BJ & MIGS Podcast 09-27-17-8A: A man got a speeding ticket because he “had to take a dump”.

Wednesday, September 27th

Facebook Drama. “Meat Eaters”. A woman gets angry at her friends when they go out to get a burger. New research says eating meat could make you a snob.


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This is BJ thanks goes into our shows digest if you're a fan of all things Kiki you should check out my other podcast. BJ Shays geek nation we have new episodes every day and you can check it out at BJ deep nation dot com. The driver sizes is important so you get back and forth to work did you kiss this girl and I can afford to daycare utilizes has been suspended because you can get your tickets you can't do any of those things let's talk about chapter thirteen bankruptcy you may have heard the thing is going to be discharged they can be dealt with the new chapter thirteen case when I come in for free consultation. John do you choose to make all the difference you're getting back the growing on the road Angus is at a time and effort to restore your license immediately. I'm attorney terms and your name please contact me dead choose the right chapters are. Choose the right chapter dot com. Agonize point nine KI SW the rock of Seattle. So here's a DOD got a speeding ticket. Even though. He told the cops hate you and I need to take it don't I need to asset. I've had that happen. And I got to do speeding ticket because of that I remember your story I thought this poor guy Australia Mehmet didn't happen for him he was going twenty miles per hour over the speed limit. On the ticket it says he told the cops quote I needed to as soon because his kids say given the diarrhea. Are those kids are these candidates don't hear dad here's a diarrhea isn't very good touch I. The cops showed no sympathy and the guys looking at a 950 dollar fine and he may even lose his license lol wow that's a pretty stiff penalty owner of these and other stuff besides asks. Yeah I wonder and these look like his own. In my situation yeah I look like I was about doubt that accident like I was sweating I was feeling that did that dire need of Kattengell armor I was living in the wood at the time. And I was thing going twenty something miles over the speed or maybe fifteen and the problem we overcome sway ever looked very shady. And then you sir talking to explain what was going on he laughed because we'll just. Came and hit due speed limit. Gallon or go to a gas station to which he had to do you have but you don't speed anymore but today he thought it was funny and it was very obvious that wasn't coming up but any excuse I couldn't I couldn't act that wealth I try. And you know what I think was cool as you were accountable he didn't blame it on the kids no idea what I have any kids in the car I don't know we don't you give yourself the diarrhea yeah I did. Man dude that's yeah price army had a day and a lot of it gives you diarrhea and yeah they Yahoo! Blair and other salami. They live on salami gas so that guy got 900 I have a feeling there is more asset that guy did in his life. You think that the cops know about that's an expensive ticket. I don't know what tickets go for it by now I do but I mean I don't know if that they're getting a speeding ticket of that magnitude is is that much more in another country yummy or twice a muzzle I think I got you know it's a different 190 you've got to give her or ninety and I five out when are you going to ninety's I was trying to get to I think Canada. So already gaming event in no way actually wasn't aboard it was a seminar if you believe that it was a board game me. But I remember they go since a Sunday morning nobody's on the road it's like it I think there was no somewhere near blame. You know I feel that it's what the heck am I got pulled over and is like yeah how much Oregon I felt he had to get their. Wow ourselves but I doubt I got a 900 dollar ticket out of that. Insanity of what make the maybe eighty. Who's the most ever got a speeding ticket for two I was doing ninety and was pretty impressive because my my my Santa Fe I didn't know can go ninety but it did. The most I ever got was a 500. 500 dollar T going to California one time from Albuquerque. As right as we crossed into the California border I was going he's set I was going 27 over the right let me. But I think I was only going about ten by the hour days he's relatives to take its latest sector has a big disparity. I said 27 over and you're going only ten and I think the officer got on he had Kamal if your arm that's almost at this point mild difference is that ten years away that's -- you could see that on the speedometer that the difference for ten miles over twenty miles an hour I was going down a hill I well let's just Verizon's hastily bloody diarrhea yeah that's what it has had a salami IC what itself he rode out the ticket though and I would die he know how much was until I die and coroners are clicking noted he gainers 500 dollars and I almost stated yeah I can't that's a lot of money that's I said there's less than 900 it's amazing yeah I mean because because I mean Danielle did it was I got about thirty miles over the give Miriam pop first being was the fastest you've got popped. I stink up pop term a lake only ten or fifteen over Blake it was one of those like I think he he knew where I worked. They had the cat is studies sticker on my C case. He goes back to the car comes back he's like hey you know. Here's the thing just slowdown unlike jams are have just been awake real early and just for a tire X elsewhere and a little bit as well called Jesus well like you know you might have a breather in the morning sometimes you falsely that the whale. That's not a good story nick and I are good but then not make me feel like they're any less of an idiot well okay called asleep and it's cool. I'll think that from now on a very BJ but he didn't give me a ticket. That's nice yeah Jesse I think. Once you get only say did you he's more of them now all right and yeah you're right I think that's probably how markets and I can't I I would love to know the truth like to talk to police officers and how many women may lead off the from getting a ticket then if there was a man doing the exact same thing all your ports I thought I take it wants to go for miles over the speed limit and you deserve for. And are now are you are criminals what did you say when he pulls you over and told you why so what I'm sorry what happened. And then he's good you were speeding and I am and I just always go down the road of being super compliant and nice and my bad I'm sorry how fast they don't usually do and 64. This is on I 56464. Miles per hour and then he had the man this guy I tell you. I think uses messing with me to the point where he was also making it hurt my wallet is while and then even said as he gave me to take you typically. If you keep it if you go look like under ten miles over the speed limit your fine. And search walking off and I might. Did you say that if I keep it ten miles over the speed limit on five you gave me a ticket for 64 we see more miles over you've met them yet typically fine officer you got. This must mean typically. My right has so what are they give me a tip like hey man just Alina did do a 69 that's fine Debbie you did 64 and we only do we we don't like 64 and us are just night or Friday nine yeah I think he said that just to get under my skin. I was sits down officer why was I atypical. All I don't I'm I I I thought I would Minnesota's always make dude. I don't I was Laura Davies the noises out raised his camera on his chest isn't working next you know on the on the news I am you're right you're damned if I era I don't think any chance I got an exact area you know I I'll fight it outside of this agenda fighting it well you saw it yeah quality after the DeLong when did you win I want all of you but so are you go because yeah. And that's why Americans are speeding tickets oh relates inside the unified every single one of them that's your time steadying carpool I was not a very driver for a little period that maybe that's why maybe that's why typically may be saying I want to not now yeah but you know now and now I remember your past records of probably notice it typically met since you're such a god damn highway criminal most Yunus said that please go to make more sense in my head he must realize you should have known that now I get it where Motorola officer's side now grabs. I do you worst and I've done I think is doing like 25 over the speed limit and you got pops I got popped because I was this is known as do I think gosh maybe my road trip to Arizona back when I was young an exceptionally down. And I was just crews are wrong by like past the bowels in or gain and you know having Washington blades. I figured out there to pull me over because I had Washington place. Well not on and I was going to wait five over the speed limit and yeah. Why thighs because they felt like you were out of Washington and you're absent without leave and how is she right area god. Has not almighty god letting go you ask NASA listen what is the official term of a wall revved said the wrong got a ticket. This one out of high gas who how much do you remember she got being for it oil is only like it was like 180 bucks or something like that it wasn't too bad. But not 900 dollar note and not finally did you know but I. I'd including the fact does superdome I didn't wanna pay because I'm Mike Wallace wasn't in the state I'm not gonna go do all this blah blah blah you didn't pay it Intel based cents. You're right yeah. Gary and I I I didn't pay it and tell I realized that they had suspended my lights and yes. And dad and I realized oh I need do outpace that and then you have fortunately there was no problems beyond that they're happy just to take my money which it is a big racket buddy. Jab but I feel really are really happy that I didn't get pulled over gain or like I'm pretty sure there was like other legal things going on at that point I. They're just having take my money cleared all and be done with at this attacks on the speedy group. CS I said my dad always said what do you Joey and you just hire people to step field as a deadly if I can make enough money that I can pay my way out of any inconvenience I'm and now this I don't know what do you think now because you Tyson though I TI isn't there you are in the situation where you've been fortunate enough to be able to pay people to do you think I don't pay for any that don't do anything without wanna do because I I did it calls a kid I swore they would never do stuff that I don't wanna do on my days off. Because I hated every weekend or is she or isn't crap that. Say geez dad you work all day long you wanna go do more work around my house like this. Do you think you would look at you now and say boy I was wrong already that you would still give you a hard time to be a hard time why you're wasting your money on our list he would he in my mambo to give me a hard time this you know how parents are they're never gonna actually say they were wrong yeah. I don't know I did have your parents it was they were all about and I think. Now see I don't moms never aren't ya I never had memos I. I must say this to say this beautifully apple or I. But how did look at met my mom has never done anywhere she's needed this issue is wrong but she truly is. As good as they come remember mom your mom's amazing incredible that person my dad and has that probably your time to time or not very often you when he when he God's still in all your joint US you're wrong looking back on that he warned us yeah he is all of us disarmament and restore your tush. So I mean. But more often than not he's dead he's he's he's. If there's been some debate he might eventually just say they have maybe I was out of line and that my dad would never he would buy he would buy food. He would take me you'd like he would never shall we always say he's wrong that's how we would say was I'm fine thanks I'd be okay it was well my my brother's the same way. Yeah my brother whenever assays wrong but all of a sudden my brought us is a much as say economic motorcycles take some pictures they try out my cut. You know I I never realized that that was like a sign of honor to him because he's not a big talker my dad wasn't a big talk breather. And I do like I was gone I must use motorcycle take pictures he knows I'm an idiot and a loser why would he do this this is pride and joy and and he's got the cut on any Sammy where the company where as he rides. And I didn't know where random but it's a it's a bit it's I think it's like an honor thing for him sit on my dog yeah wannabe son is Todd and I guess that was a way of apologizing to my dad different how tricky test case you don't think it's like everything I mean let's get up like off if it. Take it easy Mickey. I don't know that your daughter got in trouble with the law beating. Now no she's just my deceased smashing her car into garage doors and ramming him and other people yes she does fair enough yeah. Now Giuliani's old Joey these forget about you got to get Shelley oh yeah. No ticket chill out yeah. Yeah. Okay yeah I mean that's the question Joey have you got this in you know he gets tickets because the car was on when I bought I register mining business too young to be able to have credit. So I get is tickets all the time we'll parking tickets are talking about Ali Al Muslims Sam and come out I guess beating it yeah SP two you onetime Joseph d.'s now. Not months. Time fees. All never got pulled over yet he let me go because he BJ's are now right yeah I forgot I don't get speeding tickets man I am I'm Democrat. I'm dollar Ponzi I do say I drive with Joseph and I and this is an I've I've become an old person some horrible driver and you try to and we joke I feel like we're we're in the Indy 500. All and he just it's like how he ask you though when I'm 6570. As far as the and a forty and why. And also weasel lines of surround and I'm just like okay this guy thinks she's an easy pieces on the racetrack you don't makes me nervous when you're driving and someone always grabs the things going out and rest and leaving it right here is grenade they slam on the imaginary breaks yeah there was universe like their legs are stiff his ass and you know -- -- like that if there were breaks or they would be slamming on them are definitely on I try my joke is you just saw a king's men and they have an amazing amazing driving seen a lot of drifting and so -- some tempo you don't want to be around him when Rihanna let her out of that a month go by whether Tokyo drift over the out of them before I get my car and again that's Erica but it does it I hate goes AM let's let's do like -- and just let's let's just drift across the freeways. Know when and when you're a car with somebody that can slamming on the imaginary brake to the ever put their hand Kelly I don't know stuff oh yeah I'm often don't. Are you are tied migrated here so that's why do that to my my mom does that's me every time I drive an excellent month if we get into an accident your or your arms into the first thing a break he better stop doing that hopefully you know like every key you are crazy drivers who can't. And I and the fact as he looks like you Kenny mansi over the steering wheel still just the Pope both of those things disturb me once they make can't adults car seats and then will be fine it's a true. Do yesterday. I got I've seen it all on the on the freeway and you see some think it's awesome and there are serious form through the woman did. And a politics first some on the funding at first I thought I'd thought there are chopsticks. And I ended didn't even phase me in my the first seven months while driving. And then I looked over the late when I got max's side to side decides not only on suitable kind of sushi there he's picked a look over. Sixty compared knitting man. OK first of all either way either waste are why I mean I I thought I was out six before we got a law now for idiots like Disco that personal never get pulled over you know it you know I've personally never really truly over rolled over and they're remaking their little booties no scars and their low shirts I hate that. Meaning I know I hated dude. I've seen people eat pasta in the car would both fans you know what does that the ball in the fourth. I'm just sitting there going I've got to be kidding me if you're eating while driving I'm not I mean I know. As something that involves we can eat it with your hand yeah I I'm I'm I'm audio and I don't like admitting image I had the job six you know things test finally oppose and I went nearly a foot shot six if you're really good. Under the you know what maybe yeah me. Any humanity is the reason why we got issues Gary Gabriel is why we hate each other because we don't think of other people. What you wanna rush to admit. Is there a deadline for the authorities to get it done I got a buddy dude and I feel I feel as I got a buddy it's allergic to all kinds of smoke. I mean I think his massive headache and makes him sick to his stomach you know just and I remember growing up this is Mike from my parents smoked all over the house and it after the and all the time. So whose dues at a bus stop he's waiting and he's right on FaceBook. And they're smoking out days this smoking pot on at the bus stop short and this poor guy gets nominees again violently ill because the smoke affects them. People don't give a crap and a lot others when there are around them in public. And it's like this is a strong our society what happened to win. I wanna do something but how could affect people around how does that not enter a person's head. Do I I I I instantly via the people who like to dump their shoes and socks and put their feet over whatever it is in public insight communities have lost all sense of reality why yes don't care about anyone else do you it's like the dogs it's like you know do some of us are allergic to animals which is one of the reasons why couldn't get dogs for the house we got it because they -- because I get Massa Wheeler to it's like I've got the flu I'll trust me if you weren't -- be hanging out here every day and it via CI appreciate that but there are people don't care don't they just don't care I mean look I if I go to somebody's else they have dogs that's on me because they their dogs should be able to be at their house right away they bring them everywhere. When they wanna bring him in my house some like dude you know I'm allergic why do you ask the god damn question to breed dog in my house I never once. Bothered as sort of tempering Lulu I I I is on this right. But it's always said hey hey bring your dog we're all pretty and our dogs are my guess yeah. I doubt party yeah and then I'm not all in a unanimous go hey do you know onto the -- party united and now I'm out to villagers say we obviously don't come I have a feeling that's exactly like on the dates and other dog part everyday dog party at Steve's like awarded authority you invite you get all this great Indian vote their fancy restaurant right in the amount of fruit goals and every time you go of course it's a dog party you know that's happening this happens is whenever you know. Did dog party at the and restaurant. Hey what happens is some of those on social media to complain about mediators. It's another edition of FaceBook drama you're gonna hear a headache seventeenth on her own. And made some mornings. On the rock 99.9 KI SW. Good point nine KI SW blur. Iraq John C at all and I Saturday and Sunday. October 21 22 there's one place you gotta be GE. To essentially steal the best senator its costs alone I had you might major tag practice and last summer I got smoked last year only did you do and I'm looking forward to doing some laser tag Vijay all young man plus rocket league takes over the 5000 dollar prize pool well good. Double the DR Mays for VR gaining ground racing this is fun for all ages interactive to. Hands on and Jamie you don't just watch. You get to play a role some guys let me throw some cards around. Or you know you should draw Grayson I mean really is pro stock must always face I thought about the dodge ball to face an amendment anywhere you want more info you know where to go GE two dot -- the letter G the letter even number two GE two dot lives. Yeah. And FaceBook dharma is right to you by. He didn't heating plumbing and mechanical EJ yeah. All we can once did this is our opportunity of win at the dumb people that are on FaceBook casualties were posted yup we're gonna acted out. This time around BJ you'll be playing actually read you'll be the original posters already you will be Clarence and we. All play the role Rudy wrote eight RBJ he'll play the role did need some noise and Vicki you will be PL. Cross country. Feel what I get it I don't. Economies yet in the Cosby family cousins and minus the bad one my history but wow all the recurrence. Yeah and they want to include doctor so I can you might go got a voice you know. And as long as they live dramatic. Okay that would be weird since you're trying year old Denise. You know what you do you Vijay thanks Heidi I was so once again grabbed. Larry's original poster so please take it away. I'm really. Do they want to cheeseburger. And. That sounds so dang right now let's get one called spring Red Robin also half. Mean we know all you Gary's. He's not only don't know what you want it when they got down day big house yeah and a day. There's a tasty NASDAQ I want towel on my mouth yeah. Rudy would say yeah I do want to invest. So needy your baby do you. Pretty sorry eating and cow in meeting human beings not big difference yeah. I'm pretty sure you know your towel and eating at humane is a big dense brain you weird out and got. Yeah. But they. Always bet all did sold. Oh and gee I can't argue with him as an immediate. Meeting an animal is not the same as eating a salad. The theory of anyways. I meet me at five guys in thirty. And all. Yeah and sounds Puhn and she didn't put and he had these united hand low now you are so who knows you know these these shoes you don't want to come. Hope you guys up. No I don't towel instead they're geek out here. I would say you're gonna still be down but you're a man whose burned. This whole argument is the John is playing knives and her rent. Let your comeback might be even dumber than the threat on the whole the whole. Stupid little. Stupid don't follow it's a good place I like you short is that you with a mini here and that's nice right next Margarita Ville a I try always to weigh in west bank and comedian everything I got new research being a meteor. Could mean you're a snob. Carried out which is really surprising because CNN rather than the in society of motor America I. I'll look I've been a vegetarian friend I wasn't visionary for many many years and I mean I know begins vegetarians if anybody snob the F do I get them. You know I mean they did just have a good attitude towards the most part yes yeah that's so this is why I wonder why they're saying it's the other way around. According to this research mediators may say they only eat animal prize because they taste good. But cycle lodges that it's a psychological lists or cycle lot of psychologists yes. Thank you else I did this for a living professional speakers we are but psychologists found that the majority also believe it. They have no right. To eat meat. Well yes his biological I you know I mean I it's saved to a line. And he says the research found that mediators believe human beings naturally have a position of dominance over animals. I guess so I mean I guess it's pretty much still like a food chain thing for us as Aaron I'm never eating out first thing I'm dominating this cal right now I wouldn't. Right do you think you. And this attitude they say could lead to meteors developing prejudices against people from a different social class over time. As there already believe in hierarchical system where some people are better than others up. Boomer rights dominated act how I can dominate YouTube. Masters and but then take a look at how we our society men we -- released because for me years I think it was awful people for the most likely Leo do you think though it goes the fact that we've we've dominated over animals and therefore we feel whole and we also had some differently at different points of our history human beings have dominated over the human beings like Kerry just admit that primary delicious and that's why we like idiots I only has anything to do with me filling that power over the side door again yeah I think Tehran wow. I don't think there's anything to do it was the mayor stupid bill what do you do about on this I can't do anything about it. Except eat a hamburger I fair enough there hasn't been that he's emotionally did they feel superior over an animal because there eating isn't. No I saw heavy and probably wrote this article. I think I have. But I understand because look guys back in the cave man days will hunt animals that were much bigger than us and could kick our ass is but as we got together as a group. And we're able to take that animal down and you got to feel pretty good about yourself when you do if you know vanquished that they and and you heated. So I mean that's that's like in our DNA or whatever in our history. But I don't feel like. Anybody is it is is trying to be. I'm so much better than this animal or this chicken I mean these chicken nuggets I dominate over chicken. Okay I get you someone feeling superior to somebody who's V unit vegetarian out of just. He and beating added that will yell you're just say no because a lot of proteins is he kind of get defensive almost and that's probably good the superiority comes from. That's the only day. I don't think it's because we dominate Wii because I mean look a lot of us but I mean it we felt it's always had dominion over the animals at least in the Bible somewhere isn't that. That we have dominion over the land in the sea of animals some like that I don't know I just like humans think they're the superior creature on this planet because we are. Rock okay so they go home. I am right I would I believe we are I have to say that if it came to an animal's life and human life. The animal has to go on human hassle but do you really think that. Don't you think that I'd still like this study is over thinking trying to create some kind of a deep philosophical meaning behind how we are as humans we're Smart apparently. We have scientists some kind of guy I would agree we are I feel like we're smarter than any animals we are not always the most of all being on the planet and I mean that's partly why Mashhad in two weeks. Can I Megan has got to twigs yeah nobody you know what I don't know but I would look at that were mildly humans have done. They have made board games out of the things that they make nest out of debt I think a bird to figure that out probably brave probably right the way I play Hamburg they're definitely figured out rumors Lama vegetarian now say anything to anyone and people lose their mind to go off on me and Tommy how they have the right I just sit there and say nothing. I do you see that as well there's almost like this. Like there's an aggressive tone from tonight was my wife is BM and she never is. Shares of another person leather shoes it's not like as if she's trying to make a kind of political statement by being Venus just dietary Italy and it it makes more sense for. But there are people that once it and she's DNA almost like have to like defend being immediately retire and I think it's stupid I think it is they I knee jerk response to how media simply didn't have been giving grief over the years ago. I mean like that last FaceBook drama you oust me for some reason some cause I get in a meteors face and I look my kids did it we trained that way I I I feel like as a parent. I let them down by its being so militant about being a vegetarian because my wife thought it was the right thing to do and then of course she goes off the wagon and becomes a mediator again and gas you know whether that that that are the first triage your wife faith factor hello Julia. He's like that's unmarried mom. I don't know Meriden how to. Song ever marry a world sees a vegetarian and she Dodi big but he sure likes to. Bone marrow match and that's the greatest song ever it's the greatest son never does that run markets is habits there. Hey I think you should be and how do you not know that song. It was a late eighties era alt rock on February I was slightly late eighties early nineties by Arnold got I don't know I'm Mary moaned low who say minimum. I but the guys and it the and know the song no. She's either in the item now. That I Dexia. Or I can say that hey yeah did you don't know that I did. Now I know the band name does not that was my hot (%expletive) they're doing does such a great song from them my love that's on volley maybe because my wife was February several of the you know not really the hot. It's. All on exactly and I can make economy for busy have you you so you don't know this you heard you say we you know I kind and it sounds familiar but I would not put it in my top one how cool your own just similar sustainable I love Larry since the great Simon vegetarian doesn't meet all right you've got to yet there Dario and I hear the flip. It's like guys Zheng a lead car. Yeah. He's very sorry and that's yeah exactly early area. Much. Faster train top ten. Tell you guys got the greats like never. Status and also. And that's a funny on it's a very fine when I turn this off the first I can visit and I got editing is poised and online tech action don't they gave me but you sharks power. Climbers and I was featured in the movie dumb and dumber follow that's probably why newest and okay that that makes a lot of sense. And to my wife was the new wage person in the horoscopes and the vegetarian so in his song came on I played the hell happens from my wife I'm going hello honey. But they have a son. I love socks him upstairs. Hey what are they this automatic. Love the love that dead eye Dick Kurtz on. Hey Steve yes so we -- not to like go alien nieces said that he's done with doing action movies and he's got one more coming out and he's not going to be taken never yen and the best part is the next action film involves like a kid they had these his son is kidnapped or some physical and CN proven he's a terrible parent he's lost his wife lost his daughter is gonna lose a son right I mean if you're related to -- Neeson in the world and at that the Hollywood version of the Neeson actor. The fictional character. You're just doomed yet nobody ever survive someone who's getting pets that they reverend take him right I mean naturally the next one. You know I thought about what's his face god Thomas got the mark him and that doll that's a very good point you're absolutely right. Well so lead Neeson says at the age of 65 I'm done. But apparently as long as you're a little younger you can do it because Bruce Willis. At the age of sixty till the guy is returning as John McClain and I'm a die hard movies. I don't last aren't woman Terence Smith. And oh yeah and like I don't last one I'd be the last because that was a long time ago I thought Kevin Smith it was good that yeah and Justin Long was and that I think yeah you're right I really like that I like both those dues to the idea idea I put that that had to be over ten years ago. We're right around that might be in fifteen years gone out came out 2007. I had ten years ego who's in so here is sees it they say this to be part prequel part sequel. There was actually one in 2013. Good data diehard where they brought in his signed and handle rush that's right you're right I forgot about that on the act. I don't know I remember that I think a lot of us forgot about that day to die hard I've probably watched it knowing me and I did and you fell asleep and had popcorn maybe maybe no not I definitely. What most people did not like it overwhelmingly negative review the move. This is a tough one because of course we heard our I think Arnold's coming back I don't know what role for the new terminator movie that Doug James Cameron's doing. Along of course with Linda Hamilton island new film in this one the diehards expect to be called diehard year one. And it's a parallel story featuring Willis as John McClain in the present day and younger actor playing John McClain series jug ears is your cop in the eighties time. As who'll play the role of young now McClain is still be decided intestines and away. Haven't played both Ali you know a lot of people do that you don't wait on every hole Larry is that would be funny to try to play his own. We did achieve his daughters had to have his daughter do it we're Merrill. This is look like him yeah ashes are really strong job she looks very similar to both parents without being interesting was just had to shave her head just as a unit like more write a boyish haircut so this one guys should play the role of the younger McLane who's that. The guided Barney play young to go to a young Russell Wilson and look where it's got to follow sort of let. All bloody funny if all of a sudden yeah you mix the two movies together. And then some point old McClain runs and didn't young McClain hit a diehard looper. Yeah they should be called diehard looper. But I seriously don't get Joseph Gordon-Levitt for this it's the only way I'm an away well they have to do that because he put the nose on any really did look like young Bruce Willis they're gonna make this happen for me. I'd anyways I die hard and one is coming out something I don't some very excited about it I really don't. We are pretty pumped about this I can't wait for it to come on demand and I really. It's like all right I get much on demand. Yes they Steve he did get this one right how many players are there on a standard beach volleyball teams there are two yes she's beautiful players. Slough which animated Disney film for almost like an indoor volleyball panic I first really. Like usually prefer though all this are we shirts and my sister what's the best deal on the on the I can breathe. And I Anderson on what to believe north on August of actually yeah. Yeah you know let's hope that Steve forgets she's claiming game. Talks more about indoor volleyball thug you shot at beating him at 206421. Rock we'll play Pete migs PH 47. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney teachers and other question from a listener how long is a bankruptcy going to affect my credit ratings. Of course most of the time maritime. We're we're talking about filing bankruptcy their credit has already taken a huge head coach after Simon's going to factor more negatively than chapter thirteen. Chapter seven stays on your credit report for ten years from the time you finally usually takes seven or eight years for your credit. Scores to get back into the normal ranges chapter seven case cover your crew will start to recover even enjoy the sun and afternoon about a year. Com you'll be able to get credit again rendering usually before how is your case is even over. I'm chapter thirteen stays on your credit report for seven years and usually takes about 33 now appears for your credit to get back in the normal range of chapters or she's. I'm looming your credit gets better. Much more rapidly. Thanks travesty if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can always just if I was any time. As choose the right chapter dot com that's choose the right chapter dot com thanks for listening.