BJ & MIGS Podcast 09-28-17-7A: What was the turning point in your life?

Thursday, September 28th

Beat Migs. Hugh Hefner became “Hef” after a girl broke his heart when he was 16. Luke warm topic.

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We're back against seems to be awesome and I'm that I learned last year when you can find BJ you go find a way that the board gaming area I know I do in my board games and we got a bigger better area from four gaming this year following the reveal Lawson Derrick Todd died outdoors and still we still stoked dump 151000 square feet. In order to put the hottest drones are in the newly designed to raise scores hole that is lots of high speed action man last year intensive and I felt a lot of time watching the drone racing it's incredible what they can do which goes. Would those drones how fast they go it is we've read by your face it's awesome and it's cool man because you don't just see reaction you get their hands on it's great to get to play the action. You want tickets and info about GP two simple. Just go to GE two got live the letter G the letter he's the number two GE tune dot lives. Saying man. Yeah. Game's ever easy maintenance 200 turned out for a third. The well I need those third prizes include. I want you honey you know who I mean do you really believe. Turned up nothing pitches. Wow SI rolls. That's that's very aggressive stance there BS I thought I was hooters and a football but I believe we have another one so me death. I'm sure someone will find that information. Yeah not want to you know about I don't know I don't know about you won't find it out now you don't care about these things exactly as I Chicago. Vs green guy who'll move in the Packers well cannot disagree radius and loosen. Can expect that at that. Well I know a lot of people out there relate to see Steve doing so Lou manage and fag not me well Kevin in oak harbor I'm pretty sure would like that to happen Kevin are you there sir. I am mad I'm rated BC blue. Politically for today Steve Bradley's plan prepared tickets DOT sport and MA which sadly at the emerald queen casino on Saturday October 14 do you go to KI SW dot com for of the details and if you want tickets get a now. Ticketmaster dot com Aristide key is that. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. For those playing at home terminal high sixty seconds to answer ten questions Kevin you can pass all you want but you'll only get three yes or question are you ready. Movie. Of guys who played the title character in the 2012 movie jango unchained. I can't talk to yes in which European country did the Olympic Games originates. You know he's now. Greets you asks what term is commonly used to indicate a species has died oust. Extinct you asked dental phobia is a term for an irrational fear of what professions. Conditioning yes. Aaron Rodgers is the quarterback for what football teams. To create sort of tigers ad tech exec says what is the name of the princess and the shirt and extract Americans. Of Fiona you asked by what name are young frogs and toads now. Had holes yes a life you would voiced the penguin mumble in which an immediate moves east. Yeah Dark Knight now it's. Tingling mumble need to do is translate text now it's. Paths. 1234567. Corrects. It well enforced that was a question designed to stump Steve and also stumped Kevin yeah yeah hopefully there's not a deciding factor I don't think he's gonna get that but I mean he's a guy like that every time he gets. Like he or if it's just his brain is just like a sponge. Is just like a subconscious on those like Disney movie things that hill say like every loss amount of pop out of Disney movie you go all crap how did you even know yet he's got some really weird reason as to why listen rather Bono unlock your preparedness meeting opportunity and that's what I do every damn deep. Mix bloom thank you all. Mania that's strange. Guys and her funeral while I'm New York all over your face rather lose legitimate championship Venus on the right. Steve what is that you like public street in my wife's hello yeah. All blow right now it's. All right Steve the bullet hole like it did they sure did brother now that's that descendants are you ready Steve. Paul Hogan scholars for this game I don't like guys. Who plays the title character in the 2012 movie jingle unchained Hulk Hogan dressed now hope I'll I'll. It's fair. Obviously matters in which Caribbean country did the Olympic Games originate. Yeah Europe Greece asks what term is commonly used to indicating species has died out. It's thanks ask you didn't have told BI is a term for in irrational fear of what profession and mechanics now. Dentists yes. Aaron Rodgers is the quarterback what football team the Green Bay Packers adds to. What is the name of the princess and sharks charette merry east. Charlotte now sergeants now star. Are very easy to ladies. And and spotlight name Mars young frogs and toads now and tadpole yeah ask why should woods' voice the penguin mumble and which animated movies. It's. Penguins in the march of the penguins don't penguins' funds and total movement. Palin xers are amongst us no 123456. Hey ligament avenue LA. Yeah okay. I like days and I. Job flooding. You hang on. You can get a prize and I get a song. Season news has somehow I managed to screw Steve buys are by mispronouncing. Shrank. For some reason almost came at a shark. Although I don't Charlemagne when no it's Fiona there's nothing to do it yeah that. Yeah that was way Kevin guy in so as I accidentally started saying shark turned to fix itself and you went on a totally weird bats fly out of the I was hoping that diocesan nugget of it a clue gag because I don't know I didn't know the answer and I do their own lives there is a good chance there yeah I just out of a trick question asked we later see you put on the next beat makes sense of how data doesn't mean and our member. No I thought I created these are real good question yeah that's a real good question and I don't want Steve even get an idea RA drag I knew I had to wait awhile to ask because you know Steve might be like he might in Arizona companies that I indeed began Gil is -- it be known I don't want him in the zone man yeah that's what I'm going to do yeah exactly we know that's what you do with only one that's what I use the Internet for is for strike information that and who. Increased US and I. The only when you both missed Elijah Wood voice you penguin mumble in which animated movie she's happy feet I think we are fast that was it I knew it was apparent remove equipment in the name of India I know isn't in my town well actually wasn't doesn't this count at the bottom of my bowels. From the doll to the bottom of the bowels all right what do you got McCarty but he was that Carty B girl has a low blow Jack. Old yeah. Exactly and she's bossi given interviews at this side gets you from your heart all the way down to your blank. Black hole or a blank wow yeah host like I was the greatest interview I'd ever seen probably pretty good I'm McCarty beer Carty efforts and encourage EB I'd like to ask. Carty be caught up but she's actually got like that the number one song with his bode act yellow song and it's an Emmy history because she's the first in guitar does animate yes and I just about Karl be okay illustrious but. Apparently it's the first time if you don't rapper has been in this spot. Since Al Lauryn Hill and she's by herself right no one else is on record whereas I yes and yes I would say it's a pretty seed to beat out tell us where I love I love the personality she's all I mean she just seems like she's a lot of fun and got a big heart in the midst of her just talk and how she wants to talk. And now lines are good so I was always real hard LA down your and I reflect our I love this chick this chicks my new fair and well sorry that she didn't win today Steve Kevin did beat makes this morning I'm so sorry. Now I'm not I'd like the place on all of this and I hope next time same thing happens. Of course. I got I'm happy with this news because this is a rumor it now it's official there will be a new terminator film. It will be released in July 2019 okay it's going to be a 61 on the franchise but as far as James Cameron who was the guy they create the whole terminator franchise. He's like yeah it's going to be a third one on the franchise as far as I can solid that's funny yeah he just completely ignoring all the other ones he said you guys follows terminator two judgment day which of course is still part probably the best terminator a lot of volatile. He said quote this is a continuation of the story from terminator one and two. We're pretending the other films were bad dream horn. Altered timeline which of course is permissible and our multi verse because of the fact that they you know they go back at Simon making news today in. The so. This guy Tim Miller who is the director he directed dead pool and you almost did away for that seat I have gone back to watching the rest of an it was a very good film. Yeah and I really enjoyed dead pool so this is that what they're hoping this is the first of a trilogy in which Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton we'll pass the torch to a young female lead. Similar to what they did in Star Wars the force awakens where they basically just you know happy you know Hahn and lay out. We're like hey guess what here's a new team right. Yes so. I'm curious to see what this is going to be like. It should be good Sammy camera all have good special effects it'll be 3-D. I'm looking forward to it because I'm Don Imus Arnold I really miss him in movies because they were the ascension Louise. They were fun and I'm missing you know outside of king's men which if they didn't butcher that movie so badly. And and I don't really blame the directors so much I really think Channing Tatum after that movie when his movie schedule. And so. Yeah I thought of it you mentioned yesterday didn't you do your son see it with you yes or join us I don't know we donors are right there I'm curious if you get of the same opinion we love it we loved the first one. King's men it was a king's men and one knows is king's men odds that the seat nothing could measure ever CNN I don't know what it is it's him it's the guys that we know that that the fancy British closed guys there would be no people in. The sex with a bad guy with a list. And you can see that's. Now or do you gotta rent that I know are there wearing today where is it make it's today's times okay oh yeah it's just it's it's their English guys OK so it's it's I could tolerate that it's like a James Bond movie okay yeah I doubt I would imagine the first of probably on HBO or showtime at this point that's got its got to be somewhere literally she can rent as the gap yeah. I'll check it out the king's men yet Joey he's actually I do enjoy these credit we watches we fees. And it's. I it's getting like fifty something I'm rod tomatoes but I like because I like to king's men it was long. And Joey he's actually had some pretty good observations and I was like sort of a guy and he caught up that I missed in the wind up looking stuff up the final what was up. Yeah and it was weird like all of a sudden made Victoria thirty minutes in the movie. It seems kind of start jumping around. Sami can sense for a second I spent you know get involved and yeah I don't know but I was at what was suddenly changed hands character and they just kind of like remove him from the movie. And I think at some point like. I guess contract disputes or might some might timing issues all he had to go work his other job as a male stripper yeah exactly you know over the finish this year Matthew because there are some and I don't know but yeah and Seoul are we're watching -- like hey did you see did you know like it kind of goes from one scene the next scene and then changed his characters spears and they bring this new guy. Because you see either in the trailers that change who's kind of like a big part of it you know he's gonna be like in the first ones are no gauze and a guy. And I was they're kind of thing was MySQL with Channing Tatum as they mourn the SARS. Then uses putting Dick Arabic coma. Yeah necessities like nobody shows up as a bad ass CNET and nannies don't. TVU's only like maybe the only work contractually he had just a small part we looked it up it's not they had to re shoot because he had other stuff that he had to do and somehow he couldn't finish this movie apparently. This is really (%expletive) poor planning I Gloria I mean I don't opens him. Or is usually or the guys that make king's men I don't know it's probably back yeah and I'll be like went longer than they were supposed to do on production it and guys. I got other stuff going on and they had I think they had to re shoot a lot of stuff the move was 220 minutes I think cheeses fresh action movie at long dat listed as they may have a lot of people say oh look just like Darlington always true on the narrow down I almanac downright bizarre he's just like they just ripped yes what is it pisses me off the most is they show scenes in the trailer that are in the movie. Our new series event like cool astle C would cheating Tatum and you know like whoa where where is this the scene are you sure you weren't watching the wonder woman's easy our mayor that's good fugitives like this which generals now. That's what hit just the fact that maybe something happened because the guy who's now alas a guy isn't Channing Tatum like they brought in this new. Guy he's the last a guy join now able what do I thought she was less a guy from the the from the trailers. It again if you go to see a movie. And it's not what the trailers show. I'm really pissed off I know that they had it I I am because Julia you thought it was going to be they introduce you to a character but you also see the trailers and they say they get Roy. But really pissed off I am the movie could have been so much better yeah I had demanded your money back I mean it wasn't died in the popcorn at the person's death wasn't that pissed off but. And they get a result. It's just between Matt what happened the fantastic four it's like wow these these companies I don't understand that super fans alike you know what do I don't but don't try. He's been three OK a lot of what went I is this a good selling. Situation for me to watch is all I agree actually Steve in OK a lot of new restaurant the first one is good I can't EI mean the second one's okay the first ones earlier. But I didn't manage to get a chance here today and still the movie. Does literally being Oscars for five minutes is still at a desk he was able to fit that and who a person. Said that king's dream is more like Mission Impossible over the top stop physical action not sewn also it's like a slightly less serious bond movie season check it out it's very good idea nearly zero where they got a plan to track her. On a person Steve and well the way they go about it is a tough little are no go zone the no does or how bad. And and that and a guy that never really did mean there was there's a running joke in the first movie hey you know but that that track or one I don't know I thought really that was little over the top. I'm wondering if all the scheduling conflict had anything to do with the movie Logan lucky in actually got to see that won any super really really guide now I wish it was the other way around it's basically GSE the ocean's movies Alia that it's like the hillbilly oceans minute Daniel Craig greatness right Daniel Craig's and it just a lot of great actor on the man and the general are just getting out now that's out a couple of my once hello pass. Yes that's cool. It's tough unfortunately now that sucks is because we love the franchise and we realize now it could you like it like Hollywood money in Hollywood business actually I think ruined that movie sum isn't the same thing happened which came in GI Joseph part two we used rarely and it got a weird exit. Maybe it didn't think not good woody schedule or like maybe needs the united iPhone more guess essentially there really I think all knowing I'm doing a movie for the next five months I won't agree to do another movie music calendar chanting every michalak was really useful on the iPhone. Well well if you can hear we got sad news is Hugh Hefner passed away and. We found an old interview with him where he shares an incredible story behind what moment in his life. If define him for the rest of his life you can hear it at 717. On Iraq. And they extra mornings. On the rock 99.9 KI SW. You guys right now I'd say I ask W their Iraq Seattle. Well some music that you folks got yesterday or maybe you're just hearing about it now Hugh Hefner. Died of natural causes at the Playboy Mansion yesterday he was 91 years old. And three years ago CBS this morning had Hafner write a letter himself. About his life to mark the sixtieth anniversary of Playboy. Any talked about what made him become the half and the founder of Playboy who. 1942. When you're sixteen years. Who also madly in love with the world named Betty come beautiful and outgoing. She works as a sort of a fountain and plays the drums. The fool you either learned through jitterbug together. Today he is going to invite someone else who behave right. And break your heart worse than ever been broken war. We'll come out of the paint a different person. Literally. Determined not to go through that again who will reinvent yourself. Whoever who have closure if you a fraction. You'll turn yourself into sort of teenager you see in the movies in Moscow theater. I hit Apple's popular kid's school. Utterly hard and move the goal and how long have you closed fill half your life changed forever. Damn dude and you'll never did anyone alluded a macro that he met back then that's right. Yeltsin Matthew McConaughey hey that's crazy why call girl breaks his heart. And then this is everything changes that I'm gonna be cool guy sees it this is what I love about. Well his generation when you get your heart broken and you went through adversity you've got up and do you know he said I'm gonna do something amazing rather then you know what some people do these days which is something horrific or they just do nothing. That I don't know how rodeo to react if the person who helped me learn how to jitterbug didn't wanna be with me forever to isn't it amazing how long that was she so sold in the cliffs over the united Darren really I'm gonna listen to Frank Sinatra city wow am I don't let figure out he's really jitterbug embrace my party and so and we're cool clothes and need you to call me that have fought in debatable on the cool clothes anymore smokers get it do you glorious Joba is politics and that's why they're -- -- I gave you the way your pajamas all the time that's the ultimate Alfred yeah because he had the millions and millions of millions and millions of millions of dollars go to back it up and all started at the soda fountain in the jitterbug I wonder how that woman fell. Not that I get you know I mean. Al these products at about a bit that the has to be a weird feeling to know that you and maybe she never found that out but you inspire demand to change the world. When it comes to entertainment. And it told entertainment. See that's. That's why when bad stuff happens it would be so great for people to understand that this is a part of life. Like bad stuff is supposed to happen to you because he can lead to great things but people now don't want anything bad ever happened parents are so helicopter even. Did you need to go through these things in order to become great. I'm a similar picture of you with that harem of playmates and if I am but if you're the world is looking out for me to brutality to god help us. And it never go to a tough time really getting dumped by somebody you know worlds over remover unified saw him on his show this picture and played an audiotape. This person's heart was broken and look and act and that's sixty that don't forget your thought when you open up your mansion actually let you know well if you should show a picture of you when your wife. Yes you can tell you Q what a failure weren't you that feels nice you're still scored somebody who was attractive and younger than you banks to me that's the ultimately what's. Yet here you have been here here yeah in the EU UIRF. And I feel like she could set they share the same with that oh you're she's at the same success story. Look how great my turned out with this man that I brought. No yeah I don't think that's I don't think it's a tough time fight I think your wife got the grind of the stake in the this let's not tell her yeah I hope I just as she doesn't know nowadays any. She's in denial is not done amount. I. So you have your became half after a girl broke his heart when he was sixteen. So how about you. What was the turning point in your life and I think it I love these stories because it shows you that adversity can really be grist for that mill. Our success in your life as opposed to you know what we normally see sometimes and somebody gets hurt returns of the big pity fest or worse so we wanna hear you great stories man. What was that turning point in your life like to have. Our credit problems whose greatest you have started your. I was guarantee nobody on his greatest stories. So it was 6421 rock Texas it's 77999. We'll take your calls we'll take you to accept the Lincoln Park on the Iraq. And made some more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI SW. Point nine KI SW rock of Seattle is I haven't heard. Way natural causes these guys the Playboy Mansion yesterday at 91 years old. And he was turns out what motivated him what was the turning point in his life was he fell in love with this chick it's sixteen years old. But she basically said no dude I want nothing to do idea that broken started he decided I might be the coolest dude in the room. And created this entire empire based on the fact that he was heartbroken and never want that to happen to him again as accuses superhero and he found his shot in her half. Inner half yes yes I think we should all finer half them so we wanna know man I mean a lot of times adversity bad stuff happens. And in that can cause a great turning point in your life and we wanna know. What was the turning point in your life 206421. Rock Texas it's 779 that I mean bad though sometimes the turning point to be a good thing. What are you no matter what it is the turning point means you have a guy you have some great happened he likes this happened and something great happens I mean your right to test is a positive thing. I would imagine I mean am I not I don't want me to speak to Danny but I would imagine when he found that guy liner on sale hot topic that was that was a turning point is like and then maybe also the birth of his child yeah nano with a skinny jeans really asking Paul LA LA we're way ahead of that and I did the green Chile ranch how man life's changed I changed my life yesterday. Yeah I don't give Dion is that credit your your your your year Albuquerque, New Mexico pizza chain. I'll give him credit so bad he'd have a really good I played really good ranch area that that was good time while thinking yeah well tell them. 20642 Iraq. Texas is 77999. So we wanna know what was the turning point your life of me you can say wow everything that I'm doing now everything that's cool right now I can Trace back to this one point. Let's go to Andrew and wouldn't bill Andrew you who are on the Iraq. Sorry I Andrew welcome the shows are what you got for us. So my life changed when I started smoking marijuana when I was sixteen years all so I ask. And I was there really a nice person and it's good young bullied when I was younger he's O temple and other kids out you know BJ at all I can. So you are you so you were definitely like if I can find a way to (%expletive) somebody off the Mimi I'm gonna be that guy. Not so well you know I don't kind of change and hazard so didn't really kind of opened my eyes to how much Richard lesbian and mediacom capitalized. Interesting that did that smoking weed actually did use an enlightened I I kind of understand when and just talking about there's been times in my life where I've it must have been the strain because obviously a little or younger or email lyzard these different strains but I remember being paranoid about certain things about how I was the person and maybe I was making myself about to be worse than it was but it did open my eyes in the sense they are getting better about this this and that's because you are paranoid. Could sometimes when you're stone you can start yourself up when it when he gets. Man they'll so I don't let me. Really changed our personalities where we'll let you my friend merely kind of like Psycho analyze their resulted in a figure out what was making notes taken that we do is guess underneath talk about her personality. Did do a certain way your friend knew in both it was your friend also kind of a jerk to. Yeah and now both you guys of course he's still a jerk. None is it cooled. While they're terrible heat slogan. Now again you still talk now let me ask you approve of course is him and other people say I do I have a mandated these guys has been the classic as it does everybody like the people that used to hate you how are they treating you now or art or maybe the one of the duty anyway. Well hello Italy and lit bags most of my own doctor mark. Yeah well you know what dude it's an illicit anywhere you can take a look at yourself. And what I mean I don't know I don't know marijuana is always the best thing they always you know you always say go to professional but still it's nice to be a look at that mirror and say hey wait a minute maybe it's me. So many people don't do that. You know that's that's the and that's what cures narcissus amid few you know sometimes it's incurable but you just look at the merry go correct the problem. Yeah yeah over the sector golfer to cheers to you I mean college dumped her. Lost seventy pounds met my wife whose gorgeous. High seed thanks work to see that that she eats you taken negative and turning to a positive that's what I'm talking about. 206421 Rockies and also Texas 77999. Let's go to a million a million you are on the rock. I mean I know they welcome to the show what you got for us. Well. I'm my dream I'm actually living America and our whole. Well I. Hope on this second. This is America we're not supposed to let people move America what's cool man at the home of Bob. Irons Irish post all right and puts you closer than none on the banned list there are OK we talk to me okay fine all right. I just wanted to give William gonna make America again that doesn't mean let me ask let nobody and I'm putting is nothing like stagnation that that's what accepting grating growth stagnation that's how you do it so. So you moved here how old were you when you moved here. I was seventeen I wouldn't eleventh grade my heart yes and haven't exactly. So you know my today my my I'm I'm married to this policy guy who lived here in Seattle and I was planning looking to America or anything I. I came to visit her once or twice he goes why don't they noticed an act that are you crazy I don't know the English language I have no friends here at all right here. I am doing. I don't know how I made I went to school and learn the plane went diet that he went to U dub it gradually add the only sound. I mean what kind of four years now and about let he traveled the world I believe so many copyright. You know I might have been on needing just because I look here and the and I didn't really the one in the beginning you know and it should be great. I never I never realized how cool the polish accent has an idea that all again as I can listen you talk all day. Dan how impressive is that I mean it's seventy years old you learn a whole new language I just don't think I could've done a lot of questions when you moved here what was that the one thing and or maybe a couple of things that really night. Threw you for a loop wager that this is not at all like our country was there anything that really kind of threw take take to get back or anything. I guess you know social life until I actually score. We are very open people we like to party electrical how it. After working on all you do is you only hear is no different you know you'll. The work comes first so it slowed. A little harder at making friend first but once I understood how the cultural work here it is just aren't the right like. CI minus interesting thing you know a million I wonder if that's I appreciate the Cologne if that's the way everywhere in our country because. You know I was thinking you know like a good family and stuff is important to Hispanics Italians and Irish so lively and authority is important to polish people apparently well and I don't know it yet poll supposed to root. I know that a c'mon dude are you committed as you know they love bowling. So what does that mean born is all some debatable mileage and upstate New York a very good polish continues see up there. And so and I really debate a bully is fantastic do you get to drink it still be and it is still excel that's sport are you kidding me. Okay and me it's fun for one game deploying our lovable and we see go all the time now on you married if you love I did try to win unfortunately no one's got the balls have three holes and I was just too much pressure. It's a big one for the dumb enough to hook up. This is I guess it is unfair expectation to have surgery there are very high grad let's go 200 egregiously poster daughter. Sure I did it ansari said our sorrow repulse you were once there let's go to a tiger Bob hey got to talk to tiger Baja love tabloid tiger Bob. Our guys radar not too bad tiger by Citi to reveal what about what was your turning point life. Well pretty similar have they sent Biden started at 816 elude all right authorities. You forty euros this. Let me Dick let me ask you why authorities had. Yeah housing and then go broke my heart I didn't know what we're getting quite serial adultery either side of the world amber. Other ballot what I do now what do you do now. Well you see what I do I mean not liberate. It got bad clubs love. Party rallies you guys a lot oh yeah all the girls. He's always there's always a flock of ladies that are hanging in her half of tiger Bob good ol' tiger by everybody. I don't get to bat all those guys but I love people and I don't support what occurred here. So so so the girl broke your heart and you decided you're just gonna be ultimate socialite and beat tiger Bob. You know I didn't consolidate goalie take advantage of the circle and LA sort of alibi and I organized structured company. Look at my dog one day outside of good jobs scheck as it is thirty you do maybe get a walk at large type of I quit in open a bar or let it stand. Graham propelled into the industry and I might like this good you're you're loving mice. I am out I mean. You can't buy what I guy nearby my soul is just redwood. People around. I honestly dad I and I that's good to hear that because anytime I see tiger Bobbie there's a certain level of energy if it's always I'm always happy to see tiger Bob and everyone seems to feel the same way whenever it is. It went reds are doing he's got a good energy and a good attitude and that's crazy at all it was all because of a girl breaking ROI SL love and appreciate the call tiger mom I like and I love that was something bad happens if you can find a way to have it motivate you. And to do something cool like cas I mean I who know a sixteen year old girl broke his heart. Back when he was that age and he was like you know what I'm gonna be the coolest do in the room and he sure was no doubt about it and even more. Why is this another cool dude I like this got a lot Steven Spielberg. This isn't just he says he doesn't watch any of his movies after they are made it except. For one of them. Of all the great movies that Spielberg has done in which one do you think he's the one he would watch. You'll hear from its 747. On the Iraq. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. 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