BJ & MIGS Podcast 09-29-17-6A: A woman’s water broke during a news broadcast.

Friday, September 29th

News and sports. National Coffee Day. A man plays the Imperial March song from Star Wars with odd instruments.


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Steve and I every day we we show you exactly what excellent broadcasting is all amount right. We set the Barlow but we also highlight other broadcasters who are excellent I mean I you know it's not just about us. Well I think you know we know we inspire many others you know because what we do every day we know other people will strive to do great things too that's right you know they've had many times and should they cite this is inspiration we just on a timed it you know catch up all their tweets in their thanks and everything out and here's what's the latest examples out off yes I bet this New York TV anchor was desperate they give us. Because in the middle of her broadcast. Guess what her water broke. And you're thinking of us in Korea because I have the shape of a pregnant woman bent but didn't she wasn't pregnant assistant us at all she just started leaking I don't know enough. If she was pregnant her water broke and she let out a giggle on the air when it happened but you know what like a true pro he did not disrupt the broadcast. Here's what were co workers explaining what happened to. Here is some behind the scenes information it involves our very own Natalie pass guerrilla happened during last night's 11 PM. Listen for her uneasy giggle following this story. Before Twitter makes a final decision and arts where it's we're better than that feels like I have a cardigan tweeting people asking about hello or OK yeah. And what if that little giggle that laugh was the moment and that leaves water broke all I wanna and I bought air. The as a true professional plus he's I'm Natalie Conley finished the newscast. And then she went to the hospital and after thirteen hours of labor of love. Natalie gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby boy. So I guess the chair she was sitting here is hers for the rest of her life well yeah yeah I'd Baghdad with the humans and wanna sit next year or that was the last did that in turn were there this is like now not cleaning up yet and that's it I united there's no no I'm not squeegee that lady now I'm out. So is she now needs to one up it by having the baby during the newscast that's the next thing I think he's just do we're gonna keep reporting until she finally pops his child out. Yeah well you know Merrill had a buddy. Virginia from the community surely she had her birth lively where they were live streaming or something yes. I you know I missed that and he's necessarily wanna log in and want well I'll be honest to leverage is an attractive woman I was like well you know what this might be the closest chance I get now I won't be that guy. No he just kind of became that had a saying that the eyes I didn't do right back crap I didn't area. Man it. I have selling video I would then like now you don't need to cover me in that. That could be the first of many we've ever heard of a news anchor had their water break on television I don't ever remember him I would think we were played some kind of audio like that before and I yeah yeah I think you're right Steve and I feel like him it's happened before. It was not something you talked about ya but this is they know it's it's 2017 and now it's located to mention those things but there was a time where that would be like don't Amos say anything and we'll be right back and you'll probably is very serious and yeah they wouldn't even mention it but now it's it's a whole different story is like a no I'm pregnant I guess we'll just open. First time I think you're right yeah congratulations to American installations that are god bless her to giggle is great now yeah. Yeah and it most I just did something mention of them yeah us. Yeah. I wanna attack I mean a world that feels like. I don't get a glass of water to make yeah. I don't think I've ever does happen I've never wet myself that I remember but I detect everything just feels a little different. While the man who has let himself multiple times LU was not fun OK yeah. Both sober and drunk gas doesn't happening kind of like a splash motion it's not like extremists just. So I don't know that you're that's right I have no clue how to have executive director wanna break my water is never broken high value back in college when my water broke I can recall. I get by looking at me you expected any moment my water we'll break it doesn't happen for her is that Steve maybe see you one other by conceiving one during a broadcast. Always had the whole cycle of life. The guys have a depends on MTV news to do newscasts are some Sundays and on news cast yes dudes guess is some New Hampshire's there was some conception during there. Yeah robust auto Michael nor provide legitimate respectable age agent either the pants gas was legitimate it was good it gives a lot of great information about things that necessarily. Not everyone wants to hear about but yeah. Coming up on Q thirteen fox OK now you're that guy the weeks he's water breaks solidarity I'll. I guy you know what I made my DM ILE Chansi Billick sees so I think I'll go as you may yet but okay two for document them and oh that's rice and I you guys get all naked in freaky in the locker room. And wolf one of those things is true I don't know man you have Beers in the area Megan's read you what happens in life are free he described I want to know what they can free key would be years and hand I don't know I have no idea what I don't know other there. I just you know I mean this towel snap ring no towel snapping what those were earlier in this movie really late where I got a leg in the scene from porky just I don't know what goes on holes in the walls trying to see the girls on the other end at all I may be a drill insults and I have no idea I do and there that's drinking Beers snapped these other towels and drilling each other on the kids are well. That's hockey guys aren't there cock like everybody. Guys hot you type if you too can do it just aren't that ice skate I'm sure there's a flag on the moment in there somewhere no I think there is not at all also refused to me is a little bit of information about how what it feels like that your water bottles and nobody here has had around that happened. This is it feels like when you're sitting on a small balloon and then it just kind of popped. And it feels that you low when number one on yourself woman mom I want to break broke. I thought I actually just peed myself I'll well first I get a small balloon yep they're going to be myself we can do all that because I have no idea what they even though she described it I still don't know what that is. Or use get a small water balloon and you want to do yourself a who. But see that's more like an explosion. Look man I'm just trying to make this is the easiest possible for as you never act urinated yourself yes well they're not just your myself art while opportunity seventies could take several did and I cannot go. He's. You know it's every musician's dream to be pulled up on stage by their favorite band and this actually happened in every. Steve we'll tell you news he's got a 48617. On Iraq. And they eggs morning. Rock and 99.9 KI guess W all the nine K I asked the rock of C all. S news cast your name's dean. In this world. Right now do you Steen made slid the news. But thanks guys they smuggle suiting up for giving us news and sports and DJ you foreshadowed this yesterday. It's a big day today patent national coffee. Friday it would then that means that you never want to get over caffeinated like you do every freaking day and Seattle but also you can go to some places and get hooked up with some coffee failure deals yet Krispy Kreme giving out one free coffee a day all weekend. How well no Dunkin' Donuts here's a you know. We can spirit McDonald's to give free coffee with their apps for any copy threw for two bucks today. Com and a bunch OK I've Simpson some of finding their humiliating stuff as well so lots of places to go dangerous waters. Really. Conspicuously absent. Would have been the one memorize which Umar Marcus yeah mark much is not doing anything. Why should say you know people are an accompaniment by their stuff wow every day's national coffee Omar mosque that's true. Big cuddly I do. It just wasn't on my list of thank god I that is so you'd think they'd be right up today I mean right now that coffee standard of this country right they don't need to worry about it everyone else to catch up. I have my ass looks as mr. Starbucks that's good. Ball also represented they say yes exactly as they say it's it's I know that you most. Coffee on national coffee day you also love Star Wars yes and that's been special for your Starbucks stores know a man who's very talented. He's able to play the Star Wars imperial march with a coffee stir. On his desk. That is impressive because most of those that cardboard or whatever women who would stir things down while old Tiger Woods here I'll do. I do the they can only in the song play oh yeah okay. Yes that's that's amazing you're using your Baghdad area. Wow that's right for the talent here is just saying hi Mary I don't I Talbot got an average days. And just recently yeah I never thought I would say this. But something awesome happened at the lover boy concert. Lover boy and survivor they played which I can't really be missed this show is that the to any arena and every just recently there was a time where we would have all been going nuts to be if you show. I don't mess here I have a tiger that's about it in my heyday never like get people have been going I got to go to that show a lot of sure a lot of people went to had a great time the only bummer part ways other leaves here for Loverboy Mike Reno he was not feeling good and told everybody look I can't continue on to say. So so instead of them just wrapping things up and calling in and night the backup singer says hey did anyone. Know the songs you can they sing Mike's part because remember even on not you saw her voice and the guys got pipes yeah. So at that moment a bunch of people started when he at this guys before yea he's 44 years old and he's just so happens to be enough. Foreigner cover band cause fever 103. He's a talented singer he plays around town yet Lou Gramm's voice I could see that being similar might Reno's OK so they're like look you've got the pipes you know lover boy get up there and sing the song and it happened. This is up most of the people classes are hired hands and lights. So I wouldn't really care parent yeah I know I guess some people did wind up leaving. But. But some people obviously stuck around enjoyed it a couple guys did a great job he's done an awesome. Mike Reno came up put his head Dan on the got to make it official. Car that's that's why you know listen and we Mike's not a young guy anymore so I guess you got to expect that these guys tour that they might you know might get jail. And I just want to address an advantage you watch the video we have an open the did you indicate to kiss every dot com you can tell they're probably a little off hesitant about having this guy sing their songs. As they got continued the rest of the band's logo might have done a good job should look forward to guitars is backing up on the Mike within minutes it was pretty cool. I do what I want that they've made lemonade out of lemons rusting under the big losses before you have an agenda means. That's awesome to get I mean you think about that like all I wonder if the demonstrations are they call me up on stage second jam yeah I think he has got opportunity he's not mark good for him. Com. Let's talk a little bit about a big study that was done with a all the Stoner cities Heyman and of course Seattle. What's being one of them or Washington State being one of the most those donors states. They went in this survey about where places where marijuana is legal. One of the best fast food joints for this donors are OK I like this I say they surveyed personalized Denver Las Vegas for us and other places as well. We think is it what do you think is the number one's donor fast food joint every Jack. You're incorrect. Not Jack in the Box is what they about it not every place on this list probably hasn't at all yet possessed because they're open on the other overall tied higher. Donald bell Taco Bell very good gas second with 18% of the vote. Gotta be McDonald Mickey you're a Smart woman 43% as donors say. I've been a McDonald's in the past four weeks I guess Wendy's and Burger King or third and fourth and then subway headed distance it staff. Yeah I mean I love subway but I think if I'm stone really wanted to price. Yeah I really like Fries also. I don't necessarily want to have waffle and making my sandwich when I'm still all good call this too much swollen yeah you're right man too much pressure sometimes that sandwich artists such doing things lol rove data read that one lady at the one place okay. Yeah sometimes you tell her exactly what you want to sell bread the bread that she felt it was better for that San you have this spreads her feel like I don't want that bred dogs and take this break since the break you're getting bodies. Odd there's a football last night Green Bay packer yeah and the Chicago Bears. Packers won 35 to fourteen today gal lost jobs are playing Sunday night Sunday Night Football ever ever take on the colts this century link field. Tonight mariners are in Los Angeles outfitted by the angels at 7 PM that's a big guy. Not not a big game tonight to watch but a big games watched big game to watch tonight would be the cougars game has taken on USC. That's at 730 in the national spotlight on ESPN's. Huskies are right or in state tomorrow at 5 PM in the sound you played Philadelphia union in Philly Sunday morning. At 10 AM are you looking for some fun Presley to do this we can disagree we could do it. To fight wrestling tonight I'll be ring announcing LB Derrick Todd that's over at the Washington hall go to the fire wrestling dot com for more information. And then tomorrow night very cool thing happening with 321 battle for the crew middle part of the very first ever Seattle's women's tournament. So a bunch of ladies in the ring make a little Neitzel right of all fitness. Get information just like normal 321 battles FaceBook page to find out and all the blog about that later on today as well. As far as whether 66 degrees and rainy day command industrial craftsmen for goodness who's in sports. Dave Grohl I recently shared this story about how Christopher Walken was asking how to pronounced Foo Fighters. When introducing him on Saturday Night Live fan and this is awesome but. There was once we do that and I live all day and mr. law and host. Tim. Just ask old stole the show ends. On flew all the fighters. And I don't think I'm fighters. And we know wounds my of course we know how he's decent music. Isn't times person. Isn't John. It's. I don't suppose you think who plans on windows why did. Why yeah. That's control Crista Moore patrols Christopher Walken oh did grow more more every day Alexander. I doubt if I was Chris or watch him I'd be pissed. Well I. Because well why don't like our immediate that's right you always worry about those ITI don't want a million or maybe Chris walker when care. I was mentally to get an after his britches Ohio he would try to leading. Yeah you right here I know I would love to have that kind of money or didn't care. I also look I think did grow did a great Christopher Walken is impressive yeah. And of course he was doing an imitation of Christopher Waltz telling the story. Now here's the audio that we're talking about where in fact when Dave was introduced the ban was abused by Christopher. Ladies and gentlemen who fires. Once again food fight Eric's. This cycle was even more you know announced. I would never even thought to ask if there was an accent on the fool or the fires and that's pretty amazing that he was Lee we've got to do an exercise what does edits their two words. Yeah I don't understand why he would even think that yeah Foo Fighters. Especially Foo Fighters do you see it that she sells chemical scientist who who fighters. Well then you aren't a enough for fighters have been approved fighters since they extrapolate got a little bit of a stutter ladies and gentlemen. Through fighters. Fighters now with a competitor and I listened to them you're absolutely right mr. that the need for fighters record debt that's resentment. It's pretty good doesn't Timberlake seems its fighters cellular you can say met a lot of people hung with a lot of people but can you say the troll the celebrity like that. No that's that's forever man pretty kind of set himself up for felt if you're gonna go out today and get how should I pronounced how Jorge was the proper way to say fu fighters. I would also be thinking what. Is terribly wrong way to safe food fight it is see that's the troubles I wanted to be guy asking because then you're showing that you don't know who they are bright and so I would have to send Micah. I would send a -- now live person hey would you find out how they say they're named Heidi all right as saudis say -- name who you know but it's it and I could be troll somebody which roaming go earlier you fu fighters thought like I do guru whatever it out there and well it was Kaiser group thank you might that couch whoo yeah. PO I mean it's flu and fighters I don't understand why we need to over think it there mr. Walken. Yahoo! unless he was just like what kind of band. Calls themselves fu fighters. OK we talked this gesture ST looks like we were wrong what happened you have for as well. Not and is well. He had. He was worth a lot of money he dies of people say that he was worth a total of 43 million dollars others say it was more than a hundred million dollars. And crystal Harris is gonna get none of that it's. And which. I go like I I was reading so that today that she still gonna be taking care of it for the rest of her life and I when I guess I would put that even means. I don't know that we've had a song Camara go hi how you go impress so I've got to all right good I think finance slightly here on the east is getting make a pedicure every day for the rest of her what is essential because prove this is what they said she'll be provided war. Through her pre nuptial agreement but his estate goes to his four kids. The USC film school and some charities now cleanup usually benefit the dude it's got the money right a person's got the money so. I don't know kind of pre nup she signed it but then again you're high young chick if he's not giving you something why would you hang around. And she I mean I feel like if you're gonna be due to the 91 years old and she's supposed to be intimate in youth. I mean Ed I think she she earned her whatever amount of money that she's gotten yet and I do like that actually he separated from the kids this Casey case is battle is bad yeah. He had a lot of money and are there any other kids weren't sure how much they were getting the white pretty much cut them off according to while wanna Casey's kids that was her story. So it's nice that Baghdad Hugh separated this and it turns out he actually bought a five million dollar house and this summer and putting crystals mother's name. OK so that's pretty cool that's in Justine makes you wonder Tina may be wasn't doing so well I've heard in some stories that. It was my disk image the huge surprise yeah his health has been deteriorating pretty bad of late so unless I would imagine that he knew that the writing was on the wall from just being that old you've got to imagine how much longer I have on this planet. Wow how about this I guess we're supposed to get married it's 111 what she called it off I don't remember that days before the ceremony. I think time have said things started to fall apart when quote the lawyers got into it when we're talking about the pre nup etc. Wow so the print why it wasn't easy what does pre nup. I want him I mean you would have to think they're going into a relationship which you after that there's going to be some kind of pre nuptial agreement to make your dad I think everybody assumes if you're how how old is she 3031. Years old yes you think he was sixty years older than her at least. Yeah he's he was 91 I guess so you've got a six year difference and he's the richest one of the richest man yeah. In the world nominee in the world but you don't mean that he's got cash bright. That they Tehran with it. Compliment. Streets so you gotta think that they do. Walking into that yet there's going to be some legal stuff to keep you from getting all of that money didn't stop a musty they do get back together and hitched on New Year's Eve of 2012. How about that she started they are up with a bang party did or hopefully he did well yeah wow I like it because I often thought you know if fireworks too and not doing my wife anymore and I wanted to give Bala somewhere else. I have to make you deal gone library I cancer my kids Olbermann in my kids to David put never realities here as I gotta make sure they get some them. And that yet you would think that that should be easy number one priority and it sounds like he's doing what he can reach it she's cool yeah five million dollar house for mom you have to solace I mean is that I wish you would have done that from. Well maybe your daughters who went to the Playboy Mansion we try I look if she had her opportunity she would we give married guy you have to there oh good question and she would have of one of those girls as Joseph he's like yes you would you ask her whether she wants to or not here would you love. Comes up I'll do am I only so weird for me. But then again she says he'd make it rain I think I'm Matt talked to her over the later about that you know that's a good idea. Well known of course not now he's dead. I don't care she marries a dead guys laws were in the world. If we can be retroactively in the well I'll I'll. You know what I'm all right what sort of we can emperor Lisa I'll allow it. Yes they Steve he did get this one rice who put the dental care after the 2012 movie jango unchained Hulk Hogan dressed now hoax. I'll opt. And fair. Fox yet and it's their job but he got it sounded out yeah. My shot at VCR. You got 206421. Rocked the plane beat migs and 647. 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