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This is the men's room. Hello good posada is on the way they drank you're gonna get one answer men's room is on the way as well your guess is good is money categories today are popular drinks around the world. And the ten most rude states in the United States of America in the meantime is our random question question 84499. I'm old friends some friends hello and welcome to the newsroom and friends friends friends down into the hole. And I Joseph and John knows. Go this will hopefully you can a contract with a share what what possession. For items. Did you fight over four or during a break up where separation. What was the one thing that you if you wanted to ask. I would today after the keys. To my kids. Your kid's photos you can urban kids had just won the pictured it ought to picture. Look at its veteran warned against the kids and others to W debate. And I feel that's gonna get to our dedicated to us on this one picture of the whole. Hit good total. So you don't you got the kids but you needed to take and what and and and she said no if you get the kids you get the idea pictures. What happened was when she moved out. And we got divorced I got custody of my three kids and then gee I didn't take whatever you bought and she left the picture started I thought I kept them. And Jack and I would hope you will. I don't know that I would assume the outdoor amount. Knowledge she wanted back now like no other mind did you take most of the pictures or was he responsible for the now I just I didn't already know I'm gonna win me like physically with the camera person go around taking all the pictures when when the kids were grown up. OK okay so they were so you felt like the guys they got custody that was lies at draft pick and and and how did how did you raise your kids until they grow up as adults he still got. And I hadn't. So they were about. And indeed telex 1617. And it went to live with their mom again. And how they enjoy that experience. It's a soccer transitioning to a different high school there had friends all your life and I are moving to a different ways I'm assuming right. Yeah there was fires yet more money but she married somebody who the doctor. Al got those are more money gets kidnapped three kids did you part yeah I did what those earlier and you're that far not at all but you'll heard you've got Clinton as I wasn't listening I was looking over your car it would definitely help you thrust of the migrate back to the floor I didn't I didn't catch that backdrop and you know of that. No problem with its okay. Oh by the way speaking of pictures I think I read one of the most poignant quotes ever had for a lot and he was just being funny but he wasn't being funny it was from Michael check it. Who. What's the community and a committee and a clown and Johnny does the weekend update everything else and they said you know he said here's how basically they do paraphrase here's our you know your poor. He said you know when you when you go in and you realize there's all these pictures the people have of themselves growing up and knows different view because you were last Childs a broad immunity photos new. But he's a business like look. You know your more when your parents don't have any pictures of you because if food is more important than film. And just putting food on the table tomorrow because then you have do have a camera in to buy film wouldn't be an advantage or get a good developed. And that was an expense and basically what he said was like look there's three pictures of me from the time that I was not eight until the time and I was eighteen. He's like that's when you know your war when there's no pictures. Why don't think these days ago like you're gonna have a phone so less than the longest in short this is. Did did your parents and pictures of you out and got a cell phone you're just uglier they don't like yeah right I mean that's our zone and pictures are we at right is I have some friends that take a ton of pictures trying. Like Alice in an early to I think a picture that some of the pictures are awesome show and I was a mammoth great call by. I also know I have some friends who think their phones must be just full of pictures like. They take so many it's lake that is there camera it's a camera right time rallies and you can also communicate with the millimeter. Reason I ask a possession or item you fight for ordering a break this is gonna double named Beverly and Donald MacLeod the from Edwards and Edmonton Alberta they split up in 2015 after being married to 35 years they were together for a long time and they've been battling in court ever since for custody. Of their NHL season tickets to the Edmonton Oilers split them all right apparently Oilers season tickets are to get so wasn't like one of them could just get their own set and Donald said he was cool paying Beverly. How much a month in alimony. Just so he can keep those two ticks 15115100. Seems like a reasonable mama. 3000 3000 seems like a reason if I save a thousand now that would seem like a reasonable amount of money offer someone per month in alimony and that's just to be able to keep. Your season tickets to the don't do that again too darn Edmonton and you're watching thousand that 101000 would seem like a reasonable and I look I have heard about this is a month not that I have about 151000. Dollars a month alimony. Think the deal just to not have to give of the tickets. Well they finally agreed that they'll alternate picking which games they want to go to so yes for the playoffs she turned down on the fifteenth. Thousand dollars a month in alimony and they've come to an agreement where no cash is going to be exchanged. They're going to split the games the way they want to lose that so much those tickets and that's. That's a lot of money it's a lot of money and elegant and everybody's looking to get the money and your analysts think it gets includes going. And it is random I don't want to look a little bit blueprint hello Shannon welcome to the men's room. Hey you're stuck guys on time it's Barack. States yeah you talk about money that is Alice. They've I'll I thought they'd get the right thing man's a computer geeks. He did go where they taught us about the duke appeared bruises go my dear whether that's the that's the right thing blows yeah I got dropped about. Anywhere between. Sixty fives to 82 dollars. You being totally okay. You gotta pay early and remember the guys who weren't an addict OT shared I do have blew it I. I got it I have bit dirty not so injured beyond. Yeah that was your can mean eight for the trip we were going aren't they gave me some money that day. It and I ended up what about ten dollar in my pocket after drink tickets which we like I drink it straight ticket they're dead and no I Johnson money somewhere somewhere along the way out big bite regardless somebody like you well Laura you bought beer. What goes around does is closer to the stage where they either way Jose it was pretty decent. We're under you don't do at some point I don't know whether before or after the range Helen hill an iron all the for the ring for the race. Yeah that that make them. Let's tell it they're very terrible what does. Let's go the following question. You know what fellow with fell on you or are what was your worst personal fault that you've taken. Poll personal ball. Like we mean like physically or. Emotionally. You know I warned it's not I don't know man announced he doesn't mean they're on the right or once fell on you see you know we our own personal Waller once fell on you. Are you know I I. Our bid up pretty lucky for a big man I've got take into mini ball. But I didn't have money poll from new money they'll be enough. Money out of money go to world. Now turn out very fast center. I've got a ticket accused bill you've built probably the worst ball I ever take him. What are the what time on the other river well are you correlated take a tight little ball win. A couple of buddies where are. And they get credit do I get you drunk on the river boat. In and night. Oh right on top everybody on the table I'll sit at their own everything now we don't well down. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. About a lot there's always want to and new who ruins it it seems like in those out of town environments that out of town for sure. I did and we want to know I'm talking about babies and friends they know that I knew nobody. Oh man how god who's kind of audio Pete himself twice in the twelve hour period it like in politics or yeah. All idea. What only drinking or ask your opponent then I tried trust me any rallies trust me I mean if that's what you wanna call it racket when you PGA and I did that rally tonight is duty games. That rally your Taylor whose universe stuff. If she. Rejoin asked till it fell on you or your worst personal Paul Marilyn Manson was injured during a show in New York City as stage prop actually fell on them food here is about an hour and a show an old song sweet dreams are made of this any grabbed onto the prob which is a metal ring with two huge guns on and in his weight pulled it down on top of them. He was and carted off stage on a stretcher taken to a hospital there's no official word was wrong with them. Some people are saying that he her one of his legs I know that he has canceled some shows along the way. I was say doubted two at the rock in Kansas City was supposed to be headed that way and I'm. I'm not sure they postponed that that show if ever resulting yes check check out check Iraq's FaceBook page to see what's going on there I know that I can't be good to have something that heavy falling bright yes exactly. I then there's another one this is this is grace says is crazy. Construction workers were building a hotel in Aurora Colorado last week in two and one of them lost his balance. Any foul. From the eight story two which means he was roughly 100 feet and this is my worst nightmare. But miraculously. He did not land on the ground. He's the he's basically still alive because of what he found what he fell on any any guesses as to what he felt a pillar of that of cook wet cement you are closer. The pile us all the Porta potty he fell on top of a Porta potty it absorb this fall move peace or thought he was injured. But he needs surgery he's expected to make a full recovery they believe that if he did not fall on top of the port a potty would not be duly mentioned and he was covered and it'll be late if you hit a format I gotta think you'd blown to top off that thing right. You followed intelligently collapse of the flimsy plaza I would imagine the sides buckle and you have you don't get dysfunctional and that that that stink like today are coming out in an in. Those things then yes and I think part of that the idea but I with the relic he had looked crushed through but it. And I don't think you care about much of the time. At that time but you can balloon brown from all the stuff and I got out and be right here. Come on man you when you see it ate at lake when you're falling or you just thought I guess you're just followed the way you fall like a morning like do you cannon ball into it. You try to like do like a Jack knifed into words like your buddy a man at first I what is the strategy I haven't fallen to the bar when you have my what my head that the car flipped on race. You're in denial. About the fact that it's actually happening until impact like. But there's this moment reduce see what's happening at that you kind of some thought about it yet but like the whole time anyway. This can't be happening and you kind of have that thought up until light your world ticket remind you can't park or your way out of a tragic error I think if you've probably looking up where he fell do you think we re all I got him and then the next thing he knew he's covered in blue blue. Really I know because of diving off led. Platform dot. Jumping off a platform dive in a pool. Did you guys swing your arms did you say they told you that bracket they told us I never thought about that usually yeah you'll be like a pendulum you just keep going back and forth. But I don't any kind of fly you gotta kind of put yards plus pocket yet. But I don't think it I was just fallen off a construction site outing and have the thought our interest is my priority of the 55. So coming orgasm is gonna minor categories will be drained and rude states also the return of mass of men's room is on the way before we during the tells with a shot of the day we get your emails on the way as well from enter amendments or live dot com. You're listening to the reds are radio network. Did you know you don't have a gentle men's room. How fast the men's are embroidering it goes with the shot of the day in the meantime have time for a few emails here from the men's room and into my dot com. Hey don't let it go guys today my nephew hunter turns the mighty. 151515. Years old. He is amazing kid and I love loosens your show I feel sort of a coming of age thing forum today since we've been listening to your show for awhile do you requested. Turtles sex with puke in the middle and is suck it up cupcake happy birthday honor thanks again guys for the comic relief that from the lovely Chris. Did. Always tell those guys today as my friend Tony's birthday concede you know what that adds is that Rowan and drove penis and you like that things around gone from Chris. Yeah. Yeah crossed. Out and readiness to act. Guys always Julie happy birthday hope she an amazing day gonna get them dirty German tanks with lots of love down from the lovely Carrie. There are to put on a job and hug them for you would simply a sausage king in the flu be pulled out the other meat cooked and wanna be like had a lot of Rome beat you enjoy. Photos by hard girlfriend Rebecca and Tony third birthday she's huge fan of the show your sausage. Gonna kill LeRoy Jenkins and some Australian dirty talk about her but thanks guys out from Brett and. Who. Friends. And that if the Melvin edits a birthday. Did you get a nice but some people saying let's look a little Easter hams that this. The good guy at least funny children. You open it. One guy as good as job to my birthday today during the big 23 listen you guys ever day. Can I get you like that and the dirty Germans PS tell thrill that poison rules. Thanks guys up from Justin and do. Monetary British Columbia yeah. The job was a business afloat but despite the bad that would be the German wheelbarrow you need to know if I would have good legs MB behind her. And when he's done a come through some raw sausage. You can eat is grown tumor. All guys to my wife. Get a happy birthday from the resident creepy German surname is Jolie she's. That is my daughter will be joining us says she's an air force tech school would mean the world to our for a little kid faced sandwich and some pretty be Germans please. Yeah I do nothing all good for both found the that would teach him to position the Big Ten and now when you come over my house only to some German Fries. Basically for a nice to Ted it's. Legitimate and rob. I wanna give a birthday shout to my son Roy he is Tony six today and I got a big old blonde ramp. And maybe an original fish sandwich thanks for a long time listener love the show my drive home that from Papa chives. Fish sandwich. And oh man. Right. Can download that yeah. So another Illinois my best friend of thirty years Michael and it's also my brother from another mothers happy 51 birthday can get my little kid faced sandwich Jensen dirty German talk thanks so much that from Brian's. You are going to be the peak sneak. This is equivalent to Iraqis stake an encrypted. Something we'll provide deep dig you will be the blanket. Why your birthday shout out to my big jazz bunny Cameron turns thirty today would love an original face that would do some dirty Germans. Also get paddling miles to make your wife do it all things that from Aron fish sandwich taste a stupid or call. Obama I mean he did the bush is doing with the way I'm looking stand behind do get to include. He's got. Yeah and we'll find out which is inside. The green cost. Provide the foot. But although I do as my older brother Matt pronounced negative Nancy happy 33 kitty you believe Roy Jenkins followed by. The Joey chestnut things like guys you rock that from Riley. Okay. As today is the day of my 35 time around the gigantic ball we know as the sun if you could find your hearts you mean original face they would Jensen dirty German. Thanks guys that from Patrick Fisher averaged. Yeah aren't did you go outside let this keep your fingers warm without letting go. Now I'm keen sense mouth formed through the moment you know from above logic loops it or. And Toyota isn't there is not building forty odd knowing who's gonna call it I muzzle do it on my own gonna hear thrill intends dirty German dog involving sausages. Thanks guys for all the laughs that from Craig. Are they called my sauces that brought some good look on the grabbed the dig into it and once. Looking for a fun. My guys Jerry oh. I mean I mean I'm okay. We have had a car to I mean I don't know. Hey hey you take you to see you. Mitt says while I dirty Germans brought to my bedroom original thoughts and get out now nor to a men's room live dot com thanks only empower you with us and Julie's world famous sausage quite simply some of the best sausage you ever take suggests it'd been a while I just recently had when they are so good no there. Frick an amazing I do have time for a few extreme else in the men's or momentum buy dot com. And compounds. Employee announced gonna get just an online car and I'm right now 844999. All Lowell play your guess is get his mind today's categories are drinks and rouge states. And we've got that coming up here's say a few extra emails we got over the break. Hi guys I'm literally standing in the dairy section of the grocery store eggnog. Has been spotted Merry Christmas Ted that from surge so I guess the the ignited thirtieth. A team too early period. Yeah listen I'm I'm I'm I'm never we're only the very idea that lure holiday spirit and it's too early and yet it is early filed a daily is now at pumpkin stuff get in our already. No and I'll listen to the public good thing though. It is just a fad you know gbagbo pumpkin spice and anything so input and an ABB of the pizza what I guess bubble that's not a good idea. And dog is just a eggnog is they look as Sally. That you even have Christmas stuff out. All right you heard gonna wind that you gotta go all the way to go out. I inflatable Santa really dire talk about how you win a couple days off quite so we have no idea what played it's always interesting look at the emails and seize on the emails which we can guess what mayor I was so broken homeless less than a cold Wisconsin night in a Frito-Lay dumpster but I had tons of snacks and we'll try and escape from the wind. That from Donald Yemen Ali is misfortune sounds like to France he decided offensive say like that the loads like Julie I cheese for those who would be here global would you really looking for I think I would just assume they're so he's regal really notice everything really know everything I may ease the reality of ruffles too. Ruffles commenting almost crazy flicks lately about a Super Bowl party without dip. There in Arizona who thought they did at the bottom of the W. Which you can religiously and I don't know why I got tipped at the bottom of the dumpster move dumpster did the. Mean yeah. Also I just imagine for some reason it's all little bags. That's what I'm picturing how hard they drop a manhole like these are the ones that failed illiterate the right shape and has doubled him hardships we when he dropped and man. You're just an amount the chips unleashing those students freely yeah. Our men they got everything. Thanks worst stripper songs when the children cry why lions suicide is paying more than national smoke out and tubular bells the exorcist the that would be the worst pick for worst strippers songs and I'm so do other bells 124 months long assault daughters from John Mayer that's from LB. I think the mash theme would probably be the toughest it's always got tubular bells yet the stand and that man then pandemic and the thing is you only hear that much write my base us away saying hey the doubles around be scared. But the guy wasn't all move. Pool tile lined old field my cold feel right so this guy it's like 24 minute song it just usually on the mound but that beginning party here. Never actually goes away if you it's. Did you call concept. But I believe it's always he's number anyone could make it's almost like the beginning of the loop so to speak yeah basically a Germans are on the subject of Robin the fox we especially need would like to see more pictures of said Robin fox is. She has that smoking hot girl next dog blazer game that was a that has smoking hot girl next door look Gleason. Additionally. At her laugh is intoxicating blood please up the volume on her microphone thanks for all the laughs forget me in my car old buddies say while we're on the road two hours every day for six years were best regards from an easy six JLT. Had rolled off the top group filed probably. President. I'm due to be that. Purdue we've got 401 more big Z absolutely Rick Weidman why do you why do you ask us all time take these pictures and stuff when you could be doing all the not know. We're about to meet our elevated agreed that it can't do he's good he is especially an easy six JL he really is digging your Cilic I think it. He hit it it it here's an hour if it. I'll tell you guys the other day you guys had me laughing so much are pretty sure I may have us guards and children for life what's payment late lunch part to the 7-Eleven first orbit a wash it down. Laughing can't stop turn red tears can't see why my face rocked forward. Hit the horn a mom and four kids jump scream then one bounces off the glass an apology didn't seem to go well ball. I'm still laughing at man that kid was quick with finger when he flipped me off our whole. They'll from this day and night listen here I didn't know what they can't judge I could have as early. And a nice says. And the list period. My job for oh you're just as good as mine it's an easy game to play would you be two categories to pick from and then from there it is up to you to to get to move right in the category before three strikes. And you're out Steve do we have a contestant ready to play your guess is is good as mine you bet your answer do miles hello John welcome to the men's room. Okay all god I had John ally here and play the game. I'm ready in case you know how the game is played would you be two categories to choose from and you gotta get as many right at the categories gamble for three strikes you're done. So today's categories we have. The top ten this. Best selling alcohol in the war. And then we have the US states with a rude is people. And when I say alcohol in the world that means like a bottle of a particular brand of Jack Daniels is your Brandon does that tell you like your whiskey. Around the world maybe it's going to be Jack Daniels it would not be Yukon Jack I just refuse to believe that fireball probably won't make the list worldwide although it does pretty strong here in the united it's we're getting Aurelio. What do they wanna go at the US states will you rude is people involved and kept up heavy travel. And jet well this is from other web site known as the top tens. It may do little survey. And figured out we tend stayed with the rudeness people for a variety of different reasons and depending on where you off. So it's up to you to get as many right in this category before a three strikes you're out let's give like Ted and I would. Will agree on some of the we might have differences of opinion the mother puts more might not seem awfully rude to meet him but he's. I job. All the little bit at California California oh boy at bats. California. 05% owned but it depends where your imprint Cisco might be a little rude and San Diego probably I can own California number eight you are correct. I pay through his days as United States America. One of the writers involves a look men I have lived all over I've lived in Japan and even in Kentucky in Michigan and then I moved to California. Despite having spent only two years as opposed the last five years need to be other places I've lived in. The numbers of rude people have encountered here far exceed all the others combined. In all the other places. It is unbelievable why so many people choose to be this rude I can't wait gig to get the hell out of here. Meanwhile he still lives in California and data bailout happens. So I says now at this point in time. He's lived deny California from when he writes as for almost thirty years in the people here still rude loud and me and every thirty years you're one of them you're fine arrogance and it's peace would be pounding Bologna all right so you're one for one what is your next getaway. Now it may not look real people. Now new York New York, New York is number one almost. It goes without saying that they say the New York is in fact the root of the state but it isn't but I the most honest if I. Disagree for one thing I still current in New York State and you can be in Syracuse buffalo Rochester people find. All but they may be able to New York City is what people think perceived near state and if you don't anyone in New York State. Like new city is its own right and New York City obviously is rude but the entire interstate you'll slump then introduce a New York. You mentioned your cities you want these vast majority of people elevens they do not live anywhere in May and they urge that it. Says it depends on where you live as far as they are going to mom or not I'll let for an it was a cool it's like high school. It doesn't take much to be kicked out of time in the crowd. As the other moms and book clubs or one clubs or dinner club sir. Game clubs or whatever this is actually written by a a woman who lived their the last ten years to. Picked New York to be number one and her peers agreed so if you're two for two in the US states with the ten most threw people so far you've got a great New York. And the California what is your next guest on the rude states in your guess is as good as mine. Let 80 no Massachusetts. Massachusetts is number two on the. As far as people most they say the most distinguished they'd have ever been to. Dirty towns. Bad roads with drivers to race on your ass and don't stop and yields sides entering their cars like they don't have power steering or pull out in front of you and eighty miles an hour than solid 125 just to make the same on your brakes there's so many other things in here for each state has been broken down into about four pages worth of materials or. Massachusetts makes it to number two and I way to go to a false thinking man yankees game seven a lot of friendly people. If you ask you went three for three which are next guest. I don't doubt about it Madonna. You're it's X it's clearly I think his everything is bigger. In the state innings and everybody inner. I don't I don't think the sure I made no not all less than our. Our tax is definitely in my experience is a little passive aggressive and make no mistake if you are not from Texas in your dog be someone from Texas. I'll know unquestionably. Wrong. Plus a question very well there are not root. Right they think that you are in fact inferior when you're never going to tell you that help though but you're there don't alienate they did tell you that you were inferior as a human being and they would invite you over the house for Barbara had directed at something like oh god do fundamentally so having something dynamite. My got OK so your. You got three of the states corrected no one strike in your guess is as good as mine so so far you've got New York ranked California correct or maybe you've only gotten to I've. Took two out of the tent. Totally agree I don't really matter who you ask. So it to. Knew Florida Florida Florida and carry Florida would seem like a pretty good tennis. I don't know how many phone number seven really matter very go and I felt that anyone flora was wounded crazy without question like everyone seemed very friendly. But the more people want to be present as Florida has a lot of rude people but where they went they've especially brutal women. When I can't say hello when you smile and say hello the women are the editor don't seem to want a family life relationships. They don't even wanna be friendly for a minute so basically Florida wins on this one. Based on they say the female population that think all of removed from New York but moved there all right you've got no more you've gotten four out of the Tyndall. One drug. They are talented Jerry did at Colette yeah there on third down bottom five for five new Saturday. At a rally I had to go on about managers it's going to answer your halfway to home with one strike what is your next guest on your guess is as good as mine the top ten route to states in the United States. You know I hate to stay at Lendl at Washington Washington is number ten. Our six out of ten run out of time even the aussies did go on brother you almost very almost didn't you might be a first person at Wrigley this correctly. Hold on let me let me let me dig deep there in the brain. And I Nevada and Nevada Nevada Nevada Nevada Nevada Nevada and a little known you. I know law. Havana not Ruth. I was one little fat and eat those about Connecticut Connecticut number floor. Good actually the way they write about Connecticut they write like it is in fact the worst day. Through like everything you read about it on this list makes it seem like the worst day however nobody agrees on that. Our enemies here a hard time we got. 1234. Move. 67. Of the ten. You have one striker mating what is your next yes. You've now won what'd I have been kidnapped traveled around can you talk and I noted that the Mormon. So well. More you're right debuted at number nine give me one more gas for us get a break. She. Iowa or Ohio Ohio at the little I've I'll drag aren't I won laughs. One left once they let you go ten for ten brother. Lauren. Oh Lou yes. We got California would that they are they got Matthews if you do need to that it did Utah Washington and did you want my arm. An alleged comment. Don't Google us. Ohio Ron Paul's energetic powerful. Alabama Alabama's incorrect to lash Michigan I. I'm pretend we're on the back on the tenth through the states. Don't drink it doesn't this sound and they also the return amass the midterm is next you're listening to the men's or radio networks. True yeah. I don't drink and don't flu shot of the day also the return of profiled as but first. She's been added that there are no stupid questions. We disagree. Because you keep us you know. And ration STD. I don't. It's my mom hold parents questions that need answers. We can help this. Is as good mentor. Democrats draft resolution is an email to the men's room Evans or my back comic the subject as the men's room. Mean meanwhile Vancouver short on time so is this going to mean while the subject estimates. Really Marvin Malone I'm 49 year old females single very attractive and meet many men. Do men like women they need to be a slots whose label them give them karaoke right off the bat or is that a turnoff to men to be that easy. That from our bodies CJ well why do you think it took down a date. Yeah and you can reach the end of that I think you'll you will find the answer you when looking for. Any amid. It works both ways and a daughter willow that I met. There isn't gonna learn that's next in the first night. And other people who waited like. It isn't do or you don't put into both bound them I'm. Here's another guys are you guys interact with a lot of people who tell stories about personal experiences those hoping to ask what are the trademarks of the good storyteller. I'm trying to learn how to become a better storyteller and that was my New Year's resolution. That from Casey Casey I'll answer this very seriously very quickly. It begins to the point and a story we say to make a long story short you've gone too far and other things have a good story there you go. Really young yet if you have a question whereas the manager issued as an email to the midterm and into my doc dominate the subject as a men's or Barak never admitted it during an attack. There should be ready. It's just who it is. It's not as good as you're going head dizzy during gas cans even throw a little fun on nortel's to. Yes indeed and today we yeah we toast and anonymous man from I already regret this. It geared to a Denver didn't Netherlands I'm pretty sure it's under wrong screen you. Just know this the cops and view the Internet and Burton are the ones they pulled over a guy last week because they suspected. That he had drugs and his cock and I know are thinking c'mon man. It's 27 team that's not the way to do things otherwise they profile all the time will bear with me it should be noted that in a bumper sticker on the scar that said and I quote. I love academy. And believe it or not when they pulled him over and searched his car they found Ted I mean. Show they've found only they also found 3000 Ecstasy we don't we'll keep labs that because he did not put that in a bumper sticker. But he does like academy in the specific drug charges against them are still pending militants alien charged. Leadbetter academy and and and I say this all the time. You're not trying to encourage people. To lead a life of crime we're not asking you to do the wrong thing. But we understand there's a percentage of the human population do the wrong thing and that's okay that's why laws immigrant Wii and it's what we've jails lawyers prisons will understand. If you're going to amphetamine and car but do not called attention to and that's all that's all. But look story. Reported postponed imagery does lose because we think it's yet may yacht back over the talking and down the throats of party Tommy's. Darren I hope our nation on Iraq. Did the dollar non aligned right now is four point 999 OUB plus profile business and netting is continue on the men's room radio network.