BJ & MIGS Podcast 09-28-17-6A: Hugh Hefner passed away yesterday.

Thursday, September 28th

News and sports. A former wrestler just found out his long lost daughter is not his actual daughter and now he’s asking his Facebook friends if he should have sex with her.


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It seems like I would never have to report this story you know you live day even though is old is he was. It just felt like man this guy's gonna do this forever but time. Yeah we got some sad news I Hugh Hefner. He died of natural causes the Playboy Mansion yesterday in 91 years old. Survived by his wife crystal Luzon. Only 31. Boys yeah well legacy he leaves us the here's have back in 1973. Describing the essence of Playboy. Who ended the kind of life surrounded by a beautiful things female and materialistic that makes life so very very pleasant. But I consider myself lucky enough because. They're the projections or other people's fantasies but because of the projections in my own but the real lessons of Playboy was trying to put. Not just sex for the role emotions play in glacier back into the American concept of living. We had no money at all and I mean literally no money I doubt that any major magazine and our time Chevron start. Little initial investment in my own investment in and Playboy was 600 dollars all tomorrow no magazine has never achieved such general recognition. Same time remains so controversial. There is so true I mean here it is of 2017 and Playboy. As high as hardly relevant a lot of people's minds of boy when they came out and for many many decades. For whatever reason rated pictures of the green abusing eventually did Playboy was huge he was a cultural role eight had a cultural stamp on Americana. I mean it did have actually pretty awesome articles which is always in the running joke that you know you read do you get clearance for the articles but they always a great interviews good articles. Austin senator holds death I mean jeez humiliation doubt and means. His magazine probably defined all of our our adolescent years or argue are pubescent years. And I think moment when you first get your hands Ollie North Korea and Eric and me and I remember still in my dad play a waste of way where he finally sport utility that you do good in school are gay your own subscription wow and I became an honor student. And do what a great son that bags decency cops knows that the NLJ gay men automotive and another man. The war though he bit I think maybe he just that this would be impossible task from my end. But he just wanted me to stop touching is amply voice yeah. So we have to subscriptions a magazine show toys. Along OK okay I don't know like try to sixteen still that's pretty revolutionary young yeah. Now I doubt probably be like a top story on the news nowadays yeah actually woods yet man buys his teenage son a Playboy subscription the F sixteen I think people would find that to be a problem your belly rice. Damn dude. Got to give. Radio computer Garza credit 'cause that is love which between the united Cassidy who now works our buddy Spencer show in San Louis karma she said Breaston peace and I just thought that was really really interesting piece you Hafner that is pretty fond of gas she's awesome that was a great line and Alexander Oswald he had put out there races as I his wishes I you have to near his body will be left in the fort in the woods for other kids to find it passed around Haifa. Ha ha you remember them I mean you probably due to a reality or the Internet nobody has this this awesome moment when their friend first serves up to your house music label. And then you would all run into whatever debate we had we had his eyes lit a stash in the woods yeah carried them all we it was a garage for us yeah but it was hustler. You know we jumped the gun belly elevate I would say for us there was the other isn't there was always some Playboy's which are right but every once a while hustle was there really go to the next level. How low as to what a weird thing and it's funny because it shouldn't come as a surprise he's in his ninety's the dilemma I was out some friends last night. And I see a text from my wife now like you've just there's a stock he had lunch go to them and there was a Wohl. And spray I argue he did a lot for this sexist sexual revolution and even women's sexual writes I feel like he had as much to do that is the feminist movement itself. Because he basically. Took the stigma off sex and vivienne and people love and sex and love and see me naked women. So I have no and then all the other magazines came around Playgirl all that I mean that's that's all you and not rest in peace man. Problem purses is an honor I used death almost guys who walk around that has amassed as sore and maybe he's taken. Or do I got from Lakewood Larry Lakewood Larry. Touching tribute. He's a third call me she just inherited that jackpot again as she did you know she's the one. Of all the other like all these girls probably thought that they were his son's terrible book I mean. You can do you got to imagine all those grows and marry him or with him we're thinking. He's on his last leg yet you're right. I'm probably so but she was the one she was the one that Lal last minute 31 years old teachers and they're pretty decent life. The hells yes your whole life ahead of her in this I want this is gonna keep dimensional life. Yeah that's a that's images in case I don't know kind of family he has of these any kids I can go sun never send his or what I want I had all the issues with. The fact that they decided to remove the nudity and then his son came into the fold it was I know what bring him back to duty which is pretty cool sites right dad couldn't leave this planet having boobs again in his magazine Paris that's what he wanted to I want the actually the Playboy Mansion was sold a couple of years ago 400 million dollars under the stipulation that you couldn't live there and tell he died. Oh are now while whoever body now has free reign of the Playboy Mansion amusement park no gosh how would hold his own adult amusement park where everybody gets to enjoy what it's like to be at the play well and get I'm into like a Dolly would. Yeah like you know you would and you had word money out good. Yeah on he would be. And but I'll I get. Yes and you have playmates or former playmates all working as. I don't know doing the job done late people are taken tickets and all right and turning on the machines in the whatever it may be glorified companies is that yes there again I just us mound goes into the grotto card may. Oh yeah that too yeah. I like the idea men like the idea of at least keep in the legacy alive I think that they know he made an important contribution to American society I really do that that's a funeral I'd like to attend. They can charge tickets and actually you're right hash and know it sounds terrible what can you imagine all the playmates we had that funeral. He's he's got. I saw somebody a post on their FaceBook used to finally tonight you know typically would so guys that I so while there will hopefully you're off to a better place. And the person posts a picture if you would all his playmates. And it's just said. Do you like this failure of to a better place and I'm positive you're not yeah it's hard to out do what he did hear a nice that he created heaven on earth he did man. Yeah so Hugh Hefner passed away at the Playboy Mansion 91 years old are saying natural causes survived by his wife crystal was only 31 minute for his decision the only man who dies and you'll say he's in a better place. It's so true how funny there's not another person. Yeah. I'd like Preston peace recipes is very funny Breaston policemen. We got a former pro wrestler. Us what is this is bizarre. A former pro wrestler just found out that his long lost daughter. Isn't actually his daughter. So he wants to get romantic with their resiliency and while she's got the news story at 617. On the Iraq. In case mornings. And now point nine KI SW. I nine point nine KI. SW go around. Seattle. Well he's no Pulitzer Prize winner. Well maybe he can't even mispronounced bullets and this is news wins Steve made. So we're nice guys next month as you can go for giving us news and sports and happy national drink a beer day yeah I did myself of course life. But I steer whatever here it is that you choose to drink today I mean your scores like judge asked what he would do when my gonna do I'm waiting for tomorrow. What's tomorrow tomorrow's national copied it actually is there really yeah this. So hope you'll during your career today out to discover tomorrow what if I decide to go to different day tomorrow. You sometimes. More than one thing going nine you cannot guarantee that I wish you happy national coffee data that is true but I will still enjoy my thought he would know it. I yeah I didn't hear right now to some thought to do that there. A parent to a site you're gonna need appeared to hearing the stories high so for old school Presley says the growth in the eighties you know the guys. Here's one of my favorites back in the day party tonight you used part of the rocker switch Shawn Michaels. Oh yeah let's just say one of the guys went on to have an incredible career and other guys well not so much so what should it you do the running joke in wrestling if you have a tag team that breaks up. Those awards always that you're going to be the Marty Jeanette ER and nobody wants you to mark and Jenny because so less successful it is like what could dump a man. Hi I guess yeah yeah UPI Brian Goldman from the American Idol then yeah that's a good kick comparison. Well he's 57 now and beyond your wrestling fans who've. To have your mind almighty stories don't worry how I guess back in 2014 you've found that that he had a daughter and I do you know about her name's Bianca. She's in her 20s and I am very attractive woman. But Marty. Just post it's a via FaceBook that's going to make your skin crawl blacks on May be enough for all but I would think for most. Are you desk his followers for some advice. I guess it's a good DNA tests. Found that that the young guns not really his daughter through. So he wanted to know if he should have sex with her that was his question back that he wrote on his FaceBook page. If you love me and my son loves you that's costar converted. You'll give your opinions just needed DNA two weeks ago tests she's not my daughter we both held out of sex because you don't do that but now. Now that we ain't. From a guy's side. She's hot. But she didn't daughter I want to do. We can't get past that and then posted a picture of the girl you haven't seen every day this is insane pleasure to pull it out. It doesn't sound right. Hello all I dictators that hurt this is our right there yeah now yeah she's an attractive woman that she's she's my guess G is also life than your daughter. While just since 2014. Minutes long time this say OK here you know your. You're my kid. I hate I hate oddly enough every single person please post it yes go for it. Wow dating I don't know how that I do here's what he said he says we both want to have sex rights that's a little interest thing right. I mean all of held out of sex because you don't do that but now that we gained from the guys side she's hot but to tease. Hi this is this is fascinating. I I don't. What is what is that. What does a what does offline it's true that she wanted to have sex and then as well see I only get his side of the story right maybe she didn't want to because well he's 57 and she's like I think I can go a little younger and have a great life or maybe shoots you know pick wrestling fan feels that this could be the key territories Korea wants to get their hands. They expected I've. Kind of sort of met Marty in that he wants going ahead and went to wrestle mania in Dallas where you his son's. No okay. But I live with Kevin metal shop and we were meeting up with some people exodus one hotel where all the older vessels are staying and commit we wanted to hotel bar there was like you've been nasty boys are sergeant Jared. As relieving more did you daddy was there. Standing in the middle of the fountain at the hotel. In the water moonlighting. On his cell phones while you're standing there so that Maria tell me about this dude that was rim yep yep yep. Okay he's a little out there in a while now you sons who love. I'm Marty what do I do what dumb thing I want to put that out there thinking that people are gonna I'm not think you're on your freaking mind. And I would I don't even know I wanna go to his FaceBook page to see what kind of responses. He's received I'm curious to see if any if it and I imperial get cracking on agnico recognized after word Tea Party tomorrow up marred Marty. Whoa. That's used. He is one of the kind yeah he is end and it's disturbing gap fly out tomorrow very disturbing speculative market. But still must have happened here in Seattle off first time ever at the Neptune theatre you can do that to me that's a good joy you also spot. Something happened yesterday at a concert as never happened there before and I'll baby was born. The world little bathroom. How during other Damian Marley jealous is easy on yourself Bob Marley you performing at the net to someone who was there and she's nice golf. Maybe time. Went to the bathroom gave birth dedicated to go to the Children's Hospital kids can define the mob going to be fine she has so much money. Yet imagine the Mets to die I say no she just got charged five good madness inactive because she brought in another patron. Call me other guys can't do that's Maliki. And coast coverage starts tomorrow more expensive than your birth of the house after only. I should imagine that you did as the first baby born inside the venue quote I've never seen anybody. Speaking to a show that way before but there's a first time for everything well sort of concessions happen MA a club bathroom it's like to see a first. Right imagine being inept at your wallet stolen found dead here I think if she's really having a violent cases you know what's he. Yeah or there's a guy and whether I don't know December summon help learn. The demo there's going on films and your baby screaming yah that's like well this is a quick sex act these guys had sex. And made the baby and the baby was born while I guess we execute should have yet to state shelf. The music of Bob Marley. Yeah I you know people travel now when their pregnant and do stuff I don't remember that I know if you close your due date or anywhere near you kind of didn't go anywhere you can just killed his time gap was back in the out from Magnum times when I have my kids. Bob mariners how do they did say all they do not do well magic numbers fit a negative. PJ Nate is 69. Mark cannot yet make a game ending homer in the ninth it was 55 going to ninth and not Oakland a's beat the Mariners six to five does it matter for either team relief I don't think so mariners up next to matters if you care. The Pentagon the angels and LA and Baghdad series starts tomorrow. Sound there's one yesterday that's a game called daddy ask what the white caps three mill text message last night. As far as whether. 82 degrees and sunny and thank you madness that took aspirin for giving us news and sports is less certain the Mariners was supposed to matter because I think the angels were still in contention for that final wildcard spot but I think the twins wrap it up yesterday I think it's because the angels lost if I'm not mistaken as what it was wrapped it up. So. So there really is the season is over for the American League there's no other reason they're doing anything or not that's not true the Red Sox yankees are still trying to figure it was in the first place but I think that's the last thing her. Yeah yeah it's over yes so bad is it man. Done I think I saw the cubs clinch. They're division so this is what baseball's good though this is when baseball's really because it's boring for a lot of folks. But these one game wild card playoffs are really exciting did you think of a 162. Games. To just make a play off and you've got one game you're gonna be bounced out. After trying so hard to get into in the first place it's might be. The most punishing game ever played sports because of the amount of time you have to play to get there every other sport. It is they don't they did you know except football but football they play sixteen games. That's it yeah baseball 162 and had that same week one and done. Like football win in the playoffs so it's pretty exciting I like October and losers debatable as exciting you know why you used to be a fan until there was no Steve for you to like this you know Stephen Hayes and are you gonna be Steve I didn't Steve man who cyber I'd take him Marty unity space but always so all right so Marty the dude the wrestler who found out that his daughter's not his daughter that was long lost. And now he wants SX were there and she's in just when he sees fifty cent. Right here in the SEC its sophomore Chris what. When these bases or do I want vs Texas has a margin and he also admitted to having sex in his cousin back when he was younger all well yeah. Of course some pictures and incinerated the minute I do the picture on the ground trying to find out which I think you medical died down firm I would imagine many reasons are you think that somebody commented hey did you do Europe not died yet you sick gas. Oh there's that they fear an audit reports and as stated that you made the news they've taken out. I'm Marty. Marley and me and there's no other comments but that's sick guess he must have got a lot of bad ones we took her death has written was there her picture there as part of that the comments. Are they had their eyes at the hotel today and it the picture of her and I'm at CNET picturing him so he must have taken a dive and he got destroyed yeah. She's that'd be a drunken post. Because in his voice his right mind would put that out there and apparently his goat it is phone at one point. OK guys they're goats to. Okay. You guys don't remember the Matthew McConaughey ghost story there's I mean there's a lot of weird stories with goats. And in celebrity's man told the world that Diana ask coach is bouncing around. Go Marty they go this isn't steam. How weird world this guy's lives and yeah. The it's bizarre you think he's terrible my phone got hacked and then my goat ate my phone yeah I was literally pull that thing down of that perverted joke that was the reason stupid goat there you go to get posted these on my FaceBook page one section my daughter or son or daughter goes. You know goats are famous want to have sex with their kids as a work. And as is go to Arizona wrote in his from. ASA's Steve he actually did get this one right. What was he sub title of the movie speed to election we'll Hulu did it now top of content. Yeah we made another wanted to cut out cruise control jets job cruise control. You wanna shout it beating Steve all right you've got a 206421 rock group claimed he makes it 647. On Iraq. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney here's another question from listener. 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