BJ & MIGS Podcast 10-02-17-8A:A couple finally resolved their two year custody battle over season hockey tickets.

Monday, October 2nd

Facebook Drama. “Seahawks Rage”. A man cuts up his jersey when the Seahawks start losing to the Colts. Jerry Seinfeld was on The Late Show talking about Bill Cosby.


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A divorced couple in Canada finally ended their two year custody battle. Over their hockey tickets. Can this get to be more of a Canadian stirring in that you have very very community but we can understand lock out and we we love our Seahawks up here so now I imagine that we could have been a similar battle about season tickets for the hawks I know somebody that I was part of those big sticking point their divorce was who's getting the season tickets than it did not. That that was like the biggest issue in their breakup that was I think is very funny and there was a huge issue for Beverly O'Donnell from Edmonton Alberta they split into fifty that's when he fifteen. 35 years they were married oh wow and after that they've been in court ever since battling over their NHL season tickets to the Edmonton Oilers. Apparently Oilers CO weather season tickets are very hard to get. And I would imagine David. Going for a long time it probably got some prime spot yeah and and they couldn't get their own set they let that's how bad it is to get season tickets and Edmonton. So I was like I want you are you can have amalgam my own. So O'Donnell says he was cool paying Beverly 151000. Bucks a month and alimony but he wasn't giving up his tickets to walls a lot of money now moaning. Yeah there's a lot of snow. I mean out of the currency change as well like fifty bucks American but we still has a lot of money so bothered though. Wow. When he must've done really well his life if that's the case that's that's a lot of cash if you're the Oilers and you hear what he still arguing over licences they got going on for years would you step in just be ideal for the PR alone. Let's let's figure this out. Whoa how wool wool hope this divorce will yeah post season ticket standard. And make him sit next we've had a home. Well I do know is that the kiss cam on them. Yeah so they finally agreed to tell that the alternate picking which games they wanna go to every season would Donald getting the first pick. That's it there's an advanced two years but who hits the tidbits from Tim Morgan that's your call I don't know gets its impasse I dug out there worth fighting over as well. Mattson they're gonna have to still communicate with each other than yeah ours their child that there'd there'd debt that could custodial rights. Of their season tickets and it's a child. And dude. That's cut your losses just doing you know you can keep us not be passed piazza doesn't pay 50000 dollars a month in alimony I think that's the issue that's a lot of money to have depth that -- because you're working apparently she's not because there's no way to give them much alimony she's got her own career threatened announced just need one for 151001. Yeah that's a lot. And she's also an Oilers games. I'm home yeah it is really asked I mean it really Judy trade through it just changes if you're the breadwinner you can't get a divorce because then the life as you know it is gone because half your money's gone. If there's some them com. Let's just say you guys and that it is there anything that signals that you would actually fight over to keep probably brought well let's see besides your children of course. Although you probably objectively I think it would have to meet a house because the house's slut I tricked it out yeah. But I have to probably than side have to take Ella a mortgage out so that I could pay her probably half the house right I I that she's entitled to that. Demi some back pain a mortgage again who I was gonna keep my drums and Israel and Syria that serious alone it's easy. Well I mean he she can wipe your drums she might just to spite me yes see I think both of them really like hockey. Yeah I was trying to figure what to why like that she wants and is nothing I liked it she wants made it to the two big screen TVs but again that's part of my counselor wanna keep I don't think there's anything that's non living doubt we couldn't come to a happy agreement over people when Lou all. I'd be out of me I would have to that would be no chance. At Lulu and of course stick with me come about Soledad so obviously that's not a big blue would it if it had that. That would be unfortunate I got to go I couldn't imagine those who are inseparable seats in May that would be the greatest thing ever I would make like I want the dog but I do so having the dog she's gone despite kind of idea. I'm trying to think there's any known like we both love at that house yeah. But we're so different. So there's nothing like Odom we would actually fight over that Mozilla might gadget siesta and give us their I am a hockey gear right promise it's nice to marry somebody opposite these two seem yeah buddies apparently don't release they share the love for hockey. Yeah she does all this cool furniture type stuff I don't care about I am fired a futon is it's tough with season tickets to a sport that is really well sought after in the area right because that's the thing that is hard to get it's like that's the irreplaceable light up right there and you mailed at least it's the equivalent Seahawks season tickets is not my mariner season tickets please go find another section I know you might argue who gets the season tickets for America is just the title that she should get them do you she's set to go watch that team gala the other 500 again again. Vicky is Iranian L you know guy. Yeah and those are my comic book collection I recently saw. That the comic books I own because it's the next week three when we saar in the Logan movie. Six of those issues are selling for 250 dollar middle over the I know them all good for you on some of those signed how did yeah some like comic facts I definitely do. And it's finally if I was Smart enough beside me Delphi if I was with Vicky she would have told me that and then if there's a divorce I would be like I want to coming right just real jerk. Well plus is more of what he. While thousands of New Jersey I think you got your Vicky well above actually yes but I think that is see that there's value to that I wonder if any if if he just gave this season tickets if in fact he can get you know. But defray the cost of what I I game of the season tickets therefore she should have to pay half the value to me. Namibia on the vision thing Graham and alimony I'm still tripping over the fifteen grand now Monique. That is unbelievable what prison go to commissioner put on my divorce twenty years ago was that the blues the dog I got 100% rights of the dog. How homeowners is what is Georgian T shirt collection makes blow. All. You know I'm in this weird transition period goals as so large a mama I'm Mallon a weird spot grabbed the now certain re upping my T shirts are of course you do inside I usually realize how much some really good well they could. I don't I I imagine you had to be back this whole bag bag tags are just are wrestling shirts and got my house is. God and you we have be on the look on Puyallup river wrestling too so this is very easy there's really a bunch of wrestling T sits in the goodwill says that put it out why what 200 shirts are about 150 now they want to do T shirts we're about to grab Reza Larry's got a house all that fun stuff to hellish she wants his big cat. Yeah that would be all yeah sticking point would be damage Karl who had Adam. I meet. I am I named before we even have a dead cat. Yeah but does she like to catch oh yes of course everyone loves damage Karl well guess what you Al we would get into a big fight about that says so hopefully people. Never have that happen Andy Elson. For me I would definitely put up a fight for my magic cards. Hello again there worth money though they are there were there really I didn't decent amount so yeah I and it's one of those things that will we lift up the prices they get reaction to put more insurance on the house because of those stupid so she's aware of the prices yes she's gonna get out on that yeah you have my step dad did that with my moms Steven king book collection because she had all the niece of the way in the divorce he did despite well we need to sell them and ask you dead didn't you know it is splitting of the money of that. I would never had that in me to Viet spiteful I. Now you wouldn't tell that broke up with someone and they wanted to keep something that was the most technically mine in on six taking it I just got in my life yeah. Here's this means me giving you this video game console so you can leave me the apple on you to get CO the Smart one. I'm so glad that kind of had to go back and forth over sums of sleazy if you had to pay alimony I think it would be different that I can understand why this got a little pissed yeah yeah yeah and it's as season tickets to hot ticket like I would have a hard time which if I had sees it I still have my season tickets for the Seahawks. And then it came to that I would die if we fight for that to him genuine by you. In my current relationship no however in the divorced and I just went through fall that's right he's just went through a divorce you guys fight over something I mean it did a non living in a way right the record collection. Really yeah it was I have I have all of our favorite bands on and we had like a lot of the same band hole. I had bought most of them and I don't record soared gay and you know Don Don up early to go by a bunch of records and said she wanted them and I was like no not taken these storied everything else like I don't. So all the records don't I have absolutely yes we guess this series she got the couches which I didn't have catches for about the first six months that I lived here because of those. Tagged out my friend has had stated yesterday on and move on here anyway I guess the laid on the move the floor it's the same things and he's still not not set an awful now because this uncensored oh congratulations welcome radio net pay. Yeah I bought a record so I was happy with that yeah that would not want yup my final. Oh so there you go you go viral as well see now those might be worth something she could say sell those. Yeah I want her Sears says our mop my ex push the issue at a summit bowling balls and is of course what are the real bowler Don. But I want to remain Boehlert unimaginable labels mean something Tia well yet you show me an enemy and that's you you take a long time to get those balls the way you want them yeah and that this album I mean it's it's difficult the fight those kind of ball renege your fingers fit perfectly inside the hole and shiny dollar item to shine those balls exactly how America alone. And there are big OK he's got the biggest balls of them all proper size for his hand Alia you like W if you if you have the I have I've never the proper sized balls for your hand. He loves them he lost his balls in the dual use your illusion balls and get mattress I'm. Yeah. Digital signs throw circle amount on that. Hey there's a guy name those guys counter what his name is he was a guy that works for you have to give staff and yeah. Thanks grant yeah so Stefan. Work for you effort in the seventies. And he says that working for Hugh who recently passed away was a terrible experience. He was used ballet or is this anyway his status. From 1978 to 1970 or better wrestler you have ally in this news of LA had to be driven around the now let's see 1978. God that was a long time ago that was like forty years ago so that was after his fifties yet a valley well I would kind of valid right now so yeah I mean if you're rich and you're just going to learn not to worry about driving dad drinks where Rio. So he said while being tested ballet. He would I've witnessed these things called pig nights where a well have to call bunch of processes for his friends to enjoy. He said to have these let me tell that it'll smoke keys are beginning I was they had every dream I will go full for stepping nice war he would also bring us here. Graham male porn stars like John Holmes have sex with women. But he said that have really got involved he just like to watch. Bu they go have. Derek have would just sit there and make you make Hirsch. He grinned yeah I watched some why are some bank and so far is that why it's such a miserable job case we sit his favorite chair smoking will giant. Eat some red literacy is watched John Holmes so grizzlies watching live torn right it beats having a big screen TV wow to a greedy before three B happened. Apparently says that half was already renewed John Holmes is more like sixty so yeah that state courts are well yeah division. We hear from wow that's just a weird. The video sixty was a little weird just because some of those who I think are you say a sixty television. I guess it was I have was pretty demanding with the women Steffen says quote has sometimes gave bonuses to women. To the women because the sex acts were so painful. She's. Moon. So as I do see opportunity they see a bonus for losing weight yeah he's given bonuses for the forget bone being punished yeah. He said he was very brutal to his girlfriends and sex partners. That half was allegedly this is really nice in the guy's dead the guy comes out now bull analyses for osu come on sale on this stuff you know what we're Mancow in their lives. Probably no maybe he has but now listen is being talked about because everybody's you know. Taking time on their social media on news articles to allow greater but I have was how what what a tiny area was it needed to a lot of stuff let me play well obviously should boost but it also. Talk about issues that other people are talking about the he says that guys you make sure that women had breast implant settlement had one burst quote he would put them back in the hospital and discard these women. He didn't care they were disposable herein are coming at that same policy it's. Very difficult to keep these breast implants I know you are you've got to how many vice Versa my fifth one yeah. So his final words on how far this. He started out as an innovator and was a very liberal guy he was a very ahead of his time and then may move from Chicago and LA became just another dirty old rich man. Iowa you know like this tell you life we just sit that bad back in jail may well or not he's dirty or famine. You know you innovate you do something amazing then you get older don't you get to really basking in glory in my eyes when he electrician wash John Holmes politic solid guys. You know Odierno that guy sixty television and haven't Christ. Special we have these 121000 there really is. They're red licorice is the black licorice. Just very bizarre yeah it was read yeah I'll bet that was the red licorice. I did you know that information yet he nobody remembers that. See what happens when the sea ice fan overreact so social media and you know what happens another addition FaceBook drama you can hear it at age seventeen and on Iraq. The next morning it's. Yeah. I guess helps you. 99.9 KI SW the rock of Seattle and on Saturday and Sunday at twice first when his second of October it's. GE. We're back against seems to be awesome and I what I learned last year when you can find BJ if you go find ways that before gaming area I know I do a much more games and we got a bigger better area from fort gaming this year fall under review our marketing Jarrett not done outdoors we still we still still don't 151000 square feet in order to put the hottest drones are in the newly designed race course poll that is out lots of high speed action man last year because there's not a lot of time watching this drone racing it's incredible what they can do it goes. For those drones how fast they go again we've wrecked by your face it's awesome and it's cool man because you don't just see the action you get their hands on the strength to get to play the action. You want tickets and info about GE two simple. Just go to GE two dot live the letter G the letter even number twos GE to Don lives. Laura. Entries pajamas writing about Harry's design companies brown sugar Birmingham beat you once again here's our opportunity to point out stupid people that are on FaceBook yeah this is an actual FaceBook post the drama unfolds. And yup racking and out and yet this and has everything to do with yesterday's Seahawks gave. So this around playing the role of Darrell will be BJ. The original poster me is the brother Darrell you'll just ruined our podcast I'll play the role break. I read he'll be Karl Karl I did you play the role of Maggie. You come home this you don't know they show. I don't but I just I didn't cast Martin bell and I saw the shot you actually get most of their names I. I think they lose first names that popped up global investigated who should play Karl other than the men who are the cat named Carl and that's the reverend en Fuego you know after this Carl or are we Carl. All right so once again Darrell is the original poster so be it pleased to get away. It. And yeah yeah I used to go by and call us. Susan what are your heroes you know post the video of me coming up mark. Jersey dude. It's half time relax. And yes it. And homes. Do's and all they do is gearing and the game is even though Maria that my loan reduced AME aren't. I'm not Mozee is still believe what you got I put that Jersey. This is what I think that you must all yeah yeah yeah. Ha. Palo you need some tape for that Jersey. You could still gonna blow it city it's now 188 hey. Hello Al McKenzie just blew by the colts defense. Go hawks house of a sewing kit you can borrow hash tag dumb ass some recovery he wags could you want to eighteen. And 39 feet. Seeing how high and everyone is updating his car on the closed Wilson stomach kids' sake 46 to eighteen I keep seeing I'm watching the game. You guys. You leaning on already paid out can you are a couple Wilson Jersey during every game has staying good luck charm pop. And I might have overreaction. And know how to publish did you spend a matte Jersey. 150 talks my wife got it from me for my birthday. She's going to be pissed at me don't. I can't blame Mo I mean did it look like are you serious and we had to redo the for a seven I didn't think it was Aaron levees. Q thirteen I've posted this on his trader paid out the second fight it but it was it was funny because I think all of us. Do you really rather tense that first half because you just expected that this could be the game where they can just kind of blown out you would hope and it obviously launch or shortly ended up doing that. But at the end of the game I think everybody usually good mood everyone's posts and stuff on Twitter pace is this is like. Did the entire first three games of the season finally built up all this pent up frustration debt and mortgages let free for a minute has finally they're winning a game it's not tense and it's not. Down to the wire or anything along those lines. Yeah the only bummer of course is we injuries the injuries yacht and that's that that that's the thing with football man it seems it seemed to go all the way. And it seems the healthiest and so for the last couple years CI a have been bitten by an injury bug. Especially key position like running back because there you know we we we've been trying to find some coastal marsh on shoes. And every time we do that person seems to actually get injured in those damn shoes and Chris Carstens the latest now as a brutal looking and I got them on his leg like I just can't see that guy coming back at all this season that we haven't had an official update on exactly what it is yet that I had at least from what I've seen. My arms so much seeing anybody at bay here's a big Russell said he heard something. So when you here's something that's Ali I think it's a snapping noise whether it be tendons or bone either way at this. Yeah I mean I would beast I would be shocked if he came back this season and if what everyone is saying is true it doesn't even Pete coach Carroll said it was a significant injury. Gas so some Israelis and has to be done now to figure out while what are they gonna do because that's the you know I mean that's not their strongest position right now. Hey offensive line looks a lot better that's good is nice so maybe you know maybe add that that's leading to some good things I don't know so the what bothered me was to see how behind Houston manhandled to Tennessee though yeah you know you look at dangle geez I mean today and we thought that the titans were better matter that Houston is going to be just crazy. And now what they gonna have great baseball great football this year is that going to deal with Houston. Our stuff. So. But a pretty season's over. I know people what are the first four games on the regular season to me is still pre season. And god that's over and there are 500 I think that's all you want is to go 500 during the first four games of the year because now it is this it's the rest of the season that really counts. Had a big game next up for them yeah in the Ramsey look pretty decent and if we can score points against the rams because that's something we've had a hard time doing currency through some they're very distant giving up points so excited they're scoring all but they're giving appointee Aaron have you heard yesterday I think everyone's running out for games worth of relief and emotion right now on Twitter. There's been a long time coming as surely yes but you know everybody notices that they you know Mike to Rico said yesterday and so on and I thought boy goes well this is what the hawks do. You know a secure sustainable slow start they figure on the end up being competitive by the end let's hope that continues so I. That is the trend that we do here. I Jerry size belt yet they just. Love that out Russell does not even as they throw amount of the interview you know he's got to get there and I think as he's walking away atop his head back into thoughts. You got to leave without saying that but no yeah thoughts. Jerry Seinfeld by the way Bonnie Wagner was sport as sweet put beanie. To see that's we see see us when he was wearing during the interview yesterday possession of the game yeah. Are you miss and I her I listen to the interview but I had my eyes close I was listening to lots of falsely it's a nice winter look at beanie did okay is and he also had a Pontiac got to pump come on the top I haven't seen Elena and we're here they come our cool once I got I've had it. Few of them I mean here they went to the Super Bowl and they kind of become collectors' items because they sell out typically I believe it's not my brain and I think it was a compound Taba site that's a sweet look him beanie would typically they are yeah yeah I'm sure it's on the team shop yeah so you want one pick that up. I'm sure that's very reasonable. And also if you wanna kind of stuff it's probably cheaper kind of convenient enough gas to Georgia Tech guy for a second is a terrible idea on his part to just cut out. A Jersey because having a bad game do there had to be some drinking and stupidity involves the death Sunday night came out imagine there's a lot of drinking yeah you're right that's a good point. Hadn't thought about that some of these decisions if we're playing Sunday night that's a lot you know drinking before the game watch almost a ball into war. Now RC happen early part of you know I mean I mean it was a home situation but he was at home doing this. Well. I'm not bad I do respect his friends from giving him updates and again that they know he's watching and I think we'll you know we had Darren McMullen and he was seized the Scottish guy who does a lot of Australian stuff. I do the TV show about trying to be a football fan. What he's gonna football fan but he's still live yup he lives in Australia and never got to really do a whole lot with that because nobody cared about football over there and he's love football so light but never actually picked a team and so he's traveling to a bunch of different cities. To see which team should be the when he picks are doing TV shows can be a major network and now he stopped in Seattle first. And I think what a great game for him to go see because that is what you go through as a C Oxfam yet you go through. Wondering if this team's gonna do anything and they slowly build and become a competitive team and that's been the story for us Seahawks fans with this current you know Pete Carroll administration. Yeah you have to me as someone had lines had him went from being what could have been an embarrassing loss to a huge win. Like that they're just say I'm. And I love that they can go to halftime that's LaMont the hawks. They don't have time to nail one of the teams have been impressed me how they figure it out then a lot of teams don't figure it out when they go to halftime somehow the hawks do and you know we've seen as some of the games where they've had miraculous comebacks because they have been treated badly in the first half of games we've seen on playoff games. And they have come back every town in the second half and either win or make it damn close and most importantly the good luck term continues that that is us and Luke Wilson's own gas another touchdown grabs. Sonny said two games in a row with a touchdown I can't remember. My in his second season yeah it and it was last season and maybe season before but this has been dubbed a nice start to the didn't do their due season especially Contra differently did send it a one year deal. So it's pretty cool attention she must PR department you know he's been running game wanna come on our show you know but I think he should let that happen it's superstitious you guys are winning plus I talked to me says he's gonna try come by tomorrow so will these guys I I I'm not to let them know that if you yeah continue to have good productivity he's got a good field. He better not pass up on coming into. No reasoning do keep don't let go a little c'mon it's rare that are good luck charms or can we had this while we can do is typically when people come on I should either get in order to get traded NEC keep growing his hair yes that's the other thing he talks about he's almost locks back get NASA logo on. And so all right I'm very excited. It's really fun to actually see them look like a great team again. Because they are supposed to look like they wore. You know yet and that is trying to blow up the colts and they did it's always finds his defense create turnovers and dads drive into touchdowns which just happens once. That's big for us I mean that that's how we win there's no doubt about it we have we create turnovers there's nobody is gonna stop this team had because that's the big desk than you know that's the strength. And then Russell coming around a B Russell. So Jerry Seinfeld who has nothing good football I believe he understood the wanted to balls or did you really are OK I missed that may he was on the late show on Friday night talking about Bill Cosby. They allies into CME assigned felled. We know came after caused B but I gotta be thinking cause it was upheld an influence or FBI and somehow cynical they're convinced him to change his opinion about Cosby right there on the spot. About cost them realize you know what I can't disintegrated either what do you mean you should I should should the comedic work stand on its own separate from the criminality. All while he showed. I told a lot of personal stories about his life he wasn't like observing other things having used on these personal stories it's made it's material c'mon. Material no I don't know. I know that Betty but part of part of him was that the charming fatherly figure to and all of that is destroyed a variety ground and I you know I mean I. That net asset that is long. I. Yeah you're right out changed my mind. You know it's not funny you never see anyone on TV you never see somebody go you yeah you're right I'm wrong I'm gonna change my opinion. Wow I didn't have this. Wow. That is. Existing complementing yourself you just made now. Yeah. Is that what am I love the cobra or call them out yeah I got here it's funny side so the older he gets the more it's just like Apollo. I think though I Vega water arbor honorable. Whatever I want. You know he was he always somebody sort of search across interviewed him always actually Garry Shandling who on a great episode of cars and coffees with comics or whoever Hudson's bay that's exactly the name you have. And it was I mean it was timely because they think Gary passed away not too long after that episode was aired. And I remembered that Gary Shanley seem to be more Ed piece. Where is life then signed felled and they remind you the same guy may sound similar they look similar to me back in the day. And it's seen my site doubles and I don't think I don't care what ever I don't know what it did so. If you get even met any of that interview is like yeah RI. Have cause I swipe my fighting for this guy maybe I should just change my mind right now IBO light bulb went off his head like he's become arguing over whether I should support Bill Cosby was being yeah these in the middle or rather awful awful you know the situation what where there's some serious allegations I think the last do you wanna be hasn't been supported him. And here's what I know yeah there's no way. Then people didn't know this is a well I let me say this because I don't know what is true what is it true I'll say allegations so that I don't get in trouble but here's the thing. There are things that if somebody's doing something bad in the world of comedy like summoning whatever they got a prime alleged threats other comics know. Now there's no way that if Bill Cosby was doing some stuff that other comments didn't know about this. Oh I didn't hear about this from other people so I I'm I would be shocked if somebody get and decide Peltier and sometimes say hey do you know this about this and so yeah you're right the lightbulb that you are going. I know I know I and I am very I yeah I'm yeah you're right. I remembered all the allegations started from a guy and I'm State's animal Burris he was a got to Wear holes fans and writers just started talking about the cost we stuff. Very freely in saying hey this is an ongoing thing behind the scenes are made a bringing out to the stood in the forefront and then. Slowly just sort of billing and billing and the a lot of people dismiss time forgot about at first and then. More stuff came out people start dismissing those things and eventually it's kept coming and come out and coming up to more more people coming out about it that. People certainly a lot more serious. Yeah I do there's there's just stuff that went on in the world of entertainment and the further back you travel on the world of Hollywood the seedy area gets. It is it is I mean a damn movie hail Caesar. I talked about it before is you know it's it was really about a real guy that did some horrific things. In order to make sure that Hollywood kept going including some people think the guy was a conspiracy to murder statistics and the movie may it was a movie was a joke and made the guy to be here all but a real life he was the exact opposite I didn't know the back story that'll move at our house is another Coen Brothers movie it's a little weird yeah turns out that in fact the collar brother who's sort of the week and awry. At the BS nature of Hollywood in the fifties and before. It's always a goody to shoe. Like personalities that did you see these stories come out about it Bill Cosby was again he's everybody's TV dad. And order guest Bo hearing Crosby to no one ever thought that he was the kind of father that you us right in an enemy and I've read. There's an allegation on Jim Carey who like doesn't come off the gas as we learned that he doesn't come off as like this. Thanks dark individual but like you know all of a sudden. There's these allegations about him in the states she uses. So what we're talking mode Jim Carrey as you know we we we he had this weird thing on the red carpet of some fashion awards. He you know he was very condescending and talking about what I know is sort of like you know spirituality and and and self inquiry deep stuff like deputy was being a jerk about it and something good use to getting absorbed in his character he's playing. He's playing the part of a guy who was known for being on hallucinogenic so that then also like outside thinker. Yeah I you know so whether or not the he was playing a role or he's just that guy now there are other allegations saying did is it possible to Jim Carrey. Introduce his late ex girlfriend to cocaine prostitutes and STD's. I'm. I tells like every threesome right there that's a triple that's a triple threat right there Matt Dowd part of good job higher process for me here. Yeah I saw him comfortable yeah well you know what we felt like they will be OK with that. So live Jim's ex girlfriend is has a semi intentional white's family blames him for her suicides last year and they solemn on full death lawsuit against him. And then today they released a message she wrote him a 2013 where she claims he gave her herpes and HPV. Oh boy. This is all allegations from the family of catchy donor. And she also says quote you introduce me in this letter that they allegedly got from her. You introduced me to cocaine prostitutes mental abuse and disease. Being with you broke me down as a person you throw me away when you absorbed and it anything worthwhile that was left all of me why owls. Well Jim just on the countersuit against Kathy on his family and there are catcher on a semi and that there attorney. He says she had the STD's before they met. And both she and the attorney know it but threatened to extort him already anyway a few years back okay zones on I think he sings the CD's he's not tonight can you help us. Wow. What role and it's time Jim settled with them because it was easier and less costly than going to court so he's our you said forget it. But now an act an area I'm in Hollywood is a lot more messed up then we realized C does. You know at that point it takes for him it did then to do interviews where he comes off as a jackass role or not. You know you've got this in your past why would you do that. You gotta you gotta come off like the nice guy unless of course he's so full of yourself you don't think it matters yeah you're out you're damn mine usage analysis which makes me believe any allegations against him Kerry because of the way he came off of that interview because he was not a nice person that interview. And usually nice people. Don't well do things like you know three give EST knees and all that other stuff they don't they don't usually do that they let you know I got an STD just like you know. Hard to go back to circle back to see our suffers armada Chris Carson yes latest update looks Ian rat report on Twitter. I'll posted the Seahawks. He says to see us believe Chris Carson broke his ankle last may be initial test some told MRI to determine full extent of damage well then and Russell said he heard something I don't like you would hear that happening. That stating that Sox guy got out if for a young guy he's got his chance using one of the last people drafted in the drafted they've always share those great thank you know now stories about deeds that are barely make it in the NFL and all of a sudden starts his career he's doing great then this has happened solo and is now Evan Thomas Simpson Thomas Brady's I guess I can remember off hand but I was in so the thing is is that we've seen how long we Thomas is a healthy scratch Thomas Rawls the reason to have somebody running backs on the scene. Josh Darren I mean it's this ankle stuff man here we go again and look I wanna be India you know Brussels like everybody come back this guy comeback but. It's been a long road for Thomas. Not preseason just confirmed that he broke his life. Always relate corners like I don't know well there's nearest snapped yep. I don't regularly and yeah ankle on the like yes yeah. Leg bones gonna do the chin looked me in the in the way it hurts. I don't. Picks for her right here either way it hurt I sucked pay on Friday Steve got this one right. What explorer introduced chickens to the real world it's odd that would beyond. Colonel Sanders had no address and I Christopher Columbus yeah as a cursory yes. To a Smart boy. You are shot a piece Steve but you've got 206421. Rocket quickly beaten eggs at 847. On Iraq. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney she's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. I have lots of tickets that I haven't okay. And those who just charge through bankruptcy yes there are some limits I'm on what we can do is against. Tickets cannot be discharged an awful bankruptcy or chapter seven case that won't help you get your license back and adjusted thirteen we organizations. Tickets are just charge or poll most precious tickets reduced charge of all. 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