BJ & MIGS Podcast 09-28-17-9A: Listeners on the loose.

Thursday, September 28th

Beat Migs. Listeners on the loose. Cross talk with Jolene. 


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This is BJ thanks goes into our shows digest if you're a fan of all things Kiki you should check out my other podcast. BJ Shays geek nation we have new episodes every day and you can check it out at BJ deep nation dot com your home. Going into foreclosure and you feel like financial rack and you don't know where to turn for accurate information from bankruptcy attorney Carlos Pena Hernandez talked about some legal options and we were quickly we can propose a plan to save your home modified alone or in many cases even eliminate your second mortgage yeah consultation is free and I felt hundreds of people just like you make informed decisions about whether to save their home car accident on a reasonable organized crime line. Check he chooses atone for the next chapter of my life it's contact news day choose the right chapter. Choose the right chapter dot com. I point nine KI SW Morocco's Seattle opera field is for the you have an Amazon echo or dot. You can listen to the rock I never had in Luxembourg today I'm seeing one in our studio yes this can I try something okay. Alexa tells me dirty joke. Northern frightens them points night. It's the only one food same thing. All right we you know you might just wanna say hey ho let's open 99.9 KI SW. And thanks for checking out the rockets than a minute guys who you can say Alexa and Vijay and makes. KP GA won't and that's what seems you are trying to get behind this highlights of my legs. Yeah okay. Okay. Sign Alexis cause. Alexa finds. All right and that's the cool thing is I mean I didn't understand. I'm sorry I didn't sluggish. Goodbye and thanks for listening to Tina and I know I'm wrong there did you do. Well yeah you can do a lot of cool stuff just go to KI SW dot com and learn how to download the KI SW skill and check out what Alexa can do to help you stay connected with. RR. V. I. Even game then dad well let's turn up a third today it appears. As we've got in my brain luggage. The finish line is almost here men so clothes toys there's nobody has been the longest few good weeks of my life. Is it because then you're just not getting your job they don't shut off I don't know why I mean if you guys are now part of our time here where we we she's going to wall for the rest of the week. And. Bring in the GO in my when he got out there and you might wanna listen the V makes from yesterday they're really catch up on why aren't all four I think it was Tuesday it was a Tuesday I did resilient tariffs about that area but yeah again you know and out nowadays on the worry about it being an official leave. They're yeah just with yeah absences without leave but no lets you tour contestant today you know I press in Seattle crisply of their sir. Your part axle and it lets you play for today's Steve Aggies play for a pair of tickets to the G three show that's featuring Josef Janney John Patricio and also Phil Collins and that's a little more theater. On Thursday January 11 shred fast or Anderson guitar rock band great guitarist and that's all courtesy of STG presents good AK ISW dot com for all the rules and if you wanna check out G three which are set jab each opportunity in Phil Collins gap do you tickets at Ticketmaster dot com Aristide did I see here. And those playing and on Chris will have sixty seconds to answer ten questions Chris you can't pass only want but you'll only get three guess is her question are you ready. Yeah and medium or something being very expensive is saying it's going to cost. Our Amanda watched it. Legs yet adds to Mount Vesuvius is located in which European countries tools. Cadre of volunteers as job in Charlie and the chocolate factory what was Charlie's last names. It's open. It's best to know. Welker now oh hello there and that's perhaps choose who is guilty there's smaller bear companions. I. Football yeah is due to what it is the alcohol and an old fashioned cocktail. That would be permanent. Now. Mums are aware Diaz okay what activity is the focus of the movie awards of dogs towns next. Or do you as he Jupiter 2 spacecraft was to eastern what classic TV series. I was there two times. Plus don't. Hello 123456. Correct tone back to my child and ask for and you're now for you I wonder Steve we'll get that I hope not it was one of those ones that I. Figured because they at scifi via its old TV and it's sort of one of those period pieces that he normally doesn't like. Played the trifecta listing Steve doesn't like the trooper to launched this is how they thought I was gonna because of the show's debut in 66 in the we have we landed on the moon the space program. They thought in thirty years in 1997. We would be able to actually go to call to anywhere we wanted to go. That was like October something 1997 was the launching of the Jupiter two and twenty years later where not any player yeah I had a guy yeah exactly good experience our own thinking that I had high hopes back then yap yap really really high I love that showed. I'll take things I Ice-T V high every EG EG into. Well I'm standing here and yeah wow Steve are you ready. In medium for something being very expensive is saying it's going to cost an arm and a YUK. Says ask our question mountain vesuvius consolidated in which European country into the Greeks know. France now Italy yes happy who's Tommy and Internet why can't team. These are the options are pinball wizards you as a means Charlie and the chocolate factory what was Charlie's last name's Kerry got pissed yeah. Who is yogi Bear's smaller bear companions page who moved here as you can move to India as its. What's the alcohol and an old fashioned cocktails. Top box just now asked James no. Rom now learn when asked to immediately close games of the movie lord of dog town I'm out to skateboard and yet at speeds usually tell. The Jupiter two spacecraft was featured in what classic TV series. So are tracked no top. Let's face it meters no lawsuits makes you act. Who directed the film close encounters of the third kind thousands Steven Spielberg's. Yeah as someone who's 345678. You waited eight does flared. See. He just left behind gas sectors out on good. And as we were talking when you learn to lose you never get losses. His face because they hit the trifecta things you don't care about yeah I'd I'd never seen an episode and. He's just a little doubt there base and I thought about the show lost since basically BJ references that would Billy the robot or whatever it is that's Rabin assassinated and Robby the robot but yes it's yes I miss everybody now there are some B nine robot is who he is. Well it's from his youth I mean it is the that's my motto do being that I didn't do it all get that that is I mean Liu who booed on an almost went pigs in space is to be you know what he's just okay and that's that you know what I'm gonna seasons. And again. And it worked really as they've I'm Batman and those are my shows is a little kids. Whiskey is the alcohol and old fashion is key yeah whiskey. Chris did get that one correct in now well you answered every other question that you got to ease of congratulations good job Steve thank you of anyone with eight correct. Just like Darrel good Steve's a winner. And you can be a winner too if you are caller number eight spot number eight. At 206421 rock to get those RG three tickets caller number eight somebody grab a point I said Charlie bucket it's Charlie bucket sets I thought it was Charlie buckets. So you immediately you know I'd be used to winning until one now yeah. But I doubt it ravaged dryly but debts but yet plural. After not is that I sure I thought it was Charlie or why is it not bucket a hero here named Johnny bucket that's crossing rep as I remember it. Looks like it's Charlie bucket to you know there's no as I asked what are. There yet their auto at all while I was I was Charlie buckets myself well that you're talking about you know like Charlie Bucky it's I'm. Apostrophe S but now it's just Charlie Brown I take it back grab you actually did a good job there bow wow and I did a good job for getting it right yes you did you did make you Melissa and I would have been I would fighting with the reverend Otis a buckets we would've said no I was in my nephew is buckets. And it would have been probably a fight now and had to wrestle. Verbal Russell I already know what our units into a car now multi episode right now I get physical which early buckets out. While the Democrats face chicken wing I was show you groceries to do we now. Got a website the best kind of are you just gave yourself a fist pump because he wasn't yes. She says it's a good job Steve. Your Mike is really where you were drunk. At this Oklahoma at the convention that was one of the best in the January Arab you're there for this you know you worked at the conventions might be even years before you this is a kite is like ten years ago I heard the story you've heard this story does a guy so it's it's in every Australian him say let's go Steve very much of the Stephen the reason I do is because we were at this the morning show commission we go to. And one of these companies that you know it had a dozen bid does services for us or provides different things for us like audio or something they take this out to a nice dinner wine and dine S I always go at the full let me non. And you know how Steve is sixty goes demeaning Steve watches movies he eventually gets drowsy or sometimes let's just a pass on the middle conversation with other radio personalities it was a cigar bar and it was warm and as having a weird conversation with a weird dude and I felt my best option which is to falsely. So. Stevens narrowly missed hitting my head against a Paul Dana who Tammy. So Steve is getting sleepy at this dinner on faded Aggies aiding jaded and fading and so Steve didn't realize how loud his voice was. So world just like bottle lot tiger whenever and all of a sudden from dump the core from a guy this is head is is for a oh listen here. Let's. Leave it up and he's trying to pump himself fought so he's she is trying to rally himself not realizing it's not an insight dot right and my inner Pete Carroll I came outside in my southerners like c'mon when forever Steve yeah I'm always a problem with Indiana let's go Steve let's go and I'm looking world looking enemies he's just shooting himself talking to the people like we did yes I know I looked up bam a thus the Steve. I look up and everyone's looking at least half I'm did you just pump yourself up. Let's go by yes I did well hey you guys rallied. I rally a rally here you're an amazing motivated for yourself and I can give yourself the fist pump at the end of it too I guess we guessed myself Austin VI you can probably do the finger roll that don't pistons finger at the same time that's dangerous. Got a website called the daily dark your favorite place. Terrorist problems themselves up. Figured the daily dot Mizuho witness honestly do there is aware I don't whoever defines these stories for us what do I mean that that is web sites. This isn't insane and there are the least millions. A lot of these surge is funny because people chairman FaceBook I don't know I'll find them but then they sent sharing and sharing in and so they do elite dot this daily dot is a website of stuff apparently I see a lot of the male female symbols there. Everything you never understood about being non binary. What the hell does that mean I don't know non binary which primary means to always these guys don't wanna be man and woman wanted to be like one thing yes. Based on the pictures what the whole what does that even mean. I don't know is that a sexuality is that would but it's not they're talking or anything amazing gadgets in and it's not like as if it's only focus on one thing. Yeah you're right it's the stay looks like a stupid site like it's not let this day they're promoting any agenda except for the main thing and the logo looks kind of like a newspaper. I'll go to daily news was there everything. And are well there's a daily got everybody and they bookmarking this one yeah well I guess how public this they've got to. All the howling Costa do you buy and Amazon and they found the weirdest ones that are being sold this year on the excited. You gotta get this man a jelly fish costume it's a big. Shining mushroom have a lights built in and sparkly streamers hanging down DNA that is all that looks creepy do I want done. That does Lucy no valid I would Wear that because that is a creepy looking Costello be funny is one of resources up as the jelly fish someone else stresses that the the jellyfish stings somebody and then. I'll guarantee and that and that what exposes us to judge there's things yeah so I'm not gonna be the recipient of our view of the green bird fixes these three. Today outfitted jelly fish because the jellyfish will not get arrested in the scenario fair enough I think that would be good. How much it cost him for a mom and her infant with a mom is a shaft and the baby is a lobster she's about to cook on my gosh and your child to sue this outfit. That's actually need to make one for. There's another hour here's another one tomorrow these are great and inflatable Santa our cost him now that's that half man half horse creek oh my god that's creepy as all hell I love the fact I I might need to get down and of course had to go shirtless Steve are your Nickels and scare people more in the custom. If you Wear them. I don't know of mice and now I mean I'm okay with that actually. This fat Santorum yeah. Thanks for high you know yeah I got I would be prevented as I got the guts for that tosses it comes cost to marry this woman not too fond of about a literal couch potato O'Costa redress is a potato with a small contractor on your body. The summit's chief area. I'm not I'm a big fan now on it's OK it's fine it's it's funny I appreciated their sour cream on the potato OK fair enough. Now that the guys eating a bag of potato chips while he's a potato I Matta it's a very Campbell yeah and ballistic there. It's I'm Abbott are bright pink flamingo costs in the grass or on your head and wasting disease resistant. That was uncomfortable. Yeah that's an interest in custom I think my theory is that laughter kid one. Yeah we only their child from home we thought no problem or Vista at the bar did you go to you're. Our guys Hewitt you've been a mom and a he'll be the lawsuit child so I guess appear at a way to hook Vicki upon to me. Well both backpack in Atlanta about baby B are in the for an adult do you think it's difficult to hell I had Mickey find a way to hook up come off. Men at. Within an element attached to her for the whole night yacht doesn't like about the Soviet. This could be awkward for how are like if we get separated we can get a giant bucket paint it silver and I can be in the doubles flake of boiling water he just push me around. And I and you have to stay in the bucket I might say in the book I don't like I plan to guess soda frosted flakes. Wise that's a random question lady did you this year with this it's of frosted flakes box and in the QB Tony the Tiger off. I'm not a doorbell and reminded me someone's not slowly grown out there yet. So are you really don't want our opinion of of frosted flakes the food down on a tanker that I might I have my theories. You have what awaits you really have you know you wanna talk about the food like this have been given conspiracy well I think they saw him on how they're being shut down our throat. Understand why. Because they're the only cool tiger goes they're great no lying to us he's forcing. Frosted flakes could knock her rape well compared to what you staff PC you don't you know apple Jack you might not all let's remember this man. They use his push to cut the corn placed on our our throat right and then finally they were right you know the kids are not even the corn flakes have drawn amount to get mushy to disgusting. And an input to sugar on there and all of a sudden just like terrible. Everything's great which sugar that's what we're source and but it does so before everything else came along frosted flakes as our salvation thereby he may be more believable as a terrorist soggy if you don't beat him in three seconds yeah that's it that's a tough brand they get stuck junior G failed at times right yes yes tougher ending. Usually apple jacks are way batter okay that's even better brand name. There's something you want have gay creep you out and I'm looking online Tony the Tiger is deemed most sexual wised. Serial mascot on the Internet oh really yeah ask there is a lot of slash Phoenix that is out there are a lot of really creepy art depicting Tony the Tiger and really really strange situation like go to those sites citing a porn sites only see Lois Lois is just get rammed derailed by everybody while smells she's not as serial mascot and she's got a hot as a I know there's no IC Tony Romo so big you again okay. Every loss while Kim possible shows up this is there was like to have sex and as those video sometimes happened. Which I think my because I'll think Tim's old enough to have sex of the right to see is she eighteen in match. Probable believe I think that's probably Iran has not current goes though they're out there even if you know Barney every once a while you know Barneys on Wilma which is really taboo yeah we're the oldest and I'm very uncomfortable. And it's never had come from some I thought they make these animated porn things they're mopping your mouth keeps moving up. Oh really I've read I gross two house policy textures are with me on the being overrated how many are with you one. Yes only wanted to okay yeah you're right Steve frosted flakes are overrated because traders Joe's version they're good. All Trader Joe's for a simplex a better on the real real about that while also is like address Lulu as the lobster and I would team. I'll except she might you know all night to remind me. Do if you have her hanging around your neck she's not gonna dig Dallas in my stomach more operate well make it easier. I it is time for listeners on the loose you pick the topic. You guys showed throughout dog confident that our lockers. You move a lot of deadlock deploy that's wonderful thanks guys that never have a dog and a toy before and not a lobster boy. Southern queens Jason Hubbard 206421. Rock Texas 77999. Your calls your Texas sized seventy. And they eggs mornings. On the rock 99.9 KI SW. Nine point nine KI SW Iraq comes Seattle's blisters on the loose you picked that topic you guys to show. This is one of the strike you by GE two great gaming expo hands on gaming virtual reality drawn racing dodge ball for gaming. Call me and lots of stuff going on there twice as many DR base we had last year. Some good men can be really router can't play drawn more info go to GE to the liturgy the letter U the number two GE two dot lives. And damn it. When it comes in this is a loose and here's the numbers to a 6421. Rock. Texas 77999. And two members these rural necessary or some energy embryo otherwise. And say goodbye to borrow from them just like that and let's start off with Sylvia and Tacoma to a 6421 rocks Sylvia you are on Iraq. A lovely day hello Sylvia. So we get a back so I go you're talking about humor Allegheny. Globe change you know way back in and you can't show your and anger right. Well you got dad DJ SA GA you know that's a nine I forget that you're 60. Thank altered six by the way relay for closer don't know what is numerology Sylvia. I. I separate URL in what is growing yes. What is needed is whatever number you you Trace it down to stay all day. Yeah and what does it do for your leg is as good as they did does it isn't a good luck isn't about what fortune what is it about. And Al depending on what number you are I don't know all that much doubt there aren't you I remember you do lacking about it. And then I remember July 3. Wicked step didn't lie and lie and seven. OK tell you. So you add seven lie and donate aren't. And why I didn't make today you eight good got a sixteen and it could try added static. It meant a lucky day. Because is Triad of seven it's a lucky day. They awarded then yeah I'm now anyway I can't kill. Yeah okay anybody is what I want to ask you know it's not about numerology that since I don't know I. I Dahlia added then I'll hang on Terry Howie I was like guys dream awful to see somebody. Back in our day. You're back in about a audit and 3-D movie. Backed him Waterloo Iowa okay all right now I don't I don't know. Yeah I remember McEnroe oh yeah. You know aren't our guys get about how others Sylvia. How old are you sure result is many. I I surpassed Hewitt honey OK so then you're not as old as you're older. Greg hey you know what I want to add US led. AB. 3-D movie was shot back and you learn and you. And you are out grated snagged. He's like the US Frankenstein I don't think she knows who she's talking to so I Il and BJ. Do you in Utah I do and eat well so Sylvia she's asking if you ever watch any normal Franken I don't know I hear what you say Steve I Allen the semi zone against you certainly don't. I'm gonna tell you this is easy is I can't I have no laughing idea what you're talking about. Thank you are you bothered. So there. What can you sensitive question. There's a simple question man. Clearly this should have been on the seventh day you guys or other episode. IA officials say there's another show she was listening to what we've never talked about big anti war halls Frankenstein three movies from way back in the day and all I don't think we can no I don't think we did put me must've at some point referenced 3-D movies and who's asking you if you've ever seen and you all you think that's what it was yes follow. All right I thought she was talking about like three movies I referenced back in the day and only really automatically get that I was at an all you if you are watched the old school already movies he's still there. Never loser. That's too bad. I comeback Sylvia I misunderstood. I taught at an earlier talking about it and in the gonna happen now only answer is no I never did of the that's how she wanted man. Tonight Indiana call back weather go through all that to seek it that Sylvia. Yeah cancer is now Andy Warhol not that was the pay a guy right yeah and Rihanna I don't know we did a movie. I remember the old school too greedy movie were you aware of those weird glasses of red and blue glass and it over the TV shows ever being all excited whenever a TV show going to really get a goaded. Mcdonalds of the Burger King or wherever it was C get the special 3-D glasses and asks did you as a receipt of Playboy's or react with 3-D glasses. You didn't land is your opinion why am I reading Playboy yeah I don't recall that yeah I don't either as fantastic yeah I was they were you really felt like you're there you've you've really did thanks Hugh Hefner. I'll speak you know now we have a Texas 77999. I say what was the play by a rest in peace you have to there. What was the Playboy magazine you had when you had to buy when he came out. What was the Playboy magazine on the amount you can make a big night and it could Nicole Smith's one was pretty are some. Anyone without Pamela Anderson it's embarrassing for me to say well hold and gone because she was in her forties I don't know shoes that are fascination look good city Crawford. No wobble and the Carlisle of the go go saw it was in Playboy. And I was like hi always I was like always had a thing for that girl back in the day so I was like Libya and as soon it's up whose homes have kicked it out Mike Tyson was dropped him back in the all Robin Givens you. It was a rout OK it was rusty is one of them didn't she do those it was a penthouse. I can always yeah Robin Givens whatever happened Robin Givens and I don't know what I do what I remember is Drew Barrymore. I members oh I forgot she did Playboy yet it in fact aromatic cover ups that I down oh she's she's looks like that's a great picture of drew yeah so she was negative territory in the flash she knew she was actually naked in Playboy I think it would if I remember correctly. She was naked but it wasn't over the top naked but she's topless and Liz asks can okay group. Yeah I don't remember those guys president I was asked to carry more while 951995. Yeah lol lol okay well bother going to learn that Vick can't wait the rumors are not really seen a lot of the fairway goes that's the picture I want yes he can see the knicks do also that but she never really did anything super tough dude. Okay yeah I true. Its final par round meeting now about it arrived with a Suzanne did in nineteen poses a polite way to find your god father goes back Steven Spielberg. Sent her quilts for her twentieth birthday with a note that read cover yourself up. I paused put pictures on the Playboy spread there were mock ups that she appeared fully closed all that's funny Spielberg I forgot beyond that there's I don't really don't I didn't realize that it was the godfather. He was the god father of her Drew Barrymore how god bless her she's. She's the coach is a tramp stamp them out when to. That's still oh yeah hosted a butterfly and the front and the back at us of them true. I remember there's a lot of talk with a thought she was like out of control factors is a wild child and they surround sound and everything was cool she's a great career a great life and she was a child actor as usual I Miley Cyrus have large out of that the people there are now forties generate any rights when you think about it yeah we see how highly I. I am there yeah I camera I think Geddes has we have seen a Newt are right offers the best they were issue ever was aware precious Vanna White and Playboy Ole he had everybody out on his pro whose precious I have noticed that the actress precious I think it's the rain and got home found at all he had ever houses doesn't mess that's an area of rain and there we saw a lot you know things remain an out of that ring is stable from the -- I'll actually -- sorrow for the WWF back in the day when she lows. That was a good one yes it was a very good wrestler but who's a very good Playboy poser okay yeah I saw you need. So this is on the loose you pick a topic you guide to show 206421. Rock Texas 7799900. Calls and text at 933 mom around. And made this morning. Rock and 99.9 KI SW. And I quite nice KI SW Iraq comes Seattle's blisters on the loose you pick the topics you guys to show. At 206 ports to a rocky you also Texas it's 77999. That's correct him and young kid and you are on the rock. Hey DJ the morning hey good morning Kim which go for senility. I got a Spielberg so that's what we'll watch awesome like Spielberg film it's worth of that we might out of seen as BJ apparently is a Spielberg snob and doesn't like any of the gas not a big am not as big offends everybody else's you you've got some issues clearly been denigrated name this dual. Let's straighten out all of us. It's a tool DO EL. Yes limited got Spielberg notice. Ha how does this how this this has to be from the sixties and right maybe early seventies. Older than me that would react as him because he just was the seventies and that's when I first heard of Spielberg. Ninety Elian and solidarity is dual OK who's a who's in it. I'm no one really somehow you mix of gross deal semi truck the main character fits the bill and is chasing down this guy and some. Little split the first month. 87% of prime tornado call OK so you really dig this movie up. Well I just it it literally is what got Spielberg on this okay where you're recommending a movie that you haven't seen. I'd seen it but it'd be admitted it I just totally oh yeah. Is it the foreign occurs. Have you when there's western that what's your number yeah might be we always numerology or six or nine is whatever. OK so what did you think of this movie that you saw. I think it's great it's great film but I. Low budget black super low budget maybe twenty bucks all into the Baja. But it actually was released it is very critics and end users love this movie over 35000 people and got 83% tool you know something this cool to see somebody's first work you know I mean do you think of Kevin Smith and clerks and to see his there's a made for TV movie. Oh wow. Antennae we got the better your first film you're not gonna get a DC GI and I'll add to stop. Well yeah I mean chemist Chris Clark didn't have any budget either end and would we we love that movie system presents in 1971 made for TV movies when a Spielberg's auditions for jaws and the more about it guest frank. You know if I guess and so I'll check it out. I mean who doesn't wanna see you guys first movie he Samir guys who got a few texts about this former since they would have you guys is thoughts on our young Sheldon I thought it was pretty cool. Yeah you know we we from the previews we thought our guys is going to be a pile and a lot of you guys I was excited for a lot of listeners said this is going to be a pile up but I know I was like I'm gonna watch hits and I really dug it it was it was a lot better than the previous led to believe we don't like about it it's nothing like the Big Bang theory yeah all right Howard shot the style of humor. It's almost more serious. Not make up a drama but I had drama V this notice there's no laugh track right I really enjoyed my wife enjoyed it as well I don't know how long it's gonna ever gonna analyze staying power but. I'd federal from it's it's it's a really cool interpretation of what seldom would be like as a kid and saw hokey. And dom and that the that are really good job with it you know it really reminds me of and you'll get this of the show atypical but a younger version who because Sheldon is I mean look he's on the spectrum there's no doubt about it sums going on yeah and do you get to see this little kid who's who's basically. What is he like to I don't know eleven or ten and he's in ninth grade I and so I mean these accelerated and he looks like such a small child and he's just literally. Like till real billing you'll read the manual for school like they would like what you're supposed to Wear the dress code. And he'll just go all you flock to you did this this and all the TV teachers ever problems for the kids smarter than he's stick a for rolls yeah he's he's just like a computer basically and the little kid does a good job. He really really does and and it turns out Jim Parsons who play Sheldon of the bank thirty. He's the narrator says and I got to wonder years can provide ten cents. That it was really well done the first episode yet because the father's a football coach mom of course we met you know that we met her on the Big Bang theory is being a very religious southern woman. He's got an older brother and a twin sister. And a you know there of the the it's like how do you live with somebody who's well boy genius and I smarter and everyone else and there are. I didn't give it another try but I like that first episodes on CBS it'll be on Thursdays soon when they went big thank Terry goes back to Thursday's missile follow and I know that I set the DVR so Karadzic or I know you're right it's a sensation of my DVR and I -- Atlanta tell anybody wanna shows on anymore I don't think they do anymore gay rights are we allied takes about now the Playboy obviously don't draw the name is Lloyd I just checked out that as human sorrow from the Derry New York playwright takes the yup that's some good stuff another one the actually Playboy issue is literally the only one I've ever bought and still owned. Never owned another Playboy so we generals give a solid cover okay is that Carmelo listeners are back in the day of wind women's wrestling was just straight up to DNA yeah and now she definitely did a very good job yeah. And what are the reason we're even bring up Playboy of course if you haven't heard Hugh Hefner passed away yesterday the creator flare Playboy died of natural causes at the age of 91 and he passed away yesterday. I'm amazed takes it to you guys please you play the history of the Hefner. Audio where we came up with who he became a missed most of it thanks Bruce yeah and I didn't know there SI and I did he gave an interview to CBS this morning a few years back. During the sixtieth anniversary of Playboy. And I did not know -- the real reason why he got into doing Playboy and made it turns out he was once specific moment of his young life. Yeah 1942. Would lose your teen years. Who also madly in love with the world named as they become beautiful and outgoing. She works as a solo home and plays the drums. The fool you either learned through jitterbug together. Today if you are going to invite someone else who behave ride. And break your heart worse than ever been broken form. We'll come out of the paint a different person. Literally. Determined not to go through that again who will reinvent yourself. You aware of who have pose significant fraction we'll turn yourself in any sort of teenager you see in the movies and left the theater. Give it most popular kid's school. Utterly hard and that goal and how long you closed off half your life will change forever. And that he was reading from a letter that he wrote himself about his life like OK if you write a letter yourself back when you're though a younger person mode you're right that's what he was doing and other put on that funky music to make it an art piece yes. But it was because of a woman. A girl he knows it's like all of us you know all of us get attracted to somebody Warren high school and then usually we. I don't know anybody who has not their heart broken and high school where you know somebody don't share and that's what happened. It's as crazy and that's who turned him into the half fat man I get dumped and I didn't do anything now as a longer with us and the Kennedy people said from from me or anyone else you say you're off to a better place probably but not you Ratner yeah that the best place possible I think it's got to be a downgrade where every goes I mean how does how does heaven did sit there and compete with that. Have they put up tickets on sale yet for his funeral could lead to a lot of single men who love to go to that. Yeah I mean it's the kind of guy or I think a lot of folks would DL would look you have it at the mansion because evident dimension don't just do you bury him in the water. By the grotto boo. He I think I want to suppose he's gonna be buried next to Marilyn Monroe is that true or is that a rumor. I act I heard that I've read that somewhere now somebody was just making a comment or if that's actually true that he'll be buried next to Marilyn Monroe that's an interesting thing do you put him with a bunch of old playmate. The negativity them opt out the awkward. Yeah I'm Marilyn Monroe like Anna Nicole Smith Hannah. According to the new York daily and have posted says Hugh Hefner will be laid to rest beside Marilyn Monroe wow yeah now that crazy. It looked Kennedy was Kennedy put next to her two and I think she still alive as soon. She feels empty feature how can I looked good night everybody yes yeah yes she is he has. But really he paid for the plot back in 1982 he paid 45000. Dollars for it. To be next to Marilyn or get so it was just an open plot and he was like I'm doing it is hot very think like you want to be with she and I wasn't she Playboy model yeah yeah we up. Why daddy did Carroll wants this I had that one last go. Or maybe was just so happy because she made him a lot of money is it was a very popular issue very true it was the first episode are the first. They should yeah oil oil well was the first one okay well there you go down accents I mean that launched everything for him. That's cool he's like I wanna be laid to rest with the next to the person that pretty much made my career. Yeah I'll read to me he got on top this next record. That would be fun they put on top but I had to be on top cover all RE LE or maybe wasn't in the bottom of what's your point you know I you know I'm Merrill for the rest of the years he's older he might well is like you know what I think I and I they Ali you do most of the work Maryland. So weird one because they think nobody is surprised. That he's gone it's a bummer obvious that I am re on FaceBook but it's not. At least say it was inevitable because of old he was and he had a good here here's re like I think we're just happy. He had a great life yeah I mean this you you look getting go 91. And it's Hafner. Yeah you're right this is the first death that yes it's an iconic figure and nobody seems to be really sad. And nobody is also light being mean either I really feel like wow this guy had a great life. Which means would we have to say is guys and can we be honest ago. This is a life we all wanna have usually be honest about that is a politically right to go look I love my wife and everything but if I can be hanging out with a bunch of those hot chicks and have a sex amendment having a grotto and mean this is a bizarre day the sex. Part does make it worth it puts you really wanna spend all day around just now watch those Playboy shows. And I don't know I guess handled by ten hours just that's all that's the only vibe that I got going on is that. But this hearing is probably gosh yeah Iranian embassy just took my hearings going and I think it's a wonderful time I am so out of the loop on some of the dumbest commerce issues that are out there it's great they've got there on the guys and a great life flare up and I won Texas and an honor US and are all flags will be flown at full staff scenario and perfect that touches. On a all right I have always wanted to talk from Joseph DiMaggio according to one person or where where we way. How well did you read that Danielle is somebody raises CK semi factor in how log August showed them I just been dead throw 1982. That's not positive you know embodied advice from Joseph DiMaggio had an excellent at new Joseph DiMaggio yeah. Oh legitimize yeah okay to have what he did have a brother listen Jim blood and had more than one but you are yet he didn't need imagine me. And and of Jimmy DiMaggio everybody. He did have a brother Joseph that actually play for the Red Sox and then he'd be wasn't as good but he wasn't just figure that's vice. I didn't on the evidently no I have no idea what it. Joseph DiMaggio middle Joan Joan put he had to relate to. Mean seriously like one of the best baseball players ever has a streak it'll probably never be broken and got the bank Marilyn Monroe how bad does that mean that that's. He was a great looking guy either. Kind of a goofy looking guy Joseph DiMaggio this status. Yet you Russell right. Apparently the one above her was oh by Joseph DiMaggio he sold it somebody else. So I was ready on top of her now dad dad the guy's name was Richard Freddie puncher and a biting his wishes hunter's wife Elise was instructed and check to the funeral director to bury him face down. According to start at Perry Joseph DiMaggio face down know that the guy who bought it from my show. He wanted to be faced down. On top on down the lake and then go out there to moderate its they'll take your cryptic although it's a great this night it's on the ground. All anyone really is always on the mermaid his wife made sure that he would be that way according I guess all our guys a ball and yell and I die. Always has said that stood out on top of Marilyn Monroe face to face. If you love he'll do it that it's got a good sense of humor because that could cause a big argument. Yeah out but he's dead associated ambushed a white gold now. Like I mean as a husband wife or associate very good guess what he's already on top of Marilyn what does she know the bottom and a BI colossal prism on only a larger removing of those that Chris I don't know if it's. It is but I don't. Hey what does it take to get the perfect nicely from hell man apparently being very don't double. I'll tell you put 915 on Iraq. And made some mornings on the rock and 99.9 KI SW. I'm nine point nine day I have come to the rock from Seattle all the days are winding down. And lose the beautiful Jolene and Cassel will be back. It's getting closer. I know home. No it's great. That's all right and I know now we have the leaves Ewing gave castle ISI so I. Sorry I don't know what everyday guy that I know is it fun trip time now on this vacation when you know how many of us haven't had a vacation in a long time Natalie and traveling abroad but you know it's been got to be wildly got a couple weeks since I've had a big guns are not at. Right. Well you know I guess for had a tense stance are perfect night's sleep this'll be good for us. Dale lottery searches are they talked to bunch of experts and told 2000 people they IRA here's why you need yourself a great secret Bristol senior veterans. Less clutter mean to get better so is apparently thanks. Fresh sheets there's nothing like the dad oh my gosh I came home last week and called and then the husband had like. Washed all the sheets and everything and as a press Sunday night's rest of the best nights because we always do laundry on Sundays at nations and Paul it's nothing better so that they Singh says if there was that the 61 degrees that's the ultimate temperature to sleep and and don't sleep naked now that's not your old what do you think that's good for your circulation and I guess. Yeah. Make sure there was totally dark it's good for my sex life and Touche that's for sure because. Sometimes only once shared consciousness and of course I gotta go. Thank you joy did an error I guess those she's got the twelve pack. Games. It's about the puck out of Disney movie or go home. How did you even know daddy doesn't mean we're the reason as to why it's rather call know hope luck is prepared miss an opportunity that's what I do every day on these. Oh thank you all man and brings and around while I'm here all over your face right there. And shifting. Did you like plumbers in my life. 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