10-06-17 Seg 1 Mens Room Gets Caught

Friday, October 6th

Mens Room Question: Who busted who, and what were they busted doing?​


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He what sort of nothing here is real. Yeah this radio program. Are simply. Trying to look. Offend anyone. Invited to join the party. This news. Other than secrecy. It is done. They say see your radio more than three times. Mario on the news on number 2600. In nine being the along the steep little hills. We did cement. Laden. That is my gosh. Duke aren't men's a. Campaign here comes the bad jokes bridges the return of dead vs the FCC. Get ready to play profile list plus headlines have been your job today follows her emails and everyone's favorite TV time the teams that clap your enemy gunfire aerials really New Jersey where dead put sons teenage flag football coach. In a chokehold. Meanwhile India's Supreme Court says that sex with minors is okay which you can sex them until there old. Biggest power play and India shut down as large leopard was roaming the halls. Carolina homeowner receives thirty Brandon pots in the mail from a man named smalls and we almost all flying cans of chicken. That is all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's the question. All of our big kids good day to you and yours are right. There's an eighteen year old woman and Australia and she recently got in trouble with the cops. After she sold stole sixty dollars worth of McDonald's dipping sauce. That's right now as she was caught after bragging about it on FaceBook she was not arrested but you do get a 100 dollar fine and Ted Robin and I are talking about this earlier. I'm average what does McDonald's charge if you wanna get an extra dip themselves. She's an annual what 25 to fifty cents depending where you war if you got sixty dollars were felt like a 120 million a quarter. Dad I don't know the words are you're charged me. Mean. I've been shot at the if they believe that that. Meanwhile all of a mid October I'm. That. I hurt my alert them that he. I got to Minnesota he's facing felony charges after you've Boston from writing his name. And drawing a penis and went submit. What is the punishment that is if you guess three and a half years in prison and a 101000. Dollar fine and you are correct. And Arizona guy got both of every sold a house on Craig's list and bat in the mud itself. That's not a crime but how he sold was not his house to sell he was only rent and yet but he figured he could make some extra cash and he did. Right up until he was busted. And an Ohio a guy I would think sit six tattooed on his forehead. Walked onto a restaurant patio and started peeing everywhere in front of our one would otherwise been enjoying better. Mean and I admit look I would want to walking more friends I was teenager were walking to a parking lot and I decided to simulated sex act with a part cop car. Well imagine my surprise the relevant cop was actually still sitting in the call eight I swore gnome homes and car I was wrong. The top had a stern talking to me I felt stupid but. Here's the thing sometimes you Newsom the big sometimes something small maybe we view maybe it was someone else. But everybody gets busted women mass for maybe a neighbor's yard. A mother's trying to rob a bank so today's question quite simply is. Who posted who and what they busted due. We were they jump on a four point 999 all you can like the men's or month FaceBook follow us on tour events are live ants in your emails to the men's room mad men's or live dot com. You are listening to the men's or radio network. I. All that all I know I'm gonna show number 2690. What do they show we have for you found dead today as the big jokes are coming up right before drink it tells with a shot of the day. Bad jokes is a big Joseph plays a big job big Joseph big bad jokes are coming up bad news show as she goes we've got to be alert did you ever heard dead vs the FCC gallon up we will once again. Do another round a profile that's amber Taggart talk about getting busted today. Who busted who and what they busted doing let's start a McDonald's we love mcdonalds around here. I used to be able to get extra dipping sauces for free at McDonald's but those days are long gone according to the article so this girl took matters into world hands we have found out now that. It depends on who owns the McDonald yet different franchisers. Franchisees whatever they they made the determination whether I'm in charge of I knew the number of those brief period of time where a McDonald's in our area today a little boats of catch. It was kind of like in a plastic container and had to pull off top on Arafat man oh man this vote of ten all out I'll get a yeah right no top notch meant Japan the plastic squared definitely check it all right thank you yet but those times they ever not. It in Beirut and I think so. I also find it funny that like it cost extra in the drive to right. But if you're inside you know the salt you look. Diplomats apparently would did this woman did go and grab the tray and I think for the most part that's why I'm really down with Arby's in their dispensers that they have when you know something you rally has pulled out so long manly go in and out burger you can pump your lunch you want to catch up you know little cups and comes up with a plastic lid on their I'm not sure from what it take it to go I don't know yet but I have that I should get like when I was a kid Wendy's is the only place that had probable catch a and we just like so excited and we need a contractor was the one that is a great thing I'm people get excited about the with a place that murder where's the place for you could put your own the stuff flood record flood records Oliveira and out build your burger bar. I loved it did you giggle at the name when your kid out of percent debt for some my father started I thought he was mad Franken won't rockers of leg. What do we do brokers like it's instantly you'll just called fund rockers. And then the first I want to lose in Baltimore in May have like pieces of meat hanging and hanging in the window right then you got to put on your own topping the news at ten year old this was amazing hey I'm 48 it would still be amazing if you guys and they continent pack a drawer section someplace in your wreckage of of course you do what you have in that I I don't anymore why. I don't have a major personal kitchen and corporate C don't have a common drawer well tomorrow when you all sleep Seles also nothing you bought at the grocery store you don't have any but the legal. That's probably I don't sauce I've sweet and sour a predominately I have dried red pepper flakes and parmesan chiles who keep the other hard to get items like the horse he saw us from Arby's the RBs Bob barbecued the RB saw us. Also taco Bell's very popular like he does and any talk about it also is good I guess he's just unique full size condiments would hold while francs a whole ball ranch golf course if they may get but also as we can salary Dubai a jar of Swedes are solves your home you'll die before usable right. But you got yeah Padgett. It's perfect man to. Begala who drawers I got to hagel good details that you guys Jimmy spicy mustard you and me a packet of French is like comments if he if it. There's not gonna work out an eighteen year old Australian named the entire horrible easily was recently at Mac and on steak house was some friends and you've paid for her meal. And then while they were all leaving she grabbed an entire train of dipping sauces and ran right out the door of that now it sounds like she was just trying to be funny or whatever shortly and whatever but then. She made another dumb eighteen year old moved. And posted about it on social media it was about sixty dollars with a dipping sauces so it was technically stealing the security camera got her on video than employees are FaceBook posts they knew exactly who they were dealing with and they know what's her. So she brought the trade and all the dipping sauces to a police station a few days later turned herself and should go in front of the judge who caller of the quotes. Dumbest defendant they'd seen all day but they let her off easy with a small fine about a hundred it dollars or so so yeah. I mean look most crimes you posted on FaceBook could make you dumb criminal but like. This is a teenager that stole sweet and sour. If I went oh into a my bosses about boss's place I was in Hagerstown Maryland. Yeah we're gonna small rock station there. And he's like hey man let's come over. Welcome an old rule will grill some steaks to hang out you know drinks bears went art that sounds great and so regardless place and sure enough he's got a nice gas grill out back to be just put together. Ratify this bad boy out and girls of some steaks. And it's just like me and him basically you know one other dude who works there and and he whips out his site cutlery. Am looking at the steak knife I'm like. That this is an hour Mexico City that's a big wooden handle. And he's like gay guys again got six of men and I'm like what do you mean you got six of them as they Webber Tim ago. I just stole one until I got like six and then I figured I could have enough for a set it and my boss is the guy that hired me you know and me like he's still. The six steak knives and Outback Steakhouse we've got his own collection I just thought I did then you know like you want to now back with a knife I've definitely stole. You know what to say all right I'm sorry Red Robin hostile senior season he wants what they all the Red Robin and yeah. Oh they actually sell it I know I'm Robin at least sells most blue grass have broke. Like I did see them from other places like look man mission so loosens doors right now at Chrysler and ice out backstage pass that night I think the hotel closure gonna steal the body lotion and the shower gel and a lot of things that they put out there I'm not sure that the the restaurant thinks you're gonna take the salt objectives. But then again who knows about the way those verses sighing as far as pain for additional saw also says. They only charge you if you don't order nuggets pursuant to make calls for sauce. Then I cents. Because is probably part of the cause they built into the I'm sure it is so you don't get nuggets you've just got to burger you've decided you want to sweet sound of birds are going to charge drew little extra premium among our money says Avaya bug us six or nine. Depending on how many not itching I have. Reported these guy are what are my resources that they did view if you got to twenty I think everybody should get like four sauces are not at all. Whatever awful I think it's compensatory and does not think for Mike we just hold up like forty gets more. So one for every five nights you cartel reasonable eight utility fugitive you're really pushing these chicken strips these days I don't know if they're trying to kill and I gonna what's going on now it's everyone wants everyone else take responsibility for their health. In housing and only heard where there's all white meat chicken strips is really gonna McDonald you're worried about your health I think they should it strips just trying to for antioxidant. But they still have the markets I'm with the people like luggage mayor and I know we don't do it like with my kids write to me either the litmus test rights to have five years old and if you are from chicken nuggets. No problem at all I would to McDonald's got chicken strips. Now there Hammond and home there you wanna try it you know and it's amazing like people like the nuggets if I want an all white chicken meat I wouldn't order nugget. I don't know wanted to hear all white. They are even a nugget yeah their faces and families to do that only around Christmas. What it was so Merry Christmas time here's some healthiest food dreaming of a white Christmas a legitimate number and it looked like you know miners people who don't remember he's the nun did you snapped dark meat to. Now our. Want to get to chew on. But then I remember how could you married around Christmas it would be like all like each you know. I can't believe the people complain about the quality of a chicken nugget like it's a chicken nugget ma'am you may. Let's keep your expectations. Were you think it's liking the idea if he is what you are ordered particle board right I mean that's right it's fair to a guy like the I feel version of eat chicken meal. On a chicken nuggets salads now. I do Austin gentlemen it's dead noted talking about this number way I Torre three year old guy named Jordan Johnson from superior Minnesota was arrested last week. For drawing and wet cement and people are out. Some construction workers were facing a sidewalk last month and Jordan drew two things in the cement his name at number one in and male genitalia. I don't know we do think onto the goat to desire it's not artistic right so. So Babel like spray paint graffiti and it's actually beautiful artwork and I both of those with out artistic ability if you give us a camp spray paint. As a guarantee it's going to be appealed to you don't wash your white box truck for a month or two you're gonna get a penis drawn in the dirt on the back of that dark drawing the penis as a guy that's like the default web browser when you open up your computer and ligaments MSN inadvertently. The penis is what we're going to do first. Yes and I might insure that we can just do right away and don't even know what I didn't know he had this canard and are religious they look Osasuna get five seconds here and dropping us. Bryant we're gonna think this means Libya and Syria are all right yeah I think. There's I can tomorrow. A rocket you look I think Robin even you judge others may be draws the best be honestly think your budget I don't know where you look fine as far as the my looks like one of those things that you probable watered it should arises. And your eyes and ears is very rocket like that's around ten I have is that a letter T upside down I think in the second cobra under the it looks like a club that is the bigger cobra under its. Only you yeah you brought a member of the putting green and property they might have motivated abuses anatomically all had this I well we know who'd there. Dana White nude and the other martyr tonight out there shooting you have five seconds yeah. When I'm at its most sure it's no different in size me my buddy on the walk homer drought. It's on every car we've group trying penises in the snow for and the next day it was a major accidents and there was again a helicopter if you. I think I'll tell you a couple of plus one of the moment the highway oh yeah. You could see a couple of harsh oh yeah recently put jury kids is all those seven years ago to correct this. So we are in Toronto the major major accidents and a man who you. I served under Peterson's sort of woman whose yeah because there is aerial shots and the coziness is did you see from the sky. You don't see who won a to a home but I we must I'm completely deceit we must a Marx twenty of that's just. I'm actually Wasilla and walking home it is being done some good draws a penis and a cornfield whatever makes him the rose. Just because of Google earth and this is what Google Earth is fired people do there's a school and England. Well it went onto the roof of the school and then made this giant penis because they knew that the global satellite is going to school there and sure enough. When you find the school on Google Earth there's a giant penis sometime booked. A few of the construction worker spotted him and called the cops. What is drawing the penis in the sidewalk and since Jordan's name was right there in the sidewalk. It was kind of hard firm that and I didn't know she's. So I decided totally redo that section of the sidewalk what do you think Acosta redo a sidewalk. A section of the side now we're talking bureaucratic leave or they let the stuff you'll get some quick creek. And say they spent six her. I shouldn't be more than an art out thirteen thousand deaths in March I don't know assurance and bureaucracy. Makes it thirteen thousand dollars any normal guy named personal how to improve 123 vote. We do for considerably what was already dry. There's terror weaponry and a guy so now Jordan is facing felony charge of criminal damage property which could get him three and a half years in jail and 101000 dollar fine and all for drawing a penis in this in the Gaza became a felony I wanna say based on the price point going to be any normal contract to do it I think you B misdemeanor. Our question who busted tool and what they busted doing a 44999. Hole. Hello Brad welcome to the men's room. The oh lord let their dad yet. That litigating the limit their ability to hit it I let them. Well what do you do next door. I'd hope. It's a lot. I don't know I didn't say all of let me know we thought. Georgia was shot down it would. Yeah well sure. Well I always do I don't let it drive but no doubt. Yeah thank you would not think how many times did you master made it that you're girl while she was asleep. She's so cute you're tired little that I couldn't blew up couldn't unless they're. I understand that I am but I would wander off logo handle my business around market holidays are bad don't like that I did it man right you ready to go in the. Well again. Were they out of it's food suppliers you troika you all got to send. Another issue that looked a little. Time Daytona because while I driving you probably guarding you when you stop until we I can't admiration oh boy yeah. Well let the world looking at this I would think you sound and I slightly have RAU gap me. We've all been there but I never would go read this idea about Wright's invention a stick it to you well you. No. I've I've heard this before I thought you've heard the story before from other people OK okay whatever your attitude is ruled over in my Arab Darren and at that ended a string of their. OK I just kind of point to data I. Okay and to provide all the Democrats okay what exactly you will go right I mean I'm with you I wouldn't do that like I would get that get out of bed go another didn't have thermos all right Darren Manning has some privacy it just seems like you're you're making a point of we remain an appointment you don't OK you know and I thought the bed bouncy well busted new and all they busted doing a 449990. Look. Hello agenda welcome to the men's room. All of a giant and yeah. I was sitting and playing Arizona and I had to play less than half an aunt and my track. And went through Atlanta dog hit my car and Danica your prospects saying I was Brad hadn't taken down arms and I'm linkages back area down in your gala. They had a drop my black and add anything other crop actually like turn around army backed it could actually act and remember you're looking at crop ever doing that. So are you hot. Well I can't remember what are your hot you're attractive. I think I mean you don't let Hampshire England had to hear it I guess we'll have all I'm tops in the van that that's exactly why I love her as well you have you know less than half announced so. How matter of the charges one and then when it's out of state I mean do you have to stay in the stated give the fly back and forth to deal this current. I have a really good lawyer Intel and go be kind of an Arizona I was looking at felony charges he now would run an ounce of weed. I wish really struck me out yeah all right and I'm pretty creepy idea anyways. How close to an ounce worried. I love Washington what they aren't in the drove from Washington Mary Joseph I guess I need to have my dad kaine and California at. So I probably had maybe happen now only eighty. Yeah though. Did you I'm glad my lawn where. You're gonna cannot go back in an airliner in like that it turns out that that's her and he drew I'm glad it did something extremely taboo and which there are not the police sports in my blood would no longer admissible in evidence and to my interrogate got thrown out dogleg thank god Larry. Smoke I don't look what could have happened I mean look how bad could it have been I don't like it. And I think everything and then I think I could have gone onto the probationary. Term. I went and then a link yet felony charges in Arizona ballot and that it or not I would have been Alan and I I don't live here. Yeah I blanked Arizona makes it easy to be found yet you don't have that I you know rightly ornaments proudly in Arizona now others that if you're if you're the southern most part of what ever. A plea sure ad in the United States of America. I just figure that it's going to be most word is going to be much worse than anywhere else are you an indirect or everything Louisiana I just feel happy Alabama Georgia Florida it's gonna be different yeah I've talked to Boehner and senate said like. They go down to Southern California and stuff minute think when gene in Arizona that area actually yeah yeah I clean the boss of the wheat. Oh yeah oh yeah there's no rolling out loans when they were notorious for that even Lakeland on among their first toward Digisette cops on morality and every man lose weight I mean Willie Nelson is probably the only guy snoop dog may be who gets a pass but I don't think that anybody else gets passed. But I feel like they still go after Willie forever reasons. They got busted a few years ago I can imagine you must know snoop double somehow are most you've just seems cool to everybody but they seem to leave him alone my lower but Willie. I just only day pop him as much they can when you know god well ya we've I just don't think that you're doing anybody any favors by resting Willie Nelson mr. joining me inside it doesn't look good on you like all while you were you really crack this case well no kidding. Willie's the ultimate path. But even before we became legal a couple states my mom is pretty anti wheat. But two of Willie Nelson and that was fine. Yeah and never he gets it through busted hill and what were they busted doing a 44999. Nolan hello Shawn welcome to the men's room. I turn our. I saw it during the day do well center with a man. Continued (%expletive) a Jack picked the ethnic. Still a little buzzed into. Our guests are denied school that stadium in Tacoma. Ed. Our drummer and also the couple treadmill and I go to the bathroom. No water and a minute bathroom Obama some sort of there. And so what happened a star. Classmate. Got misty all. You bleeding begins ledge. More acute care you need to sort pop my head over this all the more that are taught him masturbating in the stalled. You put your head over the stalled northern European economy and thank you good is that I'm gonna blueprint. Davydenko I am armor being mad aged some over America you would always joked we have what you do and if hey New Orleans school man who must do and what were they busted doing a far far 999. All of Morey calls on the way you are listening to the men's or radio network. Did you know you don't have joined the men's room a bad jokes on the life and goes to the men's room and undermine dot. Got to get also send those bad jokes to us on Twitter and enter lives then though on FaceBook as well if you like the men's or their bad jokes coming up right before we drink adult with a shot of the day our question today. Who busted who and what were they busted doing 844999. Old life hello John welcome to the men's room. All our time. All of. So I'll sixteen. Exactly I drink. I might do it explore. This ballclub now. And so we all gathered. Steeper drop can't. Well they're also getting there blue screen on. The greens are all all. Equipment. Air compressor Taliban multiple schools of thought there. I have a great idea that I'm out there playing with I thought through and not born flesh and and my dad woke up unfortunately and or it ultimately. Or bush what are on the outside of the house where we're a better hole. There were you screaming when you're a thorn bush. Some of the. The exact. Well my whole math book out and about your art knowledge. My I won't call it that for all. Eternity. Was your dad much of a drinker. That's the problem in my city yeah see I mean depending on who your father is that they go like okay well that apple didn't fall for our from the roof they call your doorman and I didn't do did you ask don't sign it if you're in deep trouble the the ones that I remember the most are win that the situation knows that there aren't. If you notice hung over activity involved the more than likely the chores will come earlier than not so like you know I always get. All right Mario cut the grass like OK I'll cut the grass tomorrow for sure if you get it done right yeah I'll but it was just up to me to make sure the by the time the sun went down the grass was cut that day of. CU does father did the NBC Nixon ordered early Saturday I was out right and you need to wait a few other you know we're cutting grass NASA chaos. I need to go mow the lawn and you don't look at the clock and I was up like crap but in front hide that. Like dude it's. 6:15 in the morning and he's like. Yeah you need to get that done by seminal moment with while what's going to obviously do you wanna have a conversation of being a mother about what we think your dorm last night like. Other than five minutes and and that is it wouldn't be spoken about what we need to mow the lawns we let it go to Home Depot to buy a bunch of petty crap that he needed her uplifting for project he had no intention of doing. Just like him all day thing annoyed trying to to do you commanders as. Zero sympathy but he would never bring an arm so then depending on the eleventh hole by like hey if you want to stop bonus stuff we can sit down and talk about last night or basically you can be my bitch for the next two or three hours. And as water under the bridge sharp but basically understand this is the way it works every time. Now is grab the model that I knew had been liquor cabinets for at least the entire time that I live in that path development goal let go of the never drink the speech now spread. It's good news. Who doesn't do it and while they busted doing 844999. Alone. They should many things continue on the men's room radio network.