BJ & MIGS Podcast 9-27-17-7A: Where is the oddest place you or someone you know have gotten into a altercation?

Wednesday, September 27th

Beat Migs. Lenny Kravitz was at the Paris Opera Ballet and almost got into a fight because he was eating too loud. Luke warm topic


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And check out what Alexa can do to help you stay connected to which Iraq. Mean man. Tax. Name does movie man and wins when they sold little watch him instead ask. Why low. Back and still don't give us today. Wow note from the what do the donkeys and Sega of I think I better win. I have third grade I I don't think that's a whack at 10 yeah. And I yeah well he has been over there have been hard to buttons I know it's so hard we present bugs when they haven't elsewhere across the room like this I just love this set up well as regular contestant today we've got dusty in federal way dusty are you there sir. Virginia. Okay that doesn't prevent him. I'm American Airlines. News. A what do flavored it is. JRK sports MM main that's happening at emerald queen casino on Saturday October 14 do you go to KI SW dot com for all the details. Have your ticket you get now do you Ticketmaster dot com sorry Steve did out here. For those playing at home dusty will have sixty seconds to answer ten questions ST you can pass all you want but you'll all three years is her question. Are you ready yeah. And I standard analog clock face what number is directly across from the six. Yeah as what does he stand for in the military term you wall next. It's totally. Announcement. Larry Holmes was the only man to knock out which box or any heavyweight title match. Who plays the lead in the 2005 to remake of war of the worlds. As what baseball team suffered from these curse of the bambino old. Yeah I do now. Now. What was. Google ads in these jumble of what kind of animal is ballooned it. Yeah ads which country is closest to New Zealand's next to. Yet as to killing mocking bird was written by harper who looks. Let me ask a traditional Christmas Carol is over holy water. Yeah 1234567. Crew racked. Already I can master Kuo do low assurance today while. A Lecavalier GAAP. An idea that today is not corrected and be asked for the oh. And he didn't have the right oh yeah you know why I I understand your same but I think that did it's it's evolved over the years words both. It's a -- like gifts and Jeff it's a ball it's evolved over the years words both I know I know be near you want absent without official leave I ask you want yes but it's evolved to both everyone says absent without leave is a body want me inside I don't just feel like I just feel whatever you I have feels like you're no no no no I haven't heard nobody say absent unofficial lead ever they've always just an absent without leave and my dad was in the military my brother was in the military I don't blame my grandpa was in the military my age I just feel like he wasn't Coast Guard I've had people in the military video right he got seven correct and I feel like I just feel like it's you do -- does give the prize is Steve did you stay in their for the rest of the day like you did you win every one did you know did you know that it was official because I don't think you did. Yes I love this one I even saw her before you looked it up did you know why it was a hell Borough would it matter well because no matter military and what does that tell everyone says action without any I don't look it I what does it matter I am I different sites right now. And they all call it different things not everybody's collier what is there's every other people saying it means passengers will dilute whatever I'll ask Steve like one ST and we'll see if he gets it over and over again don't ask him eight random question like it doesn't even matter unsteady Steve what you mean ten times it doesn't matter actually tell. Us your subject. At this doesn't matter some who's gonna win a prize you guys tell knock knock jokes are some of the most tickets along salvadorans. You'd be dagger I don't know whether or not lasted nitpick every stupid Cyrano. God I hate you know you hate me because it's your job just realized oh my day I come there yeah. I'm so happy tasty and you ten questions of me desk just asking you what you're name is told him congratulations on the birdie and always on a summer's democratic Wednesday. Do any sleep. We go to hell yeah you having no Q how you how exactly are you Reynolds. I'm always ideas like you to load appeared hopefully suffocate you wow. Are you weren't so you courier us man yeah when I'm sorry your collateral damage that it happens great vice president of science. I'm ready for whatever it is adamant about that happened I only give this one right just to shut him on brought Wilson always does. Funny standard analog clock face what number is directly across from the six. It's obvious twelve gasoline as those stand towards the military turns eight wall. It's official yet ask too good to screw you EJ and Larry Holmes pulled my alma may also now know with all boxer and a heavyweight title match all of George Foreman now it's. Our lessons homes lost power Tom Marvin Hagler now. Towels cause cracks without Mike Tyson now Lou please delete this 2005 a remake of war the world's Clooney to know. I asked why now Bruce knows. What baseball team suffered from the curse of the bambino the Boston Red Sox he adds what was he sub title of the movie speed to. Collection will move did it note to our blogs. Yeah we made another want to know cruise control should ask you know Jumbo and look what kind of animal is balloons. I'll adult and to know. Of the monkeys. It's tough guerrilla and Japan which country is closest aides know includes countries closest to New Zealand's. Australia yeah as 23456. You bloom sixty. Just gonna cry. Could bear itself out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I got out yet attacks out of our message actually from Greg he's been in the military for fourteen years on actual work right now Letterman because it absent without leave nobody uses the old term anymore well know what your life's little hole. Familiar grandfather was a military usually the other military you know nothing about football. Yeah but what honor it would this. This Gonzales triple. He's still Chris right now he's he's furious plus dusty is a winner I mean it's a great day for all this is lifted everybody waiting until after rams tied hang allies does CMOs say idea surprise you actually talk to the rim which is not a prize sorry. Doody was right faced. I can see from the other room gang leaders he didn't hear. You know it's it's anything less day you know him and his ilk but I've never heard it called absent without leave I'm not trying to stir the pot inside with anybody out of my entire life I've we turn outs of wood out. Officially yeah and maybe it's because you Brothers in the navy and native noisy for that way before that some some stupid movies draw yeah I just you know I don't even know they won't leave in the and I found out it is always stuck with me Arianna I've heard you have heard like that guy senator demolish assassin and I'll leave. I it's kind of cool and all that actually it's absent without official leave them so that in fact. There is incidents that are without being the W all that they had an Obama surprised after over the course of times people want to shorten everything dad aren't so why not just the ditch official woman's word get too worried about I'm with ya on that Steve from Dido yet at a bottom of whatever it is I'm gonna get to the bottom most hey look who we have an alliance resists. We got clips. On the fence clip the guy that same. All of we yell he's always and oh yeah we call in Lawrence for Indiana where is that why do tests in ways phone number most farmers in Lawrence berg while he's he's he's in federal way right now anyway he's over at the stars barring girl and her way singing friends in low places from 36 hours straight class. Hey what's up man and. All I'm doing well I'm done well when our UN right now on the songs we are M hours 310. My gosh it must be tired. Oh I didn't realize it was so close to the end for you. Yes and no Ibaka 12 o'clock noon we we wrapped things up here so yeah I access and an adventure to say the least yeah I do and Clinton you can get a lot of water man. Yeah I have guy and he loved fully hydrated. Kind of the Midland on. Things that he does know know full meals but just lots of water. Some coffee periodically but. Yeah this is the thirty years so I'm kind of a seasoned veteran at this thing. My dad's gonna say it's got to be weird when you need to take a bath you break that all eyes are you because of the focus is like you let the bars are didn't I don't know I doubt that weird pressure like I heard ever get out of your otherwise you're already thinking what's going on in the bathroom get a check out wanted to make falsely. Yeah. No actually you know it's I kind of low move my shows to the backfield of the aluminum coming Todd Neil record everybody knows got a what I have been doing that. It's I just kind of in the corner by myself when now when the bars open right now they're close. The they close at two of them. We won't have fire. Managers will come in here at about 9 o'clock. Cancer from closest to me we're talking to cliff overheads. Where you reckless. Stars who are. Little in straightaway and then what are you doing for the last 31 hours what are you doing. Well we've been singing friends in low places continuously without break without sleep. Just myself. In order to raise money and awareness for making strides against breast cancer on behalf for the real men Wear pink campaign. Yeah and I have to say do you are so I thought man I was lemon when their pay you to stop yeah. Just your life and I look I love that song when I did hear over and over again and I do how much he needs mediated stop this thing is anybody can mother made that offer. Well you we kind of tried them out though. And yeah. That's an asset otherwise laws could some even Texan and earlier said yes last year or even maybe yesterday. If they're royalty settings regular text lines down by now they're decent they walked in with their significant other make without don't know why it's gonna keep singing this one song. And they found out eventually from asking some people. All it's because he's doing something really awesome. Yeah I decided it's definitely a great job last year we we raised nearly 3000 dollars we were so so. Little sort of our our. Our goal and again we shut our goal at 101000 and we're. Where most. Little short at this point right now what we're hoping in with the exposure like like you're given us this morning and some of the we've been featured on a couple of DF television shows in the area a couple of radio shows and now hopefully that exposure will try to take us over the top this year. Well the B Jamie show through a couple of hundred dollars your way and Vicky are you gonna post that up so that people can figure out where to go it's on the K study FaceBook and Twitter page right now I so while we've got our pace and I would if they seem really we got to did get a little bit problem when he was dead Abbie also before we do that I am reading I closed my own clips you have had done some time you spent in the military. Actually I you might have heard are ridiculous argument that we were having before you joined us on the radio program. How do I left. Did I did and I have never heard official. And yeah. And Graham didn't hear what did not see his stuff flopping goes oh this is almost because of anybody but I'm ready I'll I grew up and I saw a movie made and then I I monsignor problem because I know you do your research but he doesn't resurgent until the very your shoes and are you think you don't do research you look did god put you don't do research value is that you you're oxy moron now what you're saying viewer or an oxy moron you are and you are on your full moron you're right as I hate you. They might read got to get the rib removed. Yeah I think we do need Doug cliff the single maybe bring up the mood of this room yeah I email read feel happier to make you realize that despite how low clay season right now he still has friends. That's a good point if I don't know he's in a little place and they entity should be mellow place. So I yeah so clip file without further do you wanna give us a couple of I give us a couple that Garth Brooks. I think I can do that I I just got the worst memory is still. Hi how it all I. And again now Clinton is doing this for charity for the American Cancer Society breast cancer awareness. Into stars growth is that where is our starting. Really there's little if he had any duties anywhere. For the real men Wear pink campaign that they're doing and I'm a buddy Scott that's doing that as well some people doing a doing everything they can help raise some money for breast and yeah. Is there real men not program get and getting guys involved in this in the get behind this is really been you know amazing in the last two years the real men campaign as it is the Seattle area and it's really taken off so a lot of positive things happened in that direction. No doubt about it again on the KI SW FaceBook page we have the link so you go donate if you can make it down the stars are grill to donate in person at hand is only a few hours left anyway and here's clip his amazement over the last 31 hours. All right blame him all along my route I showed I've been moved. To room. Actually is saying it left on the shelf. Left London now. And funnier than dogs continue. Saw little brat. Do and then that. Yeah and now. Well as those that are hanging judge and I and I know you live there we emailed me as soon. Put you on that. Here and me don't plan. I have narrowed that gap brands in new moon maybe you live though is hey. Jobs. And a beer jays. Blue Lulu. Every class. And I. Okay. Wow well could you put a smile my face this morning I you're a better man than me I mean I I I I think I'd be a real man wearing paper for 36 hours singing that man you're you're doing you're doing some good stuff on there. Well I appreciate you and thanks thanks for the opportunity and thank trailed for most troops to raise this weird awareness Alou. Not China thank you so so much. One last quick thing. Our 36 heads what are you gonna do I'm now imagine a take a nap or take you get some seat for you get a decent food what's the what's the big class. Now we've we love we kind of kick this thing live this the third year we we do. Kind of the celebration breakfast time here at the bar and so there's going to be food on hand and then I'd probably. Won't get to bed until about 1:30 maybe 2 o'clock which just some kind of tightened up since so it will be about just 38 hours. The dolphins and. Man oh man I preface sounds good I don't sit there and not a hundred it was so you're a good memory man yeah a good job cliffs. All right well thank you so much and again. I'd really appreciate the opportunity. Diego cliff again is that the stars barn girl in federal way and a few more hours of leasing and that Garth Brooks low places to him. And and don't forget man you can donate there or you can go to Kessel use our FaceBook agency the link where you can donate help derail the guy out he's doing it for breast cancer real MM weapon that's a good thing tons of great guys yeah he does any sells it as I was on your side. He was on my side. A reasonable fund guy and the guy who wasn't on my side of a miserable SOB every human being I think we see the difference in my family. I still hate you. Leo that's sellers don't have guys raising money when this time buzz around doing it's freezing blood pressure thanks exactly when you have. A popular celebrity almost got into a fight and all because if he's allowed either. I'll tell you what happened at 717. And Iraq. And they X mornings. On the next point nine K I guess helps you. Nine point nine KI NSW the rock Seattle. Lenny Kravitz was at the Paris Opera Ballet master uncertain. And he almost got into a fight he's. There haven't heard mr. let love rule. Guess he wasn't my love rule 'cause he was decent shot but during the show one of VIP turnaround and ask him to be quiet life how loud could be if anybody would. Eating chocolate he's got to be an open mouth either maybe the rapper to you know pursue Graf all I hate that when I go to guy I I can't. Take any kind of craft items to a movie theater. Sounds dirty in a weird way I look at the oldest one read that euros and editing Ezra I'm always prepared Vijay had a really snohomish county. But I'm always a word that you start opening it now appears that critical that crackle he had only (%expletive) somebody off I saw that Lenny Kravitz is mr. I'll let love rule unless I'm being told not to eat right chocolate donut puncher in this case yeah he Leslie got the seat in front of the man before women had this women had to separate them. And a source says quote it was really uncomfortable it looks like Lenny was gonna punch out this guys like to in the studio lights. I'm glad my wife is not until like opera and that type of form of art. But mad about that that opera. And I was forced to go by my significant other I recent article it just puts him and distribute press opera showing averaged come on yeah do it. Well Leila you know Lenny and amend later apologized to one another they were cool I guess -- found love again snow okay well I tried what realize how how ridiculous it is that they're about to get to a fight and an opera house here I I I you know and I Hamas attitude the money Kravitz to see who's an opera house say not as old as I get that's one thing that hasn't hit my bones you have a lot of friends that are into it off I don't understand it it's not my world I just I mean I don't understand it look like my entire life I've hated the opera and my brain goes I don't think I'll ever like it now and thank god it's one of the things that my brain didn't have to do you know turn to take a batch or not. Let me try it may Louis should all go and have watched on TV I'm stiff Freddie says like hockey you know it's it's not finds ego taken alive first probably I hockey was really good to watch on TV you can memorize checkout line was even better OK I guess he thought offensive I always thought it was cool sported. I just never really liked opera I I might be that guy that you know are do you bunch of chocolate M and seen all amounts to get mileage in my in my lights punched out over in my leg grab facility carries being allowed either. Yeah I don't know why but I just got to disheveled look is look. Yeah obviously does not caring how and when my mouth open I don't care money Kravitz. What a weird place in my jeans in my Don Juan out to all had done about that number that maybe that's why the guys really magazine knows the ladies you know got going not. I just a little weird place to get into a not very weird as fancy just expect that to happen. Slowly warmed up. So let me Kravitz at the Paris Opera Ballet almost gets into a fight because he was eating too loudly faced Dunn is. Where's the oddest place you or someone you know have gotten into an altercation. 206421. Rock Texas it's 779990. Whereas the oddest place you or someone you know gotten into an altercation. We'll take your calls and text might do the best band ever created a the next morning and then. When nine KI DS tell you. Nine point nine KI SW Rocco Seattle. Lenny Kravitz who was at the Paris Opera Ballet. And Alison into a fight because he was eating too loudly. Sybase and as you wanna know where's the artist please you who or someone you know gotten into an altercation. 206421. Rocky you also Texas it's 77999. Give me a few texts about this on our present my husband got into a fight when a person at an open house selling. We were talk consider real terror and no other couple kept interrupting my husband told on the stop the guy kicked over the chairs said. He's gonna buy that house just to spite us wow. We have no idea if you bought the house. Please do not post that helps. I've been instead there's open house is before you say it is kinda. Especially when they do when there was not that super crazy seller's market where have you write up how did people yeah you almost felt like you immediately get in that conversation before anyone else does who knows that person talks after that there's gonna be like I'll buy it. Yes I kind of ways right now it's aspect in that again Maria a man U it is a seller's market and people it is doggy Dogg got there I just one this Texas and I got to go Fred Chucky cheese. Man spot they brought his new girlfriend to her son's birthday party. And well let's just say I wasn't as level headed as I am now. Oh all. Year please tell me that the rat got involved the racket ball they have a gorilla right the girl's failure to get out there because he's you know he's the muscle and abandoning Barbara and treated as saying grocery stores and graphs show man plowed past me physically put his hands on my cart which wasn't even his way. I really sad excuse me. Well where he really say excuse me she said really sounds to me the outcasts like those that. CIA you know I don't. Stand that with a grocery store to get Jimmy cold. Night public service announcement of people are grocery stores and targets and Wal-Mart wherever it is that you have those giant shopping carts. To decide yet now I don't that's all that T Baghdad just decides to leave my diagonally in the middle and then you have to try and navigate around them in the as a diehard is kind of pull it to the side as close to build whatever the whatever whichever side of the shelves I don't care to make it's that people we get by you you be because they're like oh not highly idiot and then make an exiles really really narrow our runner Artose so it's yeah it's a it's a pain in the and it's like they made the cards bigger in the aisles narrower and Mike are you trying to get it to kill each other in these places is that why. I don't know why he's so passionate about this but that it got like to load the displays in the middle of the aisle as well as PS right so you're already got these big G gotta work around you that is the end users parking and that diagonally as a trying to reach that topic get a can of soup. Every Luol broke canned soups on your head they don't need that Steve now yeah I'm with you dude it's like today it's like it used to be free you know Mandy just you know you you can't have like a supermarket sweep anymore you get killed. I'll throw this is again one death church. Not physical well. Whoa. Wasn't physical but a guy ripped a massive heart his wife got up and literally said quote I am so sick of your ass and laughed. Even the pastor struggle not to laugh. I'll DM news that's a bad place to ripple far the answer is because it's quiet the and then some time you're sitting in those woods ceases wooden bench is the you get that nice rippled around yeah and son in the UK asset I've ever done it no not at all. But the idea right that would seek dude you can you hear right away from that. And those are what Kennedy is back Paula Danny's back to read to Titanic convention yesterday. Again it's on now via. Although it's our game. OK maybe my Compaq plywood that won't work you know anyway. Men node as a French president went to a acoustic yellow card show one time and I got I was trying to I suggest November 9 death metal he had no super you know super just kind of chills provide. And this guy tried to push his way through the crowd pastor my ex girlfriend at the time. And I just made me really mess I'm watching this as it happens and so I just decide to say something and in my case. How about you stop being asked her room GAAP. And he comes up to me gets right in my face he was wearing I like Emo music don't get me wrong but he was wearing a much anymore banned in Iowa has and so I just decided to just ripped into him. And said you know if you're gonna go cry with everyone else just go to the bathroom stop trying to be. I. ING barrel being my guys yet it was below war seem no worries it's funny enough we comments and each other's eye makeup later on because I was wearing eyeliner Hughes had to have been odds on subpoena by the way or the other ironic part of this is you're wearing a Good Charlotte T shirt as you're telling users how tough fewer. People who want to walk again hot topic dad now and there really really are hosts historical. When you Abdullah I I like to get very angry thought wryly there I have ever seen Danny Matt I'll live I was decry it really matter to get a Matt has so well you know what's he telling the I brought I brought us some treats for you guys later actually for all of and so pizza I could bring pizza why why could leave because I don't wanna hold it on the plane and it would have gotten concealed. We'll concealed you drew we which we we wanted to try he didn't want it's actually not be at its best and writes that's the thing now which really is soon as you buy pizza Deion does not it's the best because it's not the best pizzas are you repeat that but bush did did you bring tenable thanks yes OK okay that's good call yeah thanks to god you got. I'm techie in bringing god damn animal animal Mexican citizens are hot stuff. And they weren't malicious those mango kid he's very can tell you and her were the only ones I ran London and kind goes all right welcome. He asked for more and that means he loved them you're like yeah another great negotiate until they want us dollars. I thought I I doubt he can enjoy able and yes. Joining anger in like three seconds hey Steve the round rock our random man over the word you all dead because he doesn't know what it means I'm all right we talk about. Is dude who gave the best reason why he was speeding. Mad he's still got a ticket I'll say what happened at 747. On Iraq. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy here's another listener questions. Totally rebuild my credit after filing bankruptcy and how you rebuild it you know from one creditors time might make your payments on time. On your find new friends or your mortgage I continue to make cars Jamison Stone carnage you keep your your case. Com you can also. Or sooner or you can almost always get a credit cards and almost. Bankruptcy sometimes this is secured cards you know almost always have a really high interest rates don't. Did you get a small balance credit card in the future you change your gas or Oregon once a month I'm not miss a payment paid off every month. And that'll help you don't credit history when I lose times. How do you rebuild your credit. Thanks Travis if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can always just because any time as choose the right chapter dot com. That's choose the right chapter dot com thanks for listening.