10-06-17 Seg 3 Mens Room Checks In

Friday, October 6th

Emails, Ted vs the FCC, Bad Jokes and the Shot of the Day


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This is the men's room. Give up all your people ideologue like way too long you can rescue kidney infection that might be the worst case scenario 38 year old Gregory Clark of Dayton Ohio pictured a much worse one. Around 545 on a Tuesday he walked into a restaurant patio dropped his pants and started peeing all over the place right in front of everyone there. Who is set down to eat dinner. When it counts down a nearby and asked him why he'd relieved himself all over the patio we told them quotes he didn't wanna paralyzed himself by holding it and and if you wonder yes you can not paralyze yourself by holding your. Playing with himself on the patio he was arrested is for public indecency and that they can help paint a picture of who this guy is he is. He has 666 clearly tattooed on his forehead so listens. Why why would you add that in the cubs sort of come and get busted for public urination jobs in August demo manipulate. Well Richard who didn't go to your tar balls demonstrably Clinton and only now don't you know who love to do then well they busted doing a fourth floor night 90 let's clip again that is due date on the Ellen why did you tell me that. I don't need to know that dude thirteen that's good enough give a record what did you do. That people would do most but it would go to. Hello Tim welcome to the men's room. All thought oh wow. So are. When I was sixteen antibody Dmitry. Picked up some weed brownies. And what is unique about these brownies was normally. At least in my side when we are looking around we would normally see shapes. Fool eat it at this particular bachelor's we actually did it out out an Al Sheikh. And about a quarter of actual weeks. And well they're really pot brownies and I took them home with me. And I put him in the fridge and I wouldn't know a patent specifically has said tens brownies do not eat so I work with him. I lived with my mom my younger brother who was twelve of the time and my grandma. Who is so Russians you can speak a word of English. Who do you think I personally would care about that now and I'm saying this in all honesty I come home from work. One of my kids who is put some freshly made brownies and a fridge and as a note it says it's theirs the biggest thing they're gonna get for me is that he wanted to ram like tough. Morality is made up. All that now and actually specifically. And that my younger Brothers so if you would and keep them confused twelve years old at the time and these are pretty potent ground out. Yeah I know it's totally have. Yep I'm gonna trust one that's not a day even if freshness I mean he's in the mid may end Andre earlier in the mouth where my family lives so far terrible plan. So that the plan was completely ruined when I got on that day. I saw that street may be exported Braude and mental thing and so I'm freaking out. I'm thinking you know maybe that's my grandma can she can't speak English or read it and you've got guys easy in a dire right now. I was incriminating myself going up to my mom like almost crying like month. Where is Graham I can't find her anywhere I think she's in trouble to equity needs she's in trouble. And I've finally had well legs you know ya know I've smoked weed but that is pilots you know I have some really potent weed brownies in the fridge and I think ground mighty. Well she's freaking out we're trying to find her everywhere we can't find her. And and in the meantime I'm basically scared I read up. I'm into my room and I keep my younger brother their lights off watching I fired Caribbean or whatever. With an empty jug of milk still bought hook excuse it's an Oreo and let the old serial. DUI immediately piece together who it is eight the brownies. The Aggie fascinate the boundaries. And so. No doubt disperse I've met Graham. And you sort of encounter we did Deion did he need your help pretty easy and he seems to be doing just fine on his own at this point. Well I hear and keep your streak now I got in LA. UIQ are you what's going on. Well I ended up going to sleep but he got like. I don't know like twenty hours I'm like that's. It's an uncaring parent and your mom when it's even the most. So let until yesterday that could yeah that the incident at. Had a pretty bad. She thought about that my Brothers. It's the brownies so she actually. App is yeah. Yeah I worry grandma by the way. Because you have the neighbors out though that. If you put a full pizza in there for journalists and Temps pizza don't eat do you really think that even if it didn't happen if we Don and everything like that out. That you would come home and still have a full Pete's idea and osu and was well out Tim's anything. They had a we'd take. I had and were quite delicious I had wondered to myself but we take pop. It was given to some people that were staying at a hotel. One of the people saying of the hotel with them was they see troll girls mostly adult thread for the holidays. The central girl they put in a room earlier discuss she's younger she's gonna fall asleep. They said that when they went to the room that late there's just the little girl and are now an empty take pop. Right it's she had eaten it no one thought to say you don't hide it somewhere and she's six simply more science. Decision to take opposite and same thing like she slept really hard. Apparently when she woke up the next morning. All she won it was something to drink and she just. One is a Madrid and his and basically drank like half a gallon of Orange whose late thirty seconds flat amid a still a big global world and it was really really hungry for breakfast that you us. Probably best breakfast she ever raid told us to do and while they busted doing it for 499 Motorola. Yeah I don't like that I was younger so he made that surely right right yeah you look like. Hey look it's a twelve year old of course rally around me right I'm 36. I had a roommate it's Adobe the rallies I mean a brownie could portrayed a brownie Halliburton got the amber rarely eat yeah even make it look like broccoli casserole or something new. Yes look like a two weeks ago I made a sausage dip and stole some for myself and cut out a corner but I got their people what happened to the corners lights yeah. If you can stash. Browns have been taken out and make them look different if you've gotten into the ban but I think they need to do man in a like goes some places and but we're San Cisco a couple of years ago and if you wanna transport we'd they have. Shape ball in my hands Pringles. Coke bottles let me help I had two weeks so you'd think with the proliferation of what we brownies there should be like some weight texting you glad top. And it looks like up and pulled it still will claim that nobody wants each is solidly look at it. If you sit late they're not even interested in trying but brownies are brownies. If you bring a dozen doughnuts and say do not open marks the comeback to knock them. Are they match dot com. Hello Jay welcome to the men's room. Okay. Yet so I was. Economic data about living with them down and origin so this summer's end. My other that it's just out and it cited sergeant doing there. And then my mom all of this she came down and ordering beaming after I was already like. I don't know how much I drink it. All this is doing wonders for your dad's up paternity rights. It well. I try to play it off and just saying like I was that this push your house and I would say and it Obama should become. In Paris grown up everywhere. Try to say it was battle issues she didn't believe me no good he is not your reading of alcohol. I didn't know I was like fifteen jerk and I and his Chinese say that it wasn't my fault let's stop me from that. Death from our goal that it's under breath and that's why in a conscious had a look on her face like man do you think I'm she'll be your standing three feet away of dog and someone and all they smell is everything you draw but you realize the person who got the most health of this was your dad. Like this is why we're unmarried at this is why are we would view this is why you don't have custody of your son that this is why this is the last summer the years and what ever come and stay with you. Blah blah blah blah blah. Yeah I realize that now you know like twenty years away. It also met the guy and I thought it got away headache and my mom is okay. Whatever you say and held me back to you shouldn't even been down nation just as surprise visit. Yeah I'm here with your aunt and your Brothers and a modicum pick you up late okay. He had no reason to leave suspicious now values hand there was a dead end drug gossamer. Although to be fair I think if you went to anyone's house and I have teenagers in the house in theory you could call sepia. And it has nothing new Buddha like I good parents but aren't there right now I did every gap damn thing I could have had nothing to do them it's 100%. May surprise and a dude is gonna do that I don't get and those who read you should know right from wrong. I do that's why do we the bad stuff was so exciting because I nor should they know a little extra amount stupid I just don't have self control. Yeah I mean I like and we wanted to I am sixty years old like they're household we have a dragon I tried to get away. Surprise from practical mom busted hill and well they busted doing hello Steve welcome to the men's room. Oh yeah. So good sheriff should destroy as best they can and I was one eat at the time and in my life adjustment in your house. He we're at an all out for everybody had a few friends that there were drinking and whatnot. And I went to bed we are everybody laughed him I went to bed and and it didn't do bad let me he wished he'd let's trashing and I'm not sure he can do too little too drunk to drive. All. I am I wake up escalating issue like something I'm likely to hello Larry nominee get out. Now walk out. And you'll ever hear him. Any standing in front in my refrigerator doors wide open just like just staring optimum there refrigerator like he's a convert last year or something. And he's just scared might look and all over the place and I'm like hey man my what do you look importance is totally ignoring me. Now might do what he's doing and he did stand up and went south surged to assume right in America. Okay. There. And and that they had it is my wife at that time she was seven months pregnant and she made it all the jello and included in the strategy and it would although I do just right in the middle of this. Us. And it was ridiculous Sonny Bono might do what you doing attention in my tragedy turned to look gently let. On my bad intentions are often walks over and finishing them sing. I don't know the. I'd like to prune bowl would tell everybody is he's doing your friend. Yeah I wish wish nobody's we talked on my FaceBook and sudden he had this was actually down in Texas and I moved back out here. He's still cinema and we actually we joke. Let every know anything about it every Demi have a bowl of jello Shelton are gonna pass at or do the dishes. Oh boy. Through months of new and low they busted doing we get your emails given up the men's or women's in my back out you are listening to the badger radio network. Listen miles. Classic new Boston moved and mullah Abbas and doing Aaliyah Bonser emails here for the men's room amends in my back job. Oh does like a must and having sex behind the GMAC yesterday by the police total buzz kill then time to get her up and having sex it's going to be a total buzz kill millions. I had a guy on herself ball team got caught breaking into an older woman's home tied her up and again drinking her alcohol he then passed out she finally got herself free and not call the cops. The operator and a pretty easily later we found out he was the one who ripped off our manager stereo a television. I also got on trying to have sex with my best friends fifteen year old cousin are at a later heard that he was arrested for murder in Kentucky's scary man didn't help that he was built like a break guest house. Can you imagine breaking into somebody's home in time memo did they treat their alcoholic I'm like Jesus. Guys were today a theater as a projection list and gave me an entire Florida myself for eight hours a day communication was done via walkie talkie. I was dating someone who worked at the box office and would periodically message heard to come up to the Booth two quotes hang out. While one time she came up always sort of fooling around with her on my splicing table that is not flying. Well evidently one of my movies was out of focus and during our fun I didn't hear the walkie talkie asking me to fix itself. But Abbas came up to let us know and blocked an honest it was a bit embarrassing them Abbas was also a former classmate from high school so she didn't rat me out and just laughed. Mean in that same girl also got a lot during Star Wars phantom menace in the theater she was fun. Guys around a freshman in high school I pulled my stupidest move and decided to steal my mom's car from work mind you she was a school teacher. And I went to the school that she taught that. It was normal for me to be fifteen at the time to be on the parking lot practicing driving a one day I got a bright idea to try impressing girl by. Taking that girl in the guard to the nearby McDonald's for an afternoon snack. The idea being that we would be bags for anyone new we are gone I decided to have the girl drive since I had never been on the road before and she had. She by the way was under the impression it was OK to do all that so we go and get our food and are just about to leave and I see the other teacher at the school pull up in her car. I write and promise and my mom in the passenger seat. My mom comes up and looks right at the girl flat out tells her this is Grand Theft Auto girls petrified and leaves we'll the other teacher while on leave of my mom and yes. Until this was my idea and the girl had no clue we didn't have permission. My punishment was that I was allowed to get my license till I was eighteen and thankfully. That was it when my mom heard the rest of the story probably figuring I was just doing what dumb kids do thanks for the laughs guys and from Craig. This is a few years ago I got caught stealing close to 101000 dollars in cash for my employer. I'm very lucky for how forgiving my employer was and I'm still working to pay it back that one from anonymous to begin any comments today at all. There were few but it's all a lot most of the masturbation. Welcome juicy. Spent a lot of people Boston mass and I cannot tell a timer if you extreme else in the men's room events are live duck out. God don't let me and my hubby are huge fans of the show been listening for years our little one is 18 years old today at exactly 436. In the afternoon. His name is miles and yes I mom came up this name while driving home and listening to your show. We can agree on a boy's name and came home one night as a hello miles my husband's a debt dig that name. And are applied and it came to me while listening to your show. Can we get our little miles a birthday song we would love to hear a big old LeRoy. A suck it up Doug gates indicated faced sandwich thank you guys that from Jessica and Mike and I. I mean. Oh. Terrible name. Guy who's a member turns two years old today could you give a kid face they would generally wrong AJ Ginn thanks guys appreciated that from nick. Can. Here's another problem for McCain had. Men's or my name is Mariah and we had a wonderful time during C fairway and over till beef jerky sponsored the men's room to host our event back in 2007. Miles kept hitting on me and calling me the empress of overkill at the Soviet prism Alberto inner security officer boyfriend now husband had a baby Scarlett Laura is turning to we still listen your podcast every day all the way down here. In lovely San Antonio Texas Scarlett is fantastic to have a party in the sparkle pony amends or read. Here's to turning to stay beautiful that for Mariah and Josh on a double Joey chestnut. They've grown three years ago today miss Margot bell landed on planet currencies a perfect little Angel but seriously she's pretty great kid a were thankful for the Joyce she brings. Robin please wish Margo happy birthday and dead. Please let her know what the aussies think about big girls hitting their baby Brothers thank you that for mom dad and Henry Lovie so much little frog V yup fully kingdom what sent. Frolic in the boat staff that's all I ever hear. And knows they'll get their name. I'm Margot not got any commandment. You know I'm a little brother my mom always told my assistant little Brothers get bigger when they get older. I keep my hands off them. Because they're still I can you please give a happy birthday does suck it up cup gig to my amazing dollar Molly she's thirteen and loves listening to your show thank you guys that from Melissa well. I told my birthday is today I'm Tony to wonder birthday shout out and some sexy German talk thanks guys that from Anthony. All right are the main thing about that there will be no safe way but the two roads as and one butt cheek and as from the about window wouldn't need to say as an. I'm not a movement make decent enough sleep and eat an apple dot com. I think is my holy Joseph guns birthday can get only raw IJ ginza Joey chestnut and the Montgomery that from Roger and. Okay. It's gonna shut up for our good friend a brother Taylor Jones browns Gaylord boon ease is dirty thirty he'd love a ray lewis' time to take off the leash a LeRoy Jenkins. Ended Joey chestnut thanks guys that from Shane and Mitch does have a ticket. It is what goes out to my dear friend she's amazing captain at our legacy cruise does a daily may Boyer and has been a fantastic friend of mine's five years glad to have hurt. A bunch of us are raising our glasses and celebrating in our house tonight. Did you get a men's room faced sandwich and some Ozzie to head. Thanks bitches you guys are the best that from wild cat will. Average. Fan and you command and AJ captain nice vote until early and play with the Danish. A maybe begin again. This is like doors my lazy amazing life elect is ahead the big four always listen you guys every day I know she would love to be serenaded on her big day by a couple of dead aid Jeb men's thanks guys and keep on rock in that from Jay bell. And much of a sudden warm up with the understanding UConn dread you can make myself rising to. Yeah those rifles and soul of school one bone. It's true. It is worth yeah I just ram it down now and it's just one balls and soliciting bids. Hello guys do you know it's having had a good time I had to have an added advantage. We had everybody. I say OK good deal. Big day is does it did you German brought. Also available through news and world fame on men's lives dot com and other fine retailers we're gonna move trying to fly. Confessional so wonderful Irish voice over person newness I'm I'm Sharon asked how you're actually there. Miles it's. Pub home care I'm gonna take a granny. As far as your poll goes bing as my wife is 47 and I am 26 I'm already pretty much there. LO well. And as far as our poll on though what you man I think editorial in the cougar category you had to be surprised how much did I hit my short my leg cool windy is different the mature in cougar is different in both tall so I've been told him. Tirelessly Austria here instituted. I'd you're losing your podcast everyday I'm consistently a month behind it today I accidentally found the body that speeds up and slows down how fast the showplace did you guys know we I have no. But it was sped up the sounds like all of your high double and o.s have speed it sounded like you guys were all drunk probably like drunk trump the area. And he says it reminded me of drunks from big several as you guys talking about a lot more interesting things just thought you should know and checking out if you have a chance levee guys there from Jamie. Our guys AIT. From. The other Arabs so we did a day or so ago is in fact an army term it is the school you go to after basic trading to learn the job you're going to do in the army its hands more advanced individual training. That from now does that mainly going to jump school. Or I would I would guess about what your specialty is going to be Sybase who we got the training part right. And done. I as far as the head Jeff had ten things you should never buy at a grocery store one of them being batteries by far the cheapest place to buy batteries guys is Amazon buy your batteries from Amazon. I Jared Cole did you see the start to make energy edit tears left. Yeah so sad people can cut down on their electric bill like how'd they do what he's get I mean I assume just get a bunch of women together from the notebook. How about that separate it he's the Howard athletic for a year. Think that well boy if that that he turned back in May and got there about eight or put on a popular dreams of the budget dudes do your. Like cops have pepper spray going to be needs of new woman played an old book in eradicated subdued guy. Just play field of dreams old yeah I'm saw bright man you know remain so queues under doesn't spook him and killers. Learn why didn't over the fire up BAC if. And to be out called do you'd dirty alcohol didn't mean dirty last week I'm in New York City for a wedding when he went great for a few days prior last on a Thursday I went out to a venue and Brooklyn to seaquest love from the roots DJ. Nice bar had a coming off and security confronted me a few times for getting too close to qwest. For the rib problems occurred but I try to get home to the outside a Brooklyn drunk as a skunk on the New York City Subway in the middle of the night amid Suton made its work they're doing on the subway right now. Kept having my trains go to different stations and expected. Other stopping halfway down the line etc. all this while dragging around my cousin who doesn't get out often and I haven't seen in ten years. We keep passing out at stations and on trains to make it more confusing. Phone's died as soon as we let the venue otherwise article maneuver. Long story short left the venue at 130. Didn't get out of the subway tunnel in a fresh air and into bed. Until around 5:30 in the morning to count some crazy nights element again not that one rock on guys that from Jonathan. Wish I could send a picture is the subject only prove guys have ever thought photographed I just moved to Virginia from Lowell Massachusetts and spent time. Locking the city of my toddler son he wanted to and explored abandoned gas station I figured they'd be locked up but at the door pried open. On the Florida blanket was the most unimaginable pile of crap I've ever seen it was not just high. Maybe eight inches but wide to probably like two feet in diameter. Obviously not created a month setting but I have no idea how old man consumer watched and add to the pile without stepping in at or losing his balance. I had to return of the camera and I'm glad I did as a place has since been torn down I used to show people that photo. My wife hated it but the guys who saw a really appreciate that I take a I still haven't somewhere in my home. Really your wife hated the the third precast exactly related to be rated stalled guys but they rented an RV for the weekend it brought about ten other people to go and nausea concert first day they fill the septic tank more than halfway full so they make a rule. Only girls and poop are allowed in the bathroom. This release minutes to last the weekend with everyone using port bodies that they were able to. After the weekend with ten plus people drinking all day in hundred degree weather you can imagine where the story this story is go on. On the way back. We went to dump these septic at a facility. Guy pulls in and sees the hole where you're supposed to dump it he did not know that there was a host to do this so he line be set to release valve on with a hole and as he put it. Let it rip. He undid the latch and hot smelly putrid liquid that have been sitting at 100 degrees septic tank all weekend started water falling out of the RV. And proceeded to cover the entire parking lot he did know what to do and was getting a little bit of astonished looks from the other RV people there. So I found a broom and started to try to sleep all this sewage into the hole needless to say he learned a valuable less. Then rock on guys that from hello whose brother or be people there wait are you kidding me it's a time he got to drive your RV in a circle to make sure you get it all towards the outside of the tank how did you learn did they tell you that an hour and are we want to hear. It do it well you really have to slushy to one side to make sure that it's all on the want some of the holes in Cuba yet dissimilar these kind of flat compared. So high he got to kind of swirling around get a movement there's been totally. Definitely oppose the sale site got mad when their advertising on TV. Slow. You know what you do I don't know the parking lot give them moved to one side to a doughnut get the going on out. Privately that they wanted to go back in time the last Amelie played ten vs the FCC so we're good let's go back in tan. Communities. Jedi back when you shifts. They shipped there and first. But sixteen. The shifter shifty into third and second shifts. The shifty swiftly in third. Minute it's it's shifty. Shifter in fourths shifts they are shifty shipper. Does that city shedding vastly shifts the shifter and first but the ship being the ship very shifty in the second chips this week. What we shipped there and a third. This would be shipyard and a fourth chips for us. You want a good job. Game show. Lose three. 140. Don't know what you. This time. This is the end of season. I have. 530 get to drag this goes back to bed but no we have persevered and kept on going political it was a great rhymes Reynolds we commend this morning global we have by Aron. To us and does what he calls my first attempt. At a ten vs the FCC talk because of what it known that it may have we would have done a Rehman through absolutely just kept drinking or something but either way as we say listeners are first. We're gonna go with this to verses the FCC's mission and thank you where the down enough arrival I was gonna hold a different guy. And he goes something like this. In Dover is a beat butcher when he duds as meet bin huts is meat into the freezer bin Dover is a beef pucker bid is a fantastic beef packer. The way we do Ted vs the FCC is you need to read at one time through and then three times back. Ended Dover is eat beef butcher when he catches me. Ben hoax is neat into the freezer Ben Dover is eat beef hocker. And it's a fantastic beef Parker does fast bend over the beat butcher when he could this mean Ben Hudson's meat into the freezer. Bend over the that is a fantastically Parker bought bend over to be put jerk when he cut his meat then Hudson's sneak into the freezer bend over at the. Ben Dover is a beat butcher when he cut his meat and how to sneak into the freezer bag over the feet talker. That is a fantastic group and. Unless you know when Alomar homered. OK okay 200. Hey I. LA for a foreign I'm not tell us. It's in the bad just goes on Letterman drew live email to Matt Jones to the men's room at men's or live dot com they drug charge Ryan castle is there. To kick off bad jokes you are listening to the men's or radio network. Bad job dad made far far 999. Holy Gaza resiliency bad jokes on the email there at the men's or women's in my dot com but first to ensure that the bad jokes last for generations to come actually first must bring you these. Loose this is the official men's room bad jokes rules. A joke is up. Unnecessarily. How dirty joke for instance a guy walked into a block. We know how that. And yes we all know about demand from now on top games and why food is still a bad joke is a bad. Not necessarily enough. Yeah I mean we all know that Jews don't Hollywood. And what's better than winning gold medal at the Special Olympics. Just keep these simple rules in mind before you go. Not here to pick up the bad jokes apart my prostate exam has the doctor worsen put my pants here next to mine was the answer I was expecting. California Mel I was the only cool thing about Ohio. It's brown Danielle do behind a middle that's exactly right what is critters eat before a race. Like another may fast. One put money into golden teaching at the Coke can put more money and get another Coke can censor center. A man finally after he's done yet and she's is why many. And one to the vacuumed data report. But the the Maxi pads say to the Ford of Europe the wind beneath my wings and that was your bedroom. Hello death hello what's a bad joke yes. I'm Anita. That and my check and their heart and the other guy that the front desk that says that he's able to hook up the born American is disabled he says that's why regularly sic out. If I don't it very very good job. Bloody heads is serious to be ready. Men's room knows just. And as usual always heads of the very best guess Steve throw him a fine out nortel's there are today we took some quick thinking custodial staff of world parks middle school. And cohorts he Illinois now does understand and gender of the schools we need to girl's bathroom when they discover what appeared to be the miscarried fetus floating. And a bloody toilet bowl and actually the police were called parents were put on alert NBA and it there was not a fetus and to use tempo. How can I know gone. They acted the cubs showed up attitude samples is what everyone thing and it's a middle school my gods horrible for all the reasons it would be horrible and it. The next morning they didn't mind the news had gone they're never rendered donor big report because at this point every liberal and work you know middle school kids look what's happening she missed carried in her group defeatism toilet. The cubs calm them down the next morning as of yet we didn't test and there's Tampa cheat everybody back. Ivins is less Zurich. We've for the supposedly refused booze because we think if you are made. So over the top and down the thorough Q party in our Tommy's. Down now yeah there's no wow. Ticket doesn't online profile that's Keller and I'm right now 844999. Hole. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.