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Thursday, October 5th

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This is the men's room. It's so good standing by for another round profile that we'll take our 944999. All of playing profile as and minutes. And I can't wait one hour from now the first quick check in my cock for some of the stories and headlines he is not working out all right good news Applebee's is selling one dollar margaritas for the entire month of October a foul ball line they won't regret at Valhalla golf neighborhood appreciation month homeland. Very little residual mammals almost when they're drunk. You know men like a good Marguerite aggregate content that. They try to go five most unify margaritas are different market yeah. Yeah that you know here I am one of those is just little margaritas or the like visual. I'm hoping the little ones I guess I think between the and it. Every time we want to the first full tilt bigger go homestead this visit giant Margarita doesn't have to be a Cadillac or is that only this like high end to Cuba. I would guess hi amber I'm gonna Golf Channel I have turned and you do something to. Apparently it's also national pizza month of Bob Johnson is a promotion we can buy one piecing get another one free. And if you senate for visa check FA board you can get a third pizza for free you know we should actually get in contact the Vancouver we have declared that today as Buffy naval base though. A little pepperoni for whatever reason I have now Papa John's pizza belongs to us. Yeah seems I used to minimal time for a reason just all the calls for longer reciprocity Celadon every exist. It's ramat and an option to create your own poll this week. And people love it until they senate that there answers are not anonymous the first new crease to concede your answer in a friendly if they don't like your answer. Intact so the polls just simple things like Haiti you like me. Got a big I don't know I'm just thinking be why would you put it out there if you do if you might know like the answer. You know your real friends are my fifth against. A mean. I don't Jim I'm normal I'm thinking of it you know if it's somebody ordered put you know states does this outfit look good on me. Did you put another justice to have people say oh yeah looks great or did you truly want an alert. Knew who probably just one of the feel good about yourself as a compliment as soon again. Right I do appalled I ask you my opinion yeah that was my house you have a couple friends and being very honest with you but other than that most people are. Course he's a fantastic. We has its fifth the fifth and 58 year old men of Florida was arrested for stealing an elderly woman's Bible after she dropped in at a bus stop. You stole a file on Wright's opinion of free hotels loose tomorrow for the until sacrilegious as an NFL and it's. No matter relive avoid early in the battle and bibles of personal things give up your personal bibles when you carry around when you read your marks things and it's masters whenever it's personalize them. Yeah you're right. People love their I never look things do that and that's that's just a testament to who would you steal from and only. We've autographs per person that you helped our daughter rival. You have about the Bible and reversal of Roma back in disarray that's. Things that the only reason why you would still bibles if you're religious and and if you're religious that he would not have to still viable after all maybe under rated the fundamental been given by damn good year Reuters did he need huge city need to leave reasonably good look maybe just said I've heard a lot about this book I'm worried it's time to read and do what I feel for her hurricane. Do disintegrate and out of rotator. Hurricane might never see those canes we stand up on their only like four little prongs of a bomber 30 damn they got a pivoting my dad got one technology these days mantra. Yeah while returning to do not go with this with the walker with the wheels on it he should be just rocket McCain if he could not get anywhere and you get a king coming you know. Became. Three feet well I hope you get crippled wife if that's the dream for just amp up your parent. You could get hit it to the is that the difference cobras and gain a little look at the time of rampant Cain has just it's just a straight states. Yeah and it's not as important do you put any weight on there though you can. I want all scooter. The whole studio figures and on and throughout the Wal-Mart and a man in Tennessee was arrested after he broke into a house floor dressed as a pilot. Married whereas your votes you made me. Before I would be hugely offensive fire Williams thing really was apparently is sounds like he's always is just always dresses a tyrant a hole. This latest thing well then you're going to be easy and I. I think guys feed the fire. Regular like a virus pieces don't break the law they're gonna find to really haven't just don't read the law period that I might there's not a lot of phone back. Look here's my thing my people are going to break the law we do know this to be true. So if you're going to break the world just don't be dressed like a pirate them lessons on a week. Our dresses a really good pirate that you can then change back into yourself. To not get cut. Was it like it. Not long ago Captain America rob the bank yes and they still couldn't find a guy out because he was dressed as. African Captain America and still had a whopping fifty to address his captain Morgan. Did you gonna be a pirate thing I've rob you they'll leave your little miniature GAAP for the good hey I was here at the I have adequate to do more inventive take your amenities the third I. What really derived you can open Baghdad everybody on a grounded take a little mandate was to prevent yes I'd Sunday. This is stressful the and I admired your idea and I am crazy if if if and I'm frustrated guide them pirate I'm robbing you. No reason to think anyone say right now I'm sane. I'm dressed as the virus and did you say might of early this is what I do all the time right you his watch round as pirates you should be nervous. He gets mad because people raise their eyebrows and walked by the fifth. We use their net new mayor liberals like an open primary I hate when people do it in journalism review blue today and what you were like why don't match what what do you think people learned to. A flight from LA and Hawaii and and escorted by fires are had to be escorted by fighter jets back in May after a 25 year old passenger freaked out. In court he explained that it all started when he hallucinate and thought he saw a butterfly in the plane. Our our our own the single butterfly amicably governor planet we do you do know an armed escort back to I would imagine looking out the window see military fighter jets because you know coaches Joseph thinks he's all butterfly right. I mean you don't want to decide if I mean I'm assuming it escalated. But it could applicants on something and well it just says that he elucidate. Tomlinson. Chest and enemies is not. If I wanted one of them I got married crazy tablet macadamia steam. Four inmates in Mississippi broke out of jail stole bunch of stuff from a dollar started the broke back in the jails they can sell it to the other prisoners not it probably two dollars bet you plan to depict it at fifty dollars. Dagger we don't go your money you think it's harder breaking back dinner break and now I don't know good ones on our level I tell me about how we'll bring him to another regular dollar stormed a Baghdad. Maybe I'll look into the dollar star got arrested and put back innocent prisoners at the summit broke back in feed material stuff for the how crafty but regardless I prison you can break it out and end. She didn't break out of there you can bring good material that that one over. I forget that never mind might even go there and just a professor Maryland oldest and that they can use a three by five cheat sheet for a test but didn't specify knows that he meant inches. Excellent student showed up with the chief she that was three feet tall and fighting life. All out terror it's a nice posted a Smart man on man. I didn't cheat. That's urges women practice. I got to team up to test in February. Are the through a five to think index Carter and staffing. Yeah you're right a lot of info on how do I really hope the best it was in the front of the class we could just kind of set it up there so everybody can read his chief Sheikh Abdullah do to Carson back. Just trust me on this one if anybody can live there he'd give up that idea that it does but at least you can think that if if if if if and finally a man with a resident Wyoming then claimed that he had a warning for the masses to close the morning of. Al about a one hour now they are not headlines are go to one hour from now fortunate elbow. Treasonous. Cipro help to please everyone now profile this is playing at Georgia and miles it's a simple game where we share with you real life news story. Something that happened right here. Planet or. Peru Peru. And as you listen to short based on the stereo types you believed to be true people and the decisions that people make we'll ask you what to do you think makes the story a story. Hello Donald welcome to the Madrid. Not a whole new book laden. Dolls. It's hard Donald do you understand how does your game is played. I go Kart. 67 year old man. He was hanging out of those twelve year old grandson. And rainy town Missouri that's just outside Kansas City. Now they've gotten some doughnuts before breakfast and Graham Paul wondered what what we have is grandson to get one forum. The kids sit. No no apparently he was just being a brat so what do grants due early losses goddamn mind he grabbed a knife ended up stabbing the kid is he all was snapped. The drill hole O'Hair moved well while also doughnut he added I am. Well grandson ran to a neighbor's house and they called the cops luckily the QB okay but Graham told police that he's sorry for what he did but that is grandson who's been very disrespectful and he says he just snapped. He's facing charges for first degree domestic assault and armed criminal action. Do you believe that this man is black and white makes you were Asian. All wow. It took off on this memorial consultants or you can comment on averted being healthy too much on this and it's a delicious doughnut. Arizona but the them. I mean us. But Asian people really don't have to they don't have to them things. I actually agents make the best doughnuts. Did you ever had a let me say like I think it's then. The Thai style don't know how later Chris dear one love of animals. And I think basically Krispy Kreme it's all okay I'm down I'm Soledad there's different styles of don't. I also have to say hello my grandfather once like Magellan and screaming at me as we can open and close in the screen door. It's cool to let out of my family that's even a white gang. It doesn't learn like I feel like why people are crazy like that you know like. I need ridiculous numbers that euthanized. In else. And everybody is still left the white people could we talk about it more but think that if I think you'll like doughnuts I would relate the I can't play feeling actually be mild the adhered to go on like a right to everything has visited and I think you have to go to rewrite your guy and norm if you're gonna say disrespecting. I would traditionally say that that has a possibility of being black but it's he if you disrespect and elders let's just another way of saying you know I mean it's it's. To me I. That would be a term that would be used in that situation and we know it is you and you need to get your elders respect so yes you're disrespecting us on this in the cultural that would. Do we know the name I don't know it shops I do not know the doughnuts are front. And Chad with final answer. All I don't even have to go to Hawaii on Donald wide final answer we're gonna find out if he was black white meg C or Asian next. That was a tease you are listening to the men's or radio network. Smiles. Upon us today dazed as do Missouri and granddad who asked his twelve year old grandson of the good thing given Donna. Grandson I guess that mulling your granddad and none of Brandon got a knife and he stands twelve year old grandson. Thank you learned a valuable lesson. Pop pop I don't bother doughnuts and then bought McDonnell wins you do you believe that this guy was black and white makes you or Asian and your final conclusion was that he was. Why it's didn't seem like a crazy white thing to do is push and oh and snarl up wore out. All Mexican mountain youth all right and can't. The now what do I do a good figure like every country. I think some of you try doughnut you want from us and yet you don't really not a good numbers and a version of the don't enjoy every commercial. The what would they have been in New Orleans in the north of the yeah yeah on those ago when game in Yankee with a nice tiller on that only we yeah. The cafe in a mall now relativity and both times our TV time a day and hour. Sure. Countless hours in front of a talking. Presents. Now everybody knows that Megyn Kelly Shia were to fox news network for years I did damage led his mandate. There Megyn Kelly also. If you didn't watch Fox News and she kinda got super famous last year because she moderated some of the debates. At that. The well now president trump. Was a little. Is he critical against any this Twitter thing kinda. I don't know he's meat or I don't know what does that currently has paid the president I tweets. Prank means weights and he treats that I think so right he talked about making Kelly alive I don't know if he called her nasty. I'm Sherry called something so the main Kelly kind of got lake. To me like kind of crossed over from just BM mica a Republican Fox News person kind of like this next level ranked deadly or more notoriety. Right so now Megyn Kelly. It's been working in and the more you know they gave her an hour long news show in the summer. And it worked out so hot and now she's working with I mean national impact on Good Morning America. His opponent listen ballots today show thank you throw. I think she's rumored NBC market open Asia overnight for the last hour now Lippman the status may Intel is our cup. A tough couple weeks and all right number one obviously spend much time at fox there's some things are gonna say so a lot of people aren't super. They're finding out the like while she's well known not everybody is huge fan and spoken up and men they just it's weird things that they had trouble booking guests which seems odd foot your first week. There was a scene where the cameraman was walking in front of another cameraman and dropped an S bomb why a shark Obama and Wright had like they brought in like her family I just like a whole episode kind of makers seemed softer or not. It's harsh so it's been tough. For make it just. I had no idea that I noticed I was I know relate my. They don't like program nor all bad time awkward interview with Jane Fonda. Read the right thing Jane Fonda think Jeff's about a plastic surgery Jane Fonda just looks at a news you really wanna bring us on now. Plus what what's there's some thing were you both know about doesn't somewhere and he's well it just. I know nothing this is amazing bond and Robert Redford were on there. And it's a movie that that people are gonna love and I'm sure you get your hug the young kids. And little else Robert Redford today Bubba but I Aristide though I think your mommy yeah they're going yes. So hopefully it goes to people or whether or not you like either of them and I don't really care. They're like super favorite program I would make the when they come on your show they give you like hey we're here to talk about this movie. That's about it. Well Megyn Kelly kind of went off script the script a little bit just thinking hey you're still so attractive in the vibrant but did you talk about what your surgeries would ever want to talk about that. And she's got like we really gonna do this so she's had. Golf the golf a couple of weeks now this one is super awkward. But this line that is how Megyn Kelly she has a panel where they're talking about gun control pretty serious thing and Tom brokaw's on there. But sometimes. You've got a commercial break. If you're running against NRA and a lot of the western congressional district for example fish you're portrayed as a traitor to America. You know you're not in favor having people who have weapons and that's after all how the country started. We're a long way away from that its Second Amendment got what he said that no Elena you're militia is important to our country. Thank you your right I mean you don't have to step up revenues heartbreak apologies umbrella out. As this are they're they're at America's attitude we got our break coming up. The listen that this debate will not a lot and now. It hit it in Washington video at the mention FaceBook page right that don't worry about the topic what are the fact it is as awkward as it sounds so like Tom brokaw's turn and Alou holds. He has his mouth somehow very wet cool fault we'll tell you I think to like it it never worked in media I hate the thing is they have miles to attend the easiest to do it every day like. There's some breaks you just have to hit them a certain time right it's like when you first read this because she's from fox it was late. Megyn Kelly cut off Tom Brokaw all of us I'd crawl right wreck and then when you hear it's like. Fella is really not on her arrogant and Tom Brokaw knows he knows what a heartbreak is he he's read the ingredients and audio sounds like a man who might take him into the catcher Q whom like he knows that overlooks the doom now. Well he doesn't have the same person in his hair and making those same we got a break we get a break we get a break we can't hear that how do you think you'd have to yell friendly area. I found out pretty loud. That I'm. Hate me yeah bracket pool. I just would be your PC or brutal more fees it. Parents actually help grow more borrowed for a brutal form for a 101 or if if he won't vote while former guard sort of social control. Yeah I was never broke our back. Let my house the day and ran out of body did a great ideas and nobody could you pick somebody I was always a damn Ramadan Augusto watcher rather reports. Whatever they have their TV station he's doing so he's still being a journalist right we slowed down his data and human. Dan rather Gloria but don't we all get old I hope so I could say less words. I'm just saying like you don't meet under the old people go to get damaged offers both walking don't let you go slow. That's it. I also went funny about old people eaten together as a mom is now retired is that like my mom's pretty a pretty vibrant for arrangement. She get so annoyed with you know people who. You basically would you just did you think they always sensitive. And everything conversation over the call to slur broom instead of the dining is she goes she knows that they're just the stupid channel has taken all day she's like. They're not that good enough for flat courses set the table we've taken the table we got it. Well Chris. I'm home. And it's of her friends have you know health issues. So you know my mom not a big drinker but she's like. I'd like to have a drink once and one half expect. We've been your. Right like twelve right now he's got I like LL bring other medication zinni with a chiropractic and it was taken into this program and I bills on the table is Denny's at that. A whole different tone to dad's bottles open up shaking hands genuine stuff. If everyone needs a war I'll be there soon. Guys everything that they'll buy in an effort they're brokers it's easier option that well I can't swallow huge things. Yesterday now luck I won't lie. I like him and I've always defended him and don't want to put this month you. Just a sacred just like with yeah well what he was plane hit a homer and I was Brad and Mike about this I think I made the call like we treat that galaxies as of this. This Cam Newton guy's got a great smile is gonna win the Heisman clearly message had a great smile Heisman bout is always goes he's always defended this month as three acres now. Franks also he is a large large men and correct me is big at the quarterback position fast. Yeah different kind of athlete element dapper JD degree to which went to in my room so yesterday you got into trouble when a couple of his comments basically. Bit eat a female reporters asked him about running routes. It's not a lot of pride in being here SC they're playing well then I guess if you really grace and the brutality. His drafts and maybe in the backyard. An and you eliminate your medicine. It's funny to hear females talk about. Routes right. Obviously got a lot of heat from that point. It's been an. Yeah. I did he added that average could spending if you would talk about Iraq. It's awkward books it's funny. Yeah I mean this what I got a couple different like first like don't it Al out in front of people right you know an anemic that. That's and he would be true blocker and talk can wreck your enemy and then the only two was like I don't know relationship with him in that reporter act. I wanna that's a tough one but obviously he's getting and these gets a lot of use its 2017. There's obviously females that have been reporting for a lot to our failure to understand football. There's a lot of things would you think that you don't say well you know might be good might be Babbitt and that it can be a male reporter you have whenever freaking question hasn't. In your mind you my everything and I hate down Mueller trying to beat his ass one day. But you'll save them have fun and sing my beat your hands most reporter asked him if you don't sit out while most reporters. I would have to think 8090%. Have not played the sport to their covering it doesn't matter what their sex is correct now there's color guys the command and they played the game and they might be on the television broadcast whatever the other in excess lead but for the most part. If you look around those press conferences you couldn't take out an athlete in the entire room other than the person who's up to the podium so sex doesn't really matter. It's not really on the table that always looking at. I mean you can you can say you never played the sport and yet we used to work that's all I'm saying right these these are most non athletic people that you could ever imagine doesn't mean they don't know their craft. It doesn't mean they don't know what they're talking about that's the whole point you can you can analyze something most coaches. We're all players some more but not all. Right so I mean you can teach someone to do something but he might not be able to do it tour. Yeah mean I continue to teach you how to shoot jump shot. Can't hear them through there I think you can't let him get the elbow when Rendell Denver rolled right to be filed shoot from the men's room right Valentine's double file open right and I didn't tell ya it's that they're show you a bit like you've seen me do. There. It yet so easily catch a bunch Ethan Allen I. I am I can't get W was just hidden or whatever just kind of let it out again I don't think he was I agree with Brill I did just just don't say that. In front of the penal and don't ya well you wanna make that joke locker mature business but yet don't say that appealed to the he continued probably need to you'd like to get let. And just kind of like I think I was told somebody yesterday actually might even drop a comic book. I hit 91. Years ago you know when I was younger and in the guy had the means used to and I might but. Christine it's been like twenty years that we've had women doing play by play you don't it's a matte like in exactly would you say that they understand the sport. But look at Ahmad Rashad Wright he was a football player. But I really knew him from being on inside the NBA and her crew prepping for okay. All right that's stranger right there really put that together or like nice acres on on sports Eric Scott Phil Powell played basketball the University of Maryland. Right but you would never think about questioning him about football league. Now they need as a really drop a lot of basketball knowledge she basically just tells you what your RDC. Yes I hope you're Norris giant head. I will say if you watched sports and but they have a segment at the end of the day Al sports tennis and that's TP. Where they just have look alikes so wherever your how basically you see like us bald dude Lucas Black framed hats usually your picture sent to boot yeah that's it if it. This thing and if you look everywhere and it. And at this point I can't tell if he likes it or hate it. Probably both yet they leaves the door on his radio shows as but he Stanford's Steve for them but like right when you watch a life. Think he likes it I can't tell men who look like Kenny Rogers dot gotten. Yeah that was a great one that was okay now that plastic surgery done now I can't do it yeah he doesn't look like any racquets I don't with a guy really guy madam website. Photographer are packets in the got under Martin's fisherman's. All right Kelly rep we always got the drama that seems like recently with her. Not always her fault the Michael Strahan thing happened I still think she rejected now. I suspect based on her reaction she got her eyesight. Senior member Michael Strahan. Left to live to go work on Good Morning America and GM my GM it. Our Ryan Seacrest who has about a million jobs and takes on the job I guess picks up an extra job you don't want it. These job vacuum they have jobs aka. So good or America was supposed to have on Ryan Seacrest from American Idol Coca to promote American Idol right but he didn't go on. There was they authority you know there was a lot and they ought to be good cross promotion between Good Morning America. And live with Kelly in right. But he doesn't show up he says it was a scheduling thing like I couldn't make it Bob all bought but a lot of people behind the scenes are saying in the Kelly rip kind of freaked out and was like. But that's what happened restrain him like you're Rocco went on to. Steal him too because no one's heard of Ryan Seacrest Susan's right. Who is this young talent. People if people think now hello I'm pretty sure everyone's aware and what he can do and who he is a source says quote she doesn't want history repeating itself she's worried that GMA could possibly lower Ryan Seacrest away. A parent coaches or some well you just can't hiring more people understaffed. A poll if you watch a pregame show. Further Dallas owner Freddie I think like me are challenging that I had no matter camera forty feet away from Poland Ireland for about seventy weeks. Well I'd open that some of the morning shows right kind of amazes me like. Not really a great it was a kid it seemed like there was like a half hour we don't maybe before the football game started and now you have wake an hourlong show with a punch you do sit on a panel mend then before that. You have another shoe ho was like a bunch of dudes and chicks on a panel. Yeah but we are joking about you guys used to do it the pre pre game read every game here right now that played the north yeah well they're going over injury reports for fantasy teams who's playing who's not playing with the weather is we may cover at all. I like did you run up fantasy I don't play fifty sports are really don't care about it the only thing I think they ever watches the last five minutes for the reds and so that's exactly what I do. Yeah the original box yeah Europe's and I man Hennessy reds on this year that's a bummer and I hope now. And I don't know what you're doing the tonight and only two to a horrible it's. Zach great. I often times like the play from Jimmy Kimmel the trump Trump's name this a little bit old enough Fallon had a pretty funny bit and this was trumped Hillary. Another scandal here just came out that at least six White House advisors used private email addresses for official work. Including Ivanovic from Jared Kushner Steve Bannon and Ryan's previous. So when all this talk about private email accounts we actually have Hillary Clinton on the phone right now madam secretary are you there. Thanks for having me. Guys within the time to talk now what do you have to say that all these tribal officials using private email accounts. And it all looked good. I think I mean granted good wrap things I'm keeping him. Are you sure I mean several people in the tub administration did the same thing that these many are criticizing you for do you have a response to that. Earth but did that and we'll listen closely. Clinton are you still there yeah. Now watch these stay up. You got shot today that it. But I figured we were due for some drug dealer all I thank you start early may yeah may never quite get there and I've done away with my you are listening to the Missouri radio network. A timely and twenty miles. LC what's happening in the real. You don't have a beer plus theory goes you know again T shirt is arrested for a DU lives. Meanwhile the video shows why you don't try to rob a jujitsu gym and become that guy. Jacksonville elementary shocked in the school wide and a deadlock. Some people are mad that they could be toilet paper away. Hey Wyoming time traveler comes back from 2048. To warn of an alien invasion day at a government takes a guest hostage in a Panama city hotel. Thirty falls asleep in his time here headlines. It's time Dave. Here's Mike call I I've. I'm sorry we got to Wyoming where a man was arrested for public intoxication will be arrested. Of well being arrested declared that he was sent back to near 2048. To warn people of Casper of the eminent alien invasion. He then demanded to see the president of the town. You know what I think that's very kind of him right. Internet to do that and so far he's only version told us. I told authorities that aliens were only able to send him back in time by filling him with alcohol which is why he was OK. I don't like this and I don't ya I wanna time travel AA Buehrle would you ever believe someone as they traveled back from time now well exactly. Not unless the brought it right there no point in doing what I do know what's gonna believe it now less than did like the back to the future you know sports almanac thing like hey they're about to win this game by. 48 different matter how many things are they have to get right before you buy it for me just one really because really aren't my neck I don't know how the punch you in the face. That I didn't depend on the clothes. Let me know if you're from the future even where it's a cool. Cameraman look at the Maui and only 4890 cents a I'm saying don't usually do those who matter. You think. Yeah out and the people in the eighties thought they'd be better now and most of better now in the eighties. Apparently they were supposed to send about a 28 team. And that's when he had the attack was supposed to take place this enemy your early so we nine a year before the alien invasion. Well there'd be no point concerned him win the envisions happening if you're doing we know. Exactly. Next around the world man learned the hard way to. Tuesday established that you want to rob carefully. Surveillance footage shows a man walked walking into a jujitsu GM and then sprint to the back of the establishment have you guys seen this video now it's hilarious. Vice president back shortly following the screen to the receptionist for me to be seen sprinting back out of the jam. We'll be chased down by nearly a dozen men in full view. You've got to get the truth I don't know I don't know this there's a travesty mentioned that they have to go fitted to go to the gym I guess discount so many people are there. And just weren't the largest jump and over the things discouraging out of this place after him toss it should be noted that he decided to rob a jujitsu Jim. In Rio de Janeiro Brazil. All the sheiks and Leo come home man what do you Brazilian digits of the oil is a place where they've pretty well perfected it. The martial art of jujitsu move. That I need for the most part play. You paid dues with only people show to a gym everyday and slapped down forty bucks in cash right. Don't forget just why would you take that plays and how much money here you gonna get out there I mean how often do you pay my dues anyway my guess is just like some sort of equipment and how would think like OK when a paper twelve lessons though and that's politically for twelve more like how much money is actually in the in the in the caddie anytime you don't know how hard at people in Rio de Janeiro are. But I Candace I can't imagine you're gonna make a living up from stolen GG two hits now. If this is the fifth. Not a great business now at half price he said. The commander's eyes will find Olympic. How many Connecticut was arrested earlier this month wearing a T shirt that read quote bear plus beer legal shenanigans and you'll know. Guess what he was arrested for auction damage shenanigans and I'm driving option. And it ends should know that there is another shirt on the bag this thing that I can't read. If I saw that earlier smile like a lot this guy was arrested for domestic violence and it's an hour and we got another shirt yeah are. Wow I better read a blank the most expensive merely allow very yeah yes yes yes there was CN nasty man and his marvelous and in their place you like to go to. And the fact I think it. Our Florida elementary school is under a bit of fire for their attempts to bring attention to wasted their students. It's admitted he did this value by taking the rolls of toilet paper out of the school bathrooms and instead handed the students wad of toilet paper before sending them to the bathroom. Parents were upset about this idea suggested that students would master underwear says should cement to the teacher in a baggy with a note it's been beaten. The district has denied green lighting the demonstration into that the students have never been denied to other paper in kids. It is a little weird at strangely at all the talk about it. I didn't need my classmates to know Obama got a drubbing Duke's. You don't mean everything and when he left the room mentally lose they way they gonna go to mass amounts like they like his kids to stay until I got to thank him as a I should do now as a book and I says teachers and I have a square tumors is teacher I'm gonna need like pony more mass. Classes today go over sloppy German everywhere I don't Dodd amendment to my friends typical and PB and if you got a man let's in my damn your name on. Like as pro bowl of chili dark. A man of Florida's plan to hold someone hostage is not go according to plan at all people and older holding hotel guest gap didn't stop guys. To hold a hotel guest captive by knocking on the door and brandishing a weapon he did that he worked too busy day god is there any help of the person captain and fortunately while staying inside the room waiting for his ransom demand fell asleep. Allowing his captain to escape to walk out. Two big guys that was holding you captive fell asleep knocked down and ended nodes aren't yes. She says a word we just meant he must've come over that idea already have from the back he emphasized the map more than teach you how good of a hotel is that go to where your your waiver rains and when you do is knock out right there if you letter at an altercation with a three G talk from the historic vote and at. At hotel as nice bath and yeah. If I want you there live and I don't this situation man does trophy in there. Tell you so heavenly Weston bad you should call them excuse your commanders is you Kerry and dealer had a little bit as to what the three front desk clerks where he pulled the trigger repeatedly and shouted back and but the gusts uploaded it did not go off and all thank gosh bags at every headlines that. My guy and I neighbors are able CNN's Deborah bad jokes the return of ten vs the FCC and profile lists yes indeed it is all terrible enemy dime we've all our problem. Ads so until next time please don't you do best and poorly this saved us today beautiful.