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This is dumb men's room. Listening to men's grill. Red. Code or dead supplied hope by the star and I'm right now 844999. Hole play profile that's coming up big minutes. Do headlines and only one hour from now the first quick check into my cock for some of the stories and headlines he is not working on our at a man and Texas recently found at H one year old man had to walk three miles and heat to get to work every day. Clear raised a bunch of money to bottom a car and a video of this prize is trending on FaceBook. You knew about three or four miles an hour after walking pretty fast average virtual three miles in tears and he's. And our wall taken he's taken a five. Our walk to work for two and a half their do you have back three miles. He's a police in twenty months the government tolerated up one year old man while every Malcolm X and I want them barter deal went through about. I'm right and I'm not equivalent thing in the bubble guys saw me yeah hello car. I'll Elena walked more we'll just walk around the right people Hillary karma Jesus or maybe in his studio wanna car. When a car not a card if I walk to work on the car. I go there but it's a question mark. People are minor freaking out after recent in the UK test of the ice at Starbucks and found fecal bacteria. But that doesn't actually mean that they found food particles. To double bacteria that sometimes found in fecal matter but also found in certain fruits and vegetables give the problem is when you lead with people it doesn't matter what you say after. People are reporting the whole story and it's that once you safety glued to look at some organs like don't dare look journal drizzle. I'm all in all it's an area the kind of on that would create Jeff Feagles not a strong starting word to try to paint a positive picture and know more about this is fecal Phil I'll have the fecal France pitching this. Yes my delicious but the loans in order friends. Eating you figure you are drinking now it is going to be something and it. Inevitably right yeah you know that may have just don't think about it just enjoy your drink and don't forget the dirt is kitchen every that is your own. No assurance that Vegas. Oregon has now announced that it now has videos that sync up with your sex toys so they pulls and vibrant along with the action all right. Finally I was looking like he did yeah what would you got to do our front out. You know burned with advice would you guys get down there. We knew as far as the toys will be absolutely was like dude no doubt about it. Well another honest we have old video that thing not songs are out of you played solid record on like it could play flashlight go ahead plus. But the you thought play music for you yeah I read it wrong. I didn't realize that it had been you can do that yourself and how does it. No I thought like now of course this wasn't for guys for women but I side they would like plug it in their iPod and that was doing. Really good bolts on and you know just in the mood is right behind that wow hard. Do you know if they order a hub is yes I do move the Fed what event category right there and it's. What's gonna get her out or not include Harry it would have been Canada what do you thug make me get all of our lives with you all. That's a good father son would know I don't I don't know. Look mom what I just kind of poker on the videos on Muslim militants is doing okay. Choker out. You don't have would you NIC definitely all right no keyboard no patents. What do I like yes. College lie and he just this all the basic and just write down they'll realize he can basically. That telling pregnant Arum and typical the typical case of a very specific death while I recommend the only scary puppy nipple and yeah. The unthinkable is definitely not really it's. Categories for every week it's her sweet puppies of that of if applicable that I take off the I think cockpit. I likened to puppy tacos. And I'm never gonna have a Chicago. And I think upcoming nibbles at the food or golf attended the talk of don't think you bought over in the polls but in doing things done and if Britain and getting that soft stuff. Coffee in the to a medley didn't. Yeah man morneau came about letting go read this he assured me in the end of the legislative from the sixties. I suspect it's just gone to Sean if it had been there are gonna let it go I have withdrawn now. In this. Glory on the ticket after a deadly Louisiana's going viral entry flies a snorkel just so he could take naps face down in the pool and I see it is he now. It seems like that would still be really dangerous world court the dangers of actually tried it before it is very relaxing and what you do is get a couple noodles. And then you put him side it was a credible one across suggested that one across your hips. Some way to die and then you laid face down on the Pullman just try to go to sleep with us or we'll why why is that so important jubilant race let me handle weightless thing man it's like I'm not a cloud villiers and from the water battleground new thrice. Why didn't actually falsely if I got very relaxed and involved with. That is where your commitment and if it. Yeah. The Internet is obsessing over a 36 year old wrestler in Kentucky who plays the role of the villain. I'll because his wrestling names that it ought to resonate now miles all about the president liberal progressive. There are really gore under the murderer and I know here and yes have uploaded over Hillary don't look take your good. There's more of how he don't do big news. It's grounded girl. Please show what we go to minimum. Force everyone thought Obama ever in all my room removed. That he doesn't he does all records in the Pacific Grove bookmark Maria school warming is not a myth. Awful awful snowflake off the top Republican but I. On the thought your teeth. I'm letting Kobe makes into the WW. A progressive liberal and progressive liberal a man a New Jersey got arrested in Maine for driving a 139 miles an hour that are no whatever time. Many told the judge that he was surprised the cop arrested him and that he's a quote good driver. Okay judge. Like bitch is crazy down for everybody everybody I know that speech generally says that to the garrisons terrible drivers at them they're doing the speed limit if if I'm like you know the guys speed in going in and out of traffic like. And he he's a great draft is my question the cab comes up comes as you know why pull you over do you think he told them now Miller broke until it. And finally someone's been three million dollars homicide by icons. When I allele like to tell you all about a one hour now they are your headlines are coming up one hour from now first the game bill's love. Please. SC to throw him to please everyone help profile this is playing at Georgia and my. That's a simple game where we servant you real life than story something that happened right here and I'm planet are. Peru Peru Peru Peru and as you listen to the story based on stereotypes you believed to be true people and the decisions that people make. Less good it is you think makes the story a story. Hello Paul welcome to the Madrid. I thought wow look you do ball don't match made him and I can feel it. I'm Pablo you understand how this year's games played. Yeah fantastic here is restore. Deputies say that he naked woman attempted to get inside of a Baptist Church. Milton Berle South Carolina during a Sunday service because she believed so who's chasing her through the woods. Now according to an incident report from the cold and county sheriff's office the 43 year old woman said that Jesus was chasing her through the woods and trying to shooter. Joseph told deputies that she was smoking crack and taking Molly Wood they believe might have something to do with the gun toting Jesus. That she was worried about but they can't be sure. Now and officers arrived at the scene they found her on the ground weren't only a towel. Deputies say he was transported to the hospital for treatment before being taken to jail. Know the ins and report indicates it is several cuts and scratches all over body. But that's probably from being in the woods naked she was charged with disturbances of worship service. Do you believe that this woman whose floating on crack and Molly. Being chased by gun toting Jesus in the woods is black white Mexican or Asian. So you've got a new way. I think what's okay out Franken and Molly I think you could eat anything. I'm gonna go not Asian. This is. Gerald. Yeah eight. I really statewide. Is bed everything mistakes. You know traditionally when I think of Molly your MD MA I would think white men Molly's pretty prevalent in every culture now that you know won't future economy debt and yeah. I'm kinda thinking the same thing you aren't they is that I think Molly and they cracked could be almost any color but I. I don't know I'm struggling to see a black woman running for. Jesus and he hasn't gone into Iraq yup which you mushy things that he has begun to clue what's goes into read the Bible that's kind of what he did. Yet these people down here the only thing I could say. I think a white person would feel more comfortable running into the woods. Formula cars like I gotta get out here is a safe place. Seems pretty white to run into the woods makes interrupted a church service frank well yeah but again she thought Jesus and Jason we have the people who are wanted in that area find a place on the Appalachian trail and hide in their all white there hiding in the woods does it by any chance see what kind of services plus. Matches back to baptists can go very herself it. Does not say well Batman but she's not she's not a member of the church so I don't believe Joseph Roth at the church that does is he gonna go all black or all white. They'll they'll have to bet distilled senate letterhead asking the coincident I tell they segregate and they don't allow the both sides agree we'll learn to say in there in the same club they just don't hang out together yeah it's like if you had a black and white boy scout troop that's the baptists. Whatever are clear about my half we did use this name one good thing you don't wanna sing in this one and you can do your choir and the other. Easy and we don't take two colleagues southern Baptist breath and yes OK. You know everything about equipment pretty pretty. I'm Amanda kind of Wiki I'd like as I know granny she's on drugs I always have a hard time pictured a black woman that you Jesus. He's JC her with a gun and then she's interrupting service. At this Baptist Church. That's why I feel like he did NASA had to be white. I'm his ruling now blackened general. There you hear the term blessed we are here bluster go back black. Why I'm here for both either like you know like just in the comments are no roads and around San Leggett is the terminology is blessed I tend to go black. It's I've been saved or I if I'm reborn I can go white and as far as Jesus the technology news usually grabs the wheels not. And he's been driving for years to prepare and he's done the co pilot none of the demand of the will but he's there I'm surprised that crack is really still even out. Right essentially well all I guess. Not in a good way. I did I had I had my library one Fred you can afford art Tuesday's Super Tuesday. We're not smoking crack where does we include data we we understand why it's not what you do and I'm going white. And checked my what do you think. I'm going lord all lord final answer. I Olazabal find out if she was black quite nicely or Asian next fat with a team you are listening to the men's our radio network yeah. Ohio that takes us due South Carolina and a woman who has church actually church was in session but she was not going there because she wanted to see the service you're going there because he was high on crack. And it's about Jews being chased by Jesus who was following her and trying to shooter with a gun gamma can't prove that was not the case but we do know that she was high on crack and Molly and poll we asked you do you believe this woman was black white makes your agent who no hesitation you said white. You listen to the racial consultant to stop with white and that was to finally. And think. Geez who's chasing her. It was a crazy scene and with Jesus in my thought differently amongst you know chance on next time same game set same time same bat channel my first brought TV news all the time is time for TV time but today. As you are a. Countless hours in front of the talking and the. You know we try to follow the rules everybody's good person right well and you try to generally try to follow the tangent short right. Now what's the hardest time to follow the rules. It was no usual situation when nobody is looking a thank you throw granny you know it's that's it yeah. Jay walking when it exactly right they did there's always certain amount time Rico and it just little things you might do need to. And I would lose game nobody's looking in picking knows nobody's gonna get hurt right heights and Ellen DeGeneres show very popular show in the afternoon I will say I like Ellen show I think she does probably one of the better. Like her afternoon talk show kind of more of a late night show for good but it's pretty funny and stuff I've never actually seen the show. I mean nobody bits here alone I've laughed when a seem to bits and I've never actually watched the show. Right so couple weeks ago she's being reminds the audience you know what Ellen tell you about a relationship. I thought in the they show fourteen years ago I said this is going to be like a relationship. And the most important thing that foundation. Of the good relationship is say it with me separate thermostats up. And then after that trust right trust is very important. So the show put out smelling products with a sign that said only one per person and I just wanted to see how honest my audience was you know as it turns out your very honest very very honestly sent out. You should applaud your selves that's really it's really tough because you know nobody's watching and you don't think I'm. And hidden cameras just to make sure me any and you could have taken more than one thing you didn't except for these ladies right here. Okay now you can go to the mentioned face look at watched a video I'll explain to you about what happens in the meantime the audio is not that great but watching via the man who faced a so she says that Anna she shows a video they have a table set up with Blake coffee mugs hats little key chains where the only rule is take one. To this one lady you see your take a couple things and then at one point she even goes back. It kind of trades out something and if she wants a patter whatever right on The Today Show this whole video now imagine this is our Ellen show. Big Ellen comes back in its gonna call out this woman in Japan's rate her in the audience well. What's your sister grinning comes so. That was her souvenir and yeah. The other people's sisters couldn't come. You may. Fancy Nancy I'm sorry that's embarrassing and everything but you know let's at the lessons you couldn't. Nobody is watching you and you just need to be a good person just because you wanna be a good person. You go sit in that Ellen jail over there right. Still in jail. I mean look they might you are talking about this he was like I think it might have been a setup or whatever but when Elena says that to her like yeah. A lot of people sisters were here like she seems kind of distant. Yeah but she is low man. But she new rules gonna happen that's why she set it up. Also when win for Allen right because you figure that's gonna happen muted set it up or everybody's really nice and doesn't. Either way great audio for here's a thief. Yeah exactly I tell you limit the videos great is it's funny the first couple women they show going up there and it's they're just straighten out their stuff. And one lady even sends like I really like this hat but I like. Screw it I'll just buy it so well of course just gets her hat you know like you you were honest and everything. I don't know that if you're in that situation the only thing you want a do something like that yes yeah all right did you figure this one for everybody. Yeah I guess you're right. So if you let a hacker hampers to get if you look at mug think mug on T shirt think picture but everything I dig the teacher. I think I'd take that. Teaser site. Yeah I think about what I don't even makes a joke if you watch so quickly to sit on FaceBook. She even makes a joke about Halloween candy. So like you know the houses they'll just feel like hey take one she's a you buy when the reports that took a punch and you know. My families to do that man always wonder about candy is gone and gotten through yeah. Yeah and I think one yet also dealing with children. So I'll cut them a little slack. Children are yeah they're designed to be is honest is is adults Matt with candy now yet now with candy and there's there's out of any repercussions will be aren't. Cavities. Papa Papa awful that is true. Jay Leno everybody remembers Jay Leno. He used to host the Tonight Show for years are. He remembers Jane but I don't think anyone has said the jays gone via. OK considering what's in his place now the jaded a bad job if you like Jay Leno you like Jalen but I think it shows no strong now do much better job in Jed. All of them every single one of them got agreement. Yeah I would feel well and he talks about that stuff a little bit here. Basically so originally would Jay Leno got that job for the Tonight Show it was supposed to be Letterman shop right. Jay Leno ends up with it Letterman goes across the street to CBS and starts you know I have a long tenure there. And to succeed on tonight's show. But says Jay they they he get the job because Steve had quote a tough relationship with the NBC. Yeah David Letterman right like I don't pick all his time at CBS is probably perfect either but they know Byron. Yeah. So they ask them a couple of things basically he's gonna say and Mike. The he should get blamed as much she was saying he didn't even he says he was completely blind sighted in 2004. When he found out they are program. In favor of Conan O'Brien in 2009. We'll show and he said you know like I wasn't ready to leave this and that but he also defends himself saying Mikey basically he doesn't wanna be labeled the villain of late right like he kind of is. Nobody wants to be you just keep showing up on the rule and then wouldn't Conan gets his job you come back and take his job again which you know doesn't help your argument that. Right and that's he says he is I sort of smile when I when I read about how I conspired I mean if I'm that Smart and I lose the show in the first place. The take right but also twice you've gotten that job under shady circumstances I don't think it's that crazy that people actually. We think you conspired to do that. I mean look. Maybe it's all coincidence this is I did you do only personal late night we're back coincidence always happens. Go grab some gold you can't put a capital and they had you can say well Conan relationship with NBC was in the business good Americans it's just. Yeah it too much coincident. So let's take Jay Leno what he did their out of it right. But I do I do think he has a solid point here on the bottom half visit if you prefer summer to play you a little snippet of us Stephen col Baer in his mind. Sean Spicer slice serve. Banned cameras from last week's briefings and then banning them again today evidently while I was in Russia we turned in Russia. I don't know how long this is gonna go on with cameras banned from the briefing CNN center courtroom sketch artist to come. Clijsters briefings yeah yeah. Something tells me it won't be the last member of the top administration Louisiana courtroom sketch. All right so that's Steven Kolb era and I can about Jay Leno I. I can agree with them here they're talking about. The Tonight Show by the way I've talked about this before the Tonight Show. Really to be dip after Donald Trump had been on the hands of people thought Jimmy Fallon wasn't tough enough on it's even called bears range kind of sort. Co bears always been very political and China. On a college or is it only took a jab right. So basically. With Jay Leno saying they think he's just he easily land I think people might get trump petite. Itchy CJ carry easy Jimmy Fallon kind of coming back he's got a great great little burst the last two weeks here upgrade he's putting some more political humor but. The jays Chevron on this one it's not funny anymore it's alarming to a lot of people already but I mean even if that like I just think sometimes when the time you get to late night TV like. I I people meter just great that's insane I don't know which side you're on but you might just feel like I I don't know why even more than just. Get a lot of people covered daily show lover who's been endorsed him go rare because the way they do the politically tumors that Jimmy Fallon say headliner per cracked a joke off ago. Go bear takes time to dig into so he actually explains what's actually going on in the news and then makes a joke. So delay he had to diesel different it's almost like it's finally hearing the news from someone who's your funny buddy he just happens to be very very well informed while Fallon. Let's look rant he says that we've all heard the headline news came mobile funny anecdote. Yes you know sort drilling would trumpet the opulent funerals for the more dealer guys. If you're not getting any explanation you're chewing the headlines aborted the virus in a little bit more today headline about what's ahead. Compared to a degree sometimes diffuse is that when it was this is actually what this means here's the joke remove. Yet and you're right they get The Daily Show right you always knew that was gonna that holiday season that's right Jon Stewart did this with Ryan rhetoric. It Jimmy found though does have some of my favorite bits that he doesn't show. So I here's the pros and cons of summer jobs let's take a look at the pros and cons I'm getting a summer job seraguso. Pro I'm fond of low pressure job that allows you plenty of free time. Kind of like being president. I'm getting a job as they camp counselor Colin playing Sunday. Like call the parents and remove the tick there. Crowd getting a job and nice things just hopeful condoning this thing got to give assemble more than three flavors well. Pro work in a summer camp in telling scary stories. Con kids looking up from their phones saying I got 3% that's my better remember that there. Pro working as a character of the theme park a hole. Can't have underlying tendency work and arts. I'm drew did the dolphin. And finally pro menial labor teaches kids an important lesson. Come try to be coming here to start his working sucks. First Lara had his way it's keep it. Mine was. Stripping boaters and go off the bottom of our arena chairs. Selling concessions add to a football game. The gun who's ever general Lee Malvo was well on me and then. As the first job. I doubt it's your yards out I guess those late at all August. That summer football do remembers what my ass off Alia well the funny the first look the first month. A call move of of college football and NFL isn't always gonna be really hot oh it's funny too if you're watching those ended the year shows or whatever. I think Philly college system may have mumbled like I'm really feeling in the NFL for whatever reason it seems like everybody's like insured to. Is a win golf shirts and khakis. And then it's like. One week happens and it's like snow and a Green Bay and great people over everybody's wearing hats that you got the little pimple or this is dominant as it happens quick. American idols coming back we've heard about that basically similar rumors that the judges will be Katy Perry. Miles favorite model Richie gap. And then maybe Mickey sixth and came pretty good lineup intuition Susie yeah. Here's the crazy thing though he'll Katy Perry they're saying is gonna make 25 million dollars. Right. Don't want that back you got to think about it goes from their perspective it's like look she can go make then eighteen months or so anyway. Addressing a Mac App Store could do the things that generate income for life blood. You know are we doing tours this broad and open up even more endorsements for Internet you're just on TV but so that you have to offer about my total was as crazy justices say the mind that you were sort. It's a crazy because these are and that's what's so much month and I. Not to go. Way back in time but the Eagles the band and when they got back together Don Henley was successful soul artists those Glenn Friday heat is on their movies aired and all seven Eagles wanted to mechanisms that the heat is on its web front not a great soft and at a London as they wanted to get back together and Don Henley and gunfire were like what Manitoba daylight look. We were making a lot of money without our guys our own little thing here so we're going to demand that together just know that. We still got to make a lot of money cover our expenses rise under an hour big money out of her own pockets than the makes sense we'll have the same thing happened zeppelin rang. What's his name was torn around Alison Krauss and those like. I'm good but they're all little money I think I think is just more about it it was just like look I know about it once this is the reunion of legal. I've done it man you don't I'm doing fine there's a million generally I'm not capping god damn Kurt and TJ hooker and a rat doing other things get a life. I guess could mean that the disparity between that the the amount of money is just crazy that this Katy Perry's at 45 minute talk about Lional Richie make it somewhere between three. 'til five and that's probably about right Islamic Ritchie would probably make about three to finally left a Mark Zuckerberg to work the takeout window right they're gonna have to pay keep may. You've paid billions of course and you could make those words might I like Evernote the big completely well. It'll probably getting about what he would make. Yeah I'm gonna sit here for the man amino he's made out and out of money in his life. He's gonna mentor Mariah Carey's get a residency in Vegas he does what he does very well. And who's a Nikki sixth yeah. I don't know what he makes your residuals for what he owns the Motley crew challenge is to raise our closure is such a big pay huge by the way for the record I don't I just thought about this exactly Zuckerberg I don't know would make me go to a drive through. But if Tom from MySpace was there right in the draft through the ego I'd definitely be it he might write you there as well. My best friends her friend. All right okay I shouldn't overlook that Myers real quick as little rose de ice prop eight. Grizzlies started selling rose I response that can easily be mistaken for children's Poznan goals said one child none you. Beaten out. It's. Here might do it. Did ground. I would be dangers of them up off the couple the Pacific a fell. Yeah thank you Ontario TV time attending got your headlines on the way with my cock you're listening to the men's or radio network is truly tired Swiss miles. Now let's see what's happening in the real. Undergo turns out beyond crow attacking Canadian mail carriers is the same growth last year flew to McDonald's and stolen Mac. As of Florida didn't have enough ways to a billion now I guess clouded indoor pools is ready to take your life. Ohio bureau of motor vehicles ask for help naming new mascot so you know what happens next. Next up he'd ask why everyone would want every vacant. And didn't get the answers they'd expect and the you'll break if you buy a policy doesn't go so well for a woman in China it is time for your headlines. It's time day. There's Mike. That's. Not a scifi movie icon has sold at auction for nearly three million dollars. The RG BG Droid used in films and multiple Star Wars movies sold at auction for two point 97. Million dollars download or nothing smiles like inside. Because remember getting our identity manager Benny baker days that are Swinton and everything you may have the power they say that she's easy okay. Dried sweat. Move roared destroyed sweat bullets that destroy things and that would be cool to have that thing. Oh sure yeah. Handle the for a while in the science museum type thing and it was there and I was like that is all some pull what would you do that after awhile man to look at it the things that led. Three or four feet tall. Are around and do you own that thing man I mean he's come up for air between all the random sex sure haven't. Time until Monday to you know what inside the fight him off like experience at it and I think rich. That are out all the men and Oklahoma has been arrested on felony charges after he allegedly phony and a bomb threat to the Muskogee police department. He wasn't hard I catch however because he plays the tell in the lobby of the Muskogee police department on a pay phone east yes. They pay phone yeah conflict called it straight that they went and it's coming from right here is the only person to make a pay phone that years ago they call that's why they don't I that's one thing who was it's there and Mary even on the things don't work at the health. I don't know much faith Phillips criminals. All right America also D'Amico a story about a crow and Vancouver Canada that slowed down stolen night for the crime scene yeah now is in the news again. They're grown and can not has actually suspended mail delivery for a couple days because he continued to attack the mail carriers he was making his delivery but now with a knife letter resumed after. Fat fat if you legislature the other night. Delivers in that the caretaker offered training and an umbrella to the mail carrier couldn't. An umbrella and number they're not dumb. No parent highly intelligent urge their department and instilled got them on broke me there with the fifth at this level. Italian stay away from pros don't (%expletive) them off a time Clara and terrible. We go to Florida or five kids were put in the hospital after a series of malfunctions at a school caused a chemical overflow. To create a gas cloud within the building. Tangling. So it says that here. Said the thought and a deal of the bulls in a thunderstorm earlier in the day had caused the pump that circulates water in the pool to shut off. The pump that infuses the water with chemicals kept running however filling one of the pipes. The circulating pump turned back on it push two and a half gallons of mixed chlorine and hearing and a capacity into the pool which caused the gas cloud it's like Evan. You're alive guards while money yes how easy or how many times did you guys think maybe you overdo it. I mean I had a wild style but as far as you put them foolish friends to hang his man is is that. We as lifeguards did very little it's all automated means I'm OK we had to check Diaz Diaz chemical levels in their compounds on an extra fired because have been taken time you don't think this at all really good at NOA yeah. Well I think she'll. The the full color. I had breast what have they are going to be three people in the pool all day long it was the day that it was only private parties there were no parties but other than that like the water polo team it's my music on it now. There were no chemicals in the whatsoever cleanup hitter so let's get. Yeah there at all connected sorry what happens there's no chemicals and pull my kids just water tens of them bacteria can show a little bit but on the others at that point. If it'd been just. Keeping on pumping chemicals and this boy as opposed to no chemicals and all you get gas cloud that put people monsoonal flow all right. Think they finally he's been vindicated. It might really important are part of this gas cloud my tennis historians asks you you'd almost think they'll it's like anything else men like it when there's not snowmaking machines and an article I just would assume that in Florida most pools would be outside because it's Florida. Yeah I ask thunderstorms. I guess you Leslie fifteen minutes. I don't know man people get sunburn. That's that's it for the children were taken to hospital to be treated for respiratory burns stomach irritation and vomiting so yeah has as. If that happens in the other direction would have considerations and not happen and nobody in the three people went home five fights you have a job here it's okay. I cleaned everything fine we're gonna and if a Democrat. You there on out like my job and it does you fired him like twice was ill I was dishwasher. US there if not you did. Like you fired Rees slow he says it was because the dues we're getting done and edited and that's not true that this is refined it never really about that in the end. Previous highway job to do you not hundreds of my dad and I had to call out and leave with a rookie who had no idea what he was doing so we got mad at me and he fired yet know that the reason he. For breath and that there are a little better today thinner anyway I'm going on we got an aunt Jennifer. Continued good at either one of those dream shot myself right you can still be there I don't know I am so mad and it doesn't Don and now. I know what you normally does but go to work here I don't. I deserve to be a lifeguard at the local polls right or that this watchers don't want to be does well I'd say he's the teeth if I wanna get fired back there he deserves that night went on my permanent record this. Talk off the I thought I was gonna have your your trips. We go to I Thomas of line into bad lie on the go to New Hampshire were few trips are for what he's. A medical Glover driving down the road would be massive pile of items strapped to the roof on this. So the police department posted the photo in an effort to prevent a potential accident for recurring have you guys seen this man no. There is it's like twice as tall because of all the stuff that is on it's. It's every headlines tonight when asked. I'm. I've heard her sit OC job next time for bad jokes and the return of dead vs the FCC he doesn't need it is all surely you're out here but we will be back so until then please do what you do best in the world because they. It's day beautiful.