Loud and Local - October 29th 2017

Sunday, October 29th

Playlist for October 29th, 2017 

Devils Hunt Me Down – I Am That I Am
Devils Hunt Me Down – En Passant
Grindline The Band – Speed Freak
American Wrecking Company – Enemy 
American Wrecking Company – Everything and Nothing
American Wrecking Company – From Grace
Dirty Dirty – So Wild
Ruckus – Monsters Do Exist
Wyatt Olney & The Wreckage – Off The Wagon
Year Of The Cobra – Burn Your Dead
Heiress – Lasts
Helms Alee – Worth Your Wild
Bruiser Brody – Nothing You Need
Sanctuary – Battle Angels
Dead Rebel Saints – Lost My Way
Mom’s Rocket – Fist Full Of Love
Good Touch – Failing Upward
Hilltop Rats – Long Way Home
Shook Ones – So Grown Up
MxPx – Let It Happen
He Whose Ox Is Gored – Charming The Snake
Himsa – Rain To The Sound Of Panic

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Oh yeah. And armed man is actually from being surrounding him media metropolitan area encompassing. I would just noticed green northwest good evening rockaholics. Thanks for joining. This is allowed. No rock featuring music born right here in the great Pacific northwest 99.9. KI ESW. Loud and local. Sunday nights we can be damn thing and keep it local everything it to a 6625. Week. The 425509360. My name is Kevin here is it is Halloween weekend. We are getting. Mean anything that. You know lack of with a monster mash or anything but it doesn't spooky music for. While local we we played few hours for the first hour people all we will of course feature the end of the week. And that is American wrecking company starting things off so devils hurt me very quickly down the FaceBook requests. I am but I am off immediate reds to pick that EPO for the devils put me down bid there from local. Straight man. Would Kevin Sears rolls. KI SW. Loud and local presents at the latter local the end of the week every week. Every weeknight. Pardon me every week we team up with the Vijay and megs morning show and that we present the loud and local the end of the week. And dad that means that a we get all the local music out not only allow local on Sunday night's. But we also get music out on on Friday mornings while Edwards commuting in and it's busy Isabel. And people turn on the radio station. And they get to hear. Your veins with your interest in being considered for the busy week go to KI SW dot com click on. My local Horry could click on my profile many Kevin gears send me a violence and abuse physical CD and a love to consider your band also let me know about whatever shows you have coming up. Looked at present that. As many ways as we can keep. The loud and local music community going. This week with a bin by the name of American ranking company big big weekend for American wrecking company on Friday they've played with. John five guitar luminaries. Former guitarist of Maryland into the kind of weary meet his name but now he plays guitar with Rob Zombie full time on tour and what he's not busy as hell with that. He also writes and records and in ways. Incredible instrumental shredding guitar solo. Dreaded music I mean he is like seriously like he does some some blue grass than he does some more like. Levi kind of stuff you got to really check it out anyways on Friday American wrecking company opened up for John five. I Leach he's in five give them a little shout out that this one goes out American wrecking company. It got to KI SW dot com click on contact or click on the allowed local bay into the week you can get all the information for the speed and I'm gonna stop shutting up and look. This starts setting up a look at music speak for itself and a three songs by this is the end of the week. American wrecking company its enemy everything and nothing and from grace back to back it's the end of the week allow more. Them. On the rock igniting employ non KI ES. Okay. Signaled he. I don't know. Love. An agreement since may and studying animal but I do believe you can abuse or those. Look at him like here in. That they might not be at the end anymore that they live on through that now out an album. And through level local elected throw and throw back here once in awhile and my name's Kevin years that's been by the name of ruckus. From Buckley even cry area that's the record called monsters do exist the title track. A before that dirty dirty. So good check out dirty dirty you've got to do it do yourself a favor your new favorite local bands. Before that be the end of the week American wrecking company and I mentioned that American wrecking company played the show. On Friday that we g.s in fight for the show on Saturday with John five also. With John five they also had a killer local band by the name of why it only in the wreckage. Big friends of those big friends of the show. And they just put out a new record I wanna to support that it's called welcome to Seattle and one to place on opposite called off the wagon. White rule in the wreckage. They looked awesome in their school makeup I could not make it to the show that you metal shop and we had our all covers episode for Halloween last night but I hear it was incredible. With American wrecking company on Friday that we g.s and it Tony v.s and Everett. We had a wife or meat and the wreckage show love. Supporting John five with both killer shows. In in the northwest of here is why only and the wreckage. Allow local. It's. It's. With the Kevin Sears rolls. AI SW. Friday. December he again Friday December aid. Eighty of errors he's coming to town in Indy he's never heard of. The original drummer of wax that with mr. bill Warner. Beating the drums alongside which amounts from Portland. Here of the cobra in air base that's gonna be at the Hyde died in Fremont beats the freaky and bill ward in the flash from seven. On the drums at a small intimate show. You got again. Again at the hideout Friday December 8 and get a play a couple of the bands that are going to be open it opened up they show you of the Covert hasn't record it's called. Burn your data beautifully the title track from it. And I knew Aris music as well. You're the cobra and heiress both play and they show you bears December 8 while multiple. A rock. I. And oh. I. A. Nine. QHD one C. Parent. Here. Now mode rock. Amanda is actually from being surrounding him media metropolitan area come. On what's known as a great north what's good evening rockaholics. Thanks for joining. Casey is allowed. Well no rock featuring music born right here in the great Pacific northwest 99.9. Yeah I guess W. That's one of my favorite local band Seattle represented. Films a Leo he's still aside record. It's worth your wild twice seventeen is going to be coming to an injury he soon here. That two months last. And we gotta be tabulating what our failure records of the past year or. I know that there's some killer records of course who why only record Digisette recently played but this is one that is not a full album. But is certainly. Into consideration for vanity piece at a C five song EP by the big name bruiser Brody. Featuring our midst he makes on the drums is a well as a prominent members of some of his particular insulin but let's let this music. Speak for itself it's bruiser Brody of the bruiser Brody EP. Nothing unique. Allow local. Okay. This is loud and local. Smuggle. 99.9. KI ES. I love getting requests yell loud and vocal Branden over in Bellevue city like Houston sanctuary in damage. I can do that sanctuary just put out a record beginning of the year that was the monster. Album material. From like 25 years ago. Seriously it's insane this this music has not seen the light of day for so long and finally lady actually founded in a barn innings like. Could have been completely damaged but guess what they they were able to to access the music in remastered it and it sounds awesome. Sanctuary battle angels. Don't have to bring in Bellevue. Local music I'm rob. Yeah. You don't. Loans. Yeah yeah. Loud and local continues. Sears 99.9. KI ESW. Okay. Bombs rocket. You're allowed in local. Fistful of law does the name of that song for that dead rebels saints lost my way in sanctuary out by request. It's loud and local and you know honestly it's my favorite time of the year because everything is spooky everything's about like the dark side. And everything's about let's horror movies I am four episodes Dietz. In the new at this new season stranger things I watched two killer horror movies one from the eighties called. One called trick or treat featuring Gene Simmons and Ozzy Osborne super cheesy and awesome and then also the 1977. Japanese horror film. How soon. What a mind trip that one aside that was what I did all day and. You know it's awesome to see people get me costume is of course Tuesday night there's tons of shows. Halloween shows tend to focus more on the cover census that's because it's your favorite bands dressing up as their favorite things. In doing that tradition of cover shows if you have something you want to well let me know about. Coming up on nine Tuesday to me no I'm getting to go to highlighted I believe to see a misfits tribute band when my favorite bands of all time covered. I just love scene misfits cover on Halloween just seemed so perfect going to be and by the name of good touch skate core to the Max. Failing upward its new stuff and its local. Allow local. I. Loud and. 99.9. KI ES. Back allowed local. Kind of fell into a little worm hole there a groove of pop punk if we. Good touch got me Roland on that good touch of course the start of the standoff with good touch phone upward. And when it's some Hilltop rats in Tacoma there are actually opening up. Ford no effects and Bad Religion or the other day and delegates Southern California but the Pope in trouble is that you may remember if they actually opened up the Tacoma show well. That might from the effects love them so much they flew down to Southern California and opened up the damn thing again so congratulations Hilltop rats have played some of them. Shook ones after that so grown up we're on the street is. This one's going to be having a new Opie coming up very very soon and I I heard a little birdie told me. They finish up recording that self. That's awesome and I ended the pop punk. Papon career success there with an XPX let it happen. The let it happen compilation this. Could get things a little bit ahead here is Halloween weekend at all. Let's get some spooky stuff going he whose ox is gored. Charlie wanted to hear this one so I threw it back a few years off their charming. I'm sorry charting the snake. Off of there night she'd EP that some himself. Don't have some might. Over Graham. Michael Graham thinks solicited did got us that for requests here and a got to get these over before the end of the shelf happy Halloween if I hope I stay safe. Don't party too hard. You know electric razor blades make sure. You don't get a three musketeers to those are disgusting. That's just my preference. He was out to score himself. May be something else that's negative for a local on the Iraq keep it local happy Halloween.