BJ & MIGS Podcast 09-27-17-9A: Listeners on the loose.

Wednesday, September 27th

Beat Migs. Listeners on the loose. Cross Talk with Jolene. 


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A name to a TV may or may be whacking him because this is a black kid is. A whack at Steve your neighbors and whack whack at no no okay I'm I'm a black hole in my room last time I saw. Receiving yet lack lack while we can only hope we've got Scott in Lakewood to take him on Scott are you there sir. What do plane boarded a Steve Barry's time fatigue is she got that G three guitar show that's happening would you is that Giuliani. John Pritchard chic fil Colin Johnston dream theater doubt Phil of course from us from Def Leppard and everyone knows there's had charities from. It's. Definitely empathetic. That's happening over the more determined Thursday January 11 courtesy of XTG presents gonna KI SW dot com for all the details and if you actually got the G three show. Do you see it now Ticketmaster dot com our Steve he would out of each year. Those playing at home we'll have sixty seconds to answer ten questions Scott you can pass all you want but you'll only get three guesses her questions how are you ready. Bid in the HG wells novel war of the worlds earth is invaded by aliens from which planet's. Marks as does the middle color of the French national flags. No. Now twice Diaz which former member of The Beatles recorded albums with a plastic Ono band didn't. Talked carved out. Jolo to Diaz who is our current vice president. What Disney turns out what's the term for mass per unit volumes. What group wrote in 1979. Hit single in the navy. Village and told you ads which toy company is the largest maker of irons. So no. Exploit so did your company toy company yeah it's. Wow well 1234. Her act Lou there's going to be a whack and I think he had I have. They're very well could be there has gone male acting and it isn't a problem over the mindless series diva though there's a good chance. Listen I'm not I'm usually doing. I am black head TU dad because what you did this morning well I can this morning now that Larry you know it has rolled me for an entire segment I annoy your time all I know is that tonight's I don't think anymore really. It's never gonna end isn't. Still needs are you ready. Yeah. In the HG wells novel world the world's earth is invaded by aliens from which planet. Bob Morris he asks what is the middle color on the French national flags. Weis. Yes which former member of The Beatles recorded albums with the plastic Ono band. John Madden yes to quiz our current vice president might tend. Yes what is the what's the term for mastery unit volumes. Movement. Movement movement with no. And condemns condoms and it's. No one passes. Well what kind of broke the 1979. His single in the navy those people yeah as. Which toy company is the largest maker of tires. As folks know it's toy companies in the towel oh no Tom's excellent post and that's when companies honest. It's hard to Adam needs to know if Toyota company who is killed and 180 supported duel with vice president Aaron her. George Washington. No pulled one student 345. Girls who barely screen men out you win Steve I have don't the full aren't as sorry Scottie. So. Yeah. Yeah guy yeah that's you know the vice president was yeah no I'm just citing the fact that I don't know and absolutely. I mean come on still vice president I can sit don't know the secretary of state knows other positions but the VP PP you really really and now police say Julie Louis-Dreyfus if you don't now. A nice ordinary bride oldham. Hokies or vice principal yes which is kinda. It is almost useless and I'm not really but thanks for coming to you guys just look at. What's the term for mass per unit volume and I'm missing something because it's probably somebody really I should know I its density. I'll jam you on how the math terms I don't know that if you know you know if you don't well not pretty dense that's why. Moon god diablo who's still makes you know foreign duel with vice president Aaron burglarized I think I should know this and I don't resents Sam Adams no was that there was this it was us it was a Sam Wilson Grover Cleveland no and those people who was that I was there Cleveland from the Cleveland Thomas Edison. Well let's say I Stein and Matt Cassel Matt Alexander Graham Bell I. John Leguizamo. OK and Alexander hands on an already know not Tonya Harding what I IA yeah. Yes Alexander panels and you know from the clay you know there's always relative plays a vote well it's Hamilton's yellow alert man ball damn guys OK you know what that's rather topical 'cause I was like why you asked that question and I can be nicer. Followed Hamilton knots and I. Okay. Okay all it. Well I'll let and then finally he toy company that is the largest maker of tires on itself. Pretty good guess there I don't think actually there's a Nintendo it's going to be a Lago it's Lago consult those teeny tiny tires and they make for all of their teeny tiny toys. OK you. Really pass they'll make the wheels tires while they're real tires they're remove bottlenecks and Iran are you journalism BS questions again how did you figure that out. I think I read somewhere like a fun fact I then later is now the biggest in a while back yeah. Found car and I guess they are by definition tires okay their tires and I said there for toys the Mattel one that sky gave that was actually good guess to the hot wheels. Unfortunately well idol you know I really was thinking of tires for your car I was not thinking of toys tires so no fair a fair question now congratulations Steve -- with five correct. Caught a five just like you who are checking out G three sushi just such any jumper Tucci. And Phil Collins at the more theater caller number 5206421. Rock. I see some wrestling news of course you really great Ric Flair. Still lies totally know what his job out he is gas CIT was in a coma for awhile but he did kick out he does regret one thing in his life. Admitting that many slept with 101000 women not any slept with ten doesn't doesn't regret that. He admits regretting and he regrets admitting that he did because he has kids out of matches and grand kids yep that's it yeah yeah these. 101000 women now. You've got up beat. Or you're gonna have the Mandarin. Well. So yeah after 101010. Us and as humble prayer out or not. Telling everybody that I betting on those women ESPN's doing a thirty to thirty special dad in November I can't wait for that thirty for thirty's gonna be epic and he does estimate 101000 number over the course of his career started way back in 72. But he regrets them now now telling People Magazine now I wish I hadn't said that because my grandkids I wish I was a mathematicians like what is it. How many how many a year are you sliding to get to 101000 if you started in the seventies all right well somebody should figure that I've been uncle crystal figured out just right and number down on how white board and tell us how many per year are approximate the anger we are you're out hundreds are you doubt about it OK go. So he's got to one woman now he says his fiancee Wendy Marleau shall be number five who can get marries her decrees threw at her is that they were like. Did she used to be in the world wrestling is back in the day when she Fiji the French made some I got to thank either French made yeah I think that's and so they rejected some years ago. Again after his fourth divorce she says she's trying to see him go through everything so he was also married four times and yet to be doing some cheap. I would imagine yeah there's always faithful if you have got what 101000 women and you had four marriages young yet if it those 101000 in somewhere and you had those marriages has a lot of trips to space mountain shares sank while opted out uncle Chris forget that I had. I came up late and I'm really got a math back him over 212 a year. OK so that being stagnant uncle Chris says Jesse at 212112. A year risked everything it up before you oh you know are the smartest guys jump and and so that's like for a game outsource search for a week. I'm not all that crazy every week for the rest of your life to think about that guy. For every so a lot for I would say four out of five fortified days a week he's on the road that's different women. That's on sink about the saying. Four out of five days of the week he's on the road going to different cities so yeah I can imagine that he would find the women in each place that he goes to still that's amazed sometimes and that's also for some at all kinda get the foursome is the orgy of LA Astaro at least once in all Hogan's ex wife oh yeah everybody did it sometime. Say I never think that big you're right yeah he's probably and five par doing a lot of orgy type stuff there on risen about 250 year for four years. I could. Yeah. Didn't see a case it seems they don't I'm not I'm not saying that this is not so what Steve. But it did seem more obtainable if your Ric Flair and for a long period of time the guy was. He was just a meeting at every chair Ed during the chick like wrestling they probably were yeah fantasizing about Ric Flair he was in the high profile kind of guy. I can see him pull that off yeah I I came to your writings on the road and again if there's a lot of drugs and alcohol and sex drugs and rock and roll yeah and like you said I think the threesome actually Israeli. The multiple six a onetime makes it easier for me now of the war and multiple of six and one day I'll always advise if he's getting with some chick when he first gets to whatever hotel you is that my. And goes in Brussels Qaeda backed him wrestles check some more yeah. Well sixteen years old he still he wanted to see industry companies committed now if defeated French made defeated French label wouldn't be. Yeah and he's he says he's done drinking because a lot of that health issue. Full about him trying to all of that health issues that he went to where he nearly died at a permanent coma it and through all this was because of alcohol soda. He says he's never touching a drink again he didn't see was touching a woman again I didn't say that any house and he's got fifty fee fi. Angie is to bring my keep a picture every one of them you don't know that he didn't let's show. Debbie great photo problem yes he dies and that's really fine since these gigantic photo albums of every woman and just go just random chick pictures. All know how many of them either. There are 101000 pictures and here I have a feeling that the Disney owned ESPN won't be covering that part of his life now there are thirty for thirty probably right and thirty for thirty. That's not then he's like how about 1010101000. Voice. Missouri today how many UD rom ladies of the evening hookers poll numbers I want that and I thought about that year. I and that's easy to get done if you receive gets lays in the evening. And you know what that is easy to get done may you know here we don't have to worry of you know you want and they know you want your and Jack tonight flare around a while I'm not done I don't. We don't believe they are leaving China ma I saw the extremism hooker kind of guy. Darren I think you see in my view the ideal. Music doing Sports Radio in Washington maybe maybe that'd be an extraordinary gentlemen I don't picture of Rick flair and his I would be a hugger kind of guy yes I mean if I wasn't married. And it was legal I don't know hooker kind of a 100% 100%. He's live in Nevada. Well I am I gonna say something I mean I I dated that said that we have certainly shown about a by the comes single we might have to do it because one another relationship. Really and not only I don't have to have that thing right gonna have days like like Howard shared Casey case similar to dance to it happening him yet though that the new wife doesn't get along with the kids and in the money battles I don't want any of that that's why. You know what I'll just pay my money up front rather than have to have as big battle later not. I mean that's really what it is the media did so ridiculous that our our more raise about prostitution but I mean it is illegal and of course had to make sure you don't do with people who are being humanly traffic to that would be horrible that's why it's got to be legal that would help via. It is time for listeners on the loose where you pick a topic you guide to show 206421. Rock. Texas it's 77999. Your calls your checks at 917. On the rock. And made some mornings on the rock and 99.9 KI SW. Nine point nine KI SW Iraq does Seattle listen there is on the loose trust you by GP two. Plus we get great expo hands on gaming. All sorts of stuff man you want more info you're ago GE T got a lot liturgy the letter. GE C dot lives. Blisters on those doesn't matter what you wanna talk about you get to pick a topic you get to guide to show it to 06421. Rock. Texas 77999. Steve has just one rule for listeners on the loose conserve some energy Embree and otherwise. Songs the organization by the. These is like that was exactly W Zach you are on the rock. Careless or risk is that no unforced anybody. So earlier this morning Deborah Parker rugged speeding tickets. Are. And they never able light low blood clear Lola got. Two tickets so we couldn't go to about 16100 dollars. Swoon. Okay would you do. Sasha Luke for a girl. And I had to ask. A little a little extra bit and drifted corners really good route so wouldn't penitentiary in their Scott shall try to may have looked a loop Alicia. So do you see ya gonna blitzer did so was that the first one you guys. Yeah I know the first hole and must I go on all the same time low whistle when they did he choose war. Not I've not been Stalinist era. Reckless driving I'm sure I'm. Well there reclusive and Lowell and right below it about their clutched. And maps. And so they they they too Fujitsu citations on the tickets and your 16100 but it's. Yeah I'd be joint presser. I actually there are over all right hey guys who want high caliber talent. This could build our last topic so we had two different things we had no light of these does not impress someone yeah and of course that that guy over there get the tickets. So it's nice and there are areas are also talking about but. Odd places that you see an altercation this prisons and as such your parents get into a fight at a lowly game started in the stands. Spilled out onto the field where the kids were playing it was like at WW we know holds barred and how man dude. How high you guy how do you now look at somebody some in the mirror and go look at me I'm the idiot that started a brawl at the Little League field. I think is fun too we too much pressure on their kids they probably want their kid to be the number one kid and if it's not then all of a sudden. I guess once you're out I go on the most familiar fears that the way the world is put if we are ever lucky have a kid. And and that's my fear you guys are so lucky that that's a big German and you haven't found that's brought into this world though when the president hours after all really yeah. But this whole sporting sports stuff is obviously it was a boy I would wanted to play hockey and other sports as well but I don't. I just don't know how I'm gonna mess with those old really aggressive parents. You're not gonna dig it but I'm about once you snap here's a problem here chill and you'll make a plea for them to chill but then if you snap. It's all over dude I gonna do is watch my kid I don't care make it sucks some of them and I love every second of it yes see you'll love every second Emmett Till it's like they'd like to violate the fifteenth two game of the seventh season. I we I got tired of him semi big oil wants the majorities is basically. I'm just like I'd during this kid is so horrible I can do is anymore it's fun. I think really connect relate and had to be held groan of me was always on bad teams or I was always a bad player so I don't think you'll really bug me. But I know you mean because ammerman I told I also scared to tell my parents and wanna do Little League Baseball like if I hit a breaking point because it's. I suck I'm batting zero for the last four seasons like I never get it it. I'm always just given to the other team identity and eleven of players that I was gonna die like a satellite enemy. And are being afraid that my parents really enjoyed be playing baseball like the last couple seasons I was only claim they don't my parents wanted me to. So pilots and a mom like I. I don't wanna go to practice I don't wanna play. And like her eyes lit up. This is the greatest thing I've ever told her home hobby horse like wait see you wanna play Little League anymore like I I I know that you guys that don't know it's fine if you don't wanna play you don't have to play. And midway through the season they just pulled me out. And I don't think there was ever a better moment in their life position at the steps outside in the rain while we're practicing in the ass and suck every. Okay this is painfully watch him every week in his literally the worst guy on the court declaring them all he can't we talk about him as a basketball player yeah Alia the champ over there. And every day can make amount we like. I'll tell you I don't do these teammates and my jab in LA OK this kid is diluted because we're watching him out there in his life he's clearly in the weak link in the chain. So he's done there other players were worse and then he'd thought it was the best guy and the courts. And he US open or is no one batter he would never go past half court like you know my hotel here's the buzz I did the coach gave up the coaches just like I was the principal Hamas. He got a trophy every year because everybody got to show me or Joseph Petro probably every other show I ever got trophies I was back from a time where you can get neutral because when you suck you sucked her that off. Personally my coach when Tommy video the whole team got something you'd say what how we did batting wise and he gave me a batting average or wasn't my other mirrored when he came to batting stats that I really met when I was younger I loved. I want to be a statistician for our baseball team I don't know only so much farcical jump right leg to come up with all those great crazy laws stacks of though the announcers were set wanna be announced at its Arizona given the information and I wanted to be the announcer we put it integrates all an awesome. And so I'm sure my coach really all you batted 230 US is saying no I didn't either gag you batted 230. It hasn't coach I hit the ball once all season how hot ha ha ha I Brad more than a zero. Any scares I sat up like cinema signature of which could only comparison and you were that bad knee what your money yeah that's what it is. Listen zealous you picked that topic. You guys show 206141. Rock you can also Texas 77999. We got you can also get your jags at 933. On the rock. And made some mornings on the rock 99.9 KI SW. I nine point nine KI SW rock of Seattle listeners on the loose you pick that topic you guys to show. June 06421 rocked Texas it's 77999. Let's go to Anthony in Seattle Anthony you are on the Iraq. The Murray Anthony welcomed the show which affords buddy. Hey tell a couple weeks ago are you guys are talking about what is that thing you've ever done money and that I was able to get blurry you. Well. It's probably. Liked it I think you're done now back that played the bartender that our downtown in the bouncers they're. Hewitt that ex marine like XIMMA. Fighter and like what like 73300. Oh and then get out the we're hanging out one day. 73. Guy was over seven foot all. Well you let them Arnie you it literally a monster they get to never meant wow that's huge. You know this is an honor. And crack so we're hanging out one big play employ lawyers you know we're talking about it eliminate gay and whatnot and like oh yeah and I did. I could not keep out right now unless you can back it. I'm like well known I don't think oh yeah you're just you know let me show you put a hat and a padlock you know starts and then. And immediately get that titled mission into our back now I don't think I don't want. Keep playing ball and get a few larger than you mean poor right I finally decide now let's do it until we what are. You do that in an op Ed and that puts me in the head Logitech are right are you ready man in my. All right let's go to start screening I mean it would inched it completely gone immediately. And I wake up on a couch in the back no idea where I led no idea how I got there but it just got super wasted and tapped out. And that guy that can backside of that now you've got knocked out. I don't know you guys ever been knocked out or. I mean I don't recommend it really but I don't hold days afterwards they look like I was riding on the most natural I. I I've ever out of my apple are weird yeah. Don't you girl I like or dislike energized and like it was a really really good guard let. Wow out I UBS you knock down more often than Jesus and I noticed that terrible I yeah well you got to my son with nobody. Steve I know you've passed out and that's Assad has a lot of fun to watch I've knocked I did not talented Gasquet today had once and it roller hockey days and I was younger oh yeah and knocked out for that and I was groggy as health for the rest of data now the national high yeah maybe it was because they get choked out Decker did he how how's that. I totally agree with you do get a nice lol hi I like when you do get choked out like you just feel alive it's ridiculous do you Mitchell got. Pass out no I don't pass out now how you view that threshold might then they view that the safety word because Matt yeah our I'll tap out like a literally just start tapping thing about us again and they fight yap kind of have to at least for me. In your memory in the ring to make sure. Well and I had a panic show us defense of their money. OK so they they they may monitor their own children. And I and I just. I can't imagine and that's in my life you know jumped out no not looking to do that this weekend out not really I think you know I'm excited lights on around maybe trying to have a typo I fall on the board game table that would miss the whole game popular item is good so you have to local Chris so Chris probably were ya well a lot of people wanna show me that we assess what's is that I think a lot of people do. All right here's a question for him. What do you think. Single people said is that top dating deal breaker putt so you know 48 and on the rock. And they expect more news on the rock and 99.9 KI SW. And I point nine KI SW Barack Seattle right Daschle's on the make game mode and he appears. Joan game. Couple more days left in my last playing Friday is this and then yeah. I then was. We never see you would never ever again let me take maybe from time to time in this place shall always be home to me like gap and I. I can come back says doing that riser where you say we have to see Bryant again yet. I'll wait a minute that's not fair bet else. Latest sex game. I no I'm I know. A lot of fun suing an enemy being liked for a little while yes nice that's nice moment yeah like no not at all it's. Shall not adopted that. How do you hear it well yesterday morning we Chile we talked about what me the perfect threesome and a guy modality and abusive O'Malley get a survey asking single people to name their dating deal breakers. Acknowledged that he is a single Danny semi single Harry's got a girl once was is not really saying no. You know yeah. All while today's gonna suck today and yeah and now what is JJ hey so what he tells us during the commercials and sorry I didn't eyes team him dating and yeah I thought I get close this you know fiance Casey it's always talk about this Dion. I feel like it. Visited shocker that he knows those turnouts for women who are single are bad breath is a bad like that turns. Oh my god doesn't that goes across the board and I don't see any chick as bad breath either yeah. I mean I think there's much bigger things than bad breath but address can be a turn off by remembers. Many many years ago being a single girl and didn't close up with a guy needs some reeds of onions and I'm like all else. I knew exactly I think he finds some guns he did both of those things came back and of late night for you still reek like onions are. All. Men behind her own high. Euros off colosio reek of onions Jones got a twelve pay an X yeah. Gigs. I. Am I. And I can't come back on the Sunday I do says drivers Joseph and I and it's as I back become an old person some horrible driver and you're driving we joke if you're religious 500. Do you yesterday's. I thought I'd see it all there on the freeway see something. Sauces and there's your form. The woman living. First on go to Monday as first thought I thought you were chopsticks. And I ended community is really. And made some morning. Rock and 99.9 KI SW. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. How much as bankruptcy cost aluminum been very aggressive policy course very demanding what kind of strategy sure filings. There's a certain amount of dropped. Court costs and other out of pocket costs or you're going to have in any case. It's crucial filing fees and a bankruptcy case are you are about 300 dollars for the twelve chapters of the job mr. Sheen. 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