. Yeah I mean I don't throw out an outcry as far as is great as a White House staff Optus acts are all. I think Iran can do that yeah well you know Fred's voice was one where you don't cease this guy actually is singing songs to hurry up and Brian Barnes. Drew box money I'll do my money. That's called on prisons close my boy ER makes any son he sings amazing thank you for giving him props are great cause that's cool like gamble could stop playing for your there was ten grand right of the back is where we can raise money right now. I wanna I wanna John keep doing that I'm gonna keep donut guy side to you you pay whatever you want to get on the stop Lampe. Mama gonna pay any now of course that's why don't win this one you're not gonna pay a damn thing you've got India Paul nice game to buy. Yeah yeah you're not gonna pay anything it's over stars barring grown federal way right now he's singing at this very moment out imagine guys do and again if you don't know he's doing a marathon singing where I think he's ready for 36 hours straight sending out how to Garth Brooks is a low places rev did you call that bar I wonder if there are. If you want an answer and if we could hear him singing right now oh yeah that's a good point is are they old I mean they have to be open if you singing that's a very good point. Oh let's find out yeah Eddie Austin here in the background I was Hume on the phone all show yeah just go back to see how boys doing simple I have friends in blue blaze is. All right if we do them and had to give the guy donation all really gavel to go to Italy and answer if they and so do on behalf of the show why not so it's close SATA right in the Sunni Garth brooks' friends in low places for 36 straight hours right now to help raise money. If I dread breast cancer death his goal is to raise 101000 dollars from making strides against breast cancer this. This go round he's gonna raise money in the past him. I would chicken on the monogamous couple odd couple hundred bucks why not all of these are what the heck. Early in my pocket you're not you're human and hopes there are you chip then when you got 20 my god look at the butterflies coming out of the mosque and now all of via fifteen boxing gym you know that's been an announcement I'd give at all and I. Now and I'm getting an answer right now unfortunately but I'll try get a little bit later but then again I think. Op I pay Dexter who knows could see if we can somehow get Christie is a column let us hear. And play the music and then we you know promote his cause will toss a couple of hundred ourselves if we get a chance. I do remotely is on the blog at Donna stars VAR log before he's done an honest I'm sure he's got a web a web page generated reviews were great drives a lot of people set up what pages to raise some money call yet don't wanna go cliff. Let's go class and I got to hear this assumed it would be fun to hear the guys saying it. Yeah yeah I give you that because again we can shut them off. Yes we can walk out and hang up on the guys you don't have to have that happen I SA Steve he got this one right what is the capital city of brush out. Our Moscow as act that is saying that's our. Yeah I shouted things seems to 06421 rock still plays he makes is 647. On Iraq. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy what's the difference between the filing for bankruptcy and credit counseling. I'm gonna counseling music it's of the usual processor in some circumstances. 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