BJ & MIGS Podcast 09-29-17-7A: What is something that people do in public that dives you nuts?

Friday, September 29th

Beat Migs.Larry David was on the View, and he feels that public displays of affection are “disgusting”. Luke warm topic


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From from nothing. Our mobile Bandelier risen from nothing you want more info you wanna find out what the plan how you get the music you just go to the B Jimmy Page and KI SW dot com I see a few opportunities this weekend check out of rhythm from nothing never you EP. So they're actually doing some shows it's called broken. Tonight go down south the move to confine you in there and the South Bend Ryder Cup team you go north Tony he's an average weighted garage and that's tomorrow. Both times you feel it from nothing. And you want great lot of mobile music we have got two hours of solid local music every Sunday night at 10 o'clock right here on the rockets called mild local. We're great fans. Like arisen from nothing. Mean okay. I mean tell me emails. And I believe metadata as I there. Yes the week that would never end finally is comes. Blows it's finally Friday it finally I ask in your pocket I don't I got this not junior not the third that's a four it's not the 27 that is happening next month we don't even know about it it is Friday I think you thanks for letting us know. They and 27 does next month woken them well I don't even know that I just amateur and number so. Don't take that as you are genius again when Elisa hopefully probably into eight contestant who isn't genius we've got adamantly alum Adam are you there sir. And here actually what you play for today's Steve. Greg is playing for a pair tickets to check out case for a MMA over the emerald queen casino on Saturday October 14 you go to KI SW dot com. Yeah both debt laden. Our car that was my call yeah. Yeah she's. Now we did I lose I'll do my Leo impression now I don't release the we are gonna say that was the liquid. Why I didn't want I just W dot com while the details water break in the other direction yes. Grunts I go to Ticketmaster dot com or a whopping lot of wow all right Steve about eight. It's. Wow a nice. Girl wrote already. Goes play you know Adam was sixty seconds to answer ten questions Adam you can that's all you want but you'll only get three gets her question are you ready. Do these songs ABC and I want you backward gets my wife and musical group. Not in 1977. Wednesday officially proclaimed as chilly as BI officials seek food. You asked. What 2005 movie got its title for me slang term for a few west marine. Asks who's right and demand is this person means. On which content is would you find more Roscoe. For just as it. Which German word means lightning war. We didn't know. Yeah. Which Scandinavian nation has a yellow cross on its flags. And it didn't. It's Queen Victoria it's clean to stay in which how Lance. Yeah yeah ass for occur add to go. I mean it's Steve as his thorough and maybe you'll billions are questioned by the way no one quest tonight finds only three Americans who he smiled and tired of these questions twelve don't. Beats. I don't know why you're mad at that's why I'm mad that I think he smiled I don't know if he's and then I got up before hand no I'm mad because of the subject matter to. I'll call down hotel looks like Saudi and Kuwait had to give anything away but otherwise you don't have done it and Steve are you ready. And these sounds ABC and I want you back where he gets my what musical group identified. As thanks. 1870 said don't let Steve officially proclaimed Chile as the official state boot odds that would be easy New Mexico now. As soon as. Texas asks what 2005. Movie got its title from a slang term for these US Marines. All star Mazda jarhead yet as to who's right and demand is his first meet. Thanks and I'm used to be you know it's. I haven't talked crap and excuse me on the run. I don't. And senator until you're blue columns and and now it's. Obviously. Sherlock Holmes and down so I don't know but you know we've continent would you find Morocco to dollar deal to. East Africa yes which German word means lightning war. Greased lightning now if you yeah. Is due process to know and move to undermine every you don't know which is getting Indian nation has a yellow cross and it's flat screen. Gas going 345 and adds that this. Ryder you know I don't know laurel sorry atoms are it's. I can't take it easy buddies I don't wanna say or just deployment until it can happen and plus plus. You and Adam didn't and you need to Jackson's size and delighted if he gets a fives. He shouldn't get this whole shot hobbies jays saw ask you ladies and remain performed so if I got nine right and walk and lost yet do not play a loser so I'll play the zionism aloft and that's exact reason why I will player would result in double standards let's say no doubt it's enough there he's not just one any man say yeah. Wow a whole rooms against me luckily I'm. I and I don't think he's just mad because I don't wanna hear about pirates anymore our news stupid book movie which is a horrible movie. Yeah. All talks it is so bad Al Amal god I know he's an Arnold Zain Alan Alan the whole room is against all who easier he's here and was done so much better and every other movie buff that's highest. Opinion on this Tony and the guys here really is Steve you're not missed an eight Robin Williams and it yeah. He leaves a half men please. Julia Roberts just Tinker Bell G hopefully I let all the locals are tired guys are all kids it was a bad movie I saw a low recently and it's still holds -- you gonna let bad movies and you know what's the Star Wars movies I can't take you refrain only out but I was pretty easy to a lot of good stuff I am a pacemaker you shut your mouth please do not call upon my whole darn thing called an all out when it comes to movies that true taste maker in this room is yours truly unique needs an estimate I don't know and I don't think why are we gonna talking about the stupid movies view right hand man always stress me doctor hook. Doctor hook us up. I'm loving spoonful right. And they cast out no doubt al-Qaeda really got a doctorate. Yeah and we talked about yesterday and Diaz remembered. Yeah I remembered I really just a second in and you may OK still subtle little light blue is this you saw my face and then that's what I remember who smears and I do remember the whole cab the whole Peter Pan legacy that you're faced a slick Moody's blues clues June thanks for coming in sit on BJ Hoch rules as yeah you've BJ dental floss tonight Hokies agree movie hook is not a great move and if you BJ hope he's the best shut up BJ hope in my country needs in order yet and we don't know really windy BJ BJ stun blast -- you don't want it getting up front Israel's top what do they give that's textbooks socked solved you know when you bite your tongue BJ. Oh please so we Jason to girl. I Arafat is it because it's not a good movie narrow now I think there's a blanket statement that I know that there's a lot of reasons for that but that's who you Vijay who was the bomb although bombs yards com. My yard. The German word for lightning war is that blitzkrieg happy thought well blitzkrieg bop you do do you can do. It's been tough love her and I watch hook with my kids at least once a month they love at the movie is great ones and among these I think I might be a little lunch that's abuse. So it's yeah Texas kid like his little kid wants the same movie over and over and over it's it's solidarity life thank god Mike here's a menu that was hook. You kind of went to the DNS Eric you just have like a weird obsession with the movie hook him market all the time know how snow who has even notebook dude does a little that I really decimation once upon a time WS notebook I've watched the little hurt all my gosh she says more than a year in the ten fingers oh yes she was at a time. They're easy dad and then the Olsen Twins movies we watch together. That that Karen Tran won golf yet and then some of what made in New York or go back to New York, New York minute. You're ready I don't know that he's he's he's about you know how many children how do you know Zach he should know that Olson's who knows exactly I didn't say that OK okay. Yeah I am and I don't know what you do that way too quickly when they pass eighteenth memo biggest legacy was countdown always got a guy McDowell are doomed flight since I like my sack getter something no like dobbs like Paul Giamatti or something like that. Really I Giamatti is not considered like dude dude I remember is a good act is valued Jeanne Levy that's it yeah all of that's what did the Paul Giamatti did it seem like he's not latitudes dude. I just limited dude it's a dude I know who else is an acrid don't pick. Anyway if that's the dude I was thinking out. Yeah I'm sure we'll just dreaming Obama I Gaza opponent ops I find that Jack Osbourne Ozzy Osborne is now though he's given me by the way I review be ripe tomatoes on hook because probably is and now it is 29%. But 76%. Of the audience liked it I don't care at all and that's all I don't care. You know it's complained about oh sometimes. Love the movies and urged greatly reviewed of the billions lake then they really the better will most of the times talked questions about the source great coupon via. But to ruin this the only thing you're most other times the critics are right and point 9% that's that's a bad move and let everybody is like 90% of people agreeing with me and maybe ten for this and if that had green with anybody agrees with you I don't necessarily do any credibility because you're an idiot knows you're anti happening how would you all day what do you think. Who's the big Iranians who arranged in minutes your. Yeah fixed I I was these armed progressively becoming more related to stop listening to this congress Willis takes a lot will among Iranian navy. There's a lot of New York minute if I. Hi I'm not gonna hi I got an hour I figured mystifying movies better than hoped would. A lot of tomatoes on our New York minute I'm gonna have our eye on apologetic way that is a great it's a good. It's a funny movie fancy editing goddamn what can I bet it's got a better review than hook 11%. It. Yeah. There's a liking it. I spent an accurate though he's still in double digits that's all that matters like. Sarah and I think your parent trap as the good movie maybe nervousness not that good or at least we do ON yet parent trap Lindsay Lohan feels all that's why oh yeah I don't losing Nielsen twins movie that's good. The New York mini is a good movie you know it's not Steve I was thinking I would say there will won't load when I was wrong didn't call me go this time there is no other flip flop or when he insults I thought the Olsen Twins were in Tarrant Travis Ohio wholesome film while I know it's. Are Huntsman Hun I can I was thinking the wrong damn movie I'm sorry I was when you first second because I thought it was parent trap it's amazing I'm losing my mind congratulations Steve you did manage to win beat me he's with her parents yeah I won in in New York minute. Caught fire and you think it's a case for an MMA at emerald queen casino caller number five. That's how we do it. All right. Hey. I'm shocked and see the text yet from anyone saying Steve you're right new York and is awesome yeah I don't think you may notice I'm at the way don't they so I do remember that movie now Sara has it and it's not good. Get any richter and it and then I didn't remember any richer remember readers. You have Sarah. Yeah I guess you yulia of course says yeah you know if you have to leave we imagine using share of Viagra in his later years. And people said to him musing it's of course didn't make him just hard but hard of hearing it's. The net is it not good for you hearing process not climb my hearing is already horrible sought are you taken. Dude that's the thing I'm not taken any and I'm already hearing issues and semi tech can ever use it. You should take Viagra when you go through your wife next time but I don't get on the plane seller when you get off the plane and and she picks you up your is rated ago. I don't think you understand how this works why. Because I don't see here that much yeah saucy don't leave act I don't need Viagra and it's usually a problem because that's the first thing I wanna do when she's just like geez that's the first he wanted to and ago. Honey I love you know that's what it's like to look like I won't see your for a month right in Europe what is she seeks to mean like I give up the play and it's been a month I haven't seen you of course we all day everyone that the troops are going to be ready for battle blitzkrieg rhetoric. Please creek popped but it's so why am I need Viagra. And is so yeah you know deafness apparently is one of the side effects of agonize will crystal had his little. His widow crystal Harris admitted that he wasn't trying to use it. He was trying not to use it for that reason so he was like you know I I'd like to have from the idea but I don't wanna be more deaf. Why not a reason or room when a bunch of twentysomething playmates I think I'd rather be death has been trying to give me this fifty overhearing any day of the week in the mansion. His ex girlfriend Teresa Shannon said that only one of his ears function properly definitely settled between his legs function just fine hundreds that are over the Viagra. I guess say yesterday he he had already people had to lean in really close to talk to him which means he wasn't here and an inning anyway and I agree with you he probably was in heaven. That's why he was smiling all the time we use are I mean look I get it it's awesome to be surrounded by a bunch of hot chick but I can't imagine all of them. That maybe some of them are are are fun I've conversation with but I would imagine a good number of them. Have conversations that just make your brain hurt to VoIP whether or not not hook is a good movie Vicky shows me that Yahoo! wants to be talking to somebody in their twenties you know when they're my age I don't and you want to talk to some of the old and crusty and they're what you're authorities say Viagra that may really get Def. Pace Steve we talked about over the be a big party that is in me one last party at the Playboy Mansion and have Sauna. A whole idea and invite commute you know anybody never been invited to well this is different is the last one. They'll try to waiting for you they probably want you to be at the last one right in that it was actually he said I will never invite Steve until I'm dead. All right I'm making a bet with you look out Enron matter anybody want to take this bet. Knows gonna take his bad but my bet is that if it is that. Craig gas will be at the last half party he's always everywhere beaten Craig gas if he wants to be there I don't know if he wants to be there. But if he wanted to be there I bet that he'll be he'll get to be at Dallas party. I guess is super talented and getting into places where he's not supposed to be and being invited to places where you would never think you'd be invited to die as amazing lock and turn it persistence. I am. I'm one of the growth five hole dollars down on this hi we have to get him all right you're asked will not be at the last play like we're between himself between Craig and say we have a bad Steve and I five blocks that he can't get until last Playboy party I will take that bet. Because I believe he can. Yes I don't think he can't OK fair enough by that I saw entourage was very difficult to get into that place I don't you know Craig gas is amazing everytime I see where he shows up I'm always like how the hell did he get over there the man I. I don't know if you again this in places as Ralph Mark Jones Pauly Shore of the ho ha ha ha ha. I would say Craig guest is a boat goes through our. I will say we get the bet you bet five bucks he can't I've had five us Craig asking get in that last Playboy party. I think I write rules I don't think it's going to happen all right. I know I guess approve it yes that's good ice cream for you because you threaten America make the playoffs I'm I am never gonna see anything from you. You name the place I mean the time we know the place volume you're supposed to play it how we gonna bring in ice cream dipped. Do you think you do it and I tell us where you're at lower that agreed upon that was bringing in the ice cream that's very easy half I thought we were gonna go. Now I take it back I don't wanna take ya take everyone else yeah all you can take the bet I do I just it. How on can you are listening to you on that I tell you you Vicky really of the same age you know I'm done with faulty it. Hey Larry David I don't know if you know bring back Curb Your Enthusiasm weekend I'm very excited about that and realize this weekend that's our zone. Also missed a beat on last Sunday. Cited a couple of my favorite shows Iran plus the hawks are aunts and a football sonet and we also hate Sundays. Because there's Monday the next day I agree that I used to feel that way but now they're stacked enough Sundays or good stuff for free K fair enough yeah I'm glad that television makes it it does make me happy you know I mean it's very certain gas soaked Curb Your Enthusiasm back this Sunday and the reason why he originally stopped doing the show pretty awesome you'll hear from Larry it's 717. On the rocks. And made some more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI SW. So they're out of Seattle. Well I'm stoked because. Larry David's coming back what does new season season nine of Curb Your Enthusiasm it's been six years. Since season eight. And had to be on HBO this Sunday and he did take those six years off from doing the show and here's Larry David saying why. Why did she couldn't take it away from us for six teams and I just didn't feel like doing that. And I did feel like it. I miss I miss the feet tall I really don't have much more fun doing anything than that now. It's an agency said I really I'm organizer you know it's I can see the you have fun doing it but I also doing a TV show can be a grind for people and and Larry. Larry's going to be what in his sixties now maybe sat gazing out yeah it's sixty's I'm gonna guess 66 GAAP and does anybody. This is ME IIR southern updates all of this seventy yeah. And as anybody in this room not know that Larry David David George Costanza character was actually based on Larry David who was a co creator and writer of Steinfeld. Only Nokia said before yeah Sunnis and lots of that and that's why bring it up because I bet there's a lot of people that know sign felled even the younger ones had no idea that that's who Larry David is which is why it's such a great show. Because you really get to see the real to stanza again he really is at least you know maybe as that character he really is that if I I still contend that. Larry David is on a mix of both our our Jerry Seinfeld and and George verses or Jerry and George on on the sign pledges that. I feel like are of they both have. A little bit divided Larry David and I can I can definitely see that yeah yes they're tied for the I dared terrorists episode where you can now looking back you've seen the character that is Larry David on curb your -- it and granted that's still. A fictional show but I imagine very based off of who uses a person you are pretty studies Larry David. There are times of Jerry sides on just reeks of Larry David he you know my wife says that I am a combination and we we we talk yeah we talked to Jim Parsons about this when he was on the show a few years ago he's just got home my guide. That I would that I was a combo on Sheldon and Larry David according to my wife and all the best feature of course all the best office stern and Jim was like wow hunter who thought they were plucked you're a lot people I'm sure while he was right yeah he was splitting up the best. Of course are being interviewed on the view that's a current things that he had talked to Larry about current events and of course it just happened that you have your died and they they and Larry talked about that. When you have a live listen yourself. When I can sneak it somewhere. I dare not finalized until now but any chance I had to look at it I seize upon it yeah. Now he was he was there admired by every teenager in the in the neighborhood now. Yeah I mean you know the guy did nothing seemingly the thing if you walked around in pajamas you know provide the men had sex all the time yeah. Yeah yeah. So that's I sat Larry when I you don't hit it right on the truth I would let's just say is he had sex when he wanted to. Which not every guy gets to do. And it's so you put that in your pipe smoking on who held without ones that said now that's pretty sad. On all those things very discouraged sit around you for Jonathan do nothing something a great life I think vacation for me probably did I can't wait for those days to come ideology is gonna happen is probably the sex all the time that's only but I mean I but afford to sit around in my pajamas and a I can't wait. Also allow I was talking about why and this is it doesn't ask a public displays of affection affection you know PDAs and he finds them disgusting. What is it specifically. Clinton annoys you discuss the minute. I. And I'll say this you know. After my wife and I separated men I know instead couples. Began to be more affectionate in front of me. I didn't know on purpose like rubbing it in my face even worse still we still have this in you don't. And it's showing off their relationship. Yeah I love the way he thinks this is exactly the way I think they had so much they Lara yeah when you go to a break up you turn on the radio every song is about breakup in the U. It immunity an end in actuality a lot of songs are about break up but there's so often when your turn on the news if your own man wise it's our plane hit the other. You're actually that you're paying more attention that crap when you're heartbroken and I do I I I I'm with him I don't know I find public displays of affection it just seems so slobbering an animal like can you see a lot of young people do it mostly that's why I IC you know you because again nowhere else to go they're not a lot of due to their parents' house so they usually do around public source PDA PDA for you know hole and hand holding is that a guy is like most holding is yet to me that's not a good to have come elects not know a pet nonetheless is a quick one OK it's about to fall on French tong. Oh yeah I. First I have to look at you doing that yeah. Disgusting and a look at your face and let the Joker when you do that on patted him there why so serious Ted I'd. Our. You do those who slit the DC would you do don't show to me CNN enough. And there's unity a picture wow yeah I don't like that take a picture of Vicky do a through the door for god Nigeria did you take the face there. I. Mean I've got to figure it out. No catches no wonder how should take your interview with the head turn that way will figure it out Vicky. That may shift to get off the chair you know she's not gonna you know world get a role later learned real credit okay. Yes so I agree with Larry David I I I do think they're published please affection are indeed disgusting. Our topic. He drives me crazy but you know what every other things of people doing public good drive you crazy and that's what I wanna hear from you. 206421. Rock Texas 77999. What is something that people do is public big drives you nuts. We'll take your calls and text after Alice on Iraq. The next morning it's. Yeah. I guess tells you. Point nine KI SW their Iraq Seattle. So Larry David. Post show curb your dues yesterday's start that show its return Sunday's by the way and it this Sunday on HBO. He was on the view and he feels. That public displays of affection PDAs are disgusting. And I you know I share his view I think PDAs him over the top I mean come on. But how are you what is something that people do in public that drives you nuts. 206421. Rockies and also Texas it's 77999. The Scottish online throughout shocked. You are on the Iraq. Yeah it's not rocket caused not run then. And anybody here randomly do it not bracket it make. Mikey and bit without dribbling my chin I can't imagine if you don't get it right with her. Most of sheer death ho ho she's yeah. I I don't see anybody doing that I carefully you see that that allow its members he soared due to snot rocket isn't like the world wrestling because that's got a bad guys moved to do it's not rocket a slow runners IC runners really yeah out runners will do all time naturally there are so that's why don't run. Baton death as a reason ice down her eyes as shy as it is drivers or do you see Ramsey as anybody else besides runners is not rocketing all over the place. I know until we are going to college in Seattle I repeated random people especially like pioneer square. Lock it down late night into early morning I got a good look here and it's target. Wow has awful club pioneers greasy some cultural activity that's assassins hit their theory I mean you and you really do. Yeah I like at least discussing big you'll see tiger sets a very good point kids without a doubt I mean you just listen this is not rocket and pioneer square yet that whole occidental I have area where over the bridges and I'll Aggies don't know they wanted to see I don't know what's in between those crevices. Man Luciano sorrows in picking their nose in public 92 million a tissue so disgusting especially when they eat it. Nadia cars just cars for every green in the car and no I'm not needed a pick out all of that considered public it's CS public you'll see you when your car we should be looking at other people's cars have some privacy how how how okay by the huge yeah. I don't like all bets are off when you're in your car and our national tied for picking your nose at C you people who see unions that is disgusting and that's in Miami around Republicans your visible. I'm you can slash your privacy in the car right well I mean who says I'm not. It's not a slam and achieve yeah luckily luckily there's that your and his from me gas field in driving around instantly when you try to make it turn down a road. And so of course German move the walkers are the right away and I respect happily take effort to youths we never as is your attitude and I almost feel like a lot of times they're walking and a relatively decent pace until they realize that car needs to get down that road. And it's almost like doing a flex their very pedestrian right to slow walk and they just look at you know I do and almost like a slow motion. Thank and it's not like they don't have a car like you know encyclopedia didn't hit pay it forward and everybody a walk quickly I've run across cross walks and I realize that cars are waiting for me because that's how I was raised. He you know you don't keep people waiting you have a little courtesy British speed up the walk like I understand you have a walker or cane are weird limb for a missing my people shouldn't be allowed to walk. Now I those situations are more than happy to be patient now but if I. I truly believe some people. Purposely slow down and they see a car come and now my roommate is worse because he has any look both ways he just goes and just takes his sweet ass sunny Watson he's going to walk and I sitting there running Bassam what Ellen yeah we you know I don't I I don't understand the sense of the just I don't care who today again hit me in the position namely how well I you know enjoy being in a wheelchair. He's an idiot you know what I mean every time I hear stories about him he's a complete shed and I'll say his name Steve. Why are looking at me I'm on sorry but it. Yeah I and Steve I think we've noticed it more because we're downtown then we have to take a lot of lo lot of lesson rights and gusher right into your area forever how long I was staring me down this morning. And he was he was walking against some of those don't I had the green I saw you out so yeah those guys I just laying on the horn if you walking against traffic like that. Yeah and that's supposed to walk across a green light area you are just random over only by an easy lockdown around he'll be fine as I guess so far did so with you some third on. Stamp mission daughters and they're all there are. And I think that she'd be the winner ready to complain about her new boyfriend well the PDA yeah you guys into the PDA. Okay oh yeah and loves PDA and an ass grab men and making now really senator. Are you are you I barrier inside ass grabbing was for a PDA phone call eight. No I know I it and now I understand it is it's a normal thing I would do is getting just a normal yeah when I we want glue around the neighborhood I constant squeeze Michael he's black it's. They generally are you two hours to area. Yeah our plays right there she's not mad at that. I don't know if that's really ought to I think she would be like not knocks everybody ends in a one on is that my hand I'll my arm around her. And now he's gonna go down and I. And that's she that's the then we'd who you'd that you don't grab somebody's button public I just that's wrong and I got Sarah's but all the time everywhere yeah that's wrong I love it why is it wrong if you're both are consenting adults. It's wrong for him to grab each other's just in public its wrong this you don't I don't wanna see you guys I'd rather see that the people make out. I wanna see people making now we're there yet you Democrats moms Assam pub what. I can't remember if I have but I really try not to I try to be respectful and a people wanna see that yeah. The leg down a slam home she uses I don't want you talk about what your mother would like okay. Hey Charlie led chiefs is something that drives me crazy in public it's a locker rooms I don't know why but everyone thinks. It's a private area and a locker room know there's still a lot of people around. And girls change their tampons. Yeah. Oh and I don't want any food guys you're so lucky and I'm deal nice. In the men's argument the new Jim I don't cost you started to cancel my breakfast in maybe I'm going in the wrong locker room yeah. Not that could be look I know that is disgusting it's disk is friendly hey do they did the war. Dad you know real and I say idea way I'm mortified and FaceBook live it next time all. All yes see now here's the thing that. They're there I mean it's this it's it's disgusting enough when it goes you know when you're doing the to go Indy but the coming out you must just need to say I mean you really think I need to sound what. It's really. Not Salt Lake right there that's regional and it's all know what is what is wrong with human beings. How he brought about it think you may want to see that they think Kellogg earned him be free and every channel I won not that way it's not like Thailand it's not licensing and dump on the sink and immense. Locker room we still using a private stall that's frowned upon. Steve is I'm driving my ass in the locker while you're doing that OK I know I had to rethink my whole locker room I think it. Wow Jack yes it's a big Joseph in Seattle to policies towards one rock big Joseph you are on the rock. We'll. March job but she would judge you crazy when it comes people in public you know. And really I'm guilty of it I I try not to and then sometimes and him a lapse of of I'm not realizing a billion my wife calls me on on and I'm on the worst of leukemia when he yeah. He knows that. Yeah yeah Joseph let's see how well we were all taught that is kids or at least I was wreckage of the cro Magnum period but. The trouble is is that a lot of people don't have any than they don't care they yawn they don't care anymore. I see you see on people's is when they're big gaping mouths open my see all the way down the Cleveland. Nobody cares. Yeah and I think I have Jim gently luggage settle the Jerusalem cornbread so I'm not lose here the bar don't chew like cal. I yeah yeah I had I had to learn not to talk while eating because there's nothing more embarrassing when Mike got a chunk of food goes flying out of somebody and so and then that was something I was always guilty so I. Really try to chew wood my mouth closed for a speaking you know it's hard for me I just wish that people at least. She most of the food up sometimes like guilds are still see you like the what it look like when it was on the plate. If you want to see the progress and. Yeah. That's that's not race. Well there's your son's memory gap. We tease my muscles or non bias or really pisses me off is when you're in a restaurant right. And bill Cobbs and you go to split the check with everyone and they all split it evenly. They don't pay for what they get they just all restore everything's earlier on these fires are you watching like other people do this and you know you don't like seeing other people do that when you're. Don't you say say sitting there and like you get a ten dollar meal and so it's it's one dollar meal and look what is spoken fifteen dollars. I haystack craps. It makes you so angry okay are you dangle money anyway airway disease understand the topic unless certain merely how you understand the topic. I mean that's not mean I did some vineyard tomorrow technically it is happening in public DJ hall for cards so they didn't try to would you be OK when that whole. That's published study only happens in a car. Today. Sure I won't allow this I think it's gonna judge Matthews on this 112. Another worry Mary I know have a conversation a silos will make the alteration but I think that's it. I am a firm believer of just splitting in half and half even if I'd even if my bill is less than the other person's like I go have dinner with ten a lot. Ted will crash more Beers and I well. So when we're all said and done his half is a little bit more than my half for a lot more depending on. How how well aggressively once again what is your drinking. And I just don't want what noise the waitress and say. Well put 70% of the dawn on his side in it are these guys used to car exploded down the middle. What thank you'll figure it out they'll even out eventually policy I bit my friends are like that they don't ever get it even but that's goods orders were zero Y know Steve what what is it too much money like he's at the bigger question for Beers regulate like if if if you know you had thirty dollars worth of food and the bills ninety. I saw the last wow okay would then used a bill what that there was a reason why am broke a Dallas fort hills one if you know you're exerted over the food news is you and Ted. I tried just dash could. I he's got all I am so there would be a line you're absolutely right eye but more often than not I've never had that. And no number I do encountered that problem yet so I don't know how I would react and I would imagine I would say look man. You do you dominate at least 80% of that bill. Let's let's put this up properly write and do this is why we can't get sushi with Steve because Steve and her sentiments in Seton crush oh yeah well yeah all young Thomas usually our DOT CD trappers to the team right there but if you take Steve anywhere else you can have a big bill that is always silent when the bill console great no guys. Now it's. Time now. Yeah solid meal thanks yeah you guys are awesome. Hey look I did my part what are you talking about I remember. So Laramie avenue and undermine the Saudi bonds evolved. Yeah I paid quite a bit more than everybody else actually I would hope so yeah. I don't know I remember this conversation I don't ever see your bills Steve and I feel robbed. By not having to pay as much as I did yes you don't. Yeah you rays in this do it yeah. I did okay and making sure yeah it's very different yeah yeah he's making new look like the Smart child and I think I could. That's not easy to do I was speak anymore. It's awesome love lady I have a question was Harrison Ford drunk on a late night talk show. Four birdies directing traffic he's almost crashing a plane into another plane. Was your son John become a morning show. Well my son Harrison Ford some of John we have the audio video here at 747. On Iraq. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now and has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. I know a lot of back taxes can bankruptcy helped me. Bankruptcy can do Sharon to back taxes under certain circumstances sometimes just actors are never discharge of a life if you haven't taxes from an employee if you had a business and didn't pay employee taxes. Our sales guys are so special taxes about the nutrition bankruptcy. However most people don't have those kind of taxes those people are just regular income taxes. 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