Facebook Drama. “I Love Tinder”. 12-04-17

Monday, December 4th

Facebook Drama. “I Love Tinder”. A woman goes on social media to complain about people telling her she needs to settle down.


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Laura. And David Drummond broad daylight between plumbing heating and mechanical Vijay once again this is our opportunity to announce the dumb people that are on FaceBook. There's an actual FaceBook post John Paul because of it and yet we're going to acted out. So this time around Vijay playing the role of Wendy will be the reverend en Fuego street I'll play the role Travis. BJ he'll play the role Nancy. I've and we were very special guest helping us through FaceBook drama playing the role Greg will be the one the only. Santa Claus. That's right senate here is a good two or so thank you. That's the hand he's on deck and everything that examines when he shows up he shows up and they can't take pictures with us or like that you will be a part of this for drama. Yeah anyone knows he's not your night Sloan Santa spent oh I love this stuff. Not satellites FaceBook drama since my home page but it's as big fans. All right so once again ready Wendy I'll be Travis Santa Claus is Greg and BJ you're Nancy the original posters when he saw red please take it away. In college I started having a series of flames and casual sex with no consequence as. I'd never had an issue with that and neither. In neither anyone else in my life and now how would I am now Saturday and I still hooking up. I love and are the trouble is is that now that I'm older I'm gay has not more judgments on that main. Cool story Wendy pass tag random post of the day. Yeah Wendy what was the point this post my sister says I need to find a nice guy and settled down my friends say variations on the same thing. I'm OK with things the way they are. I doubt I could settle into monogamy anyway and I've never really wanted kids last night I told my sister that he sees and I'd better get my act together or I'd be too old for a career out relationship they would have to set off. What I need. But doesn't know. Yeah so I guess you needed to sit with high figure make this don't stay blog post show H he's ST yeah. Hello. Do you not read Wendy's FaceBook posts before. This is all she does well why don't you do not follow meet Angel because I find great entertainment and how much so much train wreck your life it's red and Nancy I'm happy with my decisions. Real relationships don't have a sell by date I'll find someone when that time is right. I'm analogy you are becoming inspired. If it's Jesus you've been really engrossed by now. Did you just compare your sister to mold the cottage cheese does at our south match today I'll never come do you find any good gagged. Yeah Nancy quitting golf on every cottage cheese again. Thank you very much a job by Sam thank you. And made some morning. Rock and 99.9 KI ESW.