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This is dumb men's room. So I am very. Intel's got the Chavez on the way and they get ready to play a little profile this is your racial consultants are standing by in the meantime it is our random question question before board and I ran and I. All around hello Ryan welcome to the men's room. Sorry Iran. Hole only the user who's chase. And I don't know united he would get my big choice and there's just worry enough. It's not taken the kids don't awaken it Syria takes that are some might say not enough I don't know how how long is bandwagon Ross. And since I've been on the phone now so little lost cousin that thing you keep their kids specifies that the money Nigeria's. IMac Honey Nut Cheerios delighted weird cracked through. Because every kid likes them they will eat them and it is amazing if you want to shut them up Allison guiding hand money managers who doesn't like on the net share even after the point that they do and I like my load milk. Yeah you win just carry a bag in your pocket all right and then for a handful not only in my do I put them if I was anywhere but right now somebody came in to do one of and thought and action it is and it can happen over the post and another angle. Dad actually chanting let's go with us when Ryan in your lifetime all the frenzy associates the people that you've known who would you say is the one person that introduced you to quote the dark side. Okay. You know who. Who got you into the most trouble to introduce you to something any luck drugs outlook saying whatever I believe they would get right to be the guy who who gave your first cigarette you smoke for twenty years you know and has a lot of different scenario. Normal employees not to tell you see any stories like that. Well the problem is I've always been blamed I'm the person who was the introduce her to the dark side of this mental war. I really was given the stalk and I think most people would say that I was but that said. You still have like your jet I'm master all right so I may have been the guy disseminating it to a certain group of people and I absolutely did but. I have a buddy who shall remain and remain nameless Leon. The very specific way to edit this remote but the thing is he's only really did it with me governor of the toxic twins as far as I went and we would go do stuff but then like if you were busy at all smug about he's like listen I know you have the Travis her there are done this or trying to sustained a broken and here but let's go ahead and some just kind of the middlemen. And I am I might be that guy. And. If you can't thank him anyone I knew what did you ever do drugs and he'd ever had older brother you never had an older friend in the neighborhood or just a friend who was when little a little ahead of you as far as the speed of life. There. Yeah. It this year and they don't know mediate hung out with. Look at look at a couple of Katzman. Good to introduce you first joined with the did you steal your first car wins whatever laws. I. Motel because it I loved so that my dark side disappoint you know they didn't know you haven't found yet okay. That yes he got let go now I am Barloon. Footage on the road to help him. You tell you one thing. Sort of I mean my lawyer says the mixed CD when we first got together and I put on so he's petty little budget Tom Petty song and she always thought that instead Chelsea's pretty it's like Sears and held on and he's been good so he's pretty conservative when these. And in Talladega. I don't know legit maybe. That's exactly it you're sure all pretty I think kind of thing you introduced in the dark side. Prime nobody matte oh they are just like first joint battery refers barely worth but inevitably that's the guy because once you do what I am. You feel like Obama try whatever else he's destroying all before that so he had it in any music are what else to the notion that. I'll god I mean it's like we even bears won't event every every night but look at every every drug the Judy get so it's that's the difference like me only alma due to anything and and everything with the exception of heroin and crank the race and we anything else. We were down right but the guys that that I was dropping the darkness two like circulate. You know a man you know I can appreciate this a let's just stick with the threat. Well no I don't proud to be decent about it at least you know like I don't. I don't think too right so like I. Obviously I know derision and I'm interest in the wreck ever Duncan a couple people that I would think I got me into each more than others if you think it's my. I don't. Effective though it was a good thing probably double but it edit right in North Africa and our loved this little that's OK but yeah. Those guys can the dark side is noise the dark side it can be dark at times LA quake isn't it also appreciate it just they Beers like. I don't it was mere Bernie but around the same time we both the silent when you're dressed a beer she got fifty of them yeah I mean him any bit. I don't know which one of us it was time for years that was our thing we just chugging Beers there for years and I saw him right now we do try to drug it's a joke for years their content it's okay. So this is a little bit. Well the other day they released a message she wrote him in 2013 and here's the way this goes. She says quote you introduced me to cocaine. Prostitutes. Mental abuse and disease. Being with you broke me down as a person you threw me away when you absorb anything worlds while the was left of me. And then he countersued their family and his attorney says this year the STD's for their blah blah blah blah blah either way she says that look I was a regular person. That I met you and other prostitutes. Figure in of that but the STD's out. You prison and if there's anyone the cocaine prostitutes and all the rest I mean STD want to give may be a cat but quite you don't have to do cocaine and a prostitute trying. We came enters the world the prostitute or if you're interest and good for you if you're not going opens you have everything and all that stuff I. No enforced media and try cocaine people don't usually mean one of those who you know and I might have been peer pressured but I don't remember that you've introduced me to a lot of things but it doesn't mean I made friends with are going to introduce you to exact right. Now I lay out you will I don't play out buddy pass in the joint around for the first time the reason that I know you celebrate him and honor him is exactly right that's the. Remember who has friends ran a browser hardy had a I don't know. Security during yeah. Ran creditworthiness or whoever you guys again it is good the president did the recent hot it's okay. 45 losing about a little anyway I'm right I'm frustrated that equity whoever I'm pretty sure I'd. Every time I've attempted to get high two or three times though people are never gonna does a good inhaled as well whatever that time now want to Daria now that all I gotta now true mandate I. I'm not trying to call you out but I mean that's why that's a story with the lead you're the first person. First got to do when I was drunk which is always in the bad I was bad and then one big silver I was like yeah really tried so homered as a whole yes it is. The completely different if it isn't going to be down and I never look at a thrill for like ten minutes you can think what are you trying to save on the day mad. Imagine that the good to have an acorn a just world. Yes it. Without that I don't own I didn't get treats you like a badge of mr. teams get a contract if it's inevitable it's a not to open it. The I Foleo foment political consultant Eddie Murphy's guess with a perfect if he's argument must yes. Hello Jessica welcome to the men's room. Our top. Ari just. Ariel Harry I know we're doing well or about how we're going to finalize you know season knows your credit. Okay what were you were you late to or what did you miss completely what were you not able to get to your supposed to do what he. But I needed and the ball. The record and a few years ago you got it told me is known like historically late Jessica our budget LA. I can my thing and I'm actually sent almost everything. It's your life if you do it on purpose it's. Right does not your thing your fallacy that is your fault that is your that's what is nor you might everyone else right. My own wedding at that again that it never old are still married. You know no word divorce. I then what is it I don't think the Dallas some of an omen maybe it's just me up put too much of the omen on the day outlet and weird stuff happens but. Did you think maybe this is not gonna work hours he breeze like dynamite. I think it clearly wouldn't work anyway and I had anything it maybe or eight an immune. To being you know really worry you. Oh gosh probably about 45 minutes long hole that is is that George was. No I know we got married at the Rose Garden at a little bit. Okay are you were 45 minutes late to your whom wedding. Being here and make up and then the UCL traffic got a core. I am now library for. I we weren't willing heard little about the and here are very rare I. Gary. All went downhill left the American. What what what was the closest animal enclosure to the Rose Garden at the zoo. Locate that you're doing how they're actually inside. We weren't technically that are alert cat on her opry urgent goal ultra video after hours ago. Click add a leader Eagles are actually hikes whenever our guests and wander over to the tiger enclosure and he's. From you can either it ended at 88 I'm thinking back into the oh my gosh I thought I action and I think tiger enclosure is probably the closest to where we were out. And after that. And I you know I think it would be a unique experience and get married at the zoo than we have like one course that you have to guess what exactly you're doing from the zoo. That be fun mother when he decided to let it yeah let one little too little time we have an exotic me and he wondered if you can guess what this this. If it does it surprise. The reason we asked Lorie you wait to reflect and as the animal description of the recipe that you find out afterward I mean I mean like they got this picture an affront discovered with a Corvette with a paper something I didn't see that tiger well well. All while in prairie dog if that's the obvious that there eight relief to get it. He he he he. Why were you late do a what did you miss completely up 57 year old guy from Lansing Michigan got drunk at the bar the other night don't want a McDonald's I'm. So we drove there which was not a Smart idea exe was dropped. And he didn't check the hour's either when he got there the lights were off they were closed he pulls up to the drive thru anyway tries to order. When no one comes to the speaker. He laid on the horn for fifteen minutes trying to get their attention and then he started yelling profanity is into the speaker it is completely closed. He never realized they were closed and he also didn't realize there was a police harper twenty feet away in the comps are basically just watching sports on my. You've got to be getting this guy isn't gonna dig the they did not stop why he did this for fifteen they let him do Kirkwood and you could not believe let's do that he's doing what an idiot he was they're watching in the entire time so eventually they gave up. And he appealed outs drove over curve got back on the road that's what they've pulled out went out and this is too easy and they arrested him for drug traffic so yeah. Random random random friend out when they're better on the program no. Randolph added we knew that literally in the early on video somewhere around round just a moment to get all. I mean like I wanna hear this guy ice grieving and that is what I did. And you aren't ready yet understand the bridge is. Wife hour. Eight far far at 9990. Love you would like join the conversation and the random question question mark your calls coming up you are listening to damage or radio network. Smiles. I'm an orgasm as good as mine and categories today drinks around the world these are the most popular Al calls around the world focus on specific drink I don't know drink like USA like a Jack and Coke but maybe Jack Daniels as a risky maybe it's Bombay gin maybe it's a little later crown Roy will win it whatever it is it's it's the ten most popular bottles. Of liquor in the world. Okay the people by jamaicans. On a regular basis so that's one of the categories Jonas. The ten most rude states here in the United States America's he could pick one of those two categories coming up. Well there is this could you imagine any of those things you know and yeah all right now coming up here I don't let me. Friend I wouldn't friend and we I don't know that. Brackets are radicalized aggressively 44999. Alive. Hello Gavin welcome to the men's room. Flickr are bigger cars. Again as valuing. When would help you the other guys thought that we'll be two minutes. Love we love here's a good question and that's special wait haven't I Gavin what Joseph was stolen from you would have someone steals. Hello I've got and that's and that nothing is quite tremendous recently actually. That's the most credit credit card that's happened to your. How party cleaning out before they they got it. Well I don't know that they would like I'm nineteenth now got an email. And my guys spent like 660 dollars. Like GameStop these spins like that pretty much over well over a thousand dollars it's got my card. Catwoman look here what I how much trouble is it for you gotten. The thing that's the craziest to me it's happened to me want to read and what I discovered and and this is so insane to me. It is easier to steal the news anyone's African identity than it is for you the actual person to actually get your identity back who. It is a maze like I store that I do called to say hey it wasn't me like I put to words like 45 minutes. Per creditor right where you are finally missile equipment you're asking me questions about the person that stole why didn't they got. Asked nothing here's the thing the (%expletive) me off about the last I'm not an out I kind of debate a little bit went through my head inhabit someplace in Texas. And there were 45 transactions on there. The first one started out with a lovely night at the bowling Alley. All right how much money so the initial charge was like 47 dollars and as it was itemized me it was it was six games bowling. A four pairs of rental shoes that was on the one or hair apparently took everybody's okay for people and I'll bowling on my dime an alcohol. But then there's a separate charge at that ball are. For food and drinks of over a hundred dollars all on the double date all the sounds like he really good night and right there I mean your vision of getting married and your heat you bowling like this is a great night. And I paid for you like all the stuff I'm like all this stuff I started thinking now. Our right to guy stole my identity. That's Sox. But thank you had a good night away with this next purchase and those of online purchase for some crap and asked her to get past it wasn't the bowling but the food comes associated I don't know he bought something online and I'm not sure what that was addicted to determine what that was dedicated to turning blue the other mice probably bold initiatives like he volley hundreds of this isn't enough food and beverage like they could tell us out of the eldest of that in no other series I don't want him I wasn't really that mad of the to the player he ordered to Manama and I was fine with the date look friends strolling in drinking like. It I would either pissed at that point it really if I got to spend my jokes are open I hope I can give you that right now at least you had a good time. So the reason we ask you what was stolen from you here's a bizarre story a 36 year old guy named Patrick Adams junior from where you're at there attending Great Falls, Montana. Think if anything he does look to talk I don't BS the couple friends tell the move out. Our last July like you always too many to come buddies here's a preview of beer whatever that. Well they could have been that close friends since they'd done never been to his house before but they agreed to do it nonetheless. One of them even rent and the U haul got the whole thing ready to go. And they cleared out the house no problem and it took them to full U haul trips I am to get the job done. And it turns outs this was not in fact Patrick house. He actually lied to his friends about helping him move they're actually helping him steal everything in someone else's past. Yeah it's. Got to castigated if they arrested him felony burglary and felony criminal mischief he could be looking at thirty years in one hour and a 100000 dollar fine his friends were off the hook right they really thought they were moving us out of Maine has moved out the bodies out there went on vacations. Years seems really extreme and found that about. It's I don't wanna encourage people as is the only thing about. Some level that's kind of funny. Hey guys help remove give that man Patrick a lot of really nice stuff aid thanks man I've worked hard for all of us. Friends come back up friends what is there again already ahead and ran ahead on forever and a friend and a breath and play piano or do you have to know all that's going out there. Love that this is there ma'am I would take me through them not the other downloadable photo bombed I don't even change the frame by just leave the stock got a list. Well guess if an adult like everybody predicted that. They may fifth and I didn't even need it does put him in the base bill you want to you check. He we came off the incident you have kids I sure do tired and short and let's slow but a lot of things. Hello Justin welcome to the men's room. Oh. Wow. Tirelessly here just to move again feel OK let's go this one what just a would you say was the first job that you were actually proud of the first job that you've had grief felt good about the job that you were doing and not just that you had a job you liked it but yeah yeah whatever it is. Well I'm actually really happy would my my current job. Doesn't call my balls can hear me what I what is your current job. Well actually I yeah I broke him at this early and I ceremony are like this involved. Yeah some momentum and said you thing going get the save before it was legal to grow campus. I you know I I won and I have. I would day kindergarten teacher. Okay. And blue. I would act at this is just this away how does that so we did legalize and a couple of states including in Washington State and her kindergarten teacher god bless you do now about the way by. You're kindergarten teacher and and at what point did you decide like you are. And for the kids and her campus is. You know and edit it when I did when the parents started getting more and more handout it only due to kindergarten teaching originally L within that. Outdoor education I taught sixth grade science inland San Diego California. Sounds horrible you know look like. Oh yeah oh. All I gotta be outdoors in San Diego damaged man now you didn't Jones and what can you love sucks what he knew what can you grown now I mean like let's just say that you wanna put some tomatoes on your backyard now are you a green thumb now with all the knowledge that you gain on all things plants are aegis specifically the marijuana. Right now typically end NBA that marijuana I would love to branch out I would I would I want to be able to grow my own food in. I don't know and this seems like knowing you can grow their own food to a loved the branch out of the world of cultivate marijuana can grow some goddamn tomatoes yet that's been limiting that out I just wanted to host a medical flight Home Depot does you filed the directions on the sea bag had a good so that if you don't outdoor education than a move in the kindergarten and that but I mean like what does the moment it looked I did you might wanna take a break from parents who was about my kids go to school some armor nuts and that's just how about it Methodist but. Look at it and I understand making a career change from where did you go away from teaching to the growing of campus. I mean I mean like I had not been spoken candidate and battle as you know forever ago right it was kind of just. I ate it got the point where I got yelled out I can eat too many parents and you know me being a man and hey you know working yet. Young young kid Izzy you know I just. People who enlighten me where I was just got to the point where. You know I'm I'm over there what can I do well I really liked it. Oh well I'll learn how you like coloring in building blocks and all the things leading up to big stone in if you make it go point and this is true if you're Garrick entertaining and I never thought about this but most. Most kindergarten through say second grade teachers are women and an and I don't have the slow but. Couple weeks ago my kids playing soccer and because this organized so well there's no refereed. Last for volunteers I don't have volunteers over the mantle into the store is an amount they're raping. These kids come erect Arjuna okay. You know it their all so bad it's just like you'd have to do by a novelty it's so hard to read it read those little kids I understand us. With absolute clarity tab and that. Could enter your herd of buffalo herd of bison herd to talkers. So are up and don't even realize so the thing with kids you know the five or six years old so the abstract my everything and I did it and I think in a war to display a blue team right but they all come around they'll do to be attention while a pair and they go blue as best they can and that needs and they get it done we can make kids think. Brett the eight guys you knew you come here courage stand it so that's the way it was it the got to get their attention to get the Durham and I realize. Do or die when you're talking to kids that young white when that's how you handle everything with them which is how I handle everything with them. At. But people man. Amanda mad that's kind of the long or short like that angry about it looks like tomorrow would they get the soft crack at home but out here man like look you wanna leave reps this game. The five and six years old and they act like obviously throw I'm down would that I'm more patient on that tip. The most people will think. But you still need to get their got their attention and are realized this past weekend my daughter who had a soccer game at 8:30 AM on a Saturday. Find eight. 30 AM on Saturday I'm very I'm not wrapping this game. And there are two female coaches and are a lot mourner tree. And in and realize it because there certainly are you guys he did really good job with no they didn't you know pay attention got to. And heroes like this is why a lot of guys are not the kindergarten round of the way kids act its place there's not a lot of nurturing this is what you must do right now. Raise grass always your first job it's your problem. And felt good about this is a great story believe it or not a nineteen year old woman named it remains in Williams brimming homeless I was Remington and yes this is Texas and she's a dishwasher at the each vote play in north Austin, Texas okay. And last month. She was working any idea let Dell Remington does at the expo later. Hostess to now she's the dishwasher she's the dishwasher I'm out of the job that you started the very bottom of how my of the kitchen and in the and the restaurant world rights issues she's working as a dishwasher. And last month she's working there and you do and are dish washing it he's running around and all the stuff. At a modeling agent named Tammy Foreman. Was eating there Tammy Tammy TA in NI tanning. Like Tammy but tanning. I MA this face as she put a hard on top of that you all Stiller star some that would constitute. To any form and may be Manning was eating there and saw our tennis is quote she was wearing this such a bully uniform lugging around huge trades. Washing dishes bucked. When I see a potential model I can tell really quickly I can see it in their face do you doubt what it takes. Guess what can he wasn't getting. She approached Remington and Astor or use interest and maybe doing some side model. The dishwasher at the chipotle how long do you think it took him to convince her that he I don't know level I don't think about how to tell anybody if you look careful the guy like you interest and money even if I'm legitimately. In a modeling agent this killer walking up until nineteen our girl okay government and Houston Miley. So she says OK now all all do some of that for you an area wanna do there. So I three weeks after this little get together. She was then walking the runway at the New York Fashion Week potent since then young Remington Williams has done that. The New York Fashion Week the London Fashion Week the Milan Fashion Week and now the perish the Paris fashion we sort of alert in the span of one month. This woman this nineteen year old went from washing dishes at its Apollo lay to being one of the world's top models. And almost on track to be one of the highest paid models. If any modeling agents are listening that we were able to do that sometimes I can't that your story out first challenge that a lot or my nice job on month my next job was a bar back and pals that's great story and within one month per trajectory was much better than my. I think it's amazing that lake in well whenever I'm gonna say no offense but just think for models that they you just have to walk. Yeah I mean look at the other dude right he got arrested town. And now he's famous and he eased travel in the work room Mary come on guys in the what they like a billion there error on something here yes but I missed it late. I don't know like art if they're good I gave him good looking nothing else I think good looking like he's got to build up. Don't know yellow alert is really low wage she was just lost your three weeks later she's only the biggest platform and our landed darted to the job you're not a mob outside you targeted but get a like this man Osama watch football we're going to be court arsenal to god damn ball. And throw the ball before this guy hits you you know who's going to run that you with the guy with her imported apparel and yelling you're the lie and argued the fire so when you put. I think it's the same permits granted I think quarterbacks are a lot more skill to learn but in Abu with the or something. I don't walk the way to go to console. Sports and stuff like it takes years short Antonio Gates. Yeah tight end for the chargers who he's an elite for what the Los angles Turkish jet occurred. I think 173. Years I think everytime they won't make a point to tell you hey don't forget he played basketball in college it didn't play football we got the pros because it's so rare and amazing that he had never played football he did this data got to tell us where is like. But in three weeks. Just how model. Right like apple are you having the same story. As we don't hear about a mile mile below that you don't feel the miles hater like I was and we got in Sears catalog didn't do you know. And I mean forever and Elena brands and that there be a lesson every year that you you play football as well let's hear that you're going to play for the so if you wanna start when you're an auditorium not so you can just start when your pro you probably will have a longer urgently get the hell beat out of via the first you know have to try why do I look at local bar now and have a page I don't really need an and the man I'll bash my headed for it and I always wonder about that now can I knew I was select local football you volunteered their way to put yourself at risk it is what it is I'm not gonna cry for these guys but to my son the other day. He's decided maybe he wants to play football in my head I'm like I don't know on the ball well and I don't know stuff we watch the game was the last Thursday when or how was but the got a Green Bay. We got him on Thursday night so we're watching the game to govern on display new beginning as he is more relevant questions if you normally hopping game so. This is great moment or some merit in this guy just gets crossed and her watching in real time you already understood how bad it was going to be and I think he felt we twitch that's like half a mile and a half wanton. And listening godaddy. Does he hurt I've that I guarantee leg has to be her pretty bad and you have to be decided that moment he did not want to play football market again get to two friends that. I follow on social media and both of them I played football with in college. And they both have kids movies kids play play play college ball or play on circling high school and whatever though that but I guess it's only leagues where they called news and Lauren like there's one guy there's one guy that our gas and his sons probably second third grade. So it's these little kids out there in their home full gear but he shows all the highlights and inputs I was stopped yes there's still hitting each other really is still pop there's still party should still lot of head to head contact on just think probably more head to head contact their data in Romania all kids all fairness in all fairness he was not the brightest light when he showed up anyway. OK and I and I love the gotta devil and his brother he's just not the brightest lawyers got Biden yeah he got a final look this guy anyway wonderful guy just another Damaso individual members he had a little football you have any great guy if you don't have all the other satellite phone a delay in on me like you're calling around. The merlot how are you. Well miles I am I doing well I'm I'm in the middle of Africa it's a it's empty standing right front power you don't write and think he you know like he had that delay. So it's like people that think it's I guess the last day and then and then I watch and then my other buddy he is he's done and if your dad would say Houston Houston yet and his son is a high school quarterback almost like he was a high school that's got to Matt but not all been about and here but here's the thing when I watch those highlights it looks better than the Baltimore Ravens. Everything they're and there I mean this is like little pro kids and they're not little there's there they're there they're adults at this point at least they look like and they are not in the living hell out of each other in this is heist. Jesus mystery armament and is as high school level and I still think the same thing something in my. Okay all right I guess high school ball it's far enough along but it is still not it's still like the way there you need these guys and headed it's it's pretty brutal stuff like especially in Texas like it looks like I swear to god the highlights look like a playing and as small college kinda small house at a regular sized college. It really doesn't put their money at pay hourly every angle that I see looks like there's 3040 that there's more people that game and LA chargers. Little less ability I don't know donate and that's what I look like and they're they're faster hidden each other may be that the fans take road trip for them and stuff you know. I told my my uncle and cousins there may they live in Houston and this is years ago the sport may be 78 years ago but they were talking about. One of the kids sons anyway and won't in and I overheard the conversation automotive group available. Can run on Peter Munro diluted butt and go and what global always. Vodafone to show me picture a mind. How old is it oh he's and a three year old and I mean but the already breaking that might. Could do is three years old man enemy and don't talk about this kid you know he's the next pal Rickie African Williams and talk murder auditor. You can spin move to wait. Dude he's three you know Texas is such a room or football so to religion the member Mike I think you've actually gotten the point that you've lost tomorrow. It takes everything hidden piece that I bed at night you know doing especially with a with a pop Warner it does everything I have just just but I'm afraid I know he's he's a little slow they're fast and I got that good run nice that he's my enemy like are you out of your foot in Iron Man. You're doing this year kid like you can't just getting beaten in the head like your kids playing fullback man bracket I like that's the one that's the one really the opposite linebacker fullback in that age group they hit more than anybody else because when your alignment is our original stand up people you do take a lot ahead comment. But as far as like the Oklahoma driller and we run and catch up again a smack in each of those two positions seem to do the most of that in that league. And he's just fashion people and heaven is like. Oh my god the almighty god like I used to love metro. Because it epidemic today they were all probably Stanton from it doesn't agree and applause pop up and deliver a blow for my back. Read a question question a four point 999 only got Mario calls on the way with a random question question you are listening to the men's or radio network. Another turn and ask the men's room media drank you get a drink we'll those who drink with the show today as well coming up in the meantime it is our random question questioning for four. Our nine ran on nine hello friends friends friends friends hello Max welcome to the men's room Brenda. Brian Cole on the door and all I and I. I don't do they match. There have been film good and jackknifed. Say here Matt Dallas go this one what would you say is the strangest thing that you have ever found the strangest thing you've found. He needs. Herald it was strange food really disturbing. About their relievers did Kapalua would no doubt played. That's it's pretty disturbing got a half. Our medical I have an answer the questions for two legged then test it will always qualify as you know did you know the cab before you found it passed away did you recognize it. You know and then I have to be the one at cal would gold you know like I didn't know I went over to a couple metres in hole about it and their daughter dinner affair it was her character who's got really bad but. Was this the only incident in the area was as a one off deal or was this a a person who did not like offense. I think you would I think you have an animal or guns. The cougar something that you live in the words. You can't could very well have there is aware what is the other strangest thing you've ever found to rid affiliate found a bit too late I was initially thought to be here we go by humans arm but analysts found that the limb belong to a large prime mates either a chimpanzee or gorilla of the watched up on a beach. Experts are clueless where it came from. The primate Lem was discovered by a member of the public are on the beach in kill key last week it was thought to be human land limbo eventually. Was identified as being of animal origin afternoon else's experts now believe the limb belong to a large primate like a chimpanzee. Or gorilla. The are most passed under the care of Clair county council dog warden Frankie kudos currently keeping meat highly unusual discovery. In his freezer at home why call. App washed up on the beach was believed to be human so he removed it and they had just done they came back and said it was some form of animal and contacted me to dispose of it. Then I saw as it goes like look. Hey this is either a monkey the gorilla or a chimpanzee this is definitely some form of primate cells interest to see where it came from. The dog warden who has been conducting his own research about the Lim said it is a tad larger than human arm. He also told how a number of zoos have been contacted about the fine but the very few places would deal with such an unusual funds of waiting on phone calls and obviously. This is highly unusual and we have no idea how this thing about it. Once they get to tell you that it's highly unusual dip into roles FE armed washed up on a beach that is unusual that's where you but I'll go to the beach bag adjacent seas chills snow globe and a gorilla arm. Do you know why because guerrilla arms and routinely found on beaches that's all you know I've I'm usually good aren't aren't really found anywhere other than attached to an actual guerrilla I would like if I found wanted to supermarket I can find and I think I could find it in my dishwasher I'm Melissa Mahan. That's really acting strange. I do the right thing here or did I not do the right thing here okay because nothing about this we are at the red fest we'll have a wonderful time a drinking copious amounts of beer. And I'm walking along and I see him for enemy I see a big lot of money that obviously has fallen out of someone's pocket true all right so it's just cash. Nothing myself all right logo on stage and say very. Drug to big water muddy. The company now that's that's probably everyone did all do not drop the big a lot of money. So I look at the money and nose like five or six people around me so I was glad you guys leave here and they're like yeah we need your leg here Beers on whoever dropped all the money. So I gave it to them to buy beer out of tells the right thing to do was at the right thing to. You know when some Abu no but I mean like I also like finding out right now but yeah well they are my gym okay playwright like they were in the position. Would you say if you go on stage to say who dropped in a caught my breath alternate route rather OK sure no back and then in the end inflate. You could have kept a lot of guys and I do want to know I don't I like the look I have a dream ticket I can go get a beer but you don't you don't mean you're you're gonna buy beer all right well I have been on that getting the money to buy beer. I definitely wasn't the wrong thing to do I don't know but I that he still has all the cash they did a beer. So I just don't say like I told Zambrano lab here I did that get you go buy beer man and now you guys have enough earnings. I just ran into this the other night at a bar. And the bats seriously you guys whoever at her like now if you had to do its wallet right. It was just column Steve I Steve whoever right easily yes Steve whoever sort of laughing and joking and I try to humans rather buddies that you should come back in for another round. They're like I don't know I don't think we'll talk Steve. Yeah no doubt in my right now and an out and out there he he knew it could that there is an idea that they just put it behind the bar I don't roll lately I found a twenty dollar bill blowing up my street wells walked into the bus stop. And that I know it in the worst thing was is like I didn't even really go through that pile of money to find out how much is that there. A flip through like sought twice off five so if you want the Mike here guys go buy beer would have results one. What a diesel all one I. All of the IG's no matter what would put this because there's no way you do say hey you wanna buy Beers to you outlined a lot of hole and I for a thousand dollars I got caught up first is like dude someone dropped their money so like people do I'm I'm doing or another my okay and I went hey I did any money drop their money and they said he today in LA day and I like guys just got him like we please just go layers of the dole by drizzle might take safe find a thousand bucks same situation and were hosting the party man. Right how we've got to be going to hell is he going to be these nobody in our party would ever have a thousand dollars to carry around including an item or who they drop them on the ground shook her into the crowd the all make. Okay. You're right I should get a bunch alliance and if any exist through love many air never done that before. Including the change Fred unpleasant question 844999. Alone. Since many news continues on the men's room radio network.