BJ & MIGS Podcast 11-10-17-7A: “I would rather give up sex than give up BLANK”.

Friday, November 10th

Beat Migs. A third of Americans would give up sex for a week than go one day without their phone. Luke warm topic. 

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I'm not noble man doing thunder v.s you wanna find more info bottoming siblings go to Vijay makes major KI SW dot com on how big fans under these price I would Wear their way. All the gas I do think she's the tremors under these you've met Richie at the mariner me good food reaches the fastest time in my opinion the best drummer in Seattle I'm by the way I have pleaded fancy business. Head and shoulders better okay are you yours he's going to be big show tomorrow night over at studio seven. You're Rockefeller reaches the boys and under beast and nobody allowed local that is a weekly show we have every Sunday night two hours of all local music Sundays at 10 o'clock. Fans like thunder v.s. Game. Okay. Me. And I am. It's. Right right exactly don't read it is seeing so I am taken all our Haas. For you get into the game OK give a special gift from our friends at the user and allow local bands that we just under. As a gift to us a new version that the leagues theme song and as you heard under beast. Very heavy and very aggressive really is they re recorded a thrash metal version of RB leaves theme song wow OK if you wanna wake up. I wanna wake up let's stay let's check it out. While Holloway now they're out of the main things I semi it and it is I'm not going to need a lawyer now. I'm pretty bad yeah site and I'm really Ghana and if you didn't tell us who that was I'm an unknown. I don't think I don't know yeah I admit I'm Alice. Why Powell. I was residents here I sure was for him of those guys out of bounds off them. Yeah opens evidence and not feel better unless that is yeah. Whatever was ill and is gone right yeah I think that's the view that's that's who rational view you know the bad mood you should be good by the time you're done wow yeah and a half wolf we generally may as of Friday man. I don't know if you noticed but Danny you're in your daughters are just had not Dooling is hurting going on notice that culture is that a lot and I don't want you now on every level I don't need to see my daughter ordaining it's working that's not what I want and my money should transcend time and you'll see the candidate pretty sentence all of hey Tony thanks so did you say that was the best believes in true ever. Vs that was terrifying. Certainly does a listener and I was incredible yeah I am today we have wiley from camera follow wiley somebody in my line here real theory is. And let Lou I really how Larry at. Oh no wrote nice I Austin do you what does Kylie plane far. I tasty how Wayne Brady Wayne Brady is going to be over at the emerald queen casino and you better go otherwise he's doing pretty good to have to choke a bitch that's she really but I guess that's happening on Friday December 1 go to KI SW dot com from the details. Don't tell Wayne Brady get you to guess now Ticketmaster dot com. I can't get out. I don't know playing at home wiley has sixty seconds to answer ten questions you can pass all you want the you'll only get three guests says her question are you ready. Yeah. I'm in the night the museum films which US president as Robin Williams strode train. Yeah Teddy Roosevelt what kinds that you headed eagle on the wagon Albania. Now it's typically what kind of alcohol as an espresso martini to. Yeah just get something unconditionally isn't TT that's out of it don't watch. Yes it's who played Russell Crowe's wife in the 2000 film Cinderella man. How many centimeters are in for a meters. 48 now. It looks now to. Now to teach you light is a variety of west course handles many times. Out. What is mine his last name's Harry Potter series. Yeah I just what in the scientific words for the boys fox. Merrill absent. At night fever soundtrack includes the songs well he lacks. In nineteen now. Wonderland the wonderland. I call all learned her anguish. It's really nice myself we'll that's a tough 100 no sorry about that buddy let's see if Steve does is badly though this that. Once. I am I did this happen match. It's. A good Freddy can no room. McCain can't exactly how Renaissance I think as a spot on impression rent rent is not here I'm here okay yeah I read on the lives of my. Put your attention to your daughter my personal I don't know how I raise this site I died this is joining us round though. Newt knows not that's not the first round tonight what is the first verdict comes in my sleep ratchets. Wow maybe I play well against via IR AC are you ready. In the united museum films which US president does William Williams Robin Williams good strength. Abraham Lincoln now. No content Grover Cleveland and now Merrill one dollar and that humidity on the faculty and tall drag out. Close today Elliott brings out it's simply must can't alcoholism and expressed some nice neat things and talk clue left. Roms now it was it's now Romero. And convenient to unconditionally is to take the match with a why it's good. Russell Crowe play in the 2000 film Cinderella man didn't. We know Rosie O'Donnell announced very close. Andy Dick is now closer to its racial the Arabs it's how many centimeters are in four years. 400 yeah sync populated in her idea of what source of illumination Kendall yeah. What is mine he's laughing Harry Potter series. I don't know anyway almost need a coat of arms. Eisenhower to know Terry thank you. Know life. You know scare all her yeah yeah all you law must. I don't that's Iowa. And Ohio potter. My own I think that's the only question and had no idea why weren't manslaughter in light you know what Bliley user are wouldn't hang on to say I get that done and more importantly. Us. Same Saro. These questions were great okay yeah they're reading MM a little stat I agree I'm not very generating things out loud flies by. Do you still love you did get don't know most of the win and I got my songs of sir I think you did a perfect jaw yeah. Yeah see now are proud your daughter I'm your driver now that's no idea undermined the Jurassic time are right term intelligent about terms like Texas as can Iran be sick every day police are as much sexier voice you know I think you know I preside and I set illumination. Like our advocate Sarah you are not supposed to get turned down by your own voice please. Don't. Your own voice or pay out a way glad I got frantic finish second DO I did turn them around would you get your number your blood alcohol or some all the time. You lose himself voicemail and see what you're fit that I don't like getting these congress isn't I don't know I never win in this this makes me angry I. Have anyone you about ground flat brought an alliance lap please give our Reza else. You don't Maryland just what is what's the first one fell asleep on it. W Fawcett and reminds so this an area not to disparage the film there's an entertaining until I fell asleep but I I never really had a friendship and I don't know myself a second on the the first I was gonna. Dammit what color is that humidity on the flight Albania and the wind. Yeah this. You know I'm Steve you're so good in the game's on right now when the pressure's off I was just turn on and you are yes the example that every listeners should understand heed this is when you can get the answers yet because of pressure is off it's more calming presence news and who played Russell Crowe's wife two dozen homes and romance and all I can think it generates that you're close out the of Jennifer Connelly is that true irony is all I hear the NATO involved. You don't it. Yes I'm a ditch effort we shoot beautiful mind. I don't know he was in memory bit and I think Jennifer Conley was in memory. How well ten China I like Jennifer Connelly you sisters and some really looking our relations Steve on the same Becky yeah Steve you're a loser and that's all I care about. And that's later this tie or beat Steve and that's what happens. Okay some news we have to bring you we brought you some heavy news about of course out of the Seahawks have given I if you you know if you care about the CI us that much of course you know already watching the game last night their Richard Sherman entry with the Achilles he's out for the season. I see this for me because I'm such a big fan of this guy's work. I also have known about him for a long time I was in a comedy competition with him so many years ago before anybody knew who he was. Is so this is. It's sad for meeting here but if this is true then you know wide. This is the first person accused of these sexual allegations. You know that Alibaba and ask for going on the bill Cosby's stuff to everything within your body hasn't really affected me because I haven't really been a gigantic fan of anybody involved I don't care what Harvey Weinstein. Bill Cosby idea I like to stuff but not enough that I cared to name but. Louie CK I love Louie CK stuff I think he's one of the most brilliant guys out there. But now IE I I have a whole different thing I got him process because he's been accused of sexual misconduct by five women. And and crazy part is I've member reading many years ago. Did that the first two that came out there and comedy duo. Came out and and there's a big article about it on some random. It was like any kind of reputable news dietary illness has some random website I was on it and it they. Is that really true I kept trying to find more information but it obviously he said she said kind of a thing and it just kind of swept under the carpet. And heard about it again I don't won't maybe it wasn't true. Who knows what's going on the tends last night when ice saudis. Treats coming out and all this all this stuff coming about it and I'm sick all man. How insane that something that was a minor blip of a story a few years ago and it's kind got to just disappeared now is back. Probably because what did the climate we're in now and more people are coming on talking nicely G east so. Disenfranchised it was a weird thing to read because I kind of already had a weird feeling about Louie CK after a ray initially reading that and then Adam it seems to be confirmed or at least closer to being confirmed. ST they get a good job putting under the carpet like I said because I'm not aware of this yeah this is news to me so the fact that you heard about it. Really saddens me because it shows that there were women that tried to come out and say something we talk about a living among before she is she tried years ago to say stuff. And eight there was a climate out there. That was just like shut up and just move on with your life. And now today's climate is he guess what there's no more shot not people are gonna have to be answered for these accusations. And Louie CK it's got some of the most horrible ones I mean really other stuff that we heard about everybody. You know you've got Kevin Spacey which had his say his allegations are horrible. A Harvey Weinstein but Al Louie CK basically they're saying he did these two women a jewel Damon Goodman and Julie wall off. Said that you know he'd be he'd brings back his hotel room and pre season take his clothes off it's completely naked and started taking care business right in front. City guys' mind if I do this and there's a lot. And then he just did you have bags you know the weird part is is a different and the cost you one when he circled back to some of his old comedy records and he would make jokes yes out. Thank you know from seeing people when you're like gosh now listening to that's really creepy yeah Louie CK. I'm not only in his comedy routine but also he shows has consistently had. Jokes about making love to himself. Do it. You are I I know NDP I look at all those shows now and think and is also was comedy routine yeah and now I'm disturbed it's one thing if you're doing art. And it's not something that happened in your real life and yours is doing you're talking about the twisted nature of society as we all need to be able to have some laughter at the horror that we experience. But to think that he may have perpetrated some of the things that he's joking about. And that's it changes everything so many changes everything and nobody. Situations it sound like I mean obviously Louis is it that you cities use a brilliant comedy mind. And some of these situations so he's using his power. Being. I don't know the show also being looked up upon as being on the other comic and all comics love. And he used that to take advantage of so Nelson and independent puts on us and a really bad situation is disgusting. It surely is HBO's dropping him from there the Saturdays at night of too many stars. It's not just benefit FX doesn't know about the show Louie we haven't even if we haven't seen a whole lot from that Louis's new show anyway because he had done a thing called Tom Corson. TV show which was. It was a great show. With amazing actors on Arabic now all these people have worked with Louis. You know date and that's the thing disease that these the ramifications. And the collateral damage to the folks who ever worked with Louis. There are folks you know I were I was reading an article on Daily Beast they're they're calling for their heads of people who have heard about this stuff about Italy and decided to say nothing. Losing Aziz ansari ask you wanted to talk about it or some end and people just don't you media you can't know you're not allowed to an. I saw Owen Benjamin he's another comic he said he knows these women and he knows announced type of people to make up a story like this so. There's a lot of comics now coming out also has been pretty disgusted by it Marc married just put out a tweet. Us is a difference because he's obviously and the reality show yeah David buddies forever is that different from Louis for a long time I read the article and none of it is good more to say about my own show not on a crappy platform like Twitter. I guess I. But they I don't know Intel only characters market got mourn yet what are they know exactly together you everything you want out I'm very curious to hear that podcast I don't know what direction he's going on this end. This is it's very troubling. You know here's the tough thing. Boy there's a lot of people. That substance abuse issues a lot of people that had alcoholic issues and since have have really fix that. Mice might wonder is is how many folks could come out of the woodwork and say this happened. Because somebody in in the proper trigger was somebody that was in the middle of their demons in in just. You know it's like I think there's so many stories that are going to be untold. Based upon it now I like well anybody that had to go to rehab I wonder I wonder well when you were drunk when you were hi what bad stuff did you do to people. You know I'm me and use an even you can't be used as an excuse unfortunately because you did it in today and so this is. I you know I said before this is tip of the iceberg. It's. Always movies coming to you was supposed to come out today it it was mostly from here in new York and the timing of this I feel like. There are people waiting for a moment. When somebody's about to release something where they're gonna drop bombs ice and I was worried about Justice League because you only heard a little bit about Ben Affleck who I am and the timing of this is unbelievable because Louis was supposed to be doing a premiere in New York City and this came right out of the day the premier. Now the movie company says they're not amateurs and release the Louis movie at all how can you give up its well. A either a gets cleared out for B Dixon if David and it sounds like normal people I mean this seems. Where there's smoke there's fire kind of a series of guided strikes that are happening I mean not only are they coming out this information but it seems like they wanna come out at a particular time that won't. Will really I I hate to say do the most damage the person they feel hurt them. I'm telling you I'm watching for the Justice League and released to see what else comes out because I feel like if you wanna be a bad review wanna hurt somebody you waited soul. Boom they got to go to press tours and talked him whatever and audio or you don't put some minutes and actually sixteen seem to be the year ago our favorite celebrities died in math lessons when he seventeenth seems a meteor that all of our fears celebrities are now dead to us. Yeah you're right that's a good way of putting it. I just hope that you know that folks that what I'm seeing could you talk about Aziz ansari there was an article written where they're pissed at him. But that the writer is pissed disease because he had eating c'mon Sany thing it because they I guess he was being interviewed yep and the person said. I wanna ask you about Louie CK. And he says I'm not gonna talk about that and an Aziz is done some material where he's basically been a proponent of exposing how women are treated like crap and followed home I mean a lot of folks out diseases doesn't really good stuff within his art. To show that hey guys women are getting treated badly whether you know this or not I need to tell you. But he wouldn't talk about Louis and the allegations now we're seeing but now they're mad disease and it's like well I don't know what you're supposed to do. If you weren't there and you didn't witness the crime all you can do is be supportive to the people that say they had a crime done to them but there's nothing else you can do you. And now you supposed to do based on what somebody says you don't have any proof. Are you supposed to end like stop your livelihood and a lot of people think you should and a lot of people are mad at the folks didn't come forward. But we're not mad at the the Vick sitting come forward to grind because. They also had the same issue they were afraid it would affect their life and. They why I have a hard time being and all angry tricks on who's a victim because I don't know what it's like to be in the mind of being a victim maybe it takes a certain breaking point freedom finally feel comfortable that to come out and speak. So I don't really have anger towards someone who maybe didn't know how to handle it I think the anger should be put towards the person who did the damage agreed. And I mean I don't know what happened what what causes he's not wanna talk about it what what was going on his moral to not talk about it but. I mean I didn't day at exempt for all putting all this attention on every warm but Louie CK they've they've all this is true. Then yeah that's the person is. That's the issue it's not Aziz it's not. In my piece I don't know I just. But it's more than the niceties of Tennessee we gloss over the actual person who's stood awful human being because for Matt and everybody else to do not handle it world. Lot of people don't know how to handle these things and myself included I took your time and nowadays it all the stuff coming out it's it's it's it's it's mind boggling. Yeah I sometimes question the writers to sit there and start calling for the heads of people like like disease and I and I think. Are you just trying to make money off of this by coming up on an explosive headline. And all the bloggers that do that because I'm with you Steve it's like look man. It's the guy that we got to focus on is the guy that has the other day allegations. I also want a vocal guy like the folks focus on the lives of victims of fuels to make sure they get the proper help they know I'm so that it can go on have a good life because this sucks when his stuff happens. To the victim and sometimes you forget them. Gave him a home run 101 minute think that it was anonymous storm like you remember but lose someone that was in the industry and stopped after that gives us. And so when you think about that six Emmys so his passion just completely got stopped because of someone taken advantage of their power and Sox yup. Yeah it's it's it it's it's a great thing minutes coming out. I just we have to be careful with our anger as people we can't just starch and basically putting our sights on. Anybody we think it. We we should we aid should only be on the right people. And actually there's a referral if you're a veteran Hollywood is disgusting pervert feels that way take. Dude I won't tell you this Hollywood is a high stress crazy place it makes crazy people. And we have to remember that even if you don't work very you know in the world of entertainment entertainment is a crazy business giving him makes crazy people or is just crazy people get involved in that business because that's so there could question during the hour often necessary made people crazy I think it attracts crazy people because headache. A lot of people that are of pride good that part been good at acting are pretty messed up and had they can tap into something that makes them good at what that is. So I don't know if it's necessary to make you people crazy I think this is giving a good place for crazy people to become successful. You know our business mommy you know you've been a long enough to meet Danny and Vicki I don't know if they've been in the business long enough for you tonight and as long enough there. There were crazy people and our business to Wiki crazy people and there was a lot of inappropriate behavior as well I doubt I'm the victim of it. No you know the irony is is that you know all a woman. Who groped me in front of a crowd I mean honesty was like OJL I die don't talk about a lot but it was one of the worst. Moments of my life just because I felt like a piece of crap I mean. And it. The AD this sick irony is this woman sued the company for sexual harassment and I'm like. I'm like I was on a stage in from a group of people doing a live show Wallace when he grabbed my groin and squeezed to see. My state. And she said hammer though check BJ state and everybody laughed and I'm like how old is this okay and access is everyone's laughing so now how do you hand what do I do. And that she turns around years later and sued the company for sexual harassment I'm like real. I mean I. I I I I I remember right call the company I said I will testify I'm telling you there was a live audience there were people there don't pay her job. It's she thought she was a victim of and the company was like no we wanna make it go away and so they never did and she got paid. And I'm so frustrated so I can understand the people have to deal with this stuff. It's it's it's it happen and I'm fortunate islands and a time where I would've lost my job if I make trouble. I remember being brought a woman gone hey look it was just a Joseph Torre about it and people say they're nowhere did I get over it's exactly what they said to me and you know he you just today. No Mike is it you know today no more. No more today. Recognizes this is going to be an interesting here if this continues that they need people are feeling. More comfortable to be able to talk out and speak out against some awful human beings which is. Great for memory and an ID cards people's. A perception of who their fans are very he's gonna change a lot this year yeah. I mean really I don't think we're gonna see much from Louis CK ever again. I mean I don't they have less descendant of what do you onerous does that crack you know him I really haven't had a desire to see Woody Allen movie I'm always trying to make some sort of do it. I do it ruined it for me to do you know. So I can't see anybody care about Louie CK anymore it's it's it's sad for his career but it's if it's true. It's what not it's what he needs he needs to and he needs everything is gonna happen to me these things are true so creepy and all of his jokes were of so many of his jokes as somebody of the things that you're right these comedies. Were based on self love. Down unbelievable. All right. Well you know is this at this here is a little bit of a different kind of version of sex because people are actually you know getting to choose and be consensual what democratically charity that. I turned out a third of Americans would give up sex for a weakening go one day without one particular thing what is that I'll tell you at 717 on the rock. And made some more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI guess W all. Hey I had some give Iraq Seattle. I see you know you every search I got some for everybody. All right Americans that's us merchants. Check their phone on average once every twelve minutes that adds up. To about 88080. Times a day. And they say the average person got an hour. You can probably do. I hysteria edited that count as it's only once and checking it I just holding instead of the 24 hours now that's not unhealthy you know I don't know how it all right on your fine. I feel that way though and a walk around especially the work. Yesterday ads went down today with a sandwich place and I was Mitch yeah I I don't know why lesser paying attention to everybody around. The hell's wrong with you and it was like. It felt like they lived an old scifi movie like everybody seems weird alien Clinton sunglasses or whatever it is. They're holding their phone he had to their horses walking around like zombies holding their phone no one's looking up nobody's that good. But if he had just look over and there's a key drinking coffee holding her phone everybody I know let them know I'm not so true it is it is really really true with it's a scary thing and that it's worse now and we're sounding old we say that because genome. And Mickey's generation it's normal to them and I get why they look at us like we're weird because something is normal for them legal why are you having a problem of this we're all call with us. But since may not even some. I wonder what it's gonna be like you make 1520 years and preferences or anything. Our grammar and our Spanish but I feel like we're gonna see like the guy you take evolution of a body is how people look at I think people are gonna have like this weird hunched. -- to their body I'm already on my way there sorry I'm halfway there ready because we're all spending our time and I notice that my neck feels weird or in I think it's because I'm constantly looking down in my phone yeah like I go to a chiropractor and that's one of the things on the law it's like a voice text next is what that's called tech deck and you put like. 102030. Maybe even more depending how far down you're looking of Holland's of action weight on your neck. Yeah just by looking down so much I can tell that you take that information to heart cannot see that I keep my fun appears. All. I like putting my head down and hurt us army and actually it wasn't a whole marriage Florida Padilla I've looked up via. I don't let us know thank god text Elmo or something. We remember few ideas with their pinky in there because of how they would hold their cellphones in it was put too much pressure on your pinky. Comment about this cellphone will probably get it back to the flip phone that we get over answering machines and land lines. I don't really use the deal about the good old days are jackass. Yeah they said the average person struggles to go a little more than ten minutes without checking their phone wow. Four hours the longest time the average person was prepared to go before they need to check their phone becomes too much. While so after four hours it's like you've got to DT's man. But it's funny because they did I truly is an addiction because everybody debt and you wanna talk to lose everybody brings in a situation where there are away from their phone. Always comments on how nice it was not be by their phones but as soon as they're backed by their phone. They're right back to I gotta tell yeah I've been to seminars and part of this a lot of these seminars say you've got to check your phone at the door and if you're there for 45. I mean I did a nine day seminar and I decided I'm I'm not going to be on my phone are all so you have the option and I said yeah I know what I'm gonna give you my phone yet and dude. It was a whole different world because I didn't check my phone for nine d.s. I mean and I have to tell you know when there's an idea idea I would have just flooded you attacks that we would you got back to it thanks for any 700 Texans are pictures of the to promote G yeah. But you know I used to live their way through because it never had a cellphone right we know in my twenties and I didn't have a I drove around I had a life. I think about this my life was not anything like what a lot of people. Are are never gonna experience imagine now Generation Y. people they will never experience a life without having a cellphone. Who or Smartphone even married or Smartphone for cell phone that's not end. One thing from the study that I think is in sync. A third. Of people said they would rather give up sex for a week then go one day without their devices. A third of Americans think you know we have like three million people and in his country SF. Sets are. A lot of people that people shouldn't know what I'd rather have my phone sex that's a lot of fuel and we've had dumped after weeks over there aren't kidding. And a so whip this in mind a third of Americans saying they give up sex for a week single one day without their phone. Based on this who want to finish this sentence I would rather give up sex than give up blank okay we know that a Smartphone for a lot of people cellphone that's the thing that you go is better than sex. But you might have something else that you think is actually better than sex that you would not want to give up. 206421. Rock Texas is 77999. To finish this sentence I would rather give up sex. Dan give up blank. We'll take your calls and text pastor americans'. Greatest show on now I. And makes it more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI SW. I point nine KI SW Iraq. I'm Seattle. So the average person. Apparently. Would give up now about the average person must ask a third of us so really a hundred million Americans say. They would give up sex for a week. They go one day without their phone. Based on this. We like to finish his sentence I would rather give up sex than give up blank let's go to artery in Seattle Marty if you Iran Iraq. Little Martin Larry leadership. Hey there yeah I didn't only hours so why they're here ready court our area or contact Marty you common. You know they opinion package ready so loss that I need to let security know you're gonna yeah eight people aren't. I don't let very cool and I know it's a security contests. Yeah yeah because Steve. So Marty how much you OK so a lot of folks will not give up their phone they'd rather give up sex first how about you what would you rather give up sex than give up what would you wanna keep instead it's a tossup between a medal in order to accuse. Know who really. Yeah early. Well look I I've. The senior tattooed lieutenants had to do you have. In the run like I blue line got a lot of gone we will. Right it's. Doctor in charge know my right arm on Mirant I had everything you know shot. Dude is all I'm saying I Treadway let's look at concrete ala Chris may be QB BJ Cheney make maybe you make your idea as to who went out to wake up next day to find out I. I recommend migs a mania running wild on you brother. Well I have to here's my hand me. I'm talking about I'm I'm not here I got actually an end. Which are being lost contact you can't connect my you know life. No he's OK I just I just saw there Kevin Indian metals sub tattoo and I saw Patrick palace post a picture you have actually power. You're now a lot tad too as well that's fantastic well. Actually ended our emblem on the air and ground. I'm like you're gradually gush over. I'll only greater sense and they grab guys and how. Good for you dude said do it appears that thing I don't know if you don't have this doesn't Girardi have given me you've got to Ryan castle. You you have to have our logo the rock right you do you that's of that content I have I. Why are my own and carry out BJ oh win or lose ASEAN alluded to had simply don't you know I had done in my head not lucky date yet but your. I am no mighty blue skirt right Gary got to go to our. You are I did I do you actually need you people who are like our election coming up again just reflect society Vijay and he's outside can always. It happens. There are. Some aren't you rule. Marty and then they didn't get Alou amaze amaze me every Indian maids are not think a lot. You naked guy Dylan Dylan but Sheikh that's nonsense that's where we should be okay I'll see at least sincerely Carolina. IR Murrow presented an eight man. Dad and I look at Carter okay don't ask okay you know I had half. Let me ask you some though because I mean people really serious about her tattoos you Vicki. If you let it shoes and they said Steve you can ever have sex again you can ever have tattoos. Well I would I would do apaches yeah RD I'm alana and honestly I. I love getting tattoos I mean no one's on your body like they take them all think they're they're all gone you have to choose to have them and or not have sex again my guesstimate on how many tattoos anymore because that seems a little. Not us. Yeah. You write about your pet and no I think Ricky would you have this done yeah I mean and I had money as sex and I do a pretty good job and allow myself. Well I know I have personal knowledge really evaluating you I think you should really go to some independent evaluate just how good you do for your producer of gold star dim the recession yes and it's pretty good shot Dennehy were good as job. But I could learn a couple guys I've dated IKEA you are you'd be getting any more tattoos as well only had a couple like yeah. Planning getting a lot more than like really lake to its use of years are okay. And now I was out perfect stereo. I'm I'm gonna keep getting tattoos you don't like about your problem I'm just gonna go off into nothing. Do your own identity athlete face statues are alone and now you neck tattoos. Maybe the back of my neck really. I don't know yet bush long hair she could cover bad hair memorable as the manager of the neck tattoo I guess. I I see I have my line pulling out my tattoos your they're not there Jason I know but I mean I don't mind Amazon's a certain part as long as they're on a certain parts of off the hands of Mac. Yeah I I I I don't why I mean less attractive like let's look at that pilot is just my English OK he's crossed the line for used to call him everywhere else let big T I'm not Singh's name wrong what do you I get is like when I like yeah yeah I didn't see your voice. I don't know testicles Khan bust the number. Wow all these and I see his point all I'm wow I'm not annoying what is going on with you man that did you not think he she said that I know I knew she says who's boss in my voice yeah. Then go wanted to see this team. What is I don't ask. My heart dropped the McLaren man with another scandal now now nobody's seen my boys you know there's only one woman that past due and that poor woman she's a saint and you and doesn't live in the state and well that's why should she she saw the machine about he's old he's mastered the wave tucking him into the sock wow really. It's next the first I didn't go alone on my boys are my sock it's this is web Taiwan BJ day until I. Which included Vijay CK at this point looks conditioning seriously. We take. Bomb my next Tuesday and his future Marty. Getting it had to Ryan castle that's that's great to all rights yes that is a great tell us are glad you were texting music and that decision downtown would be the top one. That's a tough one it is that you never listen to music again doubt be at start of the struggle blue. Sex. Or wrestling Steve. All wrestling live shows. Man asked. You said early in my life is gonna define new ways to be sad is doing you've picked your wonder Jeff got the tattoos are big game members should have gone down wrestling you're anti golf wrestling is why I'm hammering announcing tonight at the five men go to the fire wrestling dot com come check me out that's supposed to be a good night tonight we got ice covering it dove ice sports is going to be there. I wanna say right now good common though it's a fun time getting a check gutsy guy just say. The look of disdain you gave me like what a stupid question yes you've I could have Ted to core solo section of my wife and Susie he's a Julia wrestling Pollyanna like yeah. Well she's still in like she still gets to live with me and below there's a joy. Yeah. You know what she might actually be better off doesn't that that's six then think about that I think my wife who like. Yeah I know he give a second time we want to smell at least they're part of this relationship man who I guess our. That's awesome. That is classic. All right so we computer that's been trained to solve crimes and a very very creative way house so well you know me tell you these things other than a 747. On Iraq. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. Travis if you're upside down in your mortgage should you continue to make the payments continuing to pay your mortgage or not these are complex. Decision because your going to have used to live somewhere and you're going to have a housing payments so you. Continuing to make your house payment really depends on several factors one is whether or not just a second mortgage. The second one is how affordable your ongoing monthly mortgage payment is. The issue is whether your mortgages adjustable when you're facing an increasing your mortgage payments later on when interest rates go up. 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