BJGN10-06-17 - Rock & Morty - Star Trek Discovery - Gotham

Friday, October 6th

The gang talks TV with Rick & Morty, Gotham, The Orville, & Star Trek: Discovery; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!


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You could also experienced the latest in simulated combat technology with state of the art laser tag and that is laser tag is way beyond what you've seen like if you gondola to strip mall and you see the laser tag sort of things those are fun those are cool this is next level stuff. We kind of police are called virtual sports and the ones that are helping out with this. These things are super cool day so you can definitely check it out. For others it's good for all ages but you can also check out things like dodge ball as well a retro arcade so many things and ask for tickets and the more information just head over to GE. Two dot lied that is the letter G the lender eat the number two dot a lot of now let's talk some television. Let's start off with one that I know Vicki ended June oh are praying bear gone. Rick and forty just ended right there a third season. Bomber. Yeah. I dated I will just say that I and a few felt listening to jail I was. Under well I was still like yep so I don't like you had such great solid episodes and for this went to be the last one of the of the season. Filthy I guess the password is underwhelming and that a lot of people are thinking this isn't the end of the season. Because we did get that led the first episode of the April fool's joke oh yeah him and played over and over again on YouTube. They are and wherever and are even I think that adults lens website. And so a lot of people are speculating that if there's going to be a Christmas episode ruler Doctor Who who. Or the keyboards in the debris he I think he had originally planet for fourteen episodes and he had dropped a couple here and saying hey you know we'll see more of evil morality. Because we did see him in a previous season lease on the season he's taken over the citadel he won you know the of the campaign and everything. So we're supposed to see more of the men and there's a lot of south we we need to know what's going Connie hair. And we didn't necessarily get that in this episode but I still enjoyed it. Since he had very awed by greed does it might be built this season to have more episodes because at the end is this season finale. You'd be just wrap it up back to where they kind of started the second season. Where the families back together and everyone kind of hates Rex still and Rick I'm always those three do weighing. And so you kind of this wall that's odd because after season two they have this whole like. Collective breakdown and an in season three they started wrapping it up and then they're right aren't room back to a one off episode whenever we wanna do we know. We're going into space throne and always fantasy worlds. So it is not because at the end your college lol where is the words the big out wrap up with what's going on with the bullhorn he had all all the greater the ricks that got kind of killed. It special with last season in the way they wrapped up was a rake sacrificed himself then turned himself over to the you know. The collective forces because he is broken some laws and they have that. That hurt song Blaine at the and and just so heartbreaking. In just like he Sadr rises only doing coming good for Israel even though is Stanley is going to be you know missing him. And then they turn into the Ali amazing adventures and then. This finale see India underwhelming heated fight with the president who I'm sure. I don't routine Avian reminded of a certain you know president that we might be having right now nobody looked like a Barack Obama said the president they've had. So I feel like the message messages are Panamax only the doesn't seem like. Barack if that's what they're going for. So I had a good leaving little Xerox team over Iraq because there's this new fighting in robots that and I enable us to do little yeah underwhelming especially with great episodes like pickle RA can all that is just like okay. Just looking on line at the images of pickle rake it first offense flows off of the tongue we really really well yeah. I should slate I don't understand what's going on most the time with the show. But pickle Rick was just. I don't even give it from an outsize us. Oh he once a lot of the data makes a lot of sense pretty much Rick doesn't wanna Europe Stanley therapy sort of turn himself in a pickle and he's like. Now I am happy with Dennis let him run of the Caribbean so they figure out well this syringe over here wouldn't happen in the year and today at that you're gonna. You know uses the second really bright and not take this then do you know the bay colony gets. Goes into this adventure and he'd be in the smartest man in the you know universe. Find delayed till like EU's animal and wrote in its body parts by pushing on certain parts of their brain with his tongue. It's for a less stuff. What's to construct this weird scaled to old type body. Any ends up I'm on it it it. I did a great I know I hope so it makes perfect sense and I. Yeah I mean I get the you did it but why did you do it goes by you have to ask the person who can turn himself into a pickle why they would turn resulted. OK. That's good method. They just they just they'll just do even Elon Musk apparently said final episode was disgusting only god I know that was as us so many are reply to that is on my Twitter fees is like so this is a billionaires do in their spare time they are answered good morning and I was just like you know what he's doing Elon Musk is looking for ideas to collect talent and he says because again if they keep you honest tweet says the singularity for this level of simulation is coming soon I wonder what the levels above must look like. Good chance there less interesting and deeper levels are better so far even are primitive Sims are often more entertaining than reality itself to move. I I saw a video edit this to really explain this season finale perfectly which is that the whole clip here is his death the call and she has offered no choice to leave her family. Let's you and the family essentially previous episode. That we will find you a club we will I'll make your clone and she will have all the same memories and feelings as you. And you can go often lead the life she won any universe. When I guess giving her this option and Chris was in the room whilst watching this to go crazy thing you would I yeah I was losing to the audio on this guys like easy conspiracy theorist with the with the time in his hands apparently and just in literally picking apart everything that was said in the timing is trying to figure out the math and I was like. Now enjoys an innocent knowledge that he has of then the creators talking about how this is greed somewhere in C in Washington crawling out in Seattle but no clocks are that are hanging on the ceiling saying a certain time yeah I can be brave act now held on the it would take and why I always threw another. It's crazy it's crazy and actually somebody did you read to Justin Roland it's like there's an ongoing discussion but the location African mordant Marty's resident in what state or region is there how many says Washington State. Outside of Seattle pro. Now I need man. So let us down stone Seattle and I'm like could the shoreline. Or maybe two mile commute home I'd be shoreline. You sit outside of Seattle and some thinking lately mere. Thousands opening was down south now close to meet the storyline like five minutes dry now like to see them living shoreline. This is the meat and Shula Khartoum. Million of them pumping these people and I guess I'm my game ROB I wonder what if they're at the house is actually inspired by house is trying to drive sliced up. I mean I really pretty and all the media less than fifty dogs on the Fedora so little downhill action. And good okay. Yeah. I asked. So yeah. The let's move on and dug a little bit about my golf them right now because we can't say no to get your sense wants Austin they have McDonald's yeah yeah Taylor owed to Daley really enjoy it on the Friday get over there and get it and limit I didn't think there was a real thing by the way every it was in the ninety's yeah is when Lund came out. I can get a limited editions both. There's only eight times and promotion I got a taste amazing. Well quickly TV news today let's say no to beat you really think south. Not take like they did the warriors Mardi. I think Chris but I know how I'll be your morning in America are I have got. This 11 is pretty cool because we got to see John I think crane slash scarecrow. I know you offer yazoo he does like to Costa meaner this season I I mentioned it last week is amazing. I I think the set details the cost aiming his grade there's a couple of issues I had with his first off Barbara Kean is back. We don't know why she's got short hair that Alex QB and she's being bankrolled by someone we don't know about. But I love the fact that the characters are all questioning it as well because it's got to be euros up. Russell Blu-ray shot ERH. Race try day. Ross Geller covered it both ways and yes you would imagine maybe that would be it. And as a person I can think of right now that would fit within this because we haven't seen him since I think maybe this season premiere. Yeah Agassi was like in the shadows yeah gag cup. I can kind of city and then that possibly happening like the fact that both tablets and Selena aren't necessarily on board with her. Obviously and has really good argument for the fact like they should be put together because. Or brought together. Because it together they did it our way more powerful in the error in those white checkered halts. Yeah now yeah exactly. What I think it was also interesting is poison ivy I feel they don't. Have a direction for this character in so there just trying anything to find. I'm weighed in this is going to be like this Spinal Tap drummer rule I really feel like they're just gonna be cycling through so many I'm expecting a different actress. To be. Who knew the pretty cool CGI effects of her like her face like Marty and more being in. I want to know the crazies to they're going to taken the route of I think it's the arc in game one of the arkan games where she's actually green doesn't some of these men and art she I actually has greens getting a CIA she does even in the comic books and yeah him as well and so play I just I'm always remembering from Batman the animated series where she was just normal looking. Normal skin tone female Afghan so I can definitely see them night turning in all along more like that and actually have being superpowers at this point as opposed being a really good. Post on message. By and is alchemist journalists however my thing is it's it's kind of checking out like I get why they made her older. In it is kind of creepy to try to sexual IA is. A woman who is basically child on the inside you know and they really established clay even they Linux does stray away from that even if because there's so yeah I think she like a kid it's because you are. The thing you really are child and that an honorable actually know how old she really is GAAP and that. It it makes it really weird so I'm. I'm interested in what they're gonna do with the character but I don't even really necessarily know if they know what they're gonna do with the character at this point I IA. I hated baby bats in the beginning Mercury was loved that they I saw a picture and use face yet and now you show he he it's very interesting now because they're just pushing near. Too he's not bad man but he now has the the gear. Yeah Lucia is a lake south through whenever I crappy excuse that they added I got this this week gear now I was reading an article about how. David masseuse is talking about this is him having fun. Bruce Wayne going out there he read said in the show I feel this like I feel alive for the first time in a long time. Group and that this is impending testing all of that stuff out and getting into that as silly movie bat man role but soon to be. Clay is this training sort of paying claiming the seeds and these were doing and I think that's what they're trying to give us is that like OK we understand as we kind of have. An expiration date on this series he can't literally run for twelve more years until he becomes an adult and Jenna be that man so we need to. We begin you'll little taste little drips and drabs this thing. You know what don't forget this is bad men who else is really loving victors as are now I had. Every color and worries study done more quiet and lying down on just unit killed anchorman rebellion and Alice is lying on day he's one of the best. Actors and characters in the rogues gallery is usually up hands down. He really has allocation. So really yet he's only bond. Well that's cool I mean at least they they got a character that definitely fits our enacted if it's the character role right thing entertaining oh there is Kerry and carrying it. He's knocking out of the park man so much I want to see. I wanna see us Solomon grundy back. Or butch in the Solomon there you have clarity and charity established that so hoping that it's he's going to be showing up pretty soon they're pushing forward all of the the bad characters. Oh to the forefront at this point gap and it's interesting to see that we essentially have me. Sort of three way in terms of people wanting to control Gotham do we've got penguin we've got Jim Gordon who doesn't necessarily seem like the good guy at this point news and they NFL Kona feeling that might be thrown in. Like and yes this season yet that's gonna blow open the space should come on and then we got a baby bats turnaround doing his thing so the three of them I think that's gonna come into ahead at what that we have like ratio and all of those people go on non and then that's more into the shadows kind of like what gas wells was yet yeah icici the three of the three of them being you know and Jim penguin and Bruce. Those three kinda getting into it amongst themselves while we've got the shadowy over world going really excited to see more of this season dad. Moving from Max moved let's talk about some science. Fiction into space with both structured discovery and the or bill. Still I'm still watching the Carville yeah. It I am love these it's the same argument I'm gonna happen and I'm still so I'm still liking the parts that. I've originally like and still hate apart set I really hated. And just keeping I'm just still going on with it because it's the closest thing to start to the next generation that I have that going back and watching Star Trek the next generation. And you may you hit the nail on the head it it feels like an episode start for the next generation every time you Lee does and I. And and even just what we deal with the interstate shells of the ship kind of just cruising past and of them that play music under and whatever it. I feel like I want to Star Trek yes and it's great I just check on tomatoes are funding that is giving its when he percent mood and our critics unease is giving it 90%. Yeah well and here's the thing I would imagine the critics would have my same issues with it but at the same point you gotta kinda look. Beyond that and if that's similar liking as violent I really do think they hate I don't disagree with that I think people are more afraid that it was gonna get the Stanley guide treatment and while it. Does it go as far as stemming guys there are the parts are because it's a Seth MacFarlane thing you're just going to have that touch on there so. I'm not too bothered by the entire thing a bit but just like them going from. From one seem like the end of a scene is like the same likely paying Jiri type stuff that yeah next generation would have. The only thing that they completely and utterly. A blur in terms of quality. Like beyond what is the next generation did was we've gotten really sweet. Space battles. True like there's like they're actually flying the ship around to shoot stuff they're trying to avoid that. The explosions. The the krill ship was pretty sweet when they had to go away and come back like there were a lot of fun things with that I aid. It's just those little nit picky things where they have to associate everything where it. Normal times than before maybe even non fans or the non you know science are tricky nerds. Get Keaton to get them into it but I don't need to see board this is significant other. Eating rocky road ice cream I don't think today my musical from the sixties as they have something that makes me happy why don't they have something on their plan. I believe that happy have you seen him come at them but. We see and then they don't they don't they're very serious they're very they don't really expressed a whole lot of emotion besides just straightforward yes I think in the time of desperation in the person you love. Is acting very descent like what do you NN video like screw it. I'm gonna try you know that's maybe his version of drinking whiskey lake had enough. Yeah that way it was just. It's always that thing is that what do these people want like oh they like record Rubin's agreements like what could it just. Throw something out that's a little alien they have really funny jokes in this that aren't necessarily. Times sensitive right the elevator joke I thought was pretty hilarious was like you know and you know millions of miles from earth and he's still offered no elevator. It was pretty funny out whole thing right there and it was that like you know a rose some sort of eighty's or ninety's reference to get to it and I think. It's also too well I think it is trying to appeal to different types of body and see how your Star Trek viewers. That like love the old sergeant okay this shows me for me but it might be watching it with your significant other or maybe. You know really like the eighty's and ninety's but didn't like star track yeah that's just wasn't there jams I'm totally seeing that this is the type show that's going to appeal to a vast audience that's not alienating pun intended to hack. Anderson electric fans but it's also not Aileen non nerds. It is exactly to that point it was news in my in my wife loves the show. And not a big starter Trent can understand how I know like you anymore she's a lovely lady but I is that William Perry cannot insertion and I think. IBM I don't know I think dot com lady that was just like a let's say she doesn't have a lot of strikes against her but the terrific. Know it's amazing what can I guess another thing there's an abuse of god we're going to start drank I love this because I Chris I'm just going to assume that you love it with your heart and soul. You would assume that yes however. Who. Is over the same way this into Joseph having major U solidarity so me and has starred trig bitch fess up I want. I would be a hold your thought the crowd is cold and I wanna hear Joe's reasons why he does it enjoy it and I wanna hear what. Yours and may be whether or not you agree with him so Joseph go ahead man. Well welcome you to the best possible it's a thought to a third episode because oddly the fourth funds going to air this Sunday Gary but. I'll still watch it for the third episode we come in after the big battle scene it to a six months later hey how you doing here is or at main character is on a a ship she's obviously been arrested and going to new jail that's all we really Nelson can't. That's about all the setting you're going to get a for the world there and cut the tests sixteen minutes an hour forty minutes of your life. They did nothing in this episode is believable from not only your perspective in my opinion as a viewer. But as a character's perspective and their worlds know what he made bogey at the first thing they deal as she gets transferred onto the ship up as we find out later intentionally. By this captain. Who's gone kind of crazy as we can kind of tell because the first officers like. You know he's not really afraid of things that most people would be afraid of okay sir all right time to everybody and it's this thing you know six months into a new war with the cling ons so you know you can got to get it he's on edge. These first spring the prisoners off of this ship and the like you know what I think it's embedded done with the crew. But like the first seed RA okay but that doesn't make any sense that would never happen they go straight to the break were they bought them. And then bit Vick had zero I I wanna see one of these these prisoners who is the main character who's half falcon in various mark new ghosts. My first officers told me you're one of the smartest people he's never met a song and have you go on this mission. What's what why Ocalan who is going on mission. Off are one of our smartest science officers. Kane is also makes no sense he's gonna go to the ship Rem that's. Has just had a very terrible accident killing the whole crew. Oh don't forget the super green today and goes with them -- and the agreed to an extra guy that you smartest people and in this super green cadet which only was he wearing a Richard at this point now I had started earlier Richards are on this kind of an end and they just go on the ship OK and you're like all right well they've had this huge science spot accident which you can Telus is kind of plot that they're using this new technology to try and adults on the against the cling ons are right that's toll fair. Well it on the ship ref. And nine looks like marvel more than of a little science not accidents from them because there are a lot of bodies have been off -- O and a lot of holes that have been breached a science monsters I mean you can make a monstrous science itself but you should mention Sarah tonight okay let's get past the fact that they clearly need to throw this mean territory and with everything because he or she needs to develop to be a part of the crew even though everyone hates him for being immune near she's being blamed for everything. But the on the ship. And then I come across some cling on bodies aren't supposed to be there. And now one body. Not two bodies put 120. That's as well what are his craft that's a lie I had all have also been meant to me and destroy it as at this point with a guy goes. What could possibly have killed twelve clinical outcomes how. Yeah brilliant thought should run the other way out I wanna I get all this (%expletive) this don't like to Doug classic like a horror movie trolls like all. Well they're just don't split up don't say I'll be right back. -- is literally alien begin on the ship in the first things figured this is really can't miss it right here except that instead of going to rescue mission or trying to get off the planet there willingly going deeper into the ship's okay bracket but not the smartest move that presents a high its officers right in this is I mean if you look back at his star fleet is a military organization they've got pro college maybe even back you know ten years before the beginning of the original Star Trek. They might be a little looser with the but I don't think bat lose Chris there. Are any of these issues do you have any problem these in these issues are you kind of agreeing at this point without going into. Too much detail because I think the jury did a fantastic job that they're not from stopper for that reason why. Herself but I love Star Trek. And I like this show but it's not Star Trek enough for me who in the gates I. I think the the actors are doing great job knocking out of the park sneak Lauren green is fantastic. Jason Isaacs for what he is great. But they I think they're taking a lot of liberty. And they're trying to tell their own story and I can respect that but debt it's. Hard for me to get invested in it because it's so different. In all honesty is the your little more Star Trek and the idea right now day horrible is more starter showed that Patrick Jim. One of my favorite comic book writers we've had them on John layman says that follower Larry all of this kid you or bill is Star Trek the next generation. Not in a Star Trek universe and a and asked her to discovery is a Star Trek is not he. Ian or is in these star break universe but not a Star Trek show correct and the thing is I think that someone who pitched CBS society of a new show and will be it'll be a Star Trek show that won't follow. A captain. And it rewards like pasta fresh idea dad Ali anyone went off. That. Got that back I I didn't you know assert your right hand I think someone who went and it is brutal single mom think him. What power they don't have any power on the ship power they're gonna communicate with the ship if you can't contact the bridge and that's kind of where falls off you never get this relay of information. That allows you to suspend your disbelief on what they're doing likely. Well okay there's some mystery Volvo but this chick shouldn't be on the mission and the science opposition beyond mission and they never communicate any of their findings back to the bridge back to a captain back to anyone noticed on their own health. So you're you're sitting there like this is and how would Doral because it if you're on a ship you're sending people wanted to New Jersey there's a protocol there exactly yes and that's what I think the show it's gonna suffer throughout the whole season is that she's never going to be communication with anyone who really cares about it'll be interesting how I really wanna hear. Might you guys have moved pose some interest in problems with the show I wanna hear what people feel about that and whether or not they agree or disagree with yeah so definitely send us an email BG geek nation at I wanna hear what others thoughts are that geek nationals out there what are your thoughts are about this. Because yeah this is one of the common things I've been hearing a lot and I mean there's plenty people who really really really do love this show and I'm not gonna poop who won that at all of the seizure I dumped as insane the money be put into it is great Daria. Now I'm so I'm still liking this show or just I feel like I I can say it's not a starter and has so interest enough well now it's time for us to get to rule. She twists dish because four is Vicky well it is. Lead and really game. Hey I. I'll tell. He's that your blade runner Tony 49 what do you think about it like I'm Jesse the even so the nickname you like it. It's boomed that he's didn't Haiti it's right but it. It was a weird situation where the mood is deep the people who were running the critics' screening that he went to had a laundry list of stuff that he couldn't talk about so. Our highs that is hard to me you're where he needed last this next we got and so he can get a little bit more spoiler real about it he didn't hate it but he also didn't he couldn't get too into it right now I am right discuss and a bunch he did mention that it is really really really long and so. May yet. Make sure and. Stay hydrated as he stated in his 664. Minutes yet I'm and yes why. That is to work forty to forty slowdown for the poor guy so I'm not gonna have a beverage to beat him. Okay. Eight till you have -- and you are -- gay hero as he or at least get the our run Piaf but I do a little intermission with a nice right I can find their on. 94%. On around -- Sarah side crash I heard it was one of the best movies of the year a lot of I had eleven that it is funny like I not I thought it was gonna be bad but like a lot of these remake movies have been pretty disappointing Blake those guys -- there was a limitless no. One last week with Ellen Page 001 liners I planners come. And just like its store color. I saw that an interview with Gosling in enough Ford that they were like you know we like if we really nor do people gonna think about it like pocket big question mark can you ladies and he's really never know what these kind of movies and you know it's your point so this sliding all too good part of things that's got to be where this I know last week when I talked about flat liners there was no reviews hasn't yet again it's 2% Iran's made love and now I'm quite glad glad dad and I agonies your rounding up for brownies there is a mile little pony the movie coming out as well Matthew ate me up food register are very intriguing yeah. I have a niece and I I'm pretty sure it'll all right Ali my little pony. I mean definitely take her to go to the cat is ridiculous that's true I knew I would say that Emily Blunt Michael Pena hello church we treasure ever there Kristin Chenoweth. She answered and that horrible fashion half. Is really mauled on Tony award winning stage actress who didn't know go ahead yeah she. And I think that's still Qaeda digs whose love of Buddha who is crazy and is the only guys Tara strong. How Mike on a wave runner whose beauty boys related well I had. I know that's a pretty slow. I'm Zhan and wanted to know how this could well they've let us know how you feel about blade runner start Jake discoveries or bill of our problems are not your problems let us know Rick and Marty the all that stuff I send as singer Eddie. Your inner geek wants to come out and play like where to. Join Vernon Wells sixty Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG's video games or are just a major fan of size flying he culture Vernon Wells says something for every one. Let your geek flag flies at Vernon whilst the sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club next BMW doc plus.