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This is done men's room. I'm listening to. That has led growth while there's little thick collar and I'm right now 844999. Polo player profile this coming up in minutes. But there are headlines on the way one hour from now the first quick check in my cock for some of the stories and headlines he is not working on tour like. Yeah yeah here's the back. He's torn our you know is heavily than anything. That you're gonna but I have to work out well I did present headline really the headline I thought this is not worth pursuing but lets you share what else. What else is going on world obviously read more serious news coming up and headlines but there's some other things it. One to five or god North Carolina and he's got arrested over the weekend. For violating a ferocious. Probation which is nothing new Indiana new mug shot and that's nothing. What struck reside in this particular guy he's eating a Bologna sandwich and as much as I Nokia I did not know who to allow I didn't. And I know your enemy he's eating a Bologna sandwich. In his mug shot I just did no know take everything away from you by the time you get to the point about losing my new experience with general Lee from my experience that the first thing you get food lies the balloons in suitable ultimately was just tentative idea until like right there still might ask you to put in the way my man was hungry gave Bologna sandwich but I guess when you're there are few times. Age he's got better which was an all white bread. Of course miles it's really. The when I was there and it's four pieces of white bread for and then there's a couple pieces of meat a couple pieces of whatever cheese. And it's all this rafter Saran wrap you there's no mustered nothing like around. Okay you left arm imprisonment don't treat you I also this it's very eat like I like eighth. Yeah but eating a hard boiled eggs and president and Shiite it's just like. Got to the other option but I guess now nothing is that there might be but map for Lamar boil day get a baloney says. Are we have about we have become the the radio show that is all about the short side. It's time we we have the sounds of turtles I've said they are passionate passionate group. The put in perspective eight pet shorts on an island off the coast of France recently walked six miles but the turtle Waltz. Six miles to resume. I don't want to get an armed people close. I believe that. Of course you believe it because it's a males orders. Found I've been of people choruses and heat and even north of tortoise and what six miles for him Billy goes walking 340 miles that's OK if you know you're gonna get laid. You gonna make of how long to track how long it takes man I don't know that in order that morning 850 Matt why anybody I got noise. But they make it all the time they get their man has been held avoid I have no desire to walk 340 mile. Falmouth mile. The driver when out there was like subjective as I guarantee you that he's actually being he's real hot stuff that you got to walk event. Now figured out yet get to that whatever Greyhound whatever got to do to mainstream tonight the drama of a sudden death. I assume if you're on a Greyhound because sex is an immigration. Lately oh yes that one must write it. A government I have it was it was it exactly what you think of death I got to see exactly. Let's go to Florida or an elementary school that recently took all of the plea that paper out of its bathrooms because kids have been pouring in a row. Now they have someone actually standing in the bathroom and made him the kids why the good food. They hand you want a toilet paper instead parents find out about those complained they decided it was a bad idea sounds like about it nothing else man most kids most of the most people are weird and out by the idea that as your city and assault grouping. There's someone. Waiting for like the we'd been viewed defenders of my commanders so nobody nobody else is that is as is we know the school lunch food to be yet. The greed of toilet paper. In schools where I went. We're may be the worst. Toilet paper I mean it was almost like you pulled an envelope on the walls yes I mean it was I mean you think the food is bad then if you got a it's the worst it's the worst to a paper I can't imagine eight institution anywhere that has worst toilet paper. Then we have our kids wife about with the school. I'm pretty sure we get really did tiger reach wherever once at the look at his. Protect the kids yeah well look we give a worst food they deserve prison. They get the worst for the toilet paper goes on FaceBook lead we kind of went down one flight she waded their young man when I was in school watch flooding you have to like put six of them around your hand and hope that. It didn't pull through a hole. And then they wander. Why isn't the spread of being guy all I don't know because kids are wiping their boat's progression fingertips probably I mean I don't know if pretty self explanatory look in the let's go to Japan north 43 year old guy recently tried to steal a parked car but he got arrested. Car that you French still belong to the cops that were on the state. Thoughtful and is. Aspect what you would assume you're sitting in it and I guess maybe drug cartel again. Or maybe they just like went to get coffee yourself some I don't know man into a bad idea feel bad for them. The 38 year old woman in Ohio Estevez his best. Stage fast break right. Because they kept Amelio Estevez. Told is that. But not like. The brother of Richard Dreyfuss and who's the chick you used to wait. Editor Doug Jarvis. But to improve the old Rosie O'Donnell's not anyone OK so those they got would drive as yet Emilio Estevez let me just say. He was it may have worked a movie about trash men where they did some staking out some people OK I'm all right I'll tell you guys I was like I am powdery I don't know either. I go to Ohio were 38 year old woman appeared in a FaceBook video that made it look like you've been kidnapped. Talk I think it's cheap cheap then and as a joke but one of her friends told cops in the end it turned out to do the whole thing just to get attention really. Well in the whole idea of doing anything on FaceBook just to get attention bushel up. But congratulations to her she did get attention and it's a good delta were to get even more at that she's gonna get the attention of lol yours. A jury a judge is Freeman and John alleges when you. And Ohio's gonna save to the wire Florida as Ohio comes up the back man and they're just running neck and neck and finishing this flu like baloney sandwich. Jihad then my and this I don't dirty I know this smelling a Bologna sandwich no no no that's a double Bagger it up this morning and realized he was in the goddamn bad moments forum covers my hair. Daddy lights are Manson that's been under here that they met the Pope winning free. And their imaginations concentrated under the blanket and I love I won't not well. Let me know 5 minutes and finally am I got aired out of might give woke up and just look at his face away disgusted I'm so sorry man did not religion. I had those mornings we wake up in the pothole got taken out you have variety Pennsylvania Avenue. Everything else covered with a but I'm not evident this morning as I candidate. I got to China he recently filed a false police report and said that he'd been robbed. I was appalled any guesses why he would lie it was a false to say that he was rough because he is Allah day with a girlfriend now in the muck bowl and girlfriend. He did not lose to the money the reason that he won't go broke up his wife is constantly asking for money he just didn't wanna give a anymore. 02 EFU filed police reports also don't even say I don't have money we've got to what he does that money get burned more plea filed. The fake police report to see her often as bad as opposed say I don't know maybe want to get a job. And a 66 year old woman a Georgia's got a rest last Thursday for threatening to kill a judge. And the cubs right to a wrestler I've never heard of those before. I shouldn't say this a profile this was our I really don't know. She bit of room on fire and attack the constant pain and he hit it that's like some Jason Frankenstein and out of town as friendly and I the end of the bullet the end of the Vermont fired and then attack the half with. Based game against your headlines coming up one hour from now but first the very real bow to the room. Precepts. Seem to throw him to please everyone now profile as his play I sort ten miles it's that simple game where we share with you a real life new story. Something that happened right here on planet earth early. And as you listen to the story based on the stereotypes you believed to be drooping poll and the decisions that people make the last few and it is you think makes the story. A story. Hello lieutenant Harris welcome to the men's room. Hey. Our time lieutenant Aaron some semi understand how this here game it's blame. All very well very relevant and all right let's go to be fantastic state of New Mexico specifically senate things were a guy who was to murder. At a fast food joint this past Sunday. And apparently because new Mexicans are always record New Mexico. And loves how much I love cheeseburgers this is what happens while the guy is sitting there eating. His cheeseburger Martinsville he's all alone minding his own business at 25 year old guy walked up to and starts dancing. Had two guys want to miss it you advance probably assumed is almost got whatever he doesn't know. But then the dancing guy slaps the burger eater across the face that's matches his cheeseburger. And run to left aren't seeing any energy murder Yasir stands in front. I looked up like a bell Baghdad that they bitch slap in face guilty of murder. Runs up score. Oh I go all the cops demand to track this guy down mainly thanks to one key detail. He had a belt around his neck turned out you don't doubt belts around the necks of got you figured out and he's currently facing robbery charges. Our question is do you believe that this built around the neck wearing dancing wrist slapping cheese burger stealing fool as. Why quite makes your Asian. Bu the NATO led purse that's screamed why does there exist live from somebody that does Greenblatt. I don't know yet no doubt about what you Megan what do you do about it then I mean. I'm on the other side at first I thought had to be black as the guys dancing well enough it's mesmerizing music on the smells brown man a meat and cheese burger and no matter how good are poorly you're canceling your non dancing in front picture million smoking in our lifetime in the back right he's breaking it down anybody steal cheeseburger cheeseburger delicious. Again. I don't know I don't think that. I mean. You don't just imagine you're looking murder on the instilled from everything it and it's a wider black uranium think anybody could still cheeseburger theology and I have every cheeseburgers don't have a stereotype like I had through a through. But then the nets are the this is the belt around the net his white to me it sounds like maybe he's like a jog alone. Or rescinded some Bob stuff. Content which I generally think of is quite. It's about to attack limits cut and real quick here my good Amelio Estevez had been corrected was in fact in state job with Richard Dreyfus growth now and Chad. But there are still say this if I wanted to distract someone tried to steal the cheeseburger. I would say look over there that hot chick. Hey the buildings on fire it would be all kinds of Jenna I'm mind trick technique yeah what exactly with the gen I did. The delay building on fire the last thing and I would do is try to without any kind of dance moves because I can't dance. But in the end did this guy danced well because people are he has his final move was the big slap the so let's just go with the perception of dancing OK I've got a lineup but from me there's a black guy white guy makes this guy and the nation guy and he said. Who here cadets I. Every time a little confidently that the black guy can dance better than everybody else. So you're confident about your distraction very technique you were able to dance. If that's your first thing that you gonna without I'm saying is I know it's New Mexico I'm saying this guy's black. Because he can dance even if you can't then we don't know your guess is better. I was mile he I answered him putting the moon looked into a dance moves and then this time they may run for now the G and hurt at all and I can't dance he's black. But he's got that thing around his neck is why. Islets in Paris what do you make it. You Amanda they would have no idea dispute did black and you know we all go like Ed Rendell the crab I know I guess is based on dancing along. All eyes are still I'm still damn well did you Mike Brown held a move there and you know Brit slap not until he's gonna outrun anybody yet had a pretty good gesture. Hundred black men that you learn that. Okay yeah it's the kind of tennis pairs of black final answer. Do you like to grow gonna find out at this bitch slapping dance in a tease her dream man was black white meg C or Asian next. That was a T you are listening to the men's or radio network. This is you. True. I draw upon us today we go to New Mexico and a guy who I really wanted to cheeseburger that is there any monies to annoy hammered play saw a man eating cheeseburger. Tragedy distraction Mary technique which works on doing a little dance I don't know if you work than slab to do in the face that part one Graham cheeseburger. Then took off from me if and heat and air where if you didn't you believe this guy was black and white makes you do. All are quite quite make your agent and in the end he went black used to look like guys can dance and some into the thank you gotta we've liked absentee murder nobody is catch and. All it's. Now relative it is Denver TV camera day and now. Sure. Countless hours in front of the talking and the mid. Presents. You know when you watch late night shows especially right now I think there's a lot of good good options right. So on the main channels yet Jimmy Fallon Jimmy Kimmel. Stephen col Baer. I have Trevor no over on cable. And he go on and on he got. Yeah I will say Jaaber had a very good joke I think it was like last week and don't make that face. Our man. It's like that is that is the elevator and big big trouble as you follow me an elevator we got an elevator there were other people work and on the floors of the building abroad have been with me sorry. You just gonna have to keep your mouth of the nerds Barak and I doubt it but I now and it's weird he eats eat he gets gas here's a day goes on and gets worse. Oh yeah. Normally the first part to get the bad stuff out not him in the deeper you go the worse again the winds are reversed its its like a corpse the demo the end of the day it's of course has been an in car trunk for three days. Out Robin can we get a quick. It will soft and not think that. Thank you. Who all right so unlike the smell the studio of the late night shows have great options and nothing without no option we're tracking here we are but I had an entire segment but I think. And there's a unique smell between that man's rear end. And then the stuff out of brash you know it smells like if someone cooked on your brand new bed sheets and basically yeah what to get your freshly 200 seats in the Democrat about the middle. That's the snow yeah like you guys know right you both raise children now but for some of the doesn't have a child there's a certain smell when you get into a mini van. Of like baby wipes newspapers in the area yet and you have little children not every minivans the crunch as you know older than UConn are the issue be under sixteen breath configure your second right around crunches Jerry audition chelios everywhere that I do like a baby care they get old fishing and on the go but others see generally you don't see that smell outside of toddlers do you come if you that's the holes K patiently lights I'll play it but Fisher Price Hamlet delivered childhood again you're welcome. Obviously miles off well atomic Jimmy Fallon right people like Jimmy Fallon is it is very good kind of play skits and bit short. I don't know would you argue he found the best interviewer now he's careful as a lot of people like Tony for his interviewing skills in his neck so everybody kind of got their thing. Always think Jimmy Kimmel overall and he's the funniest. Some people are known finished diction what they do. So this is real quick this is this is Conan. He's in the he's over in Europe he's gonna hang out Tom Cruise but you know there's a lot of guys in late night. And in London in a car and it's outfitted with cameras aren't. Yeah yeah. This is incredible I can't believe this camera here I really do. Carpal karaoke right. Yeah that's that that's actually and it's James Gordon a lot different now. He's that we're going copyright and talk about how. I'm not accept peace in cars sitting about side I really do that I actually think we would argue that. We strive. He shouldn't you know really don't. He's going. Again can you just keep that story for later okay. I'm going around here. The left. Tower Bridge you know Tom. If I wanted to tour guide. So a lot of things that bay he's gonna back if it's halfway through and just addressing. Hi Tom Cruise you're watchable video violates of the major about Facebook page for those for both. I mean I know configured for himself but it's the truth right did you get into a car. And not think like that James roads open question absolutely man yeah. I mean would they even do an opponent used to drive people around for all kinds of different reasons were before that it just wasn't consistent all men are for a while and I don't know if he was working with lifter whatever but he would go get like a lift. And then like him and ice cube were and I would see him ice cube Tim Hartley go around regular people. And they got late they like food and stuff. So yeah that's pretty funny but it you know like I said he everybody has their shrink some weaknesses. I was sleeping. Then that carlin's good he checked that out opponents weaknesses are forget we're TBS is and I don't turn a month that really is and that's all it is it's feel a weird 11 o'clock time. I don't think about it who watched the late local news or whatever I'm doing. And and because of that I mr. Evernote to and I in unrealized daily show's been on for 11 o'clock since the beginning I understand is just like one of those things where I don't immediately. It's still don't flip over. I used you know what's funny like I stop watching Trever Miller just because I started watching diesel marrow Iran's vice land at eleven. So it's not like I'm against. It's just you've done better show to a fight isn't does make me against them there I just felt like Conan distrust out he's he's he's I just you know for whatever reason if I if I stumbled upon their door. Or all of this. Don't you think subconscious the channel you're watching him influenced you but I watch vice land a lot of talk and I found those guys there who seems more natural leader on. Where is like sometimes don't and I watched a ton of network TV. I almost forget at like 1135 when they're over like switch back over their prices half hour news segment on HBO or pretty or Libya but pretty good glimpse into the world with an half an hour that you don't get anywhere else. Yeah now. They don't say much they just Roma to be role as a narrator telling what's going on here's the picture is almost the same you know he's the only elected pictures tell the story I think I like the suppose a PBS I'll check out there with the the BBC news hour. It's into effect. Boy don't you know worm hole it is that Vietnam special you will not be able to kind of almost did it the other and they tell you I told you I'd I'd stepped in for two minutes not I'm those two and a half hours deep for a went about it yeah I really I debated it mandatory rules say I'm not sure where I am in chronological like I don't know there's mistakes all of the moderates that heard the second third I got on the war I am really put flash back a lot. But you guys like Ken burns and general. But I mean I think he does a great job I mean I think he tells he tells a story that's. For the most part I know a little bit about the not enough about in the by the time on the marching and I understand that helped a lot more. Yeah and has the best way to put on it's not that I've ever. Delves into the ins and outs of the Vietnam War but now I understand and on a much different level as far as why and what to just things are never even. And every put two and two together on just basic dumb stuff. Yeah I think it's also crazy too when you watch Vietnam and you see outcome of that stuff unfolds that it's like. I'm the same stuff we keep doing. Oh let's put this guy in charge of crap that I lost the election that was our guy Brandon and I if it happens a lot the FBI I was talking with a million to Vietnam one minute. I I like Ken Burns. I wanna watch you I just it's heavy it's so bad I had thought he had eight that I don't gore says yeah yeah it wasn't like the national park special which I also enjoy it like this is you know this is real illnesses. It's unbelievable it in you understand why when we are growing up just so many lives are affected so many. So many people had such a hard time at least in my home state you know I mean as far as. Well it is like Art Shell shocked by the visual treat men radical no EDS has the united announced similar treatment for things like fastest outlaws and then. It was a reflect McIlroy yeah I think I get why. I think I understand it in and then think about you know one of the significant differences as an adult back from Vietnam in approval ingredient under speedy baby killers and a wrap. Things are not they're not giving welcome the original thank you that is one thing we've come a long way right people who. Relate to as soldiers right I can regulate we understand you think they put Camilla right the military's air because somebody else has decided they're gonna be it's exactly and they go to Georgia. Yeah well that's really matter what right do you want us wanna stay alive number one number two is think you know greatly once you're in the military like. You don't ask why as much as you just they give you a mission to go do and aren't you yeah. Yeah it's crazy. But is definitely worth watching if you're in if you if you sit down and you you like history and you wanna just learn a little bit and it basically explains a lot it's it's it doesn't matter when you jump in because when you get there just are watching it take as much as I homelessness. Almost sought a much lighter lighter note whenever I watch Ken Burns special I'd much just when yet but I loved baseball I'm of the civil war. I watched the national parks one. But it always late. You love the civil war Ted's been both about the south lost army system on everybody knows it yet but I always find myself like naral rating might even like texts and emails in my head now. You can put it that's what worries you did you if you did did you semi Peter Coyote. When you know that's what I try to do I am ET yeah guys that they think on this day to decided he'd send a smile him OG with a win key face the first Sanofi was serious or not. Why many I was like oh no we don't join the mother watched and bill not now not so I wouldn't you watch American psyche then do you talk yourself out loud like that. Nontraditional go all right notes but I do when you are and who knows what what watches you it doesn't disturb. What can you watch for you don't lose your mind a little bit after watching. I'd say sports. That everyone was in my marches down that stood a fairest example tonight everybody brags that. Saturn anybody who has like Manningham and I was scream and you'll put your heels all the time that you don't all our rights and I'm sports. You know what I like you know what I like. I like shows late everybody knows Curb Your Enthusiasm right but there's another one called Nathan Nathan for you Nathan for higher. But it's comedian goes around and he does incredibly. Uncomfortable things for these people's businesses. It kind of ruins them but then they generally come back stronger focus is over him like he did is only PR thing that went viral on everything that. But it's I liked those shows because it's so uncomfortable but I don't have to feel uncomfortable OK I got to go back to even think Jesus that's got to be all they want me. And there are dark show and I don't watch anymore because they just they're uncomfortable for me to watch and it's as a lot I used to are you still really like Taj. The Taj jostled out so much and just just think drug are god I don't see that breaker I don't see this legislation does does a leg internally too much. Yeah that's fair man. So it's like it's not funny how she's a tough Cheryl watch UV for their earliest I've had to turn away I thought I got a lot price should be put a football game I'm Sunday. May even the Seahawks. Game the and they wouldn't stop showing the clip right so the guy wants Amy and might be a broken ankle whatever was at all the go running back but they keep they can showing don't have an and I don't carry your news Steve. Part of a leg first of all the does not have a joint to bend in any direction it's uncomfortable what went to Ben's a new direction Carter that it yet yeah that's exactly so. You saw the play and then northern thing happened in what you knew something that despite the quarterback your reaction Russell Wilson went. You seem so that they of this moment like oh hey I during the commercial break we we found out what had. So they showed nonwhite. Oh god wrecked and then they short like five more times in slow motion my guy is the worse is that ours was Thursday I don't know about that bears from. But I also that it's funny like I don't know if there's more teams so we see more than escalate. I grew up in the Washington DC area advisement right to the Heisman thing Blake and my dad my uncles that was always a thing like. They don't even show that highlight and it was so horrible with Matt which right now neither could extraordinary athlete that. And you're like super slow motion and then at the same speed they shouldn't it and they showed that overhead view and everybody and they showed another billion you can hear just snap and had her out pops right. Why any time players have a reaction like that right that via McCain because his quarterback we just like oh my god get away from home but that that's not a good pitch. The colts a little longer to get away for quite they had nearly snapped to and of Wilson and get them all foam lake. Normally you see the players and he owns in the Green Bay Chicago and revenge whoever wasn't what they hit. In on the other team's personal screen and to get someone on the field and or sportsmanship returns and I don't know but the lack of sportsmanship on the cold appointment armed slate this is all the time when every player says. We heard the story you're that you guys are on top of him you know me and there's no reaction from you did you see that. In the Notre Dame game now. Basically shattered the guy's helmet do you see it explode. Into piece anyhow he aired during the hit you like. I'll guardian breakaway helmets I think you really get your first thought like it's like seriously leg is just a helmet and it's you know it's a breakaway element because there was just I mean goal was flying all over the place is like oh my god. Brutal. That I thought about Rudy. Would have been adamant real life if we blunt about it. It if I don't stick your football over here are high you know I would like to thank you know throughout mr. balances coupled those are. I'll tell you. Richard and I greens it's okay the chicken and a partner. Using a plunger. Make me feel like I'm performing CPR my time. Bumper cars. Let me introduce my kids to the concept of road bridge. The worst he felt ever on OK. Wearing your favorite player's Jersey. Mean the only time socially acceptable to say you like someone by showing up to their job and wearing their clothes. I don't that is always kind of weird but I would think if a grain and sports world citizen and at times it's like. I would watch all the kinda what I. Added oncology at a kid and every dress like a storm trooper of the storage room. To be fair neither can I Tom Brady. Yeah I heard like you're not Tom Brady. Everyone knows that you are not Tom Brady we yeah you're wearing his Jersey that says time isn't that like dressing up like someone you're not just to let people know. Because the doesn't just say patriots to go OK let's intimately know I don't know specifically. Because I like store more Obama addresses the elevator I'll tell you all the fat. I like mobile fatter not gonna dress like you but you're so into it like yes you're ranked number enemy whatever boy you know yeah. Tom Brady by the way. I don't know if Tom Brady's right or wrong but I respect that he's doubled down on every funny. I saw something that they were they are asked about getting hurt or whatever needs sleep I don't I don't get sore. Like Don happen to me lately can read my book. Enough flew right stay away from the right yeah I'm bringing music and daughters of I'll leave them I really like look. Short you'll get sore assimilate the hit on I get that believed our exercise and stretching and running all the trailing only restaurant just a bumpy and forty between quarterback in the hits that he's sick now gets sore yeah just like. Not sort all but doesn't say yeah. Who else read that out loud why you're still plan. Because to leave all you do is you know every defensive image everybody wants it to the quarterback Tom Brady especially given your records and almost. Many say that when you retire early can believe it or not while I was full tank. I didn't get sore but I'm still actively playing like do not release that quote there is liaison guy I don't mind them again threes and only. There's there's a time from the point of the balding snapped to the timer balls release from a quarterback's hand one billionth of a second for an consistently. Without question. The ball leaves his hand faster than any quarterback in the NFL and as long as it is true that he will be successful and will not get injured as much as somebody else who hold the ball for. Minutes. You're right because it's right over my domain I think that he doubled down again and I don't miss our senior analyst superhuman Joseph Flacco stepped up in the pocket. Did I the only one because it won't we like Brett. And in whom it it me but the effect of it it. Now that's gross things to you I do think that. They discriminate TV for a guy right I'm not even in the city and quarterback couldn't hear yet. But just a thorough ball get rid it's like climbing out of the TV as I've told the specimen everything you do they resent us about the storm trooper watch and both with his. But something that I got one about again on the hell about it if it. She's 01 quick thing for the sports pearl is kind of crazy but an enemy fighter and I would say he was over in England or something. He used to move. Called the Boston crap to make it guy submit. It is matter resolute but I. Currently go to WW don't even remember you have compared done in every key thing and you wouldn't know it as the walls of Jericho hell yeah I think Chris okay well I don't put my mind on what they can't be right it's WW WWW even. Still there's still is now data via the Boston crab for them yet panda beat McMahon. Think that the fifth regular golf all the Fred W thank you Dan rivers and I got an early get your headlines on the way you are listening to the men's or radio network. Or twenty miles. I'll see what's happening in the real. IRL as we Starwood Vegas and we in the Tom Petty sometimes life is not fair and it's not pretty close to your headline. It's time. Yes there's my car. You know like I can't pick a wonderful day now to be here as far as headlines ago most you've never heard this obviously the person mass shooting. And Los Vegas it happened on Sunday night it was on the strip 59 deaths so far. 527. People injured unfortunately this is one of those stories to keep updating but not for the better. As the story goes on they don't know a lot about this guy the shooter one Stevens had 9264. Year old a porno white male player matters. But a 64 year old man and here's a guy he was on the 22 the 32 floor of his hotel on fire bounds with a 32 floor of the hotel room. And fired into what they're going to harvest festival and are 22000. People there watching a country concert need to started spraying them bullets eventually. The police can track of location file I got into the room and there's conflicting reports about whether or not the police shot him dead. Or he took his own wife I think we can all agree he at least knew how this was gonna end. Since then if they don't investigation into him the say look there were no. He had like a citation five years ago for something minor but there was no particular criminal record and apparently this guys what they were calling. A multimillionaire who get on a hundred dollar poker tables so obviously. That has no bearing on where your head Sakhalin I went to his house upon multiple assault rifles. It's almost blows those countless amounts of ammunition etc. the store trying to figure out of the motive was behind it other then. Just doing it they found a manifesto they found nothing in the social media chains that's all those road. They had his brother did and it is roller loses. Is about as Orlando's Orlando can be as far as as I am mad dog my Brothers as voters all the text messages or I'm I don't know many families are tired and I know I've got enough yes to the store front forgot if the real motive behind. And who knows what it may have been I think it's one of those things that we're not gonna find the right now. 59 people dead and 50187. People introductory opens fire wasn't assault rifle directly to a crowd of 22000. People. Any get a lot of reports from eyewitnesses that's kind of a different thing that the cover on the news but for the most part a lot of people had no idea what was going on because if you've been to a country you know what's. You'll actually yeah see what's happening. And basically you had to make the determination you didn't know why you were running out but when a bunch of people from around sort running toward the exit support you depending on your position. They just agreed to get out of it was after the fact of these people learned about it. The sand and wire Rihanna here what's going on was or fire you put him up and like I told you this morning like I get a lot of music festivals like. I just don't know that it would dawned that was actually happening to you well it's not because the smile off of my friend yet and that's not or why dinners five. Here dollar heroic stories involving miss and of course. Yeah of course you know I mean here if as you've gone through this so obviously people are going to be people people are going to help those a lot of people who still need help but that's. And though wondering it is video largest mass shooting in American history but one of follows that one happened fifteen months ago. There Orlando nightclub shooting were 49 people were killed and we'll look let's put it up a it happens too much amended as any URS NN and the thing is this. The first thing that we do in this country anyway mantra assault fraud and point fingers and blame each other for Kraft. Let's drop back in this case and try to figure out kind of reasonable solution to this and obviously the solution itself was not easy but that's why it is important. That we as well countrymen have been human beings on top of that. Take the time to really figure out what can be done to. You can't necessarily prevent anything but what you can do to minimize the number of times happens from this point and I think SP for a while. This is god damn ridiculous this is real data we've been a show. For fifteen years we've seen a lot of things. Yes and ultimately that they it it just like everybody else who reads this news it hurts it is it did you personally on a lot of different levels and there there comes a point where please understand this we get tons of text messages we get tons of emails people's in my case. You talk about this aggressive and this has happened so much so many times more on the air we really do try to offer you some escapism is not the wolf won't eventually talk about it headlines but just for four hours. For the time that you can listen to the show which got to take you away from that and we will bring it up we will address that but we can't say any more than we haven't set all these years and willingly and nothing's Jenrette. And you don't know we don't have what are we gonna say it but we don't have any more information and when it's well and it charges a broadcaster anyway. We have information in your view then absolutely the differences all we have our opinions and I would assume. That 99.9. Percent of those on this planet already have the same opinion that we. After our pain and when your opinion and we're discussed and more angry and we need to be good we had a long discussion about this and offices more. How do we approach and ancient and in the end we agreed and said luck. What you want to succumb to Matagorda movies I just get away from it for a few hours. That said we've been monitoring of all day now as that has been unfolding and information from coming out. Lot of people wondering about Tom Petty what we do know is that Tom Petty it's definitely suffered some kind of cardiac arrest today. When he was. Take into the hospital said he had no brain activity. We understand that he was hooked up to life support I've this is where the details get sketchy. It's CBS news who scored an LAPD to say they've even pulled off life support in the Tom Petty capacity LAPD said. We never confirm that and we cannot tell you specifically woods' condition is other sources as saying that he's hanging around. But either way it was very terribly profound way. That's actually got that five edges hey we'll see you tomorrow as we said he's been also other return profile us and we will during his toast with the other shot of the day as well. Analyst is hope for a better god damn day so until then please. Would you do best and orally and the thing. Some day. You.