MIGS vs TWOW 026 -- Stone Cold Steve Austin and Jim Ross

Friday, October 6th

This week Migs gets to chat with two of the biggest names in professional wrestling of all time!  Stone Cold Steve Austin joined us to chat about the return of his show "Broken Skull Challenge" (Tuesdays on CMT), and they also chat about the 20th anniversary of Steve giving Vince McMahon the Stunner, the recent Kevin Owns moment where he headbutted Vince, and how tough wrestlers (like Cesaro) are.  Jim Ross then joined us to chat about his new book, "Slobberknocker - My Life In Wrestling".  Jim shared a great story about dealing with a blind and drunk promoter...as well the Mae Young Classic womens tournament.

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It's now time for work. Days vs them. World. What's doubly welcome to another addition of makes vs the world of wrestling and a little peek behind the curtain so I I do a morning radio show here in Seattle on May nine point nine KI SW the BJ mig show. And from time to time were afforded the opportunity to speak to. Certain celebrities and and they call the radio Taurus it's typically these tours are about ten minutes and lines and these celebrities soldiers do once station after another after another after another. At the timing right I can record some of these either before or after the show it just depends on their schedule. So I bring this up because side this week's episode of majors the world of wrestling. Is quickie in a sense because I have an opportunity speak with stone cold Steve Austin and Jim Ross. Aaron have you heard those guys you know hardcore wrestling fans probably know both of those guys credit bureau marginal wrestling fan iron instead of you never heard from them. Arguing through the biggest names in the world wrestling stone cold Steve Austin I'm going to greatest wrestlers of all time and Jim Ross. The greatest announcer of all time some pretty freaking stoked that I had the opportunity to chat with them. I Ambon though I don't get to talk to them for very long period of time and that's hard because. I find out I'm able to kind of get into a groove after about ten minutes and chatting would somebody. And then the second half my interviews he's in my favor part of my interviews because I've kind of warmed up to them. They get that they're talking to somebody who's a fan. And it and it works are really well in these situations you got ten minutes yet to make it happen of course they're trying to promote something as well so they do the best that I can now I don't mind saying this because series of bad as my talent you know that these aren't your typical long form interviews that I like to do and I think you guys enjoy listening to so let's just jump right into it they'll. Stone cold Steve Austin he's joining us because he's got an awesome show called broken skull challenged on the CNT network. When you hear this interview I talk. Week extensively about how much I love the show and it's not me trying to blow smoke up his arm pays off. This stunner. It's because my wife and I do love watching the show it's a great show and it's back seek a watch on CMT. And right after that a jump right into my conversation with good old JR Jim Ross. Got a brand new book called slaughter and soccer my life in wrestling and I just got my hands dynamic cited his power do this book and it's very rare I read books but if anyone knows me. The few books and I do read our autobiographies by rock stars or by wrestler so this is is right up my Alley crisis start things off my jet. We stone cold Steve Austin bureau pasty dozen gunmen are problems there earlier did I am so excited that I broke its own challenges coming back. My wife that's appointment television for my wife tonight I never thought my wife would bond with me over a shoulder. So it's a big deal physical extreme nature and and and she's hook line sinker loves it I love it do congrats on a great show and I'm glad that the season's coming back. I'm true I'm looking forward to a group. Appreciate number. I. Bjorn look Gerry house history book or will we get another Cheney now there are no no we're sure what he's got a little but I can reduces the mold of a weird so you're really just normal I'm so we're listening goes ground it has absolutely air and air. Our favorite thing about watching the show is out we both loved the guys that are the girls know whoever it is in the in the the episode that talks the most amount to crap and when they fall on their face or lose right away. I don't know why I just love watching the people who are the biggest crap talkers fail. Well funnyman if you don't mind there's talk trash and a broker call shall you don't you'll look back up because you're doing you know decrease humble I would step down the road. You know I was on my resignation talk a lot of trash. You know I treat every man or woman out there exactly the same numbers show the Hayward tells them never judge a book cover but someone like that it would it would amount of water intake session would Perez know what you want just ready okay. Until the first until I know you're playing cat and attack a lot of tears if I had. You mentioned number I love you and I love your podcast it's funny in today's day I still think of you whenever I go to Trader Joe's because of a few years ago when he went on that rant about the small parking spot to make you know what. Stick on December I did it's. Odds are tiny. I don't know what global memory and so won't Alicia mother I know the most well are a lot Mike had to get more costly and distortion like you make more money into this great would make. There's another one I your Walsh angle he's our go to war shirt Dario actually got Europe and America are still on the local mall last our glass auto unit so I'm allowed to embryo to get yourself. I've started ice creams the diocese soy ice cream that my wife my dive and I find it. Bob I did this the other day I was reading and and it's crazy and just makes me realize I'm 42 and I've been a phantom of the world wrestling since I was a kid in and we just hit the twentieth anniversary of when it is great look back now because obviously Vince McMahon has worked his way into the world of wrestling. Quite a bit over the years but back back in those days you gave my stunner and I was the first time about twenty years ago about a week ago. And it's been talked about quite a bit on line can you go back in time to remember that moment and an end to look back on what what turned out to be such an epic moment in the world wrestling. Well you look and ornate told him you didn't bet daughter alive you're out in the garden. And then he totally radical right where you're almost are glad oh bench started that Osama most regret and then you kind of easier we Omar but they get there are two really set him up and are we really get an umpire and anti authority. But I want to order to try it out. About an hour all the water we did our. There what I limited amount of that bench owner knows a little bit unrelated are almost Wall Street because so uncoordinated. I got married an adjustment in Medicare and restarted flop around a little like he got a lecture you don't want to see usually like. A lot of rattled appear. It was it was just a garage let's show the play came unglued because all of them would know that right in that time edition. You know these milestone you haven't got you don't need a huge container port a year ago when all. You're gonna ban should. All these things used to lining up their. All so much work are mine are all oh OK 040 years ago I love it's let's daughter of the fact that people. Spill look at that is such a liar liar of a bill wrestling industry you know look sample more than a seven year old but the fact that people still remember built into stone cold dead bush I'll remember better word the character and about how great the WW out. He was jumping you know larger building that character you know doing a story lines so are you have got a W out a lot of Larry incredible coming up to create a hero loved beloved war to about Cabrera. Well you mentioned that and and in the legacy every that's got to feel great to know that you leave a legacy and anything that you deal and and then obviously with the so called character what would you didn't roar of the wrestling and and I'm. Hello Bob obviously it made me think of about what happened what Kevin Owens with Vince McMahon because he just recently had a story arc with him. And I thought about the times that he shares how you gave me great advice I'd become a better wrestler what was your take on what happened between Kevin and Vince where it ended up with Vince bleeding in during. Are you object you can have an all in such a young guys work out so well and I am also there are you know a lot of low. A language forum reader here solitude and we're currently got a text Cavanaugh and I work really enjoyed that. I shed as you mentioned you want to help as so beat. He is he man and moment like little or no what I what I protection and that I mean you know and trying to get a talent over and putting everybody on Latin. You'll grant all do absolutely it'd great so I don't know how rubbed everybody else but I absolutely loved it there and a look at the governor Owens and are not so great. That I George you're the bad outcome but it ran it. Broken skull challenge today it's back I Tuesdays at 10 PM on the CM TE network guy I'm sure you get asked this question a lot but I love to hear your take on it Yahoo!. And the world wrestling right now do you think would make a great competitor on knob broke it's broke and it's broke it's got challenged. The soldiers are not yet she athletic people no rub a huge and you go like are low or high ratio Rollins. But you rushed that through through the brackets and through the competition overall I see it hard to get past a guy like but I was very crucial Kurdish strong cordillera yeah I'll yeah because there are a lot of -- or number incorporated the brackets. But I think. So much emotional as well would probably you know rot. Energy on the cold buster but do the right what is athletic build everybody got kind of what generation are actually oh so I think you would go out and they. I'm really look bleak. You're right that Darby and I love the CNN and guys like is our mindset Rollins all competed and I mean Donald you watched most recent paper I don't know merit Ciba would wish apple would. This is Carl. And he is one tough cookie. Well you do and moments like that there are so people just do my dad's garage door sports entertainment shake their head. Our I argued apple orchard fifteen years to come here Barbara had modest honest job I ever sometimes. Things like that happen and arraigned and when they do you know whether you're on how should know or your your money and overall are liable you knew he ordered. And that's used to be and they need good ghost to the men and women you've got to remember oh so tough job. Absolutely and add nothing but. The utmost respect for all you guys that I don't what you guys done inside the square a circle and and have again broken so challenge one last question about that are my wife and I debate about this side. As far as what would be the hardest of all the challenges for a one of us to do I I. Am I mean the rope I I know I wouldn't do well at the data and all but I don't heartbreak hill I feel like that one might crush me as a human being just being able to trying go up that hill it just seems. Is it impossible. For you which one do you think would be the toughest challenge for you compute complete. Why don't you do that you mentioned arch but also when you start at all you know what are what are your are your gas submit up dialogue you're you're a woman reported by catalog. Into clear that. Who all got a quarter mile road you're Delhi till the pilot levels all. You've got a big yes swallowed jumbled up and down in your collar bone graft. And most people are not you about carpal bond comfort or pay your air and let's succumbed to news maybe gotten a lot of the get go oak. Yet another shelf the crush most people Eminem got mad how stern a broad base you know without will burn did molest and are murder heartbreak hill right well yeah I'm real so I meant it sort of all toast mall here anyway you slice it out they're but they're just a matter escort them. Are we built almost this year so there's your boring couple emails and there's going to be also a big you're gonna eulogy by. Are they were looking forward to it always we just recently saw the commercials promoting it and we both got legit excited or IRI's back against the citizens of fund showed us the watch on the couch and and it's always entertaining and I attribute a lot of that to you as well because obviously the benefits locality is entertaining but. You as always makes it just go to the next level man congrats on an awesome show and I hope it continues after the season. Are you two will see what happens until limbo but at least I got the streak broken and it happened this year when the men and the women are altered and competitions. If you are emboldened to an incredible are comparing him organically. Oh but fortunately just went about their. And it's Arabic editor and air. I'm Steve Austin thank you my and I really appreciate taking a few minutes of talk put us right here. Jim it. How are you my man I would say Terry I'm doing great now I'm always great regular doctor JR man this is I got a member many many years ago I got the tablet you have summer slam and it was one of the highlights at radio row. Was is innocent down here. And these are some great stories adjusted timing Seattle. For wrestle mania when it turned out to be Steve's Steve Austin's last match it was like one of those stories are like wow it is cool to hear your perspective of what was stone cold last match. Yup we quote part of but we give us at least. Recently MEI had a similar one a sense semi and it looks like the undertaker. That was his last match when you got the call that it wrestle mania that must have been surreal as well. They were the building big deal when it came would get from what affect your older car accident. And then I saw out of the Friday night before Romania two days for a domain outside and they. The contract at WW return. And then another missing man made the decision to greater called the undertaker rings ranch last. Big big thrill for me so it's very over daughter just to do that through it certainly choose it would do you know it's but my progressively bled to expand his yeah. Efficient so we will would be. A wrestling fan. Vissicchio BP exploration block but you can read the album Eldorado this happened so they can albeit a bit of personal look. We all public and so we're all I'll probably summer school. Out of this so called silicon college just all of graduates live happily ever after as a as probably as an educator. And that summertime gig last forty years. Here we are today in my. Autumn are really children you know in the total thought that duke brought out he'd had enough experience is good until the template let slip a little. So this is very cruel government. Editor of the fact there are a lot of writing partner knocked over a lot of life in March. Peculiar to today's there's really negate the finish line there's. A great feeling of accomplishment not as well boat people you know build and local and Barnes & Noble Books-A-Million order books are sold to go through it seems like got bigger and enjoyed the short. Why is unveiling who would have thought I could follow these pages as wrestling fans like it's about time you're giving us a book because you've got so many great stories you read some great experiences. And I I guy or new book I can't wait to read it and it's got slaughter or knock her my life and wrestling from Roger Ross up. Well I think they know thing you know in the info sheet that they send us an I was hoping that maybe gives a little bit about. A taste of the book it says that one of the stories you do you had to do is I'd drive your blind drunk boss towards revenge. Well the owner of the U wrestling territory basic also look for many many years. They must LeRoy Mcguirk. And that mr. Mcguirk long to decide what I have been using. He went to Oklahoma State as a wrestler of all American. If we gave the NWA junior heavyweight trickle and all that NWA this year which I don't miss something. And when he lost just cited a car accident and I think if you want. So he was totally blind. So we are watching as his business partner and but I do admire part of our promotion in college or watch political discovered made. As he says. I think I got a job I cannot 125 bucks a week. And my job was to drive the good of the crime boss is out of the morning. Thank you bringing to work pressures stress fractures fly I was zips. Pressures okay. I would do it restored and I'm happy about whiskey make sure your head as I forgot to president cigars and incarcerated go and then that the drug or reading it could be driven and then take note. Cheap part here take notes in the book mini golf course the blight of villains having demand. We don't have challengers take you don't know so I didn't realize at that time that I was in electing class. There wrestlers there in the territory there were there for years that organ a rookie meetings. So obviously did that but you got off we've got automate there's this kid into that it is now a net as part of the northmen. You know whose side he. Part is a great litigation brought boys so my story. Onus on the former rocker is that is that different versions of the business in my like this different than anything it's ever been written. In this genre so that's why I think it's got a chance to do okay. I'm positive degree as a wrestling fan I'm excited that I know they give you mentioned in noted that it said that it it it's it's a tough business to crack and you just mentioned that there are a lot of people are very secretive there. They're wary of outsiders and for you who's the toughest to finally get on your side but eventually did. Warm up to you cannot imagine a first yet you got guys look at you like who knows this guy and what does he want to do with our business. Well you know I'd alluded to watch hired me to be a baby sitter. For his business partner who built it one babysitting little longer I got a crappy job and a company. That lobbying 120 thought our week's salary. And I think a lot is just using me as it is surrogate. That do take your world the chance yeah. But drew drinking and become a little bit belligerent and aggressive. Blind bitter and dropped out of school thing. And also very frustrated very impressionable LeRoy inside learned a lot being around him but there's your question. I think watching rob me and it's kind of a joke. But it the other day I became his heroic guy. Had viewed by Mitt. And he was the guy that I got a hold it up reportage improper promotions. You I think I would have. I've got the opportunity to be a key player to watch his organization. So I went from being an afterthought and that kid from the nor patience that you are you drive LeRoy. He let it all we gonna go to college this fall. Well actually almost silent and along the way they'll probably came you know break Chris Hughes my mental. Anyway get started in the security without. Are writing about mental. That what we're trying to go to write you a bunch other interviews Drudge funded thank you for an incredible Bob pub watching experience with the Mae young classic it was so much fun to watch says ladies who would they do a WE now working in I can only imagine for them to have you calling their matches Muster has been pretty surreal. Boy that experience like for you and did you enjoy working with leader and an on the commentary team. As salute your solution are hired her in the beginning Bard didn't give you eat so our relationship got to look full circle where. And governor your resting Kirsch started and then being able to work whether on the atmosphere were broadcaster order was. But the career opportunity. He would always said you know Lee was always there to do the interview Libya because as we all know. Gucci are gonna but I candy. Oh yeah. But I I I I I felt honored to be a part of the my young classic. And I totally brought him is built this very day in so lawn know what they're really trying to do the ladies. AB opportunity to providing. So big and look I was I'm all that well I guess saw a women's. Restaurant legacies and tigers and Oakland we were real big on women's sports rant I thought I got the impression NG any potential. So thin and of course there are under our teaching in Toronto things couldn't be should take Egyptian mark Smart move at WW we. They provide the opportunity. And expand that demographic. Really. An early big proponent of everything they've done in that regard. Well I really enjoyed about it and it's different than what we see now on the WB product with any other show is that it was a two person team Dee Dee do you like doing a two person team more three person team on commentary. Yes I do. I just thought it less cluttered the less busy. And I picketing purchased the TV broadcasters. That it reminds them more specifically what they're doing television. But there's video. And sound on the video is much better explaining what it is then your explanation can be. So sometimes it's best what's best is what he's not fit the new ideas. So I think figured less susceptible to over talks I think it there's too heavy and operate. I noticed right away as a god just feels much more organic the year just two people talking and a microphone as opposed Ivan three people fighting for air time. But the book it's got clobbered knock her my life from wrestling with Jim Ross it's out now. Also check out Jones podcast that I listen to all the time I absolutely love the Ross report the rest like and I thank you for everything you've given us an end looking forward to reading I saw her knock her. My life from wrestling would Jim Ross. I appreciate very much have a very blessed they got thank you as well. Pardon things like that we don't even get the save it but he's very stone cold Steve Austin and good old days our Jim Ross. Both of those guys true legends in the world wrestling. And these days you guys for listening and for spreading the word I keep hearing from people. That's just discovered reversed in the world of wrestling and has gone back and listened to all the old episodes that means the world to me. I also appreciate when you look for wrestlers that I would know that you have a good time listening to them art you can follow me on social media. It's a Graham Twitter. I'm Steve made. Until next time thank you as always. We'll listening.