BJ & MIGS Podcast 09-29-17-9A: Listeners on the loose.

Friday, September 29th

Beat Migs. Listeners on the loose. Cross talk with Jolene.


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You want more info about where the player what to do I have been using. I have limited today brand new. How today's call broken if you wanna see him live jazz this weekend tonight over losing the second five. He's just great music you see them tonight and then tomorrow and get up north Tony he's garage polluted from nothing will be playing there. And yet then inform BJ means they can KI SW dot com also Sunday night. Saw him walk through hours of all local music from your great fans. Like collusion. For nothing. OK. So the easy day it's naturally made it is Friday. I'm good now. Okay and there. Mario. Are you. I love. It's. The week ended Friday's here he birdied the first. Actually Friday. There's two contested today we've got Josh in Bremerton Josh are either sir. Excellent one point four today Steve tickets to take up their G three show featuring just had Giuliani John Richard Sheehan also sold Colin they're all the more theater on Thursday and shot January 11 courtesy of as TG presents go to KI SW dot com for all the rules of yours Sig RG three did you tickets now. Ticketmaster dot com Aristide decent guy yeah. Okay. And. Wow frills play you know Josh will have sixty seconds to answer ten questions Josh you can't pass all you want to join Omega three S is her question are you ready. What would you English singer got his stage name because he wore a yellow and black striped shirt. Thank you ask what large red tile was popularized by Steve Curwood and Paul Hogan's. Are you as bella Lugosi was famous for playing which is universal movie box turns. You ask how many spikes are there on the statue of Liberty's crown. What explorer introduced chickens to the new world. Which is the largest living bird on a terrorist. You ask Frank Sinatra was very was a bottle of what twisty. I don't know. I ask you at before moving to LAB lakers played in which city. Now over. Asked which is US data is known as the land of Lincoln. Don't know why you ask who was the reality is. Flow who was kind of how these shows survivor's first winner. Relaxed and I learn a little. Now right dead on 23456. Correct. I says have been undecided yeah he did all right started strong finish strong the middle is a little if you they're volume of that when you don't know their you don't put and stricken. Someone goes notices on. Who's back hey Steve hi hi hi I need are great great jointly some games we're just. This was. Which English singer got his stage name because he wore a yellow and black striped shirt. Stinks to ask. What's large reps how was popularized by Steve Irwin and Paul Hogan crocodile as striking bella goes he was famous for playing which universal movie monster Frankenstein no Dracula you as company spikes are there on the statue of Liberty's crown night school there seven yes and what explorer introduced chickens to the new world has odds I would beyond. Colonel Sanders had no parent trap that's a that's a cop Christopher Columbus yet as Chris really yes. What's the deal Clark just living bird on earth ostrich you ask. Frank Sinatra was buried within days bottle of what whiskey are Jack Daniels asks before moving to LA the lakers played into which the city's Salt Lake no city no. Some degree thanks to know where they are Utah now lost. A saying here's Slade and Sacramento now Arabs. Some days you do how are now a hole which you less dangerous you know Nancy Landon wings game. Yeah Missouri you know. One Q3 4567. Somehow you still matter who wins that ended a sorry judge us. I think everybody I've managed to win because I'm the best. And all the rest right now you can read on job well yeah that is. It's. I'd like to have good days just pay. Hello tell me you excessive there aren't so you're just completely stuck on Utah and Utah Jared yeah I knew New Orleans jazz you have Yahoo! New Orleans jazz could have hasn't really moved you top Italian Salt Lake City. Although that is great Minnesota yeah yeah when he has really yet there you go mania here and yeah that's right ladies aren't in the late yeah the problem with my brains. It's all really the only program always is one of them. But I mean I'm so stupid. Well O Mac Taylor are there risks but I want you as you did the other one that you miss US state that is known as the land of Linkedin now. And dad Josh did give that one correct Nebraska. It's Illinois it's on the cult show where Lincoln was born I guess I know usually boarding Kentucky but he was a senator from Illinois. OK okay. It would be good information and now look at. Out Alastair bracken and I'm impressed how can make fun of us Steve for saying Nebraska they're forgotten lenient Nebraska yeah yeah let's put it. Well in spite of the chaos that just happened you once Steve congratulations with seven correct congress seven you know what hero when it suited your check out. G three wood Josef Jenny jumper true she and Phil Collins caught our seven of the more theater you get that Iraq now. Why Steve you're not Smart knowing what you might you know like some people here survive thinks maybe you're good looking I don't know if destitute CNN and the guys. Benjamin after the best get a new survey the reveals that give us just about half of us find themselves attractive buzz and actually I'm not part of that half. If I ever even thought there was this job. Is definitely reminded me down not. Because anytime anywhere and host of Pixar and social media I have to then of course he all the nice nice kind people that won't compare me to a Sunday dumb or track the hour on what's wrong with your job what's wrong with distance like OK well my day's ruined yeah I don't everybody social networking reach is still feel the feel good so there by yourself now that I had the utmost amount of confidence in my looks beforehand sound mirrors. But yeah I didn't people definitely be quick diligently and attractive yeah I've heard them self yeah yeah and so that's OK so you want I am beautiful on the inside man but I wouldn't go that far. I don't know Isaac literally I wouldn't go that far. But let me just say this if you want IA. Don't think we're attractive and they say in this survey that half must think we're attractive I wonder about the rest of our show if they actually look in the mirror and believe that there are tracked and who here thinks that there are attractive Danny. Narrow now no I don't I talked to shore live on that guy liner and everything you just go on separate days that's why where I had such low. I know now I have to make myself look better. I don't castle in the there Tony and start doing that mascara all day just joking I never I think I feel like I don't feel I read just sits there is strokes is dear to thinks he's the bees to the knees I don't know I think Brad thinks his beard is attractive. I think my beard and my mustache are amazing when actually put myself together. Like using all the I amazing is a word he's just not using a lot of product to get to twirl my mustache I appeared to be perfect at Bushey you can seize a lot of my pictures out there when Amal steam pump down low loss on all real well they go he thinks he leave it there's no timer I think I looked awesome these things and exhausted and urban historian I give a certain thing on you just like yeah I know is that certain thing would be by us like listen compared with me is really addressed I think this like I I just put lipstick on this pig about it more I policy interred there okay. And all thanks Larry I feel better now yes they keep pub are not under Torre I don't you. I don't think I'm like oh God's gift to humanity but I think Ngo scene that's so so that kind of missed two of the two for three. There are some people in the show like you know I mean Vicky Skye is gone on the side that she's attractive Danny no you know me know revved Qaeda yes. Smith first investment committees is when he was right now Molly moon's men sort of bottom from bread to chicken man and it wasn't an insert it was a women's excel and it didn't fit me very lush medium de de de packets hit by saying it was an excel and around the they told them and it was such a nice get to my wife Aysu aware it is like a lounge around circle so it was a serious gift. Close and I had read. Although I don't know I always thought it was trolling you all know red hot dude and I'm became a one time and you know mindlessly emit any easily wife Erica they bought the a much moves T shirt. And it was an excel. Add put on a plan that you know I know sometimes takes some of these dinners style shirts Runnels small. You can always trying to put this on my its. This is terrorist ma am I looking at the label mate does say Exxon attorney that it was an excel release so who let's just say that doesn't fit me very well it doesn't now. 10% of people say that they are very attractive. Course these conceded SOB's. Yeah I want to know really how I do know a therapist. No problem sort of views themselves as being attracted that's fine. But I wanted to do the type of person that puts on a crackpot make up or Tom a product or. Pass a goal an hour to two hours of getting ready gaffe or is it somebody that without make up day look at themselves and they're so comfortable on who they aren't they they find themselves to be beautiful. Well last thing I'd like to know gender as well and I just and I assume that they just talk to men and women about this but I. I I would think that women are the ones that would find themselves more attractive than men would because. Many women find women attractive on on the kindness and you said it any chance they get if there's even a reflection and a window go to bed check in the. Sells out because now all of that good you know girls always seemed dealing with a lower self esteem that's that's why they do the make up it's like Ghana I can't do anything without my face plate so you think guys just don't know I'm attracted that's usually think like I have been gorgeous women like. Hot smoking bodies like the face everything with the without make up look in the mirror and welcome. Well I see guys who'd. And not not that great look in night Haley ad maybe this is what I dad really is and not just killing yeah I'm not tell them what that guy why I cannot imagine you're mere girl. Well it's funny you bring out as I was just reading a story about this is that makes your pictures a dishwasher for faster for Interpol played a dishwasher right. And some modeling recruiting. Agency woman walked in there and set I can just eating your face you would be a great model if you don't do a model the girls are sure. Fast forward a few months after that she sold comfortable in doing it that she's I guess arguably one of the biggest models in the war and on the world but you know like she's quickly become one of the best models ever. I'm look at the picture of her that. Of her when she is working Interpol like he sees patients should say cute girl but it's. I had no no she doesn't look like you would think she'd be a fantastic Molly you're our secure girl but right down that picture she does have any makeup on right she doesn't look at is just noise yes she looks and and somebody still saw on her. Bush and you know what it turns out of it all but look you still annoyed that I and I think that's the thing you know like that's the bulk nowadays did chase is like super fabulous apparently fearless she could have been off and she's got an awesome cheek well we actually see lie detector why is that I think where women look miserable mess like fashion I don't know Tony was from and then you'd be a killer idea I had such a big screen so you can maybe you feel like the best model ever demos isn't. Just some old person's story I can model for. They got a plus size sore depend store for we know yet. Yeah sorry for the ten and we know guys Viagra Greg could you want a model looks happy after they describe themselves. Or guys gonna talk fourteen pills and ordered people to get things working and I didn't let me we. All ought to be awesome bands that sound so crazy and I saw that picture of her and again I don't think she's unattractive but. She looks no different than anybody would see working at a fast food place. I would never never retreat as you all the fast food place and she looks miserable as a model. I would never think similar go look at that miserable woman she'll be the greatest model ever I think that's pretty pretty incredible when you go from just washing dishes at a chipotle tonight you're likely to do desktop models that's jackpot central MS like you know getting discovered like Teoma old stories of people game discovered like you know a drug stores or whatever and it's a you know bull they amid pictures. And she's she's miserable and they say she's a great model more I'd pay anything now we know what to look in the eyes are surprise you look at some of the runway models and they look like they just keep life they really do right or you're actually right right that he'd like to look and I just as a guy it's like I would never wanna buy them out but she has on could she looks like she's miserable ladies stiff from the women. The last I checked and not trying to appeal to you would benefit it's fair value I get some you better wearing out thin smile. And it is a lot of these high fashion outfits aren't really mention of for every day enough for people to get pretty woman like me. Doing the sports rich people that would spend like 20000 dollars on a pair of boots they are miserable on I was really tired legs and that they whittled we'd like I see there's an angle weird as rain hope. Her dress things I was an artist I guess with the zipper on its I would never would know anybody would Wear this on my whole day today. I know who wears those things I see them every day at the Mercer Island USC and if you wanna see eight sir see if you wanna see a collection most miserable women in the world. These women that have everything. And yet it is the worst shopping experience I had any supermarket I've ever gone to in this area I'm glad you brought it up so quick shout out to the chicken tenders at them or throw accuracy a delicious. Card. Tiebreaker I imagine they wouldn't really say hi why you got your back on her that those chicken and the way. It's you could just he got his leg literally emitted from my high Disney you know. The guy got doctor doctor stations the chiropractor rock star cut Karen Kyra. Guys yeah I went visited I've ever coming back. He says he's winning here back from new dude he told me he would call me I gave them my card. Well how well you call him he's waiting for you he would say they tell me just say I'm a recent time she uses his to do don't want to try to find him I don't worry as I know where he is now but it was weird like his office was closed it was in the back at some restaurant I was like I read by the accuracy yeah I know dude I know and I Tommy doesn't he shanks. Not fine and could go on a couple of guys that he had to fire very high class nice fellow diamonds I guess Ramirez sent to the chicken tenders at that security interests out of the doctor statement as well he's he's an incredible chiropractor I can't believe I'm Mayor Menino and like now than one that I was trying to fix the pain in my neck and wanna get another one. Firefox path to OK all this you know I it's titlist is on the loose. You pick the top you guys to show 206421. Rock Texas 77999. Because your checks at 917. On the Iraq. And they eggs mornings. On the rocks or any nine point nine KI DSW. Good point nine K guy SW number. Seattle it's listeners on the loose. You've picked a topic you guys to show. Listeners on the loose trust you by GE Q what a great gaming experience don't just watch play baby. More info go to GE two dot alive the liturgy the letter either number two GE DEQ dot lives. And this is a simple things you call you get on the air with whatever you wanna talk about something new something old. Just do remember this one rule from Steve. That's showed some energy and bring it otherwise. I'm. Never gonna say goodbye to blow for the dude but it. 206421. Rock Texas 77999. Let's go to Brian and Everett Brian and you Iran Iraq. Good lawyer and DiMarco Ryan which got forced to anybody. Slowly then you go to every game how old. We all of our goals. Road Megyn Kelly. Good. It happened this week and let you know her out NG Carmelo. It's. Oh OK Susan and he didn't. And so Leno what I want to mention those bad dad because my mother. Minnie Mouse is. Indy car World Cup draw a new younger. 69. So his and so his mother was a cover on the cover of cover girl magazine back in 69. There's 69 year old. Blow the cover right now. Are okay. And why was there I am I am lost why is that things went wave where is that I'm sorry I'm not million paying attention why is this relevant. You know you can do the intermediate how we aren't they about all the reps. Oh yeah she's happy you had a hand nobody half of us think that we're attractive and half who has don't. Yeah. So oil sharing that a woman at 69 is a cover girl on current magazine. That's pretty cool because some people at the age of 690 and imagine you wouldn't think to be on the cover of a fashion type of a magazine and he brought up the other story because of what we're talking and. Oh yeah but I I think she's on the cover not because she's there and Lindsay she thinks is try to match I carcass is Elon -- his mom. That's why don't just put anybody's mom on the cover from eight. All I always always hated it or not she's not she's Smart she's the modeling for five decades. Follow I didn't realize that's. Well. Well I commemorate today that makes sense that they put her on the cover then made outside of the fact that he's his momma says that's what she's been doing her whole life that's cool. Yes there there are no connection to an idiot like girl power how. The media Asia you know I think you know that they're actually playing great right now I'm going to nothing. It's. Yes there's it's funny yet now she's got a ton of work so. Pretty seriously she's got a lot of work do you look at that picture and know that yes she 69 but she's she's probably bigs got more plastic than probably have a Lego collection on their Rio make her feel good about yourself. So let's just got the cash I don't know I'm the but I guess I mean I don't know if he's talking inner beauty but if you go and pay to get all that stuff done to your face doesn't that mean that it's not about interviewed it's about outer beauty. I I'm I guess I Donna that's who you are trying to say is she saw one interviewed even as she's really about outer beauty. Well run. Oh yeah fire confuses I just didn't understand what is. Point was that things finisher cool story about a woman of 69 this on the cover of magazines. I'm Dan Harris she's uncover come I don't know cover girl had a magazine I retiree on the cover of cover girl at all really made yesterday it is is fine I'm driving. And you know on the dude you see hot chick I thought OK out now like them as is from the driving my car sweet stems on that check right. It'll be closer to the mosque to be eighty years old. And I was like wow good arm her yes she is Jose got your attention jog him saying and I'm like what is happening in my into the gulf world these days are what do I told you was happened. You used to make fun of me don't less picky. You used to make fun of me and I told you something happens the older you get the more older women look attractive alien. Should I nobody how does that mean Jane Fonda. You guys left in the heavy Jane Fonda's hot and the Elon Musk his mom looks good dude is I mean I'm I diagonal problem are. I didn't laugh that he is finding a woman of that age attractive guy I think there are plenty of them attract I just love they said gilts. Guilt it's just sweet skills action I'm sure now. Studio on must did you hear that. He says that actually we and there he's gonna build a base on the moon. I'm not go in there space 1999 maybe I can't wait are you leaving. I want to go to moon bay self we had to come back to an all under the moon you can come back from Stevenson hunt my heart as you come back from the whom I mean how much money you guys have to be able to get back. When we far away he always looked up bars are going to talk quell ha. To order probably take a couple days to come back and go for this at added. Did more than five hours on a plane I'm on the Asus. And he says that they're gonna build a base on the moon as well as colonize Mars this is Ilan mosque thing that they do this guy's unbelievable. And I love what he's calling a rocket and we just talked about this above what they called the biggest gun and video games they called the VFG yet he's gonna have to be FR. That's the big F and rocky yells at the big F and Rockies are that's good yeah and he says it will also Comerica permit commercial traveled anywhere on earth and less than an. How war. I like that path all along on board to get on a day yes and rocketed you get home and visit my family is less than an hour ago when homeowners traffic cop with you do that he's so you're in an hour. Well I think about this. Yeah he you know how much anywhere on earth do which we you can travel to Australia really cool places and not have to worry about a 125 go you know go to Bora Bora and I got a guy that that would be good to be an hour. To be crazy just like 20/20 two he's gonna have a VFR ready to roll. And who know how to comprehend like we don't feel like to beat them. Yeah I would think to GeForce a few hundred home right and they're filling theaters the Texas west incident back in that chair I her yeah I got a feeling like desired I would I take too much medication to be trusted source I just think you could just say no Jake nobody to unhealthy it's not sad it's awesome man. To me is a big question for us I'm ready as listeners on the loose 206421. Rock text as it's 7799. Matches and I've a question for our viewers sadly the Diamondbacks five minutes what's the last purchase made or we she made. I would real estate prices DA crop I wish that I like those. I'm never had a state by its gonna really try exercise yet and that's the only good thing and DA crowd I was Soledad yeah ugly women yeah I mean they don't have sixty Beers on. They don't have amazing steaks and they Catania all. I've I read this on the Internet I would love to have a great meal. I guess with my family and my friends are well like pulse heart felt that was I guess if my family here. Yeah yeah I mean I didn't seem to be I'm not gonna be alone. Really you guys dying mom and Mulder would damage doesn't like you just like go to so Kwame casino and all you can eat crabs. And just let me have the run defender and any -- running a limited tickets to those lobster tails I don't want just you're you're by yourself your last moments his job I crabs and now boom you're done you know it's often wanted to focus on January January I am pleased I want this beauty don't do my high and I am dying you'll have no I don't get a dialogue with a crab. What they had that that's unfortunate for them and then noticed with the visual I'm dead I'll give them wisdom before I go way way out of I would like I always pretty we are far removed yes. Know they'll be your wisdom. Our listeners on you know I honestly YouTube hits and wisdom was a blessing that you bought. Because he said they know what what was the last person you meet always the last fertilizer and yet both get all okay so the last purchase that I made. I mean it was a board game and I was kit Kat bar yeah. Oh yeah I saw that which you share why would I share that with you have to have a full by you feel good about myself why we have to give you anything at all. You know serious you guys displayed and die along with crabs. Christian appreciate you're coming from Ghana diamond a dialogue with president I was crabs it's let's. Some of those new tickets are very few guys to show it's 06 ports to a rock Texas 77999. More goals than sex at 933 month Iraq. And made some morning. Rock and 99.9 KI DSW. You guys like guys KI SW Iraq Seattle. Listeners on the loose you pick a topic you guys to show it to those six fortune one rock you can also text does. At 7799. No lane and let me see let's go to Texas over there Steve. I was got a few text asking about what we had earlier had died Dell Darren McMullen whose are doing a television show about being. Picking a sports team to be Hamas and a because he's from Australia. He's in love with American football but now he's a fine team and there's a camera crew and and it's going to be on a big network. Where he's trying to find which team he's been a fan of at least here in Seattle this weekend so. He's doing a big polar plunge to monster before wonder where that plunge is ice tomorrow over in green lake it's going to be at the U screaming beach section. Right by. They the Evans pool and I doubt McMullen a camera crew show up where you see jobs here and it starts. 9 AM. That's where that he's serious now he said easy knowing that they he has some and he's a my dad an inmate in Scotland they do a polar plunge they call something else but at some duke certainly adding that it video you can do here in the looney duly every dukes the yes something about duke and and he. He says he's gonna do it yeah. He's not he is not so nice mail and Maurice could be chilly. But if you wanna be on television and again this is something that Clinton can say wherever it's got its only major network. Which is Gary dam Austin it's gonna yet this is and this is why a hi how major urban network they probably won't show my face. Because the last time I was on a major network for America's Got Talent your voice is on I was like yeah you might face is on there for literally are thousands of Melissa it was hot it was hysterical how I really was an on time. My favorite of all the ought to be very lucky over the years of you have had chances to be on some different television shows that was the biggest as far as NBC not a huge. Amber tuning in to be like all this can be craze was gonna happen I hear your voice call man it's on we're gonna see BG on their own so pumped. And you see you split like. You're part of a dissolve into another dissolved so it's almost like a ghost of your fill out this at no point was your dad ace fully on the television screen that's that's why I don't think like a 50% Americans I'm attractive I already know. And they proved it on America's Got Talent they were like we cannot put this freak show only human being on TV we will scare people at night. But I Darren what a great guy to the parents awesome news host of Americans now American I think the voice yacht in another country he's so a lot of great show me out guys a lot of great shows us is important to host an American Idol on a different country town could become American I don't recall probably Australian idol maybe yeah yeah I and so I he. And he's ever since I was a kid in Scotland big football fan listening on the radio. Because that's silly when you pick up bad NFL games and nobody is country wanted to even care about foot I American football he's loved at all as life. Now he's finally gonna pick a team he's going on this big journey to all the football cities to find it where he should be a fan of he's genius man because he threw out a way to have it. Paid for by a network yeah and colleague so here are you said he got to meet Pete Carroll he got there around mount on those at the G Mac which I'm Ryan. So he's gonna get to experience all these cool things with each city had he goes to. Thanks to the fact that he's got a TV crew had as a football fan this has got to be. Ending scene experience for him no doubt about it he's getting close to being like another genius that we know that does things like this for pressure Yahoo! gets too if you push to pay for some great trips and experiences that he gets stabbed I think anyone who's uneven like that the Food Network to Travel Channel audio guys yet he's another genius in that respect while of the did you do that hosting on man vs food. Almost this guy haven't seen this guy I'm out there trying to track down his new got a new guy yeah a new guy he's funny is on he's awesome I know save our heat on him out on that side I think that's just got to give the guy to help nice change out of return was awesome yeah no problem and Adam Richman but I like this guy better. And I I bet because he's completely different than atom which is why people hate about you that's what you gotta do you can have a guy be the same right right see what it's Casey web. Okay it's a comedian while that makes sense. They just don't see a guy you could one post up play some dive bar eats steak. I love the Santa check that I haven't seen any Casey where there is. All the food in your guys yeah he isn't he looks he looks hardcore yes there there are happy as Hollywood's -- that you cite a young oh gosh was Eugene from office space accounts at a young Eugene with the red state Hitler. Yeah yeah yeah I can kind of see that he's got a little bit that I'm going on there. But that's what they're like hey we need to find someone who's that okay with eating a lot of stuff again yeah I can understand why an emirates doesn't want to do anymore speak. Or maybe they chose not to use him anymore I'm not sure I know there's a whole controversy at one point could he was I can't talk about losing weight that's the problem it'll melt down on Twitter I guess or some. Yeah does it say it's a tough gig yeah I melody guy TNT and inside I am surprised he's got like fifteen times bigger than he is does that dude got to go lead all the time. What is it that guy. Mood guy he just has a couple bites his lead the whole thing yet he's that's why he's better than me because I can tell them how. Everywhere I go I wouldn't the whole thing it's always so good it's amazing the guy has that self control. It's a really isn't he's from Scotland you don't mean the guy we had he lived in Australia. So yeah that's he did a lot of work in Australia he was feces from Scotland but then they moved him to Australia at a young age yet. So yes he was born in Scotland but then lives and Australia masri did a lot of stuff yeah. Yeah I thought yes I am a big dummy but yeah also he had some time sentinel yeah that's where that's why I got excited for them as Australian gets resume that's where a lot of bizarre career has been basically. And now he's a marketing city told us today that German bonds actually in America now. So I somebody wants real Blues Traveler get paid to travel the world and drink visited an edited three sheets and a wind guy. Oh yeah all right is that John cobbers new band. Thank you. And everybody is this a show cause some sheets a man I know he's on the mend from a few times and and he does that basically just goes around it just hasn't drank every good ideas take command so that they will what do we do every that I just taken. Guess who's going to do this job you can be that you mean hockey version of garment on all right we've had that conversation my hockey buddies and I got what we would love to do is get a tore Voss. And get a reality film crew to just go on there and find all that true donkeys of pot of playing on our guys and really drunk and yeah stupid things yeah we don't get on a bus and we just traveled city to city find words like Dara pick up games are. And just infiltrate. Indeed that person drink yeah play hockey. But more importantly go to the bar wherever those guys like to go after the fact and just be idiots with them so before you start this amenity a big favor yes Thomas who output your output your name and a liver transplant list oh yeah do that for anybody you only one season at a media that's about it yet there's three sheets with Fuzzy land freak that's it nice guy. All right listeners on the loose you pick that topic you guys to show it to 06421 rock Texas it's 77999. Units I scheme from Ricky says they want something that you guys did that was out of your comfort zone. Who what something that I did it was I might comforts of home. Wow. I boy you know there's there's so much. That I. Tool. That people would find out of their comfort zone. For me I'll tell you what I'll tell you it's walking in toolbar by myself. For you have a big fear now I have a contest to get a place yet now you have. They're very jolly beat ya haven't already known to watch like anyplace and I walked by him again affiliate there the other Filipino. Italians. Let's talk fast food place writing and Wesley senator is doing old Wesley shopping time of college closely you know down that Wesley carry out daily itself Senegal the one you've got to do they say sexy salsa and a mall but they call Westfield shopping town but it's also a normal. And yeah I I you know I almost did I am so uncomfortable I walked by an endowment I want this seafood city I did do that. I was afraid you're going to see a city where the girls are nice but the Fisher even more pretty you know I'm I'm I sit. I was afraid to walk in Cebu city but I finally did it. And dude I was the only white guy in the joy and so I thought for sure so I was gonna throw me into. I love how you're afraid like you towards gonna get likes it. Does know about seafood in every day and they don't know for installation is that's all you need to know hey I had that they can tell would be like what I don't know what the Asian word is for gringo but you know I would say they breezy yellow. Big window in whatever creation mortars and see resilient in a weird world match I agree I would think the just like many. Do I know it's I'm not saying that it says makes a problem in my head you know you're crazy tonight and I'm trying to kill. There's no helping some new Jimmie said you into was it took hope Elam with the of them when it's jolly jolly being DNY called generally I can't. Clearly and I have no problem going mechanisms simply how well we always outside. So like we're like there for yet but how do you go when I yourself first seeing how like kind of different in the water. And then if it works out well we leave you there and if it doesn't. You use you see mayday mayday and he can you can't I don't know why dedicate our big guys that are made me feel weird isn't it pitiful case. At this Ollie please not just something that's a regular guy is so let's I don't look back up my big backstop. Yeah I think don't we I'll come running and we sit with you know you will not even coming and you'll just on May Day the whole time and then eventually they'll call the authorities. And in the mall caused Paul Arnold commitment is garbage out there I don't need that's come on man no that's where and how you might really want it doesn't add that is kinda what's weird walking into a bar or walking into. Like a place this is definitely way out of my cultures are I mean I'm happy in the middle that I had I've always had a bad. It's stupid issue but it Adam cover don't need to be upside down to roll ups and downs to be held upside down any of those things right now so I I've been I've been doing wrestling classes and I'm. Vowed during forward flex arm I don't just flipping over and I know what our did you know living these things I must say is any special when I'm doing but it's you finally become a toddler I got the job but there's a 100% sure. I enjoy things that three year olds usually do for fun while but I been scared of in my entire life is out of my comfort zone but I'm I'm loving every second of how about this how about we go to the jolly B and you start doing Ford rolls there. And I just yell May Day how hot that's. You go and you you see how do you assess the situation OK go do start yeah I think as you start feeling uncomfortable I'll be waiting by the front door and and you yell. Whatever I need backup made an eight CD a decade it Steve Levy condition ran good in America whatever it is and then ouster star forward rolling into the restaurant to be perfect. Party going until I get your table it's worth it if you if you Ford roll into the restaurant by my table when I'm yelling mayday at the jolly beach and they're all gonna be on like what of these crazy white people do and what's her comfort zone Vicky. I react and some meteors I because I'm sure everyone feels the need to pick me up. Half an idol like I become like a capital under underwater Tyler she was not like you now we we're we we went that goes toward somebody wanted to give her a better view all unlike you know started truly have a Beagle Christmas China gimme but have you tried picking up like no don't don't they know it just makes these super uncomfortable. For a couple of reasons one I feel like you're gonna drop me and one that's gonna hurt and she lets you drop me I'm gonna feel really bad about my weight so I got it you've gone -- be OK and then there's everything it's weird you know May Day I star forward rolling in and I've got a friend who's a wrestler that will go the biggest guy noted that the black she did turner he's just built right he's in great shape. The hill angles you can't no we just actually proposed to all our enduring and it was awesome and are subject you before any way you come down them to spread slander and the black sheep will lift you up on the shoulder and who carry you into the rational thought Kerry I can't very uncomfortable forward Ralston actually made eight iron yes. Do anyway and we just should just do that big threesome just to see how the jolly if you look at the guys join later today outmanned mean I'm a threesome at the end. I'm happy so I want. And I don't know how can you other. I don't forward Roland from you people can we just have a conversation without sex once in your life you have to say threesome of Jesus because everywhere you know it's recent visit just by the sex community I feel we've had taken it hampered ours on yet today we don't get spaghetti so we were a way. That's a good point I've never had jolly we spaghetti I just sit and watch a really eat it nice crowd I could have on Texas it's for him delicious I know. That's why would the C host city I thought maybe I can you know make the right to get in there and feel legit but I did not diligent I felt like so I felt select audience from me out. I don't even use the bathroom down there because I went down there on time and I was only like guy that bats are my god this has been coming from out there that I have no desire and I got the white person's bedroom why is how we viewing your fear like you to. I like you literally about to get you guys are white guy I seesaw ice storm and I know it's on my head I know everyone's trying to put on the one that's crazy I wonder if we give them Pauly calmed down. Daniel Ponce legal just teaching I do I mean I do well except that timer on the play him I guess who are compatible that didn't have the proper serving a mountain at all I was understand I was tripping on that plane I was afraid to use an escalator yeah. Completely understand you know much that the person they gave me that goes dude that was wrong for me man I'm like I was told the baddest herds of whatever it added oh I still I don't I don't know I can do this as other people are looking at me like an idiot did OK they always look deteriorated and that one time I was scared. I have a question. Y eight what a donkey. Try to eat a car. I think that's a fair question well I tell you why it's 950 ones. On the Iraq. And made this morning. Rock and 99.9 KI SW hole. Going back pain I SW the rock of Seattle. So yeah this donkey Steve and his top hockey player. OK good now on your guys don't there was asked as we know we had this donkey and this dog he was an all holes are right this is he's in general business it meant to be a Segway. I'll voice speech you know the only candidate now let's let ya we have to clear the ballot for me. We were just talking about a donkey and you watch and so we don't wanna make this a way that way. OK sure yeah why not you know who we know we're focused the last day anyone my last day ahead with your donkey story I'm not I'm not worried listen this isn't a donkey show freedom pleasure ladies that's how we do it around your words not mine my friend jets or Clinton newspaper today was Jimmy who did that her Jolie say go on with your donkey yeah. Until dawn dish yeah I'm so glad. I'll refer you left it up well you know I believe that he's safe to dress for the last of the donkey show the last ship oh yeah. Perfect I this year of course I Jolene the last day right cast is back on Monday and Jolie would title this docking in Germany. That mistook a 350000. Dollar sports car for a carriage. And began trying to eat this car. I think that donkey has really good taste. I you're right yeah sounds unnoticed crap you've given me I'm gonna go over your in his McLaren 6650. S fighter. The best part about this story is it's just really treat hostages donkeys are. This is I know I know I you seem very assassinated knows there's one creature you can say is dumber was a man who plays on his Tacoma donkeys hockey and I am proud that tops. We are deeply as stupid as the animal the donkey the donkey dog it was a giant character you have farmers orange. 350 and don't understand around that donkey does that nearly all all I've done to narrow all right hey don't he's can be super stubborn too when they're not afraid to take that Chad Dawson live TCU lose but who knows you rejoice and show us. I like all right let's go how stupid of a donkey are you you've got those who carry. Forty pizza vengeful songs they don't feel like he knew the owner and he's like oh I don't know did she nominated. Yeah it to California from my donkey yeah. I pay rent I don't you parking spot dammit front of my donkey house it's called a stable. Can only call that I caught a donkey out of jail wanna thank my good mayor Mike for sitting in my chair America's quality program. Chile's he's not mr. Ryan castle and no donkey show but she does have the morning twelve pack. And made some of this day. I'm desperate on naked and streak in Iraq. You have here's an area negative review what happens in life are free sheets towels snaps things nobody Powell snappy little sore earlier this morning we would like well I don't like. Then the scene from cork use. I don't know what goes on all the walls on TV girls on the other end at all I mean you know it's something I have no idea. 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