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This is the men's room. Listening to. Hey Joseph Holloway Ted made details coming out as we all scream for ice cream in the meantime the game is big dummy we have Jim on the line and working on question number or two suburb. I am sterling Holloway that's a person he was your original boys who cartoon Bayer. I only Yogi Bear. Designer. I am only a matter what county landfill I can no Yogi Bear now. Located. Yeah don't. When you think about every major Brenda. Cable link on the smoking indoors and want throw pants and a shirt and I might winning the cooler. Nearly bare wall to rob a church and had no pain and frankly if I bump into one or anything in the woods. Ignoring happened close I hope the wearing the pants and a shirt and vice Versa. Yeah what do you Google the problem most likely. Probably here. All right what redheaded actress also known as they Solis ginger actress. One big Academy Award for best actress for the movie still Alice in two years ago. And I heard that you'll me anymore. Just pray it will crash and originally brought about because that movie you must won an Academy Award for the for the movie. Was directed by guy named wash west and he got his start by directing people including. Doctor. All cause others seek wanna get there and I got here yeah there is I gave his big dummy who is our next contestant right to play a game. In its present problems. Hello Erica welcome to the men's room hanging our job. IFA sober enough. So where a lot of the show and what Belichick favorite frozen pizza. As yet on the greens they asked the brand. I anything you need I don't know competitive and you'll it would look if you gotta be able to name one brand frozen pizza you might not be in play games. And the Jarno merry go very good I'm very good though. No no and I'm thinking Nagle. Need to suck. Everything makes have a frozen in a box if you make one home to tell you greens you got left and you know I mean you're scrap and that's one thing but just the actual tiny little bagel pizzas and their bagel bites for well then got to throw it it's right. I don't know 1000 feet a second look at pizza roll but it's a role is and how to continue to play well but doesn't that they're pizza want to accessories you'll think of each role is in the same categories of frozen pizza. I think it's much in the Italian food voluntarily move and it tells all the gals all would you deal development of pizza right yet but we we just agree that well got a golden welcome baker. Gold got as dinnertime is not a French tribe and is low it's classified as well. By whom but a tape and Todd is just great album French Fries. Don't ingredient. What potato like the pizza rotten. Potato I don't. There's a question. And 68 AD saint Peter the apostle the first bishop of the Catholic Church. Gave her violating but he in savior Jesus strikes by the Roman emperor Nero. And it wasn't bad enough how do they execute state coal. The same day. I. Mean. All blowing. We had him. So they couldn't lied Peter and then beheaded people had a call I don't be hating every time I would say 100 times ran up there aren't all that time. The worst would be glad the and paler strict. Man. I needed a bit about are out there and threw that into the bottom up he saw while keeping you alive. That was the amazing thing is certainly going to it's done. The scare with the enemy and it didn't work those who was a guy goes and two guys that he had in there was an art to doing this thing about this. Even a doctor all right you got I think he got a big broom handle right he would start in the back in you're gonna worked I think all the way of truce that comes through your mouth. You know I think beef would do well that is probably like high school football players. Think of hazing now we. Think the sixth which is key goal of life there is big dummy goes critics contestant read play the game hello O'Brien welcome to the men's room. Oh and I did it it's. I'm trying it's over it's over. I'm good faith over for the next two hours though I guess some of the other gift over for today at this reveled in the show which they're gonna frozen pizza. Tombstone tombstone all eyes he added that though there are pretty ghetto like this supreme. At twosome does a good job. Mostly. What was. The name of the 1997. Smash hits from the band of tumbled one by. Jumbo warm until jumbled up. To take the whiskey drinker and think about it right. I don't marker in a ahead. You're right blood flowing today. The next thing I think it was lime in the coconut but I lost time because. We met and I marginal manned up you'd expect. The heart into question what does the oldest planet in the solar system. Maria. I guess you Neptune at that point. I don't know through for the Jupiter if. Wrinkling and Pacific on Cuba whom we'll realization planet got the spot won't hold it looks employed doing. When you meet you for the male look as standards generally he's my whole. Dollar jury that are thought everybody looks red as. It would soaring around and he's got a winning and into the local race I should add. And and credit goes into cracked it goes north and south as you think about that and as I mean look at your reign is. All right. Up for what movie came out the the number of men joining the navy to become naval pilots who go 500%. Starship trooper. It's not just. Starship troopers had to sign up like crazy to your right right. Who lined up. Basically quite a book for the navy's. They're going to be Neil Patrick Harris didn't butcher of Bosnia. I know I'm actually yeah I didn't remember that dynamic time I'm on the clock but this was well what's on them wait in traffic. Not here aren't I'm glad we about what's going course. The exclamation point then become a standard key on the keyboard. Until the 1960s. The 1970s. Or the nineteen. My Saturday. I'll. Yeah. Yeah I had thought I wanted to give her a quick shot Archie guys honestly have enjoyed an around them distributor. And I finally found a member of the latch I'll go get him. It was Korea can believe that you write down my. There he was called norm market in leaps and even late. By Stephen deadly Helen you know they they've only rarely are not get ready have a goal coming out soon they'll ram merry go. Did was big dummy goes are nice kid doesn't read the play of the day I think he may nineteenth. Hello Joseph welcome to the bedroom. Or repertory and other odd. Jolie is over now it's over. I write to look at the show but there can frozen pizza. Michael are burnt bread parent. Aircraft after they want heated competition today. Confirmed there were heard it correct but it can. Mild say he's he's very seriously doubt they're lead if not Hillary this is not a joking matter do not have with him stood on the street I'm telling us about defeat us. Is your question. The busiest McDonald's in the world is located what country. Deserves the iron 850000. People for you. Saying. But here's the deal China is all about that Kentucky fried chick. Biggest McDonald's. Now I know where you think man rushes. Policy La Rosa escort her bare their you don't. Maybe that helps with the business this gas. Not ignore it out there are ordinary guy. You replying. No they gimmick was goodbye and you'll meet you can't just went back if it were pretty. That's I would say McDonald's and OK I don't get as Wendy's jokes. All right true or false what do mosquito bites you in easily clear room and his body for your blood sugar peas on YouTube. All. Through Freddie. I don't know if that's got all of Giuliani's. It's only been out there. All right and seventeen hundreds and eighteen hundreds what will you creature was also very popular. Who. All peoples in the paint and guidance sometimes they go on and attacking spree you'll find water on it apart it'll just go nuts on people for awhile. What thank Richard and woodland creature agree whether you'd find in the woods you know raccoon dear are heard squirrels. Chip monks and couldn't get a bureaucrat who who. Our moral and then. For a faster and I wanted them to take this or defined. Here's my pet seagull in my pet pigeon or anybody name scroll and absolutely other line I make their kids' world I'm not known for his girls in my life and all just I don't squirrel that squirrel cnet's. These keys did you know who they were they're black school. Yeah yeah outside the event was to know how some room pat down of America and our own back to Ohio yeah that's the area there and out of me problems and are the producers of gone relaxed. And taken over the Orioles. The producers of the movie gone with the wind they were fun 5000 dollars for using what word in the mood. Also famous alone gas and oil line from there African movie nothing in our. You remember what Emily. Damn. They're out there are already knew that I was a final for that 5000 dollars which back then prison in quote vulnerable. 500 thou I'm assuming this is before the rating system was in place I mean yeah I mean. The ratings system I just keep I think gave more parameters I believe that this time and we became items. Just don't Judas. Like but you're one of the most iconic lines in cinema history or think about why. Because they finally said they said the word Dana Rona murmured then think about that's how tough the guy wasn't visible words you just. Didn't say about Google. Friendly show it starlet Scarlett Charlotte and yeah yeah yeah I'd say you're I think it's frankly I think guys they've had plenty I don't give them. Hadn't given I don't give a care they weren't. They're gone no big dummy get your emails and voice commands were amendments or live dot com also still to come ahead Jeb announced Disney titles all about this payment for ice cream. You are listening to the men's or radio network. No I think I held oil triggered tells whoever shot the first time for a few emails here for the men's room Edmonds or live dot com. I get a bird fish out of a sudden. Oh I'll go birthdays today and I'm turning thirteen I want turtle wax and and groping is in the bars and I've been listening for awhile I hope to get shouted out there you go Zachary had a thirteenth bunny. And broke pianist. Okay. Still a tip my son's thirteenth he's visiting for the summer absolutely love your show he loves to hear the wedding vomit and god please I keep that to do that if you can love the show keep on rocking guys rocks there. Thanks guys it's our Sunday aaron's Tony first. Can we get a barber shop faced sandwich thank you guys been loyal listeners and show number one man from rob Becky Taylor and Eli and Verizon Wireless is it. Movie Laura Suzanne wins. She's a daughter on this. Well there's no reason he's still rarely AC in the morning and afternoon at. Only front racial celebrating or Tory third birthday she definitely does not want some of that dirty German talk wink wink that from neck. I'll feel they are right to a pulp and I put my penis between the I'm going to and you couldn't. Have a mushroom to maybe even vacation. Please and heard digger earnings about bro in law ponder Paul Getty you know what fail is that broad and uh oh look out thanks from Gomez yeah. Girl as there is no lovely wife Natalee is birthday she's a waitress at a certain restaurant the loser cheesecake. You know she would love of the dirty Germans would talk real real dirty to her a signed her loving husband Max. With the individual well how some steam teen your copy. Yeah and I think I'm familiar with his restaurants I would love you know time as long as it takes to lead men. Three days. Big Ben. Poll shows can you please get a birthday shout to my awesome father he was born Mike admirably but he's best known as Merck Donaldson is off as I should but I am thankful every day for a support and guidance. I only hope to be half as good demand. As he has good guys give me some turtle wax please with a no dear Jesus in the pause ever emerge junior. Okay. Good cottages and guessing the birthday song for my daughter Chelsea spelled Chelsea she's 25 in the dirty Germans and Osce givers and dirty dirty dirty talk thanks guys that from Doug. Yeah how the book thing I want to wash my face which you'll still believe you fly. And it faded from evidence Chelsea had a birthday to any kind of as a down an early call Tehran. It's. Guys now one for my Buddy Ryan giddy get a face sand wedge and also won four by fed cousin Warren can he get a face and what Dan and Andrew Peters thanks guys appreciate it fish sandwich fish sandwich. Ladies here and broke in as it was about loving wife never Heather re happy thirty for have if at all have vision of a thirty future around the sun she's always looking to be weird mom laughing at the joke league isn't dirty German talk from the guys thanks from mark. I want to leave the stain on the cartoons of the old Marie window. Josh and maybe even the meets one. Overall is present and going to be paid a lot of attention. Husband longtime closer today is my husband Nathan 37 could get some turtle wax pleased. Appreciate it guys out from Melissa. That was fun. Probably. Guy's name is Eric lover's show so much that I download weeks under showed a time so that I can listen to you under water protecting freedom we're somewhere against today's not 46 trip around sun since my family doesn't listen in on my friends have enough foresight to email and they all just generally suck I'll just take care myself that I get a faced sandwich in German thrill and Ted telling my friends how much they suck. Fish sandwich. Are you social mud through social most of the want to visit to do just keeps up. Job and I mean that's what could be a bad friend too bad Americans he's protecting our freedom to France. As Kobe get hammered they shut out of a bunny run he's 48 today and is the lead tool publisher had my machine shabby and it really. He would love to have an Allen thicken and Al hitting the window that from his friend Chris look at. Here you go. I didn't I didn't go OK. Yeah yeah yeah. Okay have you had to do. Aaron I can you tell me into the youth May Day. All got a lawyer here. This one non no sex in your favorite TV show. Guys this is what answer your question the craziest place I've ever had sex was on my way home from the exotic erotic ball at the cal pals complements. Of 98 rock in Sacramento won the tickets from them. Going on my way home my then husband and I had sex while we thought everyone else was asleep or let's at least will be told herself. Super incredibly hot and my favorite TV show growing up was definitely gummy bears. Thanks guys this thing down and anti Iraq in a sacrament gummy bears also exceptionally popular and gay community because it is. Now let's say here that's plays and had sex on top of my sandwich unit in a restaurant I work with with the bosses merry daughter. Fifty yard line high school football field but my underwear there in the back in 1986 escort GT it's amazing we'll positions to horny teens to get into. On the beach in Salisbury Massachusetts. Got sand in places sand should never be. Love the show guys that from eight mass H stuck on the the area police say mass. I mean so they actually asked WA AF from Boston that does that fly I have just one analyst Lisa mass you know what. Mean that all right 'cause we know we can't say the ass version of that will write but if you double drove by the polar bear this legitimately I just hope that some MF flotsam and WA AF Little Lulu I did. We write full words we got the ball well that's that's Sophie your dirty rotten and then. We'll see Marty I easel right exactly. Yeah are we talking ice so I think it was best and I deploy tanks tires act as a Texan favorite show. Deployed six years ago my buddy snuck off to the airfield any strap me to the back of a Blackhawk helicopter. And absolutely at my brains out. Best sex ever especially with him wearing his flight helmet while meat taken care of him favor show the Simpson's plugging guys that from Michelle. Black hawk down again. How they interact memo to college and elementary education program. Dating and we decided you know bang in a lecture hall one afternoon during school we got the classroom schedule major Nolan was there most exciting plays have ever done it six years later married. And having a baby. Favorites are growing up rescue Rangers. I beat the remember hearing with us from Victoria British Columbia's maybe that was a different I think they changed the name of the the show over there and most. I know I Sherlock coming out of first ahead Chad is announced I'm dead meat and potatoes I. Thank god thank you. We've been PM. This. A lot of people tell you that summertime is traditionally the time to eat ice cream to release the ice cream trucks chore and what not well our more popular and Ron Christie signed as confront like dad about the element. True but I do think ice cream is an all year round kind of dessert that people enjoy death. The switch the about even what that Thanksgiving and Halloween would start getting gold. Introduce flavor they have heard I want you to stop eating ice I guarantee you if you look at the numbers on Ben and Jerry's or Baskin Robbins are increasingly probably either there sales probably get a lot more in the summer. And it's a broad look at what about late the dryers and breyer's and if all goes as Dora right goods are breaking into eggnog I screamed may have little pumpkin pie is pretty much is delicious. Bad bad stuff as I won't say I do think ice cream shops. Obviously had a huge uptick. In the summertime. Hey you know what you're probably they probably somewhere I threw I say I like it. I feel like it when he seventeen. Now I don't think of ice cream he's relegated to only some I'd agree that makes sense of it. Did finish him anytime you want and what I have here is the list from Brinker. These are the top ten ice cream flavors. But no. Number 100. Do numbers and you think the nose the worst out of the ten out of ten on the itself that it's a bad flavorful it's always uses red something black and wanted to William and peanut butter cup really I am delighted and about a government filed for durable beach. But now. Mean. I like peanut butter cups stumpel and I like ice cream and it was everything in the latter amount of butter cup ice cream is a different taste and texture. Yeah I'd pay you more cognizant. Coffee. The good. Before we go farther what is your guys' favorite flavors. All man and I don't even if you go to and you listen to face each one is so it isn't by to receive cups I love recent ups. They're just fine on their own for me they don't get all included in the familiar are the good. I'm not I think my favorite type if these really traditional. Ice cream flavors so yeah a little bit l.s going to be number one for me. Aren't aren't aren't. Tablet chip cookie does not showing up and here's a point OK okay. But you know if I like any candy bar of one of butter finger in my I've been analyzed and that's my favorite like in a blizzard did it and they have put about a figure that out of money figure it. I let go number number right. Like somebody yells relationships rocky road and I eat it if it is that the like many of us can remember. Really Brussels. A couple of fresh rebel. Yeah brought up aren't you guys know the difference between French and Ella. And regular but now yes one's white ones yellow room but you know why jello the French and Allah. I do not appear that got exist that are okay they stimulus do it through you know but Allah. I don't have French Vanilla but I have Vanilla bean I brought it to my screen and you know some Vanilla being you have to yeah are you didn't have pop another number in there. Was French Vanilla. Number six all numbers say. I think grass X regular chocolate chip. A tone in which is kind of throwback you'll see a lot of people eat just struck with shipments showed introduced via already got mint chocolate chip to sort of put the entire. You know whom and at that point. This puts food in that populate also I just he doesn't like the notes that this is going to be so if you won't eat any of this and notably. Aren't theirs is the important thing. Mind and your. It's okay. Really good Obama as what they call the middle it's really good strawberry. Our own way and I. I know what people think it out there and hey Ted but what about the Neapolitan which are ours is Vanilla chocolate and strawberry and that came in twelfth. Do you want to just outside the whole thing like that now O'Neal Paulson in my refrigerator is two thirds of the ice cream right gonna lose our remaining leaves strawberry who was the other driver I screen no I yeah do him some of them apparently demanded what would lead program that gives you keep buying something with strawberry and purity goes to her. Ideas that's a Sacramento on May lose. It it. Mint chocolate chip Arrigo strong. I feel like mint chocolate chip was what are the initial kind of like crazy flavors they got out there and everybody started getting into eternal love and because it was chocolate it was Vanilla strawberry Neapolitan chocolate chip in the mid jackal chip gonna. It blew the doors off a look at her cookies and cream or Oriole. And and Rick Carlisle coming up that is no longer be my guest. Regular been Aussie arousal Bono being number lottery played NASA now yeah I don't say what it is just test it. That's gonna oniyama. On the list and Karen. And tells what you think about their balance the bigger containers so it's not a soft. As though and tell us how we presume I always hard. All right or real reform Herman if at a. Yeah it's a little group's number two on the list is chocolate. Played Ashe chocolate okay people love chocolate man. I should say plane ash chocolate just regular idol shocker not because he couldn't plummeted fundamental and I don't go to Q and at different tactic. Playing and playing at bat that chocolate could be edit or orange and leave it to number one. As you hear thrill munching on some event that of course is cookies increased its number one cook he's. Green came in number one. That is amazing I think now granted if 5000 people vote online for this strength. Here's my theory on cookies increased. Gotta lake the make chocolate chip I was saner lately we've gotten used to his Ben and Jerry's world of wow no one called played. How's it askew do you prefer to go to that while a group of ten things and dirty just like the standard one or two items in your screen it really depends what like. Ben and Jerry's is for about a way were they do it. Announcer this spent time perfecting of my trying everything they do some of the other ones like regardless standalone ice cream shops smiling. It alleges that only a little bumpy on which we had their man. Yeah and for being with Ben and Jerry's like some evil like though the flavors that you're seeing have eight or nine of them in there I feel like I typically just go with a half baked. What I like chocolate chip cookie dough and the brownie but I think for easy clean as a cinema theories of the goodies in creams just. But for years that was the most exotic ice cream you can debt. That is why don't airmen and yet it combines two things that are classic all American right he got Vanilla ice cream with basically an Oreo cookie. Now Oreo cookie probably has certain brainy not serve on certain companies OK that's very logical. And if you could it be between the choice would you go scooped ice cream or soft custard style ice cream from a machine. So in other words this World Cup what about it but what we can get it dipped cone that come ice cream so you basically get the standard what an Allah. Chocolate and strawberry just as far as the stylus okay what are called make this committee I scream I like the way it melts into via into the wall or goal late there's a benefit to your ice cream melts it's either something about that cheap hand dipped column that has the chocolate shall I don't show all Manilow of that and I know that is just but he denied screen that's all that ice cream it's the south custard and that normally welcome. I'm not sure I think it depends on what I'm doing than they do the half they have got chocolate have to know let's say the finalists right we're gonna go to an ice cream shop in order to sit down. I'd probably prefer regular hard ice cream. Now we're like on the beach you were somewhere and were strolling around him or walk in that I want that soft serve code and yet as I have lick. Some familiar borrowing your Hammond that that cardboard cut on the comes in a multi colors I like crap that took the original colonial court import it birthday party like my men advocates are gonna come home so yeah webos and you have literally knows that central yeah are you get that sad little cup with a would stick first through. For the with pulled their about what people have said that pistachio did not make the list who. Institution. And I Paramount and villages just he's awfully fancy well bubble gum ice cream come on man come on grow up come rock. Pistachio bubble proposed text or they would to I think we're talking to a favorite brands. Open again he had been injured yeah America. They had Jeff we appreciate it still to come we'll drink until the shot of the day is on the label take a quick break and come back with a return. I'll know as Sherlock you are listening to avenge her radio network. I'll big chill. You don't have to end to end the men's room. Yeah there are minutes away from Drake in the Sade is on the way we'll drink until the first Charlie's the hill Colmes a goal makes it slogan first stories or headlines exclude. And shell shock. They were forty people die of Gersten sooner than yeah. She stock. Women's magazines published Reuters many articles about sex as they do about loan well the monkey's uncle. Sherlock then read into. People are more likely to take risk in these spontaneous on vacation gee you well prayers are you kidding I cannot believe that notion. Sherlock what does everybody say when their vacation all vacation. Bruce you do need didn't. Everybody said to get drug in the body against bigger than the beach everyone says the exact same thing toward a member can see he's been blown. We continue bed he'll be representative says I used to be anti obamacare and fellow. And her god can learn more about. Until those unemployed with a preexisting conditions. Yeah affordable or putting how that changes. I'm living North Carolina prosperity gospel past year indicted for blocking Georgian massive tax fraud scale right well. And borrowed tens of millions of dollars you don't need one on the good. In rural America fewer immigrants and less tolerance. No Sherlock. You're more likely to crash when you're following another caller. And she knocked it. Udall says there are no constitutional right to marry your lifetime yeah. And that and thanks. Ex girlfriend says Mahan was renting before beheading might well be monkey's uncle. Sherlock. Before being heading mother and an erratic you look at the picture of the sky and think well. Yeah yeah I mean his eyes could not look at the same location if you bail. More women are concerned about cyber bullying. The man. And and Sharon I'm. Well of course man I mean I think Obama probably gonna gonna happen when you go online as far as your alternate Sampras Sampras etc. that's the way ago. I'm George and world of sports namely the NFL. Should Kelly just laid all those excuses for why Colin cabernet is unemployed to rest and play well. Sure it. That he'd be a distraction. He doesn't really want to play football with Jim Kelly the building Chara buffalo is he's got a good players this Chip Kelly. But noises you can go among that he wants to play football. Even distraction. To stick with them and you know old weather man is not getting tired in the NFL right now yes she can understand and he's great play. Of fruits and obviously right at tonight's daily basically he's just proving your theory right night and that included and it all these different things that nobody else is doing that is. All right and finally we leave you this first Newport BMW in wet concrete not pleased about parking BMW in wet concrete. Oh yeah. It did I have an attitude during attack somebody else they're considered to be ready. Men's room. It's just who it is. Better sure go ahead considering gas cans even throw a little find out door tells them yes indeed today we sold 75 year old ritual all will be from Northern England. But Richard is a retired sawmill owner but he has not been relaxing or letting a skills go to waste for the last four years. Richards spent eight hours a day five days a week restoring old German military training. The forty foot long sea Rafe has built a 1936. In a bill to drink cadets how to sail and I was taken over by the British royal navy. And Richard Barr from the British ruled it about ten years ago. Like a set for the last four of those ten years she's put forty hours a week in thousands of dollars and treating rotten to embers getting the engine running. Well he finally. Finally got the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of his labor when he finally launched this he raised. On the normalcy. The ball went down moments indeed even make it five minutes and water in fact it didn't even make it to the harbor. To make things worse the boat is now leaning against the Harbour wall in the north seat doctor. And that is do now has asleep in his car at the dock so he can pump the boat when the tide is high he points out he drives home during low tide. To get launch with his wife. And then has to drive back civil and Hyde type shows back up he could pump the water out of his failed it's fans forty years. Thousands of dollars less than five minutes is quote was so key to the effect of both are literally float with then held and he do wrong I'd I don't know man I mean a thing as you used to work as a sawmill owner he did something and forestry so in his mind. Pretty rotten timbers an almighty he's a guy that knows what to do and that what makes an even worse the most crushing for this guy you're 75 usual. You don't know if you're another four year period work on things what he said the greatest thing about working on the boat was Eddie got spend time moves to adult sons. Organized it's just the whole family thing and yet five minutes into it that. As sunk. I just said that he didn't seal it I don't know man I don't know four years forty hours a week every week he never failed I think it was more about getting away from home. Yeah well active wife commented the good news that he sweeping down their billboard is ever quite house call six. Yes sir here's an attempt to report those bones and we drink this booze because we think it's yummy and our national overlooked on around the world to party in our Tommy's. I'm not a whole outage so not. Trig into a good line for profiled a stellar night right now 844999. Alone. Shares many things continue. On the men's room radio network.