Andrew Rivers 12-13-17

Wednesday, December 13th

Andrew Rivers joins us live in studio promoting his stand up at Laugh's Comedy Club. 


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Demo instead of our next guest on bread home he's hit balls with John Bryant. Until bunches for the fame please welcome to the cell and through rivers ho oh A and they had me on appreciate it. Yeah the duke you know it's good to see it's and it's funny because you know it's the holiday season. This you from here so like it's always fun to see the dues like you were all the ruefully it's billion busier guy the one side or Olympic darling come home in a and that used to be an excuse to visit my parents but now they don't even live here so. Mark a big day morning Bob. And you don't sit well hello CC does exist out of your phone if you have to try to wanna hear that no one teacher in case chances are though. That's your conceive a bad voice somewhere in the in the vicinity okay yeah I know is a great feeling pain of it that's. That's great thank you yeah I do not know we're gonna get eroded what his dad sounds like in the moment I let a sexy bothers him I'm I'm thinking that we would somewhere like this at that mark a big day. Element headache I think it's we are just like wanted to ask the ISL well it's been great show. Just this weekend last comedy club yesterday Arabic riot Saturday that if Seattle is 10 o'clock show we fund you want to outlast comedy club dot com. Of course yet was it has to run up of course I love the story because you Bob rivers was different migrate radio guy here in town. You don't have to lie. He's the guy now are made as all right but he he said that he would he was leaving the business of we could spend more on his grandchildren and any moved across the country detonating it. I. I'd say there and I I wanna be near my children like I'm gonna go out there and can get the hell out of dad's. Well it's funny because you can't escape they work for you and I mean you got another room for them still listening punched you if you punch me in the other room yeah what I don't know what I want it's just decided to guess when you call HR. And that settlement on a mix of cash. What was the reason for did you say I don't even know the reason was I was had a nice conversation with Andrew and other next thing you know I I don't know him I Biden I think she meant to not hit him but then her instincts took over there. There's. Yes she decided you know what I'm with what's going on this country Unita at least somebody needs to be slapped I'm gonna do it again. As that you went and to Europe recently and comedy which sounds crazy yes. And that the whole back story is even more desperate for me I'm thinking how does a European crowd react when American comic blitz. Funny is like I was worried they wouldn't even understand. The language because like here in Berlin and like everyone's ordering in German and I'd like Ohio like that's their first language you know. So bright and comedy is not like. Whereas the bathroom you know there's like complex sarcasm more like. You know so but it was great they were they were wonderful and it was so fun tour around exploring. And it really made it easy. Remember like what an idiot I was growing up because I took two years of German in high school and I didn't. I couldn't remember one word. Which is like and I passed the classes late nights but I say inexpensive thirteen years. And I couldn't remember a single word now met a lot of effort. To not even accidentally remember anything from why isn't it mean even like you meet union you know you multiplication tables you can speak a little in the why is it when it comes the foreign language he teaches well. Make a spent that time and you're right none of this knowing it and I I was an honor student mechanic and nothing no other subject but Spanish yeah I dominated Spanish in high school collectively what people wanted to cheat on me keep off of me because I was so good at whatever. And you can't speak Spanish at all I don't doubt when he says only knows where's that for you go out there thought of Banja. Well that's the important thing to note you know I don't go to NASCAR and I haven't golf but what it would not go well at least he can ask where the batteries and talk about you know what you're gonna need. So so does. Some even think you gonna go do comedy in Europe via I would think loud like you said the cultural barriers the language barriers I mean even if he tried to calling England. I I just know that sometimes a watch Harry Potter Rangel I don't know what the hell yes but hostile like even the English league even in the UK and like Scotland couldn't understand they speak English. It's a different. I you know like I was like try I people that come to get their shows and I would just start nodding along. Like I had no idea what they're saying I just assumed there like very showed like it's awesome. It could've been like we hate you and I'm like that. That's fantastic cover big you know because I like part of retirements and try to decipher. What they're actually saying and the other half at a time. I'm laughing because it sounds so funny like it sounds like fat bastard you know ha ha ha ha sexy in a and I thought that was like a fake accent I thought they were like playing that up for the movies and on like this is you actually talk this crazy. I know you don't you don't really don't laugh at somebody Zacks again that's kind of what we've done our entire life in America. We just left everybody else's accident right and so why I just kind of tried to talk slower because like if I can't understand and they can't understand me. But they were totally negate your fine we're not worried about it like. If it did this make you feel dumb realizing wow they can understand me and this is not their first line right exactly that's what I wish like. Feel like my dad let me down I wish she would like. You know called me is this the year look like if you want it just called me opposing a couple to prince. I would have been in the NFL in and all of a sudden I had your back and yes you and I just needed motivation yeah the wrestling rightly. That your generation did not get treated as badly as our dinner right and and that so therefore you're not coming up I don't even think about that like I have a job where people pay me to make fun of my dad and there's no I have no fear is not an old Whitney with a belt it's fox like he can't do anything. That's it and I never heard of football player when they're like a place that you want us to Reuters MVP who do you it think it was god look into my mom because she didn't win the belt that everything thinks the death row meal was seem a million times that's really underrated part of -- FL experience and it really should because somebody you know somebody who's really really good at something. Yes something's really hard to do you know somebody treat him like crap somewhere and I'm sure you know in the entertainment business day at the the really good ones have issues right. We'll thank you I hope that's about me yeah well heck. I've seen Iraq I hope you have a lot yeah yeah a lot of Asian memorable inherent at a time that I mean that's the whole idea like this find someone else to. Our that's what I think that's that that's the American why why take personal responsibility when it can be someone else. Yeah. See you got C Armond on your system that motivational Wednesdays we dangerous. And by the way into rivers if you haven't seen hander actually honestly. I don't know how Bob produced this kid must be just be his momma gave most of them all the good stuff came at Santa -- at least that's not what your mom anatomy yeah she will Whitney what about you hit. Yeah your mom your mom is that you know before there was Bruce Banner the whole man your mama you're my man my mom is it's funny she hit she's got arthritis in her middle finger National Football League today comes from overuse. I. Probably my fault. She's achieve that he's a wonderful person. And so thankful they go it's it's. I hope you're listening I love you is that you're gonna be coming home for dinner again you can can you want to survive is going to be at this show going like you're talking about. And that's that last comedy club Seattle this Friday and Saturday 2 shows at 10 o'clock go to last comical dot com to see Andrew. I also if you tweet and Andrew. Once you anymore your project video series that don't clear day job and the quick tonight I jobs are yards out and thank you retouched Bryant yeah but since that you've had some very fond ones I really do enjoy things in areas where it's like. With magicians with sight gags I learned and magic tricks I tried being homeless because you know he's one step away. And I had a size stat on this on a corner where the sign that was like that actually homeless in this it. I my comedy CD and a and in an hour and a half I made seven dollar since the seven dollar all how much is a comedy through war and five guy who is a it. Yet yeah you know what you're you know what we'll actually was like someone recognized me and they are just like your just take the money it's those -- -- like OK so awesome and you know you know seven dollars has good money for Europe for global one home now it's well I you're I barely you've got to look more miserable you know I mean I think I looked Q well put together that's when they are guy guys too good looking at united and great for gags don't exactly look sad and depressed and John I can I I could almost yup click it. There's no doubt about it because I do I it's funny he brings up I'll see some people out though. No man like they got their lights again I don't believe they're homeless man I hate to do it on your iPhone in the air in that they they look like they just have too much going forma basis like those clothes don't look rowdy enough you really because we hear stories at Colorado and scandalous anyway right. You know and in the drive into the league he walked back to their beamer and drive home a lot of money that is made in and the new York and if consultancy yeah it is pretty bad. I thought if I was offering something of value that people would. Appreciate it but it turns out it it wasn't anything about it well just my CV I don't know if that's the commentary on where you're gonna let them feel badly about it as a city should be you know in on. What was the hardest one note well what vocation was the toughest one for you do when you during the series I mean. All of them I mean the the ox obviously the boxing one and had some physical limitations. You know because I. You know having had a lot of experience taking punches in high school and with a good to have a little out of practice on man and he hits a lot harder than. And he would like tat me you guys out like 10%. To him and see that sucks and you would have somebody that's that good. And Nate they're really hoping I would like to thank and he would just let me hit with like I would just vacuum in a corner and he Baghdad just do whatever you want and it wouldn't. And can unite they let you know now an up and down get in my head and it from the instant movie like. Yeah hit me as hard as you yeah yeah I'm OK with that and then ended up hurting my own hand you know hi how. Horrified anymore guys can just make out. While that's the that that that that sucks man when you realized he sees it as a permanent oval yeah you can't hurt them right and there are 10% well you just just appreciate other people's jobs and where and what they have to you know like. Like we don't have to work for a living you know and so you don't appreciate other people that they do because I don't I mean last time I was up this early I. Just didn't go to switched so. It's violence and you're here yes probably. Yeah that's very opposite ours racism we do appreciate your coming in Afghanistan. And Andrew rivers mentioned that you -- and or for Andrew. Eyes so we're gonna say Andrew. Man to have him do it's going or just a twinkle in it that's so true it's really does artist has been talking to you like him don't like this because I mean remember you talk reform and bizarre I mean. No one talks you know I guess they'll anymore so I really appreciate the respect future. Check out Energen rivers. It's Friday night Saturday night last comical in Seattle 2 shows at 10 o'clock and that's last comedy club dot com. And to appreciate it buddy thanks man people between me for a couple free tickets you know you on the stand that that's to look at and it's it's at Andrew. Yeah. Yeah I guess just.