BJ & Migs Podcast 10-03-17 8am Luke Willson, Little things that make people happy

Tuesday, October 3rd

Luke Willson talks about the Seahawks' win on Sunday and his views on pet ownership, we have a survey that ranks life's "little things" that make us happy


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Because no great having our next guest on and I think. It's now a Hudson true we are his good luck charm we welcome to the throne through wells and from your Seattle Seahawks as with. Yeah we we put a shot out to the than a hot PR department. Yesterday we put a shot that we say hey guys. I don't care what your plans are but you know every time we talk to Luke. He's in the end zone so I think we need this to happen you know what the evil evil PR apart eventually come around. People via two of activity we have an evil empire baseball medieval PR department football yeah he's emirates. We caught wind of the good that you're going off when you're cured of aren't on the hunt oh yeah and station yeah. At she's played it from my Boston mirror in two years I still on the little bitter volatile situation I can't believe you told us the story but I thought well he probably was in Pelosi a little bit then Steve played for me as well unlike. Holy cow that is when a so here's what's happened voice. That note futures out I was in my mind I was kind of I was kind of kicked off. I'm point nine KSW yeah. That's how we felt about it until I feel about it and we told them until later we had to have all these tax whereas Luke wise and Lou coming on the L we at a time play the high road this guy guy you know he's busy. Dad got cool we don't throw unit of Boston who just comes out swinging right now I'm sticking it to the man and I'll put that in your score a touchdown Nortel down zero that's given equal citizen couldn't close and I have finally it's time to look at that catch man that over the back shoulder we're gonna help you call that sidewinder it's sort of doing some sort of a yoga twist. That's a tough catch for me I would take a gamble made it tough catch the Enola. Good and didn't. He comes right place right time in categories like you say so what I've been on the grisly death they have got to keep. Hopefully keep the lucky Ramallah I have to ask. You may have because you know every Ivy League you guys are playing but the award the whole sky was falling. And it and as we are closing in at halftime the whole sky was falling because of the way that first half went. And if you populace dislike is that damn colts what is going guy and I'm smiling because they guys it's old it's game for the pre season as far as I'm desert that is the first four games are pre season. And wasn't sim unlocked or more lightly you so one of the best teams in Kuwait that locker room make an adjustment and they come back and it's like. You totally seemed to solve the team you're playing in making game close every time or or you destroy like you did. You don't there's a there's a complexes and knows but honestly in the after Iginla media guys are like what happened at halftime and nothing like. Monumental happened at halftime I assure you busted up the ping pong table having an episode doesn't I don't you flip the ping pong supposed to work them I might have done that code. I don't know use whenever I K. And the world. And I think. That's. Everybody because I immediately I forget I think his body Wagoner said pretty much the same thing Yousuf when ass he's like yeah this would harassing guys Kamal we got to get rolling here and that's the best guess of the opposite the events like rolling seems to be what we need to get yet this. Deaths in auto disclose things were in the first half a million. And ourselves we were sometimes it feel like we get a little unlocking I think every team does but it was like. You know we. Offensively we were like pain at the one yard line and got a safety. We had to pick six and like we're off the field forever and site became anathema we really haven't played that much yet. Yes sir the other time of possession was ridiculous yeah like a weird like of the ball placement by the rafts on some of those leaders like well what am I right there what did you think of your errands. Is kind of bizarre it was a week it was a weird game and yet being pinned down in one news site now come on yeah yeah we will work. Feel pretty on the ranch ego gap while and the rams there this. Every year the rams play you guys tough and of course this year they look like here a decent team beyond just you recite every year yeah they're great team and they play good spot. And then there are kind of pedestrian when men mediocre over everybody else. But this sure looks like it might actually be you know it's you know maybe he'll switch to maybe they'll be there in the playoffs and see if we have a great that's. Dallas Austin where there's like they have everybody's number but yours I'll take that these two to visually that's very important yes. The man. It's retire over the game in the last you know obvious at first people work for canal and going crazy at halftime Samie Texans say hey you guys to play yesterday's face the problem for him because it was all a lot of guy losing his mind at halftime before halftime when where he cut up his Russell Wilson Jersey on FaceBook and then the rest of the people on his threat or just give him a hard time about it as an -- rightfully so now autism yet it was so I mean here we -- game four. Any patent office Jersey like Arthur the box. Game four halftime these I I am done he's he's posting pictures of his is cut up Jersey is he's wrecking it. And of course it was just give him a hard time pad as as you guys are just stop and all over the Colson and the second half. There's this sort of suck me I don't forget there's a little bit and I. I'm it was a fifteen. Yeah and we miss if you Google too right yeah sky was falling so it's like it was like we're getting like drill in the first half that. Seasons are insurmountable lead they've got to. It's over you know how everybody who's not a football player knows football. Yeah yeah you know how hard you know about those experts I deal that. And well that's the only thing that we all owe yeah it's been a phase for John Leo let's play that for Lucas pretty awesome. Entries pajamas writing about Harry's design companies brown sugar Birmingham BJ once again here's our opportunity to point out stupid people that are on FaceBook yeah. This national FaceBook posted John unfolds. And yup racking out. So this around playing the role of Darrell will be beach and the original poster remains the brother Darrell you'll just ruined our podcast I'll play the role brick. I read you'll be Karl Karl I did you play the role of Maggie. You come home this you don't know the show. I don't but I just I didn't cast Martin del nice job yeah actually get most of their names I think they were the first things that popped up globally. All right so once again Darrell is the original posters of Egypt Greece to get away. It and you are and cigar bar and Susan what are your heroes you know post the video of me coming up marred road Jersey dude. Which has its mind relax. And yes. And owns. There's only Asian me is gearing and the game is even though Maria my lump reduced to eighty million dollar. I'm not losing so clearly what got my Jersey. This is what I think that you must know yeah yeah yeah. Ha. Hello you need to take for that Jersey. You please don't blow it city it's now 188 hey. Hello Al McKenzie just blew by the colts defense. Go hawks house on a sewing kit that you can borrow hash tag dumb ass. Some recovery these flags could you want to eighteen. 39 minutes and then. I love. Everyone is updating his car on the clothes will send to kids sick 46 to eighteen I keep seeing I'm watching the game. You guys. You lean on already pay out can you odd couple Wilson Jersey during every game as saying good luck charm pop. And I might have overreacted. And no matter how much did you spend a matte Jersey. 150 talks my wife got it from me for my birthday. She's gonna be pissed at me don't. As a and that's a real those are real face that's the real news to Leo yeah guy at that sums of twittered out I advertisers reiterates what on earth yeah. I was uplift. April after went out he got hurt you ever went all governments are playing on his focus he treated during the came easily Amy and cat dropped three and out relax or something. Her. I think that's a of. Let's that is. That's something like dumbfounded at how people are man again. Because your in it having your plane you know it you did have a mode and the rest of us know nothing we think we do Jersey up at halftime had dude yeah erratic control. In like Dora I'm not saying culture when it's admirable but it's not like we're playing Peewee football. Yeah he's FL players here. Yeah see that nobody gets that nobody understands that you know what the other team they make adjustments they wanna when they've they look at film they pay X try to exploit your weaknesses say that that everybody does that yeah. I thought I mean the first you know here we have blown out by the ramps but like since then they played I think they've lost in overtime it's a cardinals'. And beat the browns since that again it's not like these guys are used to joke. Yeah and you know you guys who do what you do amend that our earth via. That's pretty bizarre but I will tell you this on that this this running back situation I'm I'm I'm star I'm I'm stunned at the C word out there and I like it. What's this you're the curse word man I mean he's like that could be a curse position old. Yeah singer during your test. Aug nine million people there love host there's a kind of February the accident or it probably have lots of those on it is it is Tuesday so it is good for you be thinking about it. Yeah its so. And I haven't I haven't seen an update on Carson at all but damn dude let's every time we get some of those they gave again I've got to figure out. So I'm and I did it but this is football I mean you know staying healthy and having depth the mean that that really is the key to this the end game. Yeah especially late in the year it's kind of be impression in avoiding injury bug so. I mean it's definitely her reasons playing tremendous for us. I'd heard rumors that he's done for the season have heard rumors that he could potentially be back. Oh I don't know what the truth is now live Dupree and doctor Bob I'm ready to play next week a little so doctor Bob Cavallo what yeah abolishing any obvious by many as well and then obviously he's essential oils ya. Last about way. I don't know what he's into oil Buick use but it got on. One article my clothing. Our ball. And acquitted in the wash in the other day but did laundry room full of my clothes and Mike. Through it all my clothes smell like some sort of weird cedar oil. Okay. I don't. All doctor Bob and like luxuries such it's sure to begin with me that like elementary Hewitt. That's right pretty disappointed. And a display. There's not a rookie they can be a wonderful attitude in just six happiest Vista anyway about Carson he's now I guess in times. Vigilant Suez and the team. You got do we plug the photography it's not that that's hazing that to me is is is constructive. None of this put Mike you know pink backpacks on somebody wherever they got to that you know what make him do laundry yeah you know make but there may be clean up the roads are so do you have a rookie into an interim some radio they go get him on that. To be accurate idea of sending you some comic and they came down coach Darryl. Yeah you know that is. One thing that I always do a young guys is -- walked by him especially during camp pick area she coached Carolyn. That middle America needs a U summit to only one whose odds. The ball the off. That in you're too good guards. You. Also for human moments. Ago. Does somebody got a few few but now gotta like you know we'll know for the guys. I spew so much nonsense that the guys it's. Shake there economic bloc. All that I've received I'd be the guy I'd be afraid to be like yeah he's what if I don't go to C coach cannot play it up after my UNC a month we'd rethinking who should try the roster at that point and yeah that we got a general manager it's grass pretty let's as I like that see that to me as time and now the next thing the next level laundry yeah definitely yeah coach Carroll wanted to do her hurry and didn't mention the patriot tech dot. He gets units have saw no what's the weirdest thing that you've seen a teammate eat or do pregame who. And we are talking Luke Wilson by the failure Seattle Seahawks average to eat yeah. Anybody eating things we hear I would run like a weird pregame ritual. Remember I decide it was like. Kind of weird but like. Christine Michael here's a team yet. But some games he would literally lay in front of his locker like motionless with a towel over his space to bloodied in detail at but it was like. I don't know if he was so still. Solidly he died broke his locker for home and they just give up and go play you don't pop up like undertaker got the kingdom lake about legs sitting down his locker like. You would dispute laying flat like no pillow no ratings laying on the ground. Autos thought I was has goal in the first Imus like you did it seem like OK the skill and but. As this thing. So there is messing with all of our light of the guys have been waiting for somebody called I don't know his arm and I did maybe just trying to get zone now with a towel over his face but that's weird to horizontally it just like it was so it was it. Is that just flat nose back it was like he's like he was close to ready hasn't content always equipment on Ali had everything that's nice yeah if you see him make again like dad that's the that's disturbing that be weird if the party meet them or would agree with who knows you know and those of colonel call Christine is that and whose only saying his name on this whole time. A term called Kristen Michael it was it was really Christine. I don't know I. I thought it was yeah. I ironic that I I don't know I I've heard Christen thee I never Christine I would I actually train them in Florida and everywhere and there. Cold and Christine. And how do they don't I guess that's his name over the China they go hey you got a girl's name or what it's called emcee Mike is that a note was Chris in there I see that's a good way to go that's equity that's the way that it was filled with a knee. Yeah you're right well it was an K right candidate knows so I was a Sydney. Yeah. That does happen though like you right now do you know everybody's name and the team you know we like is that their work I don't know some of the people that we were retired and other you you know I mean especially the defense and you can't know everybody in the defense. Well Kenya now I do. But. I mean if there's a new guy it's our practice squad that there's a few guys were I know may be the class named some mature. And other first thing. On the front foot practice squad guys but now. The during camp especially during camp he'll be guy's been coming in now news release tablet. No idea that he didn't think that I mean the first week everybody comes in with in the the last whatever five or six spots of its current revolving door so sick also knew that we too and you can't some guy was in the defense but you've never seen reports that. Like. I need to know that guy's name yeah. Yeah so so now you get to go to LA because this is new this is new on the trip I mean unless you play when you you get your play the raiders with what happened once it was billion years good downplay them and LA. Com. Or even know who I'm done and they've been absolutely yes that's right there on the EED you would never gonna but now you've got the rams in an attack anybody or you'll look forward to go on LA as a means cool city idea you paucity sub all the trouble down there. Not really because we fly in usually like if we were going across country who believe on Friday's. But I think I mean check scheduled pretty sure we leave Saturday. So it's kind of like you get there if a couple hours and we have night meetings like a pretty strict curfew. So. Or sorry guys enforcing the curfew polio like that we have also on the road love cops on the floor. No my real cops that I tell people this all the time it really aren't you wearing Halloween day that I mean I know there are hired a security actually break even this it's that funny I was it's on super model we show. Yeah put that in place but I. I had a couple buddies my hometown in its that I. Saturday nights and for home games here that we all stay in hotel. And the hotels like heavily. Security wire up the stairwells while that the alarm will go off if that door opens. And I both. Curfew consists of a knock on the door and like somebody coming in with a flashlight. Whoa yeah are you kidding that yes what did you make it. I guy gets there and fruit pleasant surprise. The that the southern Minnesota so that's part of the deal went in what time does that happen depends on. Game time but I think home games it's eleven so 11 PM. You're in a hotel here in town and it come knocking on the door in you better be in your room Russert yeah. All and there's no escaping the who do they all like Butte pillows to economy can look like human again for its dealers they ought yeah. Probably the thing too is that most of the time you're not asleep by eleven. Sold to put a your Jersey on a regular loop you in here like. And like you oats but. So deregulate and no verbal duels Amazon echoes that will answering your voice at the how did that regularly you're jerseys put it over the pocus I'm sure most players sleep with their journey that was way I don't think it affects. Yet they're ready for the game that I put the helmet as deposit talking yeah. Yes he's. And of course when you have this week flaw yet your models wigs yeah put on a punt and had to go on Friday it's gonna be a curfew laws if it happens a lot of work. You got laundry to do I've forgotten that I have exactly the news that it's a crucial thing in my I did not realize this curfew was that straightened out on the road so obviously the same deal yeah. So it's not like ever heard of other sports for guys in the road and it's pretty rowdy but I'm not saying it's just really. On air public it's pretty low key on the road. And is I guess because it's easy to manage one game it whereas like with baseball and these are a city for a few days so it's I am an idea I mean that's that. And he's played a 162. Games are ever so it's like. You know there. Travel all the time and even some like the hockey gods a total of fourteen day road trip and they'll fly and you know the city on Sunday and I'll play till Tuesday. It's just out worked them going back home. Yes it's like okay we we fly units that we get in Friday night's super late curfew Friday and we've meeting Saturday morning. It's Saturday dale often that we have actually night meetings the hotel. So Saturday day you'll get to go do something and yet you want go to city the few people in down usually go to nice dinner somewhere and then and a Saturday night is your putter pretty much a lockdown. So is not Disney World for humanity and no panacea tootsie Mickey they'll do SeaWorld. At acceptable. Why is he felt that I can deal with those rules. Holding me down I could have afforded it. That's right nothing to do with his physique in the ability to catch a ball now and and let's see the raiders are going to Daytona Vegas right. Yeah but offers to escalate now a really OK is it because the rocket and the from Boller for halftime get them back at. Could be could be waived footballers violently that it has showed right to make the call via the net has that the Yemen. A rich text messages out loud people very happy with you right now. Look at it acts overseas thanks Luke Babbitt my poor five bucks that you would score a touchdown against the top the tees the colts and you run of doing it to you kickass. At real actresses don't yourself police for help me beat last year's Tampa fantasy football this week that Danny from JB LM rice and efforts as Luke I just picked you up my fantasy football team were called back. To the future he tell me beat the Golden Tate warriors this weekend. Okay no pressure. No pressure now he's still a lot of people happy with me but I've got solid tests I think it's gonna settle out here Yahoo! way in and out the sun again because I think it's the world's worst in the size worth and how that works with with some words oh. I have this out of it's like deep thoughts these week. Abode dogs. All doing yard and Eddie has dog guys yet you dog yes quite big so maybe you can explain news phenomenon of dogs are pack. What is the point of having a dog. In what are people gonna realize that dogs don't speaking. Look small man could violate another personal things like I do it and there's not a lot of a lot of they start understand okay so. This is like by and I know people are good so you're saying that's put. I feel that someone needs to be spokesperson of the cat or dog moved the captives are. I like the moment unemployed Nolan wants to be that guy because you just be crucified yet but I'll be that guy. I you know I usually it's just me use the anti dog lovers lick people will be acting like oh. My dog is understand what I'm saying that might if it's understanding what's you're saying why hasn't won dog in the world been able to formulate at least one word. It's doubters say we you're saying you don't understand the dogs' emotions. God is saying it through its prowler thing yeah brow are just hard and that's the way it looks at. Earlier I saw them say. I don't got a lot of your games in the have been in losses and Hulu as you can see who wears the Seahawks Jersey while you guys applied yeah and has leveled by. Look at the look on her face. That is the thing you know like food and Palestinian politics that is because you managers yards and comfort that I have to agree with you but I did not. Like. If if it is she's miserable because that lives within 88 years I might legacy hanging out or marsh on. It and got an a pizza toy I don't know than that like dogs emotions are completely different than ours but what if they're sad face actually means they're happy. I. We don't speak dog language we don't also don't like people who like it does her companion. It's like a feel like now you're pretending that you're the dog that your thinking for the dollar. I'm I quite possibly put thoughts and yeah all the classic that my doubts thinking this what it's like now it's mostly. It's on saints can underdog movement and come to this point where I think it might be some sort of like psychotic thing have you never had a dog. Of their grad I've never had a path that I thought you can't have these opinions about these kids are flat and this is a good debate and maybe I should say if it's not your roommate. Yeah it's a watch dog when you're out now that's out now. I mean get a dog I don't get it may have thought it's your life as well I think about dogs three great joy you what I've been told more touchdown beaches drain drain your wall. Yet they do buying them is expensive grooming them is expensive zip to walk your dog can't go to the bathroom by itself via what can you don't want it to do it in your house being made this fight it's given me more than they told me that someone told me that dogs have the intellectual ability of the two year old. Money that's why he's the perfect here so it's like OK you have a two year old bless them a check two year old at least formulate a word here and there. Yes Steve why can't dog that often do dogs will do to euros at this cute and any law constitutes. I thought. It is just unbelievable. That is that's pretty Oslo give you that have definitely blog dog all through the Ohio. I don't wanna you know Lou I don't you have. And those type people don't and there's huge there's a huge lie they're there fishing. It's probably would like and by the way you don't want him over there. Less than half to do really well if he TV who was biting people go live on your hair on our dog biting him licking now want the worst part. One time Lulu bit. My wife. Okay and it was when you guys were winning the Super Bowl. And I remember who score it might have been cursed scored the touchdown OK or it might have been out about Percy Harvey I I I can't remember. But it was a big play ever won it would at our house was cheering. Lou that you know how else to cheer than to bite her mom Oca Toshiba. Bitter are Ryan and again this inauguration happened when the dog spoke English that's how he knows yet you know she's very excited that you were winning receivable okayed to be very pumped this. I'm saying you don't know that she's excited. Young Los Zia. And then as psychosis I think was the right word here right next to things dogs and people we met and sank intelligence texted my dog just looked at me and he thinks that loops and not job. Since this is my visit my problem dogs he does it knows dogs speaking as dog is speaking English in pride as a military nut job means yeah. Yeah transfer logic with people and god because they admitted to the whole doctrine I don't really well you've never had a dog man. I mean that your parents that rabid dog. Do you so yeah if people looking taken some sort of freak is I don't like to sick exactly and how do I'm with you on that there's a whole bunch aside at their words were silent yeah wherever we're not Salam an hour. Luke Wilson is gonna be our spokesperson for the anti what do you call that could become an underdog movement account doc movement in super impose some dogs currently your shoes yeah now. I don't you don't ya gonna follow Lou Lou the warrior princess on especially if you put the EU up photo on there'd be funny but a lot of people beaches. Literally in Seagram abusing their dogs with photo after photo. You know it's his view that caused total has got to you know and you've got to surrender she posts around our place Anderson yeah it's their own business. Trying envelope roots for the first time yes that sees it if they go that's -- that's you're dealing with Luke would do you think dogs are naturally you're a wild animals at one Buick rolling streaks while they were four wolves at times than not they were bred into being dodge somebody told scientifically we we did that to domestic animal we did because we're crazy human beings live in Lulu Lulu to visit a very friendly dog that you see I. I'd I I don't know I mean I don't know friendly dogs look like you know I have ever had a docking. Because they're like little creatures they dislike you hell yeah I'd like your parents. I have ever in the holds this opinion on you know my mom and dad like dogs like not really worried about the world. Well part of it at. This time. You don't do that Steve other dogs and dogs and. This world. OK you have nothing good and I thought I hope salute my hope you know nothing you can duck in the world that would be bad so. That it is Lou growling at me right now I have. Hook up the eyes the well Luke. I support you miss I'll support you and you know continue to amazing run appreciate and meeting if every time you are shows or attack you gotta come back pay if you sort of effect on this week in week you've got to come back you know what that's fair. On Israel that are evil PR staff now what I got to they have to know that we're good luck charm at this point it's more about winning and it's about keeping other people happy you know it. I would say that but and view PR staff as she says to get me now. I only tell on the Pete Carroll tsunami with a minute or. Expect that at least give one. Well Luke Wilson again this Sunday taking on the rams and LA and so far it's been a good season for Luke and Ireland. A hot markets like hardly areas like dog well I think that he had to lose our relationship like the I don't know that I can write is romance my you like getting licked by dog just law does he lights as political process. And I don't restrain yourself as a dog socially. Police. Leave me alone I'm with you I didn't do anything you could. And we'll make it back. They're both left and I had no thought of six. Kelly I don't know argue. I'm a fugitive augmentation is like every Luke is dissing Lulu on Steve's birthday that is it's her birthday my husband that for and they're terrible friend happy birthday just my dog very outdoors the forgive me this my passion I think that the that the orders or your sickness one of the through it is. Well really cool knowing him and I expect that a hero as well let me hear anybody with your dog opinions are welcome on his. Recesses are just nobody who's actually a logical person I was not psychotic like Steve. Yes the joint movement what are you fake it this time of the movement that. Okay well listen you're doing what you wrote it's your birthday viewers you're some glory ahead. What do you think is the top little thing that makes people happy I'm gonna tell you at 817 on the Iraq. The next morning it's on. The gosh I just helps you. At nine point nine JISW. Their Iraq Seattle. Got a new survey they found the little things. That make us happy and you know that's something you need especially when you get some sad sad news like we've gotten over the past couple days. This this is this is important to find some things that make you happy. I think you'll be the best little thing now you feel like number four no wiping after you know what he. Own defamation happy yeah. Well when does that ever like Nicklaus 92 practically laid before you go on the showers though I know like sometimes it's things. The only two and their oil every you know sometimes don't have to widen as well as saying blog I thought I would. I will but did you notice it's everything's cool. They're had a I don't know why Gary Katz by I buy it how would you know without William to try ones obviously. Get to do one go lie but you would like they live in a world is like if you didn't have to wipe you be fine like to be all I know this is a good one and that that would make you happy. Well at least we have to realize that I've. This is the very end and Asia to make it is not a good on paper that they can. So you're happy when you realize that all the while I I didn't have to white when I and yeah it act as if you'll clean. Six us if I see you had in other words you had a successful delivery yes. He lives in red probably knows about thinks nobody's ever had a white free delivery I have and those ties that are few and far between looks like a unicorn GAAP are amazing because most of the time it's kind of like at Pete about our carpet he got to kind of doing that I'm glad that this is why I was checking out of the conversation so you brought up in the and I fed hey you know what I've made a mistake in the yesterday and that one person is not the better and a clean pinch. To put it. Okay actually says it's gotta clean break and I agreeing by the way there's a lot better than a clean pension clean break if you if if if that's the highlight your life you gotta -- do some things I was called to go through that's with the Mexican it's got to goes duke the Korean one person that's again. OK I'm glad to know that I'm not alone I still feel weird sharing it but yeah I feel we're hearing it's like Friday. Shut it down. Can you let the you know I let how a lot of the blinders you opened Adori it was too late round. Our the prison I agree. It cannot be detected toxic. I'm not saying it I'm done talking about this won't let them know it would be along with that that that's not happening is moment in life. But I mean I say it's a little things that make us happy I guess that's a look at that little thing that and there are any money while doesn't require any talent she's that's that's. Stephen's got a clean shooter. Karen Hughes there was there on toward Asia sea this is why I never really did well in my own gender. I mean seriously I think is these conversations it just disgust me yeah and unite and most of the most of most guys don't have a problem of this and to me. It repulsive to me. I can understand the I see your face yeah I'm diet deserted. Yeah I don't want to have these conversations with human beings you know it's just part of what we got to do I'd rather just move on. After my movement. The prisons is the greatest conversation I had of course that it goes out. Well I guess number wanna kiss and hug is really not analyst for you cleaned shooters and you goes troopers doubts though they collegiate or brigade to hug. And eleven my friends that's a little thing to connect to happy absolutely left you have acclaimed shooter you know overlap with friends right as happened yeah. The president of Barnes top and not. Yeah agreed that. Are you playing board games laughing all chopping it up my power back in the bathroom again and with the hundreds of yes I'd wait there's laughter when you play board games. If you're out at you when you are not marrying you know why you don't notice because you're on your goddamn phone all the time you all know little. BJ yelling the entire time I what I wanna play games. Everybody knows you are on your phone and you're not very social when you're with a schedule on your final act when you collect all the phones at the front door was Vicky from some she's the only one must let or more. Fortunate that the judge to do it gods of round of drinks you're the by what protects their phone first we've done that before a lot like absorb. Yes and a jet that contest and in the locker room whoever takes their phone first that's decent Steve Vicki we'll just start crawling in and we can't find a sneak out so get that break. Later in the game day eldest or doodling casinos. In any and. Yeah maybe two dozen or play board games that's exactly happened we don't feel like there's some weird she's the only low she's the only one that complains because we asked him to sort of be there yet way to be there LPG Alcatel is. Anyway number three Melissa's clean sheets yes. I every Sunday night I agree there is a warm towel for English like acting out a shower on the act. I economic and you warm up your towel Lee put in a dryer if you like a significant others they'll grab it for you when you get out of the shower that's nice wrapping it. That's really nice site I was at a higher expectations of your signature. Just like you and you just haven't been in the dryer. Hey baby had never happened for me and I have ever met my wife and I think about it. Now but warm sheets make fresh editors Dreier you are only because of bad. Especially during the wintertime and it's fantastic that's why I liked it that's why I like the flannel sheets they are awesome they heats up real quick yeah. So that. Pay your doctor Katz number for the little things that make it happen to us go back to Luke Wilson congress in not merely a animal hatred man. I mean I kinda mean every once in awhile undermine the dog that we had Angel was trying to destroy the whole house and every human being and it there was those moments was like I think she's cool. Yeah also getting a compliment. Is pretty good. Man in this world we. Were well Steve you have to be warranted compliments the news yeah. Getting a good deal that's pretty good one yet there's I agree I love getting a good deal sometimes I'm still spending way too much money but even if I got like if I spikes. Few hundred dollars and Nancy fifty bouts of it but I say fifty bucks in the way of living. He's spent several hundred dollars to get that doesn't matter if you got a good deal yup yeah I feel that way I just recently bought a Borg and it was really hard to get but at Q what was the last the and a great deal that you got it let's deport everybody wanted to 120 bucks for it it was hard to get as like I really want this game and and I found somebody selling for sixty and I quit I am I thought they were making a mistake yesterday you sure because and with the last one they had. And my today know that this was is worth what it is on eBay and everything else but. That was a great deal say like half the office of the it was really demand a look at what Osama bicycle race. The once or not they'll get this it's not a phrase not. And I got it for sixty buck as invited to Q over to play a key won't come over anymore you know I don't finding money is pretty good. Especially Europe how much how much money though do you have to find a feel good about it if I saw X yes I would say five bucks is right. A dollar price that kind of get excited if it's changed it's more of a nuisance they ought. I get it on I love when I go into it and I hear you geez I reached into the pocket there's five dollar or twenty. That's like the ultimate because I'll that I feel guilty that I picking someone else's money yet on the street. Its own I just forgot even existed that's awesome. I don't feel guilty about you know money industry because I know that I dropped my fair share it's like the way the world works and nobody gets a free bonus. But it changes such a pain in the ass now I I mean it's amazing somebody like I get it like ten dollars and change I should be happy you're like now. Don't you know I mean right now I'm I don't wanna have to deal with the whole team did get annoyed if you buy something you was it ten dollars back in it and one's. You know and I'd rather organically goes to strip club vote yeah that's he makes it rain and I've got to do is coming odds that that my wallet. Are you don't want that now at the restaurant because they're hoping you'll have more. They just tip money and that's exactly why do I I I I watch restaurants polygamy change back and it's like so. They don't do it right now go to you gain of five back I can't leave a tip if you do this maybe they want that spot as that it. That's a lot and use that that's that's a lot that there ask him. You know for that particular meal and I ask Tony the pick up money on the ground isn't afraid to take somebody's trying to play a prank on music attached to a fishing string yes it is an employee. Or or somebody's gonna run up to like you've thief. Think it's a cartoon on camera take a job and I don't nice little pleasure in getting robbed I know. How about this hearing from an old friend who is it is a little thing that makes you happy. Fred what they're calling. I think the FaceBook yeah it's sort of like what girlfriend don't I hear from. Leggett did you know I mean then and I guess is one dude that I haven't heard from a long time it would be it's easy what he's doing. That would make me happy though he should reach out to. Exist the thing I hope Obama. I think the F we have Walter Jones the few weeks in a weeks ago and tell you now everyone's take a moment to reach out to the people they care about neo in dialogue with the awful stuff I felt around this world your I felt better because Walter Jones is right now I was so I felt like I'm a hypocrite his eyes is that it is yeah yeah well maybe here it's Walter Jones to do it for you. Yeah that's a great idea it's going to be reaching a lot of countries like this plan a doing a good deed is also on this list I guess that makes apple does that. Make everybody happy when you know when you think you've done a good day to join a good deed I think that's the reason you do with a good deed because we feel good so people don't wanna admit that. They don't analytical and at that deep and and that's I think people think it's a sacrifice to do something go to give money or whatever but I always say look. I'll tell you some demand you always feel good after doing which means you're getting benefit. And people on it. Right now it's not a sacrifice you get something out of it so it's not really a of good deed because of dean is right that you do something and get nothing out of it at all. You have to be back. Have no emotions and feelings to be able to get nothing or is that I'm doing some guy hates as a good deed. You know and then then a select whatever emotions against foreign I'd paid for by having to do the stupid thing at him Monday in the first place feel like you have an example. What just I buy mortgage owning that dog. Yeah all that dog was a good deed I never wanted the dog in my life and we put up with a for a top of that the and dog for fifteen years in the dog was the biggest pain in my ass but you couldn't all of it no I didn't. I can I put a hole and now I remember when I grew up tolerated and I definitely is that GA I was sad but I'm telling Steve was more misery in my life because that dog going to be good feelings now at the end it was like OK I saw she was helpful to the family and loved her and I get it. But there's that doesn't outweigh the amount of misery of the fifteen years of being with that thing. I mean seriously and that was something active for the family so I'm gonna tell you read Farrah that was just review all the shouldn't wanna take care of that stupid thing. Kinda covered this on friend the whole like the good deed and everything and so what ends up happening is. Phoebe had to donate to a charity that she didn't like because they dissed or ones so that's the way you can get her out okay. I like this plan. Number ten on this list as my favorite. And I just did it Sunday and I'm telling you man I don't know what it is me because I'm really really busy. But having some lazy time we've just relax and do nothing I did at all sunny around the house. Who's the best time yeah I don't do that much and and and and I even say you know I had a chance to play board games or is it not been doing nothing I'm not gonna do it because I know how great those days are you just do nothing. I was in my pajamas most of the day. And it was so it's always I felt like I even had more free time because of the fact that the hawks run at 530. So many feel like I just had all this time to do nothing. Definitely a bad mood particularly bad 1 o'clock I was him I wanna watch the hawks game mode. There are four more hours the homeowners who goes to see and now Greta when it's outside of baseball season iMac in the same way but when I I was watching baseball picture it didn't bother me which by the way while cars are our guy right yeah twins yankees and twins is that this is this is. This is the best baseball you're ever gonna see if you don't wanna watch any baseball at all. Watch tonight and tomorrow night when the cub undercut the Rockies take on the Diamondbacks wild card game. So wild card games are won and done baseball games after a 162. Games. Somebody is gonna go home. They did they did everything they could to make the playoffs one game and Don which is so lot of character for the sport of baseball because they play the most games out of any sport and yet. It's a one game playoff more exciting may mean in the World Series if you ask me. At the street I think it would only because of the one and done factor. What are you pick a game seven of the world all game seven year rise mega games that this is a game seven yeah yeah you're right and this is this is exciting. I'm a very stoked about how they're watching hockey. Is as big season starting today a third as of Thursday its pre season games they don't want something. In which he season over one and a baseball. I guess they Steve. He was able to get this one right what is the wife of the duke called blue because he's a that's just. A yes and your last close now that. You wanna take on the blessed you have a shot to 06421 rock who played B makes it 847 on Iraq. Today's podcast was brought to you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now and has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. How do I figure out who my creditors are some people who are a lot of times had a lot of a long time. I'm not having good credit and having collections and some very very concerned because. On May be concerned that you you won't be able to find out your creditors that you filed bankruptcy hell I know which collection agency has life. Credit card go from ten years ago now. And that's that's something returned to keep track of where. Because credit collection agencies transfer your that's all over the place. But we will pull your credit bureaus in front getting all three of your credit bureaus will be able to tell you how your credit and debt now. Which collection agencies have had in the past. And we'll make sure that we file your creditors will we find your bankruptcy so that nothing slips through the cracks thanks Travis if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can reach out to try to save time head choose the right chapter dot com that's choose the right chapter dot com. Thanks for listening.