Facebook Drama “Bad Birthday”11-29-17

Wednesday, November 29th

Facebook Drama. “Bad Birthday”. A woman wishes her friend a happy birthday even though they aren’t really friends anymore.


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And FaceBook I'm aggressive I inherited distilling companies brown sugar Birmingham beat you once again here's our opportunity to point out the stupid people on FaceBook. To remind people why FaceBook is justice system yes stupid since pool. The national FaceBook posts and drama unfolds because me and yep we're gonna acted out this time around red he'll play the role the original poster you will be Jessica I guess we. I'll play the role Gretchen. Vickiel beach. LED and he'll play the role of Joshua bloom and BJ you'll be DN yeah who not right so. He original poster is Jessica so revved please take it away. How big bread baked and gal wig residents out all much this year but you'll always be like a sister to me. Heart. Did you are seriously just wish Danielle happy birthday. After what you territorial. And it's an age. Wow. God this year hasn't been the greatest part our friendship but I still love and care about her locks that day and yes slightly terabyte Brad do. Yeah I see dead multiple times actually. It was Hollywood wives and got it was an accident and Elton. Filing on the stairs is an act did. Chopping something on the floor is an accident treating someone is not. An accent an accident. Why did you slip on a banana peel an accident Thailand not as deep. Give me a break yes she was asking for my junk all night it was definitely not an accident on her part. Guess I should get a clean up Joshua and thanks again to cheating on me oh and thanks Jesse ever wishing me happy birthday and being a great brands. God. Does so well got good rest and. I told you she would appreciate me wishing her happy we today. Bad blues sarcasm. You damn last hire Rosie thought I had your nasty ads banging my boyfriend big blocks. The greatest birthday gift I can give to myself is still block you do anything you have to say before I give myself the best is. Danielle is don't lock me I'm going to be up all night about this hash tag boyfriend canyon and then she. Glad Darren.