Loud and Local - November 19th, 2017

Sunday, November 19th

November 19th 
Hobosexual – Trans Am Sunday 
Hilltop Rats – Long Way Home
Whiskey Libido – Breakaway 
Whiskey Libido – Chains
Substratum – Curse Of The Soothsayer Part 3: King in a Grave
Matriarch – Phone Problems
X Suns – You’ve Been Asleep
Aloha Mars – Love Handles
Black Whales – Avalon
Modest Mouse – A Different City
Woodshed – Self Taught
Supercrush – I’ve Been Around
The Exquisites – Count On Me
Young Go Hards – Kitten Mittens
Whiskey Libido – Sick and Tired
Thunderbeast – Carnage
American Wrecking Company – Everything and Nothing
Good Touch – Translating Frequencies
Devils Hunt Me Down – The Border Line
Dead Rebel Saints – Lost My Way
Forced Entry – Macrocosm, Microcosm



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Yeah. And armed man is actually from being surrounding him media metropolitan area encompassing that was noticed great northwest. Good evening rockaholics. Thanks for joining. This is allowed. No rock featuring music born right here in the great Pacific northwest 99.9. The weekend is about to be over. The last few hours of this weekend unfortunately. I hate to remind you my name is Kevin gears. And the good thing about these last two hours of the weekend. If that is all northwest music beyond 99.9 KI FW the rock of Seattle it is loud and local. All music from the 25 lead at 306 before 25. The Wii Fit so the 509. All the good stuff northwest GA and we have music right. Super crash aloha Mars matriarch. We're going to be telling you about the bid for the week whiskey would be ill. New video by wood shed and stuff like doubles put me down but right now speaking of new all the new homosexual record. Mind though it started a couple allowed local for an AM Sunday. On the Iraq. Yeah okay. And out in local continues on the road. It's 99.9. KI ESW. Every week on loud and local. We team up with Vijay in mid morning the morning show here on KR USW and that your feet loud it'll Opel the end of the week get a KI FW dot com you can see all the info. On this who spent the week whiskey would be go up and coming band because he's your support as well as all the artists. Here on my mobile cancer support your local seeing good KIW dot com click on the TV inmate stabbed. And check out whiskey libido they have for a new album out in a wonderful couple songs from it for you. No they that's whiskey moviegoer eliciting so horns up to you shout out to you guys thinking so much for supporting allow multiple. And if you want your being featured as the loud and local game that we he would go to that website that I can make it. Yeah I W dot com you can. Send your send your photos listen to music send your press pack. Or right you could also be thoughtful way and you know that foreign sorry snail mail that says it ineffective. You 805 avenue. All that info again available at PI is W website. And to stop elaborate what you Lutz himself from was he would be a breakaway and change. Back to back while local it into the week. On the Iraq. AI SW. This can do and as we watch this little. Just how. It's. Stops. And view the on race. Then. And. It was such fellow Rangers searched for Adam one of my favorite local beings just sold years. So that came off the subs sorry the self titled record. I sub strata McNeil once soared intrigues record it's all local music here because TDs allowed local and it. Person deceased singer par three keying in a grave as we've just heard. I definitely support sub strata and another killer big and and actually debuting here on the show the music is not brand new came out last year the demo that they released. WP. But it is the first from a playing here's why premiering it allow multiple. That is what I can say they're playing Friday at the black lodge along side of being on southern would records called sex. Another killer local vehicle wake of humidity an empire of injustice that they end up talking about. Is matriarch good to have nature to be in camp give Melissa by the EPA and support local hardcore punk music. See some good stuff they have a great message as good people so check it out matriarch you are allowed local songs for those problems turn it up. Moshing your living room. You know after the game but local. On the Iraq. And. Loud and local content. Eight years 99.9. KI ESW. Yeah. And Sears who. AI SW room. Love what I do it's did you bring new music here on loud and local and that night I am. You mean that with the being called aloha Mars just this past weekend they oppose to their first song. New up and coming up kind of pop punk band very cool though if you're finished up what Alkaline Trio. You love is a little hall Mars brand new music lover handles check it out in support local music. Aloha Mars allow multiple. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. A. Yeah. Yeah yeah. A okay. I'm. My. She. Yeah the out in local continue. It's 99.9. KI ESW. Local music here allowed local tax policies maybe. Few hours of local music to beef that mining is Kevin years and I'm Dryden and steering this ship. To be to be in seen world of the underground Seattle music scene. A little bit outside of Seattle there with so woodshed up north. And our self. Woodshed just released their brand new music video and it is so awesome self taught. You can watch that on KI guess W dot com click on the loud in the local tab or you can just see it. On the main page right now share with your friends support local music. Definitely. Definitely watched that new woodshed video that been so killer friends of the show. And just to love CNN they obviously totally professionally shot video but he shows them how to Kana. Just raging. And with so much in support. Awesome stuff before that modest announcement throwback track of the week different city. All the moon unions are in Antarctica. Didn't pronounce that wonderfully. It's not a city black whales Avalon and of course a little how Mars are not that little set new music this week. Put out rated super crush which is mark palm from devotion. As well as air and from devotion. It's a bit more of the pop rock project and when they sit at a I don't mean you know. Trained or or you know Third Eye Blind I mean more of like the super trounced. Kind of like melodic ninety's maybe like pavement and a. To check it out so I've been around a super crashes what I'm about to debut their play and show. Which shook ones yes shook ones in the new rituals. At the makeshift sting you in Bellingham Washington it's January 21. There's new music by super crash. Among local. Yeah influenza. And you know winds that. Every week to allow local we teamed up with Vijay and makes you who presents. The level the band that we could KI SW dot com to get all the information. On the end of the week OC contends you can submit your music. If you wanna be featured as began the weaknesses whiskey libido has played a couple songs from last hour. But I wanted to play one more sick and tired by whiskey would be don't be KI SW loud and local BJ and makes. The end of the week turned up loud local on the Iraq. Yes W. Oh. Good touch new record I didn't touch is so good. Translating frequencies. Before that American wrecking company everything and nothing. New music by thundered east. Carney too loud and local we get about thirty minutes left of the show a little bit less than that who have there's someone here. 206421. Rock when he was seven years about outing here. But not before I play you that damn. Devils cut the lead down song we permitted on KI ESW dot com and click on that if you wanna share with a friend. It's up there now and will be having it all over social media all week long in media in media's reds. Three is out December 16 will be played a record really show you more about that in the weeks to come but right now. Along with TI SW dot com gonna you know I'm gonna play in a while local. It's the borderline new music by double hunt me down. I'm a mobile. I. Don't know. I. Yeah. It's 99.9. KI ESW. Ten minutes to midnight. That's not an Iron Maiden. That is the truth it's ten minutes and made that would mean it's ten minutes before I'm out of here in my mobile for the night met the overnight sensation Matt Cooke. Is he's on at midnight fill out given your requests to us to export to one rocked for 77999. He's the number the tech. Thank you so much for I check it out loud and vocal every week we do games being played all local music for two hours from ten. The midnight Sunday night's. Definitely go to KI SW dot com to check out the new woodshed music video for self taught. As well as he bring in new doubles might need downs we're premiering on KI SW dot com off their new EP out December of 68. On December it's just a week before that day of errors and becoming the town and who is day of errors well he's blown wars. The original drummer of black sad when you stand. And there are going to be playing the Hyde died in Fremont is your kids go check out a rock legend in the flash playing alongside witch mountain areas. And at the end you're about to hear branding music by view of the cobra goes to them December 8. With bill ward after that a request Alfred. Allow mobile think solicited and keep it local. I.