Loud and Local - September 24th, 2017

Sunday, September 24th

This week on the show I featured music from X Suns, Ten Miles Wide, Wyatt Olney & The Wreckage, Windowpane, King Dude, Wolves in the Throne Room, Skelator, Substratum, Arisen from Nothing, Hannah Racecar, Rest Repose, Po' brothers, Waxwing and much more! 

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Yeah. Okay. We. This is loud and love. Small. 99.9. KI ES. It's loud and local bat he's in the yeah alas. What it was Kevin bears lived I'm proud to use today. Love me some local music I love the northwest I love living here in Seattle the next. Few months. And at grave they're going to be raining so let's enjoy. These last little bit of a beautiful weather OK so if you're just here in and you moved here for a job. You're just moving in to Seattle the northwestern duty area. It's can be a lot of rain. A lapse. It's not an overstatement. It's. Could be raining pretty much every day like three months straight but it's all good because it makes this summer and the spring that much more beautiful. I know that's sounding a little bit negative but I was northwestern there's where we're used to it can't are that was just a public service announcement brought you by allow local this Friday. At the high died over in Fremont. We have one of my favorite local Vince ten miles wide playing with the dirty dirty. Trends that message from Austin, Texas. And dead magnate again that's this Friday September 29 at the high dive tickets are available now we combine as the door. Simply saw the couple songs from this in ten miles wide off the record the gross it's back burner in the title track the gross back to back ten miles wide allowed local. Yeah and. Okay. This. Our son and I and soon. So yeah. And as well. It's 99.9. KI SW's. Jim yeah. Yeah. Saturday October 14 could be a special night the being you just heard why it only is the wreckage releasing. They're bringing new album welcome to Seattle Saturday October 14 like hedges said at studio seven innings. No exit the fez Tuesday even bigs and bigs. From BJ in migs morning's it is his birthday and for that. We have league's fans to the first year was such an epic epic night of awesome this is had to do a damn thing again. Not only will why it only in the wreckage be releasing their record but also. Steve's. David great. The last international will be playing alongside van Epps has bit into his own new super group project threes from Rudy. And window pane league's best team go to studio seven website or KI SW dot com for all the info on that fired resale tickets. And all the good stuff we're gonna put a window pane sun right now. To check it out this that they and it's going to be plan in the existing. I'm local on the Iraq. Oh yeah. For. This is loud and local. Small Little Rock with a nagging voice not KI DS okay new. Yeah. Okay. And go. Okay. Yeah. Okay. Okay. I. Okay. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Okay. And Sears rolls. AI ST. This past Friday. Highly anticipated albums from the aids at least. As well as the metal world olympians. And Olympic Olympia Olympia black metal project war in the throne room believes. Their first album in a few years. And it's awesome it's five tracks and just beautiful. Slash gripping black metal is just like awesome. Post. Rock issue elements I don't know which is just awesome and it is it is available now like I said bulls in the drip room when these kids are playing music they are organic farmers they have their own farm over in Olympic. Bringing flowers to. Very very cool dude. Awesome dance and they're doing huge things touring Europe to just got back from your I believe. So what we're gonna play 81 song off the new album for rice woven by wolves in the throne room. Warner from the serpents I it's loud local on the Iraq. Okay. OK. Okay. We'll let me. Okay. Yeah. The okay. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. 99 point. KI ES WI. UE one CE. Her car this is loud and local. On the ninety point nine KI DSL. One of being northwest's most crazy bands. Hands down subs to grab him here on 99.9 KI FW it's loud and local on for another hour. If you are anywhere near the Olympia area beach grass down TV ads B and bar. This Friday September 29. What else could do Lucy bewitched her pragmatic chaos in the being that you just heard. Abstract and another killer show going on Friday. He's going on at. Yeah cheese pizza also in the south and let. Little bit closer to us to the area and that so maybe OV over there at the rigs in the. From nothing recommend relief go to seeing huge deal for risen from nothing. And up for local middle they have a brand new album is their record release show for broke game. The new album on collective wave records could pick up the new album. And I hit it again it is their CD release show so go pick it up and support local little support local music. It's September 29 this Friday mark your calendars that we need to eat pizza in spite of risen from nothing alongside the 69 lines. They can county rebels and how they hate. Good debut its new song from that very album. You're going to be able to hear the full thing until Friday but we're gonna play a song for yeah. It is a game from the bid a risen from nothing the song is called chaos. It comes from the new album from located available this Friday at Lou we genes. The flow local on the Iraq. We Kevin gears. AI SW the. Every week here on loud and local we team up with Vijay in migs mornings to present below the local band. Of the people not only do you get prime real estate on KI SW dot com with video bio and links to your social media you'll website elected stuff get a featured. Friday morning on Vijay makes Andrea week that you are featured you also gives. Played here allowed local. Now this week we are proud to run to feature be informed hope for once. Can't go race car bitter to the end of the week this week there pretty pretty fun cool millions. I dig them they're gonna be playing with deep house in beach slaying a really really awesome big tour that's a good bit. They're gonna be on tour with beach playing for about a month or so and their next northwest shows can be Saturday November 11 on the tour. We at shops are weak on Capitol Hill we're gonna play a song called shipwreck I hit a race car. You're allowed local today and the week. And it's kind. He's. Comments to me. Yeah it's okay. Oh yeah. Early. Yeah. The. It's. Is. Don't mind me. Upset. It's. I. I. Okay. I. I. Knew. Yeah. Malone. And no. In Hume they. Seeing things you'll love this thing. Oh look you honorable thing still listen and and so men. And so. And I. Me. Smacked oh yeah. And it's. Up. Slowly and Malone. And we'll. And done. This is loud and low. He's on the ninety point nine. KI ES. Now I'm. There will. Yeah. Hilarious by Rex Reed pose such a good record. It is the self self titled in self released a restaurant goes album. Somehow. You can tons and tons of fan support found live in the first week. From the billboard. The billboard top twenty. Rock category like insane they are a local band X. They are self released and they are. Kill it and it's it's awesome to see some rest repose there with hilarious always love seeing local bands blow up. And which is really really. Promote it in show that the northwest is still of the writing awesome place for music here. And it still like the the wonderful world. Northwest rock and roll when he was Kevin gears given half an hour left of loud wolf wolf some unfortunate nerds. Hope Brothers. An amazing local band they actually moved to the northwest from Indiana a few years back and they found themselves within here. But they're going to be calling it quits playing one last show and you don't see it here phantom Pope Brothers goes Saturday October 7. To bar Bozo can be played with fever feel in cloud person. To play you a couple songs. I that Gary van Pope Brothers they put out a killer record this past summer. It's unfortunate that we're not going to be able to see him too much more. Again in October 7 and Barbosa is your last chance for these cells. Pope Weathers allowed local. And Sears rolls. I asked him. Thanks again for listening to another week of loud and local if you ride just tuning in you're like me and I wanna know what he played good KIW dot com I like it. Both the playlist we also post the podcast episode of the entire episode so like you know you can go back and listened to what you may have may have missed. If you just make it a short little trick in the car according to mayor ends. You know. Like we all deal. My name is Kevin again in I am I'm very skilled. On this northwest seem that we have some support local music. And collapse of the shows a lot of the Golan on this he could KI SW dot com to click on the concerts. And you'll see a bunch of good ones. Now I've got a. A request at 77999. By Tom over federal wage war this year bids from up north. Called woodshed here it is going up to its common federal way. Trains come in one of the last songs are loud and local think solicited. And. Oh. I. Yeah yeah. Yeah. Me. I. I. I. It's. It's. I. And and. Okay. I.