BJ & MIGS Podcast 12-14-17-8A: Best that we can do 2017 Continues!

Thursday, December 14th

Best that we can do 2017 Continues! Facebook Drama with Jonathan Kite. Interview with Cody Rhodes.


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Good body of our show now we've known this guy for so long I love that he's number one in every year. Yeah yeah I Josh wolf man we've known for such a long time. And he's he's he's he's a really really great do stunts so much in his career they say you love that he's in the morning unity in every year with the reason why is the number one interview a year might not be something favorite apps that's very true but I I still got a day Josh. Just last week she shares and not only have they been romantic can Sam we restroom a Safeco fields now that the mentality show they also got romantic in the a century when feel. Ask you question as well nobody gets romantic in a public bathroom that's not the right turn right. OK okay we're at we're 00 man had an amateur wrestler dramatic yet you just don't know miles drove man thing I honestly John yeah alzheimer's right now I don't remember any of their list and if I. I'm a betting man who's may be had sex in the bathroom before neither pair of pants or even beneath the knees so that's that's so romantic. Yeah. Trying to show. I just actually yeah. Yeah I hope you guys Chris yeah knowing you and me and I'm OK. Guys in my lobbying tennis yeah. Not premier organization that is not a guy. Right you guys okay yeah yeah what does that afternoon and your Jerry guy you're. Josh twelve Arianna thanks Sonia job losses. And they should read anything on cable. Oh yeah you wish there was also did. Joy he lives Opentable does stupid friends it was oh yeah I'm like yeah this summer Mike and life. Now I have to ask you may need huge thing here and dad wanted to know that information questions thank you I'm just can't blame both sides and little earlier this. You're big and bad knees and now the next time he goes is Safeco he needs to think who's going back to internalize that. That door handle probably not I can have hot dogs again yeah. Okay you can traumatize dad and another way you think it's a Stanley bathroom because that's for people make families enough it's time. It's gonna. So while you figure dad would be like you know who wants to know this. My dad yeah. Oh hey yeah well look you know all there was a topic. The craziest place we did it yeah I don't why can the topic hasn't been like a few days after they did it say though it's great so I. And I'm in my little Suzanne we're. Don't let Tommy go in the Metallica and then had to Alfre reviewing the Metallica concert hey you know what it was great I had sex in the Stanley that's I. Zero this show is great let's cereal the shell and they restrooms a little. Yeah. And I need and I you're not a. So cross sometimes. I don't you sun's new Smart great ideas enemies realize there was no punitive Syrian ministry just. Tournaments to continue to act and that's a domino or a corner so you got hit bad the holy trinity. As in I want it all all tedium now oh yeah. And I. When I didn't well yeah. You stadiums or a new way different than mine mine. And I don't really want to see him. Melissa my iPod like I Annan noon when you. At a home on the map drowned out. Now let me ask you about your boyfriend just used unless I know that's it for us thank you Josh yeah I know our people knocking on the door or is always had seen so I was very nervous so is my first you know Africa and ambassador Tom Robbins yeah NN day. Ever elusive handling may want to bang on the door nurse says yeah. Remedy nasal perform nine announce they're out there my mama yeah I'm not sure don't compare me an excuse me read prepared now I love the. I'm content on the on the daily. Anyway I. She gentle Michael Murphy and John. Hey hey there Stanley regiment there and the restroom in the count how many cars you can and Agnes and chassis you know just Kristen that. My issue actually okay sounds good yeah did you Tutsis is and the bass or not. It. Is Arizona oh yeah. I'm I'm I'm not doing a minimum minimum we're assuming you're the you're having sex in the fender bass and you've had your two drinks are all right so I. Now I guess. That's not sober if you're doing that's so burden well congratulations. Drive eight. Or might not show what we did head. Iraq I nine point nine KI SW the rock of Seattle yes Josh wolf my very good friend. Sounds like it yeah lovely lovely interview I forgot that Sarah did the Metallica songs I did I know how I that we had these moments remind I don't wanna remember that I really don't. It is the best W you for 2017 this one this actually almost cracked the top five for best FaceBook drama. Title anyways this is our opportunity to put up the dumb people on FaceBook and we started drinking we would add into that makes this an actual facial postage on it unfolds as acted out by us. We had changed nation take innocent and the stupid people as well. And this time around BJ you'll be the original poster your name is Diana yes I'll play the role carry. Rather you'll be gay you sweetie stereo literal Teddy Hank and Vicki you will be George Shula asked to legalize these people are co workers to ski down next their minds of the original poster once again is Diana. So BJ. Please take it away and honor the late princess. This will be my Diana made an honor so who died in thirty years ago I got that extra practice site. This is so you wouldn't someone post simply just wouldn't. Didn't post to start. To express my sense I'm sure your intention to read this post post will send it to you. Hope well granted pitch. I didn't static tests. OK IA this is not happening again last died years to add it out all FaceBook all right got cold into the open next. Josh do you you'll jolt and they all nice sport. It's. To keep me these are shocked friends you may and it is our hope. Matt Glazer and the first choice of words cutting 40. She you have to go to vigil mass at a dad also one thing. Every time you tell that story and kids were evidence to why I and I know it off you know my daddy's mess all. Our relationship goes in full view. It was bugging Diana. Oh wow yeah. I'd have an. MG. I was right at him because he wasn't. The streets literally you carry it. Probably out spreading heavy today. How well. Shaven and men don't they Larry life is twelve stick fish. He may be old name but. Knows he's bad news. Has it right. Just pension Bausch. And so. I'm now. Why how a delta should kill about whether or not. Hi pops pet go what so. That's when you can pop tiger works night and we try. I might not show look we did. Rock as a very well of a job well done and follow that hope direct he had the accident out gas and power can tell you I have to tell you I mean yeah I feel like you're from England thank you until you're going to hear all. That's how I feel it's scary I feel like I I feel like right now I'm mentally ill and maybe I'll get to go on that until now we show the Haley are you know you're on your red urinating yes you do you play the ugly American they had him on there tactics yet. The problem but it is the best that we knew between seventeen yep we're looking back in our favorite memories from this past year back in June. We received a call from a lady that had some. That has song to sing to us. Oh dude we are beginning tax all week since we started doing the best that we can do for for 2017 and and this continues to come up. When you do that call when you have that call. Star but the beach ball yeah I love the beach violating all right guys im so glad it's here yeah I tell if I totally forgot about her and you know what it with the way the world is going right now. We do need to beach ball lady the number one call of the year what odd thing is do you collects go to Katherine Katherine Seattle you're on Iraq. Yes I collect these all. These it's. I have a sanctuary for all the beach ball I love these blogs are all in my room. I never thought about. Did you perform that song for us I love this where did each Anastasia and indeed well placed. I there's no winds ninety engaged I have these folder on my wall I have these phone for a restart. I keep these well in my dad can I have may prolong my kids. I had these folder on my feeling because there are some agrarian feelings. I am being vulnerable my door but they don't they know Laura Laura. I can't be totally okay. I mean these are through my day I have these photos of my room I don't any excuse blue bird flu and so yeah. Maybe they end up. Hi again. No okay. Could somebody please send an audio eternal vigilance on auto tune it oh on a man did occur herbal played every day Catherine that was delightful and what's your favorite beach ball. All I have this big London that. I have a word so I have my daddy it is so fast food and dream you know wily old coach B. Guys you're hooked on collecting beach balls and what wasn't about beach balls and made you go I need a lot of these. All the text here it's my own plastic you lose inflated still. Firm is okay Herman softened the national is this. So Catherine the sounds like it's gone and a fetish territory which I got no problems actually it's kind of nice today do you. Is decides as to satisfy you a much different ways. Yeah I feel great. It's good to see him in there yeah our do you rubble my your body for fun. I have I am not not everybody you know they feel a little bit you know I think we're seeing guys who I don't know Hamas is so unfair I imagine you buy one right now. Aha. Yet people applying it here SARS and you were young girl my referral income district during the I kinda hope that things to. I'm delighted one of similar glared got a grant. Just told me you're our very own demise yeah. No matter who you know and I don't know when. I can seem good to look it's still. The before our god and how confident clean. The net and oh yeah her illness is clear that was sentenced to my easy did and then upload around people waited too. People do that in the council barrier you know. NetApp we're opera puts you on all caps we got to get universal check in with you from time to time OK yeah at least once a month he got to sing as the baseball slide this great idea and if you have any new songs you're writing whatever or anything else you love you know what we gotta talk to you could you put a smile on our faces this morning. One more thing I have been around Esiason added to my name I think had sent I'm sorry what. I have beach style recited an added to my name. Yes that's illegal mean now. They're tired my racquet might give me Nene added these from a size and really do it yes like messiah like the messiah son isn't what you mean more recession and ER. These are your last real answer real as I know my current world 1000 Esiason. They grow brand name read my. I have these fathers and if you're home video we were good. Homer and that seems like a lot of work. I am losing my my walls. I am thankful for every darkness like he'd be twelve in my dad can I had may prolong my is. Can we sit still and we would know we heard before is still just yeah I mean it's genuine belly laugh at that woman who here attacks exterior I've met the beach ball lady I service term she does have beach balls everywhere. And people on the building call her beach ball. You know we haven't talked to her actually haven't heard from her since Jack wait and read every letter numbered no. We did advice he has not called back nor Reid turned to my call almost regular for listeners on the loose today yet you just tell your beach ball down. OK I mean they shall take that call hello I may be wrong firewall. I have bad. I miss her she's so much funnier IV drip we get around this is on the loose they forgot to check. Paramount fun and everything oh yeah she's having a great time this summit that I wish I could have negative time in life which is something as simple as a beach ball it's just not fair Bob Johnson their normal couple of days. But after that I can't stop smiling. I know she's just not that. He's just totally amazing about her yeah you know how miserable I am and I know you only get a smile on my face who dabble in any way at this morning. You know it's just like I feel really good baseball gallows amazing yeah I know what I say. Just loads lover. All right all this week what we've done you know we've done. Well we had reached beyond you know we've we've looked back at some of our favorite moments of the year is the best that we can do for 27 team. What was the number one FaceBook drama this year. You can hear and he seventeen. On the rock. And made some morning. Rock and 99.9 KI SW hole. Rock of Seattle. It's a recipe you can play seventy. And I love this because I was trying to figure out act as I don't know what the de all the bests are going to be right I like to be surprised. And I was thinking what the number one FaceBook drama because that's some great ones after the Craig gas home which was incredible to the one on my day which was pretty amazing to Jim Norton one's beyond the broken lizard guys is definitely a favorite we got us that your producer grade gas and I was OK but none of those made it to number one and I'm like what could be number one. Totally forgot that back in March we had a chance to talk when Johnathan kite and he was on that former showed two broke girls. I'm not quite right old you know a whole lot sold off Seattle off I think yeah Ari or he's the snowman I know there's a one of those names it sounds like that. And I always there's a foreign duty until I found when they say just think tanks come a time I looked up his stuff from my own she's just doing an impression. On to broker or else you had a fake accent yeah he really he was very very convincing and easily as you as we found out he does a lower leg version all leg no leg yet all black hole off the strike my whole frozen. The credit going to be out here I we're close. So the idea that he can do all those great impressions and we didn't know all the celebrities he does he's he's literally hangs in people like that yeah yeah so we're like dude would you would you be kind of do a FaceBook drama for us and he was like yeah sure. And it was so good at this was picked as number one. How can. Oh. Vijay and this is our chances now are from the CDS happening on FaceBook actual FaceBook posted solid unfolds and yes. Johnson's gonna acted out we changed name to protect is simple we commit new names on status updates. Anyway this is its own terms of a status and then ran drama that happened after that stolen gun I changed names to certain bomb. People they use impersonating before OK so. Do original posters Tom Hanks. I would say OK I say yeah yeah okay and Ian are certainly McClellan is also on this thread all the nice Seth Rogen is also on this thread of course is going to be and the music. So Ian McKellen is easy plays the clock cards were then you used. Yeah if people don't know. But I I does that and I just I was told them or use Gandalf in Lord of the Rings yes title and now I mean every day and I don't know I knew rejoice not this room I'm just saying in general I. Miller is what I love I don't let him tell it like they're like I'm a regular shot on my best friend who's do's and seeing this weekend's super funny that shows amazing rather with a Geisel tenors. Opening for me I'd worked even before this is a really strong select the three of us I think to put a great show. But on last night he'd like his wife soon she'd see me do you McAllen like she come my senator she's super supportive and I'm Demi saw. Who saw Beauty and the Beast the new one. And then dump my best friends like his we dads and Jonathan does the clock. Like I. Although that's yet she goes oh my god he sounds just like him she does well so what is he did he just do like a lot of voice overs. And down my best I don't know he's like it Britain's number one actor. But like you if you haven't seen The Lord of the Rings or may need to know what he does like BBC stop it and hold generational view like I know him he's a clock you're right you're absolutely right everyone's good because of the success that movie ever was just don't know and that's what happens like Alec Guinness who played old we want to know we would you like -- did you do anything before that how well Al everything you have all of the things he actually wants not to remember star does he that's they would Harrison Ford is like don't remember me you know rather in the Frisco kid yeah hum but yeah he even did those guys leadership the comic character. Crime yet but have yet they were so Ian McKellen music for those of you who are he's a talking clock. So hopefully I'll hang on Tom Hanks is the original poster so please Jonathan taken away. Paul I'm going to the gym getting my tan on and I'm getting is brand new car and I expect. Yeah all my life. And shock. Cash tagged by Laurie is better than yours Astec sorry guy sorry fast Chad who asked. Museum McAllen. Are you I'm not sure if you posted suitors from but. And some of us who really is struggling for an action. The post is obnoxious. It's just. You looked wrong after shoot through short piece straight up and. Cook all don't hate me because I make you fat PH AT Seth. It's all ball iron. I get heat applied key in any club I want it don't view. What can you get faster I thought what I. Neat yeah hey good. Here your lunch Zune tie this Hilltop by an area. I saw a picture you your are your new car and. I. A lot of a lot of exhibition what's there. Quick charge portrait married to Surrey McKellen and it did your jelly. Pass Ted wants to keep the putter conventionally. Hey. You know I just checked off. Of FaceBook and help. You make everyone believes that July it is. It's a tip. Are convinced it used to nothing ball that apart from. We knew or pimping face moos. Talk insufferable bunch of clowns. Home only has money because of static. Makes fact Ph.D. T yeah. Stocks tone. You postured on who's there. Could call I sleep when girls who are darling PCs and you cannot take that wide from Bremerton Leon. I'd be mad too if I was you I have that PH AT and ask you pat I did pretty cheap well. You talked about my wife and emotion of my Bremerton foot right up your fat PH TT ass. Well I am doing I'd reduce Colin well I'm good to go bag which is what dig dig just crashed tag please. What does that inconvenient. I've studied English please. Where an edit and not what your job crashed are smaller life. As student then losing pitches Tom. Yeah I feel like I'm listening to Dan to operate would be a. Well mode on and this music it's well all right then. On the Iraq. Man John I think. I that is so good Sosa forgot all about that face to Thomas the funniest thing ever notice until I find that people drama later you have to start Djokovic section case to be dot com on the begin big stage all of our basement dramas are all over there as he could download them or stream home. And the since Cinnaminson Lisa that I. I think I was on and CIS on on this week's episode that's cool man the eight game win when we talked and we was astute he wasn't sure of two broke girls is gonna get renewed even though it had so much success globally. I don't know I was talking like he was Donnelly do crazy things done you gotta come back. Oh before he left you know while we're off the air and then jurors NASA got canceled and I'm really sad about that yet and it boy he is so talented that that that easily I can understand why that was number one FaceBook drama of the year. It is the best W for 20:17 this morning this actually almost cracked the top five for best interview. And it was back in January talking a progressive Cody Rhodes. What you hear he's had to amuse now I do champion and ring of honor he's had a T shirts are selling like crazy hot topic it's insane like the success that he's been having. For a guy who left the W union it was a that's career suicide and he's had the best year of his career Yahoo! so good for him because. He just wanted to you know he wanted to do it his way. And of course he's part of wrestling royalty and he talked listen studio. About a great story about his dad dusty. You know Cody one of them my my favorite stories I've heard you tell and it's it's a bye you're dead dusty. Because we all know the larger than life characters who have it are ridiculous amount of stories that you just assumed okay he is making this up he is over exaggerating. And then I love how as you've gone through your life and had exploration you found that some your father's obscenely outlandish stories. We're actually true current. I had I I like you've you've told a couple before different interviews I just I just love the fact is I I hear you say you'll see and it and make but that's not true they did a lot. The album there's been several incidents you've seen the movie big fishery yeah okay it's a big fish so violate. What I found to be my life is big fish he told me only stories grown up. And then we passed away I have literally came across so many of these people. Who wanted you know give their condolences or whatever grew at a conversation with and then they repeat. This scale. That I thought at the time. All that they can be possible that I see lake. Not only was it almost nine pretty late it pretty much was completely true bombed the little stuff reminded giant have and forty something teeth. In his head versions say motorists like the twenty what is it that we had a 232. He added that he fortieth 42 dollars and that was the that was real miss an authentic forty TT then that. Yeah and then down. The one then one really simple one that T Tuesday gets me was the flying colonel. Delta Airlines. Has several tiers of reward. You know you'd better a lot of airline yeah it is all ideal goal. Platinum diamond and actually now because they emerge as an airline diamond is like Pete do you wanna get to diamond that say your near million mile earlier. You're real cool when he I mean you always you the upgrade it feels great. My dad and lost all status is in travel near as much. Leader in his life and I thought I do in my favor. So I could of created in the first class on a flight we had out Sacramento. And I meet him at the airport in Atlanta airport. And I think he agency united Montel mine up radios and head I think and they knew you were negligent first class by the make him feel good. Those are known you know. You on the door about that a minority interest. And they can. They Ian. No. Because I eighty did it but I. I'm not saying that and that he is now nine now flying colonel and that always what's known as the wall plankton. And passing with flying has us taboo. The sit. They've been this tells the that's that's the number one and then as they know Dimon is number one you've flown delta longtime closer assured. We go to bored. Emily scans when boarding passages. You know. Mr. Reynolds mr. Rhodes said thank you so much time and now we appreciate your serves after or good about that they creating brand name on the foot up literally just the chance and then you and then my dad's his boarding pass and she just. War little. We've got to take care you. My dad's here and now I need do you do you do enamored with in time lake effect. And then she he he shows me his boarding pass and this. This is something I've never heard. And I look at the problem where it says like. Sky miles number or whatever it says it's we're flying colonel. It's printed on the board with these sky miles number like I mean he won't that's I think there were thirteen still living it is yeah I'll rewards program. For Delta Airlines and it doesn't even afford you anything anymore but they pay respect to that you can still write film importing that's. How how how what holes but to see it like. It's a lot of situations ended up like that there was a row I had. In Nigeria that him and Ric Flair stop the ride because you guys wanted to come they're wrestling match applicant's total BS. Do dressed for duress. Speaking engagement they used this guy sends a from the back and starts crying and he's so thankful that they broke up the rise and I just couldn't tell you was there ever. And meg come on this wartime wrestling story like a lot of them and ended up feature it's it's good to see it's good to see. How but that's awesome flying colonel man there's twelve now I think flair is well flying colonel I think Rick supplying colonel he would now. Yeah. You're home video we were good. Homer and that seems like a lot of work. On Iraq. 99.9 KI SW Iraq obviously and travel would dusty Rhodes back is that there was just insane all insane dude yeah million stories just wanna ringside seats yes it's all you want man. Well yesterday Steve yeah he did get this one wrong in Disney's jungle book like kind of animal as locally raised by my game no tiger no spare us know. Nobody. Connie was raised by wolves who we raise my goals I had time to you want a shot at beating Steve okay. You've got 206421. Rocks we're playing beat bigs did a 47 did on the Iraq. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney keys here right now and has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. If I called Travis will actually see him or someone who works for. I'm suing when you come in just in my in my office so when you first call and myself we'll try to help you. Where there were any basic questions that should have. 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