01-02-18 Seg 3 Mens Room Passes Gas

Tuesday, January 2nd

Emails, Ryan Castle is in to Sit & Spin with 10 Songs He Thinks are About Farts! Plus Ask the Mens Room and the Shot of the Day


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This is done men's room. Listening to. It's just got his job today is a moment to weigh in honor of the city California one of the biggest economies in the world that is now in the marijuana business the legal marijuana business. Expected to grew. Seven billion dollars annually by 2002 army field looking at revenue this year at about five. Point two billion dollars and the reason that they wouldn't have more revenue. Is because this is a general roll out all the licenses have been given a threat stores have not been opened up so as that continues to grow. A lot of people for the first time will be trying marijuana. A lot of little retry it legally for the first time which is much different than any other way you want it yeah that's true because you still feel like it's illegal I have tried it legally for the first time right so let's that was something he can remember like. When you go to other places in you speak about marijuana. You forget there's still like a hush hush thing Owens visit my uncle few months back I. And learn Florida now Florida you think that you know with all the Sox season are the other more bill is an early going they don't give a crap about what you're on night you know agreement. He was very hush hush about you know like smoke and wage you know I was going on in Seattle it's cool man and of Oslo wings. Do you smoke Judy did you smoke hit them like hell yeah I said yeah and I smoked a living Christ out and they let it can do it's legal. But you still smoking even if it's yes I smoke fell Livan as out of kidding me. Like dude dude would do whatever you want the oh my god can never do that I wouldn't journals and I already back at some thing like all right don't want to downed a vodka I'm seeing you knocked down like five do you know vodka tonic Clinton sitting here and David I'm evil we go that they started actually asking questions and being more but when I'm like god damn man really tiger is is Florida surely a bigger fish to fry than this course demand drug drug backwards down the street out of gas station to just sold a sold Amazon is right in order at the start of but to get through the Florida down in Florida we just two people stole money you know like oh god forbid it should be drunk and a better take over you know kinky party. Think Vegas actually it was a Miami. Dude it's hard finally people are not late not shy at all out like bandits is cocaine depth but seem crazy like to ask the marijuana like how they had. Still don't forget how you look out I checked into a hotel can't dance all night on Mac. For those checked into the hotel and good meter dealer inside guy ordered concierge. Temples or resign I guess you card sized me up. And the same thing was like him and I engage with me on to root him to rule number arguments liver Bob Barr so we'll look. Did you some wheat India Malaysia and Robin is Kimberly. I don't moment only grows so just shut out all you can do it is okay that's if he. OK you did cocaine in Mac yet we Miami. Like I you know what like I'd go jurors in my Alan Dell hell we even get since they legalize marijuana because the same exact thing but we that's the thing with every plug you can look at total concert and doesn't matter we are suddenly. There's a thousand joints in and it's subtle social they'd like to send the only drug the people shaver with random strangers may annual concert personally happy if you're on cocaine you can't sit still so right for me I think that. In some ways. It's gonna benefit to gambling environments in Vegas. Now my distance runners and Oslo a man is domed you know I mean I knew odd do another blow another to do manages Greg Blue lights blink and stuff like got to be like. I'm not even for a minute you know where if files on an upper about whoever else got to go wrong moves go go go through mr. felt like I think. You could spend more money in the I don't know around the middle and that's why you gotta think about shooting dice are playing blackjack here. This and that like there's a lot of people real fired up and nick the goat came in Alexandria yeah we're talking about the slots. We're like old man he's valuable lovely day out and that bad go library. Who gave you interact with other people call everything else is with the younger. I like shooting craps where it's not hard to tell what kind of personally junior analyst Joseph that's loud you're not playing against the dealer late you're you're almost encouraged to kind of I don't you ever seen a movie or a TV show thing go to a casino he would have a system passing when I go by the crash stable world was playing craps at the loud person in the casino Brenda. You can't lingo the movie that's not the case. Forever you play that game you can scream at all times and how to do that you will blow my fingers which runway bury and hide it I know the woman's pretty don't have a blowing her hand. Think about the bacteria. But it's always the loud game. But I could not do that stone that would be the worst game in the world to casino and play a far higher than we've ever when yell imagined when long globes won't know about a week casino. He's going to go small and they'll see our Samantha but I think that's fair I think of the song they have clothes are underdogs without revealing videos of the week. Do you sit and are so focused in housing Ezra smoking but tonight it's been human Ted's right in the end. People would just gonna play slot so little people don't spend big money to what did you stone and has been routed through word and so people can fight the report overwhelmingly. Dead cocaine to go all the yeah. Casinos there in and or wherever else. Fremont Fremont where you can't even you can't see through the and Hawkins threw his is smoking and it's just like it's houses. Singer thought I had an idea he could light up their known even though. Mean you would even know you can spontaneously convulsed in no one would recognize that you're on fire first and I try to blank blank tab and 84499. I know look at Sosa one of those applied peas and I think and I and I kind of out there aren't. Pelosi left welcome to the men's room. Yeah. It's time. I saw got a got disconnected and I'll talk you got a look at it tell us. Up. My body decide it all in other but he decided tragic I didn't felt like after the first out of the woman's home. Yeah now we ended up. I know my backyard but I mean up until about in the backyard and for some reason let you know I broke up a minute epic fail. I felt that we are being like taken over by the what I imagined it. And kind of dot com about it in depth I didn't like backhand volley ever on the alert and love and our back yard is all about what you want. And is pretty much that although I don't have. And I thought I'd like especially the first time into orbit at first or inside. And we decided that the whole let me bottom. Well as. The good times you're a great guy you Basra they absolutely do that and I'll do it doesn't stuff and my buddies that furniture on track well. I tried to do that once cast Lamar every time and hotel a one thing about us if we ever travel with the show oral some of the unemployed their gloves are off. You will never let us know his hotel room number because inevitably we're gonna break it misses something that happens consistently for the last 1213 years so. Ryan castle my believe that we have found so to Ryan has a good tip that this is his hotel and so. We are drunk and we might be on some other things and I was cynic as I honestly don't remember Wendy's original be funny. Let's lean something against the door to his room sort rooms bulletin morning essentially is we don't look very through peace park so it started small. And we realize every loose thing in this one hotel lobbies like three different buildings. And as one hotel lobby for the blues who bubbled to the floor respect us again distort you talked him up so far and love seat and rob my blobby. The fire extinguisher every newspaper they dropped from anything we can move a potted plant we all of this stuff stacked on his door. And we go to back and we pass out so the nice thing we get though I think we're gonna check out we see here club and were already just smiling ear to ear when it. Payment. How are you more like. It was far and his way I was your morning Droid. Who's good like what happened to open your door he's like when I open my door I was on my hall he's like what he would've guessed it that relate I don't know how I grew up. I don't know if we do strong room in which case we did somebody as a bastion faced by every loose object in a hotel lobby. Or we think more to the point security bay cameras which we did not see even that we enjoy doing that and they lied to adults trying to get back in nice and about to kick other hotel well although we checked out it was just we got this one look from the one employee. Randall all the way across the lobby realize like this guy starent accurate and and were taken out and cancel my vote look at them and it was real loan companies use same thing. The nurses look on the face of the moment. That's been kind of a little stuffed apple we don't know wheeled out. Now those crazy trip I wrap things up either way because if somebody else got hit that. Right now look man we want you we were drunk and I love the stuff I think I just remember that trip right lose an idea I was and I knows GNU I thought I was in a walking into the into the bathroom in the bedroom. And I opened up. The closet instead. Intensely been in the master closet yeah this hotel room. And I'm behind him there's a sensibility advertisement and cities in the claws of Illinois is the clock is a big closet already knowing the people about an hour and there was a copy I took accounted Geddes as you can about the root cause yeah. Yeah quiet and dark as weird as good as oppose it was a June. The big hotel until everybody got on the floor of the battle wells is sweet union yeah no hotels and they had bedrooms that because it's got all the fancy crap that they put the sweep to the cause was literally so big. I thought open it up go to the bathroom was as big as closet these there's Leo like I've yeah. The and at that. Attack venomous blog auto guys you brought I don't think goods get tired I'm excited that but I thought this then the school I remember all the allure and I'm just a principle that everybody found that he's in the closet likely target and I gays in the closet because hey. First I tried blank blank tab and 8449990. And I you know right after he's got no. Agassi back. I doubt Jack hello way to welcome to the men drew. Well on top guys are armed. The first. And it's web at WEB these web page but when I get WD little am glad Mike talk no problem no problem is that our web W marijuana web all the way spiders where I've got two Olympics but let. Sure I went home. The outlet he Webster's dictionary. It is the first time I have backed that Ater all ice pass fell within thirty minutes. I think I'm more you know easy going and how jacked up for Utah. I think Gary need to be prescribed out there all my life Susan they'd like you speed normally to the point where speed we'll just absolutely flat you. Maybe I don't know I tires or stay away from all those crazy. Even have some doubts I like browns general. Well you got to remember when you have when you when they when they were doing this thing where they're built in every kid in America if we give us hyperactive they gave him speed and when you give dead person in older kids drive rank them because they're alone is that our kids so basically you're just mellowing you're leveling them out so if someone was down gave a downer probably will bring them back up it's it's the reverse mechanism for some reason I must be flying naturally correct. All the navy I mean they try to give me. Ritalin was the drug when I was a kid but they try to give me that my parents should know how old are real might give up 28. We are have you ever tried cocaine in your life. You may may be OK okay similar how similar was it down are volunteers and never does matter at all and they're until. Yeah. Yeah I had a wrong I had Gaudin ran a narrative. But I'll I mean how how how that. Is it similar. You don't wanna wiling Lindsay Lohan the job I don't go get him on how. Yeah I mean. I don't want another out of all fill another matter all that I mean yeah a little bit yeah I figured I must be out there and they had to come a little legalized. Urgent I mean that's pretty much what they do pharmaceutical industry you. Now we know still to come right dose of the drug charges and decision Wednesday ten songs Ryan things are about fonts and the return of mass of men's room is all on the way you are listening to the men's or radio network. Age is you. True. Got my camera Droid charge of innocence then today Ryan brings intense songs are Ryan things are about spots that is moments away gradually get done. Read your emails here for the men's room mad men's or mod dot com. Our question the first time I try to blank blank cabin yet dudes I tried we for the first time after it was legalized I was a if it was legal I'd try guy. And I knew I can get the higher one from Booth so I was gonna try. I'm not gonna say I got stoned or gets still all the time but I keep some handy now again just in case. Guys my story about my first time I'd taken ten milligrams of animals without feeling much. So I tried to running well apparently I just didn't know what to look for because with a twenty milligrams hits. It hit hard. Bit his first time I hate Hannibal sucked I'm 510115. Pounds and I now know that I should have beaten just to have a one. Nobody told me the potency I ended up eating six cookies. I was completely mess but it doesn't say that. I was freaking out. Biggie my ex boyfriend called 911. And I was absolutely convinced I was having a heart attack. My body was convulsed thing I was shaking down deep in the bone that nobody could get to meet come down here and in my phone take away from me because I was trying to call my mom and say goodbye. You moved ours so much fun to rerun of the party I didn't feel it I didn't barked a massive amount of Jaeger and while I don't I'll ask how about a Yeager didn't have anything to do that come on man and see my body natively more than I did on the floor in the praying position praying to say that. I don't know but I survived now has messed up still the next day how would never eat animals again or drink Jaeger. Love you bases after losing. Well I'm glad did you see the Yeager contributed to probably a horrible like yeah I mean that's huge part of it because I never smoked weed forever but I would we fight did it I would always have to be really dropped. Thank you future brings out. Yeah you're drinking acre new 86 cookies. I guys first and last Oakmont I didn't Felix and found it odd that all my friends were telling me how stone by laws and from day and the handicapped man. First and I took Ellis DI got pulled over by the county share for going too slow my friends and I were laughing so hard the kind that you forget why you're laughing he asked why we're laughing and until I can't remember. He got the laughing bug in just told me to drive faster let's go to never senses of police officers at the drive fast and go. I Allen's unbelievable and he just starts giggling with them from done. Normally rockets last idiotic comments from the peanut gallery Leon if you would see the first the McClean isn't the first time I experience quickest pregnancy happened. For semis I think I grabbed that's a messed up X and this is pretty cool says I was severely colorblind and the first summit tried Ellis. And it is sticking got to wonder. Yeah it is during the time didn't stick Mikey guy loves me and him that I pretend you're driving the economy not that remains highly hello hey guys that because I mean if if if that was a cure for you know color blindness I mean hell I think he's during the trip. Why aren't they yeah he's a goat all of give it your color blindness we know a lot more people that are color blind can come about and I got a I always about just days Bradley is great. That's our viewers rebounds in the men's or women's remind our jobs. Guy says my husband George judge James 37 Joe Brown the son he has been religiously losing do you guys for over ten years and has never been able to get a shot out from sell because of a holiday schedule. Could you guys get a super long bong rip maybe a Joey chestnut and some dirty German talk I will be forever grateful. That from the white feet. Are you both I mentioned Julie. You make it's you can. Yeah and then after that you still need. ICG did Santa. Have to tell you John good good good good. He he he goes and then nobody thought just let it rise. Good news today is my brother announces the area around his new book is I think. All I had yeah proof how to get it that indicated widow and I'm not only host of bad night didn't Tijuana. Yeah the oh his offer a single more this burning east of yeah our oyster man had a birthday wily ways away award we've been fans the show for years not really mega state to get a kid they Sam would you Joey chestnut and maybe some extra dirty Germans. Thanks for a great show people on rock and liquor and cars that from Austin. And yup we'll move the animal police groups and do your parents and just yeah. John Campbell hooked and then great tradition and the sugar on your Blackberry yeah. Yeah do you know. I mean we haven't done OK have you yeah aren't okay yeah yeah now they've had. They'd pay you go hey did you made it's. Young as a thirteen Germans brought. Available through music we'll stay on Lindsay who lives doesn't come another sign retailers. Shrine inside. A little blue room right here as you know where away outbreak and right now uses actually repeat your listening to so we never even know for three peat or listened to even if we on the show it even happened we lower court those normally used east are twenty Nigeria this is the eastern 2019. Protected are drawing usually come back there's a body emails on whatever they have a grandson is they're gonna pick it Q how long does it take you to figure out. Understand something. Will we go away may play like a best of thanks. So we did back in our people responding to whatever was we have been talking about. There's no context heard so oil boom one email with us something about doctor Manhattan's penis in the right but the guys angry looks like a one sentence thing anomaly. I have no idea. What that engulfed 2 weeks I am no bull wise as guys screaming about doctor Manhattan's penis. From the watchman and and it took me about three hours and I finally pieced it together and so okay. Now I remember what we're talking all right here's here's one so moron then funeral were on the nights at the at the cat in Oklahoma sent. So the phone comes census during last night's show thirty guys mention that you're a movie title blanketing my interest in damn that is a hard movie to find it was able to find the whole movie but I did find it listed on IM DP. As of my curiosity wasn't big enough. I NDB hasn't Stephen miles listed as drug dealers want to watch it is delusional man one yeah and two and two on Dodgers got to watch this movie where oh where can I see blah blah blah blah blah. Our PS I recently got hooked on the show and I chipped police officer. And you'll be glad to know the many people have gotten out of citations during the first few hours my shift because I'm listening to your show. My call back community outreach she above the good words you delusional drug dealing bastards at a that's from Oklahoma there is more to the showed the drugs over the Orioles zero evidence of that today do not deal them let's see here all the Sox and here's more list. A mother's my mother's man friend introduced my wife and I your show is still every night was near Sacramento down ninety Iraq had a bird dim economic extra repairs are dominant now. So we got timber they're requests. Let's see here what else we got to one more. Guys holy Christ I was screaming an agreement listening to your show so good you're not crazy especially when it comes to traveling and seeing the family. I traveled to the midwest as my family in laws will not. The pissing and moaning about the link from the flight when they get here yes they're going on holiday when they come out here yes a short visit for them. Five African days. We finally started setting off on a nearby hotel because of the mayhem they create in my home mother not eats while she talks grosses goddamn thing Everett and she's over Saturday and that's manageable four year old. That's progress and how amazing absolutely gap we now have this great great Halliburton. And let's see here are more marxism was nice from. Hello those usually I mean Ellen for grins but this one is a bit more serious over I want to thank all of you miles Ted Stephen yes YouTube my cock for helping someone get my suffering from depression. Yeah that would be me. You see when parents are good friends pass on a short time we being human can get out of sorts pretty down especially on holidays. Docks give you some pretty perky men's. But it's really not enough that you need Mark Ellis and you guys call it distraction if you will but does the word the ball on the honesty the show brings to our daily does more. Now than you can imagine keep me level. And I'm sure the many others out there feel the same way so don't think for a moment that you fellows don't do. Positively affect someone out there. Who needs a positive entertaining minute their lives so thank you to my favorite show as always loves and the love and kisses from bill AKA well. Sorry go through writes absolutely. All right let's see here Ollie isn't out of the drug charges announced what had any guy that's six and speed narrow. Yes friends it's time once again at all. Six and spend millions gathered around me on the radio and listened to some sweat a. We're. Mostly I was just missing all of you Alice Leo how is your holiday extravaganza it was extravagant did you make any meat I didn't make any product you don't career and I just said let's just try to the other day it was very very good day okay thanks to a three man that's right contracted the right did you smoke has tried to cut I think that's the call that I know so I have smoked I I do like to smoke tried to the post time murdered this smoke try tips. Petrova this fellow put it it's on on and inferno hot grill Odyssey that a lot of that benefits to the government okay would you do it tries tea sandwich with I will be because the lovely Robin gave me some mud beautiful Rosemary bread music site about the fact of Sam is does that excite you only see there. Well short and I did it right over and although it is it's like why didn't you why did remember Robert and all liberated Chile whenever seat on the menu so how's he just slice and also let you listen like this because you a lot of station at like if you go to the sizzler. A mistake you're getting is terribly slice try to fool right cool flag so it's just a big piece of media has been cut up yet you kind of up and you basically critics of its really easy piece of meat or three pieces of meat to work well one nice yeah we arrangement that's right and I Garros smiling brilliant little over Elena horseradish. Rule. It got so speaking of food throw came in today with the milk shake and yet it's sitting on this list pardon upon from our friend jolly Joseph we got to talking about songs were about farce and we expanded on Joe's list and Mike helped out mild self doubt we can move this great list of songs that I am positive. Arafat's. Of course sale via. The reference you gonna record and I wish I don't donate to a and it was a very through and miles you do announces where I've. Few things bring you more joy in being here working getting on the elevator and we never far. Forwarding it right before you get off knowing that who already it's on next walks into your study is god I just find it colors and what's better they leave somebody else is gonna get on the elevator with feminists and they're the ones that are little everyday man yeah but that's the game you play. The book. The sorry I couldn't get audio littered with rather someone just departed Thursday very good chance I just got off about it good evening. Either dead dog if you know Ryan Ryan thinks. Are about parts. There are now. Hi any daddy no actually I think Ganassi and I think you'll love what he's saying he said the border of Mexico right. It's a reasonably good point right place you've got to go. Man of Roland you get to the border of Mexico and I always let go the man has a goes to send and lower Mexicans out of thin man about a more of the delegates are eating just part freely that's what I mean I think moved so that's why is writing like the win because he's parting comes with a point I think in the seventies and the eighties Christopher Cross Michael mcdonalds and guys like that that can log in they were all tournaments cocaine did you Goldberg filed away when Michael McDonald Favre and even some wood who. Good morning. Number hey Lou. Mean. Muslims about wind today up. Well they're lower their body parts of the most part yes. If you think it's really happy that it. Noble prize winning colors writing about fox they tell you don't have good Hogan he wrote the song about a pharmacy and you wanna and he won the Nobel Prize for him I don't know how good under the gun song about a partner Miller over his songs about flowers and you don't insure their own kids would have only able to diary isn't Yakhouba Diawara Karl. Oh isn't the smartest there's probably a day if you Google it's Farc songs right now is normally Marty forty had a party owes for drew there. There might get from the Rezko did songs right things about five sons that fit. Result. I had no idea about the public restrooms in Gorky park and everyone laugh when people as a matter world. It's the winds of change when he boarded and it. Game today it's it was as close as you are about the people who are onstage when you guys are Atlanta and you did me only only went through false and in my drum set I am a party to the worst thing I've ever done on stage and remembering what we're playing but got to make in my head I am. I've habitable cold in this not rocket lifts out of character but. It winds out of my mouth true and I see this thing into won't reveal the momma lived for my pillow of blue but it's wind and nerves because there's as this they don't know I don't know if I see it in the late in the gears of war on her right so I realize. I'm literally Islam. I was the other side of the stage went home movies over. And no one sells. Jeff Francis died down. I'm good friends to show how little hole on the golf course believe whisper. And it's that's a hole I was about foreign policy and it is this is like behind. There's one more good. They're looking around. Look for any ideas. I feel like I'm grocery shopping. I am part of after the break from Jesus thank you woman. Hey there's no way in order that's what have you ever maintained eye contact with someone for only after being mayor of trying year's contract and we yep I like it is by about a stranger when you don't look at it is great I input deadline opinions heard and and hard and delivered via the 2000. I would definitely go back. Dogs run things about. Under par. Yeah I've grown as a triumph. You did that. You know why it's. Who's doing blogs I followed. Hulu. It's. Yeah I must give our. He better I'll be OK if I throw it but yeah again I apologize you know all the volunteers you know it goes like eleven out if you if you had dents out of the room. Since I'm trying to think about about. Me. I'm John Merrill Munro. Now narrow it down my driving all the way movies about it. If they can someone else it's how he's put it burned the intent on trying to take. Five. They're too. All of Florida it's. One you've lost. She's fine thank very low and it didn't really know letting you know you just never did they felt when it sneaks out notre. They're good dogs a run off. Well. You have remove that if you look how far. I'll give you barely on the planet Rogers gambler I'm only run here. It's on my mind when you could well learn something that I behind the music yeah OK okay. Carol during it doesn't dominate on the way and the return of as the men's room is coming up next few are listening to amend your radio network. Men's room with smiles and drill. I've done away we'll bring it tells with a shot of the naval first purchased from Hastings said that there are no stupid questions. We disagree. Because you'll keep us get over. We don't. These risk. When word. It's TD. And so. I haven't yet done. Is my mom hole you don't questions that need answers and yes. This is as good. Got a much harassment rendition is an email to the men's her. The men's or my doc comic the subject asked the mantra mass collect. And Becky got questions. Becky got many west that he had just just and that's what I feel a minimum bets appearing I don't know Becky Becky she got me Rebecca Banca but it. Reeves reboot mission though that I spent very technical agencies those guys there are things I absolutely need to know about to show. If you broadcast live. How can you catch people cussing to believe that out in time argue in the future. We just were in the future yes we are in the future you're listening to a repeat right now from 2019 that's correct yes so seven days in the future tumbling. And we have a delay that's how we catch people cussing and even somebody like everywhere else and so were what twenty seconds inferiority forty depends on what what do you think about that whatever word here know where he said and we moved around Baghdad where are worried about your question and you can't pick overall recommended in the future. We're one men and future. Prices we have like ours and then other places have bears cry while I don't trust us look the finest 300 and some thousand dollars there's a lot of safety. Place a lot of people who call to show you know you accidentally. Slip up on a large you know trying to be as the FCC would they titillating or two inside and kind of sexual innuendo or use a bill however is far. But the only titillate their feces is built into the titillating but you keep using the word titillating where you are you messing with us may he's got more questions about why do you think I. Act act as a new walls. Apps and a New Orleans I act I. Person if you do not live in the world where listeners and then I. If you don't live in New Orleans and every time they showed TV commercial and it they select no doubt the Marlins on TV it's always a Boldak who booed no matter what exhibit no more grounded a great job I am I. Oh yeah he's older than when you go to nor let nobody talks like that it's like a warning the U might die but I mean there's the last hole didn't give you wouldn't think Tampa and you wanna. Act I. I I think did they make it out. Nobody I want a human head to relax I. Also had to go to your web sites. Men's room alive dot com to find your email and saw your group picture may be wonder thrill. What is your beard grow from under your chin and not from the front these are all my book if I did it and yet what happens at my question the other sing that way immense moral right. This is hanging off my head here's an idea if you turn my head upside down a little like buckwheat or part of your very heady one and here's ahead plus four is actually had a question. Fellows I heard thrill I talk about being homeless for about four months to what caused you to be homeless and what ultimately pulled you out that from the vague. Nick Vegas nick vegan buddy you know free tomorrow mix bag and you don't want to say you know I've got a job or historic welcome sir and no other incidents may have yet. Sort of bad decisions lead you'd be homeless drug use all the good stuff up and often. Nothing out of the ordinary you know the same reason you broke. They're now we're gonna steady job you have now whenever without seeing them almost but anyway. The thing to get you out of it is now being homeless doesn't sucks. I'm an offensively gifted African job absolutely does get a job save money the beauty is. I'm my skills so that the time was working in restaurants I always say this like look I was homeless. But also got to be like five star ducked every night match and so it's rats got to refresh did not smelled good I did not look good but I saved up enough money finally got to du HUS food oh yeah MMS the games. I question guys France amends or there and I my wife and I went out to watch a movie on the big screen as a movie plays a double with a young kid in the movie theater and from apple and on the they kid starts making thousands of questions to her parents is allowed is a can be seized I heard you say to people that we can hill and I'm always. Think I'm Vietnam and where I want to try to. And I confronted them and the parents and got offended that we did that in the end of the movie the dad came to me and pulled the she's just a baby cart. Since both the view are raising or have raised kids question is what is the best way to say shut Euribor mouth and a polite way of the young get as a serving a movie show. Bit of moisture content the kid was between probably four and six years old the movie was war for the planet of the eight CAR Disney guard. Era thanks guys at our own Christiane Walker's got off by the end of the situation and might look and I was saying is actually earlier today in the office. Most of the time I go to the movie theater now I'm taking the freaking kids do it's nothing I want to see every preview sucked the movie sucks and so the kids while they don't talk much because there interest and it's not more public so they understand what's happening and cocoa and wrestle he's got their movies announced Oxley and it's so. They shouldn't bring their kid who's that Yahoo! to back on a movie. If you know your kids not want to understand we're missing from view and are going to ask questions look kids why would you take that. I don't believe there hasn't homered just don't go out delegated to much on the new Star Wars that it's had over the over the weekend there but young ring. Goes off to an island and hooks up with a Robert Plant we are adept at arm itself. I still don't profile us first to have an edge to bring it down Iraq. Deserves to be ready. Men's room knows just. Data and as usual we had a dinner guests can see that the oil to find out nortel's yes indeed and today we chose an unidentified man from Christiane I didn't bark. Now Denmark generally speaking fairly progressive place but they still treat marijuana a bit like a drag. And recently police raids and drone so had been used to clamp down on the Canada's trade specifically well. Today's honorees he's a weed dealer. And he was carrying over 1000. Joints on. And out into attacks now the reason that we know he had 1000 joints and it's because he thought he into a taxi it was not a taxi was actually got him cop car told so he jumped into the back of the cup car World Cup sitting in front late. OK how do you confuse a taxi for a cop car your real diamonds aren't I don't know I really had a proposal marking our motive Danish from the Danish. Denmark your day then they drills as a slow car and yeah Campbell maybe it was just like maybe they drive with the same car like that over guys do or something that orchids were like a black and white they might let's now go to some cities and intangible like the way and that's. It's weird because I as a black dude if I think it's a cup car one of the few things American. I'm not gonna raise my hand and try to leave them out so I don't know I like it does give me a yellow I I would stop and give him. If I raise my he might stop what I flag him down and act right so I'm not. Don't make the cavs look like cop car. Just don't know it like yeah like there's no yellow cup cars are you see the yellow car you know to get by the way if you're driving your car and a few. Seriously if you're like downtown you if you see yellow liquid brand of the foot yet this is just some food drive and yellow why would you drive a yellow car. I like black and being honored. Would lose lose imagery does lose because we think kids young and iron so over the tongue and down the throat to Barney and our tummies. Downed power outage on. Ticket doesn't online more profiled as we'll take color 9844999. Hole. The shenanigans continues on the men's room radio network.