Loud n Local 12-10-17

Monday, December 11th

Devils Hunt Me Down join Matt in-studio to hang out and debut their new EP "In Medias Res III", which comes out this Saturday- December 16th, at High Dive!


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I was noticing great northwest. Good evening rockaholics. Thanks for joining. Featuring music ball. A Pacific northwest. 99.9. Hi there I am not Kevin did manage mass Pope. Always earlier this evening. Those that if we're. Very special guest consume as well normally feel coming down a we'll be joining me for the full two hours we're only playing there in tiger's new EP. From start to finish. Are excited that we debuting that day. I have about thirty. We buy gold. You might have truly Wear gold map the bill also faulted the title track operations song EP that came out in June. All the water divider on NASDAQ point nine the loud multiple. This is loud and look. It's on the we're now ready to avoid non. KI DS. Burn your dead that is the title track off the EP this is a. Relief. This past Friday night at the hideout I would say it was all then my ears were ringing. Until the next day fall fall opponent. Another ET released their album is so high that this weekend which you can still catch Saturday night. The almighty doubles totally down after a third BP in their immediate red movie coming out. And I am honored to have them in the studio to talk more about that so. In the who view the entire movie viewers and get into that right up there on the rock. AI SW room. All my games I actually can't use hi my name's Mack health. I am very in Kevin beard is down in Los Angeles felons don't play well deserved vacation. And I am honored and thrilled to be brewing in the with the almighty devil's hand me down doing an in studio gentlemen. Welcome. They have you guys. Six. Yesterday. I gave viewed your new song AKI for the outcome theology movie playing. In a party guys my favorite bands and I says. I hit some of that because. All my favorite bands also agree with that okay you can. So. You guys have really done a phenomenal thing over the. Last year releasing this in media whereas trilogy. Which is three east peace now how did the idea that Hewitt in three. Sounds as then if he's opposed to one full length come about. The vehicle so we've talked briefly about just doing one. With Jack and I've only ever seen a few times in music that I found yet to be like standalone. And so. Hesitant to want to just do one that I kind of tough for the guys though like. I've been doing it with Jack I think doing he was cool but. Maybe we could do something where we. Havoc section of you know three keys. Like some fertility and and kind of get some different theme going between them like the batches of songs that we had kind of fit in these family groups of music. And just develop that way so. We'll men's tennis is run like the Yankees and the all I had to land it really well Buford Georgia and a concept album pieces it was just it was too good idea and it didn't seem. That difficult. Over time. And apple both the idea sounded simple of the apparatus and small piece what did you think three recording sessions and re release shows them. Recess promotion for them yeah 99 W I I really felt OK yeah Devon Energy if you really gathered here and that is why private event and yeah. Are very selfish note I think you're glad we got will be here to visit the third time yeah it was definitely a huge undertaking by armored that we I think it's really Smart might marketing angle keeps you in the forefront of people's minds at all and there are delivering play each one leaves me wanting more you know and so. Think that's a really really cool thing that you managed to accomplish I'm very stealth to. Gotten a other advanced copy of the I doubt about it and M and I can be honest I did it ever grow up and now I got that he'd be honest here Bristow to be to be playing here. We got the EP release showed this Saturday night. At the high guy who with which said. And under under hound and samba that mother okay great guys great bands great people yeah that's going to be of great. Phenomenal time waiting it is that. You go to Q a believe as we wait can ideally dot com yes yes go read the bar yeah it's been laid to Lama bodily you know Jesus found. They articulate their kind of a pain in the ass and time that I then got a yachts and be able to put through and I put them up finalized as he won two yes. But it is all online that people are wondering we are not doing. We are not selling these Celtics you don't need to reach out and have they like minded to find it online lest I don't know yet. So there's they're around and you just go by in my mind and we do encourage people to go by in my mind. You wanna make you get in there. These tickets are we there are about Ryder invade your technique few of these shows sadly but the first phones let sold out by 9 o'clock Pearson about when it's up the door yeah how it plays an attorney though so get your tickets online ahead of time yes. Yes and yes we're gonna get into this thing. This let's begin a final chapter of the saga. In media as well as three yes we're starting off with a borderline right. Tell me a little bit more about this on the debuted I've yet to be shocked how little while ago I love it I'd never heard before thanks with a back. Story. Factory is the kind of just a bit about some realization that had about myself earlier in the year. Found myself in a mountain meadow. Near blew past. Highway 97 there. Under a Memorial Day and woke up early with the sunrise and got my guitar and Sutton is beautiful meadow and these parts just started coming out. And it just seems so appropriate for the medal I was and I originally called Metafile. And the concept the kind of flowed from there just seem to fit so well and I think if you like in the total place with some. Irish you know since immediate needs and yeah imagine the horror or. And I in the media don't know what is your cover art the Windsor are and melody and the mountain creative and now. Alan I'll learn that through the mountains yeah Seattle art work on this these. BT's has been phenomenal as well yes yes that you Christine Nicole there's in the home at night is the artist are she's fantastic. Soviet the show accuses him come out so we don't act introduced me I'm superstars get those tickets now. The both have a sold out by the end of the show we'll see how we do about out there right now the Blue Line that was coming down on my local. Wednesday. But I'm. Loud and local continues. It's 99.9. KI ESW. And. It's. That it is now very devils Sunday down on 99.9 K does. Flow. And I am fortunate enough to have that they had devils are eight down. If you Leo gentlemen hello yeah god is that he. We're just came out before I turn my idea that braved. Do yourself well starting with you in the red wheels certain period Seattle itself hello I'm Chris via nightly talk. On the inside and play each month. It's both Paul and I thought I upload one dollar. I'm not that live play at hosting and I think in the process. And that you wrote this song that we hear about. To get into desert. Which is well on talking about. I've spoken to you about before I was honored to. To write that log on Fiat the outcome debuting it and kind of giving people the back story on it. They think you since that I handled it on pay I for the outcome. If you did I handle it here in that let you development more. Outfits masterpieces were about to hear thank you I appreciate the kind words on the this is a sorry about my dad my sister Maureen who have to live in opiate overdose in 2006. What is yard was a musician then and have been last ten years and when it happened just kind of almost immediately thought like. This C I need to express that somehow but it took me ten years. Ten years to to come up with the words the feelings of thoughtful process and to put it down into. And music and so last year on the anniversary I think. A look up that morning and started writing about so the ten year anniversary. We developed over the last year and debut elevenths anniversary to thank you very much data can about it my admiration for her of course. Feel powerful to be a part of me and they have you know. That tragedies that happen like it is just awful and I think it's important understand. The musical side of that and also. The little brother's side of that you know and and people that might be facing. Similar circumstances occur that half siblings like that's powerful stuff you know I don't. While talented and had some younger Brothers some people passed away and it kind of made me think twice and so you know I think that's important for me human side. So thank you very fishing music musician. Back story that I wanted to know that human level and then transition is that something you're into it yeah promote with their level. Is. I think there. 58 enjoying the living hell out of this on which it's very easy to do it is such an awesome fun song like. The balance is still there that groove let. You know what I mean as. It's almost more aggressive times then and you would maybe you'd expect or even that some of our other songs here there was. A lot of there's let's say aggression about what happened but there's you know whether. What are the feelings out of anger you know I've been out why I like what what. And so that we feel it translated to we even higher energy yeah normal yet but actually you guys to justice tablets of legendary. Groove around this part then and that group. Just Billy gets amplified by the emotion and the energy and so it's very easy for the listener. To experience a lot of joy and happiness in just from the off with the music and I think it's really really. Magical and powerful that that is part of from legacy now say news you opened up that avenue for us all take part in a thank you. And I'm I'm honored to be service I I think this sub atomic like I wish you could see it. Thank you we are now. You plan on Seattle rock station a song about her. In the town she loved so much and you know that she was on the got in all the stuff played on there but he originally. They've gotten into Iraq wolf yeah that's powerful stuff that I took right now I think you know this devils coming down the owls allowed local. This is my. Loud and low. On the 99.9. KI ES. Iowa and roof devils knocked me out featuring yours truly here nobody. Rendell ridge road a bit every vote with the and then he. So that song is amazing and powerful. We've seen alive for a long time yeah governor bill coming down show. And I finally. Got a recorded it sounds wonderful Jack can be you know not be just like that got them afterwards. Quarters and then you have to weed pollen and you know it may never write again about the day you absolutely it was. We've said before that guy you can read sound waves the weight like operators matrix look at the matrix. You've got I don't know that that's that's become a real profound way today. That's an element making all these additional things like another mistake and that is that a threat there and highlighted the sound waves and yeah yeah. And they Christmas it was incorporated that they. The I think. I did not understand anything about like music or sound waves yeah. I have a lot around I think I've added the eighth I don't know I had self worth is all magic to me but I can tell. When it sounds good and talented nominee to run their foot. Yeah this whole trilogy which we just wrapped up by playing the third. In your reds ET. Sounds phenomenal fake and it's so cool that you guys got food record with the legendary Jack and you know on. My vote yes this and I found so schools here do with who grew up in this area or listen to music from the area you've listened to his work. In the system for ages yeah. Let's and working with some of the real. Just would pool my blood into the Athens and you have to play out like. Yeah I think it is getting it from a bit a great job and then move on to it when we know them so I go back. I'm frightened I would suggest you do don't they need is still much know anything about it on the hope. Through. Yeah he's just awesome they've been great work been slow down to earth so you know I mean you got to be a bad day and via chill values grade. As so my nose so fun to report that. That group vocal and this guy island there. Is it down so why it's so fun to listen to now yeah because. I never know what failures saying at the end of this be I'm just focused on chance and I'll. I'll be and do my part as those by the it was a back. Yeah it sounds more like the book they do that kind of fun thing on an effort to me they demand. It isn't just in that. That this shifting. Didn't actually start at that part so early on and so on until you and everyone and started seeing right there yeah originally and we wrote that the chant didn't start until after I've finished singing. And they just organically it shows people when we broke into that that drop out people would start. Doing the chip on likened your legitimate right into the crowd that person like that no that's not until later there. Although little net no I don't know we'll let you guys should have a record you can donate right now admittedly but that's where it's so negatively came organically yeah yeah better than outlook. So if not it was inspired by some relatives that I have been listening you have time. And there was just a line that kept going through my head and the idea that this found it workers some pretty tough. And that. We'll vocal line just of an uplifting feeling it's nothing anything specific if not from the you know there's nobody that how's that it just was this. Martin got stuck in my. And I thought it was so beautiful and it made me feel so good and like so we will we have said before it was inspired by its. And that ship is meant to ease the minds and hearts of people who were struggling having trouble like. And for me that way that it stuck in my head and made me feel with. I can't even explain. How this came to be such an important part we're what you know. Yeah I think it is a proud thing to do to do that can live while it. It it's really really powerful every time and if you out there listening wanna be a part of that again it's the end the first ever live. Playing at the Howell right to feel real powerful songs. Your chance to that is this Saturday night at the high that yet it's on line early. I have a blog with the reality Ashton dot com Natalie is there and I think the inlet youth in that song a million times it to them. That's a good update also Google it I don't have a downstate that she got heavily somewhere probably have flyers around you know check it out technologically they see it your way through it out. Also a little a little note for that Saturday showed behind that we're going to be breaking out even something new. It's brilliant brand new brand new all okay nobody ever heard of that no one has ever heard my gold zones show up by the end this show up I hit. We're doubling down though I'm marginal zone you are do you think of it you know creation get people out there is involved knew it was going to be a lot of fun today that high that so Hosea what you there. You guys say you would hang out at me and I don't really good night tilt of the head that's set to show you. We get back as often. Younger man had just discovered this week they'll take at about after it. And tears were. Yes don't they have put an IK IW at the rock that Seattle. My name is backed up on. Donors to contribute here on loud vocal joined by the what a goalie devils have been down my favorite thing. I I openly calling guys that bad. You know the NC just. Here it's all right are there are rugged due. She I know I know him a lot of guys and they got all they don't then actually in the the attack. The birthday celebration them losers they. In that case that you've been little surge figures like he's Jerry will serve him well able yet. Feel we have a quote from him on our great I don't streets that's kind words about. That very close of you have to respect of that February. That's what we're worried about that after the new year actually and I hope. All right. Yeah in media's reds. Numero three yes but fans what they what do you rethinking that you guys have. I'll accomplished a lot. Here in the local theme. Really at an Austin. Organic way it came about you guys just wanted to have fun make music you know and I know for a fact you're covered calendar was not here all love dearly a well but hey I have been a long time as the super cool guy okay used to. Work over 8000 Kirkland he didn't like kind of came through that program that leaves them that you did as well could continue to building was where my first been settled in our first show we did it because benefit this past summer I remember about. Thelma actually he rants sound mild and vertigo. Thousand U freed some of them. Read them for him yeah for me and then I I would you do now. All the badly that the east side movement. You buy that. Yeah yeah I says I love from happening how did you have so they have only colleges you know there numbers that are around you. You know that there wasn't much else going on the hood. They're about you've heard from Redmond media but the only one place were always has chosen they tablet that definitely them. But when you. Felt it and I've been an addictive. Me yeah. And so the reason I want to bring that up. Is in other. Ought to organization that does a lot of use music empowerment type programs do different styles of music is actually the most popular knows me. If you look awful your lonely PM. He kind of knows the museum but they have it on. Really cool you. Programs to get them involved in music and the arts and give them in the resources to do so which can be. Could be tough you know after years here is not she's studios are key on. And so they knew a lot of really equal programs. Or younger fans and this out. Thursday night I was benefit for fund raiser thrown by Paul Allen so under this is pretty cool pretty stark says if a guy then that's who he is honoring the doors and are you living members. Bobby fear and John does or were there and it. Hawk yeah and like Carlos Santana is not itself. They see a big and that I think one sound off his game there they found out you know pop. A younger man by the name of the good years. Made their way up onto the stage to play an original. Well then cover people are strange world we're Robby Krieger and un dead are thought. I get out of us don't own. They really I would watch I notified yet I guess but overall on the band which they are great. Where I couldn't stop staring. At both Santana and Robbie Frey here sitting upon favorable. Loving it I. Okay very good so. So stoked those guys and I wanted to play that night they have and easy out. It's called multi verse I think I think you guys would do it and yeah eight UI check out more about mole pops programs you don't know pop dot org slash programs all the info there. That you a lot of really cool stuff. And this is kind of an effect of all that if we get weird with seventeen they eat people divers. And I nine point nine yes that we local. My. A lot. And and yeah. Really. I do now. And it. Name. Menus. Oh in new. 99.9. KI ESW. If. Yeah it's easy. Right. Miles line god before. One of my favorite. Oh. Working on its death. I don't know what the pace of that. I knew that guy's been a big fan I don't wanna just like you bothering in my case the work on the new album coming. Hey hey guys here's some of their guys guys guys guys it's being. That I think about it a lot. I think about the fact that they can all love in my event so we'll be filmmaker Kevin years. We'll definitely down in studio well now I have felt that was me he's. 75%. Of devils and down but now I just got mad at me and and a former cal moved very deathly ill. His boys were found interest in he's not a video but he's gonna call us over these commercials and hopefully. We'll get a helping get out. So we can not doing. This is out and. Well. Ninety point nine KI DS stuff. Manila that. Even and after require a lot more hands on forward operating than I'm used to it my usual a lot of guys have my instead why that's so silly and forget your daughters have been you know. If you have popped there in awe dammit well. Home I've not been here but I'm very lucky to be doing that we have half of devils have it download it and I think we. He he is the third EPA of relief this year is this food because in previous threads. In the third he he comes out this. Saturday night at the high dive in Fremont when appeared venues right now she's from my house. That. Then yeah I. Oh great venue abject failure to go over Friday night there always a great time. Has he killed. Yes you've got your Christmas here he's gone daddy duty at the moment ago we get totally understand and respect that there. Very gratefully they would make it out they used to. His lovely fiancee at this point yeah yeah little Lizzie heard maybe it's. Then you're on the provoke others. Mostly in the relief coming out. But you're John McCallum unfortunately it was not able to make it more one at. Yeah if the bomber he called me earlier today while. On the road outside whoa I thought and message with. About his voice they what's going on a dune game I've got to what do you love it yeah and life. But luckily he was able to call in for a little bit any yet it I'm very grateful he did to witness let me introduce. This next here and there and then he can go back to that particular day. Yet he's just gonna help us out here let me handle this. There's accountability on the downtown Manhattan and I asked you this next on it by one of college or security she. Should. AI SW room. Good night Hilton MacKenzie oh well local. Well that he. And comparable I've been saying almighty god tells them down that he would get create a where was dad and cobra who looked at the game of African girls the moon moved. Would bet they'll fight by that video. Dot. God for the search button at top right typing which yet. Find your way there's an awful video of this them to briefly north that is being grisly home than it. Years. Punters way. As it is so little Ian wood said that he's Baghdad's heavily prominent in the the other being protective or repair which is that the thought about it adopted. The unimaginable when it's on the up and Dan titles on which that. Yeah that are super rather my favorite band that played her birthday show last year along with you guys as former bass Brothers. Yeah yeah there's guys were rad dude and that's going to be a lot of fun to have them kick off your EP released show you have this this Saturday night for us. They're. We if some of the in the woods and moving up the audience for you guys. That you can give me. Backpack and already. Yeah yeah is this going to be an amazing lineup. Living in that Seattle scene there's an. They not surprise you is another amazing lineup going there's been. Always amazing rock. Everywhere all the time it's overwhelmingly. It's the best problem it is just. We'll leave it up making travel plans and and finding out to your hair bands are playing together which I February 10. Well I yeah guys and ten miles like. And you'll be out of town got what should this bell went off and not motor enough we've booked the trip I hope nobody but boys got AD is gonna put me on the Google calendars so that it yet family adding we've we thought. Get out of my own. Go overboard and oh my god what he did yeah we. Live below an unknown but when we're both instances when I would have been like no other than that no weekends and for those movies of the week after that story. Nonrefundable I don't make a lot of I haven't done a good and have fun stuff like that that my game and go to a bunch often shows. And I know I'm going down if it through with seven window pane celebrating their signing with artery global and quiet only in the wreckage also on the bill. They've gotten off an album called welcome to Seattle. This year and does it's too we love wise man was bad about those guys are just so overwhelmingly positive guy in the minority whose leg. Minutes ago wide as this thing how much you love in the it was gonna show yes I learned yet you guys write it that he's probably assumed a greater if I had there is probably shine in a newsroom. Are highlighted this. Right now why it only in the wreckage off the wagon bullet on the wrong. Loud and local content. It's 99.9. KI ESW. Okay. Yeah. Blame the wizards model let. Lotta local and I plan KI SW. Does that itself lives. You sound that I had a feeling devils coming down would approve of that. I can handle Clinton can handle for the phone dad but. You ban them available on the work. Hello Lou lunch we do it's very apparent that you guys do. They thought the apparent that they may be glad to talk show. With that we did you would want them to you again they were doubling in the wizard look at if you book he had he had very dear hospitals. They're. Women. They're yes you brought me and actually I randomly weeded me out of that complaining about how Trader Joe's cauliflower broccoli when I get there on the left. I don't know why it's Twitter went out of it you yes. I don't know that I really hope that it it would reverse understanding that. And it is giving them like super weird to read about it they don't even exist in the matrix overlord just want to meet experienced disappointment and showing up there. Too late and yeah I was like who the hell is lame. Is it them like old that role and his mom's basement NL. If that's funny but I I don't know picture of the personal profile of what is going on that and I'd check it out of his bad and they like. Yeah I think I'll check them out that's pretty the man who laughs you've piqued my interest listen it. Within itself though their life goals but I had a little easier is going on why paint cost yeah. And to view more broccoli Trader Joe's maybe what you counsel that I'm doing and maybe an hour really I didn't go to blame the wizards of that group that after my brought an ally. I don't know rock it. You know then. It's not about me that's a little lord in heaven my broccoli. You guys had a silent and they have broccoli -- service they got I have a unique live experience. Wanna make it in this image it would it was. We still felt like I know about it. I honestly didn't know what it's like the 32 there is the F up blood. 55 book very. That they that the audience that was well done. A couple of votes out of the book. Half of settles me down you live in studio about local I had no idea how I'm in a fashion show was not that prepared we've made it. Pretty far hopefully the wheels don't come off and go past twenty minutes after that you guys and we figured out we're gonna keep alive all right cool we'll go. Flyby fever fans of his love drove all night and I point nine gay guys the out and. On the rock ninety point nine AI ST. I'm Kevin here's my eyes met. Doesn't kill him format and a great time. Doing back half devils coming down the grade math can't believe I who played as twelve day if through these days I do. Yes sound bridges the it might sound bad you played Sylvia and go to. I don't make sense but it that I sent him lose it actually works for just like it. You heard out well and then. Word I mean I would. They get to say that the top basis in the scene right now I don't feel a lot of people I really I'd some days I had a pretty good amount shows. I had said of blue look good city there's a lot of incredible bases. I ever ran a mostly inside the headline over the top of that list nobody is out there knows incredibly. I'm enjoying put him on the spot like this and about people listen yes the you were gonna disagree on the outline. We inside Gaza has great taste in music in kinda helped me pick this next song for about the play. We're talking about dance you can play. In the grade homosexual just put out new album is that a month or two ago yeah. And reason could go to flu breaks we thought we played a song but when the wizards called monolith. And that is the title that's the title of the new hope the sexual album that we toad check out here which often start to finish this. In just because no one knew that both of close look at the dot com. We're also gonna play the title fat. And automate back to back songs. Named monolith before the break with the wizards and right now we're doing horrible sexual monolith the title track off their new album you'll get it out. If I had when I came as the leader Rauf Seattle wow look. Yes W. We're. Okay. Yeah. Not bad boy in Baghdad the Iraq. Well it is throughout. We were pulled my name's Matt drove from filling in for Kevin here's our night have a great time. And I've been plagued by some of the special is yes. You'd like big gaps were both hold me down that. Knew we feel that we played in its entirety. Third chapter of the trilogy in the news that three. Two in one came out in that order earlier. All of that yet decided not. Well. Story at road America this story the name of our you don't look for immediate. You'll find out what you. It. Literary technique. Using bitterly bird. The bit of relief now. Yeah are they gonna Yemen like. Agent are intimately. Without honestly it starts in the middle of stunt guy that's in the middle of the bag and allied Tarantino connected at all with the narrative Italy look back you gotta learn and it's yeah yeah. It also is reference to being in the thick of faith and this this released this music that we find in that a lot of things. Gotcha kind of double and triple on all over the place got you relate with the audio alerts and yes exactly who's making all vacuum that. It's good government that's kind of glad you're here they've actually yeah. Yeah he's hit everywhere live. It's like that Tarantino thing yes they go simplified why do all three of home. Is than real fun to watch it all this year on all the and and we are celebrating all of that. This Saturday night at a high. This Saturday noon got a great lineup. Rea son we've got under. We've got look yeah well we played woodshed really this is going to be an awesome time down there I'm super excited. I know more of the lyrics to sky island now you Google. You know a lot of times I'm very I think very close them very closely guys. So good idea I thought a modern noise that he annoys you on that thing on song that hadn't occurred in an album. A version and Jack in DL polished is without speaking a gag you know upload that before this would write. I live at 4142986. Eight a lot of that is the number is one of the bat they have saw them not do wrong there for the first time finally over the long. I kept missing them and finally the stars alive that they are. Really really cool rate lot of fun. So we'll play one more off moved the trilogy not the latest installment which comes out of Saturday reality I've played all those who love Obama. So when they leave guys have kind of been known for. If people that you live shows. Did you the dude in the hands of the deal would drop the comes out failure to win the theme song classes right of that the lip service by sun shine lip service guys sunshine. Though so anything and then say you can tell us. Oh cool movie they're united over over some. Like station this morning and a very few to discuss the details and plans for this weekend I would invent them glasses. Commute through there yeah we had a lot but yet you'll be there. We negotiable check with him we love ugly mess it up and decked out yet we as always goes to like live whatever you where does the U. Yeah be lip service by Sunday so cool we are good side of bell and he is featured on this well we're gonna close with that any last words they were given so much thinking that everybody was listen thank you to everybody in the scene was supported that you -- family and friends and really was involved in this you have family friends loved ones we put out of it thank you posters you know everybody on there plus. Hundreds more. You brother not guys that you everyone listening so far. Anybody here in my dumb voice talk you ran out there and if you political impact. Yeah thank everybody thought I don't think you guys coming up here waited to be at the release party. Saturday night at the high god yes lip service five cents I'm gonna be in attendance going to be dressed. Very sharply. He's huge on this story ended with Santa Maria thanks so much. Devils had me down. Yeah.