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Tuesday, October 3rd

Saying goodbye to rock legend Tom Petty, who passed away yesterday


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Well yesterday it was a really really tough day obviously with the big situation and then all of those conflicting news about Tom Petty who. We did not really know what his situation was except that he did suffer cardiac arrest and he was put on life support yesterday. And now a lot of people were saying he was alive he wasn't alive and his family finally announced his death late last night the official announcement from his family. At 66 years old that was a weird thing because who's like this this roller coaster of emotions that suffer is that you know cardiac arrest him serious comment that's just awful. Yeah semi sixty sixes that it's not that old and then TMZ unit accused CBS's fewer places that these dead ghastly. Wow man and an Elvis and you get this news that we've still breathing in even though you don't think that the results of pride in beaver pot. You know they did is going to be much optimism but perhaps affecting you like oh whoa hold on a second. But will he fight through this yeah. And then of course they've done everything gets finalized many hours later but it was just your day and top of everything with me instances. Well and. Odd odd Monday. Yeah and then the the surprising thing is nobody saw this coming and as far as we know he was in decent health it is played here yeah August at that Safeco Field leaders wrapped up his tour. Yeah and yeah it Leo it was. It's it's baffling. Just just baffling. I'm I don't know if any more information is gonna come out I don't know any Tom Brady's life that it's a 66 years old cardiac arrest and obviously. If you're not going on Torre put a lot of strain on your body it's the you know at 66 years old it surely is he people Leo they they told us not to shovel our driveways in the winter back in the the snow places when you're older because about that yeah because you can just exert yourself and boom you're done so I've. Will get more info but obviously sad and surprising and tragic news. And like you said they finished 33 date four and restore last Monday night he said it was probably it was going to be as last anyway. And jazz alive. Store for a for Tom Petty not heartbreaker I have got plans do other stuff is while but it lead. This has been a heartbreaker and who's the traveler reason yeah. And a few other bands also solo stuff as well yeah. And here Bob Dylan and he ordered buds yet and if you would have asked me what do you think was gonna outlive the other I would pop for sure that Dylan would have gone for them that's not the case. Also Tom Petty and there's a great documentary Netflix it's super long but it's a great documents or three hours long. It is a great piece. Where Dave Grohl is being interviewed he's Talking Heads and he talks about how Tom Petty was the personally reached out to him after that Ron and David Kirk committed suicide and all that stuff well how Tom Petty invited him to play drums with them. Com on Saturday Night Live that's but it was the first time that he. Jump back behind the kit. In it to out of just pure love of playing the drums since being on those kind of really cool thing that Tom reached out to somebody. Like people are just shows how cool guys in the top that he was I don't know anyone who doesn't like companies. Like it doesn't matter what type of music your into. Everybody loves Tom Petty. And I am old enough that I was there when it again. I'm my first girlfriend she said hey have you heard this band. And it was breakdown that was the first song she'd actually two and I was like am. And see I was like he does a pretty good stuff man and is so. I just did that for me it's like okay here's a here's a dude that. Was the voice of my generation and a lot of generations but this guy was a guy that I develop when he when I found when he was new. Love Tom Petty and as you said as it went along who'd just love Tom Petty. Sounds a great. On just think he's not going to be around anymore Bob a wrestler I love do we Ryan you know we got to keep dobbs noted that an odd person to bring out more about Tom Petty but he's also big music freak injury comes to town we've had conversations about music you love on Friday. And he said something on twittered I was like wow you're absolutely right I never thought about this because my favorite Tom Petty song. And it was a song that it won't he release he wrote Tom Petty was so good. He put a brand new song on his greatest hits album and it became a greatest hit to rest in peace and it's Mary Janes last stance oh yeah I forget that that was assigned that was going on the greatest hits album as a new song you're right. But for die quickly became a hit I forgot that that's where we found that song was on the greatest itself doesn't ever happen no it doesn't usually take a crack Soledad bands are is obligated throw on and and and the greatest hits is an obligation as well yes. And that's just goes to show you the guy knew how to write some hits and also music that people love that were also hits. Yeah that's a death gets a bit about combo to be pop pop pop favorite. But still you know the music is good enough that you know what appear pure rock do you go you know what I love this stuff even though it you know it's popular. This is good can achieve the summertime. Feels good to listen to type music yeah. And in honor of the music and life of Tom Petty who did pass away yesterday at the age of 66. It sounds who's talking about Mary Janes last chance. On the Iraq. And makes it more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI DSW. 99.9 KI SW the rock of Seattle. Well he's no Pulitzer Prize winner. LBJ. Any of them were announced Pulitzer news is news with Stevie Nicks. But thanks guys they Smart toys to curious news and sports and it's. Happy national family TV show day oh great Steelers should you watch the whole family what's gonna harm you like them be but was there ever show you what was all that. He was there ever show you know I I it. It might in the Cosby Show. In the funniest thing that's I was thinking is well the whole family wow. I think there's any other show that I would have watching the Simpsons actually it was obvious we don't get together for that yeah yet with my dad. But that was kind of like his own thing yeah I applied to know and houses and decide finer balance on how what stupid soap operas from mom. Well hockey. The New Jersey Devils have I the only thing as a family we would watch again I had shows I watch with Joseph shows I watch with Sarah it shows that wasn't my wife but not like I can't feel less time all 4% down submitted a Macy's day parade I think that lights up like that. That's your call daddy did everything well family show. I've recently it's been a typical off your suggestion means that can watch it together and it's just like that we Jamal now. I'm tired with the microphone attachment. National Fam family it and man I Annie I really unless we you're telling us something we don't know yet now I am now far from that that I observers say you want to all of them. Wheel of fortune and Jeff Gordon he of course yeah I mean real fortunate with my destiny. They keep Tom and Jerry all the way in all those other. It's. Hard to. All right for them Jesus one text America only to sit down what's Tales from the Crypt and are back on in the nineties. And pop and I didn't want to what is it that no man you're not bad. I can see that the people it gets scared I was a good show yeah. I was a big fan get scared but that was a good ship Doctor Who was postponed it everything we can particularly these to watch but there have been three of us besides GODs if he wasn't. Oh I don't think that's all right fair enough. Every little bit of an update of what happened over in Vegas obviously an awful tragedy happened we talked about yesterday to death hole. Is now at fifty now more than 500 people injured. Look at police say they recovered 23 guns from the shooters hotel room is still trying to figure out a motive and who knows they have a well because you leave no longer with us. But he's a 67 year old guy who was. Apparently a millionaire. From all the search them years of wealthy retired wow who would go to Vegas to play poker he would travel a lot. And to spend tons of money according to a brother who's completely torn up about this and understandably so. But that the motive doesn't seem to be anything but he had a as high guns yeah any of his brother said he wasn't it. Never enormous being a gun. Idiots of his apartment explosives and everything so it's like how does this guy had no way nobody knows about this guy do when there's no criminal record. The only thing they can you say that I guess is. His father of the convicted bank robber gets to mentally issues so maybe. Well that's that they have that's what I want to look at that could be the closest thing that they get any kind of lead and I wonder if he's ever been dead any sort of mental situation you know counseling or something. I wonder about this just incredible. That. This story just heartbreaking and and how it is heartbreaking to watch Jimmy Kimmel who's a guy who. I love Jimmy Kimmel because is he wears its heart on his sleeve in any situation maybe didn't try and act like he's too cool for school to tout the did to show his sensitive side and yet he's from the Vegas area grew up in that area. So when it is late night show last night licenses have been very difficult for him to talk about now and and and here's give me. Annan on his talk show last night. Well hello everyone. Here we are again in the aftermath of another. Terrible inexplicable. Shocking and painful tragedy this time in Las Vegas which happens to be my home down and clean up its hometown queen goes in his home town. This morning. We got children without parents and fathers brought sons and mothers throughout the Auburn lost to police officers we lost on orders from Tennessee. A special Ed teacher from local school here in Manhattan Beach and it's too much even process. Yeah. I am I in its interest in the show must go on attitude is totally gone because. You know he's shown look on this entire house field of view I am I got to do the show but I'm gonna do is meet her. Obviously in the that we know of I've had someone daytime yeah you know we've worked without Jose. Brightly Walter Jones and those guys that ran on his FaceBook pages some in his life. That he's known over the years it's friends from Vegas and unfortunately was violence or a shot it's manners and history and obviously we expect connection that level it's just it's it's. Lowry is anyway where he could think of that it is it yet and yet it just so much like he says it's so hard to process does nothing to point to which is the first thing you wanna do is point to something right. And so far we've got nothing to point to which then. Where he would go with that. It's tough. Send light things up and an odd study that came up about cities that love happy are the most congratulations. Seattle cracked the top ten a look at us about that at number ten Democrats and on number one so what they did is they tracked seven years' worth of happy how happy hour. Hey how are hey we're over our hats and bags queen queen's isn't happy happy how our how our hash tag your megaphone immediately deck it's that it. Happy hour hash tags happy hour aspects happy hour. That I have. Your sweetheart well of his that's they figured it off we think our what did you think is the number one happy hour city post not asked the whatever ten or number ten. Top she's Hawaii. Hawaii as well as the city of Honolulu them. Honolulu always that's only I had that that's not buffalo buffalo yes buffalo of them nights in New York. A surprising New York I don't know that cities that that have been San Francisco San Diego Miami and Brooklyn is notes to restore the city they separate him because of the San Diego Miami why not Honolulu I don't know if anyone really does not happy hour thing I feel like all days happy hour that's a good point. I'd say the same thing for San Diego C Nichols an awesome to watch film I don't know we've been Hawaii recently I've ever get off and happy hour deals in Hawaii you made the right about super expense act could be video and happy about their bar prices again you may be right about now. This is very odd OJ Simpson as you know he's a free man now. Any guesses on what his first meal was when he yet. I was in an an amount you're close you're really well that's what I wanted to. UN fast food okay McDonald the path. Any guesses on which tumbled nearly got to all of us that they actually found that combo meal you ordered two of them do all about that that the bacon cheeseburger. Bacon cheeseburger no that's not. Correct and quarter pounder no picky right galaxy affinity yeah. Filet of fish. Out there. So how did it maybe. And like I want something a little worried. A lot of the other McDonnell well little healthier maybe like that are tired of this is an analogy to John I would say big Mac at this point. Know what with the number four and for those who don't know I don't that in two cheeseburgers were overrated combo yeah it's it's a really cheeseburgers are good attitudes numbers we got two wars because of that delicious yesterday for cheeseburgers yeah asks are you out today. Monday Night Football. Kansas City beat Washington 29 to twenty. I do give up close and what it sounds because they were tied twenty to twenty in the final minute. Their rookie kicker he had a game winner with four seconds left then that she scored on the last play because Washington dual lateral. And now when I got them against the chiefs got a camera and it for a touchdown which apparently. Screwed over so many people threaten on the game at 'cause and allowed the keys to cover the spread some gamblers and of course lose their mind because up until that moment with second blast they thought yeah that's who you damn things. Oh OK I know I think it's funny and again in mind that kind of stuff. As far as whether 66 degrees sun thank you Matt investor past and for giving us news and sports failed to send me amiss in a very big thing was that. That the nation birthday bloody odd thankful today. My. So I think the parents sex volume condition at a birthday and I don't read says that there on hold right now oh really pass a law here we go. I need parent hey you're gonna move. Out pretty tired hey here. Lou you move will. These burn okay here. It's that is. And I'm happy. Her age do. That you league. Here happy birthday actually get there and oh and you are not here. Completely ashes buried in one of those guys are consistent man are you hung up on the these are all down on they're bad they're busy. We might take time out of their busy getting on things going on a lot of tires and gas though well you guys elation walking to do now shows the so you did you again and you are further into your forties that your life is still in her twenties and she's. The theory. This. Really why no ma'am I flew into Vegas and all the great in all that crazy crap that's right the Big Three oh celebrate the Big Three Astro I can't make funny guys and hi I can now this is the best they ever OK well you know on your fifties up bill duty damage. Yeah I refused turned fifty I well you know like you you work on that. I tried it still happens the and waited on the act can avoided at all while we got a new survey and looked. We understand that that the Vegas things very very serious and we we expect people turn to us because you wanna smile on your face it doesn't mean that we we don't realize what a tragedy is does it mean that would touched by this. In no doubt about it and we also know that. He you can get this everywhere you'll be you will be getting to some or all of your phone all over FaceBook people got all sorts of opinions and just tell folks turned us because they wanna smile doesn't mean. That when I grieving like you are we'd just as with us now our job and and and and we're happy to have this job because. Host of the radio stations you know around the area and that's what they had to do first thing in and it makes me really grateful that I don't have that job because I. I just don't see the point. And rehashing all the details and re traumatize and myself I don't mind supporting people don't Heyman. But man to reach from accusations when you just go what happened why it happened and here it is again here's how exactly went down and. Video footage and Jim yesterday in addition in the video footage and it's just I mean I don't got a good. That's the world were in the news and that's what people I guess I just want I personally don't I know it's there side. I don't need to see over and over and over again and in all the articles I mean you know you get sucked into it it's on. Yes there's really tough cause you know you're right I mean here you're just too you can make people feel better about their day and we had a few people taxing thanking us for doing and I think they understood. But if it loses all morning just talked in a funk because it's it's heartbreaking it's it's it's awful it's it's too close to home community find out as the day goes on that people that you know. Have people in their lives that are now no longer with us because of what happened. Yeah and that is terrible and and and for those folks I obviously I hope they have a great support network. If I was their friend a close friend I you know I would be there give all the love and support I can. That's what I would do and I would expect anybody would do that. What I'm not gonna do is I'm not gonna put myself in a position where I get overly Sadr overly angry over this because. Then that's his leads meat on the wrong road. And how is that helpful the SI helpful to anybody and yeah there's going to be debates the gun debates and a comeback that you see you know so we're not gonna solve that on our show and everyone's opinions are gonna be the same it's not like. Folks on either side is gonna change or opinions of this because. That's just how it is humans are that way you're just not gonna change there mind about things. And they're. Unfortunate I was so we were in a better place where you can here's an opposing person inside and and processes and take a moment understand what they're saying. Whatever side that may be NBA you know I never thought of it that way every type of I would Jerry Seinfeld clip yesterday which was kind of funny yeah that you know it turned out to be more like shouted Gerri because you brag about the fact that he was one have an open mind but. Sister who at all but the cause he's that was Stephen Comair but at it is so rare. I don't know many people that we'll have a conversation with somebody and listen with. Just listen and and process what that person said it and and view on that say you know what at first I had this opinion but now I hear your side in every. Think it and that's both sides of the issue. Because there's one side of the issue that things are ya they would just listen to be be fine as I know you've got at both sides have to listen when it's Steve's example. Because that's how compromise happens in life anyway you're never gonna get life total you're away if you think that's gonna happen you're narcissistic and either eight you'd be really successful and knows that like you or B you're gonna be miserable either way no one's gonna like you. So yeah that's out there we I've that we use Steve and I don't need to tell you about any opinions. And for me. You know I just try to go OK let me get back to my center which is being cool to people no matter what. Because that's the other again you know I mean that Gandhi's of the world weigh all those examples in our history. Violence begets more violence so you know me being a jerk to somebody over this is not gonna help I tried that by the way it's not like I've I know this. I've tried being a jerk my entire life and. Just doesn't work. You either witness you kind of viewed. That's that's incredible to go to work you're just trying to be in nicest person would be. And if I see a lot of people social media announce it just in general on texts like a group of people my world that are now making a point to reach out to people because obviously that's something but moments like that happen you realize how quickly to leave somebody and sometimes you lose touch with your friends people that you care about. And I've gotten messages from some friends that I heard from in awhile. And I know that has everything to do with that some and that there's so outline to all this but it's an interesting thing that's how some people reacted to it is that eight. While I could have lost that you know you internal logic Mickey how would this affect me to have lost a friend a brother. A mother father whatever it may be and and he had a one last chance to seek buyers say hi I would ever maybe. Good thing I would like to say is if you get a chance go to the with the website I'm listening dot org because you're gonna hear a lot of things that the president called it an act of evil and many of us do believe it's an evil evil thing what happened. I also believe it's a mental health issue I just don't see anybody in their right mind. Doing what this man did which means. That he had mental health issues I I mean I would be shocked if he had no mental health issues and this is something that can be addressed we have some of the greatest mental health. Awareness and and the technology we've developed and all the behavioral sciences. So for me I just point people towards Imus in dot org if we were I was proud to be part of it too harsh the two hour presentation that we did and a lot of fine people in the world. Are addressing mental health issues which in my strong opinion is what leads to horrific incidents like this it all starts with mental health. So if if you're looking for a true answer. And a lot of people sometimes they're looking they're relieved you know blame somebody and hate somebody it mental health man it's it's responsible for so much misery in our life today and I truly believe it was definitely the core of what happened in Vegas so. If you want some satisfaction or anything at all to Skoda I'm listening dot org. Because mental health is so important and maybe things like this won't happen if we really really look at mental health and talk about these issues. All right yesterday Steve he did. Get this one right what's really is known by the slogan snap crackle and snap crackle pop now phrase that he's an inner. I was about them these things are really stupid and some time about yeah yeah I think we should stop doing these audio. I personally enjoy them yeah. You go 6421 rock the other shot at beating Steve weir played feet made it 647. On Iraq. 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