BJ & MIGS Podcast 10-02-17-7A: – “I can’t believe my kid did BLANK”.

Monday, October 2nd

Beat Migs. An 8 year old boy from Argentina recently swallowed a squeaking toy. Luke warm topic.


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Okay okay. Okay love the man it's. Tough enough. We only get the harder it is from I don't mind. That's right everybody. Has that was just Mondays are everything Marriott. Definitely Monday step below. That's a fine line man. No one's sure it doesn't turn to vinegar and even I never got an. Indoor contestant today we've got Jeff in pew while Jeff are easier sir. Yeah I'm here excellent what's the point four today Steve Gregg saved he's still got the W you eat it coming to town brother. It's not allowed and what's gonna do when WB smackdown runs wild on you on October 17 I'm pretty good I think you arena. Brother other vitamins and stuff kind of petered out there man it's Monday men. Good KI SW dot com pro and he doesn't join together WE smackdown tickets are available at Ticketmaster dot com Aristide did adding error. Path for those playing at home Jeff will have sixty seconds to answer ten questions Jeff you can and pass what you want but you only three as is per question. Are you ready. And what the word means a person who directs an orchestra and also a person who is in charge of a trainer. Doctor he adds these breaks your bottom originates from which country. It's no ability to yet as to eight hours after 10 PM is what times. Stickers taught at 8 o'clock battle. Dix who I was until six I ordered it eight hours after 10 PM it's what time. 0:2 AM yeah as what do you plan it's only have one soulful and their names. It adds became intimate gladiators Ted is a trademark of which credit card companies. America expressed yet as to what is a period of 1000 years no Onassis yeah. Looks. It's. What's nearly cereal is known by these slogans snap crackle and pop asked. Let's go to took millennium millennium millennium yeah adds Jack skilling to include new boot geared characters from what movie. Of course but now he's mr. Michael and I remember the. You ask. 9345678. Quran very good you know the freezing him a couple of those. Yeah we need AMR just six will work I. I mean I know here comes nevermind I know Jesse you're in trouble for that as well. He did say is that correct wine yeah I did and I I think you should ask you because you knew you did phrase it where you need to say the correct you're right you're right in your right and I know he's gonna safe and knows he's gonna say Iran. And he's gonna be confused you're gonna have to say no I know don't go aren't just RRR right I will just say now pay Yahoo! tenement Adair a lot of playoff losers on the specificity you know we don't you stack it against these are issues today I was really shouldn't mind having the feel great you just did like minus saying that. The cougars won in California anyone in Pullman and I needed it other than that other than that it's a big defeat for remotely connected to slowly deeper now CI I I heard I think your point aren't too I heard that arrived I thought you were just overly excite really good cougars won it in their home place and I'm like yeah that's a nice thing that I guys I I meant there was a moment in the first place so you know I was USC's Tom Jones yeah I did. I don't watch the game I'll know access are rising because I think you've probably easier on Friday night and so I was. Them immersed in the world wrestling so on foreseen mystic. I skewed and out and thank you up. The whole procedure and exam are correcting me it's not high enough to kind way as well yeah sure and you actually missed an event to go for for wrestling match and that's all that's how like keep the price. I don't think it owed anything other than wrestling and and Sarah or your easy worst you would dressing mute my board games because it seems like that's all you do and -- I do so smacking neck I we're wrestling for game three altogether possible. I or other surprises there it is one not to look at that come out. What fun is there a good one message no records of board games not to yeah our right Steve you're you played this game. What word means a person who directs an orchestra and all silly person who is in charge of a train. Kids doctor yes he's bread chip spot originates. I don't know which countries Italy yes if age of I don't eight hours after 10 PM is what time it. 6 AM yeah sure you planet's only have one syllable lend their name to not be areas right now. First. Morris adds to the American Gladiators head is a trademark of which critics card companies. American Express yeah as what does he period of 1000 years known has lost all man's arms. Says the money and yes what cereal is known by the slogan snap crackle and pop. Snap crackle pops. Now price Christie's yeah and Jackson Ellington did indeed lose your characters from what movies nightmare before Christmas yet as what relation with air east is seducing Greek mythology. They were siblings now. Mother daughter is no father and daughter we now know what color is sorry rover from sesame street's blue. Yeah I did and added that deciding factor. You weigh in nine. I thought. So sorry just fine today you can. It's always good value do you adjust for the good battle it's. Letting us have a good night. Thanks very goes Jeff hotshot high. Jeff. That was a lucky answers and I thought I know he got every question he was asked. But he didn't get to two because he stumbled over a couple of he stumbled over the time staying he's math was completely off he said six but he didn't given as an answer and he finally said 6 AM. He really six no eighteen it was like all over the place. That and he managed to get all only eight in Steve you've defeated at vote thanks stressed however I checked out and you know I do well when I got wrong was there what relation with Ares to Zeus in Greek mythology they thought I was I was. Know your said that we just how it assists and one woman do by the world tour it's a series it was a bad guys yet he was they itself father son right. Well. The way you're saying no our area son's father yes yes Ares is his son closed end here and if you sit father son I would have been like no one and you have been super confused but I mean you got it on and Bob super confused -- and an impressive yeah well I read that you would have been right now what impairs and I would a loss of million dollars because I didn't hear and he didn't say it right and it would have in my faults and we would have five and I didn't want that some really glad I don't divvied up heads say Jack who has said that sits. Well congratulations Steve UBS jab where you get nine correct common I guess what you're check out WW he smacked down a Key Arena. Caller number 9206421. Rock. Like guy every year. My hair may be more than half a week we get some great video of other kid not too happy with. Further the gender of its new to be sibling yes and dad on this this morning and it's his measly thing. Man I don't know how to react to Medicaid that was just this kind of a whiny baby. They shot up. How do you have a brother or sister that's how kids are man Hashemi whiny they can be Davies especially when they're whining and their babies sensitive point in his acting their age yes they are. So this mom posted video on YouTube are her three year old daughter finding out that she was about to have a baby me. Brother. Bear and she broke down in tears because well she didn't want a baby brother she wanted to. Sister Helen fifth paying you can count and it really simple yeah. Yeah I want to I mean I think more and. Fool. And. Or. He's fifty he might come we can meet you were. Why does. Not a naive. All of that we pretty much. Yeah. Yeah they are not cool. Good. Well listen kid. Well mobs lying to their kids first of all that's it yeah the back child's not writing letters and now boom that's always say though I mean am I really enjoyed decent night gives Sarah Sarah deny he enjoyed he's the president when she was born to enjoy these knew that but still like the idea that he got something so it's that I time gifted against Seattle now so he's always been aware whether I he's like he's like Santa. Sarah when she was an entry coming out of I don't care I'll just take the prize is a take the money help take against. Then this. Was a more annoying because yeah that that accident just me or some all like. Yeah I don't know why. It's. And bother me more than opposes someone else like you should they be brought about. It's so I don't fancy stuff like he's a chance you liner bitching about the fact it's gonna have a baby brother questions for the slump this poor little kid in England. She's 253 and I guess that your fancy Hayden. She cried through the sick for mom Willy Wonka. Are always there were assaulted her resolve the the she was quite hard to please let's shoot Africa. And the father was also Rivet tool there where's the data and on this oh how far he's like I guess I believe he's literally she wants social shut up that's exactly have been top stories it's like you're gonna stand Steve. She winds hold the time I go how do anything to get some moment's peace. That kid though now the kid might be like other great so. Lol I have my boy down. Okay. Skimming averages of Brothers thank you know the president tried to tell deterrent. You know so does that alone on the I'm gonna have any Katherine sister knows everybody does here on our governor sisters friends are deeply yeah terrible brother throwing thing about it because I'm on the hook up when her drama infested ratchet friends. I don't know why would wanna do that there's I can't stand the noise the children's got Texan in turn that off little nightmares. And does suck doesn't it especially if you're going through it. May first and thanks for reminding me how badly I do not want kids right in apple. Ha ha yeah rivers and what's worse the whiny or the whining with the accent armed with that did the why were the accent makes it worse. And usually they actually say anything better yeah but in this case now. Yeah I'm where I'm with everybody on that that kid was annoying. I. Leino Sarah was the good baby Angie and Joey d.s was the bad baby so. What happened and I yelled what I know so bizarre I you're absolutely right I mean she was easy is five Jolie diss was so I mean it's but he got out of the way early but based on over Surrey she still for now I'm kidding caca. She's a woman in a relationship now. That she is six months six months six months. Well I already gave free six month anniversary. Rule anything ball's coming in I was no good. Probably stick of gum rice or dog that was the last place that's right like I was married wasn't even a boyfriend really just writes I'm excited yeah I I had I guy's ideas he comes and says he got me nothing. Just this is the best build up from nothing right here we go. Hand. Well. Six. Also six months you know I kind of feel like your high school a middle school against the don't really like. Debt and huge gift but you and I both really like practices. Super random so I got him a little pact as and he job mile packed as immune now my great uncle does she do it's Tokyo. We know it's not. CL CC thanks for answering your question I had ever just say no I kind of came pretty busy here it's you know well. I thought I don't think practices at the same thank goodness a sack Dunst years. You know others is Diane and the cheese yeah I wonder here why you got him through that and Yemen now look and then of course there has to be as sexy part Ernie. So all of a cactus now none of this Exxon in our news doesn't have to reassess in part the answers no Zelaya world was wearing these really really you can use my my god no I don't know practices aren't I being. OK I ain't nobody gonna know. She's what was. We'll Clear Lake lacy in super cure rates has trying to do a little a little dance for him you know I think yes the table. And that's going to be out an. I went to his right they did this I don't count dozens are on the table on us like kind of bending nowhere you know sheik imam duty home. I'm a little bit I know that the site Dylan had stuck to my hair. So I love you and. As slow motion hair flip and such you'll it was whip my hair completely like full lean years. During. Jury where the least sexy thing and burned my boyfriend do Lago. Did I really just how bad I couldn't stop laughing we have a leg stopped the sexiness you'd go get a vacuum clean up the whole Mattis. There was it was settling one of the kind for a six month anniversary I'll see and they think it is going on the road you've got. We haven't stopped all all the sexy and stop that's great it's happening in your house early 2000 thank all of you imagine that my house be Hewitt freaked out Arianna dirt everywhere area you'd be John you would have that your roommate AKA your father. Yeah I think this is what. Good times Casey was accused our guest you I did actually yeah thank you and continue and then later but later I got word am I knew I had to get. They hear that part you're gonna just ended it with no sexy got to be right detect high. Folks are attacked dire we will play Kat Stein can OK you know why don't you take your cash tank get the hell out here I OK okay cities. Hey how we got a story about a kid OK not mine I walk out the whiny London maybe this is another kid this squall a squeaky a swallow. I hate does his on ice well things. This is huge if you try saying that fast it. I just Wallace freaky to make this most recent emergence follows with a joint who I want you to see some stress and I cannot ask Gary I got to quit the business. Well as Steve said hey that sound like an insult yeah plus. Or write your underwear. Yeah. Zero ACC was attitude itself yet once had. They can't if swallowed a squeaky toy and yes. He does make his squeaky sound when machines so I was we have the audio and still nearly 917 on the right. Nine point nine KI guess W all. 49 day I had coming to the rock god Seattle. This eight year old boy from Argentina recently swallowed a squeaking Troy. His mother took him to emergency room where surgeons operated and removed the squeaker the boy is expected to make a full recovery. But there was a video posted this kid before the toy was removed and yeah I it's so fun it is up to our FaceBook and assist dislocated. Here's the cemetery preview squeaks. Oh man this is awesome. While matters this trip and this is what Dennis is like mildew from what you can do about this I think some as big I'm kind of sick of making a speedy sound yeah. But dogs chasing him this country. Through the streets. This is the first time some like this has happened last year Q went to the hospital for swallowing the squeaker from a dog toys and now we get the audio that's. Wearing any. Where is sincere and Larry you and your. And I NGL doesn't do it. There finish and. Plays they had you tell you just sort of breathing heavy and that's that loud screeching sound that off man. I just semites he was old enough to know better. Well yeah I think he was Syria that's our guy. They look like he was maybe in his TV remotely an eight year old like god I hate mail maybe eleven or twelve I inhaled a dog Torre had twelve years old really you genius. The eight year old is still simulating a kid really Asian Dylan right right stop putting things in your mouth. Yeah eight year old from Argentina recently saw a squeaky toys so. You know as a parent I had to deal with some crap I'm sure you have to do so well honestly you finished his sentence. I can't believe my initiated did blank. What does summoned crazy crap yet to put up with your kids are maybe you're the kid and you said tell me what did you do my. Most important one rock Texas 77999. Did you sense like carefully my kid did Blanco when I was a kid I can't believe I did lying. And they eggs mornings. On the rock 99.9 KI DSW. Our guys play nice KI SW the rocket Seattle. So this eight year old. Boy from Argentina recently swallowed a squeaking Choi a and of course like a good mother there was audio of this. Yeah he just idea they had to get that half eight years old. And last year twelve year old earlier this. And I put out some kind of a cup PSA. To people because. This video isn't spreading like crazy to be warm you know goof and about like hey man let's not forget it's a year old Maya to be so vicious on the porch it's. Gas still it is only like one should no matter the out now when not all of this to last year as did a dog toys where and he. And Larry you there. I NGL doesn't do it. There finish and. Unbelievable and I can't sign a lot of illuminate. How to use twelve which I need to tell my tell ourselves I'm absolutely eludes him on the couch at the squeeze whatever squeaky toys and she's jumps up ready to attack so you have a solid detected over existing outlook. Now. Just briefed. 206421. Rock Texas 77999. So based on this. We like to finish this sentence I can't believe my kid did blank or when I was a kid I can't believe I did blank when Texas and they are my legs detrimental sunset knots Berry farm and I was ten it had to be cut out. And then me an example of their kid doing some stupid my toddler open mouth kisses the dog's tongue and all the things that's. Hilarious I can can astonishing rate. So Issaquah race on radio cannot that's discuss somewhere that. Of course you love that honestly I don't do that you say you don't do that what you do. I tell you what I do I do things but I don't do that you I had up you're not gonna tell me everything you do out. No are really nasty if you're doing bad stuff to your dog would you say that you would tell us it's against the law well I'm not doing bad stuff so I don't I don't sit not even answer that part I know would you and I don't want my dog nobody ever admits to doing bad stuff to the whenever it has its bad stuff I understand that the Dow -- how much masseuse claimed she'd done not doing now would I you've drawn that out delegate and Armani I noble we printed T shirt are you looking really having a very intimate evening with your dog remember that teacher I remember that Photoshop teacher where you added candles and in Monterrey on my dad post. I don't remember that being photo shot oh I don't know material I was very real for the worst you should never made that was you saw a Windows Mobile of course not I gotta I gotta make sure I still have mine I hope you don't it's a great she she has to do I hope we give you a DH is or something like that happens is the fact right mini series. 20642 Iraqi and also Texas is 77999. Finished his sentence I can't believe my kid did blank or when I was a kid I did blank so. We tease. Followed Joey seasons studio this ought to be delightful. Now well I did a lot of superstars they can try you know apple doesn't fall too far from the tree again I don't I don't that mother that way they are rude how wound. Now we do that. Don't do that Michelle from full how it's not Michelle it is jar jar drinks who came first it does sound like Michelle is Michelle from Dallas all right warned. Now that's jar jar. Think that's George our vacation south of yeah you know not a post you stop and both are. Oh yeah I kind. Well anyway is often. Com. I got a lot of talks. For brake and stops OK now I wonder what how do you get a sense you get a break is the guy is like as a cost some money back in the day Freel breaking towel rats and stuff but. Or no this earnest talks for the stupidest thing that I ever talked for was. I called outside and account for my mom there. Forgot not faulting Carlos we all know that story. I know the same talk to US or Canada arm and I I'm not aware of this story when it. I didn't put this poses apartment one time that's all I didn't do Steve OK I was an innocent man you know we don't know plus pillows in 2017. You know come on is ridiculous time to fought so here's the thing. I just so everybody knows who's doing the topic. I have no idea where he he he was so why why so what was the dumb thing you thought the Pelosi do dishes one time. And you got so angry he sees this as an opportunity to play out how bad his parents work yeah. It's. Holidays you did something stupid like swallow a squeaker doing nothing to do it does not only does the reality is said and I was stupidest most idiotic kids and again we're not doing. Warren. Did that might pray about it Larry so not sure she's doing just not a multi geez. One dish do. I'm still confused how this related to do that I wish I were I would say it's a wonder signers I don't know her hand side to the other blood is on my hands I don't know who column in the air I don't know isn't you only tell me this is the stupidest thing ever heard duck now that's a you know you agonized feel. This right here is the stupidest then you know we are now in depth I do that you're sitting on my son and I saw dead. That's how do you stay young Billy I would say is that the apartment was my office it was my pride as I never had any room in my own house anymore than it's ever took over Heidi get an office apartment revenue that. And that's where called. And I wanna very that's it so they all wanted to go hang out there you have the pool there I don't gem like this no I did go you you parasites. You stick our branches want any you know including your job now yeah. We can't write copy I can't get away from so I was like leave the place the way you found it cheeses is not too much to ask and of course no. They're not Joseph thing in the sync jobs pillows everywhere I'm like you know yeah. Just savages. So I think that's how we're getting beat up on me obviously we screwed up what happens it's Stephanie from full house that you go not Michelle are sorry I apologize to exercise. If judge our campaign our Stephanie from full house and and and I appreciate the correction. Yeah. Where this is one of the few corrections or I'm actually glad they correct Johnson that's really very dozens more and I want to make sure that people don't think we're stupid while Alex sold conversation I don't know why anybody would they were stupid slimy can only about a an uncle Chris. I'll pray tell yeah hi yeah. Idea direct I wrote about today a ton and a half worth of mining or into the top of the a rock pressure when time and I was a kid. Yeah how well wait why. My grandparents are gold miners OK and real nice way to secure a couple. And I'm not this stupid thing you do is now a hard time not always stupid thing adored by volume by this is how were sometimes you throw line up did it seems pedestrians EU. The last time your memories Barbara that's miners remain a Yankee I don't out there drag all part of that is. Very essence is that not fair or not aren't there a gold miner miracle miners are they weren't that good apparently they were actually not too well and why are you working here I'm not not good enough for me retired Iron Man. They retired early bets they. So there was one particular mine that they were working and you had to get the the or. From the mouth of the mine to the top of this rock crusher that so would run down in and you don't give precedence if they offer a lower since Intel you do. How are you on this is happening about ten or eleven I know and you handle this kind of machinery. Here's the thing it's a real simple mechanism it's just hard on a rail okay. And you push it from the mouth of the mind to the top of the hopper and it's about I don't know eighty or ninety meters it's not that far I feel like we're in the middle only come radio conversations from like 1890 kinda seriously so crazy well you're right I got us that is from sure satellite lap till you EU EU EU. So what I would do is I would start off by pushing the cart and if you pushed it all the way take a little while I mean it was probably a ton of or in in a halftime cart. So I would pushing down the rails and I get to the top of the hopper and another park it so it. And Edward come over here it hit the mechanism that dumps it all into the into the hopper tried so far so good what I enjoy doing. Was giving a really really good push and then hopping on and and then the last twenty or thirty meters or so just standing on the break in just a and bring it into the station attacked and hope. One time and other candidate that's able misses us. Yeah they are doing good in the mountains of I'm back eastern oriented you know that enough Cabell we'll be right back after a message from FW Woolworth's had to know is one for four after you turned about a for the family. I was not in charge of the butter churning OK no no I was chopping wood and I are driving our cars contest. So I'll just one time I misjudged the distance I saw like you do. And I'm getting closer and getting closer and I'm certain panicky and now I'm getting that gut reaction to as I mean here's here's here's a ton of like just dis interred earth it's about to go with this American dilemma what's the is that when you make fun return. No I dad died dug up. All of this dug up a rock and dirt it's about to slam into the back of the use of the of the mining shed and there's a lot of expensive equipment and they're not not least of all the rock crusher that I'm trying to get to. So I see that it's not gonna quite happen I'm not gonna quite stop in time. So I just bail out and booked it I make for the tree lines I know that I'm in for a weapon like you wouldn't believe as soon as this car hits the hopper and it did and just. Nothing got smashed. But they had to take apart physically take apart the or carts which is yeah and pull it up out of there because they didn't have anything bad big enough to lift it out without just destroying everything so yeah that was set. Yeah and I was right I got a pretty good look and that she had joke so fix the pillows. That's our sticks your own pillow less than our customer and how to read our tempers are different things meters that when America talks and metres metres what. They aren't fine you be enjoy your. You were grabbed whatever your feet your. Don't know I'm measuring light non metric glad to have you join the rest of the world people aren't where photography people do you wanna know what is a tiny using kilograms like I don't know what you got in my yard OK Max you can take your leaders really have. Hey. 20642 and rock Texas 77999. Again as we want if and it's a sense I can't believe it might kid did blank. Or when I was a kid I can't believe I did blank when Texas Arizona I was about nine mistook the car's cigarette lighter or my tong blow up. Hello I'm very good idea. Members of my son when he was five had put a rock up his nose we have a doctor remove it started on our man. Yeah I mean our idea was flush my dad's eye down the toilet. That's not a bad light the lamp on fire in a series of I just you know just normal stuff the attention we're renovating now's my four year old adopt but number two outside. It's a hump camel stepped in it an attractive in the house we noticed it when he came I can help us paint five years later I saw no processed him. What possessed him to improve the outside. That is where much as he did in the candle yeah he's like no I don't blame I. They think and make my cousins all of them group on a farm and they all of one plane had a fees where they would do NP outside. Yeah I conveyed to the cows in the chickens in the dog they do it so they thought it was so I. Well I never heard of farm people doing that. These are 1 I am an offensive thing but no one ever tells us about you know this isn't there a little kid says some sailing in there are only learning every farmer knows to do that. I don't I'm I don't know I never heard of that and uncle Chris says he's did you enjoy your on the farm Jozef before after the mining with the other 49ers that before when the former interns moved out west here they lived in West Virginia and they ran farm and using the hour outside you just happen. All the time just to deuce outside absolutely justified. Good enough for cattle it's good enough for me. My own Arizona's law uncle Chris on the prairie that's also look at. I okay that's why I must say I'm not a farm person I am I mean if somebody's in the outhouse I can't doling out house I have did you may well do you had a legit down houses where he literally. Okay. See I like my indoor plumbing ma'am I really do like must see members on my indoor implement most do it's I really really do well we've learned a lot about people in this room. You learn that Vickie and Chris are deviant and come from DV against. And you sound just wanted to use any opportunity quandary to point out all our fathers Garrett doesn't matter the topic is this what yeah. Yeah. Which are more readers want to Baghdad now that yeah. And I just do some exercise got a son that's a thing called therapy you might want to check that out that's exactly. Hi I'm gonna believe what one couple had a custody battle over. This custody battle lasted over two more years. I'll tell you about this at 747. Bomb Iraq. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now and has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. I know a lot of back taxes can bankruptcy helped me. Bankruptcy can do churned back taxes under certain circumstances sometimes just actors are never discharge of a life together. Taxes from an employee if you out of business and be paid employee taxes. For sales taxes especially taxes about the nutrition bankruptcy. However most people don't have those kind of passes those people are just regular income taxes. If you owe income taxes and you found a cache terms we just weren't able to pay the taxes. If your taxes are more than three years old and you file the tax returns and those types of taxes and the destruction bankruptcy. And most circumstances especially during chapter thirteen case. Thanks Travis if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can reach out to Travis any time at choose the right chapter dot com that's choose the right chapters dot com. Thanks for listening.