Facebook Drama. “Break Time” 12-01-17

Friday, December 1st

Facebook Drama. “Break Time”. A woman goes on social media to celebrate an upcoming break but people think she is very lazy.


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And they've done a drug deal by heritage is selling companies brown sugar verbally beat you once again this is our opportunity when at the stupid people that are on FaceBook. National FaceBook posts and prominent unfolded because of it and of course we're going to acted out. So this time around BJ he'll be playing the role of the original poster you'll be Clarissa however I have to read you'll be holly street Mickey you are Gary UK and I'll be Olivea. Yea. Current series a poster once again it's clear sense of DJ please. Take it away. I endless already. Old for this weekend. It is much need Pashtun. I need a drink is you need a break how happy you need a break hash tag you don't do Jack ass yeah. You don't have a job. We're kids. Really any responsibilities at all OK I do love actually and it's not like it's any of your business is well I'd. I do have a jab can't resell. Catch affects students. I don't know how you can really college job when you work one day a week. And that one day a week. IU has complained the entire time. And everyone else is do your job because you don't do anything hash tag you've really done dude Jack ass. Oh golly you work with Clarissa unfortunately yes I roommate and it's not much better hell now I can't stand one day a week where there. I don't know how you can even stand her every day how do you survive. She's awful hello well. Did you pets let's just say novice on my eyes that is that I can clearly. Loops and allow. Ashtanga oops now allow Celia were Clarissa. Let us. Know and wait seriously. Best period date period ever. And mixed morning. Rock and 99.9 KI SW.