Facebook Drama 12-8-17 8am

Friday, December 8th

Facebook Drama:  A girl complains that 2017 wrecked her life, her "friends" are quick to point out the real culprit...


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Laura. And David's comment about it by beacon plumbing heating and mechanical beat you once again this is our opportunity to point out the dumb people. That are on FaceBook this is an actual FaceBook post. The drama unfold because of it and this time around red you'll be playing the role the original poster you will be Terry sensory Biggio for the world Kelsey as I'll be hauling. And beat EU will be Trevor thank are the ones in the original posters Teresa so the reverend en Fuego please take it away. I don't know about you know but I am so I'll aren't funny seventeenth this year has sucked and I can't wait for 28 games. Dad and I hey you I'm glad I do a little break up almost like jobs and well they love dad. It. I read that this year it's not what kind Kelsey you really can't complain. I played. You just read everything out. I asked. I read it and let's be real you're the one that cheated on your boyfriend with these rather that you ask that. You're also late twelve times the work so you add that up. And you're the one that wasn't paying attention to your goldfish. Yes I said your goldfish and that's why it died that not that they were being 27 team and all had to do what you just being at. Dot Mac low man in one they're going to be just not guilty yeah guilty starred in movies will title losing Nemo job and a boyfriend. Because I'm an idiot Al Al out bags Trevor I needed to get last.