Loud and Local - November 26th, 2017

Sunday, November 26th

November 26th 
Palooka – Our Time Is Now
Palooka – Another Day In A Hole 
Gruntruck – Bar Fly
Gruntruck – Trip
Gruntruck – Build a Hole
Gruntruck – Spy
Hannah Racecar – Shipwrecked
Mother Love Bone – Stardog Champion
Bruiser Brody – Find Your Way Home
Hobosexual – Trans Am Sunday
Aloha Mars – Love Handles
Wyatt Olney & The Wreckage – Hellbound Heart
Wyatt Olney & The Wreckage – Southbound 
Stealing Axion – Memories
3 Inches Of Blood – Look Out
Year Of The Cobra – The Howl
Heiress – Made Wrong
Devils Hunt Me Down – The Border Line
Supercrush – I’ve Been Around
Slumberbox – Survivor’s Guilt



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Oh yeah. And our man is actually from being surrounding him media metropolitan area encompassing. I was known as the great northwest good evening rockaholics. Thanks for joining. Casey is allowed. Yeah featuring music full. The great Pacific north way. 99.9. Yes it is 10 PM here on November 26 what he seventeen year of our good laws. Minus seven years loud local doing it every Sunday night for the last two hours of your weekend. It's an unfortunate way. It's in a no it's a fortunate way to great way to end the weekend but unfortunately it is. The end of the weekend it was a long weekend for a lot of us a Thanksgiving weekend so we all got to go back to work. We can rise to these last few hours in Troy the best in the northwest. Right now brand new music by people woo yeah they drop this off at our doorstep this week and I felt the need to wait for. Damn awesome breaking news that the album is called Turbo excellence eighteen songs. Our time is now another date it'll hold name. But what we've got to start us off tonight on loud and local. Jim it. Swearing. Yeah. And Sears rolls. Yes W. Just a little while back I run truck. Yes growing trust you heard me right grown truck came out with their third. Album and this is something that we never thought we see the light of day as it's been fifteen years since the Ryder truck broke up. In what was that into 20022000. Into yes that's correct. Then the grunt truck broke up. And they had a long lost third album that had been recorded between 1997. In 2002 with Jack in Dino and Maarten feed here. They were they just released its. And now we have to consume I haven't played any of these songs yet yeah I've been sleeping on it unfortunately with this weekend and G imminent. So wanted to play for a brand new sounds from growing trust. Let's hope that maybe we see grunt truck reunite this year. Play couple shows two up with some of these songs you've never heard lied before so again Britney music like what truck that is lost recordings there long lost third album. Could be playing these guys for songs like I said. And here they are in the order bar fly trip to build a whole inspire all of four's songs are available on the album available now check it out it's Greg truck. New music by great truck. Imagine that some local on the Iraq. And. He's been fifteen years since that being broke out. But we're finally getting brave new music long lines to music played in at noon. As grunt for. It is their long lost third album it is available now it is stuff recorded between 1997 and 2002. That's right the plan for the last few minutes build a whole trip in bar fly starting off the I'll force on drug truck blocked. And I'm going to finish it off the phone calls by all available on the long lost but now. Found Greg truck third album as loud local if you ever request to 06421. Rock or you can take 77999. I would love to play you some local north was rock. That's what I do every Sunday from ten till midnight here's another song by grunt drop of the long lost third album. Formal formal rock. And. It's volatile. 99.9. KI DS stuff. Minutes. Comments from me. Oh yeah and it. Song. Yeah. Don't mind me. So. Yeah. Italy score out of Tacoma here on loud and vocal. Love the support young upcoming bands and they just to the killers were witness coast. Congratulations and then hit a race car from Tacoma club locals the show you listening to got a call from the west. We'll hear some mother love bone so here's the throw back its start up champion mother love bone. I'm allowed local keep it local. Live together and Sears where. AI SW. Whether this new bruiser Brody EP. They pleaded show last night studios said in so if you are there. This one's going out to you bruiser Brody. After that some brand new music by homosexual. And the new single by Brandon bing and a low hard Mars. You'll dig that if you're in stuff like Alkaline Trio and I kept more popular side of punk rock. Bruce Brody homosexual. Hello Paul Mars three songs you'll be here and right now it's loud and local. On the rock. Only enough. She and her career this is allowed in the on the igniting Roy not. AI DS don't. I. You know. Oh and oh. Yeah. Yeah. Parades sound byte why it or the and the refuge featuring mr. Glenn Cheney and the one Italy Glenn Cano window pane fame. I only in the rink he's just killer local being and then friends of the show here are my local and a love that new record. I wanted to play a couple songs off the record that actually we haven't played very much of before I usually stick to couple the single stick to a few songs that I like to left and a get some entity in your case he can sing along with the shows but I wanna see what diversify. For a little bit steeper indeed the Africa itself. Wanted to play another one. Called self doubt the first when you heard was held out of the heart inductees are both available on the white the only and the wreckage album welcome to Seattle. The crises and T shirts around that say welcome to Seattle mother effort. That's why only and the wreckage original. Hot selling T sure if I do say so myself here's the second sung by white only and the wreckage. Sending a request to 779996. At number of them you know actually here's why it only in the wreckage about local. Even. We'll and reading your. Now obviously. It. And Sears rolls. AI SW. Let's spend a few. Years since we've heard from stealing AT&T mobile metal band stealing exe and actually broke up for a short period. Got back together and they are now just on the brink of releasing their brand new album I'll keep you updated on that and I believe. They will be coming up too deep Hewitt on metal shop. Saturday night here on KI SW each other show. That I host here on the rock so I wanted to play a song by stealing exe and get them back on your radar. He can highly anticipate it's new record these guys are incredible and a progressive. Jeanty middle. Awesome stuff memories of the last stealing an excellent record can't wait for this new stuff. It's a metal gear allowed local. Bang your head dammit. And. OK maybe now my impression is so good that's the ranges of blood. As the talent that they and they broke up last year for their final show to know Vancouver BC our brother of the New York. Still the northwest. Technically. Three inches of blood look out in the fourth that like I said before sealing Acxiom. This week we had some unfortunate news. The iphone's the original drummer of black Savvis mr. bill ward. Heavy duty indeed in the realm of music key. Had some heart attack heart problems and some definite medical issues. Some medical issues that won't allow it to work. So the day of errors he's brand new band was forced to cancel their US tour. So they will not be able to ladies show December 8 at the Hyde guys. Most importantly let's hope that he'll work as a speedy recovery knees feel better if he can come back. And New Zealand battered by the show is still going on it is the year of the cobra record release show for birdie you're dead alongside areas in which now. So beautifully your brain is the year of the cobra assault from burn your dad followed by one by heiress. You've seriously got to make sure to come out to this killer local show that features some of the heaviest in the northwest against December 8. High dive you're you're the cobra. In heiress. About local. It's. Now they need. At. Any point on yes. Ten minutes of loud in local left here on nine point ninety it's still into the rock of Seattle. Kevin deer is about the Audi is his last time you hear my voice. If you get a kid I used W dot com. You can listen to you a brand new song by devils hunt me down he premiered it on the rock block. To check out KI SW dot com you can take out their new album. In this press. December 16 when they play at the high dive for their record release show attendees killer. And I'll keep you updated in the weeks to come about as though the whole line of everything groovy doubles currently down the borderline new song. Can hear that right now after that super crush and slumber box all three local as that's how we do. Trauma multiple potential president to keep it local. Devils on the down. Out in local continue. It's 99.9. KI ESW.