BJ & MIGS Podcast 12-07-17-9A: Listeners on the loose.

Thursday, December 7th

Beat Migs. Listeners on the loose. There is a new list of the ten worst movies of 2017.   


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I point nine KI SW derive from Seattle coach for kids were doing it again with the Washington State Council firefighters have thousands coach is what we're trying to get for these kids. Last year you did a great job that we're doing it again 34 bucks that's all it takes to put a brand new American made code on the Pacific northwest kid that needs one. And if you're on the full 34 any donation helps and if you can't make a monetary donations and share your social networks all the info. And how you can make donations go to KI SW dot com. Mean there. I. Games maybe. Even here where are undeterred now for Thursday. From my bride and oh yeah Friday's U. I ask. Got to play game four we get to these weekend hello we have a couple of games of mortgage of that so let's get right to were contested. We get George in Tacoma to take on Steve George are you there. Israel. Excellent what is playing for today tickets to god David tell Jack Frost together one night all right the more theater on Friday may eighteenth. Good KI SW dot com from a Vito joins got Jeff Ross and David tell you can get you tickets now at Ticketmaster dot com are right Steve did adding a. Okay. For those playing at home George will have sixty seconds to answer ten questions George you can't pass all you want but you'll only get three guesses per question. Are you ready yeah let's do it beginning with Pete what is the ballet term fought for eight full turn on one foot. Do it asks which company making golden crisp cereal. Tell us know. How many countries former glory who didn't. Early to know it's dudes now yeah. Darryl Marlins broke her five cards that these same Sims is called they why I asked. Plus yeah as a what is the name of mr. cranes dog on the TV show Frazier. How many titles does each player picked up the start of the game of scrabble. Yet as to which character from eight Beatles song wears a face that she keeps in a jar by the door to. Minority yes in the avengers who has an assistant named pepper taught. Tony Clark yes and Allan directors and stars in the ninety's film's truly madly why. Yeah as we stand headache and I. It's a song which just a girl and don'ts. Week. No doubt you have 1234567. Correct CA not to shed no lead is a definite. Game for the running for when he does. Yeah that's really good he's got a chance guys ulyetza chant thank you Mr. President. I go to federal this country of the united right rural Wahl. That the analysts see if I can get you these questions. Yeah eve are you ready god bless. United Jewish exponent. Total take that as a yes absolutely beginning with. Which company makes things golden crisp cereal yeah. Smokers tumble to. Smartest now it's priceless links netbook question how many countries for her to overrule. Three no four no five yes you're in poker five cards at this saves you just told a wide ball skills to. It helps now. Top flush. Yes what are the name of mr. cranes dog on the TV show Frazier. So there's no hope for no tigers no barrels. Wrong how often do and since no matter how many tiles as each player can get the start of the gave us scrabble. Sentenced yet as to which carries turf remains Beatles song or is it to face that she keeps it let's jar by the store as I navigate these guys you have to. In the avengers who has an assistant named pepper box. All she taught now won't move beyond doubt Bob Bob Bob Bob Bob I retirement and us. 13456. You lose. And there are. Unfortunately. He didn't get to a couple of those questions congratulations George with a prize. Appreciate it that you do it daily. Didn't actually we did in the let operate in my gotten I think he got a perfect. And all. The UBU I one day a guy like Datsyuk who tied in the aggregate she. Yeah that's right for you know what this is your home stadium so your goals I don't pitch I don't mean as much. Two questions you didn't get to Allen or Rick Smith started in the ninety's film truly madly watch. Party yeah. How crazy he's gonna get this. Find it so it's a British movies ya gonna get it it was truly madly deeply and got that actually and so that's why George deserves a Wimbledon and in the bay and which man had a add nineties hit songs just a girl don't speak that would be no doubt yes so you would've gotten it ties a bird would have won anyway there isn't a great. Super death wonderful raft from humble thanks by the company that makes the golden crisp cereal well I William you gotta go with either post your General Mills or outpost correct yes good poems I would never guess that they're the ones that do pretty petals and such as well. I don't really pay attention to major but I do actually. I actually did further like those ones and I don't know why because they all the fun mascots to bless the thing I was always like hey man you know what who I'll stay with a cycle marvel vs DC I had like you know Kellogg's vs poster some lights yeah I knew I give it post put out something it was. Probably gonna be good quality is out that's kind of like that was my attitude man flew on the General Mills also had some might think they're the lucky charms people not a Daytona bats like I was has saws have a General Mills guy because there wants a while with Tony included apple jacks. I think that was post I would then emptied post just to impose tariffs that affect. He's from life ourselves. Peak ethical the name of mr. crazed dog on the TV show Frazier bluff. And they'll very close that we do not going to be here that would be his wife and ex wife. Actually Eddie yes headed dog Eddie why apple jacks I was Kellogg's all the college I just tell the can oh my bad I'm sorry apple Jack drew post post Sox. Filings what are Hannity that are raisin bran too because they both at Kellogg's and post both had raised rental wanna have some Chinese guy marries him brand whatever else you love so very dead that you spewed smoke that they got a three or four. Fair is never enough raisins yeah I think two scoops was Callas was it yeah I think so I try to make it fine but you like like Dickey said nobody wanted that quote I loads reason brand over like too much done all over frosted flakes or quiz flora or how much they are scattered crunch the heck is a quit SP. While I was seeing that that was our garage area. Yeah. That's a another handy and now there are like it was basically Captain Crunch but should play space ships follow acted totally see you down for that and that was you know that was during like the moon landing and so space is a big thing that this conversation yeah. Yeah are you remember saying I wanted that as a T shirt that I logo for Crist yeah that is gonna at all alien get killed propeller head yeah. Chris was awesome. But it's been an advocate thanks for cereal it's at I know man it's like I only people my age really know quits because they think they I think he died in the second business or credit Larry I another run area 51 something have a report quiz let's go tragically and he needs to come back things I'm Dart Group quick learner he sure did what happened probably get you know one of those secret surgeries and area 51 happened for quizzed guy. Yeah. Well congratulations to George and beating Steve I think Emma get outta here yeah that's an Evans of the entire beat Steve you get the prize just like that. Well since we're talking now sweet crude that's really tasty but probably not the greatest warrior and distress in large quantities. They have finally released the mystery Oreo flavor. And it's like everybody thought. News Oreo. I know that be funny I never got to try to mystery oratorio flavor it will decide it was never thought that the flavor was Fruity Pebbles and they were right. I'm cool but they're gonna give somebody fifteen grand if they guessed at first correctly and I anyone's guess around they did we don't know who want it they released the person's name. So we try to we like to reach. I don't like I did. Maybe somebody else let me try out congress is giving a big thumbs up yes somebody had brought them in our way Mike brought a man. And dad yeah I thought it was actually I'm gonna be like cereal milk as opposed to Fruity Pebbles. Yeah it was fruity and so we all thought it's got to be Fruity Pebbles like why would you look like to lose as opposed to like just a random fruit are they the same company. C Datsyuk did Nabisco. Is it is I think the Oreo people and I thought Fruity Pebbles was was either neither poster Kellogg's. So I'd I don't know. If their own by the same people and they probably are everybody all you own somebody I was gonna say otherwise is indeed a really stupid thing for them to do this is a great way to cross promote your own company it is post during. Not fight and like it. And and I don't know Nabisco now owns post you know everybody's conceal like in Kentucky fried chicken and Taco Bell and pizza I think throne of the used to be owned by Pepsi back in the day and now you know so you know loans anybody right. It's it's not a bad idea I died in nice Fruity Pebbles was still alleged serial of people love that. They would be popular enough to be able to make a flavor Orioles out of but that's what they did. I thought I was OK I didn't hate it as much as I thought I would the mystery flavor. But again. Oreo double stuff this les can improve upon that like this no flavor you can give me that makes you one of more than double stuff. Could come after us here to protect you and Tennessee you guys talking about fruit and number of other night I just turned over at our men she's they had. And Oreo let them know Oreo flavored frozen yogurt yeah it was incredible. I did you have to understand something at least this is where I come from we can't eggs. And we can do drugs anymore I try to get. Look we used to be able have posters of of of scantily clad women in our office and we had our calendar he's cancer can have that anymore I think that poster mom. You know you gotta be careful how flirtation shore in the workplace because you just don't know I don't know what the line is anymore and I don't want to hurt anybody's feelings that's for sure and I definitely don't wanna get in trouble Freddie soul. What else can we do we talk about food that's all you can do are you Israelis and you talk about anymore if seated at a we've become an analyst for the Seattle Seahawks what do you want from us deep class hello folks. So either way I getting. You're gonna have to walk around in the fog and sleep with Steve if you wanna keep this job I've already done that cannot tell you got the job and a measure to step it up. Well since we're bring that out. You haven't heard because the details. Of what's going all of Warren Moon. This is just fascinating where this woman that is that used to work for him in his his publicity company whatever was so I. He reached up for somebody to get but there's a company that gives people assistance or personal helpers or something like that and that's at least in the story I read. It's him he got somebody this the person they gave him OK and then things just kind of went downhill as soon as I like his sports marketing firm gas and so he was given a personal help our. And he basically said here's what your job has to be these are the allegations from this woman that same should look for sports one marketing as Warren's assistant. And she's saying that and he's the president and the co owner of this company BI and oh come forward with a name which I. I am happy when they put their name out there I really believe that you should be able to face your accuser and I know how hard it is for some women to do. But I really believe that in order for justice to be done in the world. We've got to come forward put our name out there I really and that's why I I give this woman a lot of credit because she's putting her name out there she's just not some anonymous. Victim which really. To me when I see that. Whenever I see anybody come forward in a tough situation and give their name it makes me really believe that there's truth to their allegations that it in my just in my experience life it just to me it says you know what I I believe that person even more because they're put their name out there I mean this article it says number he denied these allegations and it's. Akzo said that two lucky five basis or text to up also be saying but. I mean I don't know but that he also is removed himself and the Seahawks give us today he's not taking a leave all that. I wouldn't take a leaf. If I was an internal threat if I was innocent I wouldn't take a leave I would understand if the company said to me BJ you've got to go I've been like aren't I get it I realize you guys have to make your own tough decisions. But I sure as hell wouldn't leave. Because what the hell that I knew if I miss and I did nothing wrong. I hope so I think I would try to be as simple as possible because man is so much instability in this country right now that. Look at this is a really tough issue. And look there are going to be people at some point I don't know why and they're going to be people who abuse the situation. And do false allegations it's already happened some company called the bird not divert our Barrett's passed or something like that. They try to make that Roy Moore guy look bad and this woman went out there and went to the Washington Post and said that he did this this and this may date they verified it. But she was doing it because she wanted to make the Washington Post look bad but she made all these false horrible claims and unlike. How can you do that and there are real victims out there how can you mitigate what they're going through Biden being a false reporter but that's exactly what this woman who tried to do. I know this is going to happen I know someone's gonna give falsely accused because somebody's trying to abuse a position of power because right now. The power seem to be swinging in the hands of people being able to come forty go to no more mr. Harvey Weinstein now Ayman power to defend myself. So monsoonal abuse that power someday it always happens humanity. That's why I think if you're accused in your really innocent you've got to be civil. And you do what else can you do so when a guy's is Obama take Oliva maps and some might go again I don't know. Then sauce it's crazy those two sisters hired in 27 just in July 2017 saw this happen relatively recently. And quote does his shoes submitted to a Serra a variety of unnerving sexual perverse. Controlling arrangement including sleeping in the same bed with him and all business trips providing him unfettered access to the bathroom every time she should Harlow wearing skimpy lingerie on the the single room where it's. And then also apparently recorded Larry he drugged her without occurs consent during a trip to Iraq combo boy I started doing strange and asked him if he Canadian or drink which he then admitted to doing saying he did so because he thought she wasn't quote having fun. Wow. Okay poll Warren Moon and these allegations Cray easy man and again. How do you know Mary Steve and the world of athletes man the sound of some of these athletes dude it's just it it doesn't surprise me not the world of athletes just does not surprise me these kind of allegations. While. You know you never know a guy you see guy come on TV Indy seems like they you know ice is wonderful I'm a grad he's got to hit us. Shades of TMZ video of the fans on the talk tennis. He wasn't very polite and although they are okay you know I would say doesn't agree with solid preseason all candidates somebody's having good men. So that's suddenly say oh it's your biggest super nice guy that did a lot of fans out there that have had experiences. That have been positive Ryan also probably some that had a very positive experiences but now. But the ones they see they tell them what think I've only just gives you type sites where it's like Jesus and obviously try to go somewhere. And just had it in was done talking certain people Hamdoon that's not good he was he's like royalty around here that's not good but then again he's had some stuff in his past that he's frankly it's amazing he was able to escape the stigma of those loans is different time I think boring a peek at them but at the time and all those things were coming out. Companies were more by I think. Didn't have the city insane stuff that's going on these days so I mean that'd obviously. The Seahawks this is the last thing I wanna deal with I don't see how he comes back I'd I would be shocked yet at least this season yeah I don't see him coming back I just don't think you can do that anymore especially here in the Pacific northwest where do we they're there. Our business culture internationally and or Shia or or even if there's bigger re around it it's just he word you know we're in a market where. You know the women are not gonna tolerate any bakery about this issue and I just don't think you take the chances say warm weather here whether it's true or not we just got to move on high school program parents only hired somebody you have any idea how could you if all this distribute like Jack just lets you know we're sharing the same hotel room. And you can lock the bathroom to. What that's like I've seen so insane. They did it there are people out there that are so full of themselves are not saying more than at this monster I don't know. But there are people out there that could truly believe that that makes sense and there are always thought ccb the people who seem to be the nicest guys I'm so worried about Tom Hanks right now. Not Tom Hanks is golden what is like the nicest. I in the world we all think he is and we all thought Matt Lauer I mean granted at some of us thought he had a way about a man. I don't like you said you did season TMZ videos with warm where it in the way the nicest guy you write mad but we've never seen anything bad about Tom Hanks so he can't be spoiled right. No spoke on express our cut. It's time for listeners on the loose. You pick a topic you guide you showed 206421. Rock sextet is at 77999. Whatever you wanna talk about the this is your dance floor. You get to face the music. We'll take calls or checks at 917. On Iraq. And mixed morning. Rock and 99.9 KI SW. So listeners some of those trusted by Travis Gagne 99.9 KI SW Iraq from Seattle. Listeners on the news where you pick that topic can you guys showed 206421. Rock you can also text does tied 77999. Whatever you want to vomit something new something old this is your show maybe. But Steve does have one rule for listeners on the loose that's just let him bring it otherwise. May signify. Bold and we just don't forget it is December yeah summertime maybe someplace yeah you gotta play so Brent never you know you gotta play ready which you have for us. Hey BJ I don't know about you guys but I'm ready for lobbied just more. I. Already slow. Earlier before he goes we're talking about thus slow moving truck an advertisement and we do talking about out. It's like it did they do on her third Sunni part can stand when people pushed so long rates dance. I know it's I don't know I yes. OK so I'm an apartment maintenance. And I thought I'd give your opinion on US world golf Doran talk Sergio door to door salesman kind of burned yup I well. Well I was gonna do work order for a woman Wanda and I walker heard gore. And she's got assigned dates to her door to us posts I've found my religion I don't need a new vacuum and I don't read magazines you know I'm not on my door. I love that dude I really think today of people knocking door to door doing stuff I just think that should be over unless your girls gone you're selling cookies it's. So that's it CD didn't even that I can run into in the supermarket. But you know you keep your kids are okay cute kids are never a problem but it is really. You know yeah I'm tired of people knocking on my door going on selling magazines and I'm from an impoverished neighborhood and I'm trying to guess. You know and and I'm thinking I just think it's a scam I don't believe it and it's like do I don't you know I'm by everyone's busy now don't come to my house this is why don't answer the door. 'cause I do my charity stuff on my home. It's like I like I already do enough charity would like whenever I I've got to all lined up where I wanna put my money Charlie lies every dude I've shared negro ski seat I think emails or gold fund knees or that's a way to get to like to bother people you don't know that's the new door to door just you know get someone's email address and they're faced whatever. That's the new door to door remained. Just don't know what the success rate is for some of these situations whether it be you're selling a vacuum cleaner weather every year selling magazines or selling a religion. How often does it work is it worth all that time is it worth spending all day long knocking on people's doors and inconveniencing them more often than not annoying somebody. For that one sale I just so I I don't know Aaliyah I would imagine it's gotta be somewhat beneficial people keep doing it. Well that one religion that has them all dressed up like to do so they don't Elsinore the same black suit white shirt yes that one religion it's like every year they send people to the same neighborhood and use there and it's always our neighborhood I'm sure to others to buy it. And I wanna say guys I know it's new do you but we see you every god Dane year Manhattan and you know what I know these guys are as a. Rite of passage thing please someone when some of the book of Mormon doesn't that play that the South Park guys made yeah it's a legacy as they did that take part of like the first step of their journey. And plus they get a great work on their bicycles. The other is that of these guys here though lady had bicycles Ras I can tell they didn't she walk and everywhere they have like some of these guys Soledad I know that their crews and all around golf hall maybe they may be a part Eminem and I don't see dominate as an economy they don't have any had been that his walk and that's right never see a heavy set one. Now has a good point I probably could use a go knock on some doors of him right everybody put on the black pants and a white certain. I might as well why not write it by about if I'm doing the good lord's work great numbers and I'm a security camera my door and I know you are I don't answer that from Chris. Yeah just another person's disease have a Doris and it just says Girl Scouts only. But I feel like the cops knock on your door and that's it yeah you're right that doesn't sound right Latvia you know wanna hear you now you wanna do that. I just feel like it's done I think sort of doors Don you know like you said for outside a Girl Scouts. Or your neighbors who cares anymore. It's this is on the loose you pick a topic you guys to show it to 06421 rock text us at 77999. I've gone back to topic earlier we -- where a guy he was on the Raphael Palmeiro sort of played baseball a piece of fifty draft duress can be like what's of the UN dues no matter how old you are. So some 35 I still love gaming can do it as much as they used to however being more established in my career means they can basically afford any gaming related thing that I want. Well you know we talked about you know when you do get old in certain things you just don't wanna do anymore because you just age out of for me I went from video gaming to board gaming video gaming I aced out of I was a huge video gamer in my twenties and thirties. You know did I get what we're talking about. I Atari 2600 came out when I was like thirteen fourteen years old and I never stops console gaming I mean I got everything I can get but then. Once the out once the Xbox hit. I couldn't do the controllers and Lamar my good friends yet so many buttons and also trying to move in one direction with one hand and move and another dress for the other hand. I my brain couldn't figure it out. And that's why all of a sudden my fell away from video game I couldn't do it anymore. It's funny because yesterday at an off a launch a free time at home and on site. This question video games ever played a while I realize all that's diamond like who's taken absent salt bath instead saved that I'm taking a back. I don't playing video games like. Thirteen new version of me would kick myself in the Jimmy if you told me that that would be the case some day for me. Kazaa a job I would thought that would never be it's I think I brought my entire computer we went to the beach down in the outer banks tell Broward and I'll never forget is in South Carolina. My wife was cool but the people we went with you deal with a bunch of friends sometimes and I literally took a deal may be old computer screens that gigantic television sized computer screen. And my computer with me because I was playing this game called star craft I was like I will I I am in the middle of this campaign I am not gonna not have this game let me. So I brought it drove all the way from Rochester New York all the way down to South Carolina. Played it a lot in the people were Matta because there wasn't very social and I'm like do this by vacation I'm gonna play his game yeah. If you told me flash forward about 101520 years I would not here to play any video game again I would've said you're crazy I was so obsessed with PC gaming nine point entirely taken at that age do I can only tell I get older Adam has some money and they can afford it now despite everything except Ali. The nine year old nothing you can afford and you don't want it no I don't want any idea whether or games if you probably hate it when you're younger people especially the ones they have now of course you know they've been they've they've done a great job just like to demo video gaming Maynard. That and its technology in the creation of four games have become so far just sorry monopoly but. Dude I would never believe it and yet I have no interest in playing video games and even some of that. Yeah we did the virtual reality and had a first person shooter which was that you know RGE two expo yet. It was great it was fun but like I had no decided won't get a rigged and you know we do that I kind of just kind of like am I can't believe I'm dumb that. I don't debate because every year my wife who gimme the new wrestling video game. To make. For Christmas you have to I don't know places and even asked for it this year because I've probably played last year's one may be five times you know that's a bummer when you realize you've kind of done. But I also knows he gets a new characters that I really kind of at least once or twice went into it's worth it for the fifty dollars to play once or twice right. Every time I think an update. Did like sixty dollars now. Let's is on the loose you pick the topic you guide to show 20642 Iraqi and also Texas it's 77999. What it calls and checks at 933. On Iraq. And made this morning. Rock and 99.9 KI SW. Had a nine point nine KI SW Iraq goes Seattle. Listen fellows you pick the topics you guys who showed 206421 rock Texas it's 77999. Trusted name in chance you are on the rock. They're mourning got voted no and two managers who would you go for cinnamon. Slowed a little while ago about the best shot at music we just graduated in Metallica yeah. By the way a master of puppets okay. Yeah. About it always changes obviously but I guess they're listening to Metallica Michael I now feel mind. Ride the lightning my fear of Metallica records in every group we depends on the mood did you ever ride the lightning master of puppets or kill ball. Yeah yeah so. I'm back with imports are actuality the amber his son and I guess the worst music Kamal. Or genre. Little. That's tough cause I like something out of every genre. And I'm not a big fan of the mumbled wrapping things these days the measure brain dropped from Iraq where are they got a good impression. I'm I can lead and that song that would let it yeah. I believe then I need to get behind bubble wrap it go I cannot go ahead hit it I think the word genre. It's up there is definitely up there to guide you might be are now a little like my social PDs. Yeah it's every got a summer yeah I used everybody you are it was really cool promoted hate Disco I mean it really was and even in our business. Famous DJ Chicago they have been good Greg Kaminsky park for game had to cancel again because he basically blew up a bunch of Disco records in the middle of the baseball stadium I thought that would be great promotion and everybody sort of throwing them and stuff like that too yeah. The guy. Though there was like you said the DG's and even before Disco the beach he's had seen though they were good band. They just like a lot of people decided hey this is the craze let me try to do note and adapt and do a song is great. And I know a lot of kiss fans don't necessarily aren't fans of the dynasty record but I'm a big fan I was made for loving you baby you were made for loving me. Dude dude dude yeah we need to do. I like that record where they try to come arrival of a Disco vibe I know (%expletive) up a lot of kiss fans but. I never really hated discos and there was like my favorite. Yes that I've never needed either because my dad London. Really yeah dad loves Disco the most random stuff he loves kids and Melissa like Michael Jackson and he'll listen and really just. The children classical music so but he I listen to some that's got my dad and so like OK just makes me think my dad took fun. The worst thing out there I think. And I don't think we have Michael Jackson's thriller element but not for Disco I mean I Remy if you listen to that. I mean a lot of those hit songs are really have elements of Disco when them. It's a Disco beat yes so it and and and universally everybody loves that album as far as like in in a one of the best sums ever done so. It's a tough interest amount that you fights we people disagree with you I think a lot of especially rock fans always hated Disco shirt always did. Lewis is on the loose you pick that topic you guide to shows go to Mardi university place Marty you are on the rock. Really JJ. Hey. I share and I know you can watch electrons you all week dorsal shot you know lunch I would try and not find you Jack true. Yeah yeah I know I think I know I'm able to climb means so. Hello my name I mean I'd like your idea on how to actually do gas anoint you yeah yeah I. Enjoined you mean yes I don't know. Oh yeah dying I. And I need to answer no and I didn't start. Hall hall hall hall iris I likely planned move her head hey that's our. There it's incredible yeah I remember Marty now Marty is the best worst idea ever Mario yeah well Mardy has some. Sort of I doubt. Yeah well Marty man we know will do we know a little bit about your life from what you've done to become a great man in this world and we're happy to be on your body. I handled that. How do you make one budget but now that the guy you know like uncool you know I can I cannot lock on board but you got into all that so yeah that's I don't I don't know dinner and then back into a PDC so I didn't script L 99.9 gentility. And I know we're all. How are you might not got the wrong I don't know apply and are all you guys do not. Aren't show Donald or can't. Are incredible and I did a great. Add add your talent so I did you had your little right next to know Patrick you know you're already getting already I'm nowhere else it. I'm gonna have him with a towel in between hardly get any action. Pollard and I thought ours was the worst idea did you ever have a clear he continue to go guys it's your Jamaican happened Marty Martin Brown's best of luck TSA anybody and I appreciate the not getting on your butt that way if we see Marty we wanna say hey this guy's got a tattoo of our logo yeah. We ought to ask him remove his pants exact and I don't wanna see that anyway because I mean Marty. Well you know who I want to see that lets see guys but then not be enough Marty's anyway sorry Texas and say I know this is kind of silly but you guys take up this website to be funny to see what you're names are it's and a Christmas. Else main generator it's Christmas dot name generator fund dot com I got it out. And there was you'll argue so you're no you're you're elf name would be BJ so we put in the Vijay have pretty BJ okay good shape and then give me you know his name that has no fear us have a female OK and you heard your name is. Tearful sleazy bonds all cure but it yeah. So now they may I don't time my bad yours is shut me. Chocolates by all I want to check each shot was vice because I love Indian food that's also your very independent strong willed alpha loves to be a rebel you were a straitjacket the colors of white looking dark chocolate annually complicated jigsaw puzzles and board games for all the little children isn't that bizarre YOK that that's insane -- every dollar I was this it's random but that's totally did just summed up what you lost any chocolates myself take our Credo licorice Hollywood Long Island ER I like to eat chocolate and I can't give up on the kitchen without getting into trouble started college. I'd like to make talking clockwork animals for all the good little children. Their holly log bus driver have. Kyra it's weird how accurate that is now that's it's like to heights like horoscopes are revenue for a you know he's marry amber wine IRA he likes to be in charge of all the other house and tell them what to do. The Higgs kaleidoscope telescopes for all the good little children and he's and greater were sparks flying smacked a go. I'm tired outline. Tied it's a victory this is how horoscopes happened you think it really does pertain to you he's right this is Americans are females we had switched and ever okay. You're cranberry cuddle bubbles. He does like not every report names you're a bit of an airhead who forgets how to do thanks. Yes oh yes by all the other Els for being happy you're welcome Jack your rabbit ears and make eccentric toy bass ducks and wind up. Frogs for all the good little children Agassi the general toll me do we need this or Dan he tied to any married and human female. Yes I can move move to a male all right hey thanks. Up your cheerful Susie bonds. General Susie concept you like to make funds intakes in the kitchen and decorate cupcakes and icing in the letter. You may get alarming laughing Jack in the boxes for all the good little children calling each and Danny does have that like alarming to many does illustrate Kucera. OK my daughter. Gosh if there's a little self she's probably a season lament us sparkle bull who's chief romantic love some right Ulsan poetry boy. She reached friendly talking Teddy bears for all the good little children. Yeah that's article Chris uncle Chris always probably like fancy pants grammar grammar elf he's gonna female audience which that's what scenario. He's slow very fruit Sox slow very fruits socks he's a silly -- loyal -- both creative and fun to be around there as he raced toward house's troubled children quite get what a great guy he is and then Jerry do you story is that as -- it is. He's piper Chinese vice hollow and I and I'm Jenny chop a spicy collar related he does nothing at work. And his dad employed now getting hits it's very yeah yes I'm world elf who loves to be arrival only just like you yeah exactly yeah. Apple doesn't fall too far from the tree you actually toy selling chips for all the good little children. I'm glad to see that we're all. Polls now yeah. I see I guys out of the things and thank you Fred Meyer I don't know they did if I see they're at over there thank you for admire for what does have that wonderful generator. There are no delay gives once again it's not Christmas dot name generator fund dot com. Now that Steve. All right now we go from Mac to what was voted the worst movie of 2070s. There are a lot of them but one had to be the worst. I'll tell you at 949 on her. And made some morning. Rock and 99.9 KI DSW. Now nine point nine KI SW Iraq comes Seattle. Rolling Stone. It's the into the air so they've got to listen to ten not worst movies of 2017. School I'm curious but I see them all Momo. The worst of probably the best thing I wonder yeah you know why did you see transformers last night. Tossing it. Okay well you know what's the worst movie of the year it was okay type policies and whether really admitted it was a good enough to make me wanna go back to watch it again. A movie we had some hope for the dark tower also got second worst movie I side totally not worth seeing yeah unfortunate that a bat man film. No this is Stephen king and like comic. Carl movie wasn't that grave that's unfortunate yet Valentine my radar. Fifty shades darker I love that look and I already seen advertised for another one in the theater coming soon society can and how dark is this shade of greatest sports via Qaeda it's good question. Song to song the money has sent a disappointing with the money team if you haven't seen a mountain between us. Flaring in the city of 2000 planets that look like it was going to be so good I'll probably still Mattel because I loved the song but it was bad. Have you seen any of these CN daddy's home to which is Will Ferrell Mark Wahlberg yeah I can't wait to watch out. Daddy father she's up next truck with guys she's in for right gases she's got to twelve back. Thanks. Played is actually very different than what's taking place today and he's so much older guys the opportunity guy in my forties now my best people I've played video games of that baseball video I saw a lot slower. Did you do and I was in my twenties I didn't wanna sending these isolated political blame game right and you or do you just we're not the manual work so much pat downs are behind every pitch. I'm sure it's unfortunate that night and you've basically got off to a point even cemeteries are retracting it and now all you do is just practice. Point nine KI SW. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney she's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. I was figure out who my creditors are from people who draw a lot of times I'm allowed a long time. I'm not having good credit and having collection she's always very concerned because. On May be concerned that you won't be able to find out your creditors you're filed bankruptcy hell I know which collection agency has my. Credit card go from ten years ago now. And that's just something return to keep track of because credit and collection agencies transfer your that's all over the place. The we will pull on your credit bureaus in front of getting all three of your credit bureaus will be able to do you have your credit and debt now. I wish collection agencies have had enough. Campbell make sure that we file your creditors when you find your bankruptcies so let's not. Nothing seems to crash thanks Travis if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can reach out to Travis any time I had to choose the right chapter dot com. That's choose the right chapter dot com. Thanks for listening.