BJ & Migs Podcast 10-03-17 7am Beat Migs, Lukewarm Topic

Tuesday, October 3rd

Beat Migs (on his Birthday!), Lukewarm Topic: Rock legend Tom Petty died yesterday, he played his very last show last week.  Based on this, finish this sentence:  "I'm so glad I got to see BLANK."


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You can listen to the rock song magic wasn't idea and I'm very exciting there used to our podcasts and our show contents will play and you would just say this. Alexa open 99.9 KI SW. They elect system although I. She's training earlier match you know us ho let's open 99.9 KI SW. Then say oh excel. Centre Vijay mix. Who. Please be entered of the that's two days ago you know I'm mansion launches Watson on the show apparently. I don't ask your question no accident everybody who Alexa does everybody Pope yes every one groups. Well Steve wanted to make sure yeah well Collison had these guys W dot com you can learn how to download the KI SW skill. And check out what Alexa can do to help you stay connected with the KI SW. News. The. He made me then there has done Internet or talk. Well yeah. I and well I mean normally we'd be made but I guess it says bank the birthday boy today lost track birthday sandbagged me eggs. I really need you to say spank me there's Steve but I was there to help humans thank you so Willits the F Burke can Spain and we've got Bert in pew while a birdie there it's there. Yes and excellent what's he playing for today's. He's my prepared tickets to check out the hope to have seen neither I know I'm gone WE smackdown here and I think hearing on October 17. Go to KI SW dot com for all the details smack down. Gonna be here October 17 the UT it's now at Ticketmaster dot com brother. Her audience teach you get out of it. For those playing it over will have sixty seconds to answer ten questions or you can pass all you want. But you'll only get three guesses for question are you ready. Yet it. Eight form of alternative medicine in which thin needles are inserted into the body is called project yet as if you have five dollars giveaway two dollars and 75 cents a much money do you have lacked. I. But he adds cardiovascular. Means dealing with blood vessels in which major organs aren't yet as deep Chunnel is an underwater tunnel connecting in two countries now aren't. Now I. Rant ads which word that means he threw was also bush don't want Amazon. It takes no. It. For which sport is Tony Hawk most known for boarding the ads which he insisted that Nintendo released after the super Nintendo at night and before. Yeah at the nineties built by Kevin Smith was chasing boom. Yet has brought worst originates from the cuisine from which country. I asked what is the silent letter in the word tsunami effect. Now eight active added this guy about it. And Brody jab me though hopefully I'll be perfect and if you noticed any deftly handled that does not content. Now I don't know you don't think I don't think so ice cream of the preakness I think he will. Are they boys don't gets bank today all rule today on his birthday. And I don't share that. Al realty Heidi season to do well might even when this thank you BJ I appreciate and respect what you said. I was at a little world are weak in the eye and you just said that and I'm not embracing the idea I'm not compliment the in my just assessing the situation and it's on. Nevermind. Eat it. Eight formal alternative medicine in which they needles are inserted into the body is called wide acupuncture yeah if you have five dollars and give way to dollars and 75 cents how much money do you have collapsed. My birthday Grafton high 3.5 note. 2.5 yet as our cardiovascular means dealing with blood vessels in which major org and W or don't know of no part yes. The channel is an underwater tunnel connecting with these countries. All our exhibit. A friends. Italy and France isn't. Agree it's now France and England at a hobby what it's worth it means the group is also show on Amazon. I want. We can't afford that you are deeper with also attend a parent guessed for what sport is Tony Hawk most known for skateboarding yet. Asked which game system that Nintendo released after the super Nintendo. The game point no he threw brandy asks no. That we now know why I don't built by Kevin Smith who's chasing. Amy. Yes 1234567. You lose. Do you mean yeah there. Burton winner our congratulations buddy. Thank you act like human you know what I can. On us. Fred you're right to say but you're right. At the Nintendo question wrong that's what relief from what was it it is the Nintendo 64 ally came after the super Nintendo Wii it gives us the game sold console the angels come that I could cost effectiveness short and sweet. The game I'm not died very hot dog remember that's an audio I can I figured that he wouldn't I didn't Nintendo I didn't realize that was his weakness. Yeah I shall I had with Nintendo. We gamecube Nintendo yes it as anything after the Nintendo 64 and then and a week. OK so yes you miss the super Nintendo yet he hated my wife had this a fighting game boy. He had a game which they have to be on hand yeah accidentally I don't know yet and unambiguously that blue thing yeah. Again I don't know what yet and you and I gonna open up to a foot view one. That's and he asks is this note well they had they had game boys that we do that as well all well and okay ante ones later fancy game boy again. Yet when that that was not one that you got to that you've missed the other questions brought force originates from the cuisine from which country Germany are about it my friend dropped. And then what does this silent letter in the word tsunami. The T. The ten year today advice to leave so if you would do those with a guy I actually loosen regulations the winning that's right man I. Had to do was tie Steve Orr beat him and you get the prize simple as that. So I guess say it it's official by the way you've probably heard back and forth yesterday it became official Tom Petty did die. At the age of 66 is fairly released a statement and said yes that Tom passed away surrounded by. His family his band mates and his friends so alive it would all the back and forth information yes is finally is finally confirmed Tom Petty. And is dead at the age of 66 we had a listener. Think that's a great email about his connection to Tom Petty I'll read it to you at 717. On Iraq. And makes it more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI SW. Guys like night JISW. Their Iraq. Seattle. Well as official Tom Petty died Monday night after he was removed from life support. 66 years old Thomas funny cardiac arrest at his home in Malibu on Sunday night. And there she's shown no brain activity. And he did have one of those two not resuscitate orders and so his is is love once again we're gonna stick to that. And the formal announcement pays death late last night capped a day of confusion there's a lot of different people and media were reporting this and reporting that he was dead earlier than in fact it happened. But it is official now Tom Petty dead at the age of 66. Tom and Tom Petty and the heartbreak is reform was now turned out to be the final concert of his career last Monday night at the Hollywood. Whole image of being at that show not realizing it. But now it's I've seen last time anyone's ever really get to see Tom Petty. And it was he did their planet to be the last time they would all be together it's him and heart breakers and and I wanted I was open to go to to show it Safeco Field in scheduling wise did work out and again in my head in my vote no pride to another Torre GAAP as a lot of people thought but not that he did think his fans and wrapped up his fortieth year as a performer. Okay. A word. Okay. And it's interesting because it's he sounds like he was planning to be done a just in general because gas that he wanted to be number spend more time of his granddaughter and boy how sad is that. He knows that that's not gonna happen because he passed away yesterday and we got this message from Kevin that said quote. Hey guys I am guided by the death of Tom Petty I was at his last show and when he finished the set with American girl I cried. Because I knew that it was their last show. I saw them 21 times over the course of my life four times on this tour including the show at Safeco few weeks ago he never disappoints. How about that. Even sound that you're two warring with the very end of the gas they that's of the avoid going to a Pearl Jam is that to do is to go to multiple shows all of them to war. And now this guy has done it with Tom Petty 21 times on what time wise that's amazing of overtime a program. I'm making picket twelve all right man you start time make this work out trust me I can't wait for next door. So. He was runner he was wondering he was like I Kevin sent him make a can you play American girl in honor Tom's passing that was the last song he performed. Yeah that's right and B is there a band or an artist that you saw before they called it quits that you are glad that you saw. And and I think that is a good question ask somebody because the fact that you just he just that you make the assumption Mikey says Steve he'll be around album and and unfortunately for someone like Tom Petty that's not true the last. Don't know Bruce Springsteen forever I keep saying next time and in the last time he came. He'd better jumps up on stage might have a need to just suck it up and go. We felt like last year was a horrible year for losing our rock icons and and music icons in this year's been tough as well. Ashman is it just our age ain't gonna get better yeah yeah yeah yeah I RA falcon toy sixteenth stop and I remember thinking put Tony seventeenth only enemy of the people we grew up watching and admiring him being fans of are also getting older and it's just gonna have this is now the world RM sadly. Yeah well Rory your favorite Arnold Levine probably as many more years I hope. Mean seriously that's why got to pick a young so I know the bill but I'll go before they went all right my con and I didn't mean it that way. It's as if I have the of their young performers and I will go for hello I was a late. I took my doctor right avenue doctor because she's younger than me after Gary well she beat me I'm going to be around for her life honestly funny yeah. He got to start thinking like that because this is what happens I'm more concerned about the hand size in the age Alia I had done about you know. I. I just like IK ISW the rock of Seattle. So we had Kevin Wright did very very. Hit hard by the death of Tom Petty Kevin saw him 21 times over the course of his life. Four times on this tour including the last show that he did at the Hollywood Bowl and also use at Safeco as well seeing that show. And he said you know Tom Petty I did American girl last song he basically will ever do and so we played after Kevin and Kevin also another questions like Jimenez there is there an artist or band that you saw before they called it quits that you're glad that you saw. And that's a question or asking you to 06421 rock. Texas at 77999. Let's go to Stephen in Tacoma Stephen you are on the rock. Good morning everybody I don't Barnett good Steve what you got forced anybody odd man. 1995. Just turned sixty and I had a free ticket to go see Blind Melon and a month later Shannon Hoon dead. Yeah believe it Allen Allen hit me hard bad guy that was right after Kurt Cobain I was you know Seattle grunge. Just tore me apart. How were they lies. Did that it was a Canadian and he didn't look good when he got up onstage by. He'd be entirely that a little underground club in the NC out on ouija board up there with a million. That's one and it's still it's such an under appreciated I love blind Mel and I got to see two of the members and Chris and Bradley went on to do and another bank a unified theory. That day from programmed original drummer in the group and decide by Chris on vocal that was incredible but. And other political issues I've ever seen an Al like at that kept thinking is wow I was sick and saw them when they were in Blind Melon that must have been days. I would do it absolutely amazing in and bad and you're right and so much great you know digit born right here in Seattle so. Appreciate that thank you Stephen 20642 on rock Texas 77999. We want to finish the sentence I'm so glad that I got to see blank let's go to Ken in Olympia can and you are on the rock. Quarters Marty can welcomed the show to go force buddy. Packet in each of you pick their call. Oh and there are you in the auction. Was that quarter crack open for the crash in stock so you saw the originals. Are prepared prepared airport. Rock in order. So does so after you saw that show and and of course the plane crash how was that men that. To Leo which is the just like this guy Kevin this is late on iconic I would I would know what I'd be done. Yeah I don't know that there's no that was pretty good strong middle of art let their lighters in the hole. The audience without a white or go on without the lack lack the last dormitory that IE everyone had a lighter on and and it who America not quite sure what could it crack well we're very long after that there are. Now appreciate it thanks Kenya I appreciate that it's just weird Steve you know it's weird timing. Tom Petty thank you everybody thank you very much the last show it's so weird how this stuff happens it makes it again. You know obviously you don't know exactly what led to that the cardiac arrest but sometimes wondered flight two warring in doing what you love keeps you alive and then when it's over. You know these patents that I don't know I mean you hear those are the people who retire soon after they retired eight. The unfortunately passes it something about what they'd love to do that keeps them down at the big one for me was Debbie Reynolds and each she passed away very quickly after her daughter Carrie Fisher which so for me it was like wash I was surprised Debbie runs was still alive. You know a bit and EU she wasn't she looked like she was doing pretty good and then you know once Carey passed away. Yes Steve it's really fascinating yet text at seven tonight and I'm glad I got to The Beastie Boys six times with MCA guy I know we'll never be another toward. I can mix count country drawl yeah I got the CA BC was on mall blues which was all some. It's him a couple other times but the best one ever was an edit that sergeant Eric will be took muses plus one. Was when they did the crocodile before the product it ran a solo version of the crop. The Beastie Boys perform this is. Not that long to not not I mean it's not soon after but. A few years later when NCAA passed and he didn't really do a Beastie Boys set my hip hop show. They all jumped on the instruments in candidates and jazzy stuff some punk rock Stutzman older stuff but they played music on and it was just. In seem to be able to watch that and that close to a Hannah even if they weren't playing a quote unquote hits it was still incredible. Well so accordion Seattle Courtney you are on the rock. I Courtney welcome to the shows how about you would you get to see before they passed. I touch he actually met him and I'm an American record and you're. Yet you know that's another icon I never got to see and I'm so sad about that because I mean obviously. It's just a great in the world the music. How was that show. And integrates well Marc Lampkin and and it it's super Islamic saw him. Yeah him obviously and treats it's great you know Derek. A couple of people in the audience here had been in biopic it kept. You know asking where Ira Hayes and Johnny finally set. Plus the silent slips in night I can't do everything it is that you get it now. Gotten a bit tired. But it would hit it it was a very so. Almost an acoustic. Set and I mean it's it actually and I think there's about seventeen at the time and includes aliens Gary worked. Look for you Chordiant at seventeen to be able to appreciate Johnny Cash because you know I mean it wasn't that long ago that she was seventeen and Johnny was probably like mom my dad's music I mean c'mon that Tyson also set Johnny Cash when she was. Thirteen in 2000 and a small town in Canada. Odd no autograph but he did shake my hand customer back into coma that's awesome. Has shaken hands dry because you know those guys didn't do that kind of stuff back then the way everybody shakes hands and those autographs I mean you know that you you didn't have access to I'll enough mine is not even the one that I first thought of it has nothing to do with music at the comedian OK bush used to comedians are now. Who do you think. Mitch adversity obviously meets with a friend he had so I mean I saw him more times a sub program probably 1520 times a team Mitch Hedberg is pleased to come to town I would go to most of his work shows that when he was at I giggles such an amazing performer Richard Berger is as sweet man when he wasn't it's you know battling the demons and it's a sad that he's now with -- does he was so talented and don't want my favorite moment when he incorporated lead to a set because it's against you talked about me the night before and over there. And he felt like immediate because he kept asking for Stephen nobody that I don't think I assume I didn't get this on a gimmick to write music where are you yesterday and he just goes off on him like I cannot. I can make it I didn't know if I could see you David you were not air. Like it was fun. I'll but the one that I I think about is George Carlin. I got to see George Carlin gap better royal hall. Sadly it was a terrible show because he was working immaterial for a I think what turned out to be his last HBO special. They spent the entire time yeah I know this up we'll get under your skin BJ you've talked about it until you drop love for doing something like this he spent most of the show. With a music stand and notes is holding a notebook and he wasn't even looking at the crowd exit general idea yet this wasn't a freak show yeah I mean it's you go to a big place like that George now oh. Yeah yeah you don't do that I mean there was still moments of pure brilliance and now looking back on it. I I I always laugh about the fact that it wasn't necessarily have a query George Carlin show but I still got the secret and George Carlin. And a amazing venue that is better at all. Yeah that's true I'd be Greg good on you man that's because George Carlin one of the best way to do you have one. He you know for me I huge Beach Boys fans and I did get to see them all while they were together and still alive. Soul and that was I didn't realize how special that was at that time. But now I'm so happy that I got to see them because they are innovate there there there and I'm they have they're they have such an amazing legacy tootsie music which I didn't realize. What it was two people used to make fun of me and I didn't realise actually that I like the band it was really really cool for the world music. Awhile before people really recognize the Bruins those primal yes definitely and I got to see them all together you know and with no hired hands it was just I mean about that people back and states that I couldn't see. But it was it was the five of them. All together and the five originals. And yes that was that was that was special for me now I look back on them even the point where I was like you know when Dennis Wilson fell off the piano which it was speaking of which was a fair. If he's I think it was like you'd expect that from the Beach Boys. You know they were having fun fun vibe that they were trapped as the ultimate fund but I saw Brian Wilson at the Puyallup fair with the wonderment always in Baghdad and needed pet sounds it was awesome but it wasn't seeing the Beach Boys yeah it was still cool it was sad times if he's playing a keyboard and it's clearly not one game he's clearing up plane apart from the keyboard and are we hearing in the songs is kind of hitting it like it did the gas and apply it. I was also happy to interview Leonard Nimoy I mean I didn't see him but the you know in my career to get to speak to people I ask to speak to Leonard Nimoy. You know one of the Star Trek was my favorite they virtuoso. Obviously and probably the biggest thing in my life so to be able to I've I've had a chance to work alongside William Shatner doing TV thing together and to speak to Leonard Nimoy. That that was I'm so happy I got to do that and it wasn't you know I think you passed away a year later yeah. And got to actually have become assist with the sun as it was two minute documentary we interviewed him. And that was that was special was like holy crap I mean the you know and hear great stories and that was not something that uncle Chris actually do you use your office archer went to. And yes I yeah I don't have a musician I give you another Star Trek. It's written derby music fans. I love music you know but and I go to show us but I haven't been to show where then unfortunately somebody would know whether or even just called it quits yeah exactly but it. Haven't been that in the memory but the written and that's that's not a bad thing yeah I know I am happy about that exact. Just like their ultimate music but I got to meet genes do and there are starting yes Scotty and he lived in this area and from Canada so yeah. I met him in Detroit at a conventional hall places. I he this was an early ninety's. He he's a very shortly before he quit doing me convention circuit and then he passed. In 2005. And when he passed away I realized that ID. That there was there was eighty. There was that time stamp on meat eating meat all of these people who write heroes from the show and since then I've been able to meet with the lives that one. An. Object. That. Oh yeah oh really you have a McCain an amicable to him yet reports on these tough. One of these. Well Anita we like it. We interviewed him remember we interviewed him right around the time of the sun's suicide no gas that was I mean unfortunately wasn't the U wasn't pleasant because of all that's up and we had talked about that. But yeah I get to just have a conversation so much about. As Star Trek as much like a dude it's the because it just happened. And here we are we get this interview. Yeah. But I mean. James Dolan was such. Do you could tell that this was a long can register for him he was still very very engaged very you know he was shaken hands it is very precarious and everybody really. Really class act I got a I appreciate and you know you know he's missed and he was missing middle finger on it. I didn't know that our to do pornographer that duke took six bullets in World War II one of right through the middle finger right hand and he got their shake hands of their about it and it's. Zealous and still works well and delivers at Abilene high and he's still talked about sick people and well Louis Riverside on the show I never saw that he was given a prosthetic bring her own a big show we never I never know. Is that shop around. If you if you go back and watch beauty really really hard to tell what you paper ones like Tennessee quick flash and yet they shot that he made it work. Now and he three putted the rigors of the leaders CNET dot Spock he gives them the Vulcan sign and he gets in the shocker that he. And that there are hard right yet noted that since all that matters that I just heard that on the Internet. I heard that and anything else notes and other so called the treatment for. Thanks buddy. I'm well. I'm a hot had a pretty good went on Sunday. A very went on Sunday you know what it was it was us the yes I set talking Luke Wilson last week and I think Lou realizes the importance of talking to us every week now that is because he's he's going to be back clearly is good luck charm yeah no doubt about. We know the superstitions a big part of sports which is why Luke will be back with us in studio at 747. On Iraq. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now and has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy if I called Travis will actually see him. Or someone who works for him. 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