BJ & MIGS Podcast 10-02-17-9A: Listeners on the loose.

Monday, October 2nd

Beat Migs. Listeners on the loose. Ryan Castle question of the day. 


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Choose the right chapter dot com. 99.9 KI SW the rock of Seattle Steve I don't know do you know this but I am a proud Amazon and I go owner if you have an echo or dog do you know you can now listen to the rock on your neck so that all your dog that is free so you just do other things. Already there's silly questions. Sorry Al Aqsa do you have any pet. No I don't have anything. We used to have a few months that they kept getting squashed. Aren't you you know you might just wanna say hey ho let's open 99.9 KI SW presents for checking out the rockets and a minute guys and you can save a life sentence or Vijay and makes hey TJ Holmes that's so it seems you are trying to find a solid so my teammates. You okay. It's. I'm electric buzz hey I'll let them fines and that's cool things didn't I didn't Houston's. I'll let some pause from someone I didn't stabilize and I can still missing to and I don't want to get you. Well yeah you can do a lot of cool stuff just go to KI SW dot com and learn how to download the giants the U skill and check out what election due to help you stay connected which. Dollar arc. Mean. It is time. And I names out clean exit and I'm appalled that I Vermont and case. Okay. Guys. Like me. Drive I find this very attractive might. Because it was Elvis Costello in the attractions. I don't go go I'll have free and. That's. Can I thank goodness that's adored contestants are I find even in Tacoma David are you there sir. Yes or whatever I guess not much what's your plan for today's red tickets again I'm sure he'll be there representing your begin withdrawing stand Jimmy Rollins live. So it's clearly and had an iron and hit an iron and just. Things seem to me on that goes into something good yeah. Make Christmas music computer and doesn't have and I can't criticize that the diet doesn't actually have a sort of I don't know was that they deserve that symphony that plays a Christmas of that though the Brian Meehan SimCity. All trans Siberian orchestra I ask has that kind of feel jam trying to put this is all happening on Thursday September 6 and giving you all I can go to times you know that's a 28 team all year. Every night courtesy of live nation. Go to KI SW dot com for all that he doesn't think it's just went on self Lindsay get them now do Ticketmaster dot com. All right Steve gate out of here. Playing at home David lap sixty seconds to answer ten questions David you can pass all you want but you'll only get three guesses for questions. Are you were at eight. Martyr murdered. I have to back at the beginning with this scene what medical term means a deep state of unconscious man's. Bucks he asks what was he relations at junior sopranos Tony Soprano on the show. Uncle nephew uncle yes in which decade was Jack Nicholson's born. Authorities know. He's now. These new ads in Disney's dumbo dumbo is known for his large blocks. Yeah as we just playing cards symbolizes it. Do the exact now so old so it seems no it's. Best day at times and and it's it's an age I don't know now overweight position with Cy Young no and Cy Young we know from known for playing baseball. Yeah ask what is the wife a big dude it's called. It's. He's got the at who he's twice test is breaking the sound barrier tacos. It's a solid. Autobiography biography autobiography. Yet as 1200 or 5678. Current or ask because when I don't care if you will be hearing rustling yeah I feel like I feel that you feel it I don't know how to get us on though David may get a prize that only a million song now. Who master bathroom happened you just really really hope. Songs beyond the worst thing can happen is the first seven yesterday's game isn't there another source the Connecticut the fifth with a yes OK I guess you have well maybe got a good second half we'll say you never know idea sorry you're evil game. Beginning with the seed what medical term means he deep state of unconscious Nance. Call walk yeah as taught so mocked what was stimulation of junior soprano just Tony Soprano on the show. Tenuous local ads in which decade was Jack Nicholson's born. Forty snow thirty yes in Disney's Jumbo Jumbo is known for his larger and watched Charles. Know he's gears as to which playing cards symbolizes daft. Our case is based. Yes and which position with Cy Young known for playing in baseball Madonna I'm commitment of some honest but shortstop. No no pitcher gas to drill down it's the wife of the duke called blue who's not he's into that a couple. I've got to see it as what does breaking the sound barrier taught us. It took just missed know it's frustrating no. Hemorrhoids no restoring one's own life is referred to as winds autobiography Diaz 2345678. Vijay called it and. And. It's. That is he had Daley yeah but I'm happy you gotta be nice even though I think you don't teach year. Yeah I ran side you have no final say what you gotta do PG dirty guide your son Steve Murray played pump and yeah Elvis Costello what are right you've got to sound good so I don't mind not playing the losers on overseas as he did not bumping up then I got to. I am certainly no Steve well enough now ties I know how he's an answer these questions it's like Sheldon in the big Big Bang theory playing the card game. And he was even playing just. You know it just looking up to decide oh you're gonna win in X turns and Colin all out Selig won't put the phone is the other guys that can do that was somebody's card games I've been around him did you just did it list yeah just called into I was I was gonna get right and what's under the Iran. Didn't get that close they get that close already but I know what you're gonna get I was surprised with the sound barrier though they yet is that there's always one question and I'm surprised you get wrong. Gas and I don't even know what to answer would be did I and is one that I'm surprised that you get right yeah. Which one do you worry surprising it was right it was the death card and it was a song that helped him otherwise it wouldn't known to get ours is courting a martyred song I hadn't of those bright hurrah I don't know I don't realize the reason why or not but it was cool that it may have a siamese is yeah does that. I -- -- David did give the guest sound bear your what that does when you break it may cause a sonic booms in Seattle you gonna ask you are now asked to leave this city I'll see you guys how not cut and basically a sonic boom records all the time I'll see you get that shaped by you think they just made it up out of the blue eyed dark so actually it happens up in the blue so actually they did make an. The about it well congratulations to David on tying Stephen thus winning the bride that's what you gotta do you tie Steve or beat Steve you get the prize is simple as that. Hey Lexus is redesigning its LS 500 sedan for the first time in a decade okay X amount of Taiwan might still get one now. They're giving it technical upgrades and also some new luxuries. For example all four seats let passengers touch a button for Japanese. Shiatsu. Massage. With both fingers needing your back and spot here's replicating hot stones. This is unbelievable because I need another reason to get really tired and relaxed mom driving a special I thought I don't know that's a good idea I. We fuel now at a Dallas like to light because moody what I can I am one of those massage you know like things you've thrown a chair yeah. And it does that had seats warm and it does that same thing and it puts me asleep it was an acupressure massage for an idea that maybe it got too is like that and I could be just. Ignorant to I don't get massages type people touching me is not my tank you know you're kind of like the kid on atypical. You know like being touched yeah yeah I'm definitely just is I don't like it at all and I tried man I know you always trying to rally crime does mark. But as if there are doing that acupressure did that once and that was. Painful yeah depression and he's a great after the fact for a while is going on some little woman just going into it. If as is happening and now would be awesome for when I'm tired I just turn on the acupressure massage. Yeah I don't like shiatsu isn't acupressure massage and that yeah I don't know why I mean nice I think I've had shiatsu or toss stones and I don't think it's as deep as deep tissue Canseco I mean acupressure is deep tissue around those yachts is the same thing. I'm but. I can't I mean Hamas are supposed to put to a distress either I don't think that's Alexis is going force I imagine supposed to relax you. It's an hour like what what I don't have a mom I would Jeep now it's continued their power anything but when I had you deftly I you literally have to lock the door though I have to tell somebody take you have gotten delta already however no power buttons us open our windows it's great manna from the warm and I cracked. But when I had a car before that. I had DI heated seats. And I didn't like those who is cool like he did see an easy too tired man. I assume a cold day manhole it's nice to give him those he sees they now have cooling seats to them my wife had a car that had heated seats. But they heated seat was broken and it was broken in a way that they heating element hit one spot in it was that exact spot that you're thinking doubts. And it. Burned meanwhile lol wow yeah I don't know you can shut it off. I'm really really finally where able to turn it off the we had to go to the dealership to figure out so awesome we turned it on and it was just like this is getting hot in one specific and Mario like a volcano you don't want to stimulate that's the no no it was horrifying. My buddies so is faced frank unison we always surgery to a you know his new Julie's car whoever started at heated seats do turn on the UCs to the maximum. Temperature we've got let that other personnel you don't want it takes until they start freaking out hard thing to do my primary did throughout drunks sitting passenger in his car and turn it all up I don't I peed his car and I got to dot. Meg might Bob RO. And Ali are man. Our crowns and I'd be cool mind. They hasn't gone over there half an hour clock halfway the second and I just feel may not what do you see the Japanese source laughing and anytime anyone coming and you do it until they finally realized is used and if you thought that I PVC that's so funny. Warm alive but if so get that Lexus and get you some massaged. So that's funny Chris decision you see still UP Japan's did they do Gary Gary you're you're absolutely right do they have also sees it Chilean now. Yeah yeah. So. Saudi Alexei outset I don't want to make a step up eventually in a car I don't anyone right now but I know I'm trying to get myself can psyched up because like it's I was going to be dead yet. You know you figure once you go over 1415 years old you think our win how all of your car my car is 2004. Dad and I saw another one next to me at there at the mall parking high yesterday I was like hey buddy you still keep it going strong same year he is usually like you're crazy yeah that Hyundai Santa face still going strong and I see no reason derivatives if you know if if I can prepare for a lot less my car payment on my Curome I'm let him drive my car into the ground I don't care Reiman new fancy cars in new fancy but I want to get a little live when I get a new wanna do wanna get like an upscale something you know not a super big car but like I wanna feel like I'm driving up a classy car. I've been looking into different kinds. Hock because a Cadillac was always a sign on your read Cadillac yeah I wanna be a Cadillac owner and also. The other thing I noticed is Matthew McConaughey hey keys make those damn Lincoln's look cooler and cooler every time I see him on a commercial it's whereas he says not. Think any less so damn cool and I go. And my dad was a Ford guy and he you know I'm like all right well maybe I should check out Lincoln's a see what's up wow I don't know anyone has only can I know I think just Massa McConnell I don't know I don't know live. And I are probably great cars and they look. Don't know the commercial makes it look amazing. I'm prides the end of the Jeep fast this is whenever the time comes to this once and didn't call of the day I'll brides to be exact meal get afford or want to get along adventurous and I want I want car would have Bluetooth stereo I think you know again I give myself I'll get a Lincoln and I'll start like dude practicing law out of the back images like McConaughey idea you know and maybe familial crazy mutant powers. Doors. You should get some power duo I'm trying to please do exactly why there they're paying any SM and roll hall when I don't payment and our windows please why I don't care you'll ever drive my car I don't mind a bona window down how often are you in his car all you know that's why don't go this cartel is too much on your eyesight is still rustic. Pulled it and maybe that's a Canadian again not having as good and you you know YouTube Vicki go get a few days cellphone low power big wheel the yellow towards your next car reviews yet protect them I wanna see a group just because I don't like get maybe enjoying one Knoll are now back to forget though you have used it to use if you're dyslexic and driving a Subaru you are busts. Thank you know tumultuous. One call yeah. I want as far as San. Just thank you know anywhere icing on a forest. Yes like act which I never guess least and if ever angle and it never come back yet to get away from you gladly. Well there's only there is one card that would you'll leave the chief Tammy foreign Nat sound when they bring back the bronco. In honor of OJ being freed. I left. When I would like or they did that if if if they brought to Rocco bring our free why don't bring it back yeah we saw the report that the Sherri your year after that we're gonna have the bronco back all that's also saw a different looking at me it's okay. O'Malley had two choices I justified senses came in what about the new Broncos Steve can change Ellis yet the new bronco looks awesome. And I actually get a white Ford Bronco and I have a friend name out drive me around everyone's got to have that Diego zoo that. And just go very slow on a California freeway. So I could see OJ would -- big plans after it now he's being freed no I don't know what I I would I know we say kind of wanna live in Florida but he's been living in Vegas for a while interviewing for a and we don't want you here I don't blame and no I don't think you can tell someone if they can or cannot understate their lives are additionally of one person that's a little sketchy with the law former athlete now to get Tiger Woods. I mean out think Michigan dabbled into. But dobbs. I can already download apple wants is to be like about the other commercial and she's like every article I read is that he's gonna be freed in his plans to get an iPhone a I don't blame them dude busy about gay isn't corroborate that I think the last phony probably how the flip phone yeah if there was even with that how long ago was out of the ninety's. Yet what went really well wanted to go to jail is only just a year he's a back and yes right yes so so take but I think did you for the iPhone the iPhone jas I think just celebrated its tenth anniversary so he was right there. At the beginning and maybe he was one of the first ones to get one and thought oh I or maybe was my iPod guy and the like are there I want the phone does of those and arrests now was every article I read that was one of the major points brought up was that he's going to deny phony. Well imagine being out of circulation for ten years of any thing and knowing about stuff but not be able to have it. I mean think about ten years and off all of a sudden you're no longer have any more tax if you point and then ten years really all look at everything that comes along and I want Wallace. As long as he doesn't make any shady deals on the iPhone Mazzola Emily did stay away from collectors and she remembered who might be honest that's all I would go aren't. This cyber listeners ought to lose you take that topic you guide to show 206421. Rock. Yeah so Texas 77999. Look take your calls we'll take you tax a 917. On the rock. And makes it more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI SW. 99 point I'd say hi as a Kid Rock got Seattle blew listeners. On the loose. But by Travis Gagne. It's this is on us where you picked a topic you guys to show it to 06141. Rock. He also Texas 77999. Doesn't matter what you wanna talk about minutes of the noose on an old. You get to make that all but what do you do Steve does have a rule and this is just a minute game bring it otherwise. You have done and then save about good flow and that's what it's all about Stevie. And we'll start off with Nathan in mayors on the ice and you are on the rock. I rarely go yellow wood shed they would sell it and as I read your. Your band made hunters in Vegas and and it's good to our cable and oh my gosh since that Scalia gave an account I read on his face to Pedro. A warning that was just heartbreaking to hear. You know. I've got to see him in person yet because I wrote Croatia a little bit. Stinging thing mainly. Topping their industry and like I go around the stripped down there are saying now they use for the weekend yet to see some people on just how. So that's another is totally random so yeah I don't. No I don't play you have taught him about that don't take away from news and experience and Italian lair you know my sons calling. I had stays put he says in my heart sinks an image Burnham remind of men and turn the elevator and it's covered in blood he looked drained tired and just emptied casino floor that was packed all we can with happy people is in doubt. Exhausted and devastated people weren't blanket such a sad night in the city of lights. The powerful alien you know Doug singing and just wait I mean it's good. Well that's also where. It is awful I had something a little more ill will to counteract all you do -- well that when it's gonna startled native I want elegant old man rant about how you can't treat him as a role possibly more get a free one and so you know we can't help design and the other day the any issue in the air on their cultural. Kabul. Comer herein. You don't trade demand. These are trailing your tree wanted to be on this special sorry I'm sorry that's more now. And that was my childhood regularly you know scratch tickets knowing about what you need to get him back in there and serve. Searching an early vote. Well do it as well get a bunch of huge amount trio were going to be a big stretch Arabia or show each of us. On the would you support and strength yet I honestly don't normally Moussaoui and bring in my institutional clubs and I'm diabetic and freedom 129 particularly an old man rant sold to another solution we'll give our country to be able. That's an extension. I don't really wanted to see the light of their labor I agree to zero. The great classic elegant cherries one. Sectarian violence other ones. I'm these labels juggle and its ugly blue blood on the south got a weird sort of you can middle. Yeah I've done about that thanks for that my brain. I'm not you know I know I'm looking online and then on snow and they're saying that whole thing about the game away with the idea if you features you really need enough. Shooting at a star is not necessarily true. So it's funny how you do it at a kittens are one of the sources kind of believe it is loan resembles her and I guess we got to give these away I know my. You had the biggest caught ever someone tricked all the stores in the media that's who didn't oh well immigrated to look into the conspiracy theory brother. I am I. I had a teacher in elementary school for a prize she would give us a two deep pocket if we had been Indian stars up they called it we get another one. Yeah and so UCLA I ever heard of that list so I I I never seen that I I knew that you can do but I never thought it was the Indians are consummate. So maybe I was living mistake as I never got to do and I never got it. You know I think it's just an additional regional to reassure her I told you earlier Urlacher do you appreciate the comments thanks many viewers and for the browns start yeah I never did find the roster are either right amount and they said that I you know we all have we all were able to get it but. Mike I never heard of that before yeah I had I didn't either I need the but I remember they get what they were candies you were you we have enough rappers or via the special rapper. But I don't remember the Indian star thing interns also is saying it's not true. I love but it sounds like if you were able to pull off may be enough people believe there's any room saying yes to that Dario we see it all the time now usually free once Jeffrey Owens also so why would still say another Texas that I used to do it as well I treated for a new one all the time I don't think it was like accompanied seeing like it wasn't their thing they did is just the stores that would do it they somehow would get into the Tootsie Roll pop tootsie pops and put something in there. Now is on the rapper so it was just something like yeah. Alive only Indians learned it was inside the around. Insane though that if if they never really mandated that this is an actual game away but somehow the word of mouth and do somebody creating it it became a get away and back then there was no Internet. To snow suit. All these stores are Gilroy free Tootsie Roll pops and then realizing NAFTA and it says the shooting star appears in one of every 46 to keep up. That's a lot that's yes that's a lot of Tutsi bossy giveaway a harsh everyone's talking about how they said I never even knew the C I don't I don't have lots of fried tootsie pop so to me now I'm not too sure in my day we had that. Tom I now that I decide I don't know when you show me a picture that you sir I did not have familiar I thought we had something but not that my knowledge that. Now look personally liberal town outside of Boise the local grocery stories do the same thing with the free tootsie pops must feel West Coast thing. I don't know yeah. Yeah I never is an amazing New Mexico that we get it over here. Yeah I'll move that these Towson almost good to know that makes it's going to be over its studio 7 October 14 given away free Tootsie Roll pop that's the good news I've seen situations. You think that topic you guide to show its listeners on elusive 206421. Rock Texas 77999. What he calls and text at 933. Per hour. And made this morning. Rock and 99.9. KI SW hole. Point nine KI SW Moroccans piano listeners on the loose you pick a topic you've got to show it to 06. 421 rock text that's at 77999. Months. We were texting and about the tootsie pop. Roll pop trade in story there and Vijay Kazuo wonder if we lose to West Coast thing a lot of you are saying no that's not the case I did tootsie pop staying down and Oklahoma then prism from Long Island I'm 38. And they do tootsie pop star thing as well and holding either users make. A narrow green Quinn a star and that meant that you could redeem it for you Tootsie Roll pop on the rapper guy I don't remember that at all and but honestly I was not a huge tootsie pop fan. All there we go back could be why don't remember this Q and in the loop you impart audience receive a roll pop passed on to this day and I never knew that. I take it I would take the tootsie pop. I would take doubt if I was given but. As a worm did was never my it was never my candy Joyce do you guys know about the three circle one let's ask. So there's the circles where that's easy pop logos and any get three unbroken circles than you would also gets. A free candy or whatever it's gases that or the shooting started I don't know any of these rules memory do you find all this stuff element she school. Didn't teach me that it Tommy thank history instead I got I only got free and he may enter a school McLaren boys school counseling teach that stuff nobody radio the public school kid in elementary school they tell us they did failure. No person or hostel I work out the gift shop we'll take the star rapper and you get a new tootsie pop right now apparently. Okay I admit they have them on what is so sick this isn't true then this is so bizarre so first I'm still assistance helps. Me now when your website this notional CDS he has but we do we news website the snow snows. Let's go to John Q well John you are on the rock. Now and then millions want to learn. Will you do early kid dead all the he carries the look at all in time outlook and ordered gold and I broke my leg a couple of our editor Eric but worry that now. He has little of them coming out of the wheelchair as in the cast on them down on the back I guess we're all back breaker it let go right back it up. Also you're trying to like be a high arrive with the advances in Newton on almost. I don't blame her dude I would have been like guy you know what let's just leave the kid in the hostile he's an idiot I would have you citizenship to the hospital they charge a lot for those things so attendees who were there ready. Dead or simply were. We're army brat earlier free medical I get too soon to Bedford it's a pretty took a war. Yeah yeah you know Nancy I totally forgot it's funny has brought this up not appreciate this John because I I did the idea I didn't really bad as it did but I forgot that was an adults. And my dad just paid to get my car repaired soon and I drove it into somebody write more on the way home from the repair shop sells a lot likes of the your daughter would do the knows who I really can't falter while I totally spaced out and took a left into another car almighty god my father was following and he's like are you so he watches he watched that happening just like you are out shares of tools and highlight I know what to say don't mind that I you're right dad he I am stupid ya. Had to rewrite backed the repair shop I forgot about pencil until that story did text on the duct also treasure. Happened over in Vegas I work graveyard shift I guess a 5 AM the first air this morning with some crazed gunman killing fifty. I Jason now being concerts and it's impressive to families of the dead friend for very many in the very many are wounded. It just awful at this world is coming to an end I could cornice CNN Lewis Slaton recent days it now at least 58 dead bodies around it was deemed the worst. But I'm the massacre. In American history now history and died 500 plus injured. And then do they still they say they found the shooters compared the alleged shooters companion who the alleged shooter I have had not seen now but I mean they've talked to the brother of the shooters obviously and a lot of shocked by this and apparently died of what might. Getting any kind of criminal background and you know assists. He's been in the hotel since Thursday apparently. And so let's say you know I this is and man I'm so happy we did that show we did about mental health because. If this is not motivated by any sort of groups terroristic. You know. Some situation and this is somebody who was not right in the head. God if we if we can just you know get the people before they do something horrific like this because. You're not right now ahead you're doing some like this is no doubt about it whether your brain washed or hopeless or whatever you're just not right in the head when you decide. This is the option I have I'm gonna go kill innocent people cleese says no link no known link between the shooter and international terrorism. I found an update about the gals that was his companion they say that she is outside the country at the time they have located her. I'll OK so she had nothing to do with us as far as we know yeah and companion I don't say girlfriend had to say companion. Bermuda judicial most dealt shall shed some light on I mean at some point. They'll find something out this goes on ninety social networks is to win any kind of motive he may have had or was he just a person that was mentally ill. This sucks but if you just want to get together and celebrate whatever music that there are a fan of at a concert. And then this happens both frustrate me is if somehow he has a history of some sort of mental illness. And somehow he got himself a weapon. That will frustrate me. Yeah and that's the only thing that frustrates me if he got illegally imaging guided illegally is nothing you can do. But if he was able to get a weapon illegally and he had a history of mental illness I think we have to figure something out. We cannot let people with mental illness and you know you have access to especially this kind of weapon which I'm not even sure if it was a legal weapon don't in the first place with the sound of it was just so high powered I'm not a guy an expert. But that video just sounds like it is fused it just rifling off ridiculous amount of rounds and any gun legally should be able to do. But I don't know any about gun so I could be wrong about that too but it just seems. It seems like there's no way somebody should have access to that kind of firepower. Now I've been that they're asking god to -- -- help you know everybody boost to his heart broken about the system what is the big thing right now blood donors coop they're donate blood Scalia that that house because how many people are injured over 500 devices at this point 515 plus people have been injured you would imagine a lot of them need help only out of a situation and if there's something that you were trying to. Find a way that you can help out that's a way that you could help out. User anywhere they go American Red Cross is somewhat way around to make a blood bank along those lines idea that makes sense it's gone on in the you can find all that information I'm sure him. The. While tough news to have to wake up to this morning that's for sure. Our here's a question for you and hopefully we get Miley just. Late in a mood a little bit and guess who's back. Ryan castle back to the drug in charge is well you know he's doing other dragons. The most usually around playwright who I guess this wasn't really better news as a sorry. Well we do have a question what do Ryan castle and a bumper sticker have in common. Find out at 915. On the rock. And they extra mornings. On the rocks are standing next point nine TI ESW. And gain yards. Underlying casserole and a bumper sticker having comments to rear ends if you leave him in this 68 month. Yeah well. This do you look at who could bags do you feel the same I had Digg and I think about ten pounds so nice they don't have exactly limit for it to you this way Ireland is not a country of calorie counters no no I was. How the football well who's freon to slow terrible food a lot of fear a lot of whisky yes it sounds like Kevin and I feel good feel good idea but there are a lot of lot of ground food. From around food side. Dad to Ireland you go higher because actually coming in between you know bumper sticker rear bumper action probably really pumped up. Not a personal stuff so she's plus yeah there. And it was hard to stay off my car stick around I'll tough tough savage. Usually serve and a guy with a I love can mean bumper stickers the gets busted with. Jeremy savings. Needs. This happened in the Netherlands in the gospel this guy over because well they thought hey here's a guy and I look at these buffers to go series got going on. And yes turns out he had drugs in his car they found that can mean and they also found 300 tabs of Ecstasy. Well I don't know why he's having such a party but he's got drug charges on the factor for him at. Well look who's back I canceled morning and I hope we brought back to draw back from Ireland hoping it. Gigs. The Democrats who are on the team on like I'm spending nowhere you know sheik imam videos and a little bit I know. I feel and have stuck to my hair and so I don't. Does slow motion carefully. And so I feel when you whip my hair completely really the only. Were you yeah only sexy. Things. Rock. 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So as you can make an informed decision about whether bankruptcy makes sense for you what benefits is going to ask you what's the downside of bankruptcy is thanks Travis if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can reach out to Travis any time as choose the right chapter dot com.