BJ & MIGS Podcast 10-02-17-6A: A woman left her 4 kids home alone because she wanted to go to Octoberfest.

Monday, October 2nd

There was a shooting in Las Vegas yesterday during a concert. News and sports. A new study says people spend more time on the toilet than they do exercising.


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Well most Mori's mail we get to commend their raid outside a little bit of Cho put a smile you're facing goofy stories some funny sound your audio that the guys have found. I'm forcing this morning you how we have to wake you up to some bad news. Someone shot into a crowd of 30000 people at an outdoor concert in Las Vegas near the Mandalay bay casino last night. Since same. This is this this is a real real sets it happened just after 10 o'clock last night local time. And over fifty people are dead. Gave you remove the video is just doesn't it is have you seen any of them and if you physicists are you heard of that I can. Man I don't know why anybody wanted to see video like that I had to Watson and I was a slight and I hate my job sometimes I resonated did they assisted deadliest mass search shooting in US history yep. And governor Ehrlich concert Jason how the day he's a canal he's a country music performer and would. Big Three Jacob G musical missile called grew 91 harvest. And you know did they were. Just there to see a show have a good time people just. All coming together to have fun you know that's what's so sad about these events that happen is like. You know people take unified if you will look hey we all love this music don't we all love this performer more all I hang out together being cool and each other. And then this this this. Horrible human being who goes on a 32 for the Mandalay bay casino hotel. Just Dell opened fire and their rapid fire to I've done that allows it issued a lot at one time. Yeah I mean as I guess is towards the end of his head around some point in the middle how do you set because he heard the gunfire and and carried off the stage showed me this is happening while all that. Mauled that you said people are just try to enjoy your show and some idiot is up on the top floor on the 32 floor to shooting them. And so yeah everybody ran for cover and smooth as I said fifty people are dead they think about over 200 people were injured. And the suspect was killed by swat teams. And he was a 64 year old local named Stephen paddock. The cost was so looking for his female companion last night from what I understand they've identified his him I compare now they've actually found her yet or not Jack heard that the name is out there yeah we're looking for and there's a lot of pictures posted that yeah last I heard eliciting house's. Patrick recently then found her just yet. Yes so Jason. Do you posted a statement to confirm that he's okay and there he said quote tonight has been beyond horrific. I still don't know what to say but wanted to let everyone know that me and my crew are safe. He says my thoughts and prayers brought everyone involved tonight it hurts my heart that this would happen to anyone who was just coming out to enjoy what should have been a fun night. Hash tag heartbroken hash tag stop the hate. Cars and I guess had originally when the first shots have been the music stopped temporarily but in the kickback in I probably didn't realize was gunfire and then also in the sounds happened again that's they're like all. This is not what we thought we gonna stop flying. Gay hit a video C you know live in the video least I watched. You know we're used to the kind of gunfire on TV and movies and this just is more of a popping Sonnen was a rapid popping sound and I think boy that's the that's the real terrifying thing is you may not realize what's happening because the sun isn't completely identifiable to you if you're not around a lot of gunfire which I'm not. Top people are obviously dot Michigan about this and I'm warm recent trip to Vegas at some point everyone now seems to know somebody in Vegas so I just saw on FaceBook or our bodies are hunter. Who plays in the Ben Woodside who's been event that we feature on my local a lot of yes. Tim is lady ought emirate. Art in Vegas right now and from what I gathered Celek either they're staying at the Mandalay there somewhere and you're there because it's an unbelievable. My heart sinks an image burned in my mind of a man entering the elevator as we exit. Covered in blood he looks drained tired and just and the casino floor that was packed all weekend with happy people is still in doubt exhausted and devastated people wanna blankets such a sad sad night in the city of lights. Yeah and if you again if you just listen answers to your house somebody. By the name of five. Shot into a crowd of 30000 people at an outdoor concert in Vegas last night and you're Mandalay bay casino. Fifty people they're saying over fifty people are dead over 200 injured CBS ES this report over 400 injured now while 400. We had don't have a motive right now. Nobody knows why he did this still looking for a female companion who they do have they have identified are so they know who she is there. And I haven't seen reports that they have very yet I thought I did but I I can't be sure but they definitely have a name out there so they know what they're looking for. And again the shooter is dead the alleged shooter is dead anyway yeah. And and so. That's unfortunately. Some sad news that I got to report to you this morning calm and this is. People just say you know I'm music show just wanna have a good time yeah and this is this is just seems like every year we have heard a different. Concert horrific where something awful and it is it's currently is so cowardly it's that's the other thing it irritates me and. Josh we feel. That there's nothing else to say just sad and I'm angry and I'm sad at same time. Where a mother of the year candidate as a mom leaves your kids and the country. For pretty stupid reason. She's got the news for you 67 teams on the Iraq. And made some morning. Rock and 99.9 KI guess W all the nine point nine day high at W the rock comes Seattle. Most this graders have a better grasp of the English language unfortunately there aren't any available this early in the morning. This is news suites teammates. But thanks guys and thanks in part to a serious news and sports and happy national blue shirt day. I don't know yesterday but I fortunately wearing a blue shirt how tell everyone's looking I would sure they're wearing and an hour and a loser looks like I'm don't elect Al Joe's got a blue shirt on I've known well clearly where they don't know what they care about ending bullying. That's apparently. He shows us it's about ending bullion desk that's about raising awareness I got a lot of blue shorts on this and knows today today help you out phrases that change your day. I I didn't know until this well it's easy for you because you primary result showed a lot of times Fridays and Mondays are all Seahawks for you especially when they went brighter guys tried brother looks a little bit but what is ladies. Hope my twins mother of the year. Stephanie candidate. As you have for her kids home alone. Because you wanted to go to Germany. For October fest. Okay that did not happen it did and it happened over and I was this woman by the name of Aaron she's thirty years old. And she's just been wanted to go to Germany for October fest forever apparently. So she left her four kids home alone 212 year old a six year old and a seven year old. Without the worry she left them with the guns are all okay wells on symptom of the gun right that way kidney problem not enough you guys are prepared we are against. She's supposed to be gone for eleven days she left back on September 20. Fortunately somebody called the cops say all this woman's kids are home alone. They were turned over to child services atop sent a message Aaron in Germany saying. Are we need to come back home and she's been charged with four counts of child endangerment one count of making a firearm available to a person under the age of 21. So there you go gash he's a genius. Yeah I would imagine. While 212 year old kids on her one of your twins are or I'm imagine. Or I mean you never know sometimes they're people from all over the remain in their momentum I don't know what's going hiring more towards families especially in Iowa. Yeah oh yeah I know especially here's an important study that came impresses me laugh out loud according to a new study. Plus Americans are spending more time sitting on the toilet every week then exercising real test driver I've finally gets okay. You address. But no one knew how much time yeah of course the study group. The research the average person spent three hours nine minutes on a toilet every week. Yeah I mean I I I can tell you not to sit out too long way you know I think they do them more than exercises like you know we just one day for him. That's an average of 27 minutes today. Oh. And now we're spending about half of that time exercising you know we ninety minutes total on average about thirteen minutes a day to follow Dan rivers that you. Now that most of time now is because of complaints many stupid phone games. All okay but it's not your fault it's the phone's fault yeah because they're like get into the game and I'm sitting there for awhile and then I decide a little few clients did OK it's fascinating characters talk about it. I want to see our man at pan am excited about this first day. Boy that first Appleby was scary as more rain. And they were losing going into halftime fifteen contents in the Colston and all of a sudden see outdoors and I'm. Second half. Scoring 36 to three. Yeah about me I just. That's surprisingly I thought oh man this is not we don't lose this game and I AM as honest as I pull my wins it is going to be a nail biter I'm not in the mood for another nail biter especially as a teammate we should be flown out but I hate. They turned on the second half Wilson scoring great 43 yard run touchdown to start things often enough Luke Wilson got into the mix with I was pretty awesome. And then we all learned about javy may kiss an hour and a thirty yard touchdown run and then also a 27 yard touchdown passes while high yet to Seattle's. 46 points the most they've scored and a regular season game. Since December of 2012. So what started off looking like he could be an embarrassing game for the Seahawks ended up being a dominating performance. Yeah this and it really wasn't even the second half was more like the end of the third quarter arm he had. That it became such a dominating games choice for the fuel scary moments after cliff here on how to leave the game but it looks like he's gonna be okay. Our recent beyond whatever possible to get a hard time breathing and yes. Our weather and it looks like he'll be okay in the increased Carson that's the one I think a lot of what's ordinaries. Problems last I heard him it was hard off in the fourth quarter with some Charlie broken leg injury and did the guy another colts landed on him. Bob we haven't heard exactly what's going almost got so I'm hoping it's not get nearly as. That is what most of us assumed to be a season ending injury where's your son having left their running back position right he sounds corny comparison you heard it's pretty significantly. So we'll see what happens a lot more information today I was just a heartbreaker you could tell. Some of the guys did did the doctor Russell Wilson after the game a lot of players all not a beloved dispersant itself. This just seems like your stated this is a curse physicians in the sea off deja Vu because they said the same thing about Thomas Rawls and he got hurt much love they had for him. So I'm now married life. Good times continue to secure the pop up and do some stuff with them that it's fast and Obama's hope that I maybe got Eddie lacy. Trade was not a violent signing was not a boss after all. Yeah he's gonna have to do a little bit more no doubt about it a couple of decent runs at the end of the game for granted but that point identical to. Pretty much given up all hope it's when your down. With their downs highs so let us in college football great weekend for the cougars beat him. USC at their home stadium in in California at thirty to 27. Not bad not all headed off for the troops stop Huskies won a winning 42 to seven against Oregon State for you part of a close game for a little bit and have fun. That is not the case Todd union beat the Seattle sounder and soccer that you milk. Are mariners it's over it's done death nearly a year IC Zenyatta playoffs yeah and they didn't make the playoffs it's not even close the half. I say on the losing their last game of the season against the angels sixteen to the Mariners finished the season. 78 and 84 that's eight games off of their 86 and 76 record from last season. Yeah that's not the direction when you go right I've just under 500 no it's not the direction you wanna go. DM. As far as whether 63 Creason signed. Thanks to Matt and investor craftsmen for New Year's news and sports well there you go yes I sat on the baseball season's over and your team's not and it's. Yes it's AA and I know it's say look we we have the hawks is a silver lining but as a baseball fan. Sideman one of these days AA you know they've and that once sixteen. It's just so long ago we were like I dominant team having a great season and then. And I as much as of the right after they lost to the Seahawks were in the middle not looking very good first and somebody posts on trinity got a good chuckle out and like gods so I'll wins this NHL team gonna come to Seattle Chris it's a tough time to be a sports fan at that moment. Thankfully C outstanding GAAP and made it ruins mood a lot better but yeah. Another another waste of a season Allen used injuries really got over the Mariners. No doubt about it anthem and also when you sue the Astros have done the Astros were horrible team and like you remember when they got put a program the American League. We were like all this is great finally the B a team will be in last place besides us has the Astros are not a good team making more the American League. So when you go walk I said that they can figure it out and other teams that you figure it out and the Mariners just can't figure it out there and really they get you managers doesn't work they knew general manager doesn't work. Hey I know dude it's it's. Think ready no injuries were big part of me that would have been nice to see a healthy Felix and a healthy Paxson has in fact that would have given us you know at least ten more wins you figure may be even more. Still though. Acts a frustrating. Well I'll on the Graham Norton show Harrison Ford is becoming my new favorite crazy person. It's different now at least once a week or getting a story of him where I'm questioning how much alcohol he sees taking into assistant that is so true and he was just recently on Fallon and so Graham Norton show is in England so he's got eight. You're off for a minute his aces he's doing a lot of trap one. And it's all because of blade runner Tony 49 because that's the new movie. He of course he made that very iconic role in the first blade runner now he's the old guy passing the torch to somebody else and moving her own good that I was from over a new original idea against the and so no live this this blade runner Tony 49 is. I'm excited because I love the universe and really haven't seen a whole lot traumatic sympathy to one movie. And Ryan Gosling is a good actor and so he's going to be a new guy. And I'm how about six others so they don't draw for the tour Harrison Ford is on the same couch. In this interview about the movie and he forgets Ryan doesn't name three times that's his costar in the movie. Anything and Gaza again sitting right next to him. They finally had a camera with a good with the story as I read it. I read about the character that. Ryan and Bryan describe the play and I said tonight was great enthusiasm might cause of the cruises I said why don't we see if we get. I'm right right. This is hey Cole. There's not a Muslim. To. Could write yeah. I said why he's in great part sure. Ryan Gosling. Hot hot hot hot like to think that uses hammy enough but I don't know I know why it's hard to tell because I was thinking he met him hammy and have to. And yet it dad had envoy they well they're actors. He it was it was surely it was it was it was grades but oh my first time Thursday was that that wasn't intentional you out there after that uses Tammy and out but the arsenal was definitely not a Tehran Ryan is around it's guys the next really high and if you're Ryan Gosling Hilliard gay well I guess there's no yeah I I can't wait to be Harrison former I don't care who's popular and who they are there's Bryant's kind of a guy. But if it's always good script your name. And it's Harrison Ford at the UK with it I actually now I would like terrorism forty commands reminding him that would be an honor yes that's qarase. I'm looking forward to this movie though. I really really am I forgive when yachts like as soon as if that doesn't really accentuates a cult film I mean blade runner was an amazing film are great cult following. Believe based on as a thought they did in massive bank notes upgraded the greatest name of science fiction writing. Develop a day. Philip K ditto for all yeah I just ran. They're not much he apparently you think if you Asia middle me until okay go up. Okay yeah yeah yeah it is our son Philip K. Dick. Are coming out October 6 that's next week all loose on us and that's yeah and called Joey sees let's are we gonna make a plan we're gonna see that movie. Barriers are very very excited. It's going to be tough to get in their casino Mia loved baseball where baseball started in August of I don't know what the directory and all I I can always there when an elevated shots. I can do you know maybe the 'cause got room for. A day. Philip that is. Yes so a big cult following I an anyway you know so we that we scifi fans we love them and we're very what where when their fingers crossed we're very much looking forward to going back to this world when they're better special effects Sony really cool to see what that's all about. Let me tell you it's a star power. Yeah they got star power was it was it was our support a big star back but within the aria you know I I yeah I don't remember I got to leave it came out after the Indiana Jones stuff I know I'm definitely came on after Star Wars but like I believe it was even after Indiana Jones. Who if you find out that he went out this first blade runner came out 82 teenagers as offensive Star Wars CI a time when women didn't resonating more Indiana Jones that wasn't nice 81 Indiana Jones or eighty I can remember. Gave rainy day fund raiser lost ark yeah so he was a guy. Did Harrison Ford was a guy M and that was a big reason my blade runner did as well as it did but it's also a really cool. You know cyberpunk distill preempt future where the world's not a happy place it was raining through the entire film so it had that kind of vibe to it on nice yeah it's a present they Seattle XX. You can tell us a feel like they're held. On Friday Steve did not get this one right who's right hand man and his sisters meet. Thanks mister beans out. Content toss crack and Ecstasy on the and senator cartoons were you little little. Now what it. Top. Solar homes down I don't know video now. Your thought process so how you really get their mind goma gallery you know I mean that's that's just sounded out BJ I never hear anybody on jeopardy due back they added that alcohol that's a 1000030 minutes episode that's. Well he is getting get the answer which was Captain Hook. Still I shot a piece Steve you got it 206421. Rock hopefully be migs. At 647. 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