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In case you were all dressed up with Dell placed ago during the last mid term performance. What did you miss either of the world wrestling move called the choke slam. Where the wrestler and into the blown up by the horns went into the ground you probably know that. But it was invented. During an amateur wrestling match by what former president. Well look former president you know that's correct old school friends. Are you a little. And that's a pretty solid yeah. Jimmy Carter did. Yeah OK yeah everything about the west particularly with great global threats. You have to be invented social am I gotta think maybe he was doing okay and but it. And vampire I can't I can't visualize this bullet. I went into making it being a professional wrestler we do know is at a beauty. Really who feel through ball with one that's not true he was blown out with a B and without any thought and I backed him how I would be affable and I was trying to match merry go work. Just four scored seven years ago we had a choke slam bet he's. Australia a couple made an emergency cal to a snake catcher after they found an eastern brown snake coiled up in their bed at 10 in the morning. I gave the boy Luther. We don't know if if if it if it's. If you would go to the together was able to. It was able to secure the snake and released into the area that had better suited its habitat. Think that the reason that it broke into the home was a lack of food source in the neighborhood have you ever seen notably new mister browns make yourself. These would absolutely if you just from. Knowing that if it's going to be venomous or constricting steak or whatever this snake doesn't exactly do that it does fight. But it's not poisonous but the size of a brown snake. I mean it will make you jump back it'll be be one of the scariest things I've ever seen in the in the lockdown now miles you might be right but it's not poisonous. However it is the second most lethal venomous snake. Brown's biggest yes ought to know that guy's neck down she's a good feel like you're all wrong I don't know I don't know unless there and maybe have brown snake is not what I thought of Brown's leg was the difference between what this amendment people. We got to Texas where. I'll say about it out February tenets of headlines and my god about people don't mind right they did. These are all seven unwritten rules for dining out. You learn me. No eight year old. Apple never snap your fingers at anybody. Unless it's your child and they need better. Right and I will say this idea fairly recently with Adam play in these. I'm sitting at a Barneys for completely self entitled monkey do much walking him they're discussing things among themselves and I can already tell these people are just what life. We are snapped his fingers at the margins and actually turned around and told them why don't think that's about. That's idea tolerate it that's so you've got him route and I don't care more harm their dismembered fingers on the wardrobe for. What popular fast food chain originally started as a hot dog thing. It's somewhere. You know kids you start but I thought I thought kind of burritos tacos and couldn't do it. I drilled a chopped up hot dog inside of cock. Which sounds growth and yeah it does and record keep repeating that views of how to talk there. Yeah times are really rough Motorola why I sliced up consortia endowments and our record darnedest thing did you need to rework or no corn tortilla okay. You OK with being the local all. Know Toyota John Menzies shareware and I didn't have the same DNA go have sex. Like there's this there is the point we go I do need you might be close with him you know what let's let's just keep our does that. You can see bill. No offense to the man he's obviously one of the greatest coaches ever. The late Bill Belichick could have I ran into him on the street I don't think I'd get a big bill itself then you know I think I'm. It is striking to carry him around and around I want to duck when some guy who signs the if if if if until he's probably an okay damned if you do the one think anytime you give him come out. Senate behind a single it Pro Bowl and electronically. And it it all the other coaches before he's always smile you know or smile going and actual game. Pro Bowl does not count my food but. I don't know my life but to do just wants to go fishing and fishes he hangs out with your buddies but he's always smiling when he's not actually coaching and it seems like you've a lot of respect from their coach is here to thank my. I'm so blah we've probably got same phone number and showed his workmanship you know but I don't know we seem to get decent human eating right behind the heat. He seems friendly in the mix things I was gonna stay I think I. And a pilot that just as my wife leases fiftieth my son Joey eighteenth birthday if you begin my shout out to that would be great Ellison dirty German and Australian. From Ted thanks guys from Paul. Know what their essential role of the need new mattress and a new hope this. And that Mellencamp. Now to come on down throughout the garden collection fiddle around him if you come back spent half. Oh if you listen to videos larger Lawrence O'Donnell they're breaking down without the mention FaceBook page. Also such a regal name got a break down that lord unless Paul Lawrence Lawrence just I mean I was just think Laurence Olivier. He's right I never knew who the guy was more like a hallmark of Arabia want to bring even what do you guys think it's simple words from the Libby. The thing that came out like it's nice commander that it is brawl. All right. I'm sorry newlywed a lot of people have been there and love. Don't see that couple that sits on the same side of the boot. When it's only two of you love that real only long lateral play you're over 657 years senior Susan I. It's cute. Otherwise if we. It is weird we. If it's weird is how he's with a look at someone photographers that example and a movie made another dutrow that's why they put you like that injured a movie because you're supposed to be watching movie you're I don't know I don't that I don't do it voted on by plus. Using her head. Why are on the same die. Our guys who would you know I have it's like look at this morning I was just everybody ignore you but there are ready to go okay. A baggage Hanoi and Singapore is facing up to a year in jail for intentionally switching the tags on almost 300 pieces of luggage hit it the fact I'm. Wow. Wow all so they want to Theron does the nation. If it had to be different funds as you know hilarious I'm not if you're one of those people are right within that things are funny when they don't have to be. In Pittsburgh where is my bag Tokyo. Can you imagine every named after work when get a drink and how this. That's all I would not say evil you think what is it yeah. Davis may Delray four point 999 all lose our next contestant ready play the game hello Peter welcome to the men's room allow. All right guy. I hear you sober now. So repeater. That's down to the whiskey do. Peter tell pig chicken or fish. What is Peter like you fit this and it didn't Peterson Peterson king. Was over did it for you pumpkin eater. Local my computer theater company. Jonathan Baldwin I think that Peter talk from the third wheel got about the an applicant about the unit buttered about. But I always about Peter Bentley if that's the event will format affected. Should pour all Peters choosy moms 55. At Bryant I think you people think Peter Pan the when I was little island. Like making people. It was something like I just remembered that yes things in like when I was a kid LeBron you gotta get get and he figured all around us all the dieters got together. OK yes and added them. All right here is your question I would look after you announced through. Couldn't we couldn't wouldn't that went wrong the first time but I think if they constitute being refitted they would miles. Hello now. Now done mid. Men's room legacy can continue. He would sure love to hear is real. This radio program are simply. Trying to offend anyone. There's our. Invited to join the party. This is. All gathered in secrecy. You know they say. Or radio more than three times. And Jordan. Paranoia are going to lose the number 2686. Along with Steve the throw hill. Do Ted Smith and broaden. It's in my car. Arian Emmanuel. OK if they random question question. Your guess is the. Good as mine categories drinks and rude states. As the men's remiss back get ready to play profile list plus a linesman there Jonbenet fumbles or emails and everyone's favorite. TV time with the click clack during ended aren't high here we go as we start with Vegas weekend with Tom Petty. Sometimes life does not fair and not for. That is all coming out today is very special episode of the men's room. Here's the question. All make no good day to you and your arm and what you got. Think back when your kid I am acting kinda remember when my parents bought an old old but not to be left the home alone would make they are very excited about something else. About twelve years old and my folks who go to the movies or grab dinner or something mundane like that but what they did not do. We'll leave me at home while they flew to Germany. To attend October fest and you're asking yourself well. The MacNeil what kind of parent would lead for kids ages six to twelve and Paul Malone. Other than camp would tell us what turned out forty year old Erin MacKey from Iowa had no problem dormant so there. For kids between the ages of six and twelve she wanted to go talk over the last season of elevate you guys been for yourself needless to say. She did he had to get new moss charges. But that's what family does it doesn't matter the family you might think your premise crazy. And no matter how crazy your family is inevitably it does make for family family because all friendly. A great take the story of a floor. A mayor who was going home to admit to his wife that he was having an affair with a novel. I don't know how long you've been having me for everything man. And I tell my wife and beyond about what the other woman she tries to run him down with her car in an effort to prevent him from don't know what about the affair. It should just be noted that the other woman in this case is his own mother or moss. See he was sleeping with his wife mom on the mound didn't want him to tell Valencia gotten fail more than a matter how crazy your friendly families. Family visit just so more of the mini mini mini stories that we saw that. Let us know many many questions we would like to ask you informed of the random question question in this is how it works. You call us. We will ask a question a complete random and if you share your story will share with you the story that inspired send questions. The pro they join her in question question call 844999. Only you can like the men's room on FaceBook files on tour events are live and send your emails to the men's room at midterm live dot com. You are listening to the men's or radio network. Yeah. Until now I know log on to show number 2686. When an incredibly large show we have for you today. The return of asked the men's room if you have a question for the men's room do issued as an email to the men's room admin to live that got to make the subject as a men's room we are back. And the phone lines are now working again made par 4999. All out. Your guess is as good as mine categories today our drinks and rude states and of course today is the day that we do our random question question and we also want. Take note that obviously we're aware of the situation that happened in most legacy he. And we are aware of the ongoing situation with Tom Petty whatever those news reports are we are here to offer a little bit of escapism for a few hours. Mostly because we need we do man it's like anything else you get up and does some days are better than others. And this has been a tough for a few days most days are better than two for a lot for a lot of I think that's a fair stance so we could you know we'll we'll do our best to deceiving it phones working in to see if we got to go to cool fun escapism and and just tried to you to get on other day because like you. Some days are better than other. Our form and delighted the phone to not working I think that is a fantastic addition to its fifth two the format. Yet the ring Dolan hair and don't. And we're just asking other people random questions Bo we don't want everybody knows caucus that would be too convenient and let the easy way nobody wants to go after idiots can do alaskans and trained monkey could do that now are with a nuts that are gonna be the friends. Around grand got hard I deadly global brand. Today Lou and I am Hindu roundup Montana Brent how I hear is hello. Yeah wow I'm not here. We'll get advice then GM alone no you didn't do that aren't. He's coming into view and OK look they've. You know this so I do naval user's sensitive about it looked at I think we're bringing up because then made a point evens. You said Daniels on the right alerts aren't doing so let's just wait and then no needle believes that credit to instantly out of your mouth you think prices. Okay all right here's a Gillette well I mean my. Ten and that's what they're called here's here's the dilemma here's my dilemma all right we go we just got back from little break. I had the opportunity to go up into Canada so I went up excellent near Jasper and bam I would think although the BC Iraqis beautiful beautiful. One of those beautiful places I think ever been in my life it was fantastic. You can now believe just what what is around you who the desolation everything and are still glaciers there are tunnels are of so there obviously are a lot of reservations. Attendant and I and I had this thought as I walked into a a store that was native American enough arts. And what I like to call. Not do Jeter's exactly but you quibble but little by little I appreciate you not cold movie gets its act but little Knick knack it's like and my neck and nick next door you know why the sort of save the match burst my grandmother says do jitters that's what our children's our grandmothers say that a lack right exactly grandparents they a lot of cells so he's got a little cagey items young men and go. But but a lot of them have what they called buffalo are okay and there was a little that was a a guy they're offering. Kind of like a local history lesson to some of did the aspects of the buffalo the migration everything in this in this this little store which is actually substantial store. It's a stuffed buffalo. Books for kids about buffalo in its all about buffalo and I and I kind of thought to myself and I thought about UBU. I mean I'm sitting there in my comment you have Bakken activity that is just gonna keep this place but then I thought to myself OK look. And this is the way I look at this in theory. All right now the first person who discovers a star let's say that they are a huge Star Trek fan or whatever and they may call that planet planet anymore. All our I don't know like plan. They named the star or planet anymore you know I don't know I don't know I don't know any audio outs and no I guess that's on his planet right whatever the helicopter that's the good name cash is a person who founded in and mean that. So and then I go back to like Denali. We are listeners up and anchors they know the Denali national park of run up the road they're right in the middle of it as Mount McKinley but no it's not Mount McKinley anymore because. They went back to the original name. Which was named by the native Americans which is Denali which is the name of the parts and now that is Denali the mountain that used to be Mount McKinley that was before that to Colin Firth plays rank and innate they americanize it announced back to being Denali. Because it was base in the people who named it the first time. Barack all right so if we have native Americans that are here and they see this thing first let me and they say hey look that is a buffalo or the great white buffalo like there's nothing in there has his right life. What I wanted to tell you I'm that was just that was like the weird when my goes the albino and it was the job now. If you're old vinyl anywhere in reference want data we know later on special magical green so I wondered you know just like that and I don't think that you're wrong about the actual animal being as I'm not the vice. But when we originally as it was in pain and it was named the buffalo so little we don't know who's right well that's the question if they aid call at buffalo if they don't want the ones with the whole world is like it wears a spirit animal whether it's a sacred animal whether whether you use it you know for the help them meet the whatever. They call the buffalo would like everything about it says buffalo there and I know because I had a delicious bison steak it's great. Trust me but don't call the cousins they I would into all white restaurant and install the vice all right it's gone by cystic so on the menu it's is bison an absolute anyway I was the guy running historically if you need ever received his name and everybody was made about a reservation. I mean I don't. And I didn't need any game that I pity they named a buffalo. Isn't a buffalo but maybe they think just using that term for a large animal and then does the white settlers came over one all fall through buffalo for the drugs like I'm sure sage advice I don't know. Many believe that is saying there's no migration of buffalo from Asia at that level slam prosecution get right. But it's still might be different kind of ball below if you might then I think it comes down a bit. If neither is called the buffalo goes a white dude called the buffalo I think you've got credence and they called a buffalo and white guy got here and it's an act by that's a buffalo. Limits of buffalo I mean they might scientifically break doesn't go to bison bison when they called the Blake. Otherwise good like I almost 4000 years ago. You and I wake up bright and as big as brown animal goes running back and we decide my payment let's call it. Buffalo I'm pretty sure that's covenants but what I wanna go back buffalo are a fellow brat but he was like but even some and also what no device inflate. Yeah ma'am but both I knew about this before UD Dick and I called the ball flight as I was getting a. I was sitting in their like browsing Sox he said like you know the word buffalo like 67 back. It was very import will look if you call like Yellowstone my cousin went to Yellowstone yet and she showed me a brochure that was like. By seeing an imprint diseases like also known as buffalo chart so maybe this guy got tired of corrected people today however it let's go with the elbow I don't know. Yeah welcome like I call it like daylight man. Sitting buffalo old Daniel well below other Sitting Bull shore but I'm sure Buffalo's stick to man. Maybe the guy wasn't it cheap but there has to be some guy like. You don't buffalo Toronto or Buffalo Bill I was I was confused I wasn't sure I just thought that I don't know who's right here in on every night because I know it's technically a vice. What are they called buffalo worst yeah arbor program. It's like you know like do you guys seriously squirrels technically called like I don't know I'd Jerry you're a tanker Blake now. I got a little old Albert is talking there's no way or visit visit the comments that nobody caught the Tonka but with buffalo the original main threat that's what we're gonna find out we're saying look if buffalo is native tongue into buffalo but buffalo is of English or German or whatever it is. Then minutes of bison but we don't know and that's the question that we're trying to figure out or know somebody else entirely sudden underneath it was the settlers who starter call me a viable business and this is the comedy comes and if it agrees with you davis' early American suburbs called bison. Buffalo due to several pairs between the two animals. Named buffalo. Stuck but do we trust is that when I don't get would have a Buffalo Bill. Was he wrong was he right it if they were wrong. Completely out of buffalo sorry he should have been Biden and bill should be divisive bills currently 2.0 what does the ice in New York. All right now big horses invented Tonka. Would be Dubai is real or the NATO war lady what might look at worn out there to reservation and SM buffalo or bison percent guidance to toss up right. Why don't you why what do you right. I don't remember my friends is what we're delighted to go wide and I let the agent Don it sounds like a machine I rented by need to dig a hole in my barn kids stores neck and broken right yet to talk about. Or obligation heavyset black candidate like the B you're a little little like tobacco you know and imaging and ran out and I'm aims to Tom and I dig a little here in this day any trade you don't go to the Caribbean go. Columbus is price. This is the West Indies now you don't. I knew. Just the prince Maha yes exactly I'm westerner and this friend tiger but unfortunately. Prices and make a break up the middle of the tablet that is where the name of the slang name Indian game for. Could have made and I live right exactly. They just look to an OK very good vibes science doctor mark I don't wanna go to the late well late again this always adding that mantle Levy asked it to be at the bar who ruined the conversation by Google in the correct answer. Does but above literate to memorize Arabs want to talk about what book you're gonna donated OK okay let luck ran out there when I headed to Tonka stake in it was fantastic it was good it was really really got a couple of years ago had bison I like the bison burgers it will if you mix there was some ground beef right. But just a stake alone just like we said just like unique it's easily generic enemies think he's dead when I had this is what I who has really got. You're closer to thousands that you at a restaurant and I also advice night in a bottle. You have to talk Hispanics know it's a bison on but. Yeah exactly what it. Buffalo farm supply nova. And two and A but it could have been a buffalo I don't know maybe I'll run another so mad about what they call it political all the Mississippi the freaked him and said it would go cold Fred river. I did is went with the right. Yeah and don't email me about buffalo wings in might we got a column by some things they're named after the town just there's nothing to do with the how to answer and the amount from buffalo scooped the waves to. I'm more quiet bright object that's why both. Low while leagues of buffalo has way extracting glee don't have wings the myself when I'm very American one now got they used to have whack than they did away. I let's move on here with a random question now we're not just Barbara Cochran is weird it's just had grown from Montana and almost nobody got to let you do that if you live near probably in your yard. Ten of the tall guy that's. Welcome to the men drew I think both are all I hello Jeff. Our solar record Gore's current. That is correct yes it is let's go this one what would you say is the worst. And I have to admit I really like historical holes the worst birthday present did you of ever received a guy maybe they just forgot. I've when you're my mom forgot number there woke up man went downstairs touches your money went school came back home thought to be some big surprise not to distract. Here's the thing miles great to be the one to break the state mentioned forgets she just didn't have been care could be it could be but it doesn't ever gonna want to that's PI ER and I am I your dog pile armor room can only. The editing is do it if it Kevin Costner called that the cargo caught at the Concord had to. I'll live with them and trust Kevin Cobb community in boulder Matilda dream below. Data oriented Tonka and fielded really dreams I have to tell you I guess your credibility whereas I thought certain credibility. Okay. You know I it bearish cross military jet Don ready story where your way what about the most are and what about the post men are right. Well okay all it is the postman one of his movies are good actually fanned anger builds and then waterworld. Oh I don't tell my go to toasted it. Do you like Costner he crossed the picket line once I got responds my dad yeah I'm more like dances with rats. It's. Your dad I don't like a legend there yeah as I suppose worst birthday present you again. Maybe you that your return period it here and I wrote a great debt against Korea could really ready to party boat and Tony brought me here. Three boldest. Or just build mid adult men and due to the ball like can you describe it may. It was said what's the worst gift that's I was I don't know until my money your friend spent on that all those aren't cheap. Let all of our end our limited or no eight OK it's not like half off man. I know I'm confident. And you know like what do you call. Biologically correct there are let's talk. Just a minute on the told Eric Snow you say you'd never know Smith. Not apply to quote drill OK fair enough Smyrna correct that's yet what it really go to LA gear pretty epic pretty historic tour. I got. Well there's a big radius Jimmy talent duck. Doug given away all legions. To get skewed to gorge Earl slick. If Teddy and Caribbean got a good gorge in Toronto. In my body so all we called it called cause I only get through. I don't know the answer would guard tickets score. You were old Lincoln club that you can go oh my gosh. So we're on our way and I've been trying to get some party favors Russia and and we are you go like how far out there that of course you go you know you can take a week two weeks go. You know you don't why don't when my kids. His birthday party and Muslim at the actual story thousands of party favors done much to Israel and all we're. The court we RT we're you have sort dirty work the way. Embraced called me I'm like do you. You have really really sick in my hip Europe Yoko right now how great I turnaround it's Benedict spoke on him. We go to Google Earth concert you know accused or parent have a blast. And and all these people. To relate super excited that there's a that would Russian girl or and I need. So and so I'm like all of them that I don't take credit bird flight is much like eight or. And the other guy like grew on me. Prize that we won a blown to might. But I liked Brooke sir god. Don't take a lot to do not. Take all are probably a topic and us. About are apple later. This guy comes sorely rootkit but it could either bigger the route they go broke. Into commodity cheer. Did it totally did of course you always everybody doesn't recommend the next three hours begala Gloria you're on the entire checker or world dot. Look I don't know different people react to things I app may or may not have gotten fine. I'm stems I think for Marbury on rank capsules Jersey near the I'm not good that's all under the bus I. What do you know I am not he's like I don't wanna duties I can't duties just if you want I'm like NBA yeah I'll take him and said look and same thing. Don't do do all at once man and he's looking really seriously do it. Don't you think he hit. Don't do them all of the hunt Sonoma and and I did and he was kind of right like I loved it and I don't wanna say the situation was but I will say that what's the news that shortly as little track. Solely for a mile Ayala got tonight is sitting across from me were doing an interview and gorillas it's faces melting off of those bodies recovered upkeep of the government. He has no idea that a trip and final suspect wasn't having a very good all you unravel what they they were there at the gradual or or okay there is an island am on his trip and any sure it was a leg isn't that pulled become eyeballs and on them like this. Is crazy so would probably finish in double miles on my dude I'm tripping so hard emotionally you can't tell you can just hang enact the if you don't yeah they'll let anyone out there that I held a night you guys ever have a bad birthday. A bad birth or that birthday. Jim. Darren can't rally the exact date I mean mine's Christmas feed. So like it's got a hard time Art Howe can register when you're don't cripple our much depth of and broke. Well here you go this is this is either one of those awesome stories you ever heard of the worst story of her life I can't decide which one there's a guy named Martin Donovan. And yes he is from Ireland gang of more Irish than that. And it took his wife can't turn out for her 42. Birth Kathleen moon and it took her to a bar. So she can watch him play pool that's funny isn't. Happy about it day by the way they had ten kids together all old she's she's 42 and it doesn't Catholic side so anyway that birthday surprise Maynard just about as angered easy as you would expect. And when Martin said hi to another woman there named Michelle Garrity. Kathleen snapped she lost her ass and beat up Michelle. So she was in court earlier this month she pleaded guilty to assault and since she didn't have any prior she had a 600 dollar fine but. She's been banned from going to any bars for a year which is kind of a big deal in Ireland so yeah and basically that was her birthday present. They have ten kids together can you imagine man. We're gonna go bargain allegedly pulled my friends I hit and had a birthday what did you think her to a different bar and buyer drinks or something hey man look what you did with apple is only guy that doesn't get. My clearly he has no friends because any one of them to say hey. That's a really bad idea you have to India is they really. Really bad I'd I think you must be religious I mean like what woods the last straw you already have ten kids but she's 42. How old you visuals amid for she's never not been pregnant would be my guess you know maybe she's gone a year or two. But for the most Rory taking care of a baby every time you get pregnant with a mobile arias you pompano one a year and well ray and I love the way in six weeks after salute you know Clemens even write two years go by kind of quickly at times in an incident yeah two years in between hopefully there's some twins of god tea room. I hope they have two sets quintupled but I can't come at what point did go hey man. We have some McCain is why are we not have kids anymore. Right well I mean I assume this is all very Catholic unhappy that he's having children clearly doesn't like the value of the like are they to what do you do care about today analyst kennel club you want throughput pool by friends and then of course it goes a mister chabot and other lady. Man oh man oh man he doesn't man scenario you wouldn't think you'd have to explain you what. Kind of a program your guess is as good as my categories today are going to be drinks and roots dates and these are the states that people feel RD rude just in the United States Americans over a bunch of different reasons they've determined that these are the ten roost. And we also have the most popular drinks from around the world to those your categories coming up on your guess is as good as mine. Credit question question 844999. All the Morey calls coming up you are listening to the men's or radio network. Pitching is you. True other program are just as good as mine categories today drinks around the world and the most rude states here in the United States in the meantime it is our random question question. Rendell ran down. Sandy welcome to the injury and friends. And those offended or not only little girl hello I've always holds an envelope. I think half of the newfangled bones what does that involve Buffalo's that the because if it's good to talk up. Thank the buffalo tea. If I get a call in some humor and it's really good poker room has some merit to dig out. I'm gonna maybe that's what sandy. Take it anyway you like it was wasn't did you swallowed. What did you swallow up. I swallowed a penny. Allows a kid in my mom tells the story of studying to approved for days to run that inning and then got the ninja well yes. Personally I don't think they're doing I kept my kids but that she's wont. Hello molded out of her mama and her mom might have and I don't have a but I know we can't shoot a good thing I debacle Hernandez and as a sentimental some of them. Man I mean he had my kids first say no man no not really none none none none none of the situation. Let's bring you think it's a reminder for safety for this was quite an emergency thing that's why aren't penny and they not approve of like how we ate a piece of course unless there's there's nothing about I spike if they don't but not my short side and I was kind of wonder where that's where the by the way his body Mosley is travels a barrel hit it exactly they might see image that is not a little guys. Yeah I saw a tenacious while the button but that's why he's an example would be v.s death and resorted boot man you know it just. Mike just dropped out toilet and Jersey you're as the worst part about the bond cinematic kind of funny but not really funny it was the not letting them it is funny now grant and I'm Lawrence is not funny at all result like it was born without the softness of malaria Jack Jack Jack decade we have a canned laughter is gonna need a lot of. Cars are always amazed when they make the esophagus that can pull on the top side like about a ton and nickel on the stomach and and they sewed together basically what you have is an hourglass and liking. OK so it's very taught there in the but eventually you know he needs to kind of stretch out and be able to allow the Santa pastors that is sure that button got stuck right there at that point. Although car all the more real than I can speed was basically just dropping through for button holes for like a week into a figure out why should get thrown out who she could keep any food down. A because my short months. I've been approved I remember my life quickly enough I'm good now three Joseph Madison itself. And that's our present and what did you swallow. Well I don't really have a good story for that but when I was little I thought. The key for the bread on the table is. Another daughter around that are the bread machine played a couple. Things the butter like that but I don't really. Do you go like I mean but at no point did you not. Like I'd stay uncommitted out of the disease but it seems like then you would think like this is the worst she's about region and in stock BS you never you never anything on a dare. I million dollar and I'm Mike Mike has many kids have beaten cricket played I can't do it. It a lot of crickets her little luck and exhausted does doesn't. Now they've been hurt hosted in like garlic flavor someday I. Well extra pat downs and I think goal garlic flavored cricket to be fine right now I specifically by cricket flavored garlic so I think guide Mary Joseph studio city garlic just that and I'll be dollar deal it doesn't garlic on mom and you do not know her heater ignited. Can't eat but I can he line or wait a minute what do what do you eat shrimp. It can mean yeah I don't know if that is okay as well just wasn't always the most adventurous thing you've ever read them. I don't know I had never done like if I go like that would Bryant's cargo. No I would not I was glad that this won't do it. I will say this we route one of these fancy dinners a solid elevated floor and it's weird because it does served in the cell so they don't do anything to meet you knocked remembrance mails it is clearly. It's clearly failed to original about it but miles bump on openness and man. Just doing to allow wasn't that and the truth as part twelve people does dinner and everyone's engage in conversation I was kind of hoping mid forgets that I had not tried one sort of why later. The miles like an eyebrow. You got a title and you know it was pretty goddamn good here's the weird thing began this instrument that looks like a which would curly eyelashes when did have a policy never seen this this thing at the dinner table for a grab hold. It's pretty crazy when you grip it. And they just ripped the meat out and you suck it. I'd like idol like oysters clams so I don't know easily send a bunker fuel is a giant. Gotten that's been hiding in Selma this thing falls under Thorpe which he won't try a garlic flavored Greg doesn't think about it. Garlic butter and look what they're like yours Olivia and dumb luck but I looked like in Italy once and my husband. When dared one time to. Drinks it. 120 bucks did he do that he'd totally at this it's always a number of friends. Our friend had been needing one little animal. Caramel apple pops out inched ever played totally brown. Salon you have I. Yeah look did you tongue kiss them right at least he wasn't doing well now from a dip it was a from school or company how long did commit I know I'm waiting to kiss you. Well at least after he purchased he's got an all alone that night richer. We couldn't good reason ascending what did you swallow 47 year old guy and Preston England has that a cough since 2015 earlier this year he went several doctors for help eventually did the scandals longs. And they noticed a dark mass and a guy was a smoker so they look to the singer like Aaron knew they assumed its cancer. When they got eight a bronco scope to actually look into his lungs they found it was not a tumor it was something else eight not a two month a toy specifically a plea mobile toy traffic cone. Guy said he'd gotten some play mobile figures is a gift when he was seven and he must've inhaled the traffic cone and got stuck in his long and stay there far. Forty years she came within four months since the doctors remove it guys top still got it and it's really care about that. Forty years in traffic kind of stuck in Islam. Brandon was no question 844999. Almost a tune your guess is as good as my coming would drinks and roots date.