Todd Pietzsch from BECU 12-13-17

Wednesday, December 13th

Todd Pietzsch from BECU joins us live in studio. A texter wants to know if he has to report a disability check on his taxes. George Clooney gave a bunch of his friends a million dollars and paid the taxes.


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You do is it that KI DSW financial advisor appeared. Odds I invented numbers so I know how they still word speech. I've tried. Or your. They played the banking and if you live. Works or attends school in Washington State man all you gotta do is just getting to be see you sign yourself up. And you'll realize why credit union is so awesome because it does pretty much everything a bank does but Todd what is the credit union doesn't do that debate does. Why don't we do BJ have a well everything I don't try to make and my Yasuda you know try to make money off the people and awarded American you don't make sandwiches down. I. Didn't that didn't play yes. You see you will now make sandwiches but you don't give sketchy advice and you can turn a profit for your big company because yeah it is a credit union is different from bank account or own to be the owner of the members own the credit union BJ so everything we do is in the benefit of the of the members not our. But I have cycle there so we don't have Wall Street to report to we don't have to justify how much we. Charge or don't charge honestly on who would we do it's all about the members in. How we can help them reach their financial goals whatever those goals may be. And as a non as a not for profit financial co op I love the phrase not for profits are you know okay that's not the number one thing to do because pretty much a business is that's what they're trying to do is make a profit. Cannot be seals now I mean if if we can make money which we need to do to add ATMs and branches in technology right we need it we need to bring in revenue bit. At the end of the day anything we bring in over an excess of what we need goes back to the members. And it and we were able to do that by reducing price that's an. Great programs on the visa re price the once a year will look at your credit and it's it's improved will lower your interest rate what it yeah. Yeah I will never will never raise it that if you've done a great job and you deserve a better rate we're gonna give it seeing hearing have to ask for that seems like fake news seems un American and often go wrong. Checking out of the ECU got Oregon also taught us 125 years experience in the financial services industry he's done so much. And first for many years now toss and on the show and he just doles out free financial advice and if you call us at 206421. Rock or text does it 77999. Time to do his best to appoint you in the right direction if he can't answer you question he'll send you to some when he Canas a lot of free links he talks about. Again Todd does is absolutely free because it's just another part of what BC is all about bigotry you do when your money the right way. And again 206421 rock Texas 77999. Did this Texas ties I get a check from the state LIs for compensation for time that I missed worked at the claim that my tax it's yes. Five tax question to coming up here to tell us that time you're area for thinking about him and I united that would be income and he'll get a ten and you nine in the mail so bad the government to you know they always gonna put their hands and everything in the especially now with the the this tax thing that congress is trying to figure out we don't know the implications on everybody yet but obviously it's a question you have that you that you talk with people. In a nutshell taught how does it did will leave with a regular person actually see any savings as what's claim like. Will regular Joseph go Greg may maybe I'll pay less taxes or I'll get more money back on my knowledge is that didn't you continue to answer that sell well I mean we don't know for a 100% yet because it's still gone back between the house and the senate right listen that things are talking about our. Doubling the an exemption right so going from 67000 an individual you know thirteen fourteen and that's a good thing right Aso and then for that family for they you know gone from a twelfth 121000 to 24 give or take that. But at the same time they're gonna lower than any other first time India interest interest deductions on mortgage. I'm down test 501 500 on your primary residence that's under some some people in Seattle you know higher income made that could back it intact and so there's not gonna be as many people are going to be item arising. As there would have been as it has been in the past well eventually if things go as age as they're talking about today if you talking the first 500 who's gonna house for 500000 dollars or lower these days a rock R&R my gotta you gotta really young unit travels and did he under five. Anonymous McCain he's the best shoot. Houses are under 500000 dollars in Seattle only cute meaning they're. Small and probably falling apart now or they're Condo were seen and I talent in re a parent conference I don't eat but I mean to you know we're happy to move out further and try to draw. Yeah you're actually hurt and had nasty I mean that's amazing people actually know work Gallup is I put you off on the you don't you don't do that I guess yeah Brock Huard yeah getting a hockey every would have brought cured never hear from throughout not Crazy Horse that guy right I guess Steve was the all star some -- and thank you that's about time people recognize pregnant for the I don't know what I was talking a lot and they were there reforming. Now people want to join you out there that's for introducing the story about George Clooney return my taxes that he. He make you a bunch of his friends a crap ton of money and pay the taxes on top of it. Well I'm saying yeah so I guess this was on MS NB guys see where this is relive reveal the show called headliners and George's friend Randy Gerber told this story. About the time that George Winston okay got fourteen was close friends brought them together. And said here's a suitcase they pop open a suitcase. A million dollars of cash inside. And George he has to say listen. I want you guys. To know how much you mention me in amateur mean to me and my life who came to LA never yeah on your couch. You're not so fortunate in my life to have all new movie and I couldn't be where I am today without all afternoon. So that was really important to me. That won't work so we're all here together. That I get back and so I want you all to open your suitcases. Only open enough. It's a million dollars moon in twenty dollar bills through every one of us fourteen or less than a million dollars you're wearing shot. What is this you know we've gone into some hard times some sort going drill you don't have to worry about your kids you don't have to worry about. School you don't have to worry about paying your mortgage you know the ones working embarking. Texas and therefore it's trying to support his family rides a bicycle to work every day and music movies and that's it took care of George. Enjoy scenario but I hate everyone's happy it's this million dollars is you. Wow doubt I think it's asserts that a guy yeah and the you know I did again another celebrity just being a jerk in the news wounds and I have to get them out Todd let me ask you this because I call it hell I've often had a question about that because that's a great comedian paying their taxes because that's a lot of attacks through. I'm chilling like that's the only anywhere between now what two and 400000 dollars they would have to pay taxes on that problem might write about that 35% man 33% say they are 350 granny does it have to pay back here so let me ask this how does the government work because of George says I'm giving you a million plus some pay your 315 taxes. When the government go that's another turn 50000 dollars who just got what they tax them on match. Move yeah I mean bay he could update right so important to give him one day when he's five he gives him like one point four million out and you know and so that they're netting out at and millions I. Yeah yeah he could net and we we we do that dance and things of that the united DC as well bit anything yet he can netted so it's a net they get a hundred. A million after tax once you once it's also gasoline especially when he gets yet yeah that's that. Think a real pain in the Estonia like season somebody's house thing is that why you felt bad like you know. He's a guy says something new couch is down eight all your fruit watermelon media and mean natus helped him get worries that right for many that is amazing guys did especially given dude ride your bike race because. You can hear people say hey I remember that guy Emmett a lot of folks have stories about all the all the Seattle on musicians that they've known over the years. And you know those people are still going back to their regular jobs do what they're doing. And poem that that is a big thing a million dollars because they probably thought yeah I Clooney's the man I know homebody you know I'm doing my thing you know he's doing his thing yeah. While adding that's incredible access an I don't know how Long Will this was. The Leno but he didn't T didn't we win Novartis is not for his base from Randy who just decided you know I got to throw this out there right hander. And then you know would you be doing that million and thank you your million. Conceiving XT TE ST time where did you rethink don't see it already is already are highly drum kit coming. Our area and I asked I don't know Ferrari my I am getting a bronco homophobia. This is like Georgia every fifteen feet to the room you're asking me will you do with a million dollars yeah. Tomlinson isn't that a good thing you know you never know maybe one rockaholics no holiday we'll get a million dollars gifted to them they don't like I don't know what to do it so I remember Todd tonight you've invested into this supported Clinton back towards do you like Steve said by a bronco guy hasn't hit her. The wire brush our idea and oh yeah I see there really I think you probably get the animal and go out of my real bronco could add a new sport on that that's is bad business so everybody is Pasadena I'm not animal. You know like. Big head you're not gonna get a pool and move at a bunch of times in your backyard blow all your money from the it's and all of our I would get a pool will only keep it there would move it I would make sure it's in the right spot right when the first place yet for your good businessman Gallup. This is like yours for new call fourteen of his friends together and Steve and see who don't practice and Jason the team I think can America accept a signed eight by ten does it lets us see that's only give you because you blow the money anyway so a decision you know prime saving move anywhere in the anguish of blowing all your money pool got a good question I I think everyone's talking about that this these days what's hot spots on the crypto currency. I will call he had good call I make it's just like take this right right yeah yeah yeah yeah. That means you like meg S do you like crypto clearance because that's what this guy it's Garnett it's it's yeah. Well here's the thing we know volatile mean if you don't in the if you're gonna invest it in consider that money that you don't need great none so. But a couple of bucks if you're gonna put her on the blackjack tables same thing with your doctor about yet knowing how about this thing and saw this this I was just talking to area. I'm not gonna drop names but a celebrity friend of mine who's got a lot more money than I do. And he was narrow top CIA it was Carrot Top he is that he was approached by one of his buddies to get into the whole big coin thing and what he said after hearing the conversation from his buddy about declined to a little research. He thought this so reminds me of the pyramid scheme team is is is that your present Andrea. Yeah yeah and agree it's it's. Not been telling what's behind it BJ its virtual currency right yeah since no assets here. And so it's gone volatility to be a 100% down south. This considered gambling if you like to gamble. On a down basically if you're the guy that gets in impairment at the top did a wonderful for you but if you're like me probably and I'd be the idiot paying his money and I get nothing that. Yeah because this will be careful. Now they think if I well as usual minute time does fly but if you did not get through the phone lines of Tex lines you can always email so I just go to cancel your dot com you can scroll down OC did a banner with Todd smiling face he will do his best answer all of your questions I mean that's what's so great about Todd helping people out. This time a year especially if you go I really wanna be Smart but my money tied up all great having you embody faced BJ appreciate it. Yeah. I guess tell us.