BJ & MIGS Podcast 09-28-17-8A: Stephen Spielberg doesn’t want any of his movies after they come out expect one, E.T.

Thursday, September 28th

A man thought he had lung cancer but it turns out it was just a small toy stuck in his lungs. A new study says people shouldn’t work more than 3 hours a day.


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He was asked in a leg and it's a fair question because a lot of these dudes that make movies than it is they don't watch that Romo is what's your own TV shows. So somebody Assam says Heyman and how about you Steven you made a lot of great movies or watch your own movies. It's finally mentioned this before winter break a few pure text in their gases over which Steven Spielberg movie does he watch or just want the ones right yeah don't pick one. And imprisoned said that I would guess that he watches Indiana Jones out of all his movies but also may be jaws because everybody thought that was going to be a pile. Oh interesting. I did the most import I mean entirely on people's minds the most import movie ever may wish on this list. Yeah I know your seed it's out now but I think back when there's a grizzly and reason was in that. I think for semi Sully and Neeson was one of his family members get hurt nobody gets taken mammy a loyal acts a lot of people get taken no I know I know Alicia was like him I mean no no no sun no you know daughter have a certain set of skins I'm assuming he's not here. From where from those crazy Hitler people myself wondering what it's the Spielberg do. Those George Lucas tonight. Historical purpose okay you know seriously I didn't mean it petroleum on the slim I always get those two confused that's true because he did close encounters of the third kind out. Which also is another I mean you know eyes that was yeah I I I could see him wanted to watch that one. Well he does watch one of his movies a guy and here it is. I don't watch my films in Western Conference since I'll show. My grandkids GT for the first time help loves sitting next to them dad telling them that he doesn't really die in it saves his security only for awhile they would get a little love him and I kind of you know I kind of guide them through the experience but in less I'm doing that. With a film like ET Al I don't watch my films a lot. That makes sense I mean he's Spencer the whole process you know we seen it I mean the editing and shooting I mean he's you know I am though there's something about a sitting down in May and watching a finished product but. I ask ET for average guy and I don't you know I don't know if it's a classic like it was a little luster with me. Yeah hi sir let's do it in Africa told her views are either Reese's pieces of course somewhere we'll touch fingers follows clears each other. Do you. Yeah Denny do you didn't like you know that's just not PI know contacts this would stop what doesn't my car alone I'm not saying you can't say that phrase by the way what fingers. You know you also use the each in the other don't you can't release I don't think that sounds right. I'm homeless supposed to say hi to people I can attest they can't stand her okay yeah hi all I can do is shake. You know there's if there's a drop from there are some isolated country song yeah. Came prayers says. Campaign here but I can shape American mayor made clear in my dog dies then. I wanna know Danny you've got a child yeah. Do you do these late ET something you won't you show your child when you wanna show you shows do you even care no not ET all its Disney movies farming and I didn't even watch easy when I was a kid dealers and and you about that movie was the right I went on the ride at universal paused a good one that was awesome. My name is Sarah Jo you guys site ET right. Great pair Joseph did say are you didn't know allow you come over too well as I loved Joseph more than they're Reese's pieces while fingers and stuff no not not gonna know now my daughter's not coming over with anything that involves your fingers or your fists okay. That's not happening. While the I do I always thought that would be like The Wizard of Oz like that would be a movie that everywhere always show their kids how would've figured that as well. And I guess not farm. Do you think that they we need every remake or or do we need a sequel. And ET finally comes back and Drew Barrymore is obviously older she's dating Adam Sandler of course are going to be in a movie yeah I mean we're gonna do as he doesn't remember anything were all fine and anyway he's gonna put his singular heads your relatives there. OK all right yeah we've got a movie. Doubt I would I would be excited is he a remake or are a sequels the relate really finally comes back. I mean I they surely have a technology to make it I don't know if I care enough who. But enough my daughter actually likes another Steven Spielberg movie Jurassic Park classic artists and loves forget that he did that yeah it's easier he's not a guy Saving Private Ryan as long term and wants I don't have jumped to squash and our Richard enjoy it yeah. That's right Steve as a movie which you can't watch with her savings Ryan Ryan's privates I you can't what I would do bring it up when we're talking about a young guys and saying you can't watch I wanna just declare that yet that's what your favorite movies you can't watch it was delivered all the Spielberg's again jealousy over Stephen. I think out of all the Spielberg still carry out all the movies. Oh wow you know cheese. You know I I I I I think I think. Some of these I'll be honest with you I like lose. Life and I can't pick one favorite not like Lucas better. I felt. Yeah I think I was like hey would you like pizza or pasta tall goes. Now was an early option I know but I'm not really that big a fan I have got to tell you summit I can't tell you the last time I re watched the Spielberg movie. Bush your favorite of all the ones you seem all right I'll just say Jurassic Park when a judge tell you is out like his movies that much to watch imaginary disrespectful brown ones. Yeah grounds is a classic no IIA. Yeah I haven't grab you with how are you watching his movies. I really loved. Oh crap I just lost it raiders lost ark I started thinking the right the right Indiana Jones yeah I guess I would say Raiders of the Lost Ark I agree with rev because they have I like Harrison Ford did I do goodies. I don't nobody definitely did not do gremlins he did underground knows are directed by Joseph Dante and written by Chris Columbus I saw so but I mean I didn't see I didn't think he did dribbles either but I story for the duties then maybe he had something he wrote that he wrote that he wrote the script yap all crap well you know it's interesting directors before their directors a lot of times are writers situated you've program and he had done something I know he's involved in it somewhere he's armed and are so well I better not and I don't think so because gremlins is not as good is. Some of this other stuff we grams is okay. Yeah I'm not seen any looting Jones executive producer. Also use a guy who probably have money into something you guys and kiss my gizmo last okay fine producer does it mean anything AMA needs everything in the world of movies that those that's the guy who puts everything together it's the guy who says okay yeah we use that yes you can use my money. Did Tommy says people get excited about a movie because it's executive produced by. Yet they find out who actually directed it negated a real sense I got every you know do our director you're you're right. All right so they got I used I guess they have to go with the Indiana Jones to the raiders you mean yeah yeah. Yeah not part two British actress drama started at the temple of doom was pretty awesome though it was still down you're forgetting the masterpiece Hulk yes that's mind's eye when he. Rice. And migrated a movie oh my god you have new taste how Rosie was amazing. Who was amazing dust and a half man and just as you like pirates and brother younger brother Williams had it like he didn't know he was spoiler alert didn't know he was Peter began Julia Robert. Robert does Tinker Bell and many hasn't seen his kids in its you guys. Like this and don't like DT I don't understand your deeds is a kid there was scary hopeless from scary. It's supposed to be hooks host is scary guy now he's kind of funny car race. Gas mean. I'm out watches movies but I only watch from once really you know I Jurassic Park was but it was an awesome or close encounters were you beat him back at your side I never re watch that don't aren't you know I think it's kind of boring now nowadays I mean it was exciting then because. We never saw special effects like that and so we you you know you go on this journey because you've never seen before but then watching it again you go. But all the cool stuff we've seen since then that movie I think it was just be a bore hostilities have please tell me BJ strongly how did you not want to Spielberg movie I swear these guys made 50% of Hollywood films. He's look he's got a lot of great stuff just yet I find myself not really mean I've probably you re watching Jurassic Park don't some Indiana Jones I probably half. But yeah otherwise and I mean I'll I'll go see his movies but look I want to make you sit tight times I love the which has skis I love Luke is a he's just not my favorite director. That in united semi look at relations is that today editor. And watch some Spielberg films you know I don't know why you wanna from the daily music because of the torture or you wanna put your finger somewhere I'm not sure what the motivation is to be tip to tip first of all it's. Not sound right. All how god that's disturbing fingertips what's wrong with that. Thank you Vicki it's like they say no real estate business Steve location location location that's all I have to tell you are right there. Think about this guy who finds out that his lung cancer. It's. Actually just the toys and this is stunning about getting this news a tell all about this at age seventeen. On Iraq. In the eggs in morning. Rock and 99.9 KI ESW. Number nine point nine KI SW the rock of Seattle. This dude man. He thought he had lung cancer. As I don't care looks like I'm done. Turns out wasn't lung cancer turns out to be a little toy that he inhaled forty years ago calm on the do it's 47 now when he was seven. I guess in the other stories had this car since 22015. So as I got gamma Coughlin I don't know what's going on. And so they thought it was cancer Willie went to the doctors they did a scan of his lungs they noticed a dark mass and was a smoker so like yeah I'd do it this is probably cancer. But then they did you know that nice of you know let's check daily about Brock a scope. Which is kind of like you know what they do logos are instinct yeah no the rockets go to so I get it out against accepting a deal backside as he was going on there yeah that's what has brought the scope does it goes in the front side to see what's going on in there please Tony you know he's the same apparatus. I don't count though there have been some hospitals you you would wonder. I'm. So young they look at they did they took a look at those longs and they're like oh this isn't a tumor in all this is a toy a type I hope that the doctorate it's not a two month. There's not a tomorrow. It was a play mobile toy traffic cone that's been in his long for home life for a dollar forty years is things that the size of one of those arm candy currency had dude I'm looking at a picture every guy is insane and so that showed up on the X rays dark mass I used in that cancer. Any city got simply mobile figures is a gift when he was seven and he must've inhaled a traffic cone inhaled it. Wow it's been stuck there this whole time you never went down the wrong pipe literally wow blow. And so they removed it. And is cost is totally gone how cool is that I guess his body is this his body's forget it out copper cotton and I'm not kid anybody. So the greatest news ever you don't have cancer you don't have a cop and ended one of the guys still smoke in you. It. I'm that guy that's like the ultimate do over in life yeah you think you're done. You think in this is going to be a tough go for the rest of my life maybe I'm not gonna be on the on this planet for very long. All this and he realizes because you're just an idiot kid you swallowed something you know stuck there referred that years upon years and years. I'm I'm starting freshman number I'm not I'm quitting smoking bum bright enough. From him a job jogging sock you right right unless I get mostly gonna quit smoking. But maybe a couple of hamburgers a week now cited crazy aren't gonna quit smoking they go that's it and now they were toys yeah that's ultimately toys are you know yeah you can't if you're inhaling them right whoa and in the Vicky and even have a few Joyce probably -- I have but I never have a log into my long. For that long well yes yeah what. You're just not doing her kids or no I make sure goes down the right client. So I got a new study. Finds that we should really only work. Three hours a day Steve awesome I told I was a places a slate jury today there's slave drivers make as were four hours you dig Arum four inch. I sound enough. Yeah no mathematician and out in three RD oh we've already done are we dump more real what else fairness babysit it starts when we start the show so all right fine 9 o'clock 9 o'clock grout. Moses led to continue to calls. Duke three hours a day CI and did a great life if everybody were three hours and up people you think about all the people out of work elevate its somehow. How we can figure out our financial system and redo it. So that people can have three hour work days and then we have enough money to go around for everybody and somehow it all worked out. How cool is that the psychologist is saying that our brains can only focus on a single task for a few hours at a time after that our brains need a break. I know this because I read a diet book from a Ph.D. that said that literally the we have no will power which is why we made bad decisions that night when it comes eating food okay because of all the decisions that we make with technology we need a few fifty years ago. Are you know our ancestors are parents they didn't have all the cell phones and all the computers so they weren't overworking the brain. And that's why this is they will power gap in this this cycle and I'm all those are. Some commercials promoting the newest hamburgers at your favorite fast food place and have those either you're right they have some hot chicken Carl's junior has been saying just on that Mayo drip all over her you might get me you'll at least get the sandwich because that's the message. You know honestly there are times right don't really care about her just give me a sandwich aria yeah I cannot both. Eligibility. I don't graduate doubt be like for three hour work day there's so little they have ever won get a good night's sleep yeah. The average person says they're only productive for two hours and 53 minutes of work. So the average person figures that. The rest of the time they're either working slower than their peak speed or totally slacking off. Byron what I was working temp job and remembered for actually taking out my my stopwatch back in the days and on and on your bowl watch gone already been induced. Whenever I would work or it start. We're never stop doing whatever I was I'm in the doing the task. And it pause and then I just got to make do whatever I usually did which was just goofing around at the low pod that we're all I try to make me the other people at the pod laugh. And then halted CME some more photocopies and filed this to do that start. It timed out to one day it's hard not to forty something minutes that's all you do forty minutes of work of actual work one the other seven plus hours. We just sitting that the dam pod. Does being a goof or staring at a computer screen not knowing what I was doing. So I wanna say this to Danny and Vicki Teddy Vicky especially Danny because Danny's got a child it I this is your opportunity. Three hour work days if you can somehow instill that into your daughter and Vicki it whenever whenever you have kids or at least be around kids. Make this happen OK because they see these guys are gonna become president critically. It happened when I can't wait for all the old crusty people it might want to work and work just took a blown just turned film I'm not one of those land you know me I'm not I don't wanna work anybody in the Mona I'm shoot me how could take as much time obvious like artwork and myself to have bonds yeah you can't can. Yeah seriously about work out a strong work ethic and encourage or don't leave without anything not being accomplished. That's up to you though brother yes yeah but three hours dude. Think that's right yeah yeah. I don't they give that it would never happen because you say happened until you their generation EU is just I mean there are there I mean we would look at we we we read these stories of people saying that they would be more than happy to not make an insane amount of money. For better work life. The quality of our network. You know and an if if that was. Men now be great if you're right more jobs if it the workload is still there for people who do a bunch of stuff in beauty of three hours shifted and someone else comes and picks up the slack yeah. Can I point something out you by the way yeah you mr. it will ever happen. You know what people used to say it never happened. You'd never be abused animals in the workplace you'd never be a William maternity leave you'd never be able to get paternity leave you never go to watch adult films yourself on. Which you get to do yep yeah dude I I'm telling you something. Did you there you know Denny's daughter's generation because you know someplace that will be dead by the time she's doing anything well you I will be dead you will be decrepit now could make him a message might cancel all the time that's Bennett are already did yeah I'm always know that's only when I'm drinking may and that's only time he's doing so I was supposed to bring that up. Two that would be so awesome that would be no unemployment because you figure three hours and on some Nelson got to come clock in. There's still the unemployment is the did you all right I orchid three hours that's what's left I'd rather be there one guy I can't find a job it's a day series say they tick bites but anybody we're going to be reading studies that are like them now we should only work thirty minutes a game I liked it and I find two days a week after the battery so awesome. I think that would be an amazing OK I think we'll still right there people be so happy they wouldn't be going crazy on each other be awesome would you rather work five days a week. With a three hour work week. Workday or work three days a week with whatever the mess Eackles more hours mistake we've got our Hollywood. I don't know yeah I think. It doesn't if you join a three hour work day. You're talking three times five is fifteen I then why you can do is we will let us so what I said it's for an hour workweek fine so. How would you prefer I would rather have a five hour day. Three days a week Yahoo! if we were using the particular struck a study are bought and fifteen hour work week out five days. Three hours a day they don't I mean it is important moral or our three days five hours that's that is our five hours a day three days a week how about mobile world being if you like me and how's your week I got our three fives tiles can. Through Harlem nights. It's going to be a rough go this week man you might wanna not be around and really a bad mood do you imagine how people thought he's limited a bone fifteen all hours this week you couldn't get obsessed over any job because you're only there for three hours even if you thought you ought to try to get to do that every somebody else and anyway some are also taking over. That I just worded right to my commute within me longer and in my actual job that was hysterical you're asleep right that would exonerate them stuck in the damn car for two hours on the way home that's part of your day you know I guess on the complaint yet and I have a five hour workday easier if it's to our communities. Since jobs and this. I here's a list that they got out I. I'm not sure I care about this list all good that I got there yet I'm not sure I care about this and all this I'm gonna tell users dig a bit more Iceland's silver movies now. The top three things on this list will all know OK and then the rest is just check time. I'm Kerry is guaranteed it's your time so there's a new list of twelve TV characters who ended up with the wrong person romantically. So by the end of the show they didn't end up being with a significant other that they should have. Alpha would probably be number one now who south Sosa and up with Dem cat. Now. Crap I. I they've left it dead Danny nobody watches that show where you keep your casserole dish supply. But also in the toaster. I mean that's why they do you're right. Outside of alpha let's take a look at these are fictional characters. Gotta be French Fries is number three on the list number three yeah at age forty think it is ready. Is that Monica and Jim Lara yeah Monica Chandler should have been together and that now is Ross and Rachel it was Ross and Rachel have yet give Ross became just so we need as that show progress in law became a total bitch she she didn't deserve Chandler honestly. It's funny you know we're all really yeah passionate about Joey. Don't let anybody and I show the sale Joey a Joey Ed Dobson is apartment down visual. A duck and it checked by the way if you ever watch the show episodes which is a bit hey it's it's on showtime. It's great because Matt LeBlanc plays himself and that's you know I think to their final season he's really Michelle yeah. Com. Okay so that's not the most famous now you know the number one thing you know I know it is you know it is if Ted it's ten Robin him How I Met Your Mother yeah. They really should assume they've they've they should have been together and so angry at the end of that's at does that that's series right now everything's and what do swerve yeah well and that the way that everybody wants to have it and justice is stupid sitcom I we don't expect it to be any kind of artsy part he has got your -- they tried to aren't hard retired ending the if they swerve just and then came back to the Emily wanted to I would had a problem like for the first hour and fifteen minutes of that finale they said OK it's not nearly ten Robin the swarm of its you know Robin and Barney I'm Lisa I'm sorry. Please tell me and I Albert Spinner from Jurassic junior highs on this list. You yes and I at first was Emma. Not Al and I know I looked at the listener and all of these two guys don't be so because the rest of these Lou the rest are just horrible that's right out of my business well horrible how are you know any of these analysts say it ended up again I I don't know who the hell no longer have made it up together I know what this ignorance is a good girl knew the boy elitist she just timing issue is damn you're the only one that knows this I don't even know -- people are there any did you watch to Grassley knows I was gonna go tonight one that I thought that you guys are missing the best however Dawson's Creek well. I love that show that is number twelve analysts who is it Symbian imam I don't know PC and PC and Joey energy initiative in Dawson and Joey you're a message out and played Don Young Joseph Jude future I'm not. Yeah hole in his Katie Holmes plea Joey comes discern he's OK Susan dude yet he's he's due Joshua Jackson I don't sorry yeah we can't I don't doesn't stress it. Joshua Jackson episode just rejection as far as I'm concerned did not exist. Until French OK would everything the more that I wiped my memory sucks man I'm sorry well I might just wasn't horrible but otherwise shut your mouth that was it was fantastic guy Josh for Jesse credit for that but that I don't consider Josh who's worked on Dawson to. He was fringes try as I'm concerned that's where I mean that's that's his that's his work for me what texas' Sammy Diane from cheers Sam and Diane from cheers not on the list probably because the people who put this list together right no not even born when may I show is on. They're of course Jackie and says that's seventy show. Have a weird yeah I don't remember how that show ended yeah I only way I know you're writing because everybody left the show they were the only ones that we're still doing it right. Right yelling you'll think Eric had laughed and then they brought in this new guys. Are staying Donna Donna dye their hair blonde. Yeah I and then air comes back the last episode when he 1980 have you and Advance America Jacqui now home. Erica somebody left on a consent she went to prison and it's isn't it nasty stuff I should constant episodes and to get a trial yes that's right Don as the new black no doubt about it she's awesome. Please tell me that Rachel and Jesse on glee made this list yes they did. I think it is. This list Sox coming. Top three I know because I know how I'm actually that's every show and friends who had clearly daddy's all broken allowed DOS and creeks yeah. And then yet the Gilmore Girls Malia parenthood. The OC. The vampire diaries to grass seek leave Veronica Mars parks and rec I suppose Chris and MM parks and racked. Sure drinkers and Anna in the Avery now now that's a different anti Israel right now and I that's real life and on the yeah. That's. After Christmas he he went got buff and man he and I'm no longer a thing. So apart brilliant and other. Vicky is because I mean he they want to in the same school right we'll Chris Pratt when I graduate from the same bicycle lighted and then on I things for advance yes she asked so but they spell gotta tell fantastic but. I met her person yes you know Zedillo would win two of promoting a hot chick let's Rob Schneider I love honor and now that last Keenan and carotene and and I count document count until she keeps you keeps me kill. She's just blasts in the fast. Yeah I did the last team PO movie I have to give the hullabaloo was was she was true she was like on drugs like just having a big drug party. Oh is that though the cure that Keanu backyard yet example the other cat family was great how I forget the name of that because it's Keanu yeah I thought she was great in math. And so I wanna think that now that she's free and single that that's the that's how on affairs is going to be like that territory Keon of that is it's a party not a Ferris is house forever your fan McKeon oh I mean it's got to catnip. Yes absolutely. It's a fun movie when I found that it was on one of the streaming media and Netflix or something went down and watch it again because we saw in the theaters. I love and I would take it I was thinking did damage Carl did do some of the cool things and act act dated. All I did was cost trouble dude yeah exactly yeah so that's duke Kyoto causing trouble and have a movie I loved that movie yeah. That's a good flick I think right now and which one was the one that made. Get out. He'll join appeal schedule until I do do because I mean that those I. Making some movies yankees and I know he's doing another one that I don't know the details and I know he's making more movies and gas so good that coffee shop everybody's doing our job with you -- after cannot get out I'm like all right this apple suit and of course you know my son is Khatami about Keyon appeal for years on Comedy Central so I mean I bid you all are all posts on the be amazed at what you today are really really bad now that's unfortunate. Yet analysts yeah you know like dogs I guess sometimes the best host is not summer's gonna successful career yeah I mean I mean like they're being too there's like B level issues or maybe the orient that they host like a late night talk show later Jimmy Kimmel. You know that did that's usually had to deal all. The exception is Ricky Gervais is usually set a great career and I love when he hosts the People's Choice Awards he's fantastic yeah yeah I don't know I I never watch those shows back I watched those clips that he's on a narrow actually still could be some momentum. To places like the crap that he says about celebrities and he's onstage and you just look at the crowd and they all hate them I think since it. You know you think it's all set up with a lot of these but honest to god when you see the looks what they're given Rick Ricky Gervais. I just go on this is the most real show ever and I look as are all get tanked up at the tables and it's not like the Oscars and then he gets on and he says some slice on them are so good. All right I guess today our boys Steve he did get this one wrong. What's the term for mastery unit volumes. Moved. Movement movement with no. Into the mountains and most. No one's asked if I you know it seems like science my dear Achilles heel along with geography. 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Both versions of your bank account your wages I'm and in most cases will destroy yourself liability. Through the bankruptcy process. And we can file bankruptcy. Case. For you usually the day you come in thanks Travis if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can reach out to Travis any time at choose the right chapter dot com that's choose the right chapter dot com thanks for listening.